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Weather Today eam
Rain or Snow Colder
Silver and Lead Quotations
The silver and lead quotations yesterday
were as follows
Bar silver 55 cents
Load brokers 350 exchange 537214
opper lake 51187 casting 11 7Y
The City Circulation of The Herald
lias been leased to SIr J O McCrack
e Subscribers who do not receive
their papers promptly will confer a
Savor i they make complaint to The
Herald counting r00m
A checks for city subscription
hculd ba made payable to
City Circulator
Yesterdays clearings were 190122 as
compared with 5130CS for the same day
ol last year
Mary J R R Hampton qualified a
matron of the city jail yesterday by filing
her oath of office with City Recorder
Tho ttah TransmississippI exposition
commission met at tho resilience of P I
Lannan yesterday afternoon and trans
acted some routine business
Ernest Hogan ha lost the possession of
his dg and claims that C S Moore is
umawlully withholding the canine from
him He began a acton before Justice
Stewart yesterday to replevin the dog
The funeral services of the late James
Papworth will be held at the Twenty
first ward meeting house in this city on
Sunday March 27 at 1 oclock noon
Friends of the family are hereby respect
fully invited to attend
The Silver Bros Iron Works company
was Incorporated yesterday In this city
with a capital stock of O John A
Silver Is president Hyrum A Silver vies
president and Joseph A Silver secretary
treasurer and manager
Halley Times KsUnited States Sena
tor Arthur Brown arrived today Ho said
that he had heard nothing definite regard
ing McKInleys alleged collapse and that
he firmly believes that the president Is
eQual to any emergency
Only eight cities in the United States
hjd Salt Lake beaten in the increase of
clearinsrs for the week ended March 24
and they are mostly coast cities Seattle
Tacom etc affected by the rush of
Klondike business Salt Lakes clearings
for the week footed UI 147it122 an in
crease of 4S9 per cent
At 1002 oclock yesterday morning the
fire department was called to 12D Center
street where it was found that a fire had
started in the roof of the residence of Ir
K G Maeser I was a small blaze and
was extinguished with the chemical the
loss amountinc to about 50 and was
caused by a defective flue
The war excitement struck the city with
a fell swoop yesterday and for a time
every one on the street was on a rush
for the bulletin boards The cause of
all this was a report that a telegram had
been received stating that the government
had recalled Consul General Lee and Min
ister Woodford However this was de
flied very shortly afterward
The street department has at last
awakened to the fact that the street
leading to the Rio Grande Western depot
is m a deplorable condition and is making
a slight effort to Improve it The road
mar in the department has been en
gaged In cleaning oft the ile ers ac
cumulation of mud and broken ston has
been put down In patches Perhaps after
a time the street may be made passable
On Thursday night a man was noticed
wandering about over Jordan In what ap
peared to be a demented condition Deputy
Sheriff Hanson was notified and took the
mal In custody He was sullen and un
communicative refusing even to tell who I
he was I was learned that his name
Is Merrill and that he lived at Sugar
House He Is In the county jail waiting
for further action on his case I Is prob
ablo him that his friends will take care of
Hattie Johnson a little girl of 1 was
Brought up yesterday before the probate
cjurt at the request of her father David
J jhnson of Sandy for examination as to
her sanity I appeared tint the child
whn three rears of age met with an
accident by which her head was Injured
and ever since her mind has been affected
and the malady Is Increasing County I I
Phj slcian Anderson and Dr Wright made
tie examination before Deputy Clerk of I
th Court Blair and she was corrimitted I
to tht state Insane asylum I
Captain D B Stover was run down 1
by a careless bicycle rider and very se I
verely injured early last evening at the
crossing leading from the White House to I
tip Wasatch corner Without a word or
signal of warning the aged soldier was I
hurled violently to the pavement When
picked up i was found that the captains
injuries were so serious that the services I
fe Dr A dJ Hosmer were called for i
He received a painful contusion kfO of
thf left ear and besides his ear was badly i
cut What makes his injuries the more
seious is the fact that recently the vt I
ran was enfeebled by severe illness hue
his many friends will hope for his speedy
rccov > n Caataln Stover did not lack I
tha friendship of his comrades last even
fa 13
ing for the his and present commanders
of the MfKean post G A R quickly I
responded to a summons and In addition
s K Kinney and Ole Young were on
recovers hand to smooth down his pillow until he I
Another proposed sewer extension has
twin defeated Yesterday a protest signed
Ij property owners was led with City
Recorder Backman objecting to this san
< tar > improvement on the north side of
South Temple street from 31 to T streets
covering seven short blocks Out of a
total frontage of 2310 feet property own
ers representing 1Slq feet objected and
n fart all but three residents in the dis
trict named were opposed to the extension
ft th sewer lateral Accompanying the
pr l3t was I communication from Hon
t i trIes Crane the first signer stating
t ut as soon as the Protestants com
m need to feel that promised wave of
iro5 uty all w md withdraw their ob
i i > n and lhJfuHy pay the requisite
sp > ial tax This extension was petition
ed fr by tho board of education for the
al benefit of the Wasatrh school
buKing hut the sewerage needs of that
liiutu r of the city will have to remain
insstsliod until there is a change
IS2 ts1ld unti change of sen
tnxiit among the supposedly welltodo
prop rty owners on East Brigham street
Utah Commercial and Savings Bank
General banking business Interest
paid on savings deposits F Armstrong
president J E Jonninerg cashier 2 i
E 1st South street I
W J Wolstenholme treasurer
R EHerbeck
T Elebek presideat
53 West Second South Tel 49
The Keeley Institute
For the cure of liquor opium and
cigarette habits The onjy Keeley In
stitute in the state Address lock box
4SO Salt Lake City
CiJIce r
Beware of slough ice Ask your phy
sic or any of your neighbor how
I compares with our Park City or dis
tied vater ice We guarantee
tIed you a
I rript aid satisfactory delivery our
E uitor will call on you Remember
the red wagons Telephone 43
J C LYNCH Manager
F M has
Bishop removed his assay
office to 15G South West Temple
Latest and choicest styles of
mouldings and mats Prices lower
than ever frames made on short
notice The Johnson Co c E
Johnson SupL 56 S West Temple
street =
Enough for 6 Price 15c
if a
I Great removal shoe sale all shoes at
ftc thOj
actual cost before argal to Main
Dr E M Kcysor dentist Auerbach
building rooms 200 and 201 Specialty of
crown and bridge work gold and sil
ver fillings
Great removal shoe sale all our 450
shoes at 295 all shoes at cost
> < i
State Committeemen Will Meet
Him at Ogden
Forecast of the Campaign This Fall
Candidates for the Various Offices
Justice Zones Successor Whit
temore May Take the Field if Re
jected By McKinley Comment of
tho State Press Upon the Condi
tions In This City
Senator White will arrive In this city
on Sunday morning early He will be
met at Ogden by members of the state
committee and on his arrival here will
be escorted to the Knutsford where he
will make his headquarters It is more
than likely that he will be shown over
ths city during the day and probably
will attend the services at the taber
I nacle in the afternoon
The senator visits this state in his
capacity as chairman of the Demo
cratic congressional committee and he
will make inquiry for the purpose of
finding out what the prospects of the
Democracy are in this state with refer
ence to the coming congressional elec
tion He has been investigating the
condition of affairs for some time on
the coast and will visit several other
I states before returning to Washington
The senator does not come to give di
rections regarding the conduct of the
I local campaign but is merely seeking
InToimation in order that he may have
a general knowledge regarding the po
litical situation all over the country
Arrangements have been made for a
number of prominent Democrats from
all sections of the state to meet Sena
tor White The chairman and
Yhie secre
tary of the state Democratic commit
tee issued an invitation to the members
of the state committee the executive
committee and the Democratic mem
bers of the legislature to meet the
I Senator on Monday afternoon at the
Knutsford hotel Most all of the
al prom
present inent party leaders will doubtless be
Candidates and Candidates and Candidates
In connection with matters relating to
politics this fall the Tribune seems to
have arranged matters so that
the Democrats will have nothing to do
but go to the polls and vote I has
nominated Congressman King to be
senator and also Hon A W McCune
Then it makes matters easy for Mc
Cune by retiring Mr King and slating
him for the lower house as a sure
winner following this up with a boom
for Owen Smoot Fisher Harris Frank
Nebeker and a few others with several
counties to hear from I
But during all this turmoil about I
the Democratic candidates there is not
a word said concerning the people who I
will run for an office on the independ
ent Republican ticket the cause of
which has been espoused by the paper
here Of course what work is being
done for gold candidates in Washing
ton does not count
Of course everyone knows who the I
candidate for senator will be I is I
no less a person than Hon Frank J
Cannon who seeks a vindication for
walking out of the St Louis conven
tion I
But the congressman Ah theres
where there will be a little work done
fr two or three men would like the
empty honor of the nomination because 1
of the prominence it would give them
There is the chairman of the commit
tee who is doing all the work appoint
ing committeemen in the several coun
ties some of whom refuse to serve and
all that sort of thing Mr Lippman
blushes whenever this subject is al
luded to
Friends of Lafayette Holbrook claim
he too Is a candidate and that he
would very much like the place of can
didate because In after years he could
say in the sketches printed of him In
the newspapers that he was twice the
nominee of his party for congress
Hcwever there are those who declare
that Mr Holbrook does not care to
tempt fate any more that he considers
politics like a friendly lawsuit where
the costs follow the judgment of the
court and some one has to foot the
bills whether he wins or loses
But congress does not worry every
one There are other officers besides
congressmen and senators There lsa
justice of the supreme court to be se
lected this fall a man to succeed Jus
I tice Zane Who he will be is a ques
tion which Is agitating the minds of
many Of course the venerable justice
will lie a candidate for his own shoes
before the convention That matter is
settled Whether he can get the nom
ination at the hands of an independent
I Republican convention where the dele
gates are silver men is u question I
would be all right with a McKinley con
vention that would nominate him
I qtfickern scat as the saying is
Whether or not the candidate will
come from this county or not is a mat
ter which will need some discussion
There are other places on the map of
Utah besides Salt Lake City and at
this writing this county has everything
on the bench The outsiders inclineto
believe that as good attorneys as there
are here live in the outside counties
that is to say men as well fitted for the
supreme bench as now constituted In I
deed it is whispered that should he fall
to get the appointment as United States I
attorney for Utah the present attorney
general might be induced to make the
race And they do say that Judge
Boreman of Ogden believes he has life
enough In him t < serve another term
Oh there is plenty of material
And that brings up another point Ad
vices from the inside are to the effect
that Whittemore may ask for the nom
ination should he fail to receive the I
recognition at the hands of the presi
dent he thinks hf should have Whit I
would be a striking character on the I I
supreme bench and would make an I
ideal figure of justice in the center
when his time came to sit in the mid
dle He could placate the silver men
by causing to be printed that Interview
with himself when he stated before the
Democratic convention and after the
Republican that he would have to wait
until after the Democratic convention
at Chicago before he announced his
politics and could satisfy the gold men
of the sincerity of his intentions by
pointing to the fact that he had gone
east to set an appointment under a gold
standard administration
As to what will be done In the county I
no man knoweth I Is a puizle The
independent Republicans are now feel
ing with the McKinley faction with a
view Ascertaining whether or not the
two can be fused blended run together
or words to that effect with any chance
for capturing the laurels
Up to date their efforts have not been
as successful as they might have been
for the administration people do not
seem to be as winsome as they might
They are coy cool chilly distant of
fish diffident give their Interlocutors
the frozen face the marble heart the
Klondike glance and all that kind of
business They remember that they
have been kissed off themselves quite
frequently of late and point with much
satisfaction to the vote received byDo
remus In the late city election as an
evidence that the silver men didnt rally
to the standard with any alarming fre
The McKinley faction has about de
termined upon holding a convention of
their own this fall nominating a ticket
and running it with no hope of success
but just because they want to run i
and preserve their organization And
it will require a good bit of argument
to dissuade them from their decision
according to the statements made by
some of the active workers of the pat
In the state they will assemble and
doubtless confer the honor of a nomi
nation for congress upon General John
Lu Taylor congess ad i go at that If in
any legislative district they happen to
elect a legislator after General Taylor
has been turned down for the lower
house the legislator aforesaid will no
doubt hold a caucus with himself and
go In and vote for the general for the
United States senate No Republican
legislator will ever cast his vote for
Cannon that is to say no straight out
I Republican It will be anything to beat
Frank and thats all there is to It
I will doubtless require a month or
two before matters can be straightened
out sufficient to make a forecast of con
ditions correctly but then there Is
plenty of time
Tribune and Standard Make a Great
Tintic Miner The Salt Lake Tribune
and the Ogden Standard are at last
finding themselves together and are fe
licitating themselves in their mutual
stand for what they are pleased to call
true Republicanism bimetallism pro
tection and reciprocity The old say
ing is true the lion and the lamb shall
lie down together Perhaps In this
case however it ought to be the wolf
and the sheep No one except those
two journals now have the hardihood
to assert that Republicanism means
I bimetallis protection and reciproci
I ty but that fact makes no difference
to these newfound friends Pat and
I Bill will make a good combination in
the attempt to control the election this
fall for the Republicans on a free silver
platform and at the same time try to
boost the cause of the administration
I goldbugs
The issue of the Standard of last Sat
urday says that no one can ever find
an utterance in either that paper or
I the Tribune against a plank in the
platform of the Republican party in
Utah We may add that no one ever
I will so long as Mark Hannas barrel
holdsout or the Republican party has
federal patronage t6 bestow
I The NonPartisan Failure
Tintic Miner Nonpartisanism is
I undoubtedly not a success in Salt Lake
City During the late campaign much
talk was Indulged In by the organs of
the nonnartlsan scheme about no
heelers to reward no party favorites
to recognize etc but since the com
mencement of the present administra
tion the mayor has evidently done
nothing but endeavor to reward his
nonpartisan party friends The peo
ple of the capital city have evidently
I already gotten enough of this bogus
nonpartisan movement and at the
next election there will be shown differ
I ent results
3 > < 5 > <
I Mt Pleasant Pyramid Nonpartisan
government as exemplified by the pres
ent municipal government of Salt Lake
I City is not popularizing the idea in
Utah by any means
For the first time since real darkeys
began giving exhibitions on the theatre
stage and they began at a time so far
back that the memory of man runneth
not to the contrary a band of them last
I night gave an entertainment which
i compared favorably with their white
I imitators They compared with the
very best of them too and throughout
made a decided hit with the audience
The company is a large one made up
of clever members throughout but with
two undoubted stars Black Patti
Madame 1 Sissieretta Jones and Er
nest Hogan the talented darky who
rote AH Coons Look Alike to Me
tad who in the general effects of his
minstrel acts ranks with the best of
white face minstrel stars He sang a
number of his original songs and was
vociferously applauded Black Patti
has an undoubtedly excellent voice a
high soprano well cultivated and clear
except on the topmost note which
shows signs of wear and tear She
sings with a modest style and a pro
fessional air very taking with a audi
ence and last night she was recalled
again and again rendering for a final
encore with great feeling Way Down
Upon the Swance River There was a
cake walk very strikingly costumed
some operatic numbers well rendered
and a first part skit at Cooney Island
the acme of liveliness In which Mattie
Phillips made a special hit She is in I
fact one of the cleverest colored artists
that ever appeared here The entire I
entertainment will be repeated this af
ternoon and evening I is managed
I by Mr Vogel who was formerly man
ager of Emma Juch and who certainly
knows what a first class show is
< v i <
Harrigans sale for Old Lavender is
now going bn at the theatre
ii > < S >
The Said Pasha Opera company re
turned from Logan yesterday in two
parties one coming on the special the j
I other staying over and returning last I
evening i Their reception amounted to
f I
an ovation In Logan and Director i
Weihe says that nowhere that the opera i
has been done has it been received i I
with greater favor or witnessed by a
handsomer and more discriminating au
dience The company go to Provo this I
evening at 545 on the Rio Grande
II Western returning at midnight
a < li q
Denver Colo March 5The man
agement of the Bostonians announced
I today that Miss Helen Bertam will
succeed Alice Nielson as the companys
prima donna next season
Passed Away Yesterday After a Long
The friends of Mrs Emma Ellerbeck
Faust will be pained to learn that she
passed from this earth at 12 m yester
day after years of bodily suffering
which she bore with fortitude and un I
complaining resignation Her release
was not unlooked for by her immediate
family who were at her bedside at the
time but will be a sad blow to her
many friends who have been so solic
itous for her speedy Em
Ious recovery as
she was familiarly called was a bright
star in her circle of friends and her
absence wjll be sadly felt She was I
gifted beyond th allotment of many of
her age and endeared herself to all who I
were fortunate enough to be associated
with her Her illness has been of long
standing culminating in acute com
plications beyond the relief mortal could
tJe5towr Faust was the daughter of the
late Thomas W Ellerbeck and Henri
etta D Ellerbeck She was born Sept
22 1SG9 being 29 years of age SentembT
last Mrs Faust was the wife of If
J Faust jr their married life cover
ing but n short span of two years The
heartbroken husband the sorrowing
mother sisters brothers and friends
will have the deepest sympathy of the I
community at large
Funeral services will be held from
the residence of Mrs Ellerbeck corner
Third and B streets Sunday at 230 p
m Friends Invited to attend
Dont forget the opening at Din
woodeys on Monday and Tuesday
Music and refreshments Souvenir for
the ladles on Tuesday All Invited
C l C
Large Shipment of Childs Jackets
Just received in all the latest shades
and styles ages 2 to 1 years
1 <
I The German at Christensens Ha 1
Last Evening
The Marriage of Miss Mary E Har
ker and Mr Seymour 1 Cr
L D S College Ball At Unity
Hall In Honor of Gaurdello
Brown Local Notes
The german given In Christensehs
hall last evening by r Mose Chris
tensen and Miss Belle Dewey was one
of the largest and most successful yet
given The hall was prettily decorated
for the occasion with potted plants
which also deqorated the stage on
which were spread several large tables
from which delicious refreshments were
served The figures were led by Mr
and Mrs Mose Christensen and Mr
Fred Christensen and Miss Belle
Dewey There were some new and
original figures introduced a well as
origna but always popular basket and
arbor figures
The arbor figure was the prettiest of
the evening As the dancers moved
I about through Its movements different
colored calcium lights were thrown on
them which made it doubly beautiful
The mine figure was also danced and
as the lights were turned out and the
gentlemen came Into the room carrying
Japanese lanterns moving in a serpen
tine manner i made a weird scene
The tunnel and other figures were car
I ried out very gracefully The favors
were very pretty and were the handi
I work of the ladle who gave the party
They were original and unique in de
I sign
I Souvenirs were offered one for the
lady who drew the lucky number and
one for the gentleman Mrs Clayton
drew number 13 and received a silver
Cieland drew
souvenir spoon while Mr
No 39 and got a paper cutter for the
prize The first figure danced was the
wand and after that figure followed
followed dance till
figure and dance folowed ti
long after midnight
Among those present were Ir Dr
Meacham Miss Lottie Holmes Miss
Henderson Miss Rankin Miss Maggie
Daly Miss Walker Miss Frankie I
Sharp Miss May Jeremy Miss Kather
ine Cuimer Miss Root Mrs Beer Mrs I
Wey Mrs Colonel Clayton Mrs Dick
enson Mrs Dittman lr Spencer
Miss Florence Roundy Miss Ella
Keyting Mrs Raybould Mrs Woods I
Miss Grace Kieler Miss Pierce Miss
Ltllle Sllverwood Miss Young Mrs
Berry Miss Warner Miss Gertrude
Anstefe Miss Smith Dr Beer Mr Wey
Colonel Clayton Mr Dickenson Mr
Dittman Mr John Spencer Mr Woods
Mr Walter Coleman Mr Foster Mr
Preston Thatcher Mr Hugh KImball I
Mr Schoppe Mr Roy Brown Mr Lan I
Mercer Dr Root Mr Berry Mr Kahn I
Mr Levi Mr P P Christensen Mr
McGraw Mr Collinson Mr Short Mr I
Bruff Mr Freeze Mr Bert Cohn Mr
Walter Conrad Mr F Egan Mr
Tom McDonald
v > < S > < I
The marriage of Miss Mary E Har
ker and Mr Seymour 1 Curtis occur I
red on Thursday at Taylorsvilie The
I ceremony was p performed at 430 p m I
by President Angus r Cannon in the
presence of the relatives and near
i edse The bride JS becomingly I
I gowned in white and carried brides I <
roses Miss Edith Spencer acted as i
I maid of honor and Mr W T Atkinson
as best man
I a Following the ceremony the guests
sat down to an elaborate wedding
In the evening a large reception was
I given by the brides parents Mr and
Mrs Henry Harker in honor of the
j I happy couple 1
I Among those presenUwere Mr and I
Mrs Angus M Cannon Mr and r
II Willard Piston Mr and Mrs Robert I
Plxton Mr and Mrs George Tingley
I Mr and Mrs W H Hague Mr and
Mrs Alonzo Young Mr and Mrs Enos
Benion Mr and Mrs Van Dyke of I
Ogden Utah Mr and Mrs Magner Mr
I and Mrs Benjamin Harmon Mr and
Mrs Graham Mr and Mrs W T Spen
I cer Mr and Mrs John Webster Mr
and Mrs A Frank jr Mrs Elizabeth I
I Pixton the Misses Hague William
Harker and lady W H Hacker and >
I lady Mss Ada Fouiger Miss Mary
OCander Miss Effie Gardner Miss Ella
Llndberg Miss Townsend Miss I
Wheeler Miss Miller the Misses Lind
say the Misses Benion Miss Rena I
Spencer Miss Edith Spencer Mr A
Frame and ladies Mrs Hattie Harker
Ifs Mabel Harker Messrs R P Day
ton W T Atkin Fred Plais K K
Nebeker Dr Root
c > 2 ii
A surprise party < given in honor
of Gaurdello Brown at his resIdence <
21 North First West street on Tuesday
evening Among those present were
Misses Emma Brown Mabel Peck Ma
mie Hampton Mary Broadbent Ada
and Jennie Davis Kate Ford Libbic
Kirk Ella McMillan Lillie Hudson
Jean Hamilton Lottie Pitt and Miss
Hunter Mersrs Guardello Brown An
drew Poison Thomas Beal Mark
Brown Frank Bron Francis Tanner
Berton Wheeling Joshua LIttleford
Frank Peel Edgar Rich Fred Thomp
son James McGary Hyrum Icelander
Homer Brown and others
Mr and Mrs William Rossiter gave
a card party and musicale Sunday
evening March 21 1S98 at their new
home on lilT South Eighth East street
During the early part of the evening
high Pvc was played prizes being won
by Mr and Mrs A V Proctor After
the game a musical programme was
< 4i
Mi s Oat Harkness gave a luncheon
on Thursday
u < > L
The ladles auxiliary of the Y M C A
will meet today at 220 p m to com
plete arrangements for their bazar and
I >
An enjoyable social was given at the
First M E church last evening
I The students of thebusiness depart
ment of the Latterday Saints college
gave a successful bal at the Sixteenth
ward meeting hous6 last evening
The young people of the Unity Circle I
gave a pleasantdancing party at Unity I
hall last night I
Yesterdays hotel anlyals at the prin
cipal hotels were At the Knutsford
Martin Schcnck Edward do P Livings
ton A F Tuthlll and wife H V Reeves
Frederic Cromwell wife and maid Will
lam Lonsfeldcr and wife New York H
1 Meier and wife R D Sterling M H
BendhMm J C Punch St Louis B Mc
Conncll Miss McConnell Hornellrvillc N
Y F Bill and wife Connecticut H B
Scott Burlington la John I Bryar
George J BItter W C Cree L C Jones
H R Wacn C W Fogg Denver H
Ellers Joseph P Adalr J R Norris
Charles S Hannnn and wife J C Kalla
W G Taylor Chicago 1 B Van SIckler
Sacramento G WItherspoon and wife
Los Angeles W H Snedaker H G
Brockmnn W H Bentty San Francisco
John Williams Patten Miss Simmons
Miss Solfrltlge C M WIlkins Philadel
phia AV H II Moody and wife C H
Stevens n S Agnew Boston Edward
White and wife Miss White Louisville
Ky F unc Nelson Rockford Ills Mr
and Mrs Jones W < W Vaclekel Ala
bama Morton Barrows St Paul M
Wasserman Cheyenne Fred R Reed
1 U e1
Boise R D Perkins Kansas City AV J
Kirk CljVeland Jl Charles W Ott Mil
waukee AV Herbert Evans Johnson
5 t
Creek D C McLaughlin B R McDon
ald Price
< S > < s > < ft
At the Walker C O Stockslager Idaho
A AVest Meriden Coon Horseshoe Jake 1
Denver Guy Blatch Chicago FranV Tor
rence Springfield 0 Charles JV > cc St
Louis C AV Kyle San Francl > T
KImball and family La Moille la P L
Cook Beaver Henry Adams Nepal Arn
AA T Earle J G Benedict Bingham W
M McKendrlck Pro John J Wood
ring Susan McArthur Mt Pleasant
At the Cullec W D Hlcslnbotham
Elko Nev A D Hudnall Denver A H
Read Cheyenne B B Brooks F K
McMillan G L Becker Ogden C O
Glanvllle Heber City Dr I R Wood
ward J A Anson Mercur It Roylance
Springville F J McLaughlin Park City
E A AAedgewood Provo Leon Armer
Eureka E L Hall Sunshine
At the AATilte H H Shuberg Kansas
City J AV Kirk Chicago James Hickey I
Nevada Joseph Hogreje Tabor Ia J
M Simpson Lcadville A Maglnness
Peter Broiler Jamestown Ya George
Taylor Ezra Shoemaker Mantl C H
Graham Park City J R Davis Silver
City George Register Thistle Mrs For
rest Ogden F C Garland George Roe
P Gallagher A C Harrington Bingham I
The Bathing Resorts New Railroad
t Penetrate the Redwood Forests
InCalifornia The Latest By Wire
Coalvllle March 5E L Sayre
special agent of the legal department I
of the Union Pacific at Omaha was
here yesterday on business for the
of rectl I I
company the same consisting rect
lying some minor errors in the first
deeds and mortgages filed for record
with the county recorder The mis
takes alluded to were typrographlcal
errors made by the printers and this
was the last of the 25 county recorders
upon whom he has called The mort
gages were filed in each county all the i
way from Omaha to Davis county I
Utah From this place he goes to his
home in Omaha I I
An instrument of 1C closely type
written pages entitled First Trust
Mortgage dated July 1 1S9G made be
tween the Grass Creek Terminal com I
pany and ZIons Savings Bank Trust
company as trustee for the Issuing and
negotiating of a series of bonds con
sisting of coupon bonds of 1000 each
50 in number payable July 1 1916 with
interest from date at G per cent pay
able semiannually was filed for record
today with the county recorder I
The bonds are secured by first mort I
gage on the companys line of railway
extending from the mouth of Grass
Creek canyon In Summit county to
the mines a distance of about six miles
together with all the rolling stock
bUl < etcTRE I
The Many Attempts t Deny Same I
I Are Futile
An attempt is made by a mornirtg
paper here to show there is no deal
on for the leasing of uarfield beach by
the Saltair people I quotes both
general managers a saying there is
o to the story Both general
managers will say nothing of the sort i I
A proposition was made as exclusively
reported in this paper and the same
has been hung up I will doubtless be
declined from what can be gathered
concerning the matter as the officials
Interested do not feel that It would be
a good plan to lease Garfield The
proposition was made and so piqued
was one of the general managers
beforesaid over the publication of the I
same that he went to the other gen
eral manager and accused him of
showing bad faith in making the mat
ter public II
Will Penetrate Redwood Forest I
California I
San Francisco March 5The im
mense redwood forests of Mendocino I
and Humboldt counties are to be in
vaded by a line of railroad Hundreds
of thousands of acres of timber lying
too far from the coast to be cut and
transported by vessel will thus be
thrown open to exportation and direct
shipment to this city and the east
With that object in view theCalifornia
Northwestern Railway company has
been incorporated The line will be
built into the redwood region from
some point on the San Francisco
North Pacific road with which the new
corporation has a traffic agreement for
hauling Its cars either to Tiburon or
to Schellvllle for connection with the J
Southern Pacific and eastern points
Will Hold a Week Longer
I In all probability Jack Reeves ol
the freight department of the Oregon
Short Line will not return for an
I other week or more A telegram from
the hotel at Del Monte Ca1 states that
the transcontinental freight bureau
continued its discussion all day yester
day and engaged on west bound tariffs
and the matter of appointing in
spectors for the Pacific coast lines
which are now without them No con
clusions were reached
Notes and Personals
Newell Pette traveling passenger
agent of the Union Pacific was In Mer
cur yesterday booking passengers for
the east over his line
j W H Snedeker general agent of the
freight and passenger department of
I the Rio Grande Western at San
1 Francisco Is In the city
The Burlington Denver Rio
Grande and Rio Grande Western and
Oregon Short Line recently carried 1
OOJ pounds In castings for disappearing
gun carriages to the coast I
Yesterdays Observations at the Local
Weather Bureau Office
Salt Lake City March 25 iSIS
Barometer G a m 2523 G p m
2515 thermometer G a m 42 6 p m
52 Relative humidity per cent 6 a
m 22 G p m 30 Direction of wind
at 6 a m southeast 6 p m south
velocity of wind miles per hour 6 a
m 9 G p m 16 State of weather 6
a m cloudy 6 p m cloudy Maxi
mum temperature 56 degrees mini
mum temperature 38 degrees mean
temperature 47 degrees for 22 years
45 degrees excess for this date 2 de
grees Aecumulate deficiency of tem
perature since Jan 1 2GO degrees ac
cumulated deficiency of temperature
since March 1 112 degrees
12 degees Precipita
tion including rain hail and melted
snow none for 22 years 07 Inch de
ficiency for this date 07 inch Accu
mulated deficiency since Jan 1 193
inch accumulated deficiency since
March 1 17 inch
Following is the forecast for Salt
Lake City and vicinity for the 24 hours
ending at 6 p m today Rain or
snow colder
Section Director Weather Bureau
Dont Sign the Petition Watch Out
A petition is being circulated by the
local representatives of the railroads
among the business men of Salt Lake
which asks congress to pass the ant
scalping bill which if It becomes a law
will place you at the mercy of the raIlroads
roads on passenger rates
The ticket broker saves you money
on every ticket purchased and through
him you always get reduce rates
Dont sign It
Dues the Supreme Court Ruling
Apply to the Wen
It I Contended That the City Council
Had No Power t Abolish the Of
fice of Captain of Police and That
Eslingers Dismissal Was Wrong
ful May Sue For Reinstatement
In considering the question whether the
office of chief of police was abolished by
the revised statutes going Into effect on
Jan 1 ISiS the opinion handed down by I
the supreme court on Thursday says I
The question necessarily involves not
only the office of the chief of police but
also the offices of the entire police force
In the cities affected by the statute laws
on this subject These offices as con
stituted at the time of the revision of
the laws were created by the act of 1S91
ch 37 sess laws p 33 entitled an act to
appoint a board of police and fire com
missioners In certain cities and to place
the police and lire departments of said
cities upon a nonpartisan basis section
4 of which provides The police depart
ments of cities of 12000 or more inhab
itants of the territory shall consist of
the board hereby created a chief and a
captain of police and such other officers
and men as the city councils of said
cities shall direct
The court having held that the office of
chief of police was not abolished and that
Mr Pratt by his appointment under the
act of 1S94 creating the ljard of police
and fire commissioners and so forth has
a life tenure on tho office or during good
behavior it is a very general opinion
that In view of the above quotation from
the opinion every officer on the force has
the same tenure as the chief as stated
In The Herald of yesterday
It Is also contended apparently on good
ground that the city councils action in
abolishing the office of captain of police
was illegal for the act distinctly says
that the police departments of cities of
12000 or more inhabitants shall consist of
a chief and a captain and such other of
ficers and men as the city councils of said
cities shall direct
The act specifically mentions a chief
and a captain making it mandatory
that the force shall have those two of
ficers and then it follows up by saying
such other officers and men as the city
councils shall direct It would there
fore appear that the city councils have
power to reduce the other officers and
men to such an extent If they saw
proper that none would be left The lat
ter Is the provision on which the dis
missal of seven or eight patrolmen a
couple of years ago was upheld by the su
preme court and upon which the recent
dismissal of Patrolmen Lund and John
son was based for In each case the coun
cil passed an ordinance providing that
the force should consist of so many men
and to bring the force down to the pre
scribed number the dismissals were
necessary But although the council
might reduce the force to zero the chief
and captain would still remain for the
act says the force shall consist of a
chief and a captain etc
On that theory the dismissal of Captain
Esllneer It would appear was wrongful
and the attempted abolition of his office
null and void The captain Is unwilling
to state at this time whether or not he
Intends to make an effort for reinstate
ment but several of his friends who are
urging him to do so state that he will
very likqlv test the point In the courts
The captain himself says significantly
that he is not overlooking anything
occcoc ccccoDD
Of Tll
ti1TIOf1ll 1llh1RO
ccccccccc i
A well attended meeting of the Of
ficers association which was held last
evening listened to an interesting dis
cussion by Lieutenant Lyon of the
Twentyfourth infantry on Outposts
the strategic point used in the illustra
tion being Wageners brewery in Emi
gration canyon
Lieutenant Lyon used a blackboard
for illustrating his subject and de
livered an exhaustive discourse on the
topic It is safe to assert that the
officers present gathered more infor
mation from his remarks than they
could have acquired from reading a
dozen books It Is just such instruc
tion that benefits the officers and morn
bers of the guard and the individuals
1 alluded to are very grateful to the of
ficer for his effort Captain Wygant
also delivered a short talk which was
very instructing
t < > < s > < s
Lieutenant Colonel Ray Naylor of
the brigade staff came down from
Bountiful where he Is teaching the in
fant idea how to shoot and was
present at the meeting last night
The battery celebrates the fourth an
niversary of its existence this evening
I by giving a smoker to the boys and
I their friends The entertainment will
be held in the quarters of troop A
I >
I Although no order has as yet been
Issued to that effect it is very likely
that the several organizations In this
city and the battery at Ogden will be
inspected soon The inspections will
be conducted by some officer to be de
I termined by the governor
Lieutenant B II Wells V S A who
is on duty here with the National
Guard has wired his colonel requesting
his recall and orders to rejoin his
command in the event of hostilities He
has received assurance that his request
will be granted in the event of any
disturbance with Spain
A musical treat at Dlnwoodeys open
Ing Monday and Tuesday
Enough for 6 Price I5c
on M
The Hawes Fnerraving Co 72 West
I Terpe Street
I We are now located at the above
I number with n complete plant for
making half tone engravings zinc etch
Ings and all kinds cf color blocks Write
us for samples and prices beforeplac
Inc rour orden N
A musical treat at Dinwoodeys open
Ing Monday and Tuesday
c o
Enough for G Price 15c
NKVINS On March 2 > at 2 oclockhi
Murray Mrs Gjrmlma Nevlns wife of
Robert Nevlns uT cancer
Deceased was born in Scotland and
came to Utah In 1S79 She was SO errs
old was a member of Crescent Circle
Women of Woodcraft Funeral Saturday
at 2 p m from the Murray opera house
HOFFMAN the Tenth ward this city
on Friday March 25 at 1 p m of pneu
monia Catharine Hoffman aged G4
Funeral services will be held at the
Tenth ward meeting house Sunday March
27 at 2 p m Friends of the famllr re
spectfully Invited to attend
water heating and ventilating apparatus J
No 7 TV st Sftoonrt Houth
GOOD painters and paper hangers H
Dlnwoodey Furniture company
A GOOD GIRL to assist In housework
No washing or Ironing Apply at S67
Sixth street
GOOD Grsti for general housework no
washing at 313 East First South
Box G Herald
209 State street Goods sold on easy pay
I ments M Webber
TO EXCHANGE for Salt Lake prop
ertr Where do you want to go Tuttle
Io Tutte
Bros large exchange list Ogden
I Omaha Pocatello Cheyenne Idaho Falls
Grand Rapids Olympia Washington
Do Lamar Grand Island Neb Kansas
City San Bernardino Cal Denver farm
Provo Denver Cripple Creak Blooming
ton Ills Pueblo f r Missouri De
troit Windsor Ont Colorado Springs
St Paul St Augustine Fla Indianap
ols Can and l us or write Tuttle
Bros 149 South Main Tutte
terns this w k IDc per double roll
Ebert Norlins XX State street rl
5x6 NICE CORKER south front on
First street close In house and barn
Very cheap J2000 Tuttle Bros 113 Main
It Man
Books Stationery office supplies Mime
ograph supplies Tel 474 Margetts Bros
Second First South South street Enquire at = East
THREE ROOMS 3 Apple street
Wesley 22S East Sixth South
A THOROUGHLY modern > sevenroom
twostory brick dwelling sewer connec
tion Enquire 2 Vest Fifth South
43 HOUSES all prices kinds and loca
tions furnished and unfurnished the
only complete lst Tuttle Pros
S100000 TO LOAN 6 7 and S per cent
Advance money to build can pay part or
al at option no delay P J Conway Co
HOME MONEY no delays favorable
terms on real estate stocks bonds or
personal security C L Rood Masonic
building upstairs Salt Lake City
I LOAN only my own money No com
I mission no eastern company no third
party no trust deed no mortgage ta
I no attorneys fee Special options Russel
L Tracy 49 Commercial block
MGURRIN CO 3 West Second
South have money to lend at low rates
Privilege of part payment at any time
ON CITY or farm property notes In
surance policies etc notes mortgages
bought South Elmer Darling 9 West Second
3IAZIE Palmist 3 Main street
MADAME BELL bas returned front
Chicago She will tell your entire lfe
Prices U and upward 2 Main street
rooms 1 and 2
MRS P FONTYN clairvoyant and
tance medium sittings dally spiritual
meetings every Sunday and Thursday at
8 p m Admission lOc Mrs M C Tripp
magnetic healer 267 South
maletc West Tem
MIND READING and clairvoyant tells
present and future gives names and In
itials correctly etc Dora Randolph 75
South State street up stairs rooms 1
and 2 Price 23c Hero only two months
Best published FREE
J W GUNNELS Toledo Ohio
WATCH CLUB 100 per week no lot
tery everyone gets a 0 watch Particulars
ticulars of J H Miles 3 Main street
THE DAVID JAMES CO plumbing and
cornice work No D Main street
E C HARRIS with the David James
Main Co steam street and hot water heating No D
Mt Morlah Lodge No 2 will hold a
special tomorrow Monday evening at
7 30 oclock sharp Work In E A
dee > Masons qualified invited
Stated convocations held on the frt
Wednesday In each month at Masonic
hall at 730 p m Sojourning companions
are cordially Invited to attend
coruwjj r GRANT M E H P
= C PHILLIPS Secretary
i A1 Stated communications held at
Masonic hall the first Tuesday In each
month Members of sister lodges and fo
4ournlng brethren In good standing are
cordially Invited to attend
1 C PHILLIPS Secretary
A M Regular communications held at
Masonic hal the second Monday of each
month Members of sister lodges and
sojourning brethren In good standing aro
cordially invited to attend
I cordialy Inl 11 STATEN TV M
TEMPLE LODGE NO 15 meets every
Friday evening in the Auerbach building
Main street C E STOKES M W
Eacle Gato Lodge No 10 meets every
I Wednesday night at the Odd F lows
temple on Market street Geo W Bar
rows M W
Salt Lake Valley Lodge No 12 meets
Sal Thursday evening at tho Gladstone
building Main street
buiding an G W MOWER M W
ALL KINDS scavenger work done by
the new City Scavenger company 221
East Eighth South street
tonic J200 a dozen The Kentucky
I Liquor Co fJ 13 E Second South a ut
Umbrellas and Parasols
Coverd and repaired M Meyer 136 East
First South east of City hall
I Cash Register
NATIONAL CASH Registers Oscar
I Utah 221 Main
I GroshVll Sole Agent Man
I AttornevatLaw
20 Main street Salt Lake City
i Thomas Marshall Jopathan C Royle
David B Hempstead attorneysatlaw
Cos bank
Offices over Wells Fargo bank
Room CO Hooper Block Salt Lake City
S R Thurman J I Hurd
J L Rawlins E A edBwood
Rawlins ATOREYSATLAY Thuran Hurd Wedgwood
Offices Hooper Buiding Salt Lake City
AttorneysatLaw Lake City Hooper Block Salt
Dental Parlors 210 1 Main street First door
north of Walker House
2nd So Appointments by mal solicited

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