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I A Welcome visitor 1 t i J You Bet Some News I
The Salt Lake Herald goes Into the j J
I homes of Utah It Is Utahs great 1 By reading other papers Ton get
V i home paper The merchants trade I THE SALT LAKE HERALD all the news If yoir read The
I j = comes = from the homes i 1 Herald J j
Two Problems Impatient of Solution and tie Crisis
Is But a Few Days Off
This Will Be the Burden of Mondays Message Next Will
Be Intervention In Humanitys Name
Not the Least Significant of the Events of the Day Is the Desire of the I
President to Learn the Opinions of Democratic Leaders On the
Crisis Coekrell and Turpie Were at the White House Yesterday
Senate Inclined to Be Conservative and Await the Action of the
President Case of the MaineIs the First of Its Kind In Naval
History If It Fails to Fix Responsibility Interpretation of Sicards
REmark About Peculiar Report
We hington March 23The feeling j I
wes universal throughout official cir1 I
clcs tOday that the culmination of the
Spanish crisis was near at hand With I
the report of the Maine court of in j i
quiry only a little while off with the I
WMe House the center of long and I
earnest conferences between the presi
dent and the party leaders of congress I
and vith exceptional activity towards
cm 1eney preparations in the war and I
ray departments there was abund I
anc of evidence that definite results
regarding the Maine disaster and the
C I1n 1 position In general were about
to b reached
Among the presidents callers were
Senators Cockrell Turpie and Foraker
General Daniel Sickles former United
Stutcs minister to Madrid and Representative
ft fl M1 aift I
sentative William i Alden Smith of
Mich gan who has recently returned
from a trip to Cuba The call of I
> f Srs Cockroll and Turpie was re
fad d as particularly significant as
they are representative Democrats in I
Ult II > lUlU UItU V U LU
of Senator Gorman yesterday It was
generally understood that in the pres
ent emergency the president desires
patriotic unity without reference to
Secretaries Long and Alger also con
fcrr > d with the president during the
thy Sei rotary Long later said that
the Msune report would reach Wash
Irgton tomorrow night If however it
dd not come before S oclock Thursday
ex enine Mr Long said he probably
would rot receive it until Frday morn
ing xheti it woud be laid before the
rr s eit immediately The secretary
did rot think the president would give
th document any consideration at r
I Hto hour It was more probable he
thi urh if Lieutenant Marlx arrived at
a 1t hour that he would take the re
pcrt to a hotel for the night
There has been no change in the plan
of ending the rcnort to congress cany
nnt > enk probably Monday accom
raicd by a massage from the presi
c nt It is definitely settled however
th t the message and the papers ac
rrpanying it will relate exclusively to
th Maine disaster ltv ill not take up
th fearful condition of affairs in Cuba
as shown by the reports of United
Stats consun these bring reserved for
Ubsnquent action and a later message
to C 0 ngrcfs
The prevailing impression among the
Republican leaders of the house Is i that
th president will intervene in Cuba on
humnjiP grounds but it is positively
stated by one of them who is close to
th president that the intervention will
not c > me until after the report of the
1 ard of inquiry Into the Maine disas
ter goes to congress
The to questions will be treated
FeiaratiIy said he today and the
message relative to Cuba wil ba sent to
c > ngr < is soon after the report of the
Mi ire question
The Cuban message as forecasted by
a j r mmert ptMican will waive the
question of the Main dsaster and put
aside that awful ocrvrrence will Ill in
cf ct a declaration to Spain that the
pivsnt methrds of warfare In Cuba
lTIut erase It will r suit in rt iv n
tjl1 > in case Spain demurs Ths mes
sage ilh be ace pparled by the re
ports of the rorsuls in Cuba t
Mr Dolhver Rep la says that in
trvtntion on humane grounds will I
plat our action upon a moral level that j I
Auuci command the broad sympathy j I
c1 f the world We could afford he says j
in vcixo I all question as to the Maine
if the board does not fix the responsibil
ity for the disaster on Spain in order
to make the grcaer issue A promi
nent member of the house who has
been several times in consultation with
the president recently and who posses
pe 0 aft muoh urofltcial Information of I
the cause of the Maine disaster prob i
ably as the president does says that j
hllo the report of the board will not j
fix the responsibility for the explosion
f Wlcee fll I
It viil be startling in its nature
Tho information at the capitol is that I I
already 20000000 of the 50000000 ap I
propriated for the national defense has II I
been expended or contracts entered into
I for its expenditure I
It is known that a great deal of work
has been done about the senate today I
by senators who are known as con
s > s Requests have been made
that the senate await the action of the I
Picsdent and that no further attempts j
d f I
he matte to intensify the strained sit j
uaton It was asserted by Senator El
lms that a great deal of progress had
been made and that on both sides of the
chamber a great deal more conserva
tism hd iron found than was supposed
to have existed
I The remark attributed to Admiral Si
I card at Key West yesterday to the
f fleet that the case of the Maine was I
perhaps the most peculiar in history
of modern times is Interpreted here as
clea rlY indicating that the direct re I
sporsJbllUy for the explosion cannot be
pluid I During the progress of the inr
icstigation the law officers of the gov
ernment have been giving the legal side
of the case their close attention and
the statement is made that the cas of
he Maine is indeed most peculiar The
records it is said do not show that ever
before in the intercourse of nations
i has a vessel of one power been de
i stroyed in the waters of another with
out the cause of the disaster and re
sponsibility not being known beyond
dispute by any other nation If the
court of inquiry has found as it gener
ally believed that the responsibility for
the loss of the Maine cannot be definite
ly located the fact will present a new
feature to the long list of otherwise
similar disasters I
Denies Making Any Warlike Expres
sion to Reporters
Jacksonville Fla March 23 Lieu
tenant Commander Marix bearing to
Washington the findings of the Maine
court of Inquiry reached this city at
74j tonight and left at S p m via
the Florida Central Peninsula and
will reach Washington at 925 p m
Thursday night The railroad wires
have carried the message down the line
fo him to use all dispatch This prac I
tically makes a special of the Marix
I titln and without accident Washing
ton will be reached on the dot
i I Lieutenant I Commander Marix was
I accompanied by the following officers of
the Maine Lieutenant Hood Lieuten
I an Jungen Assistant Passed Engineer
IF C Bowers Naval Cadet A BronI
son and Carpenter George Helms Upon
I arrival here the party went at once to
I thE Pullman car that was waiting for
them and in 15 minutes were hurrying
to Washington as rapidly as steam
l toUld take them I
During the short time of the stay in
this city an Associated Press reporter
I showed Lieutenant Commander Marix I
a dispatch from Miami that ap
peared in the afternoon papers
I in which he was quoted as I
saying It looks like war it cer
f tainly does
He exclaimed It is utterly false I
I have said nothing of the kind I dont
talk about this matter
I AH efforts to get him in any way to
make an expression of opinion were
futile Other members of the party
were eqqally noncommittal
I ruring the transfer of the train to
the other Lieutenant Commander
Marix was clseiy guarded by
the members of his party He
I walked between two of his friends
carrying a dispatch box covered with
black cloth Behind him the officers
of his party walked closely
They walked rapidly and did not stop
to speak to anyone until they were 1
safely in the car
I Its Complete Destruction By Dyna
i j i mite Contemplated
j Washington March 23The navy
I department has arranged for the prac
tical withdrawal of all its naval of
j ficers at Havana and the abandonment
i of the wreck of the illfated Maine
Captain C D Sigsbee Lieutenant Com
i mander Kichard Wainwright Surgeon
i L G Henneberger Paymaster Ray
Chaplain John H Chidwick Chief En
gineer Charles P Howell and Naval
Cadets J A Holden and W T Cluver
i ous who have been in Havana with
the wreck will return very soon
Secretary Long said today that Cap
tain Sigsbee would come to Washing
ton HS soon as convenient but as yet
nothing had been done in regard to his
future duty It might be necessary for
Lieutenant Commander Wainwright I
who is ir special charge of the wrecked I
vessel to remain there a short time
longer or at least when It is finally
willed that the wreck cannot be raised
and that there is no prospect of the
recovery of any other portions of the
ship or its equipment It might be
n ccssalj also for one of the naval
cadets to remain but this is not re
garded as probable
Although not finally settled It is
mos than probable that the Fern will
also return to the United States as soon
as it is determined that nothing more
is to be gained by her presence at Ha
ana In the event of the abandonment
of the wreck it is more than likely I
that the navy department will arrange
for its complete destruction ly the use
of dynamite or torpedoes In its pres
ent condition it is a dangerous ob
struction to navigation and It is not
believed that any opposition will be of
fered to the removal
S1 c
Drowned In the Port Neuf
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida March 23 Victor the
5rycarold son of M Kubiak was
drowned in the Port Neuf river this af
ternoon With other children he was
trying to catch drift wood when he
fell in Life was extinct before assist
ance arrived
Bill For Famine Appropriation
Washington March 23An amend
ment to the sundry civil bill is pend
ing before the senate committee on ap
propriations appropriating 250000 to
furnish supplies to the destitute people
of Cuba It is said the amendment
will probably he adopted
Dynamite Struck By Lightning
Pittsburg Pa March 23A Chron
icle Telegraph Lowellville special says
a dynamite magazine at Hillsville ex
ploded this morning wrecking the
building and causing a panic It Is
supposed the magazine was struck by
lightning It Is reported that a man
named Welch his wife and six chil
dren were killed
Joint Resolution Offered By Senator
I Bacon of Georgia
Owing to the Importance of the Ba
con Resolution Its Consideration
Was Deferred Until TodayIn the
House Thorpe Was Given Eppes
Seat By Strict Party Vote
Washington March Anticipated
discussion of the Cuban question drew
an unusually large crowd of spectators
to the galleries of the senate today
The galleries were packed and long
lines of people swayed through the cor
ridors vainly seeking admission Even
senator at the capitol was in his seat
Mr Tillman of South Carolina an
nounced that he would next Tuesday
at 3 pm ask the senate to consider
the resolutions upon the death of his
colleague the late Senator Earle
Mr Bacon of Georgia presented the
following resolution
That the government and people of
the United States while avowing that
at all times and to the uttermost limit
they will maintain their national honor
and protect their material interests and
while they will count no cost of blood
or treasure which may be necessary
for the accomplishment of this high re
solve nevertheless declare that it is
their desire to live at peace with all the
nations and peoples of the earth
That supremely confident in the loy
alty and patriotic devotion of the peo
ple of every class and of every section
of the country strong In more than I
70000000 of people resolute brave and
ready for any personal sacrifice the I
honor and safety of their governmeit
may require of them and rich In the
possession of material resources prac I
tically without limit the United States
revertheless desires and intend in the I
present threatening situation earnestly I
to use every practIcable end honorable
means to preserve peace so far as the
slit I
same may ho consistent with the honor
of the nation and with their duty to
themselves and others
That while unswerving in their pur
pose to fully protect the honor and the
property of the nation as well as the
persons of its citizens and while de
termined upon the performance of their
duty to humanity and to a neighboring
paople struggling for liberty the Unit
ed States desiring peace and deprecat
I ing war will in good faith endeavor
to accomplish those ends consistently
with national honor through peaceful
agencies and without unnecessary re
sort to war and boodshed
Mr Bacon said that owing to the im
portance of the resolution he would
not ask for its immediate lonsideration
but would permit it to he upon the
table until tomorrow
Very quietly and with no attempt to
produce effect the bill providing for
the relief of the survivors of the Maine
disaster was presented to the senate for
Mr Hale of Maine chairman of the
naval affairs committee reported the
bill favorably and asked that It be
placed at once upon its passage
The bill was read and without de
bate was unanimously passed without
Then in accordance with notice given
yesterday Mr Gallinger of New Hamp
I shire was recognized for a speech upon
the condition of affairs in Cuba
Mr Gallinger has recently returned
I from the island He received the most
careful and thoughtful attention of
I every person within the sound of his
voice >
After a brief discussion of the bill by
Mr Carter Mr Perkins of California
offered a long amendment to the meas
1 ure providing for the placing of a
license upon almost every kind of busi
ness and for the taxing and regula
tion of the liquor traffic The tax on
I a wholesale iquor establishment is
fixed at J200P per year upon a bar
room or saloon in any town of more
I than 1500 inhabitants 1500 a year and
upon any retail liquor saloon in cpm
munities of less than 1500 inhabitants
1COO per year
Mr Hansbrough of North Dakota said
the Perkins amendment meant simply
that the government would take part in
I the liquor business of the district and
he did not believe it was right or that
I the people of this country would ap
prove of such a step He offered an
amerdment to the pending bill to be
ccnsidered as a substitute for that pro
pcsed by Mr Perkins The amendment
prcvides that no liquor shall be im
ported manufactured or sold in Alaska
and that any violation of this provision
should be considered as a misdemeanor
I punishable by fine and Imprisonment
I Mr Perkins in reply to Mr Hans
broughsaid that nobody would go fur
ther 1 than he in advancing I the cause
of leinperance but he maintained that
the national law was absolutely a dead
letter in Alaskan He believed the adop
tion of his amendment and the enforce
mentof its provisions would practically
prohibit the liquor business within the
The senate went into executive ses
sion and at 4 pm adjourned
R T Thorpe was today given th
scat from the Fourth Virginia district
Sidney P Eppes who obtained the cer
tificate of election was unseated by a
strict party vote Mr Thorpe was
given the seat by a vote of 151 to 130
The Republicans without a break
voted for Thorpe and the Democrats
and Populists with the exception of
Mr Howard of Alabama a Populist
voted for Mr Eppes
Mr Thorpe contested the seat of Mr
Kelley in the last congress and was
seated The Republican majority in the
house which was 52 When the house
convened last summer is now 54
Mr Rhea Kentucky and Mr Hay
of Virginia spoke in Mr Eppes favor
and Mr Thorpe addressed the house in
his own behalf
At S oclock the house adjourned
Mr Carter of Montana then called up
th3 bill making further provision for a
civil government for Alaska and re I
sumed his speech begun > yesterday upon
the measure i
His Guardian Not Responsible For
Losses Through Loans
Special to The Herald
Cheyenne Wyo March 23In the dis
trict court here today a decision was ren
I dered against George H Nagle who re
cently inherited an estate wprth tSOOOOO
I and refused to acjsst tljWfinaX report of
I his guardian W A Rftblns lIe alleged
I j that loans aggregating JMOOGOrnadQ with
estate funds by Robins are not adeuqato
ly secured and were made negligently
I and without proper authority of the
court The court accepts the report rul
I ing that Robins actions were made In
I good faith and that hE is not responsible
I for ensuing losses the case will be ap
I pealed j =
m ii
District Court at Blackf f t
Special to The Herald
Blackfoot Ida March 23In tho dis
I trict court the arguments were finished
yesterday and the judge has tliowcase
stl under advi < > mert in the case of
Bn ham county against Treasurer W A
I Woodin The case of Bingham county
Vf G G Wright et al was dismissed
The Bark of Idaho Falls obtained Judgment
ment against Eizabeth Wheeler I jt iii
1 for the sum of JG40 and costs and deed of
foreclosure was signed The case of the
state vs Samuel IJorrings was dismissed
without prejudice after a Jury had beeii
enraapened and ore wItness examined
Reservation Will Be Thrown Open
One Week FromToday
Only Solution of the Difficulty Is to
Postpone Opening a Joint Ben
olution Congressman King
Thinks An Extension of Sixty
Days Is Sufficient
Special to The Herald
Washington March 23 Under exist
ing law the agricultural lands of the
lncompahgre reservation will be
thrown open April 1 unless there is
further legislation prior to that time
As the making of allotments Is not
completed this would necessarily cause i
hl iut sn
much confusion It does not seem prob
able that the conference report on the i
Indian appropriation bill can be dis
posed of before the end of the month i
The only other chance of averting the i
many complications sure to arise from
opening of the reservation before the I
completion of allotments is the passage
of a joint resolution extending the I
time of opening six months This will
be resorted in the house as soon as
hope of agreement in conference is
abandoned It can be forced through I
by the speaker under special order and
this course will be taken if necessary
Representative King said this evening
that he docs not believe it necessary to
postpone the opening for so long a
period He thinks 3Q or 60 days is quite
Icng enough He has just received a
letter from one of the commissioners
stating that the allotment is practically
Completed as very few Indians are
willing to take lands on the Uncom
p hgre reservation This commissioner
thinks ten days extension quite enough
tp grant
A postofiice has been established at
Muddy Converse county Wyo with
Catherine M Peterson as postmaster
Complaint Against Shoups Candidate I I
For Pocatello Postoffice
SyeClll to ins xieraiaj
Pocatelfo March 23A protest was
today wired Senator Shoup against the
appointment of A F Caldwell as post
master at this place on the grounds
that he had taken a prominent part in
I n sliver convention last evening The
protest is the outgrowth of the politi
cal deal that last night prevented Coun
cilman Horson from securing the re
I nomination for that office
All of the Idaho Escapes Now Behind
the Bars
Special to The Herald
Boise Ida March 23 Harvey Cole
and Pat Sullivan the two escaped con
I Icts I were captured today the former
at Reynolds creek Owyhee county and
the latter at Payette Canyon county
With these captured the last of the 33
I convicts who escaped a few days ago
are again behind the prison walls I
I Hoff Murder Trial
Special to The Herald I
San Francisco March 23The trial of j j
Albert Hoff for the murder of Mrs j j
Mary Clute was resumed this morning
I with Dr John Gallagher upon the wit
I ness stand but the testimony was of
little Importance today and purely
cumulative I I
Jre 7 s s w = U2 ssfsag gSTO
Ari r I
7 i9 tti w
= 5
I 4
t =
Launches painted green arc sent wut to return as torpedo boats and make attacks on the big warships at Tor
tugas The searchlights crc used in an cideavor to locate the torpedo boats The vigilance qf the ciww and the
activity of the mcs directing the lshts almost invariably locate the enemy before he is near enough to damage
the vessels
lI U > <
But There Is Little Hope That Any
Escaped With Life
San Francisco March 23Th reve
nue cutters Perry and Rush acting
under instructions received by tele
graph from Washington left port to
day to search for the wreck of the
Helen Almy Both the cutterstook on
board a quantity of gun cotton and
the wreck of the illfated bark will be
blown up and scattered to the four
winds as she is a menace to naviga
While little hope is held out that any
of the passengers or crew may have
escaped with their lives the cutters
will keep a sharpwatch while at sea
for any survivors who may be drifting
on wreckage Telegrams have been
sent to various points along the coast
instructing the lifesaving crews to
patrol the beach In the vicinity of the
stations but so far no news of u hope
I ful character has been received by the
collector I of the port r
Old Monitors Old Soldiers
Uncompahgro Opening
Peace If Honorable
Public Credit Bill
Bad Belgian Blood
The Wildcat Mine
Gallinger On Cuba
The District Court
Shriners In Session t
In Railway Circles
State News
Stock Prices Below Reason
Gov Hastings Visits Salt Lake
Dr Mattie Cannon Returns
No Democrats Nor Republicans at I
Paris This Year
Special to The Herald I
Paris Ida March 23A mass meet I
ing of the citizens of Paris was held
last night in the First ward meeting
house for the purpose of nominating
a mayor clerk treasurer and police
justice to be voted for on April 5 The
meeting was very largely attended I
very harmonious and strictly nonpar I
I tisan JLOIIUCS was not reierreu to at
j all and the nominations were made re
i gardless of party affiliations or preju
j dices J U Stuck received the nom
i inatlon for mayor James Nye police
I Justice Edward T Shepherd clerk
and Helen P Croft treasurer
I In the ward meetings the following
were nominated for the city council
First ward Arthur Budge and Joseph
R Shepherd Second ward Walter
Hoge and Thomas MInson Third ward
A F Seegmiller and Wilford W Rich
Fourth ford Chris Tuelber and Charles
It is expected this will be the only
ticket in the field at the coming elec
I tion
Silver Union Candidates Endorsed By
Citizens Convention
Special to Ths Herald
Pocatello Ida March 3The citi
acne mass convention called for the
I purpose of nominating a nonpartisan
I ticket for the city campaign met to
I night and endorsed the union silver
I ticket nominated In convention last
night from top to bottom This means
that there will be hut one ticket in the
field this spring The endorsement of
the mass convention Is an utter defeat i
for the Kaslska element In Pocatello
politics After their failure to caoture
the silver convention they started in
with the determination of dominating
the mass meeting tonight but at noon
today acknowledged their defeat by
giving up the fight and accepting the
inevitable and tonight join in the rati i
fication of the silver union ticket
1 I
Populist State Convention Will Be I
Held at Moscow
I Special to The Herald I
Boise Ida March 2The Populist I
state central committee today issued i
an address to the people in which they
favor unity on the silver question but
I decline to take the responsibility of
i acting for the Populist party leaving
all fusion questions to the convention 1
I It Is understood Willis Sweet the silver i i
Republican leader had an understand
In with the Populists that the silver
Republicans would bold their conven
tion in Moscow if the Populists would
do likewise The Populists have called j I
their convention for that place and it
has given rise to the rumor which
seemed to have good foundation that I
Set and some of the Populists are I
I engineering a fusion deal 1
Austrian Govefnment Urged to As
sume a Vigorous Attitude
Vienna March 23In the lower j
house of the diet today Dr Mayreder I i
addressed an interpellation to Count i
Von Thirn Hohenstein the president of i 1
the council of ministers asking what
steps he proposed to take for getting I i j
the AustroHungarian government to
adopt a vigorous attitude respecting
the acquittal of Sheriff Martin and the
deputy sheriffs at Wilkesbarre Pa
w ho were charged with shooting a i I
number of striking miners Including I i
AustroHungarian subjects at Latti
mer on Sept 10 last
The Strike Will Affect 50000 I
Pittsburg March 23A general strike
of river coal miners will be inaugurated
on April 2 unless alt of the conditions
of the Chicago agreement are con j
formed with by that date or the oper j
ators agree to pay the men upon a run
of mine basis The strike will affect
about 50000 men
= I
Odors From Ruins of Butte Fire In
dicate Bodies Underneath
Butte Mont March 23The terrible
odorarising from the ruins of the Hale I
House confirms the opinion that some
bodies will be found in the debris The I
list of missing is now Martin Rooney
Dan Sullivan and Frank Krlegbaum
The search of the ruins will not be
gin until the Insurance adjusters have
examined the place and reported on
the loss The Inquest begins tomorrow
All the injured are reported as doing
I We Can Get Along With Such
and Whip Spain
Effort to Have Militia Called Out
First In Event of Hostilities
Bill Appropriating a Million to In
crease Their Efficiency Will Short
ly Be IntroducedNavy Depart
ment Failing to Get Torpedo
Boats Abroad Will Convert Our
Own Craft Into Dangerous Cruis
ers Old Monitors Being Put Tnt
ShapeWar News
Washington March 23The navy de > J
parlment has purchased no further
ships abroad and the negotiations are
not proceeding in a manner to indicate
success It was definitely determined
today that the Chilean battleship Gen
eral OHlggins could not be secured
Commander Brownson is today in Paris
after having inspected the Brazilian
ships now building at La Slene While
these might be secured they are a long
way from completion and could be of
little service at present What the de
partment wants is ships whiclncan bo
commissioned at once
Secretary Long determined today to
order the double turreted monitors Puri
tan and Terror to Key West whero
they will reinforce the squadron in
these waters He also determined to
bring into service the eight single tur
reted monitors at the League Island
navy yard Philadelphia two of which
will be sent to Boston two to New
York and four held in reserve at Phila
1ht rho Pptn 1 r + i
I the place of the battleships Massachu
setts and Texas recently withdrawn
from the squadron at Key West It
I was stated at the navy department that
this move was In accordance with a
I programme previously agreed upon al
i i though this programme has not been
i announced heretofore The Puritan by
many experts is regarded as the most
formidable fighting machine in the
Secretary LonKbad an extremely
busy morning Mr Roosevelt and the
various bureau chiefs were with the
secretary for some time perfecting the
plans for the speedy completion of the
oli monitors The bureau of engineer
ing can put in the three new boilers
with little delay The ordnance bureau
has little to do on the monitors owing
to the good condition of their guns
armament etc The quota of powder
for their 15inch guns is already sacked
and can be put aboard In a few hours
Mr Long also saw a number of public
men including Senators Proctor and
In addition to other preparations for
possible trouble the navy department
today took steps toward utilizing ten
of the seagoing revenue cutters for use
alone the Atlantic coast Captain Shoe
maker chief of the revenue cutter ser
vice ccnferred with Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt durjng the day on the plans
I for turning over these cutters to the
I navy They will be first sent to Nor
folk where additional guns will be
mounted and then will proceed to Key
West and become a part of the squad
ron there Their main service however
will be as naval pickets a fleet of these
cutters being maintained outside the
cruisers and battleships
The revenue cutter service now has
ready for instant and active service
124 line officers 7 I engineers 900 en
listed men and 19 vessels of which 14
are on the Atlantic coast Two others
are in course of construction and with
rush orders can be ready for service
within three or four weeks The Man
ning the Gresham the Algonquin the
Onandonga and the Winders are all
new fast and efficient vessels and
could go anywhere and perform any
service that any vessel of their class
can perform The Manning Is consid
ered an ISknot boat All of them It
is said could be quickly converted into
torpedo boats or dynamite cruisers
Whether this last move will be made
is not yet definitely decided
Secretary Long said today that It
had become evident that torpedo boats
could not be bought abroad aid could
not be < built soon enough in this coun
try so that we might have to equip
other craft with torpedoes
The navy department opened bids
today for extensive improvements at
Dry Tortugas and Key West s formal
transfer having been effected as re
gards Tortugas which passes from the
treasury to the war department These
consist of two solid steel piers to be
constructed at Dry Tortugas with two
extensive coal sheds and an elaborate
mechanical equipment for loading na
val vessels with coal At Key West
the improvements consist of a steel
pier and two coal sheds with similar
machinery for loading warships with
coal The bids ranged from 1151000
for the entire work down to about
100000 The awards will be made
within a day or two
There is a general impression at the
navy department that It will become
necessary shortly to relieve Rear Ad
miral Sicard of the command of the
North Atlantic squadron and grant him
indefinite sick leave Secretary Long
desires to have it understood that his
action in ordering a medical board of
survey for the examination of Admiral
Sicard was based entirely upon the re
port of that officer Commodore W S
Schley chairman of the lighthouse
board is regarded as most likely to
succeed the admiral should he be re
If he does not succeed Admiral Si
card it is generally understood in naval
circles that he will be assigned to the
command of one of the divisional fleets
about to be organized on the home sta
tion Other officers named as possible
successors to Admiral Sicard are Ad
miral Bunce commandant of the New
York navy yard and Captain Samp
son president of the Maine court of
Sagasta Endorsed Blanco
Madrid March 23SenQr Sagasta the
premier is quoted in an interview asP

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