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Richfield Grand Jury Returns Two I
Bills For Perjury
Alleged That He Was Indicted Sev
eral Tears Ago In Texas Under
the Name of J W Jennings
Other Indictments Outstanding
Upon Which No Arrests Rave
S Been Made
From The Heralds Correspondents
I RIchfield May 29On the 9th of this
month a grand jurywas called to Inves
tigate a few crimes which were alleged
to have been committed and some laws
which were alleged to have been vio
lated during the past year or more an
on the 17th of this month made the re
port that five indictments had been
found but none were made public ex
cept that of Clayton Gannett who was I
arrested for selling liquor without a I
license Last night J Byron Jennings
was arrested on two indictments found
against him by the grand Jury A bond
of 1500 was required Mr Jennings
getting J M Bolitho and S G Clark
both citizens of this city as sureties
he left for Gunnison and NephI by
team this morning
During the summer of 1897 Gideon
Snyder who was the junior partner of
the law firm of Jennings Snyder be
came dissatisfied with the way in which
the business was being tranSaCted
thinking that he was not receiving his
full half of all fees collected entered
complaint and at once took the case
to the district court and received a
judgment for almost all he asked for
Judge William il McCarty judge of
this district C W Collins one of the
attorneys for Snyder in his case against
Jennings John S Rollo the official
stenographer of this district and Gi
deon Snyder the plaintiff in the case
Df Snyder vs Jennings were before the
grand jury during their late seance
and as a result two indictments of
perjury were found
Following is a brief synopsis of the
report of the grand jury
The first indictment against J B
S Jennings alias J V Jennings is for
jieijurjr ciuetieu u > nave oeen commuted
on the 17th day of July 1S97 in the dis
trict court of this county In the case
of Gideon Snyder vs J B Jennings
This indictment Is in three counts
The first count charges that on the
day and in the case above named J
B Jennings falsely stated that he was
employed by G B McDonald of Ranch
Kane count in an action entitled G
B McDonald et al vs Jededlah Adair
et al on or about the 2Sth of May 1S96
whereas In truth and fact he was not
so employed by G B McDonald until
the month of August 1S9G
The second count charges that J B
Jennings falsely swore that certain ar
ticles of copartnership existing between
him fnd Snyder were modified by mu
tual agreement on or about the 1st day
of September 1S9C whereas in truth
and fact the articles of copartnership
were not changed in any particular
during the continuation of partner
The third count charges him with
swearing that he was not In Henderson I
county Texas in 1SS1 indicted under
the name of John W Jennings and
that at that time and place was not
John TV Jennings whereas In truth
and fact he was indicted in Henderson
county Texas in 1881 under the name
of John AY Jennings and that his true
name was at that time and place John I
W Jennings
The other indictment has only one
count which charges Jennings with
falsely swearing to an answer filed in
the case of Gideon Snyder vs J B Jen
nings wherein he sets out as a ma
terial allegation that the articles of co
partnership between himself and Sny
der were on or about the 1st of Sep
tember 1896 materially modified
whereas the articles of copartnership
were never at any time changed or
modified in any particular
Mr Jennings with his wife and baby
have left for Gunnison and your cor
respondent was unable to interview
him as to how he would plead but
considerable anxiety Is felt as to the
outcome of the case
No more warrants have yet been Is
sued for the remaining two whom the
grand jury found bills against nor are
their names known
Plock to Xaysville On Decoration Day
to Honor the Dead
Kaysville May Practically the
entire population of Kaysville West
Kaysville Layton and West Layton
with a goodly number of people from
Syracuse and many from Salt Lake
City and other places participated to
day in the celebration here of Decora
tion day In the opinion of some there
never has been such a throng together
before on such an occasion The pro
cession extended in a solid compact
line of carriages from the town to the
cemetery on the east bench something
like 200 vehicles being in line The brass
band headed the column followed by
members of the G A K and exconfed
erate veterans Then came the Sun
day schools and people of East La ton
eS Layton West Kaysville and
Kaysville and flowers each division carrying flags I
At the cemetery the following pro
gramme was rendered
Selection Sabbath Morn Band
Sqng 0 My FatherSabbath
Prayer Chaplain James H Linford
Singing When Shall We Meet Thee
OrationEdward M Whitesides
Selection ImmortellesBand
Patriotic song AmerlcaSchools
end people
Benediction Chaplain
Decoration of graves
A pleasing feature of the day was
the decorating of an imaginary grave
on the G A R lot in honor of the de
parted heroes of the Maine The chil
dren were Invited to each bring a floral
tribute to the spot and the result was
that a bank of flowers was heaped upon
the mound
This afternoon a good ball game be
tween two Layton clubs was played
here resulting In a score of 12 to 0 in
favor of the younger men A dance is
being given tonight
Masterly Addresses Profuse Decor
ations and an Immense Throng
Coalville Utah Mar 30 Never be
fore in the history of Coalville was Me
morial dav more appropriately cele i
brated than it was today The weather
w is perfect with a light breeze to cool
the hot rays of the sun From early
dawn till noon there was a constant
throng of people on the road to and
from the cemetery carrying flowers
nith which the graves of loved ones
were strewn in rich profusion Un
known craves were decorated by the
committee as well The entire commu
nity was out and hundreds from the
neighboring towns joined with us At
the services in the tabernacle the splen
did programme was unexcelled in its
performance The memorial address
by Hon Moses Thatcher was a master
piece covering all the ground that in
telligent people could comprehend and
to say it was greatly appreciated is not
sufficient for its excellence and pains
After the service everybody repaired to
the cemetery wiilch was packed with a
mass of humanity The decorations
which were very extensive were sim
ply grand Not a grave within the
gates of the beautiful enclosure was
i overlooked and this was a day well
spent that will never be forgotten Hon
Moses Thatcher on the excellent pro
gramme which was widely advertised
proved a great drawing card and con
tributed largely to the success of the
Plans Carefully Laid But Premature
Action Forced On the Men Who
Had the Dangerous Work to Do
Springville May ZOIt is now known
thattwo men with three saddle horses
were In the mouth of Maple creek can
yon at the tme the fight was going on
This is a side canyon which debouches
one mile eastward of Hobble creek
These men had camped In the canyon
several nights As a close observer
would know Springville streets are
lively until nearly noon when they are
practically deserted It is the opinion
of Marshal Gemmell and other officers
that the raid had been planned to take
place at noon or a little after when
only one man would be at the bank
and few On the streets Then when the
bandits and their coinage reached the
turn of the road at Dode Wirgs place
they would have found fresh saddle
horses and two pals As it was the
approach of the sheriff or some un
known reason caused the bandits to get
action on themselves two hours before
the presumably appointed time and
consequently when they reached the
spot from which a four minutes ride
would have put them out of reach as
horses and pals were in waiting with
pursuers but a couple of hundred yards
to the rear there was but one thing
to dotake to the brush and make the
best of it5 This they did The bandits
left their rig and horse at Kerswells
place at Mapleton but it is not known
where they slept They were no
doubt up Maple canyon with their pals
Then again Mrs Ackley did not ar
rive from Grand Junction until 1058 or
after the robbery If she was interest
ed and had a part to play she was too
late S
Maxwell stated that he and his part
ner made their run of four miles from
town to the fence corner exactly as
planned with the exception that it was I
a bit too soon
The dead mans remains are still
awaiting identification The woman
who declares that his name is Jake
Dalton knows nothing more about him
Sheriff Allred and others came down
from Emery county last night but
could not recognize him Some say
they have seen him at sheep camps but
ncthlngfurther Is known Where he is
from what other crimes he has com
mitted and his connection with the
outlaws of the eastern part ofthe state
are all clouded In mystery
Mayor James E Hall has received a
telegram from Governor Wells inform
ing him that the reward of 500 offered
for Maxwell would be given to the
Springville posse which effected the
capture The sentiment at present and
for a day or two past has been that
as a matter of sentiment and brotherly
feeling the reward ought to go to Jos
eph Allen the only citizen to get hurt
Your correspondent was a member of
the posse and has yet to hear of a man
who is not In favor of Mr Allens hav
ing the reward At memorial services
held in the meeting house a resolution
was proposed and unanimously carried
that the people of this city extend their
heartfelt sympathy to Mr Allen and
I family in his and their affliction as a re I I
sult of the husband and fathers devo I
tion to the cause of the protection of
I zens the lives and property of fellow citi I
Maxwell Talks
Provo May 30 There Is very little
to be said in addition to what has been
reported touching the bank robbery
It was thought by the officers that the
robbers had confederates somewhere in
the immediate vicinity and Saturday
night a strict watch was kept at sev
eral different places but nothing de
veloped It is quite certain however
that the bandits expected aid Maxwell
stated to Johnnie Lewis as they were
coming down from the place of cap
ture to Sprinsrvillev that he and his
partner had done their part and if they
had not missed connections they would
not have been captured He also stat
ed to JMr Lewis that they commenced
operations a little earlier than they had
expected to it being their intention to
rob the bank just before 3 oclock in
the afternoon Fearing however that
Mr Lewis would become alarmed at
not seeing his horse and buggy retu n
ed to the livery stable the evening be
fore and that he would inform the offi
cers they concluded to commit the rob
bery in the morning thinking perhaps
that they could elude the officers until
their pals came up at the proper time
In the evening
There is absolutely no doubt but the
man captured is Maxwell Mr Mat
Thomas and Hyrum Argle of Spanish
Fork were at the jail this morning and
saw and chatted with Maxwell Thrv
recognized and identified him having
seen him often In the Uintah country
where they have been ranging cattle
Maxwell was seen in his cell but was
not disposed to talk very much He
refused absolutely to tell the name of
the dead man saying that he had par
ents and out of regard to them he
did not wish to let them know how
their son came to his death He was
In a remarkably happy mood for a man
n his circumstances and in a jocular
way said that the officers had cap
tured the wronir man that he had
given himself up in order to allow the
real robber to escape He said that he
had just come out from Kalamazoo
Mich about ton days ago and was up
on Hobble creek fishing when these I
fellows came along and he thought he
would do them a good turn Maxwell I
read with a great deal of interest the
accounts of thg robbery and capture i
as recited in the newspapers He was
considerably amused by the statement
that he was connected with the Rob
bers Roost gang saying that he had
heard a great deal of talk about such
an organlzatibn but never knew of its
existence there Is no such place as
Robbers Roost much less a band of
outlaws who resort to it He knew
this for he had been out in that coun
try for the last ten years
Oldfashioned Camp Meeting Going
On at Richfield
Richfield May 29Last Friday the
Methodists of this place put up a gospel
tent on the school house square and
have there been holding religious meet
Ings every evening Today there were
no services held at the Presbyterian
church and tonight all joined the Meth
odists in a general memorial service
The seating capacity of the tent is
claimed to be about BOO but fully 1000
men women and children were in attendance
tendance Standing room was at a pre
Dissolve i YZ lbs sugar with i pint
water and add one 25c bottle of
PHOSPHATE makes 32 glasses most
delightful home drink All dealers
I mium in the tent many were turned 1
away and many stood around the out
side not being able to gain an en
The speakers were Rev J H Meteer
the Presbyterian minister of this city
representing the veterans Bishop Theo
dore Brandley Rev Williams of Marys
I vale and Rev Mork of Salt Lake City
Music was furnished by the Richfield
band and in all this was the most
I patriotic demonstration ever witnessed
in this place
Springvilles Young ladies Scattered
Flowers Upon the Graves
Springville May 30 Memorial day
this year dawned cloudy but the
weather soon cleared and a beautiful
day was the result All the business
houses were closed and appropriate ex
ercises were held at the meeting house
and cemetery The programme at the
meeting house was aa follows
Call to order at 10 oclock a m
SongProfessor Harrisons choir
PrayerChaplain Rev J C Andrews
Song by congregation Miss Gates
and Mr Kelly leading
Special G A R services
Special W R C services
SpeechGeorge B Matson sr in be
half of the Walker war veterans
SpeechEdwIn Lee for Black Hawk
war veterans
SpeechD C Johnson for Home
Speech M Al Kellogg for G A R
Speech Miss Josephine Kellogg for
the W R C
Song America Choir
At the cemetery the G A R held
special services and young ladles in
blue and gray decorated the graves
Decorated Graves of Departed Com
rades at Spanish Pork
Spanish Fork May 30The day was
observed with appropriate exercises It
is estimated that a thousand people
old and young were here from sur
rounding places Twenty graves were
decorated at the cemetery by the sur
vivors of the Black Hawk war Other
graves were covered with flowers by I
citizens and relatives of the dead The
exercises were as follows
MusicBrass band
InvocationChaplain Charles Monk
Singing by choir William T James
Reading of Lincolns Gettysburg
speech John J Banks
Song The Maine Miss May James
OrationJoseph A Rees
Music Mandolin club
Recitation The Blue and Gray
Miss Agnes Lewis
Male QuartetteW T James leader
SpeechMiss Lilly Morgan
Music Brass band
Benediction Chaplain
Memorial Services Participated In By
the Schools
Richfleld May ZOAt 9 this morning
fully a thousand persons formed into
line to celebrate Memorial day and
decorate the graves of veterans friends
and relatives The Richfield band fur
nished music following the band came
the four veterans of this city Rev J
H Meteer Niels Anderson Ben Carter
and Dr G W Herbert Following the
veterans were the school children all
laden with flags and flowers then
camethe Richfield lodge of Odd Fel
lows then citizens afoot and lastly cit
izens in carriages Both cemeteries
were decorated and about noon the
procession marched tt > the public school
house after patriotic airs and disband
ed The high school which closed last
Friday is having its closing exercises
this afternoon and evening
Decoration Day at Payson
Payson May 30 Business has been
suspended here today in honor of the
nations dead The cemetery is deco
rated with flowers The local organiza
tion of the G A R paraded at 2 p m
with Mayor J S Page at head A
martial band was in the procession
Ten little girls each ten years of age I
placed flowers on the graves of the
score of soldiers buried hereUnion
I Confederate and Indian fighters I
Burglars at Payson
Payson May 30Burglars entered
the dwellings of several Payson peo
ple Sunday morning at an early hour
From Henry Smith they took a watch
and a small amount of cash The hotel I
was visited but nothing of Importance
was missed At other places the thieves
were scared away
Released Prom His Mission
Logan May ZOIr Joseph Jeppeson
of Melville who left his home to per
form a mission in California returned
today having been released on account
of ill health This is the second time
that Mr Jeppeson has had to return
from the missionary field on account of
illness I
Hurt In Logan Canyon
Logan May 30 William H Ellis a
young man of the Fifth ward was bad
ly ruptured while working In the can
yon on Saturday When he arrived at
home the hernia was reduced by a phy
sician but today he was reported as
being in a very precarious condition
Queen 0 > the May
Payson May 29At the Mayday cel
ebration Miss Daisy Oberhausley was
crowned queen Owing to continuous
rains in the fore part of May the last
was taken for the first
Baseball at Logan
Logan May 301he B Y A and A
C baseball teams met in a matched
game this afternoon
Man Who Was Sorry He Had
Preached Christianity
Special to The Herald
Pocatello May 30Tho funeral of the
late Bishop David Williams who died in
Salt Lake City yestercay will take place
tomorrow from the residence of his son
inlaw Martin Olson in this city About
two years ago Mr Williams returned
from a mission to England In the In
terests of the Mormon church and on his
return not only renounced Mormonlsm but
the entire Christian faith About three
months ago he published a pamphlet In
which he attempted to disprove the resur
rection of Christ Of late he has been
much troubled by reason of the fact that
he had for some years taught what he
then considered error and was preparing
to make a trip to England the scene
of his former missionary labors to un
say all that ho had said there He was
53 years old
Only the Best
Should be your motto when you need
a medicine Do not be induced to take
any substitute when you call for
Hood SarsaparilLa Experience has
proved it to be the best It Is an hon
est medicine possessing actual and
unequalled merit Be wise and profit
by the experience of other people
Hoods Pills are the favorite family
cathartic easy to take easy to oper
3200 Omaha and Return 3200
On May 20 and 30 the popular Union
Pacific offers the very low rate of J32
to Omaha and return for the opening
of the Transmississippi exposition on
June L Call at 201 Main street for fur
ther particulars
S E Parker Sharon Wis writes
I have tried De Witts Witch Hazel
Salve for Itching piles and It always
steps them In two minutes I consider
De Witts Witch Hazel Salve the great
est pile cure on the marketA C
Smtih C D Swift druggists
But the Diplomats Have Not Taken
the Matter UpA Reciprocity
Treaty Will Soon Be Concluded
Washington May 30 Inquiry at the
state department and at the British
embassy failst o develop any substan
tial basis for the supposition that ne
gotiations are afoot looking to a close
compact between the United States and
Great Britain covering all possible
subjects of differences conferring spe
cial trade privileges on both parties
providing for the joint use of the Nic
araguan canal and embracing what
would amount to an alliance offensive
and defensive to the end that Great
Britain may enjoy in peace her Asiatic
possessions while the United States
will have a share of the trade in that
quarter and will be secured also in the
application of the Monroe doctrine All
of these subjects have been discussed
from time to time in the press of the
United States and England and the
probable basis at this time is to be
found in Mr Chamberlains speech re
cently delivered which has aroused so
much interest on both hemispheres
So far as the Nicaraguan canal is
concerned It Is pointed out that if the
United States contemplated a joint use
of that means of communication there
would be no necessity for including
h > nnuldnn I n < > v Iooo
w 1 I
as the same result would be attained
by a simple affirmation that the Clay
tcnBulwer treaty under the terms of
which both the United States and Great
Britain declared for joint control of
any waterway to be constructed In the
future is still in force
The trade relations are even now be
ing adjusted on a new basis through
the drafting of an agreement between
Sir Julian Pauncefote for Great Brit
ain and Mr Kaeson for the United
States under the terms of reciprocity
of the Dingley bill This has advanced
almost to completion and the result
may be proclaimed within the next
week unless some Unforeseen delays
are encountered
The talk of a union on an interpre
tation of the Monroe doctrine is rather
sentimental than practical at this
stage and there is the best authority
for the statement that the subject has
not been broached in any manner in
the diplomatic exchanges of the two
governments since the celebrated pas
sage between Secretary Olney and the
Marquis of Salisbury during the nego
tiations that led up to the Venezuelan
arbitration agreement
As to the relations of the United
States and Great Britain in the Asiatic
trade there is no reason to believe that
there has been any change in the pol
icy of our own government which
while animated by the kindliest feel
ings towards the British and appre
ciating what has been done by Great
Britain to liberalize Chinese trade has
confined its efforts to the single ob
ject of protecting American trade from
invidious discriminationand so far
it is believed with JI1al success
By the British officials here much
satisfaction is felt at the conspicuous
growth Of friendship the English
speaking people oiu both sides of the
water but it is theview in these cir
cles that it is a healthy and desirable
growth which cannot find immediate
expression in formal treaties or con
ventions S
Such larger results are hoped for In
the course of time as the result of pub
lic opinion Meantime there is a dis
position to adopt a conservative view
as to what should be attempted at the
present moment The report that far
reaching agreements are under consid
eration or about to be made are looked
upon as very prejudicial to the accom
plishment of any real result As stated
by a leading diplomatic official today
radical criticism of Great Britain has
apparently given away to radical sym
pathy and in both cases this radicalism
misleads people in having false expec
tations and false fears and serves to
defeat those conservative results which
are secured only by patience and by
mature deliberation i
England Germany and America to
Join Hands
New York May ZOA dispatch to
the Herald from Berlin says I am
In a position to Inform you that the
English officials expression of friend
ship to Germany ambiguously referred
to by Joseph Chamberlain Birming
ham were of most decided character
In fact they have taken official as well
as nonofficial Germany rather by sur
It is even asserted here that the
project Includes a possible colonial con
cession of great value to Germany pre
sumably the price for drawing Ger
many away from Russia
I have also authority for the state
ment that the idea of England Ger
many and America joining hands is be
ing seriously entertained not so much
here as in Washington and London
whence it is forced on German atten
The rumor that Sir Frank Lascelles
was about to be transferred from here
Is utterly unfounded The British em
bassador Is person gratissima with the
Committee Unanimous Against Ha
waiian and Other Amendments
Washington May Orhe > senate com
mittee on finance was in session for three
hours toda considering amendments
which have been suggested to the war
revenue bill The time was spent largely
In an exchange of views upon the policy
of accepting any amendments which
ire not germane to the bill tho result
being a determination to accept none
such of whatever character The talk
s directed especially towards tho
amendments of Senator Lodge for the
annexation of Hawaii and of Senator
Morgan providing for a form of govern
ment of acquired territory and there
was a general expression of opinion that
they should not bo accepted by tho com
mittee There was no dissenting view
from this policy Senators favorable
personally to the various amendments
agreed with those who were not that with
the door once opened to changes not
pertinent to the main subject of the bill
the end would be Indefinitely postponed
The committee also discussed to some
extent amendments suggestInr changes
of the method of the taxing of transac
lons in stock and grain exchanges and
insurance brokers but decided to leave
Sour Stomach
After I wee Induced io try CA8CA
nETS I will never bo wl tiout them in the house
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ached and I bad stomach trouble Now since tak
ins Cascarets I feel fine My wife has also used
hem with beneficial results for soar stomach
JOS KHZUL1VO 1221 Congress St St Louis Ho
Pleasant Palatable Potent Taste Good Do
Good Never Sicken Weaken or Gripe We 25c We
Itrllur uuT CoBpinj Clltip Xotrtal IScw Tor 1l S
HU TO SAC Bold CVJUJTobaccolabit and guaranteed jall drug1
I the provisions relating to these subjects
I as they now stand
The only two changes of Importance de
cided upon related to drugs and to re
ceipts The amendment regarding re
ceipts exempt receipts for amounts be
low 5 and that in relation to drugs Is a
verbal change making clearer the mean
ing of the committee that drugs and
proprietary articles should be taxed only
when sold
There was also a virtual understanding
that If the Gorman amendment should be
adopted by the senate there would be still
further changes In the stamp tax as In
that event it will not be necessary to
collect so large a sum on stamps
The committee Is divided on the Gorman
Was Utah Agent of the Pennsylvania
Trust Company
Denver May GMr Riddle Reeves of
the firm of Reeves Clemes real estate
and investment brokers representing In
Colorado and Utah the Mortsago Trust
company of Pennsylvania was found
dead on the floor of his bedroom
Apoplexy caused his sudden death
Ho was born In Woodbury N J 47
years ago For years he was engaged In
the manufacture of glassware with
Samuel Tatua Co in Philadelphia and
later was Interested with his brother
Paul S Reeves In the manufacture of
brass goods His health falling him he
came west about ten years ago
Trainmen Killed
Omaha May OA > freight train broke
down in a cut on the Fremont Elkhorn
Missouri Valley road just west of Blair
Neb last night blocking the track The
Black Hills express which was following
dashed Into the wreck at top speed The
engine baggage and mall cars were de
railed The dead Luclan S Cook en
gineer passenger train Fred Owens
fireman passenger train
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Prcrent IcranitT acd Consoaintion it
is ext in time Their use shows iamodiota Jmrrcrre
jaentond effects a CDKE where all other fall In
hat upon banes tho genuine Jjax Tablets They
hatO cared thousands and will CIUtIJoz We glee a pea
Itlra written Bnnrantea t eSert a euro CJ PTC In
rachcassor rofucdthe manor Prioouv VIOipor
package or elx plans full treatment for itS lly
mall in plain wrapper upon receipt of price Circular
For sale In Salt Lake City Utah by
Druehl Franken F J Hill ia Co and
z C li L Drug Company
Of Weakness In Men They Treat and
Pail to Cure
An Omaha Company places for the flrst
time before rue cubUc a Alagical Treat
ment for tho euro ot Lost Vitality Ner
vous and Sexual Weakness and Restora
tion of Life rorce in old and young men
No worn out French remedy contains no
i Piioaphoroos or other innnful drugs it
I Is a Woadertui Treatment magical In ita
I I effects positive In its cure All readers
who are suffering from a weakness that
I bltghts their life causing that mental and
physica1 suffering peculiar to Lost Man
Hood should write te the STATE MED
ICAL COMPANY Salt 7K Range Block
Omaha Neb and they will send you ab
iolufly FREE a valuable paper on he
diseases and positive proofs of their truly
Maclcal Troament Thousands of men
who have lost all hope of a cure ara
being restored by them to a perfect con
Thls Magical Treatment may be taken
at home under their directions or they
I own pay railroad fare and notel bills to
ll who prefer to so there for treatment
refer i
rtll they fail to cure They are perfectly
I reliable have no Free Prescriptions Free
Cure Free Sample or C O D fake They
hav J250WH capital and guarantee to
cure every case they treat or refund every
dollar or their charjrei may be deposited
la It bank to be paid to them when a cor
M effected Write them today
on stomacn troubles
EY sent free to any per
B 0 0 K son addressing the
= = = = Marshall Such
Stuarts manufacturers Dyspei la
Tablets of Stomach Ereryfonu weakness FREE
cured by this wonder
ful neir discovery
+ + + BE + + +
ej i A t1 W SE
U Ii V M k J L U i 0
Tuesday May 31 to Saturday June 4 98
222 224 MAIN ST
I 7
A Big Lot Oxford Ties Vici
Kid Tan and Black all hand f
I turned this seasons stock a
all sizes r
MIa 85c a Pair
kf A lot of Mens 3dO and 400
sS S Shoes sizes somewhat broken
Foster elegant Bicycle Foot A P 1
wear all 350 and 400 grades P 14Vs
Knee 295 Height or 10 Inches th I
All 5 and 6 Grades I
395 t
We have 3000 invested in Bi I
cycle Footwear Owing to continuous
uous rains these shoes have not I
moved fast enough to suit us hence I
these prices
Low Cut Bike Shoes with Rubber LIKE CUT
Soles S I
Soles45c a Pair Af
T All our 350 and 400 shoes I
I 6 psralso a lot of 500 patent leather
9 195 shoes now
Ladles Tan fInd Black Shoes Lace j
S 2 9 5
cr Button all sizes all widths Any I
pair of Shoes at this price
Worth 250 to 350 a Pair WORTH 300 A PAIR Over 1000 Pairs Childrens Shoes f I
With Every One Dollar Purchase You Get a Chance
+ eccoccccc

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