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c t 11
Iowa and Nebraska Owners Pleased
With the Mine
A Good Deal of Trading In the Pit
Road to Gold Mountain Enter
prise of Marysvale People The
Mercur and Min
ing Notes
E A Benson of Templeton Ia and
F M Wilson of Omaha Xeb who are
hea y owners in the Sacramento at
M rcur and the Daisy on the west
dip returned home yesterday after
ending a week in making a thorough
examination of these properties and
th y go back most highly pleased over
the magnificent showing in these two
intr and thoroughly satisfied that
tliPit investments in the same will make
them a mint of money
Mr Benson in speaking of the Sac
na nto stated that the mammoth
bodies of are disclosed In this mine
wci > truly wonderful and that there
had been such a decided improvement
in the property since his last visit hero
that he was hardly able to recognize it
as being the same mine in fact he al
Iui3 d to this producer and divio end
payer as a crackerjack and is of
th opinion that the future has great
things in store for it Mr Wilson is
en of the heaviest holders of Sacra
in > ntu stock in the east and as IIP
rurc based a good many thousand
shares at 15 cents and the stock is now
at tic between 40 and CO he has reason
t > fel well pleased with the venture j I 1
and he is satisfied that the stock will
fg ht rsc j I
go ci nsiderable higher than this figure
t vhen the additions to the mill are com I
rle ted which will be within a reason j
able time now
Iuring the visit of Messrs Benson
an 3 Wilson contracts were let for the
lumber and the necessary machinery
for the Daisy mill the plant to be erect
ed by the company uader the super
Ms on of John Shea who believes that
hft llo be leSI to have the works in I
operation by the first of June I
Th mill on the start Is to have a I
tankage capacity of 100 tons daily while
the crushers will be able to handle 00 I
tens during the same period so that it
will he an easy matter to increase the
ouput at any time by the addition of I
more tanks
It is now several months since these
gentlemen visited the Daisy They J
tbi ught then that they had a mine but
it has grown bo big since then that
thE is no comparison between what I
the property was last October and
what it is today
And Many Securities Took Part In
the Dealings On Change
Mining stocks were brisk and active I
yesterday and the tone of the market
wis excellent with upward tendencies I
tceable although the bears were able
to br ast of a victory in a few instances
One of the features of the call in the I
pit t > f the stofk exchange was the de
mand for Four Aces which sold heav
ily but at figures a few points lower I
than the quotations the first of the I
voek BullionBeck and Centennial
Eur ka while not participating in the I
transactions of the day were strong I
arJ firm in the bidding while Daly I
West figured in the same class Much
attention was given to GeyserMarion I
which sold well at a slight advance
being in good shape at the close at the I
ou la dons given below Galena enjoyed I
small gains and was a favorite with
IT brokers while Mammoth was sta
t r tr but strong No change was
ohsr rvable in Mercur Northern Light
a inactive but all the same it chron
f ielc J marked advances and at the close I
had touched 23 cents in the bidding
with offerings at 2P Ontario was i
C uit but steady Sacramento main
tained its popularity and was in good
d mand at figures given below For
rm reason Sunshine registered gains I
in the bidding although the offering j
quotations were not changed
The unlisted stocks were not neg
lei ted and cut considerable ice in the
doings of the day Richmond and An I
aconda was a ready seller and South I
Swansea found a buyer at 120 Dexter
vas in the market for business rand I
srlJ at an advance over former quo
tatons the indications being that it I
uiil gradually regain lost ground A
bear raid was made on Chloride Point I
uhch sold as low as 611 cents Ope
hfngo and Tetro were called but were
not mull sought after
The transactions of the day were as
00 Four Aces at 7 cents
7 10i Four Aces at 7U cents
331 Four Aces at P4 < its
II GeyserMarlon at i05
riii GeyserMaribn at 105y
JM Galena at 63 cents
300 Galena at 64 cents
2fic > Sacramento at 42 cents I I
Inn Sacramento at 41 cents
lull Sacramento at 41 cents
i0 Sacramento at 4Y cents
1300 Richmond and Anaconda at 3
im South Swansea at 120
IO Dexter at Sl02y
iro blonde Point at H cents
30 Chloride Point at 614 cents
The closing quotations were as fol I
S I t >
Anchor 1 10
Ajax 31 Is 40
HulnnBeck i0 64
rnteunlalEureka 1 2 I 20
Daly 0 100
P i West 40 I 510
Inn and Lark 1 I
1 I 0 I a
ras Golden Gate Q2
Fcir Aces I 07
esr31ariOn IIlrll
Ga ni II 63 I G4
lrl a Silver 1 I
Mammoth Il2 1 2i
Mrur I 04 I S1
Nrthra Light 3 24
tvrland Siinhine s ttariO I nJ mLHHj 110 21 41 51 I fl
5ijr Kthg 1700 157
LL v I f < I
NA2JE cF STOCKS I e f r g
1 1 r ff
Rihmond and Anaconda i 0 i 0
SWosta I 22L i 25
South Srans4a lg 122l
Morgan Park City l2 70
Dxtr i 10 l 110
nlrride I Point 61t
r r 11 00 8
nerald W I
Lit PIlsbur 1 01154 1 0
Sunbeam t Ol 0
Sehongo I 0
rtrt t 04 i
PJEYe I 01 03
Dividend Paying and Invest
ment Mining Stocks
TEL 505 15 W 2d So St
Enterprising Marysvale rPeople Out
After Trade
Richfield March 25John Fullmer
Martin ReInheimer and George S
Smith three substantial merchants of
Marysvale have decided to connect
that town with Gold Mountain district
by wagon road which they will begin
building next month
The completion of the driveway will
mean much for both Marysvale and
the Gold Mountain camp reducing the
wagon road distance between the
mines and the town to about ten miles
i now being about 26
There are three adjoining mining
districts on the Baldy range in Plate
county the Baldy Ohio and Gold
Mountain Of these the first named is
southwest of the town of Marysvale
the second is west and the third is
northwest The Baldy and Ohio dis
tricts are distinctively the Marysvale
country because of their propinquity
and their connection by good roads
but since there has been no way for
a wagon to drive from Gold Moun
tain to the Vale without first descend
ing to Sevier county via Clear Creek
canyon almost all the traffic of this
I district has come to Joseph Elsinore
and Richfield in Sevier county and
I Richfield has been the real head
I quarters for that camp The building
of the new dugway by Marysvales
1 enterprising merchants will doubtless
I make a change in this respect
Already there Is a fine thoroughfare
running west from Marysvale up
Beaver canyon The new road will
lead off north from the Beaver
of Beavc canyon
I road at a point five miles west of
Marysvale will trend thence north
over the divide to Deer Creek canyon
along by the Silver King over to the
I Golden Star companys Blue Bird
down to the Annie Laurie and from
there to the Breckenridge
The finest road on the mountain is
Jim Longs boulevard which runs
from the Ercckenridge to the Surprise
road leading to the Sevier mine From
the Sevier roads run around to the j
Miller and other properties on the Fish j
Creek side of the hill and also north
down the mountain to the Clear Creek j
canyon road connecting Sevier and
Millard allIes
The portion of the road to be built I
will Urel five miles long and will cost
about l00a Along almost its entire
grade route it will be a dugway of easy
Mercur and GeyserMarion
Hon John Dern manager of the Mer
cure and GeyserMarion mines who
has returned from a visit of inspection
of these two valuable properties in
forms The Herald that in the work of
enlarging the Geyser mill the new foun
dations for the tanks are now more
than half completed while the new en
gine is being put in place The old
tanks are being taken out and five new I
ones will be put in their place a move
that was not contemplated when the I
work of enlargement first started It is
the expectation that the plant with its I
increased capacity will be started
within ten days or two weeks In fact
the tanks are being filled with ore and
utilized as rapidly as they are put up
while the mill is running with nearly
ten tanks most of the time as work
At the Lulu tunnel on the Mercur
ground trouble has been experienced in
the construction of the tramway to the
Mattie ore bins and some of the work I
has had to be torn out and put in over
again as the buckets interfered and
would discharge readily so that i will
be some time yet before the tram will I
be in active operation
This does not stand in the way of
regular work In the operation of the
miie however and the extraction and
reduction of ore goes steadily on and
there is no falling off in the quantity or
value of the regular shipments of
c anides
I is understood that both mines are I
Iooling well In fact that they are in
better condition physically than ever I
bef < re and in mining circles it is believed
lieved that these producers have many
pleasing ture surprises in store for the fu
j I
I Rich Float From a Well
I Richfield March 25 Thomas F Gil
Ilan I is in Richfield from Marysvale
I where lie owns several good prospects
Just now he is carrying a beautiful
specimen of quartz that is almost
smothered In free gold I came from
the dump of a well that was dug at
Orville Stewarts house in Marysvale
four years ago and must have laid 15
or 20 feet below the surface of the
The specimen Mr Gillan carries is a
chip from a piece of rock twice as large
as a cocoanut the whole boulder being
matted all over with gold I was an
Is ated piece of quartz different in
character from any of the gravel about
i and of course was float that has been
coveted up by ages of sediment
Silver and Lead
The silver and lead quotations yester
day were as follows
Bar silver 55 cents
Lead brokers 350 exchange 372 ½
Copper lake 1187 ½ casting 1
Ore and Bullion
The ore and bullion receipts yester
day were as follows
McCornick Ca bullion 3100 ores
1 iWO
5100 T R Jones Co bullion 8800 ores
Mining Notes and Personals
Dave Evans an Ogden mining man was
in the city yesterday
II H Green who has been on the sick
Hat for several days is on the streets
again receiving the congratulations of his
ninny frIends
The April Fool at De Lamar Nov was
represented at the Consolidated Kansas j
City sampling works yesterday with about
300 pounds of cyanides
A M Grant of the Colorado Iron
Works company was in his office yester
day after being confined to his home
by several days indisposition
George Small well known In Utah min
ing circles returned yesterday from Mex
ico where he has been in charge of one
of the leading mines of that country
Arrivals from the different mining
camps state that cent is very deep 1
in the hills on account of recent storms
which will interfere with prospecting for
some time to come I
A car of Homestake ore is being loaded
a Silver City und Hon Frank Harris
the manager of the property who is In
from the scene of operations is feeling I
in sood spIrits over the outlook for the
E B Coleman who expects In years to
come to pose as a copper magnate left
yesterday for Contact Elko county
Nev where he will look after his mining
Interests He will return to Salt Lake
within a week or so
Mercur Mercury Some very nice cin
nabar ore Is being extracted from the
workings of the Florence claim of the
GoyserMarlon at a depth of 200 feet from
the surace and almost directly under the
mineral monument on the crown of the
C L Prebl writes from Daw on City
that he has looked over a large area of
country in the Klondike region and that
outside of Bonanza and Eldorado creeks
there Is not much in that res1 < n worth
having and he further states that the
country is greatly overrated
DalyAVest sold on the curb yesterday
afternoon at J325 I is rumored that it t
will not lx long now before this property I
will be making heavy shipments to the
Salt Lake market It being understood
that the ore is under te l tnr Ger I
mania and the Hanauer smelters
Grant Snyder of Peyton Snyder who
are operating the Sioux mill at Robinson
on a lease arrived In the city yesterday
bringing with him the broken shaft of the
Westinghouse enslne at the mill and he
will remain in Zion taking In the sights
until the broken piece is repaired at Silver
Word was received from Nelson In
Eagle Valley district yesterday that In
the Italian evened by the Eagle Valley
Mining company the ledge had been
crosscut for a distance of 3 feet the
whole mass being good milling gold
quartz while some of the ore f carry
high values in the precious metals
TIntic Miner An strike Is I
Tlntc lner ore reported
to have been made in the Butcher Bo
at Diamond Tuesday but up to the hour
2 A MT JL 1
Schillings Best baking
powder ought to sell for
twice as much as the next
of going to press we are unable to learn
the assay value The Butcher Boy is
being worked under a lease by James
Hanson Hans Ole and Frank Pearson
and is well known as one of the old
time producers of the south end
Colonel S T Pierson has returned from
the Sterling coal mine In the southern
portion of the state and he states that
good progress is being made in the driving
of the long tunnel and that the men are
going ahead at the rate of ten feet a day
the expectation being that within SO days
the company will be taking out coal
Early yesterday morning the Germania
smelter a few miles south of the city was
reported to be on lire and before the
flames could be conquered the north end
of the works containing the blast fur
naces was consumed two of the fur
naces beIng destroyed The wind was
blowing from the south at the time but
had it been otherwise the whole plant
would hav doubtless been a pile of ashes
by this time The stacks and the brucker
roasters were in nowise injured and yet
I the loss will ba considerable and the
I I capacity Issscned of the works will be materially
I A H Mayne who can justly claim the
distinction of being one of the pioneer of
the west dip country in Camp Floyd dis
trict was in the city yesterday to se
Messrs Beason and Wilson fairly started
on their homeward journey after their
j Inspection of the Daisy mine on the west
dip In which with Mr Mayne they are
I heavily interested Mr Mayne in speak
ing of the property states that I is open
ing up in u most gratifying manner and
I that in the different levels 14 crosscut
j j drifts have been run from the foot to
the hanging 1n proving ht body
i of ore ranges from 15 to 27 feet in width
During the stay of his associates In the
camp the mine was sampled three differ
ent times and specimens were taken from
tho face of the 14 crosscuts In the hang
I ing wall the formation being lime and
they were surprised to find that with two
exceptions the footwall carried as high
values as could p found In The mammoth
bodies of ore disclosed In the mine which I
i iOt l gJ
eiooJr l
goes to prove that the extent of the ledge
has not been fully determined as yet
the supposition being I that that by driving
into the supposed footwall more ore f I
bo encountered The Daisy is certainly
the making of a Seat property and the
company is feeling highly elated over the
outlook as i promises to make a record
in the near future as one of the regular
dividend paysrs of Camp Floyd district
FOR m mm
Held at the Indies Literary Club
House Temporary Officers Chosen
Funds Pledged and Expected
The laudable purpose of a number of
prominent workers in charity minis
trations to organize a visiting nurses
association the need of which is sorely
felt in Salt Lake City was given a
gratifying impetus last evening at a
called meeting held In the club house of
the Ladies Literary club The meet
ing was well attended bj representa
tives of the several charity organiza
tions Mrs Kenyon was chosen to pre
side A free discussion was had of the
manifest necessity of providing the ser
vices of trained nurses in indigent
households where sickness want and
suffering frequently are attended with
fatal and pathetic consequences In
the judgment of well informed persons
many an innocent life is needlessly sacrificed
rificed because of lack of proper nurs
ing and without dissent it was resolved
that much effective relief can be ac
complished by organized effort on lines
of charity
A temporary organization was ef
fected with r Kenyon as president
I Mrs Maynard vice president Mrs
Critchlow secretary Mrs Sol SiegeJ
I assistant secretary and Miss Mackin
tosh treasurer An advisory board will
be named later by the temporary presi
I dent and it Is probable that the board
will be chosen from ang prominent
When the question of ways and means
was broached Miss Houghton an
nounced her readiness to raise 5 per
month from her friends Mrs May
nard gave the assurance that her efforts
would yield as much Mrs Kenyon
pledged herself to induce the
Ladles Literary club to furnish
an equal sum and she doubted
that the other I
not womens
clubs would respond with suitable con
tributions 1r Grant H Smith stated
that the trained nurses from St Marks i
hospital would subscribe 5 monthly
and Mrs Critchlow assured her co
workers SthiI she knew how with the
aid of her friends to substantially aid I i
in the promotion and maintenance of I
the cause Mrs Kenyon also announced j
that the city and the county would give II
monetary assistance and that several
physicians could be relied upon to not
only render their services free in cases
such as the worthy ones under con
sideration but also to help financially
The temporary officers will arrange a
plan of canvassing systematically for
monthly subscriptions for the mainten
ance of the relief work The meeting
adjourned president subject x to the call of the I
About Half a Million Represents St
Pauls Loss
St Paul Minn March So James H
Southall accused of indefinitely large
transactions in bogus government
time checks is now an inmate of the
county jail No bail has been offered
Todays Dispatch alleges that two
officers of the engineering department
were in St Paul a year ago and inter
viewed Southall who acknowledged
that he had issued about 50000 worth
of the time checks Southall promised I
repentance and was allowed immunity
But unfortunately he was also allowed
to remain in the office of the engineer in
St Paul and fromthat vantage point
renewed his industry
The estimate of the total volume of
the checks is still half a million or
something less Reports are coming In I
and so far the total Is less than 400000
Jf ts hbe
si far as the Issues have been die
clcsed l
I is said that the government has is
sued no time checks such as those ne
gotiated by Southall since 1S90 and all
gotated b al
bearing any date Later than that year I
arc declared tobebogus
Bobolink n Total Loss I
San Francisco March 25The
schooner Bobolink Captain Nelson
went ashore last night at Kents Point I
the southern point of Mendoclno har
bor and will be a total loss Peter Nel
son a sailor wa drowned but the rest
of the crew was saved
Dear Mr Editor Kindly Inform your
readers that If written to confidentially
r t pf clo
enclosing I stamp for reply I rin cheer
fully make known to them In a sealed
letter free of charge the plan pursued by
which I was psrmancntly restored to per
fect health and manly vigor after years
of suffering from Nervous Weakness
Seminal Losses and Sexual Feebleness
I have no scheme to get money from any
one I have nothing to sell or send C O
D but am simply anxious to make known
to others who may be suffering as I was
this means of certain and permanent cure
lllch JAMES A HARRIS Box 433 Delray
Movement on Foot Among the Utah
Eeasons Urged For Such a Plan
Circular Letters Sent Out and Ed
ucators A Asked to Make a
Recommendation to Superintend
ent Park and the State School
There is a movement among educa
tors In Utah to have the school elec
tions to he held next July merely a
matter of formality so far as the choice
of county superintendents Is concerned
The plan is to have the trustees of all
the school districts in a county get to
gether in convention and name a can
didate for school superintendent of the
Political parties could then endorse
this candidate or at least put no other
in the field and at the regular election
this choice of the trustees would be
ratified at the polls
I is argued that the intent of the
school law when it placed the election
of the county superintendent in July
was for the express purpose of remov
ing the school election from the strife
of politics and this plan would still
further accomplish the result desired
No political party i is urged can
afford to get its nominating and cam
paign machinery at work for this I one
office ncl no candidate can for the
salary pad afford to conduct a campaign
paign for election
There will be an election In each pre
cinct to elect not only a county super
intendent but a trustee for that pre
cinct I is also argued that the plan
Is similar to that followed now in cities
where the boards of education select
the superintendent The plan it is said
originated at the state convention last
summer in Prove when a number of
educators talked the matter over In
formally and asked one of their num
ber to address a letter to various prom
inent educators throughout the state
and ask them to address a communica
tion to Superintendent Park on the sub
ject and ask the superintendent to
favor the plan
At this meeting there were Superin
tendents Van Cott of Salt Lake Old
ham of Cache Porter of Davis Nel
son of Sanpete Hall of Weber and
Marks of Tooele
As a consequence several school men
have of late received copies of a circu
lar letter recommending certain legisla
tion in the interests of the schools and
at the close was a postscript reading
about as follows
The intent of the school law in plac II
ing the election of county superinten
dents in July Was to prevent a much
I as possible political strife in that
election Do you not believe the ob
I ject would be attained if the trustees
of each county would meet and nomi
nate a candidate for superintendent in
stead of leaving itto1 political parties
The trustees are representative ciI
zens of each district they are better
acquainted with suitable candidates
than any other persons and I believe
they could be relied on In every county
I to nominate a suitable person for su
This would be In accord with the
I admirable plan used in our cities and I
i would prevent the expense and strife
of political intervention
I you favor this please unite in I
asking Superintendent Park to make
I such a recommendation to the school
officers of the state
President J M Tanner Professor
l SJewart Professor Kingsbury Presi
dent Kerr and a number of others are
I thought to favor the plan and some are
known to have addressed Superinten
I dent Park on the subject
Kavanaugh Was Give Lawful Per
misclon It Now Appears I
Chicago March 25Adjutant Gen
eral RCCM by direction of Governor
I Tanner has written to Brigadier Gen
eral Harris A Wheeler commander of
the First brigade I N G asking if i
was true as stated by Colonel Marcus
A Kavanaugh commander of the
Seventh infantry that he had granted
I permission to the latter to parade his
I command on St Patricks day and i
true to explain by what authority per
mission vas granted
Brigadier General Wheeler said that
he had granted permission to Colonel
Kavanaugh to parade his command on
St Patricks day and that he did not
umloTFtand wherein Colonel Kavanaugh
ha1 violated the provisions of the code
I I understand the law correctly t
sit General Wheeler it applies to
those who march in the ranks of an
unauthorized military body and has no I I
bearing on organizations of the Na
same tional I column Guard which I may march hYn the i I
Strong Words For America From a
Knight of Columbus
Chicago March 25At Central Music 1
hall last night before a large audience
of Roman Catholics presided over by
Archbishop Feehan Hon John J De I
laney of New York delivered an ad
dress under the auspices of the Knights I
of Columbus of which he is the chief
executive While eloquently telling I
what America had done for the peo
ple of the Catholic faith and what
they had done for her he paused at
moment and said Need I add that I
if any crisis arises in the life of this
nation tomorrow let the occasion como
how it may you may be sure that the
Catholics of the United States will if
need be drain every vein In their bodies
to prove their devotion 7 The applause
ments that followed continued several mo
mentsCban Belief Work Satisfactory I
Washington March 25The state I
department has received the following
from Consul General Lee
Havana March NWork of relief
progressing most satisfactorily To
morrow arrangements made for 22 cars
of supplies for Cienfuegos Cardenas I
Sagua and Santa Clara and other
places Railroads will carry special
trains through free of charge Have I
been greatly assisted by Mr Klopsch
Delaware Lay Methodists 1
Wilmington Del March 25The
Wilmington Methodist Episcopal con
ference at Lewes today adopted by a
vote of 132 to 5 the proposition of the
Rock River Ill conference favoring
equal representation of lay and min
Isteria delegates in the general con
A Wonderful Change
Has beer produced in the condition of I
my health by a few bottles of Hoods
Sarsaparilla I has given me a good
appetite and enabled me to sleep better
than I have for years I has purified
my blood and my skin Is cleared of
Imperfections Mrs N E Moore 1016
Tilden St East Las Vegas New
Hoods pm are prompt efficient always
ways reliable easy to take easy to
Enough for 6 Price 15c i
Mrs PriGharn Got Entro RoUo fom Rhomnatsl By ilso of
Paines Celery Compound
titfcz t cac1
o V t o
1 I
U d
f a
S < c1 d U
W 9 W2
f r
Senator Pritchard of North Carolina and will In the meantime recommend
became prominent In the cooperative I it to every one needing I
movement in North Carolina the suc I is now time if ever to get health
cess of which resulted 1i l election to and strength
nt t
31 ee
the IT S senate to fill the term of the Nothing should now Interfere with
late Senator Z B Vance He was reelected building up weakened nerves and purifying
elected to the senate in 1SS7 lying the blood
1n Pritchards testimonial to her Now is the time of year when rheu
faith in Paines celery compound is reproduced matism and neuralgia must be cured
produced above whm debility and nervousness must be
Below is a testimonial received from checked when bad health must be
th wife of U S Senator Warren of mendedif one hopes ever to get well
Wyoming whose distinguished ser It is not that rheumatism neuralgia
vices for the countrys best farming inscmnla and kidney troubles neurga har 17 ii0sta
interests are so well known to cure Paines celery compound has
I was persuaded to try your Paines made a host of sufferers well but peo
celery compound in the early spring I ple make themselves chronic invalids
when in a very run down condition by neglecting the early symptoms of
The duties devolving upon the wife of I disease
an official in public life are naturally Thousands of lives that are now fast
very exhausting and I was tired out wearing out would be prolonged if
and nervous when I commenced using Paines celery compound were In each
the remedy I take pleasure in testify instance used to stop those ominous
ing to the great benefit I received from pains over the kidneys to build up the
its use and can truthfully say that I rundown nervous strength and cure
am in almost perfect health again I permanently those more and more fre
I ever find myself running down again quently recurring attacks of headache
I shall certainly give it another trial I and indigestion
Stirring Scenes of Fiftyfirst Con
gress Revived Yesterday
Montana Congressmen Essayed a Po
litical Speech During the Consid
eration of the Naval Bill filibus
tering Kept Up and Only Tour
Pages of the Bill Read
Washington March 23The stirring
scenes of the Fiftyfirst congress
members of the minority were charging
down bege aisles 1 Iine against the
rulings of Speaker Reed were recalled
toda in the turbulent protests made by
the minority against theruling of the
chair during the consideration of the
naval appropriation bill The ruling in
effect compelled the members to confine
their remarks under the fiveminute rule
to the subject before the house and was
made against Mr Hartman SII Rep
Mont who attempted to make a po
litical speech The ruling was de
nounced as a usurpation and appeal after
aiiea was taken When all else failed
every expedient was resorted to to block
progress with the bill As a result but
four pages were disposed of Before the
bill was taken up for amendment Mr
Foss Rep Ills a member of the naval
committee made a general speech in ad
vocacy of the policy of building up a
strong and powerful navy
The eyes of the American people he
said were fixed upon the American navy
the defender of the living and guardian of
the honor of the dead I an emergency
was upon us the American navy was
ready to meet it With slowing words
he paid an eloquent tribute to the bril
liant achievements of our navy in the
revolutionary war the war of 1812 and
revolutonarl the rebellion eulogizing the
deeds of John Paul Jones Decatur Perry
Porter Farragut and Dupont He then
described the decay of the navy after
the war and tho rebuilding of the new
navy which began under Secretaries
Chandler and Whitney
Mr Barthodt Rep Mo said that
some European papers and their echoes
In this country said that the foreignborn
citizens of the country would be a men
ace to the United States In case of war
with a foreign country He resented this
in the strongest possible manner The
tas of the United States was the lag of
Us adopted citizens
Mr Hartman created the diversion
whch caused the blocking of business
during the rest of the day by delivering
a flvemnute speech satirizing the Re
publican party and when under cover
of a second pro forma amendment he
attempted to proceed Mr Boutelle called
hm to order He made the point that
Mr Hartmans remarks were not pertinent
nent to the amendment A lively parlia
mentary wrangle followed l when the chair
sustained a point of order
After the debate on the appeal had run
on for on hour Mr Boutelle moved to
close the debate on the appeal Instantly
a pont of order was made against Mr
Boutelles motion which was overruled
Party feeling ran high The vote was
taken on Mr Boutelles motion to close
debate on the appeal and carried 111
to 05
The vote then came upon the appeal
from the decision of the chair and the
chair was sustained 120 to 92
Mr Hartman after this twohours
wrangle again got the floor and was
proceeding with the speech which had
been Interrupted when Mr Boutelle
again Interposed a point of order It was
again sustained and when Mr Bailey
again appealed the point was made that
the appeal was dilatory and the chair
declined to entertain the appeal
Mr Hartman then chanced his tactics
and arose to a question of personal priv
Mr Dingley made th point that no
question of privilege could be raised in
committee of the whole
Pending a decision upon Mr Dinsleys
point of order Mr Hartman was allowed
to proceed but Mr Payne objected
whereupon with flushed face Mr Hart
man shouted out that he refuse to be
intimidated by the gentleman from
Maine Thereupon Mr Payne called him
to order and the chair ordered him to
take his seat
Mr Bailey moved that he be allowed
to proceed in order The motion was
opposed by the majority and defeated
91 to 110
The minority then inaugurated a fili
buster demanding a vote by tellers on
the pro forma amendment to which Mr
Hnrtman had been speaking
Mr Payne made the point that the de
mand was dilator and was sustained
The chair also sustained a similar point
against an appeal A moment Inter when
another demand was made for tellers and
ruling it was denied Mr Bailey denounced the
rlnsI you do not permit us to verify the
count he declared you destroy the
last safeguard of the minority A dis
honest man in the chair and there have
been dishonest men In the chair could
defeat the will of this house I am frank
to say that my purpose In inaugurating
this filibuster was to consume twice as
much time as you denied the gentleman
I from Montana and I intend to 10 I ev
ery time you deny areasonable demand
I Democratic applause
I Denunciatory speeches were made by
I Messrs McMfllin Dem Tenn and Mr
I Bland Dem > Mo and the scenes of ex
i citement and confusion were reminiscent
1 of the sensational days of the Fiftyfirst
i ongress
I The chair finally announced that he did
not desire to deprive any member of a
I right honestly demanded I the gentle
man from Teas woud state that the
I demand for tellers was made in good
faith he would entertain the denand
I I repel as an insult retorted Mr
Baiey that demand from the occupant
I of the chair The chair has no richt to
ask me to disclose cfalr motive and you
I and all the power behind you cannot
compel me to say what my motives are
I Democratic applause
Thereupon the chair insisted upon his
ruling and the reading of the bill pro
ceeded At the end of the first paragraph
graph read Mr Hartman again offered
I a pro forma amendment and after some
prefatory remarks In denunciation of
I what he characterized as an attempt to
throttle free speech was proceeding
I wIth the speech ne began hours before
when he was again culled to order
Mr Hartman was requested to take
his seat while the confusion and parlia
mentary struggle went on At last Mr
Bale moved that Mr Hartman be per
mitted to explain The motion was de
I feuted 104 to J16
i I Debate was then closod on the para
I I graph and as soon as the next paragraph
was read with a dozen Democrats on
I their feet demanding recognition the
I chair recognized Mr Boutelle who moved
i I closed that all debate on the paragraph be
I How can debate be closed before U Is
begun asked Mr Williams Dem
I Miss mid laughter
The turbulent scenes continued the re
mainder of the day the minority resist
I ing every step in the progress of the bill
Only four pages were disposed of
Alter the committee rose Mr Pearson
Rep N C denied a charge made by a
North Carolina paper that he had abused
the franking privilege
At 505 the house adjourned
Bill Providing For Exigencies Pend
I ing Nest Session of Congress
Washington March 25 General
Wheeler of Alabama today introduced
In the house a bill providing that in
the event of an act of war oelng com
mitted by Spain or any other foreign
nation prior to the meeting of the next
session of congress the president of the
United States Is authorized to accept
tenders of volunteer troops to purchase
arms and munitions of war to equip
such troops f9r active service organize
such troops into brigades divisions and
armies for active service appoint ne
cessary generals staff etc field and
company officers as may have already
been selected or may hereafter be se
lected by proper authority and do any
other act necessary to the safety of the
country or any part thereof and to
protect its honor and prestige
The second section appropriates the
necessary money to carry out the provisions
visions of the act
Reference t Committee Fit Before
Debate Ensues In Senate
Washington March 25 Senator
i Davis said that It was his understand
Ii S ing that the Maine report would be
sent to congress next Monday but
I its transmission might be delayed un
til Tuesday As to the disposition to
be made of It bY the senate he said
that in all probability after the read
I ing of the letter or message of trans
I mittal it will be referred to the com
mittee on foreign relations and prob
I ably be printed Any senator how
I ever might demand the reading of the
report in the senate and if it should
prove to be not too long that course
might be pursued on account of the in
tense interest in its contents He w
I decidedly of the oponion that there
would be no debate upon it until it had
been considered by the foreign rela
I tions committee
What pleasure is there in life with
I a headache constipation and bilious
ness Thousands experience them who
could become perfectly healthy by
I using De Witts Little Early Risers the
famous little pills Smith Swift
Druggists 142 Main I
oga e
I Large Shipment of Childs Jackets
Just received in all the latest shades
and styles Ages 2 to 1 years
Mining and Milling company Principal
office and place of business 216 Atlas
block Salt Lake City Utah Notice is
I hereby given that at a meeting of the
directors of said company rf on the
I ISth day of March 1S9 an assessment of
twofifths of one cent per share was
i levied on the capital rtstJl of said cor
1 partition payable at once to P O Perkins
secretary and treasurer of said corpora
tion at room 215 Atlas block West Second
South street Salt Lake City Utah Any
stock upon which this assessment remains
unpaid on the 23rd day of April iSIS will
be delinquent and will be advertised for
I sale at public auction and unless pay
ment Is mad before will b sold on Wednesday
nesday the llth day of May 1SDS at 1
I oclock noon of said day at said room
21G Atlas block Salt Lake City Utah to
r pay the delinquent assessment together
with costs of advertising and expenses of
Secretary and Treasurer of Hazel Bess
Mining and Milling Company Room 216
Atlas Block Salt Lake City Utah
Dated this 19th day of March 1393
United States for tho district of Utah
Christine Schucraft plaintiff Vs John A
Frltsch defendant Notice Is hereby
given that an order of sale and decree of
I foreclosure was made on the 5th day of
March 1S9S In the circuit court of tho
United States for the district of Utah
held at Salt Lake City in said district
and state of Utah in a cause therein
pending wherein Christine Schucraft is
Ilalntt and John A Fritsch is defend
ant and in which order and decree the
undersigned is ordered to execute the
same to which order and decree reference
is hereby made Now therefore by vir
tue of said order of salt and decree of
I foreclosure I the undersigned master in
chancery of said court will sell at public
auction for cash to the highest and best
bidder at the west front door of the
I county court house Salt Lake county
state of Utah on Tuesday the 12th day
of April ISIS at 12 oclock noon of said
I day all the right title claim I ooa d n
est of tho said defendant John A
Frltsch In and to the following described
real estate and property towlt Begin
ning at a point 45 feet cast of the south
I west corner of lot 3 block 72 plat A
Salt Lake City survey running thence
I north 153 feet thence east 20 feet thence
I south IS feet iticncc west 20 feet to the
place of beginning being situated in tho
I cltv and county of Salt Lake and state of
Utah Said property to be sold as tho
property of said defendant under said
order of sale and decree made in tha
above cause
Master In Chancery of said Court
C r

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