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Utah County Receives 82627 the I
Full Amount of the Balance Due
A Satisfactory Adjustment
Provo March 25Some of the bonds
men and friends of Evan Wride quietly 1 I I
walked into County Attorney Kings I
iflice this afternoon and In behalf of
the excounty treasurer paid over 2
t27 Mr King wrote out and signed
i ceipts for that amount and thus
the matter ofUhe Wride shortage was
aly mater satisfactorily settled The
hazard which would have accom
panied an action at law upon the bond
1 as been avoided and the county has
rn fully and completely reimbursed
It was long ago ascertained by the
i unty officials that the greater num l
i r of Wrides bondsmen were execu
tin proof and out of the property of
t rose who could not claim the protec I
tion of the statute of exemption it was
fared that the amount of the de
f nenry could not be realized For this
reason an action upon the bond was 1
clayed the officials believing that an
amicable settlement with the bondsmen
oul best promote the interests of
tie county This policy has been per
tied and tie efforts of the officials
ate at last resulted in a satisfactory
2 ttVmont
The total amount of the deficiency
as appear d from the report of the
uditor w s S GBOG1 Of this amount
2 1lM w < i fiim the general county
anti find I from the county school
1 LIh > MI ce been discovered that
J + 4 w hit l li 1i ride had been charged
nth was in f t city money and had
i paid bw A ride to the city but he
ad not re n f < 1 his proper credit for
t upon thr 1 xilvi With this credit
n J then Uiit paid by Mr Booth the
tifkifrcy a s reported by the auditor
Ij sully satisfied The total shortage
as originally 46oGGl but several
r i nths ago Mr Wride raised 2000 and
raid urer the amount to the county treas I
Judge Dusenberry has notified
Courtj Clerk Havercamp to draw a
T > anel of jurors to serve during the
April term of the district court which
convenes on April 1 and the order also
II its that a grand jury is to be
drawn The drawing will take place
t vrorrow and the venire will be made
° tUinable on April 1 County At
m y King was asked if the drawing
of the grand jury had any special
reference to the Wride shortage matter
tnd he stated that It had not
The question of calling a grand
jvrv said Mr King Oha been talked
ff by the county officials for some
tine and owing to several matters
hih have recently developed it was
bought best that a grand jury should
> e summoned that these matters might
be submitted to them for their con
I is probable that the grand jury
v ill inouire into the official conduct of
the oxcounty treasurer but i is not
likely that the grand jury was called
for this special purpose
Since statehood there has not been a
session of the grand jury in this
unty and it is said there are several
Maters of considerable importance to
be investigated
A Building Boom Has Struck the
I Pleasant March 25 Many im
provements of a substantial nature are
under contemplation and active work
will begin immediately on them The
principal line will be the erection of
c welling houses Architect Watkins of
Provo is in town with plans for an ele
gant residence to be erected this spring
for Albert Peterson a stockman of this
city ExMayor X S Nielsen is re
modeling his house under Mr Watkins
direction Plans will also be submitted
ny the architect before leaving for the
changing of the city hall A jail will
b added in the building
Surveyors employed by the city au
thorities are establishing a grade on
Main street The city anticipates doing
considerable work on streets and side
walks this season of a substantial and
permanent nature and find a grade of
tlr street necessary
Andrew Jensen the Salt Lake lec
turer and historian delivered a in
structive address here one night this
n k
Two residents of this city are malt
ing preparations for a journey Klon
dike ard in the near future Niels
Matson and Tames Jesson are the par
ties and as they are both robust hardy
men and experienced miners they will
doubtless succeed in their undertaking
A good deal of sickness is prevalent
at Round Hills an adjoining settle
ment pneumonia being the principal
complaint A boy of 1C Speers died of
the disease and many others are strick
en several seriously
James ICampe a young man of Mo
roni who departs for the southern
state soon to enter upon missionary
labors was tendered a farewell party
last evening
T 1 sheep shearing season will soon
b around and local sheep owners are
making preparations for the work
The herds generally will bedriven from
the deserts before being sheared
Mr > Margarette Turpin an aged and
much beloved pioneer lady of Fairview
is a sufferer from cancer But little
hope of her recover is entertained
Mr and Mrs Johan Dehlin formerly
of this city have removed to Eureka
where they will reside hereafter
Xrenzo Witch of Goshen Taken Into
Provo March 23 Sheriff Storrs returned
turned from Goshen this morning
bringing with him Lorenzo Witch the
man who has lately been terrorizing
the people of that town 1 is quite
probable that Witchs mind is unbal
ancefl as he believes that all the lead
ing citizens of Goshen are his enemies
and that an attempt has been made by
some of them to poison him Owing
to hIS violent disposition Sheriff Storrs
res > rted to quite a clever method of
securing his man He went to Witchs
place without making known his official
character and offered to buy Witchs
hay Hiving thus opened a conversa
tion he led him up to the trouble with
the people in the neighborhood and
then Witch detailed to the sheriff all
of his grievances The sheriff told him
that he would take its case before the
county officers as he was acquainted
with them and in this way induced
Witch to put on his clothes and go with
him After they arrived in town the
sheriff told him that he would take
charge of him and dexterously slipped
the handcuffs on his wrists
George Swan is ovor from Mercur
visiting with his friends
Butch Cassady Contemplated a d
on Castle Gate
Price Advocate A little shrewdness
on the part of Sheriff Mired in all
probability prevented a holdup late
last week
Some ten or 12 days ago it was intimated
Allred by a certain
mated to Sheriff Alred certin
partv who is supposed to be in close
relations with Butch Cassadys gang
that a holdup at Frank Caffeys I
saloon at Castle Gate where the miners i
checks are cashed and the Price stores
was contemplated about pay day The
sheriff Investigated and became con
vinced that plans were prepared and
the necessary arrangements made Mr
Allred notified all concerned to be in
readiness to give the robbers a warm
reception but somebody was indiscreet
and the gang got word of the prepara
tions for their reception and thought
it best to let the job out It was
tOt tctob adit i
learned that Butch Cassady Joe
I Walker and Leigh were to make the I
raid for the money I is a well known I
fact that Joe Walker had been in this
vicinity for several days and it Is prob
able contemplating the raid and laying
plan for the escape of the gang I is
also very probable that Cassady and
Leigh were not many miles from Price
In fact It is thought they could have
been reached in a few minutes ride
The greatest difficulty encountered
by the officers in their endeavors to get
these wily outlaws is the friends of the
outlaws who keep them posted as to
any move the officers may have
planned I is possible that an example
will be made of some of the parties
who befriend the outlaws
Sheriff Allred ha purchased five
modern rifles for use in case he wishes
to at any tune hurridly get a posse to
gether They are all modern make and
will do effective work at very long i
I Dispute Betwesn Mill and Irrigation
I I Companies Settled I
I Huntington Utah March 24Last
night the stockholders of the Hunting
I ton Canal company and the Huntington
Roller Mill company met for the pur
I pose of taking into consideration the I
j differences heretofore existing I between 1
I reT
the two companies i There was a good
attendarcand the meeting lasted un
til near 3 oclock this morning The
first Dart of the meeting was very
stormy but through the efforts of some
of the more conservative spirits a com
promise was finally agreed to and
adopted with but one negative vote
I The board of directors of each company
were instructed to take steps at once
looking to the modification of the for
I mer decree of Judge Johnsons court
and the mill is expected to start at no
distant date an event that the people
gladly welcome as many are now out
of flour owing to the suspension of the
operations of the mill I
I The details of the
detais compromise are i
substantially as follows The mill com i
pany is to 10 ent 50
pa pay per or per
share 50000 for each share of Avery i
or other water turned in the Hunting I
ton canal to the maximum of 15 shares
and is to work i up at the rate of 5250
per year for three years and is to pay
assessments the same as other stock I
on all shares turned in which shall 1
not be less than 10 shares in any year i
The assessment is to be paid on the
stock actually worked up which would
be 750 when the 15 shares are all
worked an
A 5 per cent cash assessment was
talked of by the Huntfngton canal
board for the purpose of liquidating
the expense of the lawsuit between the
two companies which amounted to
many hundreds of dollars on both
The matter of the division of the
property of Louisa Mitchell deceased I
has been left to arbitration and the I
case is now being heard M E John i
son William Hunter and Christian Ot i
teson are the members of the board
The different implement houses are
stocking up and the stores are doing I
I a good business
Mr Charles H Taylor of Price left
aC J
here a few days ago with a nice eh
of cattle for his ranch I
Collecting Copper Ore and Other
Southern Utah Products
St George March 2Don Maguire
is collecting mineral exhibits for the I
Omaha exposition He is taking an exhibit
hibit of copper ore from the Dixie cop
per mines and in addition is gather
ing up an agricultural exhibit show
ing the products of this region of coun
try He is also taking with him an
exhibit of the product of the Rio Virgen
mills I
Mr Maguire leaves tomorrow and
goes to Cedar there to gather more I
minerals etc and then goes to Frisco I
and Slateline before returning to Salt
Lake I
The St George Relief society people
had a fine turnout Saturday 130 men
and 30 teams coming out to aid in put
ting up their granary The foundation
was put in and sufficient rock sand
clay etc cut on the ground to com
plete i The tabernacle grounds were
cleared off and shale hauled on the
paths about the building A grand pic
nic and party wound up the affair All
are much pleased with their labors
Prominent Citizens Accused of Gamb
ling Another Water Sut
Richfield March 25 Attorney Ver
meil Rapp has returned from Loa
Wayne county whither he went to de
fend Thomas Atwood Wlllard Pace B
Peterson James Russell five promi
nent citizens of that town accused of
gambling All were acquitted in the jus
tices jury trial
Mr present indications
I Rapp says indicatons
point to the planting of another big
I water suit in Loa Last summer the
I Fremont Irrigation company indulged
In a great deal of litigation over the
waters of Spring creek They taxed
lthe I i costs of the court against stock
holders living at Fremont and Thurber
where they could derive no benefit from
the Spring creek water They refused
to pay the assessment The company
has therefore advertised their stock as
delinquent The delinquents claim
they will contest the companys right to
do this and all signs seem favorable to
a law suit commencement
Settlers Dissatisfied With the White
River Colony Scheme
St George March 2The people of
the Muddy are expressing themselves
a feeling dissatisfied with the proposi
tion of the church to establish a settle
ment on White river north of them
The settlements on the Muddy have
been established a long time and are
still in their infancy in point of ad
vancement owing to their remoteness
from more advanced communities and
railroad facilities What is needed is
mechanics and a general influx of set
tlers thereby increasing the social and
commercial advantages df that sec
They are now compelled to get their
freight from Milford 200 miles distant
and the nearest roller mill is 100
miles distant The nearest grist mill
of any kind is 40 miles off Of course
the advent of a railroad would solve all
these problems
Saloon Stock Attached
Park City March 5F J Kiesel
Co of Ogden levied attachments to
day on the stock of Wayne Rose
amounting to 200 Besides the attach
ment there Is an action to reclaim
goods amounting to 9240 Mr Rose
who closed his saloon several weeks
ago Missouri and stored his stock is visitingin
Fourteen Below Zero
Heber March 4The weather con i
tinues extremely cold Wednesday the i
mercury went down to 1 degrees below i
zero and this morning Weather Ob
server Crook reported his selfregister
ing zero thermometer at four degrees below j
Case of Potter vs the Ajax Company
Called Up at Nephi Judgment
Against Fu ate
Agint F t
Nephi March 5In the damage case
of W I Franks vs BullionBeck and
Champion Mining company a motion
was made by W C Hall defendants
counsel for nonsuit on the ground
that plaintf was aware of the dan
gerous condition of the ground and
that he was outside of the scope of his
employment by reason of which the
company were in no wise liable The
motion was granted This accident occurred
molon ganted
curred Nov j l 1S95 at the time Dennis
Sullivan then foreman of the min
was caved on Plaintiff in this case
went to assist Mr Sullivan and while
doing so a rock fell striking and in
juring him Judge Powers attorney
fo plaintiff says the case will be car
rier to the supreme court
This is the first case of nonsuit on
record in this district
The case of Potter vs Ajax Mining
company came up for trial this morn
ing Plaintiff sues for 1550 for Injuries
received in the Ajax mine April 2C SOT
caused from a stull that broke away
letting plaintiff drop about 30 feet
breaking his leg The jury was im
paneled and the case continued until
Monday morning at 930 to I lei mit a dis
tinguished lawyer from Chicago to be
present represent the London Guar
antee Accident Insurance company
who are interested in the case This is
the case In which the client compro
mised with the insurance company for
1200 without the consent or knowl
edge of his attorneys Counsel now
sues the mining company for damages
The case of Dennis Sullivan vs W S
Fugate was heard by Judge Higgins
without a jury I appeared that Fu
gate in March 1897 had made an
agreement with Sullivan to redeem
from sheriffs sale a ranch south of
Diamond Tintic district which ha
been sold by the sheriff to judgment
creditors of Sullivan and in return for
which Sullivan was to deed to Fugate
and did deed to him onehalf Interest
in the old Susan and Franklin mining
claims Fugate it is alleged refused
to comply with his part of the con
tract and this suit was brought to com
pel him to deed back to Sullivan the
ranch and water right Defendant made
no appearance In the matter and judg
ment was rendered for Sullivan
AH the jurors except those impan
eled in the PotterAjax case have been
discharged for the term
At noon court adjourned until Mon
day at 930
Notable Musical Event I Honor of
Prof Lewis
Logan March Encouraged by the
success of the Salt Lake choir in giving I
a benefit to their leader Mr Stephens
the members of the Logan choir have
undertaken to tender Professor Alex
Lewis the leader of the choir a simi
lar testimonial Mrs Anna B Phillips
was named as chairman of the follow
ing committee which will have charge
of the arrangements for the concert
which will be given J P Smith Jo
seph Morrell Joseph Wilson Sophia
Cardon and Clara White The Harris
orchestra and several of the most
prominent musicians of the county have
offered their assistance Mr George D
Pyper the popular Salt Lake tenor has
also consented to sing All the bands
in the county will be invited to partici
pate and a big time Is expected
Mr R S Campbell was up from Salt
Lake today on business connected with
the firm here of which he is a mem
The regular monthly priesthood meet
Ing will be held tomorrow and It is
thought that some important business
may be brought forward
The list of jurors for the April term
of court to be held here will accord
ing to Judge Harts instructions b
drawn tomorrow
Mr Oscar Bjorkman the popular U
0 salesman who has been confined to
his home for the past week by illness
I is getting about again
Apostle Heber J Grant came up with
the opera company last evening and Is
visiting friends and acquaintances here
I today
The Salt Lake Opera company pre
sented Said Pasha to a full house
last evening and gave very good satis
I faction
President J M Tanner of the ag
ricultural college returned yesterday
from his southern trip
I A marriage license was granted today
to Theodore Seeholzer and Palmyra
Burgle both of Logan They were a
youthful pair the bride being but 1C
I years old while the bridegrooms age
was given as 19
An Outbreak of Drunken Hoodlums
Social Events
Lehi March 5A gang of drunken
hoodlums kept the town in an uproar
with their drunken orgies last night
They tore pickets from fences broke
gates and did other damage I Is the
I outrages duty of the peace officers to stop such
On account of the stormy weather the
I power company at Jordan Narrows has
laid off a number of teams and the
time checks have tended to enliven bus
1 iness in Lehi
The James Peterson benefit at the
I opera house netted 554 He leaves on a
mission in about ten days
By a letter just received from J W
Gootes it is learned that he is meeting
with success in the mission field n
southern California He recently bap
tized five persons in the Pacific ocean
Miss S Gibbs was given a pleasant
surprise supper at the Ladies club
house by her friends and relatives last
Yesterday afternoon the Ladles Re
lief society at Lehi Junction surprised
Mr and Mrs James Slater with gener
ous supplies and a substantial purse
Mr and Mrs Slater came across the
plains with the handcart company
Frank Foster has sold a number of
tickets in Lehi for the Salt Lake Opera
companys performance at Provo Sat
urday night
A Pier I Sliding Into the ea
Brigham City March 5The bridge
at Bear River City will have to be at
tended to The pier at the north end
or on the west side of the river Is
steadily going into the river I has
slipped off the roller plates and every
team that crosses makps the pier
tremble An Andrews bridge man was
out with Commissioners Johnson and
Blackburn and he says that the piles
upon which the mason work of the
pier rests are falling Into the stream
and that something must be done to
save the bridge He recommends the
putting In of metal piers
Sheriff Davis Is treating in honor
of the daughter which came to his home
last night
The primary department of the camp
mission school gave a surprise party
x t
to Willie McGregor this afternoon This
is the little fellow who was hurt in a I
I wagon not long ago He is soon to go
to his father In California I
Restoration othe Old Schedule
i Gives ats ctoh 7 J
Park CityMarch 25 TheRIo Grande
Park City train today was Changed
back to nearly the old schedule time
arriving in Park City at 1030 a m and
returning to Salt Lake leaving Park
City at 310 p m This schedule ap
pears to serve the convenience of the
majority of people An official of the
old Utah Central recently stated that
after experimented with various
changes in the time they finally returned
turned tothe above schedule as proving
most satisfactory People are enabled
I to enjoy their moring paper much
earlier Over < in Wasatch county es
pecially is it regarded a very greatxim
provement in passenger freight and
I mail service
The schools closed today for the
spring vacation which continues one
I week Miss Carrie Harrison Miss Pearl
Newcomb and Miss Cockrum will enjoy
the rest In Salt Lake
Mr A W Krigbaum and daughter
Mrs John Diem returned to Park City
this morning nearly prostrated over
the fate of Frank Krigbaum who per
ished In the Butte fire
Mr B S Agnew of Boston repre
senting Barne Schrymer company en
joyed a pleasant trip through the On
tario minetoday I
Alfred Nowhrands Fun Cost Him a
Term I Jail
Logan March 25 Alfred Newbrand
a young man living in the Fifth ward
was arrested today on a charge of as
sault with a deadly weapon This
charge was later dismissed and one
of assault lodged against him A
couple of nights ago while a party of
I young men were at his home playing
cards Newbrand got hold of an old
i pistol and extracting the lead from
some of the cartridges fired a couple
of shots at the card players the result
being that J W Hibbard one of the
young men received a pretty good
sprinkling of powder in his face New
I brand was tried before Justice Smith
j who fined him 10 in default of which
i he was committed to jail
i Diphtheria at Vernal
I Vernal March 2The district
schools of Vernal have been closed for
I the present owing to a visitation of
diphtheria in the family of George
I James the Main street blacksmith The
attending physician states that there
are four children afflicted in the fam
ily some of them very seriously and
that the ailment is the dreaded diph
theria Without a doubt The family has
been quarantined and the yellow flag
is out today
Old System of Mail Service
I Coalville March 2The change In
the time of the trains between Salt
I I Lake and Park City restores the old
system of mail service between Salt
Lake amP Coal 11
Postmaster Jones is fitting up the
building recently vacated by Dr Visick
and expects to move the postoffice from
the present location on Main street
week into the new quarters some time next
District Court at Vernal
Vernal March 2udge Dusenberry
Court Reporter Roberts Shd Attorneys
S R Thurman and D D Houtz arriv
ed this evening Court will convene
tomorrow There are 19 cases on the
calendar seven criminal and 12 civil
I is reported that S R Thurman will
b employed to assist the county prose
cutor In conducting the criminal cases
Sheep Shearing at Price
Prive Advocate The S RIo Grande
Western has contracted with Hebe
Leonard of Huntington to manage the
Price shearing corrals during the
shearing season Mr Leonard is busily
engaged this week in putting things In
readiness There is now 40000 sheep
promised and the shearing will begin
about April 6 This will give employ
ment for a large force of men
Blooded Stock For Nevada
Deseret March 4A C Cleveland
came down from the north last night
bringing the blooded cattle he purchased
ed while In the east They will be fed
and rested here a few days and then
driven to his ranch In Nevada
Postmaster J H Mace is putting In
a stock of goods preparatory to start
ing in the mercantile business
Bucklers Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum Fe
ver Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chil
blains Corns and all Skin Eruptions
and positively cures Piles or no pay
required I is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box For sale by Z
Saturday March 26th
Saturday March 2C the Rio Grande
Western runs a special excursion to
Provo and return with the Said I
I Pasha Opera company Train leaves
I Salt Lake City at 545 p m arrives l i
Provo 7 p m Leaves Provo 1 p m
arrives Salt Lake 1215 a m making
connections with the Salt Lake street I
cars Friends of the opera company
Invited to join the excursion
Stfpeffts I
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken it is pleasant
and refreshing t the taste and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys
Liver and Bowels cleanses the sys
tem effectually dispels colds head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation Syrup of Figs i the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances its
many excellent qualities commend it
t all and have made it the most
popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs i for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try It Do not accept any
+ C e OOCV00 000 Fva0v OJ c aJt > X o OJ 06 iv t
1 f
Walkers Store a
t i t
Friday and Saturdayo
I jPFlUciy dllU 1
Goods selected for these days are always extra
i t ordinary values These we think i
Very Extraordinary
i 21
Childrens Dresses Mens Wear
and Coats
i Mens colored bosom
Shirts link cuffa to match
0 FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY s for excellent quality muslin
t I J body with percale or ma
° Childrens Novelty Cloth t i dras bosoms and cuffs >
V Chldtens I cufs <
the i
> e 1 These worth < >
Dresses very pretty spring v r Thee are worh not a pen j
b b ny under S 150 S173 and
In brown and cardinal a SI7
styles rl 1 bunchA
a 0 with these we bunch
i i plaids with contrasting I J 1 J Family H f I t some Wilson Bros fineX
plain color combinations I m tt t white dress shirts that are < f >
t t very pretty and stylish j u F slightly soiled th3 5
Iii regular and put a oneprice
When such as this confronts i Y gl
I nicely I made and finished an opportunity Ih
t tag on all for two days
1 ages I to U car fronts you from the Walker shoe stock al Prl
P 89c
t 2T5 its worth coming after Friday and Sat J
t iS I urday no loner
< > Childs navy blue Serge Coats yoke
Chids MENS Satin Calf lace or congress
back white braid outlining box front lE Satn la cnges s Fine Imported Balbriggan Shirts and
vturn < 11 over collars for ages 2 to100 shoes 1 225 two square days or coin toes worth < 138 Drawers for men spring and fall weights
< the regular 100 per garment Fri c
w Childs blue Serge Coats 2 box pleats WOMENS Done ola shoes lace I or but day and Saturday 7c
0 sailor collars WOlENS DonI 9cl
jhn box front largo
ln back saior colats ton coin toes flexible soles worth 7
Yfancy braid trimmed very stylish 125 fexlble
pittle coats ages 2 to H piAJ Friday and Saturday only they CM 32
lte plJ
will sell for
< Chds mixture Cloth Coats in red or
brown large fancy collars InVDlain color MISSES Box Calf button shoes coin In Notion Corner
red or brown closofltting1 strap back box toes excellent wearing qualities f 2T Noton
frcd excelent
4 front very superior and stylish < M rA worth L75 two days at piJ 0
Alookins coats ages 2 to 1 pricev A Cube P the 10c4
I and 20c sizes I re
o CHILDS Bright Dongola button shoes duced to
c J
I r iv Corset coin Saturday toes they size sel G to for 8 Friday and Olp 7JUi r I 10cand5cl +
2 Steel Hair Pins 12
t Opportunity Mens Bicycle Shoes days pins In 12 package packages twox orx
I one gross for I
o I Tan or Black Bicycle Shoes for men lOcI
Youd best come early sell regularly for 300 Friday pl7O OR
I for these they go in as SaturdaJ Leather Pocket < 5 >
+ books regular price
Friday and Saturday spec 33c at
1 A ials because they are bar
22c +
I i gains but Its possible they
4 3c 5 i i may not last so long Wool 1 Finish Prints Womens Lather Chatelaine Bags col i
Odd sizes only of the P D Thomp
of Tom ora red purple or green reduced
< son Glovefitting C B and Royal Wor For house dresses wrappers and chil I l from 100 to rduced 50c
i cester makes They sell when numbers
sel number drens dresses perfectly fadeless dark
Yare complete for 125 up to 300 each pcrtecty I t
under present circumstances on3 50c colors hays a wool finish regular Ar Brown or Black Leather Belt 0e f
< price 9c value Friday and Saturday Bags sell regularly for Sic
v a
i r I
f G t
I V < n
C s K sx i3 > < xs > 4 J > xs > < s > n7FiC > 6h Jv OG < WN IC SOGO i
Notice of Sale Tinder Trust Deed 81 feet thence east 40 feet thence south 8 PROBATE AND GUARD
feet to the place of beginning TATJSTTTT NOTICES
J nwxoic avjj j >
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE 4thA perpetual right of way and ease j IS NOC
undersigned Glen Miller United States mcnt in upon and over the following de
Marshal for Utah under a certain deed of scribed strip and parcel of land being a I j Consult County Clerk or the Respect
trust wherein the Continental Market portion of said lot 7 In block 6S plat oA ive Signers for Further Information
company Jennings Brothers Investment Salt Lake City survey for the passage of Sige
company corporations organized and existing teams foot passengers and all other IN THE DISTRICT COURT PRO
isting by virtue of the laws of Utah William travel whatsoever and all of the other bate division DISTRIC Salt Lake coun
lam C Jennings and Martha H Jennings ordinary uses of an alleyway towit ty state of Utah In the matter of tho
his wife Priscllla P JennlngsMaye C J Commencing at a point 40 feet west of the estate of Mons Martinson deceased No
Farlow Sidney K Hooper and Alice northeast corner of said lot 7 and running tice Tho petition of Bertha Martinson
south 24S feet thence east 40 feet tceThe petton Bttha Iartnsen
of thence
Hooper now Alice Hooper Palmer all I 4 praying for the Issuance to Albert Quist
Salt Lake City Utah are parties of the thence north 15 feet thence west 2 feet of letters of administration in I the estate
first part and Charles W Welsh of Philadelphia thence north 231 feet thence west 1 feet of leter Martlnscn deceased has been
the of beginning artnsen
adelphia Pennsylvania the party of the to place
Pennsylanla paty set for hearing on Wednesday the 6th
second part and John J Tyler of Phila Together with all and singular the tene de hearng
paft Phla day of April A D 1S9S at 930 oclock
delphia Pennsylvania tho party of tho ments hereditaments and appurtenances am at the county court house in tho
third part made executed and delivered thereunto belonging or appertaining court room of said court in Salt Lake
on the 5th day of January 1S34 whereby iGLEN MILLER cour cour Lke
City Salt Lake count Utah
the said parties of the first part conveyed United States Marshal for Utah Succes Ciy Sal Lke the county clerk of said court
to said the in trust Iness cour
party of the second part all sor trst
al with the sea thereof affixed this
real Dated March 19 1SSS wih at therof afxed
estate hereinafter described In
trst 18 D 1S9S
hereInafer describe Seal 21th day of March A 188
to Richard W Young Attorney Se
secure the payment of a certain prom Atorey DAVID C DUNBAR Clerk
issory note ot the same date signed by B E G REEDALL De ut Clerk
g tteioif By Deputy
said parties of the flrst part for the sum S P Armstrong Attorney Clerk
of Arstron Atore
twentyfive thousand dollars payable SHERIFFS SALE
on the 5th day of January 1S37 to the or
let of said John J Tyler with interest on DISTRIC
gfdof Third judicial district state of Utah bate
Johr bate division in and for Salt Lake Boun
hait said sum at the rate of eight and one county of Salt Lake Joseph N Hicks I ty state of Utah In the matter of the
half cent date until 1 mater
per from
of Hicks
mtd7e guardian of the estate Edwin J
estate of Franklin Merrill deceased No
due payable according to the tenor and plaintiff I I vs Byron E Hartwell Maggie I tice The petition for approval and settlement
effect of six Interest notes attached to Hartwell f James E Colt administrator tceThe petton
of the annual account of the
tlement o ex
said with principal and each note In and the of sum even of date one there thou of the estate of James N Hicks deceased ecutors of the last u lf of Franklin Merrill
the Hardware and Iron
Jh Gelle a
sand and cents Gele company rill deceased has been set for hearingn
sixtytwo dollars and fifty
Beck and Corbltt nt re i hiabn r
dolar andty ccnt corporation Implement
cororton Corbit Saturday the 9th day of April A D 1S5S
and payable 1S94 Jan
p respectively July 5 1 company a corporation the State Bank at 930 oclock am at the county courthouse
uary a Jf July 3 1S95 January 5 18S6 of Utah and Geneva Hicks I defendant I atse cok curt o
house in the court room of said court
July 5 1496 January 5 1S97 which said and crosscomplainant defendants To be house roam fald
in Salt Lako City Salt Lake county
principal and attached payable CI Lke
notes are Lko
atached sold at sheriffs sale on Monday the 4th
in gold coin of tho United States at the day of April A D of3Monday oclock Utah
office of said third in Philadelphia Aorl da 1e9S west Witness the clerk of said court
oUle party Phiadelphia noon of said day at the west front door
interest with the seal thereof affixed this
Pennsylvania and bear interest after maturity sea theref atxed
of the county court house in the city of
turt per paid at the rate of ten per Salt county of Salt Lake state of Seal 24th day of March A D 183S
cent per annum said deed of trust hav Utah the following described property 0
ing been recorded January 24 194 in situated lying and described city and By E G REEDALL Deputy Clerk
Book 3 U of Mortgages at pages 142151 county of Ivlng Lake state of Utah and Stewart Stewart Attorneys
of the records of the recorder of Salt Lake bounded and particularly described as fol
county Utah and being referred to and lows towit partcularl of lot twelve lB IN THE DISTRICT COURT PRO
made a part of this notice and block twenty 20 FiveAcre Plat A bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
Whereas Said parties of the first part Big Field survey commencing at a point ty state of Utah In the matter of the
covenanted in said deed to pay all taxes twentyfive 2 rods west of the north estate of Peter Glllespie deceased No
levied on the premises thereby conveyed east corner of said lot and running thence tice The petition of John B Reid ad
or on default thereof that said party pf west four and ninetenths I 910 rods ministrator of the estate of Peter Gll
I the third part might pay the same or pur thence south nine 9 rods thence east lespie deceased praying for the settle
i chase any outstanding title acquired by four and ninetenths 4 910 rods thence ment of final account of said adminis
any tax certificate of sale and that the north nine 9 rods to the place of beginning trator and for the distribution of the resi
amount so paid with Interest thereon at ginning together with all and singular due of said estate to the persons entitled
one per cent per month should be taken the tenements hereditaments and appur 1 I has been set for hearing on Saturday
as part of the amount secured by said tenances thereunto belonging or in any i tho 9th day of April A D 1S9S at 930
deed of trust and wise appertaining oclock am at the county court house
Whereas Said parties of the frt part Purchase price payable in lawful money In the court room of said court in Salt
failed and neglected to pny the > > hr of the United StatesTHOMAS Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
the year 1897 and the said premises were THOMAS P LEWIS Witness the clerk of said court
sold for such taxes and tho ta certifi Sheriff of Salt Lake County Utah with the sea thereof affixed this
cate issued on such sale vus hut c s By BOMAN CANNON Deputy Sheriff Seal 25th day of March A D 1S9S
purchased by said pasty of the third part H C Edwards Attorney for the Plain DAVID C DUNBAR Clerk
andWhereas tiff and CrossComplainant By E G REEDALL Deputy Cerk
Whereas The said principal note of f2 Dated March llth iSiS Moyle Lane Costlgan Attorneys
000 together with tho interest thereon j
since July 5 1S37 Is due and payable and IN THE DISTRICT COURT PRO l
remains wholly unpaid and ASSESSMENT NOTICE IRELAND bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
WI eas The said deed of trust pro Land Cattle company principal place ty state of Utah In the matter of the
vide that I default should be made in of business Salt Lake City Utah Notice estate I of Thomas Mackay deceased No
the payment of said principal note or the I Is hereby given that at a meeting of the I tceThe petition of Hyrum Iackay and
Interest thereon saidparty of the < second board of directors held on the Sth day ot Daniel Mackay the administrators of the
par or In the event of his absence from I March 185 an assessment of one dollar I estate of Thomas Mackay deceased for
tho county of Salt Lake Utah then the i I and twentyfive cents I2 per share was I confirmation the sale of the following
1nlted States marshal for Utah as sue levied on the capital stock of the corpora described real and personal estate of said
cessor of said party of the second part ton payable on or before the 9th day of decedent towit Ten shares of South
i might sell said real estate or any part April 1S9S to C L Rood secretary of the Jordan canal stock for the sum of
I thereof at public vendue to the highest company at the office of the company In I S1C also twenty acres of land In section
bidder for cash after giving notice as the Masonic building Salt Lake City 3 township two south of range ono west
provided in said deed gving asUtah Any stock upon which this assess I for the sum of 30 And upon the fol
Whereas Said of the third is meat shall remain unpaid on the 9th day I
party part shal I owing terms towit Cash upon con
the holder of said principal note and has of April 188 will be delinquent and ad fraton b thIs court as appears from
reauested me he said part of the sec I vertscd for sale at public auction and the return of sale fed In this court has
end part being absent from sid count unless payment is I made before will be been set for hearing on Wednesday the
of Sal Lake and I being the United sold on the 27th day of April S to with pay Gth day of AIrl hearn D ISS at 93 oclock
Statcs marhal for Utah to proceed to the delnquent assessment together wih am at the count court house In the
I I of advertising and expense of am
sell said real estate ht accordance with the costs ertslnl
sel sid II Sec court room of said court In Salt Lake
C L ROOD Secretary cour Lko
the provisions of said trust deed to sale L
I trst pay Masonic building No 161 South West City Witness county Utah
said principal note Interest and taxes
I TMaslonlet h the deck of said court
Lake Utah Winess cerk
and the of said trust Including Temple street Salt City
expenses o sid with the seal thereof affixed this
March S ISIS thi
attorney and counsel fees and 188 Seal 25th March
atorey compensa Seal 2th day of A D 1SSS
tion to said trustee or said successor DAVID C DUNBAR Clerk
i In trust as provided in said deed OF ASSESSMENT By GEO E BLAIR Deputy Clerk
I I Now therefore on Monday the llth day NOTICE COMP J PRIX Moye Zanc Costigan Attorneys for
I of April A D ISIS at the hour of 12 EAGLE MINING COMPANY PRIN Administrators
oclock noon of said c yth at the south cioal place of business Salt Lake I
I front door or entrance of the building City Utah Location of works Cable NOTICE
district Baker county
minim NOTC
used and occupied as the Salt Lake coun Cove
ty court house towit the joint city and Oregon Notice Is hereby given that I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY TUE
county building in Salt Lake City Utah at a meeting of the directors held city council of Salt Lake City Utah of
I for the purposes aforesaid I shall sell to on March 21 ISIS assessment No 2 of one the intention to make the following de
the highest bidder for cash all of the and onefourh cents Pc per share was I scribed improvement Extending and lay
al Etendlng
right title Interest and estate that the levied on the capital stock of the corpora ling sewers along the following named
said parties of the first part or either ton payable to George 1 1WeILr secre I streets towit J street from South
of them had at the time of the execution tan room 4p McCormick building Salt Temple to Second street and defray
of said trust deed or which they executon Lake City Utah on or before April all of tha cost thereof estimated at 5070
I either of them has since acquired of in 150 Any stocK upon which this assess per linear or front foot a depth of 2 feet
and to the following described real estate mcnl remains unpaid on April 158 will or lneat O by a local assessment upon the
situate In the city and county of Salt bo delinquent Oln April 23 1598 and ad blocks lot parts of lots and pieces ot
I Lake Utah towit vertsed for sale at public auction and round within Sewer District No1 be
1stA part of lots 7 and S in block G unless payment Is mad before will be lag the property lets Distrct of lot and
plat A Salt Lake City survey commencing sold on May 10 1533 to pay the delinquent I pieces of ground In said district to be
Lke Ciy
i mencing at a point 12S feet west of the assessment together with costs of ad I affected ot benefited by sid improve
northeast corner of said lot S and run ertslng and expenses of sale ment namely The north 10 feet of lot
nine thence south 17 feet thence east GEORGE n it L WEILER i r c i 2 and all of lot 3 block 4 the north 110
123 feet thence south 57 feet thence west I Secretary 411 McCornick Building bait feet of lot 1 and all of lot 4 block 5
100 feet thence north 231 feet thence Lake City Utah I lots 1 and block 24 and lots 2 and 3
east 62 feet to the place of beginning block 25 all in plat D Salt Lake City
2ndA part of said lot 8 In block 6S survey All protests and objections to the 1
plat A Salt Lake City survey com STOCKHOLDERS MEETING THE carrying out of such Intention to make
mencing at the northeast corner of said annual meeting of the stockholders ot the said Improvement must be presented In
lot 8 and running thence west 12S feet Utah Sugar company will bo held at doe writing to the city recorder on or before
thence south 174 feet thence east 12S feet companys office No 20 Main street Salt the 5th day of April 1S9S being the tlma
thence north 171 feet to the place of be Lake City Utah on Wednesday April set by the said council when It will hear
ginning 6th at 433 oclock p in The purpose of and consider such objections as may ba
3rdA part of said lot 7 in block 6S plat said meeting is to elect a board of directors made thereto By order of the city coun
A Salt Lake City survey commencing rectors to serve for the ensuing year and cil of Sal Lake City state of Utah made
at the southeast corner of said lot 7 and to transact any such other business as thi Sth day of March 1S2S
running thence west 80 feet thence north may legally come before It G H BACKJIAN City Recorder
153 feet thence east 50 feet thence south HORACE G WHITNEY Secretary Sewer Intention Tso 39

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