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The MoneyPower Dominates
American Diplomacy
Plan to Purchase Independence
Meets the Presidents Favor
He Is Even Willing That the Cubans
Should Agree to Pay An Annuity
to the Mother Country Thus Rec
ognizing Her uzeraintyAt Any
Hate He Said He Would Avert
War If PossibleAmerican Bank
ers Stand Beady to Furnish Spain
With Funds to Pay Maine Indem
nity If Called Upon
Washington March 2tSome of the
senators and members of the house
who have visited the president today
and yesterday have gathered the im
pression from his carefully guarded
talks with them that he will not imme
diately make any important recom
mendation to congress but that he
wants more time in which to conduct
negotiations with Spam with the hope 1
of securing peace by diplomatic means
Some of them have reached the con I
clusion that he is hopeful of securing
Spains assent to the independence of I
the island or at least of a condition
approaching independence by other
m rans He suggested to them that the
recognition of neither belligerency nor
independence would be sufficient to
bring relif to the starvin Cubans and
that either act would fail at least in
us immediate effect He also suggest
ed that there are some difficulties In
the way of sending supplies to the
island one of the principal of which Is i
the fact that such a course is a nmc
tical assistance to Spain to sustain
herself in the conflict He urged upon
thm the especial importance of doing
all the could to suppress excitement
and prevent action by congress in
connection with the receipt of the re
port of the Main disaster
The visitors think the presidents
peclal desire at this time is to elimi
nate the Maine Incident entirely from
the discussion of the situation and
some of them consider it probable thai
he may send the roprt to congrcK
without making any recommendation
of especial moment
The president said to senators that
he would like to see the Cubans obtain
thdr independence by purcfiase and he
Intimated that he would be even will
V ing that the should agree to pay a
stated annuity to Spain recognizing to
this slight degree he suzerainty of
the mother country but he said at the
I same time that he recognized the dif
I I ficulties In the way of tbis procedure
hCcause of the disinclination of the
Spanish authorities to consider It
Still the visitors obtained the impres
s ion that he had concluded at least to
make an effort in that direction They
arc of the opinion that if this nero
Mation should fail the president would
resort to intervention rather than to
a recognition of either belligerent
lights i or the independence of the
island They do not consider that the
prEsident would hesitate at recognizing
elth r belligerency or independence
except for the reason that he believes
neither would accomplish the result of
relieving the suffering which is the
first end he has in view
The Democratic senators talked
frankly with the president in regard to
the nolilical aspect of the situation
They told him of the report current
about congress to the effect that the
Cuban situation was being manipulated I
with the view of improving the fortunes
N f Ito I
tunes of the Republican party saying
to him that if such was the case and i
if war was provoked for this reason I
the reaction would be against the I
party To this the president replied
that he fully realized this fact and that
IIP dI not intend to he l swerved one I
litiral hairs considerations breadth in his purpose by POj
C nservative senators say that the
president is to be given an opportunity
to carry out his plans and it is now I
crtain that no hasty actijln without
th with of the president will be taken j
by the semite
Thcre has been considerable work
done by the senators and the result
or a general canvass leads the conserv I
atives to bflieve thit the sentiment in j
faxfr of moving wilh caro and refrain I I
Ing from forcing the pre lent to act j
In auvaace of his own judgment is I I
growing I i
There will be no hasty action said
one of the conservative senators and
whi < th president wll be supported
when he maKes a request attempts to I
force anything through the senate will
be resisted The senate will not be I
swept off its feet but is ready to act j I
in any emergency i
London March 21The imminence Ii j
of the Cuban crisis has prompted j
financiers to make efforts to avert war
A movement to this end is on foot in
Ixmbard street and American bankers
w h > are leading it are supposed to j
have the sympathy and perhaps the I
cooperation of the Rothschilds The I
American bankers are endeavoring to
secure th6 Influence of financiers and I
governments representing to them the I
damage to the commerce of all nations 0
which war would involve The finan I
ci rs are willing to invest liberally to I
prevent war but apparently they are
unalli to devise a plan promising sue
rtss The American bankers tell the
diplomats that If the United States de I
jrnd an Indemnity and Spain Is will i
ing to pay the financiers would gladly j
furnish the funds I
I The best informed diplomats believe II
the Spanish cabinet and dynasty dare
r it risk the wrath of the populace
which would Inevitably follow acquies
j n < P with the demand of the United
St ttc < for reparation for the loss of
fi Maine I
financiers calling
Prominent upon
hc Tnitf States ambassador Colonel
John Hay to seek Inside Information I
< gardmg the political situation have
teen told b the ambassador that he
has not been iff 11 > I < tt the con I
tents of the it p irt > f he United States
na al court jf inquiii
Vlnanriers are also seeking to bring
4 Ji
h 51l
I V 1 1 ltF1A
J 1 fi4vi
fr j
The Time for Action Has Now Come exclaimed Senator Thurston
pressure upon Washington through dip
lomats but it is believed they have
met with little success
The Spanish and Cuban firms and
financial houses in London generally
agree in expressing the opinion that
there will be no war
Whole Party Was Armed As Was
Demonstrated In An Incident
Where the Crowd Ban Against
the Mysterious Bag
Washington March 2tThe report
of the naval board of inquiry into the
Maine disaster was received in Wash
ington at 933 tonight The four naval
officers who nave guarded it watch and
I watch since its departure from Key
West were hustled at once into a
J carriuge by an attache of the navy de
partment and driven to the Ebbltt
I house where they tried to catch a lit
tle muchneeded sleep and at the same
time withstand the crowd of news
I paper men who thronged the lobby In
hopes of some stray bits of information
which had escaped the scrutiny of
numerous correspondents along the
The party consisted of Lieutenant
Commander Marix Lieutenant John
Hood Lieutenant Carl Jungen Passed
Assistant Engineer Bowers A T 1
Marix a nephew of the judge advocate
and Ship Carpenter Holms of the i
Maines illfated crew There was an
immense crowd waiting at the depot
when the train pulled in The naval
contingent was in the last sleeper of
the train and deftly avoided the crush
of citizens alighting at the upper I
end of the platform and going out
across the tracks I
All were thoroughly tired and Com I
mander Marix was asleep in a corner I
when the train pulled in and was
gently shaken into sensibility by his I
companions who were on guard The I
party was met at the steps of the car
by Lieutenant Ward of the navy de
partment who was the sole represen
tative of Secretary Long He informed
Commander Marix that the secretary I
would not receive the report tonight I
and gathering the tired travelers under
his protecting wing made for the hack i
stand through the rapidly thickening
crowd which balked of Its prey at the
gate had swarmed out over the pave j
ment to get a glimpse at the outside of
the much heralded report I
Lieutenant Hood as the most
muscular member of the party carried
the bulky document in a whiter canvas
bag slung under his arm It must I
have weighed ten or 20 pounds without
Its carrying case and portended endless
reams of complicated testimony to be i
digested bv the administration before
the next step in the progress of the i
Maine incident can be taken
The whole party carrying the report
1 eJerr i
was armed as was demonstrated in a
rather theatrical way just as they I
were about to get into the carriage
The crowd closed around the party and I
jostled them considerably Some one
ran against the end of the mysterious
canvas bag in which the report was
concealed Quick as a flash Lieutenant
Hoods hand went back to his hip and
Lieutenant Jungen laid his hand on the
butt of a revolver that was sticking
out from his side pocket The move
ments were sutticient to prevent
further jostling
On being driven to the Ebbitt house
the whole party retired first having
ordered some light refreshments to
ther rooms It was not long before
the report of their arrival spread and i
thE lobby was filled with a curious
crowd of idlers while the negro bell
boys worked over time in carrying up I
cards from the various correspondents
In search of an interview Young
Manx was deputed as a sort of press
committee and met all Inquiries with
the sterotyped reply I ont know i
to every question It may be said I
lowever that the report in due
process of law must first delivered
to the secretary of the navy and this i
according to all precedents will be at
the navy department It will then be I
submitted to President McKinley upon I
whose decision Its future migrations
will depend
Discovered By An Austrian Diver I I
London March 25The Vienna cor
respondent eff the Daily Chronicle says I
Baumann a diver engaged by the
United States to examine the wreck of
I t e Maine has writtento his1 parents
in Dresden stating that tha vessel was
undoubtedly exploded by Spaniards
by means tifia submarine mine in proof
of which hepointsout that the gun
powder dynamite and other explosives
inthe magazine were found on the
wrecTv quite intact
Maine to Be Dropped As a Factor
Intervention For Cuban Relief
rqshln tP jl March Throughout
the day heWhite House presented an
a iuated appearance senators and
representiilves from both political par
ties calling to confer with the presi
dent Among the callers were Senators
CuIIom Fairbanks Aldrich Jones of
I Arkansas and Spooner apd Represen
I tative Bailey the Democratic leader l in
I the house > I
The president said to eVeral of his
visitors today in discussing the situa
I tion that he would do everything con
sistent with the honor and dignity of
I the country to avert war and that he
I still believed war could be averted He j
al o said that he believed the govern
ment of Spain was as anxious for peace
as we were but at the same time he
I did not hesitate to admit the gravity of
th situation The president ac
o knowledged that he believes the report
i of the board of inquiry will find that
the Maine was blown up from the out
His programme has been definitely
decided upon It is his purpose to treat
tile blowing up of the Maine as an in
cident The report of the board will be
sent to congress on Monday A very
brief message relating the events lead
Ing up to that point and Informing con
gress that the facts contained in the
report have been cabled to Madrid to
be laid before the Spanish government
ty Minister Woodford will accompany
it No demand will be made upon
Spain but the laying of the facts be
fore the Spanish government will be
equivalent to calling upon Spain for an
explanation and such action as she may
deem proper
It is the purpose of the house lead
ers tc refer the report and message to
the committee on naval affairs without
debate and to this purpose it is be
lieved the Democrats of the house have
aCQuesced reserving the right to de
mand action if the report from the com
mittee is too long delayed Much will
then depend upon Spains response but
there are those Close to the president
who believe that from the time the re
port is sent to congress it will drop out
as a factor in the situation
The second part of the presidents
programme reaches the main question
and involves intervention on humani
tarian grounds within a week or ten
days after the report of the board gcvs
to congress It will be intervention to
relieve the starvation In Cuba and
upon Spains acquiescence in or objec
tion to this act will depend peace or
war A prominent member of the
house said today that in his opinion
tha next two weeks would determine
which It would be
Such information as exists here leads
those close to the president to believe
that the Spanish government will go to
any length l it dares to preserve peace
The queen regent is especially anxious
to prevent war and It is believed the
ministry will go just as far as It can
without jeopardizing Its own existence
and survival of the present Spanish dy < i
nasty II I I
Algonquin and Onondaga I
Cleveland O March tThe Globe I
Shipbuilding company today received
an Inquiry from naval officers asking
when the two revenue cutters being I
built for the government at the Globe
yard would be completed and urging I
as much haste as possible A reply
was made that the vessels would be I
ready for service in four weeks The j
vessels in Question are the Algonquin
and the Onondaga Captain D A Hall
of the revenue cutter service who is I
in Cleveland says the new boats would
be very valuable In case of war
This Means Something
Halifax N S March 24 Captain Kent
of the royal engineers who for years
has been at the head of submarine mining
operations In Halifax harbor left for
Washington this morning having been
summoned thither by 1 telegraph from
General Montgomery Moore commander
of the forces In British North America
who is I visiting Sir Julian Pauncefota the
British ambassador at Washington
An Intensely Dramatic Scene
In the Senate
Grayheaded Senators Bowed Their
Heads and Wept
The Senator Spoke By Command of
Silent lips and Declared That
the Time For Action Had Come
He Was No Wall Street Patriot
But Was Beady to Serve On the
Field of BattleAt the Close of
Speech His Colleague Gently
Leads Him Away
Washington March 24A sceneJlra
matic in the intensity of its Interest
was presented fn the senate today d r
ing the delivery by Mr Thurston eft
Nebraska of a speech on the Cuban
Not since the inauguration of Pres
ident McKinley have so many people
been on the senate side of the cacltol
as were there today The galleries
I were packed with people many of
whom had arrived at the capitol as
I early as 030 in order to obtain seats
Even the diplomatic gallery which is
r rarely occupied was filled among
r thosein it be ng Senor Mendonca the
Brazilian minister and party exSec
retary of State John W Foster and
Mrs Foster and many ladies and gen
tlemen from the various foreitrn lega
Within a few minutes after the sen
ate convened every senator who could
bf nfospnt wns in his spit and by the
time Mr Thurston began his speech
dozens of members of the house were
either standing or occupying chairs In
the arena without the semicircle of
A jar of roses had been placed on
Mr Thurstons desk but he spoke from
that of Mr Hawley In the central parf
of the chamber His first sentence in
which hespoke by command of silent
lips adedicate < atid touching reference
to theloss of his wife on his memor
able trio to Cubn commanded instant
attention A hush fell over the great
audience which hung with almost
breathless attention and interest upon
every word
Some sutIlriSe has been e < pressed 1
that Senator Thurston should appear in
public prom I 9entl so soon after the
deathof lrl Thurston but the first
senteripe of his speech furnished a Key
to his action tt Js true that Mr
Thurstons speechtoday vied frJopi
one standaolrtif < asaril unusual firo I
ceedfng but it was justified by the
conditions attending It
Mrs Thurstons dying request to her
husband was that he should lose no
time on account of hei death to do his
utmost to save and free Cuba and its
In accordance with this recuest
therefore Senator Thurston sacrificed
his personal feeling and delivered his
speecha speech that was his best
tribute to the memory of his wife
Without knowing the motive which
animated Mr Thurstpn and inspired
him to his best efforts his auditors In
stinctively realized and sympathized
with his emotion
The speech was very generally re
garded as a masterly one and even
those who could not agree with his
conclusions conceded the power of his
oration As he neared the end of the
speech his voice which had been clear
and ringing noticeably broke He was
almost overcome with emotion i but
rallied wth an effort and closed In a
manner that thrilled his auditors
Staid and dignified senators turned
away and wept and in the galleries
tears welled to hundreds of cvefc It
was a remarkable scene and the still
ness until the last word had been pro
nounced was as of death itself
I As Mr Thurston sank into his seal
ieJhh es linYa
and buried his face in his hands the
galleries were swept by such a tumult
I of applause as has not in a long time
been heard In the senate chamber
As a brother might have done Mr
I Allen Mr Thurstons colleague from
Nebraska walked to him and placing
I his arm over his shoulders quietly led
him from the chamHer The act was
one of the spontaneous and touching
amenities amid the turbulence and dis
cord of political life
I Mr President said Mr Thurston
I am here by command of silent lips
to speak once and for all upon the
Cuban situation I trust that no one
has expected anything sensational fr m
me God forbid that the bitterness of
a personal loss should Induce me to
color in the slightest degree the state
ment that I feel it my duty to make
I have no purpose to stir the public
passion in any action not necessary and
imperative to meet the duties and ne
cessities of American responsibility
Christian humanity and national honor
I would shirk this task if I could but
I dare not I cannot satisfy rn > con
science except by speaking now
Mr Thurston said he had gone to
Cuba firmly believing that the condi
tion of affairs on the island had been
greatly exaggerated He had conclud
ed however that an overstatement
of the horrors of the situation were
impossible He was prepared not only
to adopt every word of the areful
concise and specific statement of the
senator from Vermont Mr Proctor
but was even convinced that be had
understated the facts
In detailing the incidents and recit
ing the facts that came under his ob
servation Mr Thurston said he had
no desire to deal in horrors
If I had my way safd he I would
shield the American public even from
the photographic reproductions of the
awful scenes that I viewed In all their
original ghastliness
Of the 225000 soldiers Spain had sent
to Cuba less than 60000 were now
available for duty The remainder are
dead sick in hospitals or returned to
Spain incapacitated
I do not believe said he that the
entire Spanish army In Cuba could
stand an engagement In the open field
against 20000 well disciplined American
soldiers The Spanish soldiers of all
people on earth would most gladly
welcome any result which would en
able them to return to their homes
The pictures In the American news
ii S
l 4 J I r ift71iW
11 1 i
S S S r > L r fl1k 4
c A z
I < I 15V idi
3 5
1 itl
1r r 1
S i i frn
I aT S fh
r1 f i r I A
I f c
papers of the starving reconcentrados
are true They can all be duplicated
by the thousands I never saw and
please God may I never again see so
deplorable a sight as the reconcentrados
in the suburbs of Matanzas I can
never forget to my dying day the hope
less anguish in their despairing eyes
Men women and children stand si
lent famishing Their only appeal
I comes from their sad eyes through
which one looks as through an open
window into their agonizing souls
The governor of Matanzas Mr
Thurston said could see no end to this
condition of affairs and could suggest
no relief except through the United
The government of Spain will not i
appropriate one dollar to save these
people said Mr Thurston Think of
the spectacle We are feeding these
citizens of Spain we are nursing their
sick we are saving such as can be
saved and yet there are those who still
say it is I right for us to send food but
we must keep hands off I say that the
time has come when muskets ought to
go with the food
I shall refer to these horrible things
no further They are there God pity
me I have seen them they will remain
main in my mind foreverand this is
almost the twentieth century Christ
died 1300 years ago and Spain is a I
g I
Christian i nation she has set up more
crosses in more lands beneath more
skies and under them has butchered
more people than all the other nations
of the earth combined
Europe may tolerate her existence
as long as the people of the old world
wish God grant that before another
Christmas morning the last vestige of
Spanish tyranny and oppression will
have vanished from the western hemi
Discussing the remedy which should
be applied Mr Thurston said I coun
seled silence and moderation from this
floor when the passion of the nation
seemed at white heat over the destruc
tion of the Maine hut It seems to me
the time for action has now come Not
action In I the Maine case I hope and
trust that this government will take
action on the Cuban situation entirely
outside of the Maine case When the j
Maine report is received if It be found
that our shin and sailors were blown
ijp by some outside explosive we will
have ample reparation without quib
ble or delay and If the explosion can
be traced to Spanish official sources
there will be such swift and terrible
punishment adjudged as will remain a I
warning to the world forever
What shall the United States do
Mr President
For answer Mr Thurston as a Re
publican turned to the last national
platform of his party
Our platform said he demands
that the United States shall actively
use Its Influence for the Independence
of the island I am not here to Criti i
else the present administration I yield
to no man living in my respect my ad
miration for and my confidence in the
judgment the wisdom the patriotism
the Americanism of William McKinley
When he entered upon his administration
tion he faced a difficult situation It
was his duty to proceed with care and
It was the plain duty of the presi
dent of the United States to give to the
liberal ministry of Spain a reasonable
time in which to test Its proposed autonomy I
tonomy That time has been given
Autonomy is conceded the wide work
over i to be a conspicuous failure Sa
I gasta is powerless Blanco is power
I less to put an end to the conflict to
rehabilitate the island or to relieve
the suffering starvation and distress
The time for action has then come
No creator reason for it can exist to
I morrow than exists today Every
I hours delay only adds another chap
ter to the awful story of the misery
and death Only one power can inter
vene the United States of America
Ve cannot refuse to accept this re
sponsibility which the God of the uni
verse hs placed upon us as the one
great power In the new world What
shall our action be
Mr Thurston briefly adverted to the
propositions of recognizing the bellig
erency or the independence of Cubans
only to say that it was too late for
either As to annexation he said
I would oppose annexation with my
latest breath The people of Cuba are
not our people they cannot assimilate
with us and beyond all that I am
utterly and unalterably opposed to any
departure from the declared policy of
the fathers which would start this re
public for the first time upon a career
of conquest and dominion utterly at
variance with the declared purposes
and the manifest destiny of popular
government Let the world under
stand that the United States does not
propose to annex Cuba that It is I not
after a foot of Cuban territory or a dol
lar of Spanish money
The American people will never
consent to the payment of one dollar
to the guaranteeing of one bond as the
price paid to Spain for her relinquish
ment of the island she has so wanton
ly outraged and devastated
Mr President there Is only one ac
tion possible that Is intervention
for the Independence of the island In
tervention that means the landing of
an American army on Cuban soil the
deploying of an American fleet off the
harbor of Havana intervention which
says to Spain Leave the island
withdraw your soldiers leave the Cu
bans these brothers of ours in the new
world to form and carry on govern
ment for themselves Such interven
tion on our part would not of Itself be
war It would undoubtedly lead to
war But if war came it would come by
act of Spain In resistance of the liberty
and the Independence of the Cuban
He maintained that of all people on
the island the native Cubans were the
best qualified and fitted for govern
Mr Thurston paid a high tribute to
the government for the work it has ac
complished in preparing for any emer
gency and speaking of congress said
We are not In session to hamper or
cripple the president we are here to
advise and assist him Congress can
alone levy taxes and to this congress
the united people of this broad land
from sea to sea from lake to gulf look
to voice their wishes and execute their
will i
Mr President against the interven
tion of the United States in this holy
cause there Is but one voice of dissent
that voice is the voice of the money I
changers They fear war Not because
of any Christian sentiment against
war and In favor of peace but because I
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PAGF rvr
I McKinley Hedges For Pence
I Thurston invokes War
Spains Invading Fleet
I Kearsarge and Kentucky Launched I i
Up On the Yukon
Speed the New Navy
I Paroled Prisoners HeturaccL
r Frank Krigbaums Fate
Pratt Wins Every Point
International Mining Congress
Anti a1ocn League Organized 1
State Newc
Wall Street Events
I In the Social Realm
I Senator White Coming
i I Marcus Daly Hers
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I Council Committees Meet
I Swept By Floods I
Those Who Were Preconized at the
Papal Consistory
Rome March 24 Public and secret
consistories were held here today
Amcng the bishops preconcised were
the Right Rev P I Chappell arch
I bishcp of New Orleans the Most Rev
Paul Napoleon Bruchesi archbishop of
Montreal and the Right Rev John F
Fitamaurlce coadjutor bishop of Erie
I Pu Ccntrary to custom the consistories
followed one another The pope in the
Sala Regia presented the hats to the
r archbishops of Lyons Rennes and
Rouen In the presence of the sacred
college the dignitaries and the diplo
I mats
Th secret consistory followed in the I
Sala Consistorialle Only members of
I the sacred college were present The
pope was In excellent health
Salvationists For Cuba
New York March 23A corps of Sal
vation Army nurses will leave for Cuba
in a few days They are Staff Captain
Crost Ensign Selma Errick Cadet
Mary Gardon and Captain Joyce All
are trained and capable nurses who are
accustomed to the southern latitudes
Lieutenant Pagues Wife Divorced f
Lancaster Pa March 2tSarah
Gosler Pague wife of Lieutenant S
S I Pague late of the United States
army was granted a divorce today the
proceedings being the outcome of the i
attempt of Pague to kill Colonel Crof
ton at Fort Sheridan Chicago in 1S95
Fifty Cents On c the Dollar
Philadelphia March 2The Guar I
antcers Finance company assigned to
day following the action of Deputy
Attorney General Reader at Harris
burg yesterday in applying to the
Dauphin county court for a receiver
for the company The assets of the
company are 582367 and the liabil
ities are 1047500 including the capital
Left the Canaries On Its Way
to Cuban Waters
It Certainly Cannot Fight Cubans In
the Mountains
Naval Strategists Advise the Presi
dent to Prevent This Fleet From
S Reaching Western WatersIts
Seriousness Is Admitted But
What Conclusion the President
Has Reached Is Not KnownPolo
and Day Are Reticent
Washington March 2tThe last day
before the arrival of the report of the
Maine court of Inquiry was one of un
exampled activity in all official quar
ters Advices came early that the
Spanish torpedo flotilla had sailed front
the Canaries for Porto Rico and from
this moment the most energetic war
like measures followed one another In
constant succession The movement oC
this fleet has been watched with the
keenest interest as It was felt to In
volve serious possibilities which might
compel the United States government
to protest against the movement as of
a hostile character
Immediately on the receipt of the offIcial
Icial dispatch from one of our naval
attaches abroad briefly announcing the
sailing of the fleet the fact was made
known to the president and an earnest
conference was held between him and
secretary Long and Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt The seriousness of the move
ment was fully considered and the
president was advised that naval strat
egists regarded it as essential that this
torpedo fleet should not be allowed to
reach western waters What if any
conclusion was reached is not known
Later In the day the Spanish mms
ter Senor Polo y Bernabe called at the
state department and spent some time
with Judge Day It was > naturally Interred
erred that the approach of the Spanish
lotilla was one of the subjectsreferred
tn Whether however there was any
suggestion against the move was not
disclosed by either Judge Day or the
Spanish minister both of whom main
tamed the strictest reticence regarding
he conference and refused to speak
concerning it
Senator Mason of Illinois was at the
navy department during the morning
and was one of the first to learn that
the Spanish torpedo flotilla had left
the Canaries Later when asked what
he thought of this action by Spain he
It moans that they are coming to
this side either to fight the insurgents
or to fight us The Insurgents are in
the mountains and the torpedo flotilla
will hardly be used to fight them unless
they succeed in putting wings on them
That seems to narrow down the pur
I pose of their coming I do not know
what the naval authorities intend to do
I about this move hut if I had my way
I that torpedo flotilla would turn back If
l Lit took every ship in the United States
I navy to stop them
London Graphic Tells Us to Do One
of Two Things
Lc ndon March 25Th Daily Graphic
says editorially this morning
We think it time that Washington
ceases wobbling Weeks ago it was sad
that the starting of the Spanish tor
pedo flotilla for the West Indies would
compel America to declare war Today
the flotilla is steaming straight for
Porto Rico Meanwhile acute senators
in Washington and overclever journal
ists in New York are planning ingen
ious campaigns to fix the odium of de
claring war on Spain
Surely this is unworthy of the
American people Two clear lines of
policy are before President McKinley
Either to cooperate with the Sa
gusts cabinet in making Cuban home
ruie a reality or to give j Spain peremp
tory notice to quit To avoid both
courses is to turn the terrible Maine
disaster into a sort of gruesome red
herrIng If Presdcnt McKinley does
not mean war let him say so and the
horrors of Cuba will soon be miti
Madrid Uneasy at the Prospect of
I Having It Stopped
New York March 24The Hrraid
Madrid correspondent has been assured
by a gentleman who holds a government
position that it is untrue that any war
I ship was Ffjaclron going I On to the accompany oth r hand the it torpedo is
said that th Infanta Maria Teresa whose
preparations have been pushed forward
very much o late will be the crnlser
Captain Vctor Corneas Is In command
It is stated that the nw cruiser bought
from Italy will be called the Canovas
The Spanish government is very un
easy at the nublication of the statement
that the United States proposed stopping
the torpedo squadron
The strong press censorship and the
knowledge that tb cabinet is divided
and that some of It 1 strongly in favor of
fthg eth h ld
war although the peace party stilt holds
its own cause anxiety here
Beport That Bank of Spain Is Back
ing the Government
London March tA special from
Madrid says the Spanish cabinet decided
yesterday to creat treasury bonds to the
amount of 200OCOOOO > pesetas upon the
guarantee of the Bank of Spain The
London agents of the Bank of Spain say
they have heard nothing to confirm this
statement and thev add thv would un
doubtedly have heard of It had it been a
Maine Court Report Will Be the Up
permost Topic
Washington March tThe rcoort of
the Maine court of Inquiry will be read
at tomorrows cabinet meeting This tact
was officially announcd today Although
the last month and more the president has
been at his desk every day and far into
the night his callers often remark the
fact that this heavy burden of care and
work doss not show in his face or ap
pear to affect his health A prominent
caller on leaving the White House today
said he never seen the president in more
buoyant spirits or at a tlma when he
seemed more free from care
I j

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