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I I I Herald R W A home comes paper from the The homes merchants trade
Maine Was Wrecked and Our Sailors Murdered By
the Enemy at Havana
Blown Up By a Mine Which Lifted the Great Battleship
and Exploded Two Magazines
A Formal Dispassionate Recital of the Facts No Evidence to Fix Re
sponsibility Report Is Guarded In Expression and Neither Spain
Nor the Spanish Are MentionedComplete Exoneration of Captain
Sigsbee and All On BoardThe Temperature In the Forward Maga
zines Was Normal and the Accident Theory Is Completely Demolished
The Associated Press abstract of the court of inquiry report Copyright 1S9S
bj the Associated Press
Washington March 7The Associated Press presents herewith a com
plete abstract of the report of the court of inquiry which investigated the
wreckage of the battleship Maine This abstract is made from the report it
stlf access to which was obtained today despite official secrecy unparalleled
in the handling of official papers
The report is made up of eight parts as follows
FirstThe court finds that at the time of the explosion the battleship
Maine was lying in five and onehalf to six fathoms of water
SecondThe discipline aboard the ship was excellent everything stored
according to ordersammunition guns stores etc The temperature of
the magazine at S p in was normal except in the after teninch maga
zine and that did not explode
Third The explosion occurred at 940 oclock on the evening of Feb
Fourth The court can form no definite opinion of the condition of the
wreck from the divers evidence
FifthThe technical details of the wreckage from which the court
SixthThe explosion was due to no fault of those on board
SeventhOpinion of the the court stating that the EXPLOSION OF
EighthThe court declares that it CANNOT FIND EVIDENCE TO
The report is unanimous andis signed by all the members of the court
It docs not refer to the existence of nonexistence of the mine in the harbor
of Havazia except in the specific finding that a mine was underthe
ship and the opinion that the explosion of the two magazines was caused
by the explosion of a mine
The report as a whole is a formal dispassionate recital of facts and
bears the stamp of that strict officialism which marks naval procedure It
IP brief not exceeding 1800 words and among the eight points goes to the
greatest length under the second heading which deals with the discipline and
order of the ship This the court specifies with extreme minuteness the least
detail of the satisfactory condition of everything on board 4 > eing given
The normal temperature of the large forward magazines at S oclock
only an hour and 40 minutes before the explosion disposes of the question of
accidental combustion within these magazines While the court holds that
these magazines did not explode fromJlnternal causes they nevertheless are
of the opinion that the explosion of the mine under the port
side of the ship caused the explosion of the two magazines This will
explain the remarkable destruction wrought the explosion thus being shown
to have combined the force of a mine without and the two magazines
The two explosions which the court finds to have occurred with a very
short interval between them is an additional detail showing that two forces
operated in causing the destruction The finding that the ship lifted on the
first explosion indicates an external source and one of tremendous power to
be able to lift a battleship of thousands of tons The character of the wreck
age technically described in the fifth part of the report from which the
court deduces that a mine was exploded under the ship on the port side sus
tains the view taken by some experts shortly after the disaster that the
force of the explosion was exerted from port to starboard
The feature of the report of deepest Interest to the navy is the complete
exoneration of Captain Sigsbee and all on board contained in the second
finding which declares the disaster to be due to no fault of those on board
The inability of the court to find evidence to fix responsibility as stated
In the eighth part makes the report so guarded in expression of blame that
neither Spain nor the Spanish are mentioned throughout
Messenger On the Run With It From
Havana to Washington
London March 7The Madrid corre
fcpondent of the Times noting that Spain
at present Is playing a relatively passive
i part In the Cuban situation and con
trasting the warlike attitude of the
Vnited States with subdued and ap
parently inactivity prevailing at Madrid
bays The irnistry however Is eager to
draw President McKInleys attention at
th earliest moment to the report of the
Spirish commission as to the Maine
Jaster and It is understood that a mes
tenger is going post haste from Havana
with the document and will reach Wash
ington probably on Tuesday The gov
ernment believes that the simultaneous
presentation of the two reports to eon
cress would avert or at any rate miti
gate any tempestuous display of feeling
Should however the Spanish report
arrive at Washington too late or other
wise be withheld from the immediate
perusal of congress it is suggested that
Senor Poo y Bernabe be directed to
lirnt it at the cost of the Spanish lega
tion in Washington and thus secure for
it the ear of the American people
Although it is not fully understood
why under such delicate circumstances
President McKinley should be in such
haste to submit the Jmerlcan report and
prefeiimablv other Cuban matters to
congress it is expected broadly speaking
that it is the collective American legisla
lure which Spain mistrusts and not the
I residential unit
Proposition Which Spain Hopes Will
Meet Our Approval i
London March SThe Washington i
correspondent of the Daily Chronicle I
says Spain has intimated to the govern
ment of the United I States t 1tn it has I
a new plan of autonomy to propose
and trusts that the United Sties will
I induce the Cubans to accept It The de I
7 tails of the scheme are as yet uadi
vulgod but it is believed the project
would give the Cubans virtual independence
Nothing But Emancipation of Cuba
Will Satisfy Americans I
London March JThe Times In an
editorial quoting the statement of its I
New York correspondent George VV
Smalley that despite the war talk
I the best opinion still holds to President
McKinley and peace the greatest dan
I ger is from a possible irresistible out
i I burst of unreasoning of generous sen
j timent says i
This does not tend to lessen the
chances of war for although such
waves of sentiment not infrequently
I subside as rapidly as they arise they
may last long enough to lead for good
I or evil to irrevocable decisions
I The Times proceeding to comment
j generally on the situation expresses
j I the opinion tht war is inevitable If
I the United States Interferes in Cuba
while the result is certain beforehand
II It expresses gratification that General
Woodford has taken the unusual and
I significant step of publishing an em
i phatic contradiction of the malicious
i rumors circulated by the Spanish yel
low press which reported him as
adopting a provocative attitude
I The Times after declaring that this
statement should greatly assist the
peace party In America concludes its
editorial as follows
I While hoping that we may yet be
I spared the sad spectacle of a contest
between two friendly nations both
hound to us by the ties of old friend
ship if the worst comes we should
not of course forget while maintain
ing the duties of neutrality toward
both that one of them is knitted to us
yet more closely by ties of blood
The Standard editorially reviews the
j whole situation and says
Unfortunately there is such a pro
found distrust In the United States of
the competency If not of the good faith
of the Spanish government that noth
ing but emancipation of Cuba Is likely
to satisfy American public opinion
The name of suzerainty might per
haps be retained but nothing short of
practical independence would be held
satisfactory and this is the view which
commends itself to English as well as
American judgment
The Dally News in an editorial justl
fying the attitude of the United States
America has no spite against Spain
to gratify and no selfish interest to
serve It is all very well to call Sen
ator Thurston a fanatic because he in
vokes the principles of the Christian
i Sftfa
religion 1 against the cruelties of a
Christian power But he speaks of
what he reps and his testimony is not
Spain is entitled to govern Cuba but
not to extirpate the Cubans A weak
despotism is the most cruel govern
ment President McKinleys calm and
sober language does honor to him as a
Christian and statesman and Spain will
commit a grievous mistake if she in
terprets this as a confession j weak
ness Senor Sagasta has a great opportun
ity In President McKinley he has a
highminded and generous opponent
who will make things as easy for Spain
as he can It is curious how completely
at this critical time Mr Sherman has
fallen into the background and Mr Mc
Kinley come to the front
Chicago Printers Demand That Cuban
Butchery Cease
Chicago March 7At the regular
meeting of Chicago Typographical
union No 16 held today the following
open letter was ordered telegraphed to
George Foss 1401 Stoughton Street
W E Mason Senator and Col
leagues Washington
Chicago Typographical union No
16 believes that the eloquent appeals
to the intelligence of the American
people by Senators Thurston Proctor
and Galllnger in the United States sen
ate on behalf of the starving women
and children of Cuba place the United
States in a position where their duty
to civilization and humanity is clear
This union therefore calls upon the
Chicago congressmen and senators
of Illinois to insist upon the United
States demanding that the butchery
starvation and inhuman policy pursued
by Spain in Cuba under the guise of
socalled warfare shall cease forth
with and in the name of humanity
which rises superior to diplomacy and
precedent to enforce such demand im
mediately peaceably if possible by
force of arms if necessary
Charles Deacon President
Threw Over a Bargain
Rome March 27The Fanfulla says the
Italian government has declined to sell
to the United States the warship Danta
Buena for which SO000000 lire was offered
being 5000000 over her cost price
Families Are Lucky In the Western
Porkopolis Who Live In a Two
story HouseCottages Deserted
Cincinnati 0 March 27Unless rain
should come copiously and quickly the
present freshet of the Ohio river will
very soon pour the great flood into the I
Mississippi river From Portsmouth up
it is falling tonight At Portsmouth 1 I
it is rising slowly At all points below i
airo it is rising Here at Cincinnati i
the current is unusually swift which
Indicates that the volume of water
from tributaries below has diminished
greatly and given free course to the
piledup waters above Reports from
various parts of the Ohio valley agree
in announcing warm temperature
I cloudy skies and high winds with only I
one instance of drizzling rain
At Cincinnati the mercury registered
I 6S In the lowlands of Cincinnati near I
ly 1000 houses are flooded with from
one to four feet of water Some have I
been abandoned which is the case with I
onestory cottages In twostory
houses families remain in the upper J
stories Of the flooded houses 500 are
in and about Cumminsville from Back j I
water In Mill creek where the inunda
tion i is more annoying than serious In j
ht i
and about Columbia the extreme river I
limit of the city 400 houses are soaked
with from one to four feet of water
At Riverside the extreme down stream I
limit of the city 100 houses are af
fected about as those at Columbia
Those driven out find no difficulty in j
securing shelter with their more fortunate
tunate neighbors though some occupy
tents on high land Household effects
damagable by water have either been
saved by timely removal or by friendly >
boats Nearly all affected are ex
perienced flood fighters and are seldom i
caught napping when a great rise
comes down the Ohio
On the Kentucky side the inhabitants
of the lowlands near Dayton and Belle
vue have been placed in the same un
pleasant situation as their Cincinnati <
neighbors But most of them have
seen floods before now and know how j
to make the best of them Thus far
no casualties have been reported The
eftrg litTo
railroads are all in better condition i
The Baltimore Ohio Southwestern Is i i
compelled to make tours east and west
but this will soon be over as repairs
are pushed with all possible dispatch
The Cincinnati Georgetown Ports
mouth railroad was compelled to make I
transfers in the east end of Cincinnati
I today All other roads are practically
Merchants and commission brokers in
the bottoms removed their goods to dry
I spots without loss Very few factories
j of consequence have been interrupted
I or stopped Small boats continue to
come and go and navigation will be <
fully resumed by tomorrow or Tuesday i i
At 10 oclock tonight the stage here
was 33 feet and fourtenths Between I
1 8 and 0 oclock it had remained sta I
tionary This fluctuation is the precur I
sor of a fall It will probably stop at
53 feet and 9 inches and by tomorrow
i noon will be falling I
I Pioche Merchant Held For Stealing
April Fool Cyanides
Special to The Herald
Ploche March 27The preliminary ex
aminaiton of Dan Mandich charged with
stealing BOO worth of cyanides from tha
April Fool company occupied the atten
tion of the justice court Friday and Sat
urday After hearing all the evidence
and arguments the justice of the peace
J It Hoag bound him over to appe
I before the grand jury and fixed his ball
at 2000 Mandich secured bail l
It Is learned that the Westlnghouse
Electric Light plant at PlttsbUrs has
been working steadily for the lust two
weeks on a secret government order for
electrical apparatus designed for use in
connection with submarine mines and
torpedoes etc The contract is for J150
000 and the equipments which are to be
completed In every detail are to be furn
ished at the earliest possible moment
Lloyds reports that the United States
cruisers San Francisco and New Orleans
formerly the AmazonasJ sailed from
London yesterday bound for New York
It Is stated on trustworthy authority
that the Phoenix powder mills at Kel
logp W V which have been Idle for
four years will resume at once on ac
count of a big order from the United
States government
The Vienna correspondent of the Frank
fort Zeltung says the AustroHungarian
government is negotiating for the sale of
a war vessel to Spain
Senor Ramon AgRuelles the Cuban I
I railway king has given 100000 in gold to
the Spanish navalfund
Overwhelming Sagasta Vic
tory For the Cortes
I I Senor Gullon Says a Rupture Can
Now Hardly Be Avoided
I Latest Intelligence From This Coun
try Has Inspired a Great PatriStic
Movement Throughout Spain
Wageearners Will Give Up a
Days Pay to Establish a Fund
For Warships Elections In Ha
vana QuietSpanish Comment
i Madrid March27 The elections for
I the popular branch of the cortes have
passed off on the whole quietly The j
indications are that the government ot I I
j Senor Sagasta will have an enormous
t I
I majority estimated at SOO of the 42
seats in the congress
Disorders are apprehended at Bilboa
where the polling caused great excite
ment The military judge at Bilboa
issued a warrant for the arrest of thcee
Socialist municipal councilors One of
them was taken into custody but the
other two escaped
Havana March 27 Election day Inl
Havana has been more quiet than I
many election days in New York ch1i I I
cago and other large American cities
The iroxernment took admirable pre
cautions n the nature cf a police j
guard which proved effective There j
was a good deal of apprehension
among some of the Americans owing i
to the distribution of a threatening cir i i I
cular but it was recognized that this
1t i ret I
emanated from irresponsible quarters I I j I
and its threats were disregarded by j
all except the very nervous x
It is too soon to give the result of the I
elections but clams are made that the
government ticket including 20 auton i i
omists ate conservatives had been
Oct t
elected The vote in the city has been
very light
I Berlin March 27 The Madrid corre
spondent of the Frankfort Zeitung
says I
Senor Gallon thaminfster of foreign
rafTsir has inform < rwne that an ex
tremely threatening nntehns arrived l
irom Washington regarding the cessation
ifg ar i
tion of war in Cuba He added No 1
matter how one leganls the affair a i i
rupture can now hardly I be avoided
Senor Gullon the minister of foreign
affairs still talks hopefully but in
very reserved terms regarding thej re I
cent exchange of views with European
governments Dinlomacy is most ac
tive all the ambassadors are receiving
lone communications from their re
spective governments The newspa
pers attach the greatest importance to
this phase of the question so much so
that interest in the elections is most
lacking I
Rumor persistently points to Russia
as the most like mediator Senor
Sagasta is said to be busy with a di
plomatic document either a note to the
American government or a circular to
the powers v
Madrid March 7The latest intel I
ligence from the United States has oc
casioned a great patriotic movement
throughout Spain A large number of
persons have announced their intention I
to give up a days pay for services In
order to raise a fund to purchasa a
warship A committee over which the
bishop of Madrid will preside has been I
organized to receive subscriptions
made SpeciaUtheatrical performances
are announced the receipts of which
are to be devoted to this purpose
The Duke of Veragua who knows
President McKinley personally is re
ported as saying President I McKinley
does not si inspire me with confidence He I
thinks himself the first statesman in
the world He is proud and vain and
his great vanity makes him believe
himself a Napoleon when in reality lie
is an Ignorant sutler
It is reported that the Conservatives
intend to propose that the troops In
the interior of Cuba should withdraw
to the coast until the autonomists and
seperatists arrive at an agreement
but it is not expected that the cortes
will entertain such a proposal
The situation in Cuba is declared to
day 4o be much improved
El Liberal referring to dispatches
from Washington attributing to Pres
ident McKinley a decision to propose
that Spain should free Cuba for an
indemnity says
I The government may answer what
it pleases but the Spanish people as a I
whole will not deign to discuss this
proposal Spain will go to war in ful
filling her duty not for ephemeral glor
ies or the desire of conquest We may
emerge vanquished which is some
what doubtful but we will never come
out dishonored 1
EI Imparcial says It is indispens
able to get ready all the elements we
possess for a naval fight and It Is I I
urgent that the fleet should go to Cuba
The United States will maintain the
advantage if they can play seven iron I
clads in front of the Vizcaya and the
Almirante Oquendo but when our two I I
ships actually have to fight this disadvantage I
advantage will disappear before the
j skill and courage of our sailors I I
The semiofficial El Glob6 says At I I
a time when the duration of the war
In Cuba is being minimized by means
of autonomy the United States throws I
down the mask which hid their ambi
tion In whose name are they going to
establish intervention and In theVause
of what save that of revolutionary I
bandits If the United States will put
a light to the powder they have been
heaping up so long this Is an inoppor I
tune time to do so
El Liberal ridicules the Idea of the I
United States having any real Idea of I
going to war Pointing to the defen I
sive preparations reported in the Amer i
ican press obsolete monitors being
sent to protect Norfolk New York
Boston Port Royal Charleston and Sa I
vannah throwing up earthworks at
Fort Jefferson and arming them with
longrange guns making arrangements
with the railway companies for the
prompt conveyance of troops to threat
I ened points etc preparations which
El Liberal characterizes as childish
it says
All this looks much more as though
I America expected war to be declared
against her than that sheds about to
declare it against Spain
In political circles all sorts of rumors
are afloat as to Spain having formed a
powerful alliance The truth as to this
if there be any truth In it at all is at
present known to that only which
maintains an imperturbable reserve
Words Uttered By Our Minister at
Fridays Conference
Madrid March 27El Liberal com
menting upon the long conference on
I Friday between Senor Gullon the for
eign minister and United States Min
fster Woodford says
Tho behavior of the United States
minister could not be more significant
He scarcely brought himself to listen
and uttered a few words of excuse for
the attitude of his government
El Epoca prints in Spanish and Eng
lish the following full authorized
statement by United States Minister
My official position forbids my say
ing anything about the diplomatic du
f ties entrusted to my care The presi
dent desires peace between Spain and
the United States and peace in Cuba
Ever since I was accredited I have
worked by his direction and under his
guidance for peace and I shall so work
so long as I am accredited
I have been a soldier and know the
horrors of war and today as always I
pray that peace may continue between
the land of Columbus and the land of
t Washington
London March 7The Madrid cor
respondent of the Standard says
I am able to state that the following
is the real course of the negotiations
During the past week on Wednesday
United States Minister Woodford had
an official interview with the minister
of foreign affairs and the colonies Se
nors Gullon and Morel at the private
residence of the former It lasted two
hours General Woodford left with an
official note explaining fully the views
and intentions of the American govern
In this document no specific intima
tion was made nor any date fixed but I
it was clearly and firmly stated that
the United States government could
not longer withhold from congress the
correspondence and consular reports
which not only put In full light the
distress of the rural population of
Cuba the inadequate relief and the i
persistence of disaffection but also I
showed that the new colonial policy I
and other efforts of Spain had not
produced the results that would justify I
holding out the prospect of early paci
fication I
Consequently the American note I
lays stress upon the fact that con tln I
gencies are now fast approaching for
the action which was foreshadowed In I
a presidential message and diplomatic
correspondence so frequently and clear
ly during the last three years
The American note and the language
of General Woodford in his conference
with Senor Gullon leave no doubt that I
it is the intention of the Washington I
government to act very soon beginning
with the communication of the above
document and the Maine report to con
gress and sending relief officially to
the distressed Cubans
On Friday contniues the Madrid
correspondent of the Standard Gen
eral Woodford had by appointment
another olliclal interview with Senor
Gullon in which he received the of
ficial reply of the Spanish government I
to the American memorandum of
March 23
The Spanish reply couched in firm
language says that the Spanish gov
ernment cannot agree with the conclu
sions the American government has
drawn from inaccurate information
that does not tally with the recent ac
tivity and progress of the military op
erations in Cuba and the visible popu
larity and progress of th < 5 new colonial
institutions which have been loyally
accepted and are supported by even
the old adversaries of home rule in the I
Spain the reply continues can
not natural admit the interference
which is foreshadowed in the American II
note and deprecates the sending of of
ficial relief and war vessels to Cuba
as being the very elements that have
retarded the pacification of the col
ony Spain reminds the American gov
ernment of all the concessions she has
made to preserve peaceful relations
and to conciliate the United States the
past proof being her willingness to
submit the conflicting commission re
ports as to the Maine to arbitration
In conclusion the Spanish reply
shows that the government believes it
has reached the extreme limit of con
cessions compatible with the honor
and dignity cf Spain and will not ad
mit encroachments on her rights of
sovereignty in the west The matter
now rests with the president and both
governments evidently consider the
Maine affair a mere incident in the
more important issues about to be
raised by the conduct of the United
Spain Resolved to Defend Her Na
tional Right and Honor
Madrid March 7La Correspond
encia I do Espana says it understands
the government naIS occupied with cer I
tain new factors in the situation which
it believes may givj a more favorable
turn to events
La Corrpo says the government is calm
in the consciousness of having done Its
duty and Is satisfied The foreign press
has recognized this and also the rirmness
with whIch Spain is resolved to defend I
her national right and honor
El Correo adds God knows If matters
are becoming worse which Is possible
but the provocation is notorious and
scandalous and if onerous results are
proposed to us the country en masse
faithful to its traditions will repel them
The Epoca says that Spain Is trying to
prevent considering it u calamity and
has freely made important concessions
such as autonomy Spain the paper con
tinues has not lost for a single moment
her calm consideration but she cannot
consent to the perpetual Intervention of
Americans and the American government
Ei HeralJo declares that without the
intervention of the United States the
Cuban insurrection would have been re
duced to mere brigandage
If the revolt continues says EI
Heraldo Is because the rebels see in
America the hope of an III starred to
morrow for Spain and while this hope
f ti wTIrlalt
exists the Insurrection will maintain suf
ficient strength blowly to consume our
blood and money War with the United
States represents the solution of the
problem which we must examine with
tranquil minds
La Naccional says it awaits calmly the
approaching donouement
Report Expressing Emperor Wil
liams Opinion of Maine Explosion
London March 27 Count De Rascon
the Spanish ambassador to Great Britain
paid a visit to the foreign oiiice at a late
hour yesterday and remained three
quarters of an hour
No credence whatever Is given in well
informed circles to the Sunday specials
of Berlin correspondents alleging an in
terview with the United States ambas
sador Mr White at Berlin in the course
of which Mr White Is made to say that
Emperor William had expressed a belief
thf hp ittalor n q rtroP rom 11
outside and that the German Admiral
Knorr with members of the naval com
mittee had studied at theemperors di
I rection a number of exhaustive reports
cabled from Havana and had reached the
conclusion that i was duo to the over
heating of the Maines coal bunkers a
I view Ambassador White l was said to
I What Spain Declines t Do
Berlin March 2The Madrid corre
I spondent of the Berliner Taseblatt says
Spain will not only refuse to allow
i American interference in assisting the
suffering Cubans but will decline to pay
Indemnity unless It Is shown unmis
takably that the Spanish authorities were
responsible for the Maine explosion I
President demands these two things war
Is unavoidable
Abstract of Report On Destruction
of the Maine
Carlists Stood No Show
Days Events In Washington
Wonderful Pay Dirt
A ledge or Copper
Educational Matters
At the Tabernacle
The Elissa
Fraternal Societies I
State News
In the Sodal Realm
New Pastor of the Second E
Forecast of Congress
Senator White Here
I Together With the Nominees of the
Radical Populist Bolters
Portland Ore March 7A fusion state
I ticket under the names of the Peoples
DemocraticSilver Republican party was
completed yesterday and tho three con
ventions adjourned The following nomi
nations were made I
Governor W R King Populist Baker
Congressman First district R M I
I Veatch Democrat Lane county
Congressman Second district C M
I Donaldson Silver Republican Baker I
Secretary of state P R Kiacaid Silver
Republican present Incumbent I
Justice of the supreme court William M
Ramsey Democrat Yamhlll county
State treasurer J O Booth Democrat
Josephine county
Attorney general J L Story Populist
Wasco county
State printer C F Fitch Populist
Claramas county
Superintendent public Instruction H S
I man Populist Clatsop county
The middleoftheroad Populists who
bolted the regular Populist convention
nominated a state ticket as follows
Governor J C Luce Grant county I
secretary of state Ira WaUelleld Jack
son county state treasurer J K Sears
Polk county superintendent public In
structlon J E Hosmer Yamhlll county I
state printer D L Grace Harnov coun
ty congressman First dtetrletvJ L HjU
Linn county I
Augustine Ericson of Hailey loses I
His Eyesight
Special to The Herald I
Halley Ida March 7Ist night about
r I oclock Augustine Ericson met with an
accident from the effects of which ho has
lost the sight of both eyes and sustained
a fracture of the left arm Hs was work
ing at hs claim on East Fork but 12
miles from Hale He had put in three
charges of powder and lighted the fuse
of each retiring to a safe distance Mr
Ericson is dref and from the reports ho
heard he thought all three sots had fired
but as ho was returning to the face of the
tunnel another chargo exploded throwing
rock and dirt in his face breaking his
and destroying ths sight of both
arm He was all alone at the time and
groped eyes his way out of the tunnel and
down the gulch for two miles calling for
help Mr James Galbraith heard his
calls and went to his assistance Mr Gal
braith brought the tua red to Hate >
where his wounds were dressed bj Dr
R L Nourse He is a man about 5 years
of ago and unmarried
Vernon Bird Charged With Assault
ing Charlotte Yates
Special to The Herald
Paris Ida March 27Chaylotte Yates
of this place a young girl of 16 years
swore to a complaint yesterday before
Probate Judge Osmond charging Vernon
Bird with criminal assault Sheriff Rich
left for Blackfoot last night to apprehend
Bird where he riow is working on a
ranch ihere preliminary examination will
take place on Monday
Budge will prosecute
District Attorney Buige wi
Distrct Rich will dfllend Bird Is re
garded as a worthless fellow The public
is indignant
Nothing Liko It Ever Known Before
In Newfoundland
St Johns N F March ZThe sealing
steamer Greenland which put Into Ba
de Verde last night witha story of ter
rible disaster to her crew on Wednesday
and Thursday while among the Ice floes
in search of seals arrived her this after
She reported 23 men dead25 missing
and r 6 so fearfully frostbitten that about
r of them will lose their limbs The
colony is aghast atttho magnitude of the
disaster nothing like it having ever been
known here Already a relief fund has
been 1 started to assist tho relatives of the
pur I
Sabbath Cuts No Figure I
War Preparations
Never Since the Civil War Was
Sunday Activity So Evident
Significant Conference of Senor Polo
and Judge Day at State Department
Steady Progress In Peace Nego
tiations Presdents Policy Out
lined Developments of a Day I
the Cuban Situation Militia Prep
arations Naval Movements
Washington 1are 27Te president
saw a number of the members of the
cabinet at the White House today
They dropped in one by one until those
present included Secretes Bliss Al
ger Gage and Attorney Grlggs With
them also was Assistant Secretary Day
of the state department who presum
ably had some dispatches to show the i
president The gathering was not a >
special cabinet meeting in the sense
in which the term is generally used
but was simply a talk between the
president and his advisers such as occurred
curred last Sunday concerning matters
on which he desired to consult them
The Cuban question and the report ot
the Maine court of inquiry were the
topics discussed but so far as could ba
ascertained nothing conclusive was de
termined one of the members of the
cabinet saying subsequently that there
was nothing new or startling in the
situation strtng to
The presence of Judge Day would in
fer there were advices from Minister
Woodford but further than an ac
knowledgment that communication la
in progress between the state depart
ment and the minister nothing could
be ascertained
At the state war and navy depart
ments there was during the earlipr por
tions of the day little semblance of tho
Sabbath Chiefs of bureaus clerks
messengers and telegraph operatom
were at work Probably never since the
days of the late war have so many
officials gathered at the war and navy
departments on a Sunday Dispatches
that came over night regarding the
t movements of ships and other matters
were received and as many of them
required prompt answer in the present
emergency replies were forwarded
Secretary Long however did not ap
pear at the navy department during
the day as most of the matters re
quiring attention were those that could
as well be attended to by bureau officers
Beers and their assistants Mrs Long
has been ill for some time and the
secretary in part shook official cares
and spent the major portion of the day
with her In the afternoon in com
pany with Mrs Long the secretary
drove to the navy yard and inspected
the dynamite cruiser Vesuvius which
t c3
is having Its guns repaired The ves
sel has been at the yards about a week
and great crowds have been there to
see her
Assistant Secretary Day spent a por
tion of the Sabbath at the state de
partment and there received a call
from the Spanish minister a rather un
usual procedure indicating important
matters for consideration The con
ference lasted some time but Us na
ture could not be learned
Tonight Commodore Vinfleld S
Schley just appointed the commander
of the Hying squadron left here for
Norfolk It is expected that tomorrow
he will hoist his flag on the Brooklyn
which is to be flagship of the fleet
The only other vessel of the squadron
now at Hampton Roads is the Massa
chusetts or the remaining three the

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