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i Joe Bush Returns Home From
the South
Good Work of Sheriff Allred and His
Identification of Butch Cassidy
Complete Bush Tells the Story
Over Again Further Details
From Price An Inquest Held
The People In the South Happy
Over the Result
Joe Bush one of the heroes of the
sheriffs posse who apprehended
Butch Cassidy Joe Walker and two
other outlaws in southeastern Utah
early Friday morning as noted in yes
terdays Herald arrived in this city
on yesterday noons Rio Grande West
ern train The plucky deputy sheriff
was besieged all afternoon by friends
b and acquaintances for more particulars
7 concerning the affair But there was
little to add to the accounts already
published The dead bodies of Cassidy
and Walker were taken to Price for the
purpose of holding an inquest Lay
alias Schultz and Thompson were also
brought as far as Price where they
will remain in jail pending their pre
liminary hearing Officer Bush thinks
they will be bound over for trial on
charges of horse stealing and brought
to the stale prison inthis city in a few
days for safe keeping
In a few words Officer Bush related
now he in company with Sheriff tuttle I
of Emery county Sheriff Allred and
County Attorney Warf of Carbon
county J M Whltmore Georg Whit
more Jack Gentry Pete Anderson J
Inglefield and Jack Watson all men
or ir > n nerve and determination fol
lowed the trails of the four desperate
horse thieves and robbers for nearly a
week without rest and without sleep
until they came upon the objects of
the hunt at a place almost within their
lair Piloted by a trusty guide the trail I
was followed over mountains cliffs and
ledges They traveled the entire night
before the capture over a trail that
was next to impassable For miles it
led over precipitous cliffs and at hun
dreds of points the slip i or stumble of a
ff 3 let
horses foot would have dashed them I
to certain death a couple of thousand
feet below As Bush remarked it was
far more dangerous to travel these
trails than to risk the fire of the sharp
shooting desperadoes
At last however the trail led to the
head of Florence canyon about 40 miles
north of Thompsons Springs Here I
within touch of deep snow drifts at
daj light Friday morning the four outI
laws were found asleep in camp Re
fusing to surrender Cassidy and
Walker were shot and killed The other
two then threw up their hands Not one
of the brave posse received even a
scratch in the exchange of shots
About 22 head of cattle and horses
were captured and led back to Thomp
sons Springs The animals were stolen
from the Whitmore ranch about a
week before at the time one of George
Whitmores cowboys was struck with a
cartridge belt by one of the thieves
Officer Bush and his compatriots who
have done the state such signal service
In starting to break up the Robbers
Roost gang by taking two of the
ring leaders are not worrying
about the division of the large
rewards That will come in proper
season shortly There will be no
trouble about establishing complete
identification Dozens of citizens at
Thompsons and Price and vicinities
tnow Cassidy and Walker and are
positive they were the subjects handled
ycstcrday at the coroners inquest
Joe Bush believes that another one
or two man hunting expeditions like
this will go a long way toward exter
minating the Robbers Roost gang of
The following additional particulars
were received last night from The
Heralds correspondent at Price
Price Utah May HThe dead bodies
of the two outlaws Cassidy and
Walker arrived here at 710 this morn
ing and were taken to the court house
where an inquest was held A verdict
was rendered by the coroners jury to
the effect that they came to their time
y end t > y shots fired into them by the
1 sheriffs psse The two others who
i ere arrested and brought in alive
gave their names as S H Thompson
late of Johnson county Wyoming and
William Schultz who also claims Wyo
ming as his former residence They
oach claim to be cattle hands and name
nany ranches in various parts of u yo
ming in which they have worked as
cowboys They also claim that Cassi
dy came with them and was known
t > them as Johnny Herrin and that
they fell In with the fellow Joe mean
ing Joe Walker at Green River Utah
Their story of course Is not believed
They are evidently what Is known as
rustlers in Wyoming and no doubt
are part of the gang from the famous
Holeinthe Wall country in that
The work of Sheriff Allred and his
posse which consisted of seven men
cannot bf too highly commanded Sher
iff Tuttle and his posse of eight men
from Emery county deserve great credit
as well as a full share of the rewards
offered for the apprehension of these
outlaws The people of Emery and
Carbon counties have long suffered
from the thefts of these rustlers who
hate run off thousands of dollars
worth of live stock belonging to the
citizens of these two counties and it is
to be hoped that now the good work
has begun it will be kept up until the
last one of the Robbers Roost gang
is xterminated or jailed
Will W Hyde of Lower Crossing and
Dick Jones of Emery county were to
day lodged in jail at Price It appears I
that these two men have been engaged
as couriers In the conveyance of in I
telligence Walker and Cassidy and
the gang generally This class ofj I
boosters of whom there are many in I
Carbon and Emery counties will be
t vigilantly looked jifter In the future
A Sheriff Ward of Evanston Wyo has
been wired to come to Price immedi
ately for the purpose of interviewing
The two menwho were captured alive
and to determine their criminal status
in Wyoming
The Usual Signs
Journal Burling BillWeve made
a mistake Jimmy Dis fellows a poor
Jeweled Jimmy Howd ye git on
Burgling BillHes got 17 children I
mistrusted suthln when I saw ther raft
of dogs out in theryard
Defeated Titus and Established New
Worlds Records
Boston May 14 Eddie McDuffle won
easily his first competitive race of the
season from Fred J Titus on the
Charles river track this evening at a
distance of 15 miles for a purse of 1
cOO and besides made a new worlds
record It was the finest track event of
the newly organized National Cycling
Track association and the pacing tal
ent included the most prominent of the
professional cyclers McDuffle broke I
the worlds record made by Michael I
for the distance by 515 seconds and I
bcsides made new records for five miles I
up The other events were rather tame
SummaryMatch race paced by mul
ticycles purse 1500 between Eddie
McDuflie of Boston and Fred J Titus
of New York Won by McDuffle in
2709 35 former worlds record held by
Michael 2714 45
i McDuflie broke the record by 515
seconds and defeated Titus by about
I fivesixths of a mile
Mile Professional Income Cup Won
By Freeman
New York May 14 Bicycle racing
opened up in earnest today at the Na
tional Cyclediome Ambrose Park
Brooklyn withthe spring meet of the
Riverside Wheelmen When the racing
began there wire about 12000 people
present The one mile professional
handicap brought many of the fastest
riders in the world Intthe first heat
the Italian Demareni set the pace but
s on had to drop out In the sprint
for the wIre John Johnson won the
heat by half a wheel In the second
heat Freeman rode away from the
others Jarnp Eeden of Holland coming
in second In the final Freeman won
by a length and Eeden took second
The event of the day was the one
mile scratch professional for the 1000
cup and an income of 25 per week as
long as the winner retains the trophy
Three men started in each heat The
final heat narrowed down between Rob
ertson Cooper and Freeman Cooper
too led but Freeman came around on
the outside and won by several feet
Jimmy Michael was loudly cheered
when he made his appearance for his
five miles paced exhibition Two quads
and a tandem made the pace He did
not lower his record His time was
It had been expected that the one
mile scratch professional racefor the
51000 income cup would be of prime
Interest asit was the first brassard
run in this section
Jay Robertson the Englishman E S
Aker of Philadelphia Clint Coulter
the Ohioan Tom Butler Harry B
Freeman of Portland Ore F F Good
man of this city Gaugolitz William
Martin C S Wells of SanFrancisco
and Tom Cooper entered Freeman
was a length ahead at the finish Sum
One mile scratch professional for
the 1000 Income cup final heat won by
H B Freeman Time 157
One mile handicap final heat won by
Gougolitz and Lamberjack Time201
One mile handicap professional final
heat won by Freeman Time 207 35
Amateur Athletic Events
New Orleans May HThe Amateur
Athletic Union spring championship
contest topk place today There were 16
events with Vefers Flanigan and
Sheldon bf New York participatIng
Wefers WOA the 100yard dash in 1015
seconds anl the 220yards in 22 sec
Long took the quarter in 5215 and I
the half in 210 45
Flanigan won the 16pound hammer
throwing ar 153 feet 7 inches making
a worlds record
Sheldon won putting the shot 44 feet
9 Inches throwing the discusOlo feet
6 inches and the 56pound weight 29 I
feet 34 inches
Hammer Record Broken o
I Chicago May HVon Oven of the
University of Illinois established a new
western intercollegiate record today by
I throwing the hammer 12S feet in the
dual track meet on Marshall Field His
I throw surpassed that of R W Edgred
of the University of California by more
than four feet The record of 123 feet
9 ½ inches has stood since the western
intercollegiate meet of 1S95
The Turk and the Strangler
Chicago May Arrangements are
being made for a match between You
squf the Terrible Turk and
Strangler Evan Lewis at Chicago
June 20 The match is to be at catch
ascatchcan for the championship of
the world and a purse of 2500 Artic s
have already been signed by William
A Brady for Yousouf and it is said
that Lewis is anxious for the chance
to meet the Tutk
Goddard and Maher Again
Philadelphia May HJohn M Kel
ley of this city representing Warren
Lewis of Brooklyn president of the
reater New York Athletic club today
matched Joe Goddard of Australia and I
Peter Maher the Irish champion to
meet in a 20round contest at Coney
Island on May 28 The Greater New
I York club offered the men a purse of I
5000 which both accepted They sign
ed articles of agreement
Annapolis Defeats Columbia
Annapolis Md May HThe boat
crew of the naval academy defeated
that from Columbia today in an eight
oared race over a twomile course fin
ishing 13 seconds ahead of the visit
Six Rounds and a Draw
Chicago May 14 George Kirwin of
Chicago and Frank Bartley of Bing
hampton fought six rounds tonight at
the American Athletic club Referee
George Siler declared the contest a
Tailores Feat
Rochester N Y May 14 Paced by
four local triplet teams Eduord Tal
lores tthe French paced rider covered
five miles on the new thirdmile i board
track at Culver field in 1005 15
PhiladelphiaBaltimore 11 Philadel
phia 12
ChicagoCalled in the fourth Chi
cago 3 1 Cleveland 1
CIncinnatiCincinnati 7 Louisville
Pittsburg Pittsbun > 4 St Louis 5
New York New York 6 Washing
ton 2
BostonBoston 8 Brooklyn 5
Are They Good to Eat Uncooked
Sarah Tyson Rorer the famous food
expert answered this question No
except in the countries where they
Someone asked What about Cereal
Many df them are coffee and very
poor coffee at that do not be deceived
by them If it is a true cereal coffee
it is an excellent food drink Mrs
Rorer herself uses Postum because
she knows it to be the original pure
Cereal Coffee that Is so widely and
grossly imitated by adulterated coffee
mixtures She also knows from an
alysis that more genuine nourishment
Is contained in a good hot cup of Pos
tum than is generally found In the bal
ance of the breakfast
A weeks use of Postum will make
one fee that elastic thrill of life that
one remembers made existence a bliss
in the boyhood days and those delights
of health come back again if we feed
the body on properly selected food
such as is found in Postum
I Grocers sell Postum
Recollections the Flush Times On the Great Silver Lode
San Francisco Chronicle The rush
to the newly discovered silver mines on I
the side of Mount Davidson In 1S59 I
Knmpivhnf rpspmhlpd that of 1S49 to u
Golden California only i was much
less in volume There went there also
one class of men which did not exist in
1S49 men who might be called chronic
prospectors whose wanderings through
the mining or supposed mining regions
of California had made them restless
and who were ever ready to pull up
stakes and go off on a new hunt for
treasure It is fortunate for the world
that there have been and are such
men it is they who extend the borders
of civilization and make room for the
worlds Increase of population But men
of capital and energy went there too <
I The working of silver mines require
capital The men who made the find
seldom reaped the advantage of their
discoveries Comstock for whom the
lode was named lived and died poor
The site where lve discovery of si
ver was made was in the territory of
Utah Following the isflux of peopl
attracted thither by the discovery and
partly moved thereto by a desire to I
check the spread of Mormondom and
polygamy the congress of the Unite
States created the territory of Nevadt
by cutting off a large slice from the
western portion of Utah comprisin
about 83000 square miles The new tow
that had sprung up on the eastern slop
of Mount Davidson was named Vir
ginia City At first B street was the
principal business street and visitor
to the town in 1859 and 1860 might wel
have supposed that the selling and
drinking of whisky was the prIncipal
business Incidentally as i might
seem there would be exhibited to the
newcomer sundry chunks of silver
bearing quartz which some red or blu
shirted prospector would bring up from
the side and back pockets of his jeans
and show with an air of apparent In
difference which might imply I dont
care much whether you and I make a i
dicker or not but this Is the biggest
thing out There was then supposed
to be but one ledge namely that found
a little west of where the town via
situated and extending from a poin
about a half mile north of Virginia in I
a southerly direction past the town of
Gold Hill and being in all about three <
and a half miles in extent Richer rock
was afterwards found many hundred
of feet east of the original locations
and many contentions arose betweei
the locators of new claims and the own
ers of the older locations tin
latter claiming that the rock
found caiming newcomers be
longed to them being part of the
ledge they and their predecessors ha
located In short that there was
one ledge In the courts the on ledge
theory generally prevailed on the
principle I suppose that in a battli
Providence is usually on the side of the
heaviest battalions
Of course as in all mining towns
drinking saloons were numerous in
most of which gambling was openlY
conducted lunch and other eating
louses abounded and women of the
houSe evidence
demimonde were flauntingly in
I dence And there were music halls
which were little if any better than
brothelsveritable houses of lewdness
And all except the music halls were rur
wide open day and night The music
halls commenced business a about S 8 I
oclock in the evening and the per
formance generally lasted till mid
night after which many of their fre
quenters might be found in resorts
where music and vaudeville were perpetrated
musc tables or
petrated or at the gambling table
t engaged in drinking bouts until the
small hours
wee i
I dont mean to say that the practices
universal On
I have alluded to were
the contrary I believe that a fair percentage
contrl 1
centage of the denizens there actually
went sober to bed at a reasonable hour
of the night Afterward too when
families became more numerous better I
influences commenced to work and
churches and lodges and schools were I
la attended The
nfen and well e
Catholics early planted a church there
and the kindhearted sincere Father
lanogue who was afterward a bishop
and who died a couple of ypars ago in
Sacramento < widely lamented was its
officiating priest for many years An
orphan asylum was also founded there
In charge of the Sisters of Charity at
the charfe of whom as superior was the
gentle and accomplished Sister Fred
erika Au Episcopal church was also
built there at an early day and Rev
Mr Whitaker afterward also a bishop
was for a number of years its able and
well beloved pastor Other churches followed
lowed And in the flush times i was
no uncommon thing for the same men
who liberally I patronized the whisky saloons
loons to contribute bountifully to the
support of the churches
Of the buildings first erected in the
town the most pretentious were little
better than shanties and that condi
tion lasted until 1S62 As I have said
at first B street was the principal busi
ness street but soon C street took the
lead and as capital flowed in there the
mines having proved productive bet
ter buildings were erected and the
I place began to appear more like a city
looking city withal
but a queer wihal
being built upon the steep side of a
mountain a person directing his vision
eastward from the rear window of a
house on the east side of B street could
almost see down the chimney of a
house situated on the west side of C
street And so the town sloped from
far west of A street down past B and
C streets as far as the eastern verge of
the town at about F street Beyond
that eastward a great blekk barren
desert Behind it to the west stern
old Mount Davidson whose summit is
7827 feet above the level of the sea
Among the early birds who sought to
catch the silver worm were John W
Mackay and James G Fair With
them were interested Flood and
OBrien John Mackay ha done a
reat deal of hard work as a miner on
the north fork of the Tuba at Downie
ville where many a day he stood in
le muddy stream up to his hips tend
ing a mining flume I was a lucky
day for him when he quit and went to
Washoethat was the name by which
all the new silver region of Nevada
was called He worked very hard
there too for years before he and Fair
got into the Consolidated Virginia and
fortunes which made them multimillionaires
millionaires When Mackay was a
oung man he stuttered painfully in
his speech but he overcame that af
fliction completely Fair used to be
spoken of in Virginia City of course
ijy those who had no respect for
vealth as Old Smoothy Going down
into the mine one day he surprised a
workman in the forbidden act of smok
ing a pipe Very mildly Fair said to
him Lend me your pipe my son
The man handed it to him He took
two or three whiffs of i and gently
landed i back saying Just as mildly
Thats a very good pipe my son
The man thought he was let off very
easy So he was The next morning
he foreman sent him to the office of
he company to get his time He was
et off I
Money was very plentiful New
strikes being made from time to
ime very many men were employed
lot only in the mines but In hauling
uartz In milling in building and In
other vocations The wages of miners
were 4 a day and there were miners
unions one at Virginia and one at Gold
Mil formed for the purpose of keeping
up the standard of wages and for mu
ual assistance in times of accident or
Besides the miners unions there
were two Masonic lodges several
lodges and an encampment of Odd Fel
lows and later a reform club and some
ther temperance organizations
I goes without saying that Wells
Fargo Cos Express was early in the
fiela and was a most useful auxiliary
In L the lively times broughtabout by
I the new silver developments There
I was a rival express started in 1S63 and
the rivalry became very interesting to
the Virginia people but I have an Idea
tht It was an exnensive rivalrv as far
un n
1 as the express companies rnn were con
cerned for both of them started and
I kept up for a long time a pony expres
by which each company sought to out
I run the other in the prompt delver
of mail matter from San Francisc <
I Great crowds used to assemble on
I street at about the time the ponies wee
expected and when they would com
I in sight there would be immense
cheering no matter which was ahead
Wells Fargo Cos pony however
I was generally In advance of its com
petitor which finally gave up business
leaving the field clear for the old con
cern I Of course these things took
I place before the building of the over
land railway and the Virginia True
kee railroad which obviated the ne
cessity of ponies
There was a fever of excitement on
the Comstock beginning in 1861 and
reaching its height in 1863 Everybod
seemed to think that he either was
I then or shortly would be just as rich
as he wanted to be Speculation wa
I rife Comstock mines were booming i in
the San Francisco Stock Exchange
Virginia City had Its local stock board
the Washoe Stock Exchange When
the morning sessions of the board wer
closed the members would rush out of
their meeting room with flushed face
and sparkling eyes They met in the
Mcdln building which was on the ea
side of C street between Union stree
and Button avenue Many of then
I would make a bee line for Gobey
Butlers saloon almost directly oppo
site the Medin and there fortify thInner
I inner man talking of Gould Curry
Ophir Consolidated Virginia Mexican
Belcher ChollarPotosi etc in an ex
cited manner in the meanwhile and
I generally inviting the crowd to join
them in a drink which same the crowd
never refused to do One of the mos
I nervous and nervy brokers among
them was Jack McKenty wh <
stood about five feet in his
boots and moved as i he wer
strung on wires He was very
quick in speech He always had plenty
of money He was standing in fron
of Jack Perrys saloon one day tryins
to make trade with and
a wih a person ant
couldnt get him to terms There hap
SinTr rr
nto Sin
pened to be two pigeons in the stree t
in front of them All at once Jack sale d
to the other at the same time running
his hand down into his side pocket Ill
bet you 500 the blue pigeon will fly be
fore the other one does His frIend
wouldnt bet Said Jack Well Ill bet
you 500 the white one flies firstl And
he would have done it either way so
long a he could be doing something
That was the kind of stuff he was made
of And there were more like him
There were outside brokers too who
might have been called curbstone
brokers only there were no curbstones
there at that time The sidewalks wen
of board and the streets were unpaved
dusty in the summer and muddy in the
That was a grand time for the prInter
and lithographer New mining corpo
rations were being formed almost daily
with capital stock ranging
each wih a any
where from 100000 to 1000000 divided
into so many shares at so much each
You could get let in on bedrock prices
A better mine than the Ophir or Gould
and Curry or any of em And then
such beautiful such alluring stock
tlficates were turned out by the said
printers and lithographers And the
tenderfoot was almost sure to meet with
the holder of some of this magnificent
stock who was willing to sell a few
shares didnt want to dispose of too
many To make sure that it was all
right the wouldbe seller of the few
shares would produce specimens of the
rock taken from the claims just picked
up at random you know The picture
may seem overdrawn but it isnt And
allthose corporations were formed to
exist for the period of 5 years The
time hasnt elapsed but where are
theBut though there were many wild
cat claims which came to naught ex
cept sam illgotten gain to their projectors
and some vexation and loss to
jectors vexaton
jetors their dupes there were others which
produced wonderful results among I
which perhaps the vexed silver ques
tion is sought by some politicians to
be made most prominent The question
will doubtless settle itself
wl the principal mines what marvel
ous machinery invented only to meet
the very exigency which there pre
sented itself And how many large
fortunes were made some from the
production of the mines others from
the wild speculations in the stock in I
duced by the lurid reports concerning
their production such reports being
one of the causes of the flush times we
are considering
The ground underneath a large por
I I tion of the town was honeycombed by
the workings of the mines One night
in 1S64 a large stone store situated on
the divide between Virginia and Gold
Hill together with a Heavy stock of
I merchandise sunk into the earth com
pletely hidden from view leaving no
trace of even the foundation of the I
building Fortunately the subsidence
occurred after the store had been
occured afer
closed for the day and all the occu I
pants ha left it for their homes The
store and contents were swallowed up
Iin the space left by the underground
workings of the Bajazot and Golden I
Era mine
I The flush times and the many con
flicting mining locations incident to the II
I mad rush for bonanzas attracted nu
I I merous lawyers to Virginia many of I
whom were men of great ability Now I
I there are but three or four attorneys i
atlaw there thf March 1863 there
i were 215 resident lawyers there and
others would occasionally go there
I from Carson City and even from San
I Francisco the latter generally repre
I senting corporations formed in California
I fornia for the purpose of mining on
the Comstocka course probably
adopted to facilitate the listing of
their stock in the San Francisco Stock
i Exchange The Nevada bank insti
tuted by Mackay Fair Flood and
OBrien was the outgrowth of the stock
I transactions and Its building on the
northwest corner of Montgomery and
I Pine streets in San Francisco Is the
most tangible monument of the flush
times on the Comstock but the colos
j tmes
I sal fortunes of its projectors and of
I some few others are most substantial
If not visible tokens of that era
I In 1863 John Piper a progressive and
publicspirited citizen rest his soul
built a theatre on the east sido of D
I street just south of Union and named
i Pipers Opera House It was a wood
en building not very ornamental in
outward appearance capable of hold
Ing In its parquette and dress circle
about 700 persons The scenery was
painted by William T Porter the noted
scenic artist then as now a resident
of San Francisco A number of travel
ing companies had performed there
but the most successful season it ever
I had was when John McCullough went
I there with a San Francisco company of
players after he had left the old Cali
fornia theatre After quite a long en
gagement and after he had been ten
dered a complimentary benefit he told
the writer hereof that it was the first
Ime he had ever had a bank account
Mr Mackay was a good friend to Mc
dullough and aided him materially in
making that benefit a substantial finan
clal success and never was Pipers
opera house graced by a more satisfied
audience Poor John Truly
Lifes but a walking shadow a poor
player 1
Who struts and frets his hour upon the
And then Is heard no more
Through the flush times the Dally
Territorial Enterprise was the leading
newspaper its chief editors from time
to time being Joseph T Goodman C
C 3 Goodwin now editor and one of the
li iJSave Money
Stop buying other baking powder and using
o two teaspognfuls to a quart of flour I
Use only one heaping teaspoonful of Schillings
proprietors of the Salt Lake Tribune
and Hollin M Daggett afterward a
member of congress from Nevada and
during Grants second presidential
term minister to Hawaii now residing
In San Francisco Sam Clemens known
by his nom de plume of Mark Twain
was of its local staff leaving it to be
come a traveler lecturer and book
builder William Wright otherwise
Dan de Quille was on the paper at the
some time and continued long after
Twain left
Nevada was admitted into the union
of states Oct 31 1864 The territory
had hot then and never has had suffi I
cient population to entitle I to a repre
sentative in congress So far as con
gress was concerned the admission was
a war measureto gain two United
States senators and a representative to
the Union side In Nevada itself ther
were other reasons for desiring state
hood but I have not space to record
those reasons here On the Comstock
the news of the admission was hailed as
a new impetus to the prevailing pros
The boom lasted till about 1868 From
then until the spring of 1872 there was
not so much activity but the mines on
the lode continued to yield well until
1870 Then there was a lull But early
in the spring of 1872 stories of new and
very rich strikes on the lower levels
were flying both in Virginia and in
San Francisco The news spread with
the rapidity and fierceness of a prairie
fire All Virginia was excited Pine
street San Francisco In the vicinity
of the stock exchange was daily
thronged by an eager crowd Again
there were flush times on the Comstock
Stocks were booming Fortunes on pa
per were made in a day The excite
ment continued a little over two
months Then came a crash The for
tunes vanished On all sides broken
speculators and faIling stock brokers
The renaissance of 1872 was past and
gone The flush time on the Comstock
and all their glamour had faded away
And like the baseless fabric of a vis
Joined the shadows of the dead pat
I Heartless Frenchmen
New York May HTwo men i the
employ of the United States govern
ment laying submarine mines in the
main channel off Sandy Hook were
drowned this afternoon and six others
ha a narrow escape The men who
were in a large row boat were run
down by the French liner La Touraine
outward bound The liner it is alleged
did not stop after the accident neither
erJ tr i
were boats lowered 1 ya her to aid the I
men who were struggling in the water I
I A Suspicious Ma
Chicago Record I called Henry
back to kiss me goodbye
And he said Julia you know I
gave night you the last cent I had Saturday
From Tintie and Mercur
Tuesday May 17 via O S L Round
trip only 200 Special train leaves Sil
ver City 7 nm Mammoth 717 Eu
reka 730 Mercur 740 Fairfield 840
Arrive Salt Lake 1023 Special return
ing leaves Salt Lake at 7 p m Last
opportunity of visiting volunteers at
Toft Douglas I
I A day at Wagoners beautiful grove
and you will enjoy It
A special from Rio Janiero today says
that the radicals in the chamber of depu
ties are about to declare In favor of the I
United States I
Captain Richard E Thompson has been
relieved from duty on General Wades
stat and ordered to report to General
Merrltt who Is to command the force
sent to the Philippines I
Bids wera opened today for supplying
the government a very large number of
armorplerclngr shells of the largest cali
bers such as are used almost entirely by
I coast defense guns in attacking or repelling
pelling heavy iron clad ships
The secretary of the navy has appoint
ed a board consisting Of Assistant Sec
retary Allen Rear Admiral F M Ram
say retired and Professor Marshall Oliver
ver of the naval academy to consider and
report upon an appropriation designed for
a statute of Rear Admiral Porter to be
erected in Washington in accordance with
a provision of the last naval appropriation I
tion bill
ton ble I
A Paris paper says that M Antoine
varicle of the French Geographical so
ciety Is confident that he will reach tho
wi to
Klondike in his new balloon It is to be
steered by means of a sail and a rope as
in the trips he made from Paris to The
neull and from Paris to Hamburg The
balloon is cylindershaped the sail being
below I Is furnished with electric
lights and a searchlicht and will carry
a total weight of about three tons The
balloon will be inflated with hydrogen at
Juneau where the start will be made
court of the Third Judicial district1 coun
I ty of Salt Ike Fidelia A Hamilton I I
executrix etc and J S Rohrr plain
tiffs vs John E Doolv J C ortcn
Mrs SJ Boyle I Mrs ll C Quinn nnJ
Sarah J Norton and tho unknown heir
at law of William A Norton decese I
I and of Wilson Norton deeS
I and of Margaret Norton d ceased defendants
fcndants Summons State of Utah to
the said defendants the heirs at law of
William A Norton deceased the heirs
at law of Wilson Norton deceased and
the heir at law of Jlarfarst Norton de
ceased You are hereby summoned to
appear within twenty days after the ser
vice of this summons upon you If servec
within the county In which this action U 1
brought otherMsi within thirty dan
alter service and defend the above en
titled action and In case of your failure
tted do Judgment will be rendered
against you according to the damand of
I the complaint which is fed with the
clerk of this court I appears from the
I complaint herein that
amended cmplalnt this
action was brought by said plaintiffs to
declare and enforce I trust In their favor
as creditors of William A Norton de
ceased upon a fund m the nands of John
E Dooly which Is the proceeds of the
property convoyed by said William A
Norton In his life time to said Dooly and
that the said William A Norton died <
testate before the commencement of this
suit and that Wilson Norton and Mar
garet Norton were his sole legatees and
that since the commencement of this suit
said Wilson Norton and Margaret Norton
have died that said William A Norton
and the said Wilson Norton and Margaret
Norton each left heirs at law urvivln
them whose names and places of rest
dence are unknown to said plaintiffs and
that the heirs of said last named persons
respectively are made parties hereto as
the unknown heirs of said William A
Norton Wilson Norton and Margaret
Norton and that the interest of said heirs
respectively Irh the subject matter of ths
r jerp
action Is as the heirs of said persona
respectively and none other
rspectvelo flt
Attorneys for Plaintiffs
p O Address No 2 South Main Street
Salt Lake City Utah
First Publication March 2 1R9S
pany a corporation Principal place of
business Salt Lake City Utah Location
of mining property Tlntlc Mining dis
trict Juab county Utah Notice Is here
by given that at a meeting of the stock
holders of the company held on April 2
1SSS and at a meeting of the board at
I directors of the company held April lath
ISIS a assessment of two 2 cents per
share was levied upon the capital stock
of the corporation M egu and outstanding
payable I on OrI before June llth 1S3S to
I Joseph U Eldredge treasurer of the
company at the otllco of the company
I I No 6 East First North street Salt Lake
I I City Utah The stock upon which said assessment
I sessment shall remain unpaid on Monday
June the 13th iSiS will become delia
I quent and will be advertised for sale
I at public auction and unless payment
I be made before a many shares as maybe
be necessary will be sold on Tluirsday
i J olgcf
July the 14th iSIS at 12 oclock I noon aKf
i the ofllco of the treasurer to pay the de
linquent assessment the cost of advertis
I Inc and the expenses of the sale
Bv order of the board of directors
I Dated at Salt Lake City Utah May
Oth 1S
Date of first publication May 10th
f 1 Third judicial district county of TJ
I Lake state of Utah Lorenzo Snow jr
plaintiff vs Peter Clays Daisy V Clays
I Daniel Clays Fritz illller Charles Rob
erts J Boursard J H Whalon and
Oquirrh Range Live Stock company
To be sold at sheriffs saloon Wednes
day the ISth day of May 1S9S at 1
oclock noon of said day at the west
front door of the county court house In
tho city of Salt Lake county of Salt
Lake state of Utah the following de
scribed property situate In l the county ot
I Salt Lake territory now state of Utah
towlt The south half 0 of section
twentyfive 23 township two 2 south
of range two t2e west Salt Lake meridi
an also the northwest quarter of
said section thirtythree < < township
two 2 south range two 2 > west of Salt
Lake meridian
Purchase price payable Inklasrtul money
of the United States
Sheriff of Salt Lake County Utah
By A G DYER Deputy Sheriff
Dated April 25 o 13
I Plaintiff Richards 8 Richards Attameya fort
a qj
rwwr 7
1 u1 I <
i Il
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zt 1 o a I A 1 A l r t J L t
I t

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