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c 4 I
4 0
Lords and Ladies and Citizens Came
to Hear the Message
J 1J
Disappointment of One of the largest
and Host Distinguished Audi
ences That Ever Assembled fa the
CapitolSenator Proctors Appear
ance Created Bipple of Applause
Washington April GA memorable
scene was presented at the opening ol
the senate today An audience that
tested the full capacity of the accom
modations had filled the galleries an
hour before the senate convened
It was by no means an ordinary
crowd of gallery habitues Members
of the families of must of the distin
guished men in American public life
were there prominent representatives
of several foreign legations occupied
the diplomatic gallery and persons dis
tinguished in all Walks of life had
conic to witness a scene that promised
to form an important page in Ameri
can history
A message was to be received from
the president of the United States that
might in its results mean war between
the great nations and intense interest
bordering upon anxiety was depicted
on every countenance
In the private gallery sat Sirs John
A Logan widow of the brilliant Black
Jack who won fame on many a hard
fought field and served long in the
body upon which his widow now looked
Accompanying her was Miss Cisneros
her ward who was rescued from a
4 Spanish prison where she had been in
carcerated for allegiance to the cause
of Cuba and her agents
In the diplomatic gallery was the
Jistlngulshed Sir Julian Fauncefote
the ambassador of Great Britain It
Was the first time he has been In this
place since the inauguration of Presi
dent McKinley and at that time he oc
cupied a seat on the Iloor of the Ben
ateSeats in the executive gallery had
been reserved for a party from the
White House but their occupants were
late in coining
Senator Proctor was the first senator
to make his appearance on the floor
As he quietly wended his way through
in the
the senate to his seat the people
galleries recognized him and a slight
ripple of applause ran through the
great crowd
Mr Proctor seemed to be embar
rassed by the attention which he re
ceived and soon afterward disappeared
In the cloak room
A vase of beautiful Easter lilies oc
cupied the desk of Mr Foraker when
the senate convened
Mr Allison naked unanimous consent
that the senate resume consideration of
the sundry civil bill
This was agreed to and amid a buzz
in the galleries the clerk began to read
the bill
When that part of the bill providing
that no part of the appropriation for
Howard university in this city should
be used for the theological department
was reached Mr Huwley Conn inter
rupted the reading
He said that everywhere the United
States recognized that there was a God
Such recognition is made in the senate
and house every day and the warships
and army posts of the nation have their
chaplains He desired therefore to
know whether this provision prohibited
i religious Instruction at the university
T Mr Allison explained that It in no
manner interfered with religious in
struction but part of the appropria
tion could Iw used for the support of
the theological departments
the committee
Mr Davis chairman of
tee on foreign relations moved that the
senate go into executive sessions Di
vision was demanded and the vot
2317 disclosed the absence of a quo i
rum A call of the senate was then re
quested While this was proceeding
the hundreds in the galleries awaited
the action of the senate with almost
breathless interest as all realized that
after waiting for hours to hear the
message read In the senate they were
The call
likely now to be disappointed
of the senate indicated the presence or
7J members Mr Mills Tex expressed
the hope that the call for the yean and
nays upm the motion of Mr Davis
would be withdrawn and that the
satiate might i without division go into I
executive session I On a viva voco vote
the motion prevailed and the vice I
president at 137 p m ordered the gal
leries cleared
Eight minutes afterward the senate
resumed legislative business in open I
session As soon as It became noised
about the corridors that the galleries
tremendous rush
were again opened a
up the stairways began and a few I
minutes afterwards the galleries were
again nearly filled Hundreds however
tired and disappointed had already 1
left the capitol
At the request of Mr Wilson consid
eration of the sundry civil bill was re
sumed The reading of the bill was
concjuded and the amendments which
had been passed over informally were
taken up
An amendment by Mr Cullom ap
propriating 15000 to restore the banks
of the Ohio river at Shawnee town Ills
recently swept away by floods was
An amendment which vas practical
ly a war measure was proposed by Mr
Pettus of Alabama It providesan ap I
propriation of 200009 to be immedi
ately available for the Improvement of
Mobile bay in order that warShips and
their barges might reach the wharves I
of Mobile to obtain coal and supplies
Mr Pettus and Mr Morgan imule an
appeal for the amendment as a meas
ure really necessary as a matter of
national defense
Mr Allison said he was opposed to
making a river and harbor act out of
the sundry civil bill
MrCray of Delaware advised Mr
Allisoh that he hud an amendment for
the improvement of the harbor uf Wil
mington Del because the factories of
that city which were working upon
army and navy supplies were seriously
emborassed by the condition of the
In reply Mr Allison said any meas
ure providing necessary means for the
national defense Would pass both the
senate and house promptly He be
lleved hat if the proposed amendment
was necessary for the national defense
it ought tp be passed upon by a com
mIttee of the senate which had that
subject directly in charge He sug
gest d therefore that all such amend
A ments should be submitted to the prop
f I er committee Meantime he asked
that the bill belaid aside and the
1 wholesquestion wdnt over At 5 oclock
the senate adjourned
Marc Island Damaged 8342000
Washington April GA telegram re
ceived at the navy department today
from the commanding officer of the
Mare jsland navy yard showed that
the amount of damage suffered front
the earthquake shock last weelris 312
000 Secretary Long will ask congress
One teaSIoon
ful baking powder is
Schillings Best money
I back ess
I for a special appropriation to make
the necessary repairs to the buildings
Discontinued BecauseThey Take Up
McKinleys Valuable Time
Washington April 61he war sit
uation has led to a discontinuance of
the presidential public receptions These
rceptions have been usually held tri
I weekly on Mondays Wednesdays and
Fridays and have been a source of
great delight to the army of sightseers
I who flock to the nations capital To
day the first consignment of strangers
that put in an appearance at the
White House were notified that there
would be no reception today and sub
sequently it was announced that there
would be none during the week The
outlook is that the occasions to which
all Washington sightseers look forward
with much interest Will be indefinitely
postponed This action is not by any
means the fruit of a desire of Presi
dent ilclilnley to avoid the fatiguing
ceremony of grasping several hundred
hands and saying a pleasant word or
two to as many people but is due to
me imperative necessity for the secur
ing of a time for the executives own
use The president has borne up well
against the trying events that have
made great demands on his physical
endurance though he show d to some
patent the effect of the long hours of
deliberations over the situation
Concerning the Haine Capability of
Cubans For Selfgovernment
Washington April GThe foreign
affairs committee of the house had Ad
miral Irwin who is an expert in ex
plosives before them this morning He
was asked his opinion as to the char
acter of the mine which blew up the
Maine and as to whether it was pos
sible for such a mine to have been lo
cated without the knowledge of the
Spanish authorities I
To the latter inquiry he replied in the
negative giving his reasons for his
Admiral Irwin who had 40 years ex
perience In the navy much of it in
the South American ports was asked
particularly whether he considered the
Cubans capable of self government He
replied that lie considered them far
superior to the people of any of the
South American countries which have
broken away from Spains rule and
gave as his reason the fact that the
children of all welltodo Cubans had
been educated either in this country or
Ingleside Races
San Francisco April Weather at
Oakland cloudy track heavy Re
First Race Five Furlongs Selling
Blarney Stone won Miss Rowena sec
ond Alkoran third Tlmc10vz
Second Race One Mile and Onesix
teenth SelllngCaspar won Paul Pry
second Thelma third Time 153 vz
Third Race Four Furlongs Selling
Sevens won La Parasseus second Gold
Scratch third Time5l
5ee fl
Fourth Race One Mile and One
elghthEddie Tones won Torsida sec i
ond Bergia third Time 158
Fifth Race One Mile and Onesix
teenth Selling Alvarado II won
Flashlight second Ncwsgatherer third
Time 132 i
Sixth Race Six Furlongs Selling
Silver State won Lost Girl second
Florimcl third T c1181h 1
I Spanish Fours I
I London April 6 Spanish 4s opened I
lower on the stock exchange at 48
I and further weakened to 4If Later I
I then was a slight rally to 47jR The
closirg price yesterday was 49 = 4
I 220 p m Spanish 4s on the ex
change sold at 4S at this hour
Barcelona April Spanish 4s are
quoted here today at 6780 against 7023
Paris April 6 1 p mSpanish 4s
were depressed on the bourse today
selling at 47 = PX interest The clos
i ing price yesterday was 50 1516
I One Rascal Came to Grief
I New York April Frederick Milne I
j formerly assistant engineer of the
I city works department Brooklyn
j who was indicted on three counts for i
auditing fraudulent claims against the
city in connection with the public
works department was sentenced today
in the Kings county court to six months
in prison in the penitentiary and to pay
a fine of 500 The indictments found
by the grand jury were for felony but
the court consented to allow the ac
cused to plead guilty to misdemeanor
I Family Perished In Flames
Bowling Green 0 April 6Mrs
I George Carr and her two small chil
dren were burned to death last night
The Carr home was discovered to l > e on
fire and Mrs Carr rushed in to rescue
I her two sleeping children Before she
could do so however the building Was
I enveloped ibhcd In flames and all three per
I The Demented King Otto
f Munich April 6An official bulletin I
i issued this evening with reference to I
the condition of the demented King
f Otto of Bavaria Who yesterday was I
reported to be dying says The con
ditionof the king is not serious but ho
I Is suffeHng from a slight hem
Ohios Million For War
Columbus 0 April GThe senate
has passed the Riley bill appropriating
1000000 to put the Ohio National
Guard on a war footing There was
not a dissenting vote
Father Chidwick Promoted
New York April 6 Father Chid wick I
chaplain of the Maine who Is in this
city received notice from Washington
today that he had been advanced to I
the rank of lieutenant in the United I
States navy
The Treasury Showing
Washington April 6 Todays state
ment of the condition of the treasury
shows Available cash balance 224
566784 gold reserve 176388181
Now Is Kansas Satisfied
Washington April 6The gunboat
Diogenes recently purchased in Eng
land has been renamed Topeka after
the Kansas capital
The farmer tlie mechanic and the bi
cycle rider are liable tcTunexpectedcuts
and bruises DeWitts Witch Hazel
Salve is the best thing to keep on hand
It heals quickly and is a well known
cure for piles Smith Swift drug I
gists 142 Main
o a
Special Train For Conference
From April 6 to 10 inclusive special
train via Oregon Short Line will leave
terminus at 8 a m arriving Salt Lake
940 a m Returning will leave Salt
Lake 6 p m arriving terminus 740
p m This is In addition to regular
train service
Just In TinI For Easter
Famosa Auerbachs price this
week la pair Positively equal to any j
150 Kid Glove In the city All shades
and sizes
Fixing Up a Joint Note to Uncle
Sam and Spain
All This Has Been Going On For a
Day or Two But Yesterday As
sumed Activity Although Sur
rounded By Caution and Secrecy
Polo Is Serene
Washington April GiH was learned
from a reliable diplomatic source to
I day that the ambassadors and minis
ters of the grat powers of Europe sta
tioned in Washington and representing
Germany Austria Great Britain
I France and Italy at a meeting held at
the British embassy at 4 I oclock yesterday
terday afternOon iigresd upon
stantial tel nlll of a joint note
tho good offiCeS of the United States
to avert war between the United Stator
and Spain So far as can be learned
the note has not yet been presented
and It is understood that Its pr scrta
the serioUbitets
don depends upon
developed within the
situation as
the t <
On the same
next few hours
authority it is stated that th3 actual
of to some extent vas
test o the not 1
agreed upon U l Inueed the note was
not made up In its entirety
It Is said not to contain the
mediation but In mor diplomatic
friendly spirit It
the most
terms and in
suggests the good oillccB of the powers
It is Understood also that the
of this concerted action is to
defer purpose the war crisis for at least a fsw
days during which mature action may
be shaped
TIlls reported action by tho powers
is entirely distinct from steps Pope
may be tailing toward the sams gen
eral end
The course of the ambassadors and
ministers as well as their movements
within the last 21 hours have been sur
rounded with Uncommon measures of
caution and secrecy It is a case which
diplomatists know how to exercise with
even greater rigor than other officials It
was known last night that a meeting was
h ld at the British embassy late yester
day afternoon but all those participat
ing were so secretive after It had oc
curred that no hint escaped as to its
beyond the Inference that It con
c purpose rned the critical condition of Spanish
American affairs It Was not until to
day however that It became known to
those having access to the inner diplo
matic circles that the discussion at the
embassy took a definite line and that the
course of proc dure as well as its form
was not only discusfcad but largely de
cided upon Of course any such action
could be taken only as a result of in l i
structions from the several foreign offices
of Europe and apparently the mode and
tlms of execution of any instructions is
now committed to the ambassadors and
ministers at Washington but as stated
these Instructions are very limited and
merely designed to secure peace if possi
ble by us > of European good offices
There was the same complete reticence
in all diplomatic quarters this morning
and such action as may have been taken
yesterday was not followed by any furth
er conferences or concerted moves during
the early part of today For the time be
ins the ambassadors and ministers were
turning their attention to the capitol and
were awaiting with deep Interest the pres
ident message and Its effect upon con
gress Most of the foreign establishments
were deserted by 11 oclock In order to
gain advantage In the diplomatic galleries
in the senate and house The British em
bassador started for the capitol shortly
before noon l nd was followed by prac
tical the entire staff of the embassy
The French ambassador and his staff
were among tho few who did not go to the
The Spanish minister Senor Polo re
mained at the legation during the morn
ing and received a number of visitors The
situation had not changed so far as he
I was concerned and while continuing to
express his profound hope for peace he
admitted to his friends that he was con
scious of tho extreme gravity of the sit
uation Notwithstanding this he Is pro
ceeding as though affairs were In their
customary channel and to his friends he
pointed out that the legation presented no
evidence of expected change of packing
or of preparation for departure
Spain Juggled the Facts to Influence
Public Opinion
London April 6The statement made
by the Associated Press as to Great Bri
tams refusal to join with the powers in
the mediation proposals advanced by Ba
ron de Colircel the French ambassador
has been entirely conlirmed
The Austrian ambassador Count Deym
had a two hours conference with the offi
cials of the British foreign office on Sat
urday endeavoring to influence Great
Britain to join It but his efforts were in
effectual The ambassador at Washing
ton Sir Julian Pauucefote will partici
pate in no joint representations to the
state department at Washington unless
llrst assured that they will not be dis
tasteful to the president
The highest officials in London arc con
vinced that Spain designedly juggled the
facts of President McKinleys connection
with the popes attempt to mediate in or
der in Influence public opinion against
the United State
This apparently had the desired effect
upon continental opinion but it had ex
actly the opposite effect on Great Bri
The United States ambassador here
Colonel John Hay and Mr Balfour held
a long conference at the foreign olttco
this morning The foreign office officials
admit that the conference was of the
most Important nature
The U S Govt Repairs
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to sll others
International law and the Paris
Treaty Compact
Washington April GThe views of
Sir Richard Webster as to the right In
the event of war of search of neutral
ships by Spain or the United States
are concurred In by the state depart
ment 1t1a pointed out that the cap
I ture of contraband is legitimate during
hostilities and that search is necessary
to determine the character of a shills
cargo It Js also held here that Sir
Richard WebslerB statement as to
the status of Spain and the United
States under the declaration of Paris
is correct
The fact that neither Spain nor this
country ore signatories of the Paris
convention has caused considerable
discussion as to the possibility of prl
vateering In the event of war It has
been suggested that the powers might
attempt to treat the privateers of
either nation as pirates An official of I
the state department said today hov
ever that no real tears are entertained I
on this ground lIe pointed out that
it has been held by the best authorities
on international law that the declara
tion of Paris that privateering is and
remains abolished Is merely a com i
pact and cannot affect international
law consequently no nation by reason
of Its bejttfr a member of the Paris I
treaty can treat privateers of non
signatorlea as piratea nor is it prohib
lIed from using privateers itself when
at war with a nation not a member of
the Paris convention
1 or 2 of Grays Laxative Pellets
taken at night will produce a healthy
action in tho morning dispel colds
end prevent sickness
25o at Drug stores
Business and Editorial Office 524
Utah Loan and Trust Building
Telephone 298
Ogden April 7
Forty Societies Represented After
noon Session Devoted to = Junior
Work Evening Song Service
I l
The red white and blue badge of the
State Christian Endeavor society was I
conspicuous in Ogden yesterday It
began to make its appearance with the
first trains of the day and became I
more numerous as the evening ca ne
on Th re are probably close to 100
delegates In the city who represent 40 I
different societies of the state but
there arc of course many who attend
the session and are Interested workers
who are not delegates I
The convention was called in the
Presbyterian church and was opened j I
by President W H Tlbbals who led
the devotions j I
X i
The afternoon was devoted to Junior
conference work under the general I
leadership of Miss Hulburd state superintendent I
ar fenf riss
perintendent of junior work Miss I I
Whlteman of Bountiful gave a paper
on The Practical Needs of Junior
Work in which she emphasized Im
portance of early Impressions and the
need of early training in the first prin
ciples of Christianity
Mrs Bichsel of Ogden showed the Im i
portance of Bible Study thorough
earnest conscientious bible study
Spiritual Activity In Junior Work
was the title of a most helpful paper
by Miss Fannie Wheeler of Salt Lake i
superintendent of the Westminster j I
Junior society She emphasized the i
truth that spiritual life and Its devel I j I
opment Is a most important fact i
Bands of Mercy was the subject of i
an able paper by MlssS Mina McArthur i i
of Salt Lake who dwelt on the ne j i
cesslty of inculcating kindness Into the
i i
youthful mindkindness especially to 1
animals as cruelty to dumb brutes I
tends to undermine moral courage
A paper on Work for Missions was
prepared by Miss Sadie McClure of
Fairvlew and read by one of her Junior I
Mrs C E Brainard conducted a
Junior rally which concluded the af I
ternoon programme
In the evening the number of dele I I
gates had been augmented by arrivals
on the evening trains The opening
exercise was a song service led by I
J O McCracken
Rev W H Bagby spoke on Religion I
In the Home and Dr Paden spoke of
Spiritual Growth
The service this morning will begin I 1
promptly at 910
Commissioner Hammons Expense 1
Account Was Approved 1
The board of county commissioners
held a session yesterday and after i
transacting considerable business ad
journed till Monday
The matter of appointing a bee In i
spector came up but it appearing that
the law requlreSa majority of the bee I
owners of the county to petition for
such an appointment the matter went
over The matter of requiring all ped I
dlers to pay a license was taken under
William Felt the Huntsville road su
pervisor protested against the appro
priation of the entire sum of money
for the improvement of the canyon
road going to Eden precinct It was
shown that the road lies In that pre
222 s > 224 MAIN ST
Black Button Coin Toe
Chocolate Lace Coin Toe
We Make a Specialty of
Shoes for fcadies
Handturned Shoes 250
Goodyear Welt Shoes 250
Fine Kid Vesting Stay 250
18 Different Styles in 250
Highgrade Shoes equal to
most 300 and 350 sold in
Salt Lake City
dies Shoes Foster Make
I 350 to 600 a pair all the
new designs of this years
make can be fqund in our
well selected stock Our
I grades compare very favorably
I with most 500 Shoes
It matters not what price you
wish to pay
A call to our elegant store
room is all we ask
i cinct though used extensively by 1
Huntsville people and the action was
I not reconsidered
Chairman Armstrong called attention
to the fact that the appropriation made
I for Weber county roads by the state
i had not been expended the governor
having failed to name a supervisor
i Mr Seaman was made a committee of I
one to look the matter up The county I
clerk was instructed to report to th1 j
board the condition of the books of the
various justices of the peace In Weber
county and whether they have bean I
kept according to law
Mr Hammon withdrew the expense
account nreviously filed by him and I
submitted one itemized in every respect
dates and names being given A sum
mary of the bill shows that the ex
pense was as follows
January 24 00
February 24 IOO
March 24 73
Total c 72 73
Clerk Farr audited the account and
the claim was allowed I
Hecht vs IiTetzler For SS3000 Now
On Trial
The case of Charles Hecht vs Joseph
Metzler was called lu the district court
yesterday morning The suit is a very
important one there being something
like 55000 Involved The action Is one
for damages alleged to be due by Heeht
because of misrepresentations on the
part of Metzler regarding the value of
certain lands In the city of Ogden for
which Hecht was induced to trade ills
rauch said to be one of the finest in
Colorado Maginnis Halverson represented
eo fe
resented Hecht and Richards Alli
son wIth George Sutherland are re
tained by Metzler The morning ses
sion was occupied in getting a jury The
opening statements Vrere made in the
afternoon and the prosecution began
prosecuting its case
That Telephone Proposition I
The sections of the telephone fran
chise asked for by David Eccles
Thomas D Dee John Scowcrof H H
Spencer and George H Matson which
have to do with rates to be charged
and payments to the city are as fol
Until an additional franchise shall
hereafter be granted by Ogden City to
any persons or corporation giving to
such persons or corporation the tight
to supply the inhabitants of Ogden
City with telephone communication the
said grantees their successors and as
signs shall pay into the treasury of
Ogden City the sum of 150 quarter
yearly in advance on the 1st day of
each and every quarter commencing
at the completion of the system as mcn
tioned In section 14 of this ordinance
and be paid during the continuance of
the rights privileges and franchises
hereby granted
The maximum rates or rent
als charged and collected by
said grantees or their success
ors or assigns shall not exceed
the sum of 2 per month for each tele
phone instrument placed operated
maintained and used in any residence
and shall not exceed 10 for each quar
teryear for each telephone instrument
leased operated maintained or used
in any business pursuit provided that
whenever five or more residence tele
phones shall be maintained or used
upon a Joint or party wire that then
the maximum rentals and charges col
lected for each such telephone shall not
exceed 1 per month
The Lord Provides
About two and a half years ago
Mrs R P Hunter and Mother Hun
ter were in the store of Payne Hurst
where the elder lady lost a 20 bill Dil
igent search failed to discover it and it
has been thought that the money was
stolen Yesterday Mrs R P Hunter I
received a letter In which was an en
velope addressed to Mother Hunter
and containing 20 together with a
brief note stating that this was the
m < iUey taken from her at that time
The writer stated that in a short time I
interest on the money would be forth j
coming There was a postscript read
ing The Lord provides The letter
was written In a disguised I hand and I I
pcstmarked Ogden I
I An Old Soldier Gone I
Frank E Morton aged 62 died yes
1erd Ornlng jjf bQwel trouble The j
deceased was member of the G AJI
Rvhiqh order will assist at1 the I
funeral services The funeral will be
held today at 2 p m from the resi
dence 92S Capitol i avenue I
Ogden Briefs i
Bert Greenwell Is down from Idaho
Falls for a visit with his mother and
Miss Maud Z Worthington of Oak
ley Ida is visiting Mr and Mrs It M
Mr Peacock representing the Amer
ican Tract society is attending the C
E convention
Miss May Littlefield of Morgan was
in Ogden yesterday the guest of rela
tives and friends
C F Fps of the Church Messenger
is in the city The Messenger distrib
utes neat Souvenir badges to the C E
William Bryan of Denver aged 37 I
and Miss B F Watson of Montpelier i
Ida aged 24 were yesterday granted
a license to wed
James Francis colored was yester
day siven 90 days for vagrancy but
sentence was suspended to give him a
chance to leave town I
A good sized house greeted Harry
Ccrson Clarke In his very clever com
edy What Happened to Jones The
play is one of the funniest ever seen
Judge Rolapp at the evening session
of court last night heard evidence in
the divorce case of Jane S Ballantyne
vs Jcdiah Ballantyne and granted a
The attractions at the Grand in the
n ar future are A Boy Wanted
April 11 James ONeill in Monte
Cristo1 April 12 and Dan Sully in
OBrien the Contractor April 14
The Herald extra yesterday was on
the streets hare a little over an hour
after It was issued in Salt Lake The
demand exceeded the supply and in ten
minutes after the train arrived not a
copy was to be had
Yesterday Chief Davenport was noti
fied officially that the council had in
structed Him to reinstate Officers Meis
ner Sullivan and Burton They will
return to duty tomorrow and mean
while two officers whom they will dis
place have been advised that they can
collect pay provided they report for
duty and it is expected that they will
dJ so Burton Is already serving in
place of Sprunt suspended
Confined to Her Bed
My wife has been in poor health I
for a long time and unable to do her
work and a part of the time was con
fined to her bed A few months ago I
She began taking Hoods Sarsaparilla
and now she Is entirely well and able
to do her work We are grateful for
Hoods Sarsapariila Gabriel Greago
St Johns Ariz
Hoods Pills arethe best family
cathartic and liver medicine Gentle
reliable sure
We have a few secondhand pianos
of standard makes good as new which
we are offering at considerable less
than onethird their real value on pay
ments of 5 a month Come and see
Temple of Music 203 South State St I
Special Rates By Oregon Short Line I
For the sixtyeighth annual conference
of the Mormon church Salt Lake City I
April e6 to 10 from all points on the Ore
gon Short Line Selling dates from near
points April 5 to 10 limit April 16
from farther points April 4 to 9 limit I
April 18 For particulars see Oregon
Short Line agents
Dear Mr EditorKindly inform your
readers that If written to confidentially
enclosing stamp for reply I will cheer
fully make known to them In a sealed
letter free of charge the plan pursued by I
which I was permanently restored to per I
fect health and manly vigor after years f
of suffering from Nervous Weakness I
Seminal Losses and Sexual Feebleness i i
sim 1 iSi
I have no scheme to get money from any
one I have nothing to sell or send C O i i
D but am simply anxious to mako known
to others who may be suffering as I was I
this means of certain and permanent cure
Address I
JAMES A HARRIS Box 433 Delray
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken it is pleasant
and refreshing to tho taste and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys
Liver and Bowels cleanses the sys
tem effectually dispels colds head
aches and fevers and cares habitual
constipation Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
Improvement the Order of the Age
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0 e7
The Standard is tho latest Improved
tailor system of dress cutting in the world
and embodies all of the very best princi
ples known to the dress cutting art It IS
founded on strictly squareInch measure
ment and cuts every garment worn by
the human family It is neither a chart
model nor scale system but a perfect
square and compass combined giving ac
tufel Inches and all the curves requisl
In making perfect lilting garments e
have thousands of testimonials from other
states and will furnish them on appiica
ALLNftl01U DieasrFaUia5 lee
= 8 m7ImpotfoncT S1eo > lH31es etc caI2Pd
iiAJAXTtDLE ether 2 xcesse cod Icals
ertrtlons Tfmy < jufcAfi and ssreHf
5itnre Lost Vitality in old at jonag aad
HtanxauforstudT bosiness or mzninsa
iraT at Insanity cud Ccn mctaa it
tSn In tOne Thslrnoe nhowj immediate fmrrore
inset anti effects a CURE where nil ether fell Iz
Flit upon hiring the gcnnino Ajar Tablets They
here rtd tbouS3t1dand 1ri1lC1U970a Wo give BCC150
eccbcaeeor lmwrittn rtnna golranteo tt toeCoct ooney B PriceJ4 CTSp
rrca e or six pkges all treatment for 2JSX B7
mail in plain tmrpcr upon receipt ot price Circular
fre AJAX REMEDY 5l5rbeSL Qk m
For sale In Salt Lake City Utah by
Drnehl Vranken P J Hill Co and
JS C il L Drug Company
222 i224 MAIN ST 222 p224 MAIN ST
c n r rt I I I g i r i I MENS FINE SHOES I
SPfCIAL VALUfS IN Black Vici Shoes Neat Dura
ble Late Style
A visit to Salt Lake City without seeing our store GOODYEAR WELT
is if in want of Shoes We
not complete especially
are leaders of Styles and Low Prices
Our Store Room = = Large Airy Light Accommo
2 50
I dating and Reliable ti I
PricesWe Qurantee Our Prices asLow
Our = = as as
A P at1i1
the Lowest Money back if you want it t
Sole Agents for Bannisters Shoes
Sole Agents for Fosters Shoes I 75
Round or Square Toes Lace
Mannish Womens Oxfords d
f > or Congress
Medium Light Shade Tans Handsewed SoIesj j Every Pair Warranted
good weight but very pliable The proper I
Walking Shoe Foster Make i
W 3 50
v i
z 0 All colors of this seasons late
it n I shades new coin and bulldog
I toes Goodyear welt soles A A
to E E widths
Our 350 Shoes will com
USB ID mm r pare favorably with any 500
Extension neat and soft
Shoe sold in this city
Sizes 5 to 8 100
Sizes 8 to 11 125
0 Sizes ilth2145
A GOOD HOE AT A No matter what style you
LOW PRICE want no matter what you
want to pay we will suit you

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