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I D r
t p J
saying The government entirely ap
proves Captain General Blancos con
I duct In denying that the Maines maga
zines were blown up withdn mas
the Americans have alleged
Aptt Ba Sent First On Call For
Washington March 23 Secretary Al
gers office at the war department pre
sented an unusually bus aspect today
A number of members of congress
called to have a word with the secre
I tary among them being Senators Lodge
and Hoar and Representative Marsh of
Illinois Abner McKinley the presi
dents brother was also among those
who called but his stay was very
bnef >
Representative Marsh is chairman of
the house committee on militia which
ha recently reported the bill to r
opsiiize that body of state soldiery to
I nSP Its pmjpncv nd tnfnnronrIatp
1000000 for its support nl The chair
man said he had spoken to Speaker
Reed recently in regatat the bill and
h2 hoped to be able to call it up in the
house for consideration within a rea
sonable time During his interview
with Secretary Alger Mr Marsh urged
that in the event of hostilities the first
reccurse of the xiyernment for soldiers
should be the state militia who should
be invited to volunteer for the coun
trys defense
These men lie pointed out are Vell
organized well drilled and officered
and are in a position to render very
effective service In view of thpse facts
Mr Marsh believed that It was the
duty of the government to call upon
these old soldier for duty in case they
care to volunteer I any members or
officers of the guard preferred not to
enlist because of family or business
care and responsibilities then their
places might be taken by volunteers
from outside the service
Secretary Alger was very much inter
ested in the arguments made by Harsh
awl while not committing himself on
that subject seemed to regard the sug
gestion made by him as practicable
Afterwards Mr Marsh called on Presi
dent McKinley and repeated the state
ments he had made tohe secretary
During the morning Secretary Alger
was also in conference with General
111e5 commanding the army respect
ing the military occupation of Fort Jef
ferson on Dry Tortugas Island The
determination to garrison this fort has
been reached by the secretary after a
conference with his aids and the navy
department officials and the questions
now to be met are those of what im
provements In the fortifications now
there may be necessary
The armament of Fort Jefferson at
this time consists of probably over a
hundred oldtime smoothbore guns
which would have to be supplemented
by a number of additional ones of mod
ern pattern and effectiveness
Reports to the war department show
that about 400 men up to this time have
been enlisted for the two artillery regi
itpnts recently authorised by congress
About 1600 men in all are required
Most of the new recruits are sent to
join old established regiments and in
many cases experienced men from the
latter are detailed for duty at the sea
coast fortifications
Pointed Out to Alger Their Invalu
able Services For War
Washington March 23 Secretary Al
ger had with him in conference for
seme time today General A W Greely
chief signal officer of the army Gen
eral Greely has urged upon the secre
tary the importance of an allotment of
money for the purpose of connecting
the various parts of the fortifications
at seaport cities by means of electrical
communication and in response to his
presentations on this subject work in
that direction Is about to begin in New
York harbor
Another matter which General Greely
thinks of great importance to the army
In case of hostilities is the employ
ment of balloons for observation pur
poses He has asked repeatedly for an
appropriation from congress for experi
ments in this line but thus far his ef
forts to obtain money have been unsuc
He hopes that some money may soon
b put at his command for experiment
Ing with balloons as he claims they
euld b invaluable for many purposes I
In time of war
Grounds For Such Opinion of the
Mine Investigation
Havana March 23La Lucha in an
editorial under t he caption of Expec
tation in the World maintains that
the American court of inquiry owing to
the short time I it was here could not
n ullrZ
bn c u CIUI tU1L UL LiiC alne
American naval officers says La
Lucha are not likely to decide against
brother officers The divers could not
give expert testimony owing to the
fact that the machinery was imbedded
four feet in the mud I is greatly to
be regretted that more time and care
wore not given to the preparation of a
report for which the whole world waits
and which is likely to change the entire
feelings of a part of the American peo
ple toward Spain and Cuba
La Lueha publishes also an interview
with Consul GtJiipral Lee which quotes
him as saying that he knows nothing
of the nature of the report but Is sat
isfied that General Blanco never con
ceived of the disaster until he heard
the shock in the harbor
Substance of a Letter He Wrote I
Havana April 30 1883
New York March 23The remark
able disclosure is made by Leslies
Weekly In this weeks issue that on
April 30 1SS3 General U S Grant
Wrote to General Adam Badeau telling
how easy i would be for the United
States to capture Havana by a com
bined attempt by our land and naval
forces In this letter which is printed
in fac simile by Leslies Weekly Gen
eral Grant says That the hostility of
the native population of Spanish au
thority would make this the capture
of Havana a comparatively easy
task for any frt class power and es
pecially I easy for the United States in
case of war with Spain I
British Ship Owners Insist On War
Clause In Charters
New York March 23The Evening I
World says An ominous sign that
tie strained relations between the I
United States and Spain will result fn
oar is furnished by English ship own
er who have cabled to their agents I I
that all charters must contain the war
clause This clause which is posted
in the Maritime Exchange is as fol I I
lows I Is u understood the steamer is to I
be employed in strictly neutral trades
is not to carry contraband cargo or
trade with ports declared under block
ade also hrtlie event of war being I
declared by or against Great Britain
by any maritime power this charter
is to be null and void at the end of the I
current voyage n
Recognition Resolution Introduced I
the House Yesterday
Washington March Representa
tive Clark of Missouri today introduced
the following resolution
That the congress of the United I
States participate with the people of I
e r c
the United States In the deep interest
which they feel for the success of the
people of Cuba who are struggling to
establish their liberty and Independ
ence and do hereby recognize the independence
dependence of the republic of Cuba
Charles Dudley Warners Dirty Fling
At Silver Men
Mexico City March C Charles Dud
ley Warner the American author now
here says on the Cuban question that
he much doubts the ability ot the
Cubans to govern themselves and adds
There will b no war But many
things combine to a warlike feeling and
the appearance ofpreparations for war
We have in the west an element of
population that Is always ready for an
adventure They are constantly ncl
tating for money They want free sil
ver I Iot mean the free silver as you
have It TiereC but silver artificially
maintained bythe government at u an
uuuu ow I b UU un
ready to support any adventure that
will force the goverriment to use more
silver or paper nloney I takes the
same people who at the time of the
Venezuelan almost wanted the
government to declare war at once
against Great Britain and for the same
Then too there is In all of our large
cities an unsettled element of popula
tion who are ready for any sort of ad
venture merely for adventures sake
and the less thinking element as I have
said has been stirred up by stories pub
lished in the sensational journals
Another thing combines to the ap
pearance of warlike preparations Sen
ator Hawley who is no more of a jingo
than I and other senators and mem
bers of congress have long been anxi
ous to Increase our artillery force and
coast defenses Advantage was taken
of the present circumstances to obtain
from congress the necessary money for
this purpose which would not have
been voted at any other time I a
quite in favor of such expenditure
1 I am quite of the opinion that every
raton should be in a position to pro
ject Itself and to resent affronts but
the activity fn this respect just at
present has given additional color to
the reports that wqr is imminent
Madrid Papers Say Maine Reports
Are Certain t Clash
New York March 2tA dispatch to
the World from Madrid says
Colonial Minister More denies the
validity of the protpcol supplement to
the treaty negotiated in Iii between I
Caleb Cushing then United State min
ister to Spain and Calderon Collantes
then Spanish minister of foreign af
fairs That protocol prescribes the pro
cedure in the trial of American citi
zens in Cuba and exempts them from
summary trial by drumhead court
Most of the Madrid newspapers in
cluding the ministerial journals print
editorial and news articles to prepare
the public mind for an early revelation
of the fact that the reports of the I
American and Spanish commissions of
Investigation into the cause of the
Maine catastrophe are certain to clash
But they give it to be understood that
this is not likely to cause a rupture
much less precipitate a war
Our Congressman Earns the Wrath of
a Havana Newspaper
Havana March 24 via Key West La
Union Constltuclonal publishes a strong
editorial against Messrs Morgan Call and
King because of tho stand they have
taken In congress with reference to the
Maine disaster I says the United States
will forgive the loss of life and money If
the Spaniards will hand over Cuba al
though through American filibustering
and sympathy thousands of Snanlards
have lost their lives In Cuba and the
island has been made a desert
The Advlsador Commercia1 in an edi
tonal on the same lines reproaches the
I American newspaper correspondents for
the bad feeling they display and says
it does not know whether to admire the
more the men who write the lies or tho
I fools who believe them
Spain Asks Her Largest Creditor to
Mediate at Washington
London March 2The Vienna cor
respondent of the Standard says
I am credibly Lformed that Spain
has Informally inquired at Paris I
whether France as her largest creditor I
and traditional friend would either
alone or in conjunction with other
powers mediate at Washington and
also whether i is possible to place a
Spanish loan in France
Arrest of a Wealthy Cuban Formerly
Classed With Autonomists
Havana March 2aPlIar Ollva of Man
agua I native Cuban of some wealth
and considerable influence who has here
I tofore been supposed to be an adherent
of the autonomist party has been arrest
ed upon an order of Colonel Pagllcri the
chief of police of Havana OHva is charg
ed with rendering assistance to insur
I gents trial and will be sent to Barcelona for
No Further Investigation
Key West Fla March 24 Admiral
Sicard said to the Associated Press cor
respondent last night that the court of
inquiry had not yet been dissolved I
expect to dissolve it in a few days
he said I am almost certain that the
Washington authorities will not require
any further investigation of the Maine
Commander McCalla of the Marble
head left his ship in the harbor and
I sailed for Tampa on the Olivetle last
night It Is presumed his visit is in
I connection with the investigation con
ducted there and here by Captain Bar
Hard Tack For Key West
I Key West Fla March 3T
lory liner Leona from New Y n s
due today with three months iiovls
ions for 4000 men Up to the time of
fing this dispatch late this afternoon
she had not arrived Those provisions
will be store here and will consid
erably strengthen Key West as r naval
rendezvous in case of war
This action is In line with the ac
tivity recently exhibited to hurry for
ward the fortifications dredge the har
bor and otherwise put the island into
fit condition to withstand I an attack I
and to make it a suitable base of supplies
McKinley a Man of Peace I
London March 24The Washington
correspondent of the Dally News says I
President McKinley declared to a re
cent visitor at the White House 1 be II
lieve there will be no war and I am
determined to prevent it If possible by
all means In my power
Chile Will Not Sell I
London March 2tThc corresjodsnt
of the Times at Santiago says the I
Chilean government absolutely refuses Ito I
to entertain the notion of the sale of i
any warships to either Spain or the
United States I
May Buy a German Boat
London March 23it Is reported that I
the United States io negotiating with
the Ebling Ship Building company of I
Germany for a first class torpedo boat
sea of about GOO tons which Is ready for
Big Order For Ammunition
Derb > Conn March 23rL L Drlggs
of the DriggsSeabury Gun and Ammu
rition company stated today that his
company had received a half million
dollar ammunition order from thegovernment for
Inherited By the Eldest Daughter
of King Leopold
e Whereabouts Unknown Ditto
That of a Gay Lieutenant With
Whom Her Husband Fought a
Duel Recently Tried to Raise a
Loan On Jewel
London March 24The Vienna corres
pondent of the Daily News says
The sudden departure from the Riviere
of Princess Louise or SaxcCoburgGotha
oldest daughter of King Leopold of Bel
gium and wife of Prince Phillip of Saxe
CoburgGotha with tho simultaneous dis
appearance of Lieutenant Mattaclilch
Kcglevitch with whom Prince Phillip re
cently fought a duel Is now developing l I
hf erd g
nst tn o1
In such a manner that Ii Is Impossible j to
maintain the original resolution to pre
serve secrecy
At Coburg palace the whereabouts of
the princess is absolutely unknown She
had mono yadresSod to her butler at
Monte Caro and i is assumed that she
is now In Paris Steps have been taken i
at Gotha by order of the reigning duke
whose consent was necessary to obtain i
a judicial separation By the emperors
express wish the proceedings will not
occur in Vienna At the same time it
will lie sought to place the princess under
guardianship as a spendthrift Princo
Phillips advertisement in Paris that he
would not be responsible for his wifes
debts was Just in time to prevent her
raising a loan on the security of her i
Another curious feature of the case was
an attempt made to suppress the adver
tisement through the telephone by the
unwarrnte use of the name of the sec
retary of the Austrian embassy Count
Emperor Actually Decided to Resist
Pekin March 24During the last few
days the consultation between the em
peror and high officers of state have
shown that China is finally aware of
the serious situation One night the
emperor actually decided to resist Rus
sia by force of arms but lack of money
and the counsels of LI Hung Chang
prevailed upon him to stop
Nevertheless the eyes of the tsung
1 amen have been opened to the fullest
extent as to the value of Russias prom
ises of friendship and during a recent
discussion the emperor exclaimed I
Why did I not accede to the opening I
of TaLienWan when England proposed
posed it
Germany is beginning to experience
sere difficulty in the province of Shan
Tung where the natives declare that
In spite of the emperors proclamation
they will oppose with violence the con
struction of the urojected railway
London March 4The Nagasaki
correspondent of the Daily Mail says
China it is reported refuses to accept
Russias pledge that the occupation of
Port Arthur will not be permanent un I
less the document is countersigned by
I France and Germany but it is believed
y I
if she ed not accede to the Russian
demand before Saturday next Russia
I intends to seize Port Arthur and Ta I
I LienWan and to hoist the Russian
I liar there I
Trustworthy Beport Tat He Will
I Resign All British Affairs
I London March 2tThe Daily Chron
i icle says
We learn that the long cabinet coun
cil on Monday was to consider an in
timation from the Marquis of Salisbury
of his desire acting under medical ad
vice to resign both the premiership
I anJ the foreign secretaryship
I Our news is obtained from a source
usually trustworthy but the crisis may
I take a few weeks to develop the queen
being abroad Lord Salisburys succes
stLg D
sore are almost certain to be the Duke
of Devonshire as premier and Arthur J
Balfour as secretary of state for for I
eign affairs
Crispi Politically Censured f
Tnmo inrrh 23The chamber of I
I n n
I deputies today adopted by a vote of
207 to 7 the committees report recom
I I mending political censure against
former Premier Crispi who has been
I accused of complicity in the Bank of
Naples scandals and of illegal traffick
j ing in decorations He will not be
I Signor Crispi Is greatly incensed at
King Humbert and the higher author
ities for not interfering to protect hint
i Dervishes Driven Back
j Atbara on the Nile March 23An
I AngloEgyptian cavalry patrol was In
I conflict with a party of Dervish horoe
men on Monday 1 miles up the river
I A handtohand encounter with spears
occurred and the Dervishes were driv
en back
I Russians Disgusted
I London March According to a
i special dispatch from Shanghai M
j Kuril Alexieff the Russian representa
I live in the Corean custom house and
I his entourage disgusted over their fail
I ure in Corea have been transferred to
Port Arthur
Plague In Arabia
Jeddah Arabia larch 23It is offic
ially announced that a suspicious case
of sickness believed to be the plague
has been discovered here The pilgrim
I age to Mecca has just begun
Demand Will Be Made at Milwaukee
On May 1
Milwaukee Wis March 21In accord
Uwauhee aecorl
I ance with the plan decided uuon at the
last national convention of the American
Federation of Labor organizers have been
working quietly for the past month organizing
ganizing in the building trades in this
city looking to a united demand on May
cl for an eighthour working day The
executive council of the Buidins Trades
will hold a meeting tonight to discuss the
eighthour project and to take action in
various matters In connection with It
The deliberations will be Inested with
more or less secrecy A good portion of
t c members of the Bulldni Trades
councils such as carpenters all plaster i
ers Ire working eight hours 1 tiny at
present but with factory workers tho
conditions are different and the move I
ment will be directed principally toward I
this branch
A leading member of the Carpenters
union expressed an opinion today to the
euect that the men would win without
1 fight but in case the demand is not
l h emanl
granted strike that there would possibly be a
Marquis de Mun
Paris March ZtThc Marquis de Hun
father of Comte Albert de Mun tho
French statesman deputy for Kinlstole
Morlaix and leader of the clerical party
In parliament is dead
To Cure 1 Cold in One Day I
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money if i
falls to cure 25c The genuine has L
C Q on each tablet
Dont annoy others by your cough
ing and risk your life by neglecting a
cold One Minute Cough Cure cures
coughs colds croup grippe and all
throat and lung troubles Smith 8
Swift Druggists 142 Main
Tight Expected In State Convention
Today Disclosures of Ecpublican
Boodleism I Philadelphia
Portland Ore March 23The Popu
hat Democratic and free silver Repub
f lican state conventions met in this city
I today The Democrats and silver Re
I publicans effected permanent organiza
tion but the Populist convention was
still working under a temporary organ
I ization when an adjournment was taken
until tomorrow
I The sentiment expressed in the Dem
I ocratic and free silver Republican con
ventions today was unanimous in favor
I of a fusion of forces in the coming
campaign There was a different state
I of affairs in the Populist convention
I I K C Luse national committeeman J
C Ycung chairman of the state central
I committee State Senator E H Holt
i and other Populist leaders expressed
j I themselves as opposed to fusion unless
lIt can be accomplished under the name
I of the Populist par and on the Popu
list platform a adopted at Omaha I
was however demonstrated in the elec
tion of a temporary chairman that a
I majority of the Populist delegates favor
fusion In some form
There are contesting delegations from
three counties and tonight i is appar
eat that a fight will be precipitated in
the convention tomorrow between the
fusionlsts and the middleoftheroad
delegates when the credentials committee
tee makes its report
i Lease of Philadelphia Waterworks
Obtained By Bribery
Philadelphia March 23Peter E
Smith the Republican city committee
man who is charged with attempting
toTiribe Councilman Stevenson by an
offer of 5000 if Stevenson would vote
for the ordinance leasing the city I
waterworks to the Schuykill Water
company was given a hearing before I
Common Pleas Judges Gordon and
Bregy this afternoon and was held in
Breg ateroon
J10000 bail for trial I
The district attorney then proceeded
with the Investigation of the charges
of bribery before the two Judges named
Councilman Louis J Walker acknowl
edged having received 500 for voting In
committee to report the water ordi
nance to the main body with a favor
able recommendation He said Councilman
man Edwin E Smith received J300 at
the same time The money was paid
he said by Councilman Charles Seger
Walker further acknowledged that he
was offered 3000 in cash by Council
man J Emory Bryam to vote for the
passage of the bill in council Upon
leaving the witness stand Walker was
taken into custody
Councilman Smith declared emphati
cally that he had never been offered or
promised any reward for his vote
District Attorney Graham declared I
tnat ne Knew mat jiovuu in casn was
paid for a favorable report of the ordi
nance and he intended to find out who I
received this money and also by whom
i was said
Notwithstanding Activity of Silver
ites Goldbugs Are Sanguine
Chicago March 23The first annual I
meeting of the vice presidents of the
Naticnal Sound Money League founded
a year ago was held today at the head I
quarters in Mpnadnock building
The purpose ofhe meeting was the
election of a executive committee and
olllfcrs v
E Vj Smalley general secretary In
his annual report said
Reports from l parts of the coun
try are encouragng They show that
while the silver movement is still active
It will not be able to hold together at
ancther natlonal election the great vote I
that i cast at the election of 1S3C In
the opinion of your secretary the work I
of the league should be continued with
out relaxation and should be pushed
with increased activity and kept upon a I
nonpartisan basis as heretofore
Arrest of the Government Clerk Au
thor of the Great Frauds
I Washington March 23An order for the
arrest of J H Southall former chief I
clerk In the United States engineers of I
lice at SL Paul has been sent by the de
partment or jvstice to the United States I
district attorney at St Paul Attorney j I
General QriSRS said today that the j I
amount realized by Southall through I i
the Issuance of fasc time checks will
reach at least 3000UO The statement is
based on the report of t national bank I
examiner who was sent to Minnesota for
the purpose o making an investigation I
Mr Grigps sail that the government Is
i not liable for the acts of Southall and
that the holders of the fraudulent checks j
can ekoA claims rnUsu the federal i
St Paul March 23J H Southall
late chief clerk of the upper Mississippi j
J river division of the United States en i
jjineerlng department whose dealings
I in time checks to the extent of nearly J
half a million dollars were made pub
j lie yesterday was arrested this even
I ing by United States Marshal OConnor
i j and ball placed in Jail in default of 23000 I I
Quotations On Three European Bour
ses Including Its Own
Barcelona March 2At the opening
of the bourse today Spanish 4s were
quoted at 70 10 The closing price yester
day was 7G40
Paris March 23 Spanish 4s on the I
bourse today opened weak at 5 316
against 53 51S the closing price of yesterday
London March 23On the stock ex
I change today Spanish 4s were weak de
dining to 53 a net loss of II from yes
I terdays closing price Later they ad
vanced to 53JA but eased off slightly I
Mien Bradley and Her Bottle of
Water cat n Great Sendoff
Washington March 23 Members of
the Womens Christian Temperance I
I Union assembled today in large num
bers at the Pennsylvania depot to wit
I ness the departure of Miss Christine
Bradley who will tomorrow christen
with water the new battleship Ken
tucky There were speeches at the sta
tion by Mrs Ella M rcEet the Rev I
W F Crafts Representative Todd of I
Michigan Mrs M B Platt and other
In which reference was made to the I
fact that the Constitution Old Iron
sides and the Hartford were christened I
with water I
if Killed I Railroad Wreck
Vancouver B C March 23A wrqck
occurred on the Canadian Pacific early
this morning near Point Havey A
westbound freight special ran into a
mud slide and the engine and eight
cars were derailed Fireman A Hep I
burn was killed
Feather In Its Cap i
Tacoma Wash March 3The first
cargo of Washington wheat ever
o ted in the Pacific northwest for Rio
Janeiro was cleared at Tacoma today
The ship Way Castle departed with
107447 bushels of wheat
House Republican Ideas of a Way
to Strengthen It
Burden Will Best Upon Banks of
Finding Gold For the Legal Ten
der Notes Which Will Take the
Place of Gresnbacks Retired By
Indirect Methods
Washington March 3The report of
the Republican subcommittee to the
house committee on banking and cur
rency was laid before the full Repub
lican membership of the committee
This committee which was appointed
a month ago to report a general bank
ing and currency measure consists of
McCleary of Minnesota chairman
Prince of Illinois and Mitchell of New
York The bill they have reported is
entitled A bill to provide for
strengthening the public credit for the
relief of the United States treasury
and for the amendment of the laws
relating to national banking associa
tions The method of dealing with the
greenbacks is not by direct retirement
but by the substitution of a legal ten
der note which the banks are required
to assume and for the redemption of
which they are required to find the
gold so long as they are conducting a
solvent business The principal provi
sions of the bill are as follows
o bl a folows
1 A division of issue and redemption I
is established in the treasury for the
secretary of the treasury is authorized
to set aside the general cash balances
in excess of 50000000 This excess on
March 17 1S95 was 176139532 United
States notes received by this division
for redemption in gold are to be can I
celed and retired in proportion ascertain
certain substitute currency is Issued
No note redeemed in gold is to be again
paid out except under exceptional con
2 National banks are required to as
sume the current redemption of United
States demand notes in order to obtain
circulation based upon their commer
cial assets A new class of notes called
national reserve notes Is to be issued
In lieu of legal tender notes deposited
by the banks with the treasury and
these reserve notes are to be redeemed
upon demand by the banks out of the
redemption fund which they are re
quired to maintain in gold These re
serve notes are not treated in any re
spect as bank notes because the banks
are not liable for their ultimate re
demption The basis of national bank
note circulation will be the commercial
assets nf th h nl ht + Ia n
reached only after a series of ruc
4 National banks are to be permitted
to issue I
notes on their
currency com
mercial reserve to the amount of the
reserve notes issued to them In deposit
for United States notes
5 Treasury notes issued under the act I
of July 1 1S90 are to be dealt with
eventually on the same basis a United 1
States notes
6 A tax of 2 per cent is levied upon
currency notes issued In excess of 60
per cent of the capital of any national
bank and of C per cent when in excess I
of SO per cent
7 The national currency notes based J
upon commercial assets are to be se
cured by a bank note guaranty fund
made UP by the contribution In gold
coin of 5 per cent of the entire circula
tion of the bank and provision is made I
for replenishment of this fund within
certain limits
S Th national reserve notes will
continue to be legal tender until re
ceived into the treasury from reI
and liquidating banks when liability
for them will be assumed by the gov
ernment and they will be redeemed
and cancelled
9 Standard silver dollars are to be
redeemable In gold but silver certifi I
cates are redeemable only in standard
silver dollars The parity of silver with
gold is secured by a gold redemption
10 Silver certificates are hereafter to
be issued only in denominations of 1
2 and f5 Legal tender notes reserve
notes and currency are to be Issued
In denominations below 10
1 National banks are required to
pay a tax of oneeighth of 1 per cent
seniiannually on their capital surplus
and undivided profits
12 National banks are permitted to
establish branches under
to be prescribed by the secretary of the
The purpose and effect of the pro
posed bill pays the report Is to
throw upon the national banks the en
tire burden of finding gold for the
notes There is no doubt of the abil
ity to do this If It Ib required by lay
They have tha power to regulate in
terest rates within the narrow limits
marked out by economic law In such
a manner as to attract gold to the
country by restricting their circulation
when necessity arises The system
proposed by your committee provides
an easy and adequate method of ob
taining gold for export from the banks
without exposing the country or the
United States treasury to the alarm
and convulsion which have attended
years gold exports during the last five
Committee On Foreign Relations Pro
paring For Courts Report
Washington March 23The senate
committee on foreign relations at its
meeting today informally discussed the
Cuban situation The of
Ituaton consensus opin
ion based upon Information which has
been received from the administration
by various members was that the pres
ident is pursuing a wise and conserva
tive course such as is necessary In Is I
sues which Involve peace or war A
member of the committee said that the i
course of the president was surely con
vincing the governments and intelligent
people of the world that the Ut ted
States was justified in its policy and we i
would have the moral support of Eu I
rope when the crisis came
I was the opinion however that the I
inevitable tendency was toward rup
ture with Spain and that the United
States position was becoming r
and stronger every day The commit
tee Is awaie that the Maine dsatr wil
1f1T i
ON o IBm I
To Any Reliable man
UarreloDj nppILc and coo months rmclC
of rare power will bo sent on trla1 uuhoiit nv
odritnce pzymeet br the foremost oimpaur In t he
world In the treatment am uit broken dls
courneej from erect of eicc ie warrr over
work ic happy niirrlco eveured complete I restoration
ro f11u m
toration or development iif nil robcjt condition
The tines of this aftr 15 limited Kn C O D
< chen > o no deception n s cseasire X1J
8e8 o 44c4c1s Q
t and i a few days
nature will put on 4
It t her garb of loveli G
ness to gladden the
8 T heart of man i t
Le1 US Vie Vi1 Na1ur0 0
and array our homes
4 wit a beautiful
9 garb of color and
t design
Ho Can Be Done 0
Just 022 way Select 0
o at once your wall t
paper from a end
less variety cf es
V I quirite designs and
9 delicate tints v
Why of course at
the store of FJTJRE do t
< < < <
be treated as a separate and distinct
Incident for the present
There was some discussion a to what
would be done with the report of the
board of inquiry when It reached the
senate Monday and It Is probable that
I a motion will immediately be made to
refer it to the committee on foreign
relations The members of the naval
committee claim that the senate hiving
authorized it to investigate the Maine
disaster this committee should have
the report of the naval board referred
to it as a matter of courtesy as well
a right
An effort will be made to adjust the
whole matter by the time the report
arrives so that no debate will occur un
I the til after report the committee has considered
Report of the Military Committee
Repor te Mlar Comtee
Now Before the Houe
Washington March 23The army re
organization bill was adopted unanimous
ly today by the house committee on mili
ary aftairs and was subsequently reported
ar anl
ed to the house In passing upon the
measure the committee has disposed of
a ver significant l point as to the presi
dent functions In war times There was
a long discussion over a proposition to
insert in the bill an express provision
hch would permit the president to In
crease the army forces immediately in
ase of a sudden grave emergency It
was pointed out that no presIdent ever
ivoula take advantage of such 1 provision
and that President Lincoln had set the
example and that his action and been
jus lined subsequently I was telt by
ome that where the necessity for hasty
action was great UDsequent approval of
jonffress wod be sufficient and the
Ir should be given some warrant
or such a step with 1 requirement to se
ure the approval of congress at the car
lest moment practicable The discussion
was met on party lines but the Kepubli i
an member of the committee differed
among themselves as to the wiilom of I
jnlargmg the presidents functions in
hs respect or to have them remain in
jtuu quo I
I was however concluded that It would
b best to allow the conditions to remain
unchanged ait the committee inerted a
yrovislon modifying section 2 to make
previous congressional action more bind
ing allowing the estabshment of the
hp hnr nn foloo onh 1nn
the declaration of war Dy consrets or a
declaration that war exists
The committee in its report cite official
reports as showing the increase of the
commissioned force of the line of the
army needed to change it from a peace
to a war footing and puts the enlisted
strength at 1M 3S men an Increase of 7S
954 men an equivalent of 6 regiments of
volunteers of 1209 men each lo properly
officer these regiments would reauire 0
colonels SS lieutenant colonels S ma
jors 9 captains S24 first lieutenants and
92 second lieutenants the pay aggregat
lag 14 S33SOO To olHcer the same num
ber of troops under the provision of ths
bill in time of war would cost as follows
Twelve second lUutenants cavalry S first
lieutenants artillery M second lieutenants
artillery 50 captain infantry 5 first
lieutenants Infantry antI 359 second lieu
tenants of Infantry their pay aggregating
07SP This the committee concludes
effects a saving in organization of 3SuO
200 per year
I Will Be Pushed Through With All
Possible Speed
Washington March 3The naval I
appropriation bill will be pushed
through the house with all possible
haste I will be called up tomorrow I
morning and the vote taken on Friday I
at an hour to be determined later The
object of this programme Is toget the I
bill out of way before the house be
comes plunged into the Cuban debate
that will follow the submission of the I
Maine board of inquiry report to con
j cress n < xt week IBis policy was ae
I termined on at a meeting of the house
naval affairs committee late this after
noon Four hours of general debate
allowed each side This
I I will be alowed two on
under the rules will be in committee
i unlpr wi
of th2 whole arc when the general de
bate is I closed the five minute rule will
be utilized The hour for taking the
vote will be decided tomorrow The
chairman of the committee conferred
with Speaker Reed for some time this
afternoon and the action taken to ee
cure prompt disposition ofthe bill to
j i lowed that conference Many of the
members had decidid to attend the
launehlns of the Kearsarge and Ken
tucky at Newport News tomorrow but
will remain to join in 1 the debate
No Extension of Lines Beyond City
Limits Lawful
I Milwaukee Wis March 24A decis
ion which will be of Interest to every
electric street car company In the coun
try has Just been handed down by the
supreme court at Madison I Is to the
effect that there can be no extension of j I
street railway lines beyond the city
limits even though a franchise has
been granted without the award of j I
damages where property owners ob
ject I also makes no difference
whether or not the companies have the
right to carry freight or express mat I
When the courts decided that the I
id AIO
street raiway was not an additional
burden upon the highway the railway
was operated by horse power Since the
advent of electricity the ttreet railway
has been brought close to the status of I
I the steam railways I
Big Turnout Expected at the Battle
ship launching
Washington March 23 Fully lCyO peo
tod to witness tho
pIe left Washington today lncss
launching of the two battleships Ken I
tucky and Kearsarge at Newport News
tomorrow Quite a number of others
tcpa th eeor
7o rone in the past two or three dars
to recurs accommodations ahead There I
was a large delegation of naval officers j
and more senators and representatives
Injunction Against n Boycott i I
Galveston March 23 Judge David EI
Bryant of the United States circuit
court today granted an injunction re
straining the Missouri Kansas
Texas the Gulf Colorado t Santa Fe
the Texas Pacific the International
Great Northern the St Louis I
Southwestern and the Texas Lu New
Orleans railways from enforcing the i
notices which they recently gave to I
the effect that they would not receive I
any freight from the Kansas City
Pittsburg Gulf railroad except
charges be prepaid at the local rates
and which regulations have been I
known familiarly as boycotting The
writ Is made returnable at Paris T
on April 15
c =
Children and adults tortured by I
burns scalds Injuries eczema or skin
diseases may secure instant relief by I
using De Vitts Witch Hazel Salve It
is the great Pile remedy Smith 8 I
Swift Druggists 142 Main
Heavy Floods Do Incalculable Dam
age Blizzards I Missouri Ex
tending to Arkansas
Richmond Ind March 23 Heavy
deeds are doing incalculable darndgi
The large bridge over Whitewater river
has been destroyed by fire and vai r
The city electric light plant is drowned
out The Starr piano factory and th
I Nixon paper mill have suffered hea >
loss Many people have been dritn
from their homes The streets are bad
I ly damaged
Dayton 0 March 23Dayton is In
I worse danger than at any time slme J
i 1SGS when the central part of the I if j
was Hooded The Miami river sh s
I 1S2 feet at the government gauge and
is rising Last year when about
COO damage was done the rivers high
est mark was 164 feet North Dayton
I i lit completely under water and about
300 houses are almost covered
The water is in the cellars l In the tn
I tral portion of the city and large ar J
J valuable stocks of merchandise unit un
doubtedly suffer so that the loss m
that direction alone will be tremendous
A thousand families are suffering
Pittsburg Pa March 211Te Alle
I gheny and Monongahela rivers will
I probably reach a stage of 30 feet uf
water tonight Tremendous rains ftkl
at a points in the two upper vaMiys
last night and the water is rushing to
ward Pittsburg at a rapid rate Ex
ttrsive districts are already flooded in
Canton O March 23One of the
heaviest rain storms in the citys his
tcry was experienced last night ana
the greater part of the east end of the
city is under water today Heavy dam
age will result
Columbus O March 23The worst
local flood In the history of the Scict o
river is in progress here Thirteen i f
the 15 railroads cannot get trains ir ° r
out of the city Fifty families at K ift
are homeless and 500 more houses are
flooded No lives lost so far
St Louis March 23A regular Da
kota blizzard prevails in St Louis and
j vicinity extending down into Arkansas
i and In part of Illinois Last night tr
I I temperature began to decline and t
day at S oclock a fall of 4S degrees
I I from the highest point registered yes
terday was reported by the Imal
weather officials
The heavy rains of the past few djjs
have caused all rivers In Missouri t >
rise rapidly The Osage and Gascon 1 >
especially are pouring floods of watt
into Missouri which in turn flows inio
the Mississippi
Indianapolis Ind March 23 Flonls
are reported throughout the state
Indiana Many important towns ar
temporarily cut off from communu a
tlpa and trains have been entirely ab in
doned on some railroads
It Is reported that 100000 damaa
has been done at GreensLTT wh i
at noon today eight heavily laden pa
senger trains had been stalk for IS
s I t
Zanesville O March 23Since mid
night Muskingum and Licking nv rs
j have risen 15 feet and all the Eighui
ward and part of four other wards are
I submerged Four thousand people hae
I been driven from their homes and vry
j few of them have saved any of their
household effects
I Wheeling W Va March 23Vliei
I ing will suffer heavily from the flood
j which is now invading both the who <
I sale and retail districts Manufacturing
i establishments empoyin 10000 to It < I
men have shut down either for want
of natural gas which vas shut off to
night or too much water
PI tsburg March 23 Three great riv
ers the Monongahela Allegheny and
Ohio are now in a flooded condition
and there is every indication that th > =
loss to coal truer tore ufacturfrs
and propertyholders in general si lit
eclipse that of the freshet of 1891 Al
ready river coal Interests have suffered
Josses aggregating 100000 and great
inconvenience must necessarily foil > v
Reports received from towns on eftht r
side of the three great valleys shov
great damage to the valuable property j
on the lowlands and with the watt 1
still rising grave fears are entertained L
of even heavier losses
Mills along the three rivers are silent
and merchants and families in th
lower part of the two cities have been
compelled to remove their goods to
higher ground The loss rannot be es
timated tonight but It will reach a high
Twentyfour Ken of a Wrecking
Crew Injured Some Will Die
Columbus O March 23A train cn
dating of a passenger coach caboose
and locomotive with a wrecking crev
of 24 men aboard was wrecked near
here this evening The river broke over
its banks and the scene of the wreck
Is surrounded by water for a mile and
can only be reached by boats The en
gineer cannot be found The fireman
was warned away and swam to a tr ° e
vhere he is now waiting to be rescued
but on account of the darkness and the
swift current It is impossible to reach
him A big bonfire has been built a
hat mile away to give him light and
hope Nearly every man of the 24 was 4
more or less Injured Six or eight arc
badly injured and many will die
Engineer Connell of Logansport and
two brakemen are missing and may ba
dead Seven are seriously Injured
A man named McCune says at mid
night that he and a brokeman waded
through the water and carried Con
ductor Franklin to the end of the tres
tle where they laid him down M >
Cune went back to help others and
neither conductor nor brakeman have
been seen since
For the Murder McGee
Chicago March 21The grand jury
has returned indictments against
George H Jacks formerly chief of po
lice of Muskegon Mich and William
II Willows charging them with the
murder of Andrew H McGee Jacks
and Willows it Is alleged decoyed Mc
Gce to an apartment house on the
south side several weeks ago and mur
dered and robbed him

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