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f Resolution and Ultimatum Will Be Sped 1 Together
and Flashed Across the Sea
t In the Event of an Unsatisfactory Answer Diplomacy at
Once Ceases and Hostilities Begin
t F
Minister Woodford Will Be Recalled and Senor Polo Will Leave His Post
In Washington For Spain Forward Movement On Cuba Will Com
mence the Latter Part of This Week According to the Plans of the
Administration Cabinet Meetings Yesterday at Which the Span
ish Situation Was Discussed and Conclusions Reached As Herein
OutlinedForeign Power Will Observe Neutrality
Washington April 19The ultima
tum said one member of the cabinet
after the meeting today has been
agreed upon in substance but has not
yet been formally drawn up Its prep
aration has been entrusted to Assistant
Secretary Day of the state department
It will be sent to Spain tomorrow and
will reach Madrid in the evening the
difference in time between this coun
try and Spain being about six hours
I think you are safe in saving that
Spain will be given 48 hours that is
until Friday evening to submit her
reply In accordance with the terms
of the resolution the president will
demand that Spain shall evacuate the
I island The demand for this will be
flatfooted and absolute and no tenta
tive or halfway reply will satisfy the
president nor will any compromise
that contemplates the withdrawal of
Spains troops from the island and the
subsequent reestablishment of Span
ish control or the raising of the Span
sh flag over the country be accented
A by the administration Possibly it may
be suggested that the matter has been
referred to the ortes which meets to
morrow for its consideration and this I
t troishtbe instrumental in postponing
for a brief tinle the putting intp effect j
of the congressional resolution but the
president is disposed not to brook any I
further delay It is only fair that in a
great crisis like this reasonable time
shall be given
If Spain refuses to evacuate Cuba
prompt measures will be adopted to
put In force ths congressional resolu
tion A blockade of Cuba will so far
as at present Understood be begun at
once There are sufficient war vessels
in the vicinity to make this effective
I think such supplies as the Spaniards
now control will not last them more
than a month Then steps will be
taken with a view of increasing the
equipment of Gomezs soldiers and
by furnishing them with sufficient hard
tack for food will enable them to
harass the Spaniards from the rear
which will materially assist in bring
ing them to terms My own individ
ual idea is that it will probably take
two months to bring about the results
which will compel the Spaniards to
evacuate and enable the island to be
occupied by the United States without
No the United States government
will not issue any letters of marQue
and reprisal or countenance privateer
Ing but if the Spanish government
chooses to enter upon this line of war
fare she will have to deal with the
nations of Europe with whose com
merce she seeks to interfere
The congressional Cuban resolution
will not be signed until tomorrow The
ultimatum to Spain will be signed at
the same time The president early de
> A cided to make the two practically one
p f t by a simultaneous signature of
Compliance of Spain is not expected
and a forvard movement on Cuba will
commence the latter part of this week
acording the plans of the adminis
Otht anddecrees oadiotherij cmfw cmf
Two cabinet meetings were held dur
ing the day the first being at 11 and
lasting nearly two mours and the sec
ond lasting from 3 until 530 oclock
At their close announcement that ex
ecutive action was delayed until to
morrow was made Both cabinet ses I
sions were devoted principally to dis i
cusrlon jjf the ultimatum to besent to
At tile morning session the president
rather favored allowing the Madrid
government two or even three days in
which to reply to our demands but
since that time he has changed his
views somewhat and i is now believed
to be his purpose to require an answer
within a very short time probably
within 24 hours The reason for limit I
Ing the time to one day or even Jess
Is said to be entirely strategic other
wise two or even three days would I
have been allowed
The ultimatum itself it is believed
is short and to the point It will re
cite the main features of the resolution
passed by congress and demand a com
pliance therewith So far a could be
learned there will not be a meeting
of the cabinet this evening or tomorrow
morning before the president signs the
two documents which it is believed
unquestionably will precipitate war
I Is likely that the president and
Assistant Secretary Day will again go
over the message which is about to be 1
sent to Madrid and make any changes
i which may be thought desirable leav
A ing the final act of signing the con
gressional resolution and the ultimatum
until tomorrow mornfng It probably
will not bp made public here until no
tice is received that it is in the hands
of the Spanish public diplomatic eti
quette requiring this
The Cuban resolution passed by con
gress arrived at the White House at
115 oclock a little over an hour hav
ing been consumed in the formalities of
securing the signatures of Speaker
Reed and Vice President Hobart to the
I resolution in open session and its de
livery at the White House was made
by Representative Hager of Iowa
I chairman of the committee on enrolled
bills and Representative Overstreet of
I Indiana
It was expected that the resolution
would be signed immediately after I
had reached the president and this
was President McKinleys inclin ion
but for certain state reasons it was
deemed advisable that the resolution
I and the ultimatum to Spain should be
signed simultaneously and time was
needed to draft the ultimatum in diplo
matic form
The fact that the resolution was not
I immediately signed gave rise to a few
disquieting reports but it soon appear
ed from statements of cabinet officers
that the president had not the slightest
Intention of withholding his signature
and that the delay in attaching it was
accounted for solely by his desire to
I have a full and complete plan of opera
I tions for the government of the execu
tive In the immediate future before
I taking the final and important step of I
turning the joint resolution into a stat
I ute
Just what this plan shall be was the
occasion forthe two cabinet meetings
today The first session in anticipa
tion of the reception of the resolution
was devoted largely to questions of
finance and military policy as well as
to the framing of the ultimatum itself
So far as can be gathered the im
portant point at issue in regard to the
ultimatum was the question of time to
be allowed for a response on the part
of Spain The steady progress of military
tary and naval preparations indicated
the conviction on the part of the ad
ministration that a peaceful solution ef
existing difficulties is not probable As
to the course of events in the imme
I diate future the only prediction that
can be made is one based on prece
de ts
According to these Minister Wood
fcrd will notify the Spanish government
of the action of the government of the
United States and should the Spanish
cnswer be unsatisfactory as is expect
ed the next step would be for him to
ask for his passports and leave Ma
drid That would be followed Imme
diately bythe withdrawal from Wash
ington of Senor Polo the Spanish min
ister At this point I can be said that
the state department officials are confi
dent that the Spanish government will
so shape every phase of the negotia
tions asto oblige us to take the initia
tive at every point
After the withdrawal of the ministers
and assuming that Spain does not back
down will follow actual war but
whether or not the first overt act would
be preceded by a formal declaration of
war which would insure the immediate
neutralization of the powers or
whether the North Atlantic squadron I
will make its appearance off Havana
as a beginning cannot be predicted
In this connection it may be stated
that tha army and navy experts are
beginning to take a less hopeful view f
of an early and quick campaign than
they entertained a short time ago
Months are now mentioned instead of
weeks as the probable length of hos
tilities and one eminent naval officer
who had experience in the late war
professes a belief that unless outside
pressure Is brought to bear a war may
circumstances easily drag along a year under existing
Apparently the powers have abandon
ed efforts in Washington to Influence
the course of our government Matters
were quiet at all the legations today
and no instructions were received by
any of the ambassadors or ministers In
the line of mediation
Probability That Polo Will Be Off
For Spain Tomorrow
Washington April 19The Spanish
minister Senor Polo y Bernabe has
made his final preparations for depart
ure and is calmly awaiting notification
that the president has affixed his sig
nature to the Cuban resolutions at
which time the minister will take his
leave He had expected this would
come today and every arrangement
had been made with that in view Now
that the signing is deferred until to
morrow i Is probable that the minis
ter and his staff wH not depart before
another 24 hours pass by Before leav
ing he wH transfer the legation ar
chives and effects to the French em
Whether the state department will
1 send Senor Polo his passport or he
will ask for them is felt to be an im
material detail He intends to go with
out reference to these formalities and
there Is every reason to believe that
the state department will afford him
the protection of passports and
protecton pasports any
other attentns usual in the enforced
otheJ attentLns
departure of a minister on the break
ing out of war The entire staff of the
legation will accompany the minister
Their exact movements after leaving
Washington are not made known ex
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Has Passed the House and Will Pass
the Senat Bill For a Public
Building at Ogden
Special to The Herald
Washington April 19The house bill
relative to mining tunnel rights reached
the senate this afternoon and was sent
to committee This bill provides that only
75 feet on each side of the center line
of a tunnel site shall be reserved for tun
sie shal reserve
nel locations Any location made in a
tunnel may take any part of 1500 linear
feet on one side and the remainder on the
other or the owner may take a full claim
of 1500 feet on one side and 1500 feet on
the other side i extended beyond 750 feet
of the center line in said tunnel it does
not conflict with any prior location Any
vein or lode cut In the tunnel shall be
location at the surface The owner of any
within G days in the manner provided for
location at the surface The owner of any
claim shall be entitled to l ore to the
apex though it may not be included in
the boundaries as staked on the surface
The bill is recommended by Secretary
Bliss and will pass the senate
Senator Cannon has Introduced a bill
for a quarter of a million dollar public
building at his home city of O den
Senator Shoup malE a favorable report
this afternoon on his bill to ratify the
agreement with the Indians relative to
the opening of the Fort Hal Indian
Senator Mason has introduced a bill
authorizing the secretary of the interior
to grant railroads right of way Into and
through forest reservation under the ex
isting regulations governing the building
of railroads over public lands
The assistant secretary of the treasury
today signed 749 warrants in favor of in
dividual members of Nes Perce Indian
tribe the sixth per capita payment for
lands in Idaho ceded by that tribe to the
government The total amount of the
warrants drawn was 159720
Miss Effle Taylor was today appointed
postmistress at White Bird Idaho coun
ty vice Charles Chamberlain resigned
An increase in pension fromJ6 to S per
month is granted Benjamin F Wiley jr
of Glen Rock Wyo
Andrew F Caldwell was today com
I missioned postmaster VI at r Pocatello Ida
Applications Made I London to E
list I Uncle Sams Service
London April 19There have been
many applications at the United States
embassy and at the United States con
sulate here this week for enlistment
in the United States army or navy
Most of the applicants were English
men including several officers and for
mer officer of the British army of lieu
tenant grade A number of engineers
also applied and Ipplc tons were re
ceived from women who are desirous
of serving as nurses in the field
A majority of these who applied for
enlistment expect to be sent to the
United States at the governments ex
pense They were all told that the
United States officials here had no au
thority to enlist
Lieutenant Sims the United States
naval attache at Paris and Colonel
Alfred E Bates the United States military
tar attache here have purchased dur
ing the week several large lots of am
munition including guncotton The
latter it is presumed is to be used for
mines All the officials concerned
maintain secrecy as to the ships which
are to carry the war munitions to the
United States
Bill Ratifying Fort Hall Agreement
Is Reported
fSeclal to The Heraidt
Pocatello Ida April 19The follow
ing telegram was received by Judge
Standrod here this afternoon from Sen
ator George L Shoup
I today reported to the senate the
bill ratifying agreement with Fort Hall
Indians without encroaching upon the
terms of the agreement with the In
This news is received here with en
thusiasm Several days ago Senator
Shoup in a letter said that the In
dian committee was Insisting upon
some amendments ope of which was
that the purchase money was to be left
in the hands of the secretary of the in
terior to be expended for the benefit
of the Indians at his discretion I
was known that the Indians would
never agree to such terms Petitions i
setting forth this fact were prepared I
and were ready to be forwarded when
the above telegram was received I
Warren Wants His State Represented
In the Navy
Special to The Herald
Washington April 19 Senator Warren
called on the secretary of the navy this
afternoon and urged that one of the new
battleships bo named the Wyoming The
senator argued that the splendid achieve
ments of the first Wyoming entitled it to
a successor of the same name and that
there could be no bjtter designation for
a battleship In addressing the secre
tary he said the Wyoming was the sister
ship of the old Kcarsarge and deserved
the recognition I is probable that he
will be successful in securing the adoptio
of this name for one of the new American
mammoths of the sea
Signal Officer Ordered From Price
to Chickamauga
Special to The Herald
Price Utah April 19Sergeant Wil
lam Bessell of the signal corps who
for the past three years has been sta
tioned at Price is in receipt of orders
from the war department to at once
report to the comamnding general at
Chlckamauga Tenn where will be
stationed six regiments of cavalry and
ten batteries of flld artillery and
which will doubtless be one of the chief
counter points of operations in the coming en
Will Interest Colorado Musicians In
the Eisteddfod
Special to The Herald
Denver Colo April 19T F
Thomas of Salt Lake City arrived in
Denver last night for the purpose of
interesting the musical element of the
city in the Eisteddfod to be held in
Salt Lake in October He will enlist
the Colorado state band Apollo club
three harpists and several choruses
Another Patriotic Corporation
Detroit Mich April 19The Na
tional Express company sent to all Its
offices notices that all its employees
who are members of the militia or
other military bodies or who may be
called to active service in the prospec
tive war will be allowed half pay dur
ing their entire time of service and all
who return alive will be reinstated at
full pay either in the position vacated
or in others carrying equal compensa
i T k y
Americas Course Makes the
Premier Squirm
Cortes Asked to Provide the Means
of Defense
Spain Will Not Permit Territory to
Be Taken From Her With Im
punity Premiers Address to
His Followers In P Uament
Spain Proposes to Inflict as Much
Damage a Possible Upon Amer
ican Commerce
Madrid April 19 via PisThe
supporters of the government In both
houses of parliament met In the sen
ate chamber at 5 oclock this afternoon
Senor agasta the premier r addressed
I them as follows
The times are so grave and the circumstances
gae cr
cumstances are so exceptionalthai acts i
and not words are necessary to face tho
I present difficulty Attempts are being
made to sully the glorious history of
I Spain by an infamous calumny The I
i different Spanish governments have
i done their utmost to avert war to
which we are being provoked We have
I now reached the limits of concessions i
compatible with honor and territorial i
integrity We consented to the last i
concession at the instance of the pope
and the powers We yielded In fact
but now attempts are being made upon
our honor and menaces directed against
I our territory That is a thing to which
Spaniards will never consent Ap
i plause This is not the moment to
i I trace a parliamentary programme but I
I i the moment to unite ourselves as our
fathers have done in the face of an
odious attempt against the integrity of
our territory The insult offered us to
day is the most infamous that has ever i
been offered Prolonged applause
Continuing Senor Sagasta counselled I
the rapid constitution of the chambers I
in order to accord to the government I
I the means to defend the countrys in I
Spain he added will norallow 1 1
I parcel of her territory to be taken from
her with impunity nor will she be a I
party to any trafficking for her pos
sessions Prolonged ana enthusias
tic cheers
I The ministers met today to modify 1
the speech from the throne in conform
ity with the situation J
I Senor Silvela leader of the dissident
conservatives when addressing his
party declared it inopportune to form
ulate a political programme He
evoked the memory of the late Senor I
I Canovas del Castillo and declared that
I he and his party would aid the govern II
ment by voting as much as should be
necessary for the national defense
withopt any opposition although mak
ing note of the responsibility incurred II
in order to investigate it if need be at
a more opportune time He declared
I also that the dissident conservatives
I would respect whatever financial ar
I rangements the government might en
ter into no matter what those might
cost as i was the only means of se
I curing later on peace with honor
Seldom has there been witnessed a
more impressive and significant scene
The large hall of the senate was dense
ly crQwded with Liberal senators and
deputies who listened with breathless I
attention to the short speech of Senor
Sagasta only interrupting him with an I
unanimous and loud applause when he
indignantly alluded to the unjustified
and infamous aspersions cast upon
Spain with regard to the Maine dis
aster Even more enthusiastic ap
I plause greeted his stirring words when
he stoutly and proudly declared that
the government hoped to receive the
support of all Spaniards in defense
of their territory and ancient rights
against more odious and unfair ag
gressions than any of their ancestors
had repelled with the same energy and
I the idea still existed in the mind
of any one here that war could be
averted Senor Sagastas firm speech is I
regarded as finally settling all doubts I
730 P mAt this hour the lobbies
of parliament are crowded with mem
bers new deputies and politicians all
discussing the situation The
situaton one pre
dominating word is War
El oreo Ministerial say The I
resolution of the America congress
not only authorizes the president a
he desired in his message to intervene
in Cuba but orders him to
Cuba do so imme
diately and the independence recogni
tion of the republic clause being ex
punged which might have incurred a
veto the president will probably square
his action with the decree of cham
bersWhat he will probably do is to give
the resolution immediate effect or
from motives of precaution and conve
nience let a few days pass inoperative
ly Anyway the situation is nowfcthe
gravest aossible
El Epoca Conservative asserts that
Anarchy reigns in the legislate and
executive branches of the American
After pointing to the unprepared
ness for war of the United States El
Epoca says It considers President Mc
Kinley simultaneously daring and
weak yielding to jingo demands and
saddling his parliament with the re
It quotes from recognized text books
to prove that there has been n viola
tion of the constitution in the legisla
tive and executive procedure and
addsWhile President McKinley requests >
a free hand congress votes a mandate
the president remaining impotent to
resist the war party or to rouse peace
ful influences
The Imparcial today commenting tfp
on the commercial aspect of the war
which it regards as certain as soon as
President McKinley stops vaccillating
says The Americans who are rush
ing into war will be surprised to find
that It is not an afar of weeks but of
months I will last until the commer
cials are more anxious for peace than
they are now anxious for war
The Liberal says the Spaniards are
tired of talk of papal and other Inter
ventions War Is a matter of hours in
spite of rumors of delays upon Presi
dent McKinleys part
The Liberal urges Spain to stop argu
Today the Ultimatum Goes t Spain
Army of liberation
Sagasta Urges War
Hands Off Our Fight
Century Gold Bullion
The Mining Congress
Ogden Waterworks Case On Trial
I 0 O F Grand Lodge I Session
The City Council
Cuba the of
Prey Shylocks
I the Social Realm
State News
Wall Street Faith
A Unique Point of Law
I Railway Circles
Twentyfourth ing leaves This Morn
ment adding The time has come
fQr blows and not for words
Every one appears to realize that
Spains actual hold on Cuba Is lost but
at the same time the people are united
in a determination to cling to the sen
timental bonds that still exists between
the mother country and the island of
Cuba No one really hopes to keep that
bond intact should war break out but
all are determined to make the victory
of America a dearly purchased one
The Pretender Getting Ready to Cross
the Frontier
New York April 19he reality of
the Carlist movement is says the Lon
don correspondent of the World now
too potent to be any longer ignored
Don Carlos is reported by some of his
II English sympathizers among whom is
the Earl of Ashburnham an ultra
I montane peer and a leading figure
I to have left Venice nnd to be now wait
I Ing at a convenient place to cross the
Spanish frontier at the proper moment
I and place himself at the head of his
followers as in former Carlist insur
I is expected that a considerable
body of Catholic young men including
some officers serving in the British
army will volunteer for service with
the Carlists although the will have to
proceed very circumspectly in order toI I
evade being made amenable to the for
i eign enlistment act under which I
Jameson was convicted i
But it is an undoubted fact that Don i
I Carlos has lost a large part of the i
sympathizers and support formerly i
him the old English Catholics
i given by Englsh Catholcs I
owing to his selfish miserly conduct
Since he inherited the large fortune of
the late Count of Chambord he has I
treated men who have made great sac
rifices with absolute indifference and I
has starved the Carlist organ in Spain
150 that it has been kept alive only by
I the enthusiasm of fanatical supporters I
I The local Car lsts are convinced that
I the present Spanish dynasty is doomed I
and that Spain will be forced to I
choose between republicanism and Don I
Carlos They add that the only chance
of the present dynasty is a successful I
i war against the United States the pos
sibility of which is scouted
i siblt
New Steps By the Powers
London April 20The Rome corres
pondent of the Daily Mal says Italia
the organ of the foreign office publish
ed tonight the following
The powers are on the eve of tak
ing a new step namely requesting the
United States and Spain in the event
of war to localize the hostilities to Cu
ba and the neighboring waters This
step will be taken immediately after a
declaration of war Utter pessimism
prevails in diplomatic quarters here
the Vatican alone continuing hopeful
of peace The pope is working ener
getically to be accepted as arbitrator
but he admits that Cuba has already
i morally ceased to belong to Spain
A Second Squadron Forming at Cadiz
Fitting Out a Large Auxiliary
Fleet Active Preparations
London April 20The Madrid corre
spondent of the Standard says At the
present moment Spain though essentially
a military nation is bestowing her chief
attention upon naval preparations be
cause everybody fully comprehends that I
in the struggle with the United States
the fate of Cuba and the duration of the
war will entirely depend on the resnee
tlve navies The Spanish minister of
marine Admiral Bermejo ha done his
best to furnish naval preparations within
the means at his disposal He has been
well assisted by the officials of his de
partment The first available squadron Is
now at Cape Verde under Admiral
Cerver who went out with the cruisers
Infanta Maria Teresa and Cristobal
Colon and has been joined there by the
cruisers Vizcaya and Almirante Oquendo
with a view to protecting the torpedo
flotilla This squadron is considered quite
a match for the Hying squadron of
America and may be ordered to pay an
unpleasant visit to North American ports
If war breaks out
i A second squadron will be formed at
Cadiz where Admiral Churruca is busy
preparing the fleet The idea is to con
centrate as soon as they are ready the
battleships Pelayo now at Carthagena
EmperadrfF Carlos V now at Ferrol
Cardinal Cisneros and the Numancia and
Victoria broadside ships the cruisers
Alfonso XIII and the Princess Mercedes
the torpedo cruiser Maria Molina three
destroyers just received from England
and three torpedo vessels
Spain has in her merchant fleet and
coasting population a large supply of
able seamen all having served in the
royal navy and a strong torce of marines
among them three fine battalions just re
turned from service in the Philippines
Admiral Bermejo has paid special atten
tion to making use of the fine large
steamers offered by the Compania Trans
Atlantlca mal line and other firms as
auxiliary cruisers with crews and of
ficers from the royal navy and heavy and
quick firing guns which have already
been placed gns the 14 vessels Great
enthusiasm prevails in the arsenals and
among the seafaring population Spain
will do exactly what America does The
government would much prefer to make I
use of the auxiliary cruisers commis
sioned as regular war vessels
It Took 1477 Ballots
Portsmouth I 0 April 19The Re I I
publicans of the Tenth Ohio district
tonight on the 1477th ballot nominated
J Morgan of Jackson for congress to
succeed Congressman Fenton who is
serving his first term The convention
was In session a week
Congressional Nominations
Brookville Ind Aprl 19The Re
publicans of the Sixth district today
nominated James E Watson for con
< <
Plans Now Formulating Contemplate Placing This
Number I the Field
War Preparations Are About Completed and Work Is Now
zS S r
S Reduced to Perfecting Details
President Can Call Out the Militia at Any Time and Congress Will Fol
low Up This Action By Legislative Enactment Mustering Them Into
Federal Service What the War Department Bill Contemplates Respect
ing the National GuardThe Three Branches of the Regular Army Be
gan Its Movement Towards Mobilizing Points I the South Yesterday
Washington April 19The authori
tative statement was made at the war
Department today that on the first call
for troops only the national guard
would be given an opportunity to vol
unteer for service in war This state
I ment is in accordance with those made
by Secretary Alger tp the national
guardsmen who called on him at the
war department on Saturday when the
modified Hull bill for the expansion of I
the army was under consideration Sec
retary Alger thinks that such a course
is in keeping with sound discretion and I
the dictates of common sense for the
organized militia have gone to great I
expense and have devoted much time I
to perfecting themselves for military I
duty Any other course he believes i
would be destructive to the best inter I
I ests of the guard As far as practic i
able the state organizations entering I
the volunteer service will remain in
tact the governors of the various states
being permitted as they were in 1861 I
to designate regimental officers which
will include those of the grades of sec
ond lieutenants to colonels The presi
dent will reserve to himself the right to
appoint the staff and field officers
Many applications have been made
to the war department for permission
to volunteer and among men of all
creeds nationalities and politics there
is an expressed intention and desire to
uphold the honor and the integrity of
the flag of the republic I was stated
today that the first call for troops
would be for 50000 men which it is be
lieved will exhaust the entire available
strength of the national guard at this
time after deducting those who are
sick or otherwise incapacitated for im
mediate service
The total strength of the guard as I
reported to the department is 113300
men I
Plans noW being formulated in
congress involve the placing oZ I
about 00000 soldiers in round
numbers at the disposal of the govern I
ment within a short time after the
Cuban resolutions are approved by the
president This calculation is based on
the following figures covered in the
plans already in effect or in contempla
tion viz
Standing army 27000
By call for volunteers 60000
By calling out state militia 75000 or
By army reorganization bill 5000
Leaving aside the present regular
army force the second and fourth
I items are practically settled on in com
I mittee while the third as to the militia
tin is being actively canvassed and
while there are different views they are I
expected to crystallize into an author
ization to call out the number stated
The bill drawn up by the war depart
ment for Introduction by Representa
tive Hull chairman of the military
committee authorizes the president to
call for something like 60000 volun
teers to be drawn through the various
While this method obviates the legal
technicalities involved in the service
of state militia organizations it is
likely the volunteers thus obtained
through quotas furnished by the re
pective state and territorial governors
ranks will come from within state militia
The plan of the committee on militia
to effectually put J large number of
the mijitia at the disposal of the presi
dent is being formulated
Some think 100000 excessive but
Chairman Marsh and others regard the
figures as conservative in the view
that the resolution evidently meant
The president as now suggested by
Representative Marsh can call out the
militia at any time and congress will
follow up this action by legislative en
actment providing for their ushering
into the United States service At the
same time the army reorganization bill
recently reconynitted by the house is
being carefully pruned in the military
committee It is pronosed to extend
the army organization to the three bat
talion war formation and to increase
the batteries of artillery to 200 men
each This measure it is claimed may
bring about 5000 more men into the
regular service to be added to the
present 27000 regular troops
The cabinet meeting it was learned
during the afternoon practically set I
tled the question as to how many vol I
unteers shall be called for to supple
ment the regular army in their operations
tions in Cuba the conclusion being ar
rived at that the president shall call
for SOOOO men of the national militia
Secretary Alger after this decision
was reached repaired to the war de
partment and sent for Major General
Mites and Adjutant General Corbin A
conference lasting nearly an hour was
held as to the means to be employed
to give effect to the decision of the
president and the cabinet Consider
able progress was made in outlining the
plan to be followed but owing to the
complexity of the subject all the details
could not be arranged at the first con
ference It Is proposed to utilize this
additional force in conformity to the
terms of the bill submitted today to
congress by Secretary Alger through I
Senator Hawley 1
Work of War I Now Reduced t Perfecting
fecting Details
Washington April 19The prepara
tions for action are about completed
and the work is now reduced to perfect
ing details The army Is being mobil <
ized and all that remains is to insure
the prompt supply of all classes of
equipments As was stated at the navy
department today the market has been
cleaned of all valuable vessels and It
now comes to manning them and per 1
fecting methods of communication and
cooperation The OHiggins was the
last desirable ship of any size in sight
and it has been announced that all
hope of getting her has been aban
doned General Greeley in charge of
telegraph and telephone communication
between seacoast fortifications an i
nounces his work is in a gratifying
state of forwardness Superintendent
Kimball of the life saving service has
conferred with Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt on employing the menIn that
service for n regularly organized sys
tem of reporting war vessels in sight
at points t remote from ordinary ports
of entry Such a system will be a
valuable adjunct to the regular obser
vation service
A novel departure In naval practice
is the formation of a marine battalion 1
which will accompany the North At 1
lantic squadron and be used in land
ing operations The quartermaster
generals department of the army is i
rushing work on tents and tent equip 1
page Ordinarily Philadelphia gets j
these contracts but recently the war
department has contracted for making i
them at St Louis New York and Chi I
cago also
Quite a consignment of tents have
been allotted to the militia of the states
under the act of congress
The war department will need about
200 men as packers for the mule teams
now being collected by Captain Cruz
at Jefferson barracks
General Wilson chief of engineers S
has furnished to the secretary of war j
a list of engineer officers who with
few exceptions are available for the
army in the field I Is most comprehensive
hensive and includes the names of
nearly every officer of the engineer i S
department throughout the United
States In order to take care of the
important river and harbor and other J
engineering works In charge of these
officers it probably will be necessary j
in particular cases where the works
cannot be entirely neglected to double
treble or quadruple some of the duties
of the officers in order that the ser
vices of others may be available in the
mUtar field of operations In a ma
jority of cases the names are given
with the general idea that the officials
cials will not be called away from their
present duties for more than a few
months In the event of hostilities the
engineer office of the war department
will promptly take steps to form a i
corps of officers especially detailed to j
assist the army in the field in the en
gineering prospects
Already Selected Some Members of
His Field Staff
Chicago April 19A special to the
Tribune from Washington says
Gensral Miles will go to Cuba He has
been very anxious for this duty and he
will take command of the invading forces
wi has selected some of the members of
his field staff Lieutenant Colonel Will
iam Dudlow who has been in charge of
the defense works on Long Island and
Sandy Hook and of certain important
New York city river and harbor work
will b the engineer officer Hs Is a prom
inent member of the corps of engineers
and is at present on duty at New York
Lieutenant Colonel Humphreys will b
the quartermaster on the staff He Is
at present In charge of the general quar
termaster department In this city Gen
eral Osgood will be the general commis
sary He is at present assistant to the
head of the subsistence department in
There has been some gossip here In re
gard to the statutory prohibition of tha
departure of General Miles on duty in
Cuba There never has been a law
against the major general commanding
leaving the country in command of United fa
States troops An officer said today J
General Miles could go to China if he
wanted or rather if ordered there
Additional orders have been Issued for l
the movement of light batteries of four
to six guns This will have the effect of
increasing the number of forces and ad
ding to the enlisted force
i S a
How the Tops at Leaveawortli
Hailed the War Prospect S
Leavenworth Kan April 19The troops
at Fort Leavenworth made their start
f Ito afternoon They J i stf
Twentieth infantry which will go to
Mobile and four troops of the Sixth regi 1
ment of cavalry bound for Tampa Fla
The troops go to St Louis via the
Missouri Pacilic then south over the
Illinois Central 1
Nearly the entire population was at the
fort depot to witness the departure
Business in the city was deserted schools
had been dismissed and factory hands re
leased Whistles blew and bells rang all
ove rthe city The entire body of soldiers
at the national home had come over on
street cars with the home band and took I
part in the demonstration Then the
veterans headed by their band playing
Sousas Marine March entered the

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