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1 A WIeOme Visitor I You Get Some News 1
The homes SaltLakeIIerald of Utah It Is goes Into the r l B rea Ing other papers You get
Utahs great LJ
I home comes paper from the The homes merchantstrade THE SALT bAil HERAL Herald all the news Jf you read The
An Enemy Destroyed the Maine According
to the Courts Report
Administration and All Public men In Washington Share In
the Tension Wrought By the Situation
Minister Woodford Has Been Cabled to Notify the Spanish Government of
the Maine Courts Findings Madrid Cabinet Cables That Their Court
Finds the Explosion to Be of Internal OriginSpain Not Disposed to
Turn Back the Torpedo FleetTestimony Before the Court of Inquiry
Points to a Submarine Mine as Cause of Esplosion War Preparations
On an Unprecedented Scale Country Now Practically on a War
Washington March 5The court of
inquiry appointed to investigate the
cause of the Maine disaster has re
pcrted that the loss of the battleship
was due to an outside explosion
The state department by direction of
the president has cabled United States
Minister Woodford at Madrid to notify
thn Spanish government of this con
clusion The president and his cabinet
advisers held two extended sessions to
day one at 1030 a m and another at
330 p m at which the report was con
sidered in detail Members of the cab
inet stated after the meetings that the
dscussion was of a grave character
ana that never since the wrecking of
the Mainehas the situation seemed so
The Spanish government has cabled
officially to Washington that the Span
ish naval commission holds the disaster
to the Maine to be of internal origin
Th > government of Spain it can be
st ted positively is not disposed to turn
back the torpedo fleet now proceeding
from the Canaries and would be dis
inclined to consider a suggestion from
this government tending to interfere
with the disposition by Spain of her
own naval forces
War preparations on an unprecedent
ed scale are being hurried to comple
tion by the war and navy departments
an lotng 3 the country practically is on a war
The foregoing gives the record of one
of the most eventful days the national
capital has seen since the close of the
ciii war I was a day of profoundly
Important action and of the deepest
anicty coupled with naval and mili
tary activity one step following an
other in rapid succession Representative
tive men of the administration public
men in all branches of official and con
RieEslonal life no less than the public
in general shared in the tension to
which the situation has been wrought
There was no effort among the highest
cfnclals nor indeed was it possible
from what was clearly apparent in the
developments of the day to minimize
the situation
Viewed in detail the finding of the
court of inquiry was the most vital
fac tor Commander Marix judge
cate of the court of inquiry delivered
th report to Secretary Long early this
morning and shortly afterwards It was
carried to the White House and placed
in the hands of the president At 1030
the cabinet assembled half an hour
earlier than usual and began the con
sideration of the momentous docu
ment Even the rigid rules of secrecy
which prevail at cabinet meetings were
made doubly strict in this case and no
intimation of the results reached by the
court were known until 2 oclock when
an Associated Press bulletin gave the
information to the country as well as
to the eagerly waiting officials through
out Washington These results briefly
loss of the Mains
stated are that the los Ian
was due to an explosion from the out
side the court being unable to ru the
responsibility for the explosion
The court does not express an opinion I
as to the character of the explosion
but the testimony goes to show that I
was a powerful submarine mine the I
exact character of which was not de
termined though the belief was ex
pressed that it was a floating submarine
m ne There were two explosions the I
curt finds the first was from the out I
Fide and that set off one of the smaller I
magazines It was this result expressed I I
in detail and with the precision I of a
c < urt deeply concerned of Its respon
sibility together with the evidence upon
hch it was based that occupied the
attention of the cabinet throughout its
extended sessions of the morning and
afternoon All other subjects gave way
to this foremost question There was
ni change in the plan of making the
report public and transmitting it to
congress early next week accompanied
by a brief message from the presi
dent White interest was thus centered at
the White House the navy and war de
partments were hurrying forward their
work of preparations I
Export That Mangrove Will Take All
Americans Prom Havana
KPV West Fla March 25The Asso
clatfd Press bulletin that the court of in
Quiry had found tho Maine was blown
up by a submarine mine created intense
cTtpment hero
The most significant development that
folowed the announcement of the courts
re port a development known to but few
w the sudden sailing of the lighthouse
tender Mangrove for Havana The Man
grove was lying quietly at the dock load
Ing buoys when orders came about 5
cofk this afternoon for her to proceed
with ai haste to Havana and to take on
1 nard all the American officials In that
city with the exception of Consul General i j
I J is feared here that the knowledge of i
A the courts report has excited Havanas I
iinulation and brought the antiAmer
ir an sentiment to a climax Officers of 1
n < Kh rank were stll reticent j
TPP attention of Rear Admiral Sicard
v drawn to the fact that Spain had i
offi < Lilly denied thatHavana harbor was
i ined f I I j
HP r < > DM < d If Havana harbor were I
rnp I should certainly have mined it I i
Th < water tl re Is especially I suited for I i
si h a mefwd or defense Sialr a dp
nit had nothing to d wit i the court of
Imiuirv I loud of btlice a state
ment thatHa ira h rlrr VOF not mineI
Tho court ha not yet been dissolved I I
is barely possible that more work may
be required of i but this is not prob
I able
When the possibility of arbitration and
the ensuing entanglement were suggested
to hm Rear Admiral Sicard said
I The Maine case is nothing in com
parison with the Alabama claims Then
we were opposed to a powerful com
mercial rival but now we are dealing i
with Spain j I i
The officials I here refuse to say why the
Mangrove th so suddenly for Havana I I I
but it can be stated positively that the
object of her visit is rgs brine the Amer I I
ican officials here
Whether conditions on her arrival at I I
Havana will justify a fulfillment of the
mission or whether her orders may then j t
be changed is a matter of surmise I i I
Washington March 25At the White I i
House It was said that official advices
here did not bear out the suggestion of
a pending crisis in Havana and that i I
I there were no dispatches from there of
adisquieting nature As to the movement
I of the Mangrove it was said that her I
departure was merely In line with orders
issued several days ago to go to Havana
and return with the remaining ofllcers I I
of the Maine now there I
Large Draft From the War Appro
priation Taken Yesterday
Washington March S General Flagler
chief of ordnance of the army today had
a long conference with Secretary Alger
with refrence to additional guns and gun
carriages A few days ago Secretary I I
Alger alloted to General Flagler I6O
from the emergency appropriation made
by congress to be used by ths ordnance
bureau In the discretion General Flag I
ler This amount although large was
not in the opinion of General Flagler I
sufficient tomeet the raquirements of the
prcsent emergency and his conference
with the secretary was to obtain an additional I
ditional allowance After a careful can
vass of the situation Secretary Alger
gave General Flagler a liberal additional I
allotment from the appropriation but no
information could be obtained either from
General Flagler or from tho secretarys
ofllce as to its amount
Tha sum must be a very sonsiderable
one however as General Flagler said that
it was to be used to cover provisional
contracts entered into for the construction
of new guns of various calibres and their
necessary carriages
Gratitude of the Poor Spanish Divers
Not Diligent
Havana March 2This being ne fete
of the Annunciation there was little doing
in private or official business here
The Spanish divers have not been down
to the wreck of the Maine since last Sun
day but the American divers have got
up two sixinch guns
Captain Sicsbee and tho other officers
of the Maine were busy today preparing
to leave tomorrow for Washington and
their homes
The gratitude shown by the recipients
of supplies might servo as an object les
son to the poor who frequent the soup
kitchens of the large cities of the United
States Even the littls children are pro
fuse In bestowing their thanks and bless
ings on the donors
Captain Sigsbee made farewell calls to
day upon General Blanco and Admiral
Manterola Hs repeated to the former
his thanks for expressions of sympathy
at the loss of the Maine and also for the
help given In rescuing at tho time of the
disaster requesting General Blanco to
convey these sentiments to his subordin
ates The two officers parted with mutual
assurances of esteem
Fifty Rough Riders Offer Their Services
vices to Governor Richards
Cheyenne Wyo March 25 Gov
ernor Richards has received an offer
I from George R Shanton a well known
Laramie cowboy to raise within ten
days notice a company of 50 rough
riders and expert shots in the event
of war The men will furnish their
own mounts and equipments The offer
will be accepted if war should ensue
Brins Head Level
Rome March 5In the chamber of
deputies today Admiral Brln the min
ister of marine replying to questions
declared that the sale of certain Ital
ian warships to foreign governments
would be favorable to the Interest of
the country and would give employ
ment to numbers of workmen in build
ing fresh ships Several deputies op
posed the sale
The Presidios Boast
San Francisco March 5A new 12
inch rifled cannon with a disappearing
carriage to be located at the Presidio
has arrived from the east and will be
I mounted at once When it is in posi
tion the Presidio can claim the honor
i of having in working order the first dis
appearing 12inch gun in the United
I States
I New Jersey Militia Will Camp
New York March Company E Third
regiment of the National Guard of New
Jersey located at Asbury Park has been
ordered to prepare to assemble at the
t state camp Sea Girt within 15 days This
is believed to be in pursuance of a ulan
i to have the National Guard reedy to
guard ths coast towns on short notice
Submarine Boat Holland
New York March 25The submarine
boat Holland will be taken to Wash
Ingt n next week for a test before of
ficials The test will be speed sub
marine and gun service The boat will
go to Washington through the canals
The gun tests and probably the last
submarine maneuvers the boat will
make here will be made tomorrow
Guns From Abroad
Wn ilngton Merch 2i The ordnance
bureau of the war departmsnt expects to
obtain in all about 46 rapid fire guns from
abroad for the seacoast fortifications
Twenty of these were obtained through
Vidlcers Sons and the remainder through
the Hotchkiss people The former con
signment i Is understood is already on
its way to this country These guns are
I of 47 calibre and the officials say the con
tract providing for their purchase in
I cludes between two and three hundred
rounds of ammunition a very desirable
thing at the present time
Bates In New York and at Lloyds
New York March 23 Marino under
writers reported today that there was a
hardening of rates consequent on the de
velopments In the SpanishAmerican situ
ation The rates which had ranged from
oneeighth of one per cent to onefourth
on steamships and from threefourths of
one per cent to one and onefourth on
sailing vessels doubled yesterday and a
further rise is looked for Even at the
rates quoted some risks are refused prin
cipally those for a longer time than two
I was also reported by the companies
that the Inquiries about war risks were
Greatly in exces of vessels offered
Traders and merchants manifest anxiety
to find out In this way how tho situation
Is regarded in commercial circles gen
London March 23 Lloyds regard the
situation as being worse today and are
asking 2 guineas per cent on war risks
r l 4
Nina Prominent Brooklynites In
dicted For Engaging I a General
Loot Had Posed as Reformers
New York March 5ine former
Republican office holders of Brooklyn
were indicted today Many of them
have been leaders in their party for
years and some of them have been
known as reformers They have been
held in high esteem socially and politically
cally One is a police commissioner of
New York City
The indictment concerns officials in
the department of city works TJae
testimony adduced goes to show that
there were individual raids upon the
city funds and general loot jn which
each secured what he could These
are the men under indictment
William A Phillips Republican
police commissioner of the City of New
York indicted on a charge of receiving
51500 on a contract Bailed in 5000
Theodore B Willis former city works
commissioner of Brooklyn Indicted
jointly with Commissioner Phillips on
a charge of receiving 1500 on a con
tract admitted to 5000 bail
Robert W Fielding formerly deputy
commissioner of city works three in
dictments One charging him with
conniving in the audit of illegal bis
on contracts admitted to 10000 bal
Oscar Knapp former water purveyor
three Indictments charging connivance
in the audit of illegal bills against the
city of Brooklyn bailed in 10000
EraderickMilnfiinspector in theold
city works department indictments
accusing him of auditing fraudulent
bills bail fixed at 10000 i
A T Jansen former clerk in the
comptrollers office indicted on a
charge of taking a fee of 1SO for an
official act for which there was no fee
Admitted to 4000 bal
William Leaycraft alderman
charged with conspiracy to pass a I
resolution in the former board of alder I
men for which he received a bribe
Joseph R Clarke former president
of the Brooklyn common council in
dicted on a charge of conspiracy jointly I
with Alderman Leaycraft
William H Goff formerly superin
tendent of sewers indicted on a charge
of accepting a fee for an official act
for which there was no fee 1
Bank Closed and State Funds of
Pennsylvania Tied Up
Philadelphia March 25The suicide
yesterday of Cashier Hopkins of the
Peoples bank the official statement
that the bank would remain closed
pending a examination of its affairs
and the assignment made by the Guar
anteers Finance company has caused
considerable agitation in financial cir
cles The Guaranteers company and
the Peoples bank had close business
relations and I is learned that the
bank is a creditor of the Finance com
pany for over 600000 and that the
securities given are practically worth
less The loan was obtained from Cash
ier Hopkins by Richard Loper general
manager of the Finance company I
A gentleman closely connected with
the institution stated that the liabili I
ties of the bank are about 1500000
He expressed the belief that the bank
is solvent
The bank was incorporated under the
state laws In 1870 and was rechartered
in 1890 I has carried heavy deposits
of state funds the states deposit be
ing at present 305000
I was reported on the street today
that Mr Hopkins the dead cashier
was the fiduciary agent of United
States Senator Quay and attended to
all his money affairs both in political
and personal matters I Is also said I
that Mr Hopkins handled the money
of the Republican state convention
This is the second time within a few
months that the state funds have been
tied up by the failure of the bank the
first being the Chestnut Street Na
tional bank where 215000 was on de
Deputy Attorney General Reeder and
Bank Commissioner Gilkcson were
summoned to Philadelphia for the pur
pose of protecting the states interest
Reward Offered By Idahos Governor I
For Their Conviction
Boise Ida March 25 Governor I
Steunenberg today issued a proclama
tion offered a reward of 1000 each for
the arrest and conviction of each of the
members of the mob that murdered I
Frederick D Whitney at Gem Ida on
Dec 23 There are supposed to be
about 20 men implicated
Whitney was murdered by the ole
Maguires who have terrorized that sec
tion of the Couer dAlenes for years
Arrested For Contempt of Law
San Francisco March 25All the offi
cers of the Kiamath River Lumber
company of Oregon have Been arrested
by the United States marshal for re
fusing to obey an injunction issued
against them by the United States cir
cuit court
The defendants were alleged to have
taken possession of the mill by force
I from the plaintiff I
Misconduct Office
Olympia Wash March 25 Governor
Rogers today issued an order removing
L E Hewlett aridland commissioner
of the state assigning misconduct in
office as the reason for such removal
I Was Definitely Established Yesterday
terday at Hampdon Roads
Commodore Schley Was In Command
of the Baltimore During the
Chilean Trouble List of Vesssls
In the North Atlantic and Flying
Squadron Naval Movements
Washington March 25The instruc
tions issued by the navy department
during the day covered every branch
of naval armament The Hying
squadron was definitely established
I with Commodore Schley in command
He will hoist his commodore4s flag on
I I the flagship Brooklyn next Monday
I The squadron is toconsist of exactly
I five ships despite conjectures a to
possible ships that might be added
I Those of the squadron will be the crack
armored cruiser Brooklyn the battle
ships Massachusetts and Texas and
the cruisers Columbia and Minneapolis
Other ships which are now or here
after at Hampton Roads will not be
of the flying squadron but will belong
to the North Atlantic station under
Captain Sampson The flying squadron
is to be a small compact fleet of the
best ships of the navy for quick serv
jce at any point along the Atlantic
I At the same time the North Atlantic
station under Captain Sampson is to
be further augmented The cruiser
Cincinnati which left Port Antonio
three days ago under sealed orders is
to report at Key West and become a
part of Captain Sampsons fleet The
gunboat Wilmington also en route
from Port Antonio will likewise re
port to Captain Sampson at Key West
as well as the gunboat Vicksburg now
at Hampton Roads
Late today the navy department gave
out the following list of vessels as
showing the exact character of each
fleet as it stands today
The following vessels comprise the
North Atlantic squadron New York
Iowa Indiana Miantonomah Fern
I Puritan Terror Marblehead Mont
gomery Delaware Castine Nashville
i Helena Wilmington Vesuvius tor
pedo boats Footem Dupont Ericcson
Cushing Porter Winslow tugs Ley
j den and Samoset
The following vessels compose the
flying squadron The Brooklyn Mas
sachusetts Tcxas1 Minneapolis lIq
Columbia anp
I Some of the other more important
developments of the day may be sum
i marized as follows
Requisitions were made on the naval
irdnance bureau for a large number of
quick fire fourpounder and six
pounder guns to be mounted on the
revenue cutters and the steam yachts
I about to be purchased The bureau
i determined to usethe quick fire guns
for these craft which had been origin
ally intended for the Atlantic liners
I St Paul and St Louis Captain Brad
i ford chief of naval equipment com
pleted plans for securing a naval coal
ing station in waters south of Cuba
and the papers are now ready for final
action The station will not be on
Navassa Island as has been suggested
but is likely to be at one of the several
fine harbors of Haytl or San Domingo
or else on the Danish Island of St
Thomas which Is open to purchase
from Denmark for a considerable sum
Late today the battleship Texas was I
expected from Hampton Roads at the
navy yard to receive her machinery
for hoisting ammunition and guns
Favorable answers were received
from the New York
frm naval militia of
their readiness on short notice to sup
ply officers and men to man the single
turreted monitors now called into ser
vice Orders were issued today to have
all the warships painted black a color
that is best adapted to hostilities be I
cause the vessels will not afford as
good a target
Ccmmodore Schley visited the navy
I department before noon and after a
talk with Assistant Secretary Roosevelt
said he would assume command of the
I flyng squadron Monday The formal
orders posted at the department today
stating that Commodore Schley was
detached from his present service with
the lighthouse board and was ordered
to cemand the flying squadron was the
flrst public admission of the navy de
squadron partment of the creation of a flying
The fact that the squadron was con
templated has been well known but not
until today has the department defined
its character The designation of fly
ing has a distinct meaning in naval
parlance I will give the ships a base
at Hampton Roads but they will be
subject at all times to Commodore
Schleys orders for immediate service
at any other point along the Atlantic
coast or Indeed throughout the worjd
Ccmmodore Schley has a fine record
for discretion good judgment cor
fighting qualities He was In command
of the Baltimore during the Chilean
trouble which threatened to end in
war and the peaceful termination of
which it is believed was due largely
to his tact and discretion The three
vessels at present under his command
ate all swift cruisers and among the
others which probably will be added
are the St Paul and the St Louis of
the American line which were built so
that they could be turned into efficient
fighting machines at a few days notice
These vessels have not been impressed
as yet but arrangements have been
perfected between the government and
President Griscoll so that no delay will
result when the decision is reached that
the outlook justifies the large expendi
ture of money necessary for their
transfer to the navy department
Commander W H Emery and Com
mender WIHard H Brownson at pres
ent In Europe on a special mission for
the government I is expected will be
assigned to command of the St Paul
and the St Louis
Lieutenant Colwell of London has
been directed by the navy department
to urge the builders of the recently
purchased cruiser Albany formerly the
Brazilian vessel Abreuall to hasten the
construction of the ship with all
constructon wih al possi
ble speed In the ordinary course of
the work the vessel would not be com
pleted before next December but Itis
believed by officials of the navy de
partment that i the builders are placed
under pressure she can be made ready
for sea within three months and per
I haps In a little less time
Torpedo Boat Schischad a Valuable
i Naval Addition
Washington March 25The navy de
partment was Informed by cablegram
from Lieutenant Coln ell naval attache to
the United States embassy at London
that agents of this government had pur
chased u Schischad torpedo boat that
had been constructed for the German
government The new acquisition Is of
the general type of German torpedo boats
and is regarded as a valuable addition I to
our navy One feature regarding her that
fiords special gratification to the officials
of the navy department is that she is now
ready for sea It Is expected that in a
few days she will leave for the United
States She will be able to make the
Journey across the Atlantic without diffi
culty as she is a good seagoing vessel
and her coal capacity Is ample for the
trip to this country
She Is a 23knot vessel and about IS
feet long While of the same general type
a the Roger and Foote of the United
States navy she Is a trifl3 larger At the
navy department the precise dimensions
of the new boat could not be given The
price paid for her the navY officials de
clined at this time to state but it was
said to be very reasonable
Work on the vessel has Just been com
pleted She never has been in service
She Is supposed to carry three torpedo
tubes and two small calibre rapid fire
guns Nine to 1 men will be needed to
man her
Every Vessel Available Will Be Assigned
signed t Immediate Duty
Washington March 23 Captain Shoemaker
maker chief of the revenue cutter ser
vice was busily engaged today in rca s
assignments of officers to the revenue cut
ters detailed yesterday for defensive ser
vice along the Atlantic seaboard Every
vessel in the service available for action
ha been or will be assigned to duty Even
the new cutter Gresham on the great
lakes and the little cutter Calumet lo
cated at Chicago have been called on
and in a day or two both the lake ships
will bi en route to the rendezvous at
Hampton roads
The commanders of the revenue cutters
have been notified by wire to be In readi
ness to move as soon as their general or
ders are received
Verdict of the Maine Court
Spains Flotilla
Spns Fotila Advancing
Flying Squadron Established
From Over the Se
News From the Mines
Visiting Nurses Association
County School Superintendents
Filibustering I Congress
Mrs Lou Hamiltons Petition
The Mining Congress
No Ground For Panic
Fire at the Germania Smelter
State News
Stocks Paralyzed
Local Politics
Have All Policemen a Life Tenure
I the Social Realm
In Circles
Railway Cile
Evidence For the Prosecution I
Nearly All In I
Special to The Herald i
San Francisco March BThe state has
practically completed the presentation of
the evidence against Albert Hoff on trial
before Judge Cook for the murder of Ir I
Mary Clute Detective Seymour who I
with the exception of Chief Lees Is the
last witness for the prosecution was
placed on the stand at the resumption of
the case this morning He described his I
examination of the house In which Mrs
Cluto was killed at length He told of
having found the coupling pin with which
the murder was done and identified the
purse hairpins hat gloves watch and
key he had taken charge of as belonging
to the murdered woman Many of the
articles were admitted In evidence De
tective Seymour denied having attempted
to force a confession from Hoff The lat
tefs statements to tho police were made
freely and voluntarily To Seymour Hoff
said ho had received the oftmentioned
cut on his hand from a tack t Later he
stated that he received the Injury from
a nail
Judgement For 534147 Against
An Idaho Official
Special to The Herald
Blackfoot Ida March 25 Judge Stand
rod in giving his decision in the case of
Bingham county vs W A Woodin treas
urer and his bondsmen said that the
court finds that the defendant Wooden
has violated his duty as treasurer and has
broken the conditions of his bonds as
such treasurer to the damage of the
plaintiff the county In the sum of J34
14716 and that the plaintiff Is entitled to
judgment not only against defendant
WoodEn but also against his bondsmen
respectively J Bunting as administrator
for C Bunting in the sum of 3COO F
W Voeler H W Curtis William Kirk
patrick D H Blethan S Loyd and William
liam Howard in the sum of toOOO each
court The case Will be appealed to the supreme
Quarantine Removed From Califor
nias Starving Cattle
Special to The Herald
Washington D C March 23 Secretary
Wilson has finally given consent that
cattle In southern California in the quar
antined district may be emovsd from
the state Some of the cattle men who
own grazing lands in Nevada are anxious
to ship them to that state but the Gov
ernor has refused to receive them
Senator Perkins and other are In corre
spondence with the governor of Nevada
but if he persists in his refusal to re
ceive the cattle an attempt will he made
to find pasturage far them in Utah
Hiram B Huntsman was today com
Utah missioned postmaster at Gainesville
Spokane Woman Too Deaf to Hear
Motormans Whistle
Spokane Wash March 25Miss
Amelia Olson a domestic aged 35 was
struck by a trolley car at Second and
Lincoln streets this evening thrown
beneath the trucks dragged 50 feet and
killed Jt was necessary to lift the ca
to remove her mangled remains She
motormans was partly deaf warning and failed to hear the
Pension Deficiency
Washington March 25The secretary
of the Interior sent to the house today
an estimate calling for appropriations
of over 8000000 to meet a deficiency
In the pension funds Of this amount
2000000 Is credited to thelack of last
years appropriations and the other
6000000 to large Increase restorations
and new pension grants
They May Reach Western Waters I Ten Days I
Rough Weather Is Not Encountered
This Fact Also Gives Rise to Apprehension Spains Only
I Possession In the West Beside Cuba
Million Dollars Was Spent Thursday In the Purchase of Yachts and Tugs
to Be Transformed Into Torpedo Boats For the Purpose of Offsetting
the Spanish Movement An Officer I Quoted as Declaring That the
Spanish Torpedo Boats Are a Greater Menace to the Fleet at Keg
West Than If All the Rest of the Spanish Navy Was Brought t These
Waters Events Transpiring I Spain
Washington March 25The advance
of the Spanish torpedo flotilla continued
to receive the closest attention of naval
officials and while s far as could be
ascertained no definite line of action
was determined upon the need of in
tercepting this fleet Vas urged by the
hichest naval authorities
From the standpoint of the Spanish
I government this movement was not a
menace having been decided upon
many weeks ago On the contrary the
Spanish government holds that the ex
tensive armament of the Dry Tortugas
is a more direct hostile act against
Spain than any movement of the flo
tilla Instead of stopping the flotilla
the present attitude of Spain tends to
ward reinforcing with other Spanish
war vessels not as a menace but from
what the Spanish government feels is
a requirement called for by the exist I
ing condition of affairs I
The flotia is one of the most for
midable of its kind afloat and the send
Ing of it to the West Indies at this
time is regarded as an indication of
Spains endeavor to be prepared for
any emergency that may arise in or
near Cuba
Naval experts are of the opinion that I
under ordinary circumstances it will
take the flotilla about ten days to make I
the journey but it isexceedingly likely
that it will actually require several
days longer The liability at the boats
If they
to accident is great particularly
should encounter rough weather Then I
too I they should be accompanied
a collier the speed of the fleet would
be reduced to that of the coal boat
Naval officials compare the torpedo
boats to race horses trained to a nice
ty They a keyed up to a high pitch
for short sharp and decisive work and
if overtaxed are liable to break down
To make the trip to Porto Rico in ten
days absolutely smooth water would
be necessary
I is understood today that some cor
respondence with Spain through Min
ister Polo concerning the movements
of the torpedo flotilla is not unlikely
The statements made yesterday to the
effect that this government might re
gard the sending of the flotilla to West
Indian waters a an unfriendly act in
asmuch as it was evident that the
boats were not intended for use against
the Cubans and as 1 matter of fact
could be employed only against a hos
tile fleet of warships were accentuated
tIe leet
today but what representations I any
will be made to Spain annot be as
certained reserve being maintained I
By the direction of President Mc
Kinley Secretary Long spent some
thing more than a million dollars
Thursday in the purchase of 12 speedy
yachts and seagoing tugs which will
be at once converted Into torpedo beat
destroyers and picket boats
In directing the purchase of yachts
and tugs President McKinley was
tug the information showing
that the Spanish torpedo boat flotilla
has sailed from the Canary Islands for
Porto Rico
Before this information came to
hand the authorities were not willing
to pay the high prices asked by the
owners of yachts and tugs which had
been inspected and recommended for
purchase by the auxiliary cruiser
board hut the necessity of improvising
a Jorperto fleet to offset that which
Spain is sending to Porto Rico was so
apparent that the president authorized
that the negotiations be closed and that
the vessels be purchased without
further delay
Secretary Long at once telegraphed
Captain Rodgers president of the
board and received a telegram an
nouncing that the bargains had been
closed and that the vessels would at
once be turned over to the government
at the Brooklyn navy yard
Considerable secrecy is maintained
by the officials as to the names of the
vessels purchased and the price paid
for each I is proposed that the ves
sels bought shall at once be sent to the
Brooklyn navy yard where they will
be armored and their hulls and decks
strengthened and their armament
placed aboard When completed they
will be sent immediately to Key West
where they will be placed under com
mand of Captain Sampson
The purchase of several fast yachts
which it Is proposed to transform into
the torpedo boats is not viewed with
entire favor by naval men The vessels
the department has In view have a
speed rate ranging from 16 to 20 knots
while especially designed torpedo boats
have a speed of from 24 to 30 knots As
a alnst regular torpedo boats the fleet
of makeshifts as the proposed pur
chases of the government were termsd
by a naval official would cut a com
paratively small figure In the ab
sence of anything better however it
was conceded that the vessels if ac
quired by the government would prove
of distinct value
Word reached the navy department
officials today that the Spanish author
ities have taken steps to supplement
the existing fortifications at San Juan
de Puerto Rico the man port of the
Island of Puerto Rico The news is re
garded as significant Porto Rico is
the only other osessIon which belongs
to the Spanish government on this
hemisphere besides Cuba The officials
ofthe department while acknowledging
that information of the foregoing char
acter has reached them are very chary
about Imparting i any of the details to
the press The city of Porto Rico 13
fortified after the old style prevalent
in early days The defenses consist ot
a wall which completely circles the sev
eral forts at strategic points These
fortifications are being strengthened
and the armament has been Increased
to two large guns of formidable pat
inhabitants tern and caliber San Juan has 23414
Key West Fla March 25It was not
until today that the news of the de
parture of the Spanish torpedo flotilla
Islands became known
from the Canary kow
among the naval officers here It cr
ated intense feeling especially among
the officers of the torpedo boats which
are in this harbor One of the most
prominent of these officers said today
If the United States allows the Span
I ish boats to get to Porto Rico it will
be the biggest mistake ever made They
are a greater menace to the safety of
our fleet than if all the rest of the
Spanish navy was brought to these
waters At Porto Rico they will be
nearer Key West than Havana Only
two torpedo boats In our navy would
have any chance of getting away from
the Spanish torpedo boat destroyers
The Iowa New York and Indiana lying
out there six miles oft from land would
practically be at the mgrcy of a dozen
Spanish torpedo boats which could run
over from Porto Rico in a short Urns
should war be declared
We have no protected harbors here
anil we have not asinglfc torpedo boat
deitrayer and unless a fleetpowerful
enough to be proof against these tor
pedo boats is quickly concentrated In
those waters or unless the Spanish
flotilla is warned to keep further away
I should judge that I would be better
United States warship as
to take every Unied
far away as possible from this menac
ing force which Spain intends to con
centrate within such a convenient dIs
tance as Porto Rico
I is all very well to talk of peace
and to say that there is no probability
of war but at the same time while
international relations are strained dis
plays of force should be met with alac
rity and as a torpedo expert I must
say ri that if every ship in the United
States navy was brought into these
waters it would be none too formidable
a display when the strength of tha
Spanish flotilla is considered
Much Ado I Made of It By Sat
and Madrid Press
Madrid March 5 Premier Sagasta
I and Colonial Minister Moret went to the
to convey to the queen the intel
ligence that Consul General Lee had been
Instructed to ask permission I of thS au
thorities at Havana to beam to remove
the wreck of the Maine which permission
Marshal Blanco had refused
i I On Shl leaving the palace Senor Sasasta
told the Spanish reporters that the gov
ernment had decided to cable its approval
of Marshal Blancos refusal
j i This Incident created a profound seam
I lion
I After the cabinet council the usual offi
cial communication was mad to the
press I contains the following
The council approved tho conduct of
I Marshal Blanco At the same time hav
ing been informed that the I ra of
I th North American committee on tho
catastrophe or explosion on said vessel
I i had terminated Its examination on the
question raised by the council commis
sioned the minister of state to take into
account opportunely all that has ben
exposed In order to defend what i just
and the interests of Spain
The Madrid newspapers unanimously
applaud both Marshp Bianco and the
government for resisting the American
I pretensions in asking to be allowed to re
move what remains of the Maine They
are equal unanimous in saying that
i America has committed an egregious
blunder one calculated to impress the
whole world unfavorably in regard to the
American case on account of the un
i seemly haste in wishing to destroy the
chief evidence of the claims made by
both sides
Seams Consent to Uncle Sams Cuban
Charity Explained
I New York March 23 Horatio S Ru
bens consul of tho Cuban junta says in
regard to the sending of supplies to Cuba
I The sending of relief supplies to Cuba
is not so much Intervention as assistance
to the Spanish government I enables
I Spain to spend for munitions of war to
fight the Cubans and possibly the United
States the money which humanity dic
I tates should go to the amelioration of tho
condition of the reconsentrados
That these unfortunates should re
I ceive relief is beyond question Such is
I the earnest desire of every man with a
i spark of humanity but the only true
i rem dy is as General Proctor says to
1 allow them to go back to the d Even
in t the present desolated condition ot
Cuba the Insurgents live on the country
ahd so could the reconcentrados That
would also relieve Spain ot the obligation
to feed them you may say but the pres
ent kind of assistance must be continued
Indefinitely or so long as Spain holds
the reconcentrados She does It because
she knows that the reconcentrados are
Cubans and that their return to tho coun
try would aid the Cuban soldiers So long
as we feed the reconcentrados they will
be held as such by Spain We must feed
them or Spain will starva them or else
wo must intervene
Hanotaux Voices Frances Position
Towards Both Countries
New York March 5A special to the
Herald from Paris says The Fiffaro
publishes anflnterview M Hanotaur
in which hejFays
The Cuban ono > Mon is t not our bust

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