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j Railroad From Dulutlfto Port
D S Taggart Breaks a Leg While
Loading Cattle at Ontario Gar i
Afield Opening Jd oreHelp For the
Dispatcher at Pocatello Outing
Exc rsionsOher Bailroad c1
Des Moires Ia June 17 Articles of
incorporation WEre fed today with the
e ret of state for the DuluthNeiy
Orleans Railway company with a cap
ital stock of 300000
I is DroDosed to build a line of rail
way from Duluth Minn to some con
venient gulf point presumably Port
Arthur The first board of managers is
composed of Robert B Hunter Thomas
AVrdell H A Warden S V Warden
J V Wardell H C Arnold and G W
One peculiar provision of the articles
is that in no case shall the company
charge in excess of 2 cents a mile for
transportation of passengers and
freight rates must be the minimum
ccmmercial schedule or lower I
Eastern Railroad of Minnesota Piles
An Important Document
Duluth Minn June 17The Eastern
Railway company of Minnesota has
filed in the office of the register of
deeds a trust deed covering a large
part of its property in this section The
deed is given to secure an issue of
bonds not to exceed 15000000 and runs
F to the Mercantile Trust company of
New York as trustee I covers all of
the first division of the road extending
fiom HincMey to Duluth and all of
the northern division which is the
Fosston extension The money derived
from th sale of the bonds is to be
used in constructing the Fosston
branch buying other branches and in
redeeming old bonds of which 4700
000 are outstanding The bonds are for
50 years payable in gold and bearing
interest at 4 per cent
Pive Trains Per Day Each Way Will
Be the Number
Five trains a day each way will be
run on the Garfield branch of the Ore
gon Short Line during this season be
ginning June 22 or next Wednesday
The time these trains will arrive asd
depart from the station on First South
street has not as yet been determined
but will be settled today and the an
nouncement made At the same tune
the programme of events will become
public property The buildings and
bath houses are now in the best of
condition the beach has been improved
by the action of the water during the
winter season and Garfield will be a
splendid resort this summer
Manager Barratt will have control of
the resort as he has during the past
few seasons which is assurance of I
good treatment for the natrons
Unfortunate Accident Sustained By
D S Taggart
D S Taggart traveling freight agent
of the Oregon Short Line met with an
unfortunate accident at Ontario Ore
jteterday breaking his leg between the
knee and ankle He was engaged in
assisting to load a lot of cattle which
are being shipped over his line and
fell from the chute
He will be brought home this morn
ins Coming at this time when every
thing is busy when the bathing fishing
and camping season is about to begin I
in good earnest the accident is most
unfortunate for Tag and his many
friends will doubtless be very sorry to I
tarn of his predicament
Northern Pacific Wants to Purchase
a Large One
Milwaukee Wis June 17 Negotia
tions are pending between the North
ern Pacific Railway company and thE
Oregon Iron Steel company for the
purchase of the latters claim against
the old Northern Pacific company I
the deal is consummated it will re
move the last vestige of opposition to
te company in the fight to secure
priority for the preferred stock of the
old corporation as a first lien upon the
lands east of the Missouri river to the i
exclusion of the general creditors The j i
claim of the Oregon Iron Steel com I
pany in full amounts to about 85000
Outing Excursions 1 I
The annual outing excursion north
via the Sort Line is announced for I
July 2 For the accommodation of
I thos who are going it is stated that a I
special from Cache Junction to Pres
ton will be run connecting with the
night train from here There aill also I
be aspecfal on the Wood River branch
Sunday July 3 I I
Two New Men II I I
SuperintenUent CalVin of the Short
Line returned from the north yester I
day morning He announces an addi I
tion to the force in the dispatcher of
fice at Pocatello by the appointment
of two more men cine for the day and I
one for the night shift I
Special Train
The Oregon Short Line will run a
special from Ogden on Sunday Cor the
I big baseball game here The train will
leave Ogden at 1 a m and a special
made rate of 1 for the round trip has been
Eeal Estate Transfers I
B Pettit et nx to L M Hardman et i
al part of section 2 township 1
south range 2 west 300
Joseph Dearde net ux to L Hard
mau part of section o township 2
south range 2 west 15
C Stimson to F S Wilson lots
Stmsono E
3 2 24 block 3 West Boulevard 20
sv O Lee to Louise C Lee part of
lot 7 block 119 plat A 2200
E J Wager to Clara L Loomis part
of blocks 2 and 3 Perkins addition 2500
Commercial Savings bank San
Juan to Commercial Land com
F pany block 17 Garden City plat 0 1
FDyspepsia et ux to Averilda Jones
part of section 3 township 2 south
range 1 east lco
Averilda Jones to Jane B Jones
part of section 3 township 2 south
range 1 east 2
David Jones to Jane B Jones part
of seton 3 township 2 south
range 1 east 1
Koschannah Evens to J J Coles
Jschannah 4 block SO plat D 2
E F Schettler to Heber Cottanv part
Qf lot 1 block 6 plat C 303
C F Farner et ux to P G Ros
ander part of section 13 township 2
bouth range 1 west 8
Dyspepsia can be cured by using
Ackers Dyspepsia Tablets One little
Tablet will give immediate relief or I
money refunded Sold in handsome tin
bexos at 25 cts For sale by Z C M
I Drug Dept
S M Geary Pierson Mich writes
De Witts Witch Hazel Salve is curing
wore piles here today than all other
remedies combined It cures eczema
and all other skin diseasesA C
Smith C D Swift druggists
p a
L r c
lea Royal I s tho higast grado baking p d
l mown Actual l tests shew it goes OP
t further than ear other brand
1I I 1 4Kff4 t
Absolutely Pure I
Humor and Pathos Judiciously Mixed
Delights a Large Audience at the
Congregational Church Last Night
Robert J Burdette delivered his famous
lecture The Rise and Fall of the Mus
tache before a large audience at the
Chgeg tonal church last night From
nis introduction by Mr Frank B Stephens
to the conclusion which Mr Burdette in
sisted was only the middle point the au
dience was under the spell of the humor
and pathos that flowed alternately so
smoothly from the lips of the lecturer
The ladies were invited to remove their
hats by a volley of sarcasni and compli
ments and an exclamation of how lovely
they looked with their hits offto the
men behind them
To Mr Biirdettfr the boy is a person
capable of appreciating the very best
treatment that can be bestowed upon him
He has his troubles and sorrows which
are more pathetic than mens who have j I
the same old troubles 500 times while the I
boys Is a new 0116 In every instance
There was the trouble of books The lee
turer recognized at glance an algebra I
that he had not seen for 3 years In the
hands of an individual who wanted light
on the subject but as he didnt rant
heaven spoiled Mr Burdette told him to
go on No 2 siding He had wrestled
and wept over algebra and believes im
plicitly in miracles after having passed
an examination in mathematics
He took the boys part from personal
experience for he remembered when his
father asked him What is this I have
heard about you Robert Not being a
prophet of course he didnt know and so
often gave up things that his father knew
not bf Growing wiser he determined
i that betore his I answerint eust read the indictment
The boys room is small and the furni
ture has taken a post graduate course
from the kitchen Oh but the boy dont
notice very much they say Dont he
Observe how he can notice a pie in the
kitchen Saturday afternoon
The boy is more refined and aesthetic in
taste than his sister proof of whch Is
shown when he marries Look at the
thing his sister marries Let him have
one place where he can have the best
time on Gods green footstool so he wont
have to go away somewhere to have a
good time Furnish his room with pic
tures He wouldnt pick the same picture
as his mother He isnt a mother yet by
a long chalk Pictures leading toward
fighting were recommended because the
i boy must become a tighter Along that
line he believed In football even for
your darling boy he was made for i
From the side lines Mr Burdette was
glad to see his own boy kick the pigskin I
but wanted to be delivered from seeing
him slide his limbs into gplf stockings I I I
our fathers had played more football the
task would have been expedited of pun I 1
Ishing Spain the fourth rate nation which
ought to have been blown off the earth i
long ago
With deep feeling the lecturer told how
the boy fs being carried out into the world
with every tick of the clock drifting from
His mothers side never to come back
You say he COres back A fellow who I
looks like him returns but it Is the man I
who comes back wearing a bronze fius I
tache and proud of his beatutlful bride
You would like to be a boy again and I
pillow your head on the dearest pillow
that a heart with an ache can but you j
rta lg i I
cant You are a man now You must
set your teeth and let the rain beat in i
your face and say nothing i
11 Burdette described the hoy in his I i
awkward state making his first appear I
ance at a formal party when III at ease
he would like to be taken out and shot
A few years later with a mustache pas
ture he goes to see Laura and llnally
asks her to become his wife Life be
gins that night There breathes into his
life asecond soul There is nothing great
er nothing equal But he has not said
anything gun t her pa Johnny get your
gthThe father is reluctant to understand
understnd i
I days why young folks can fall In love nowa
The lecturer believes in the new woman
who Is the old woman with a new and
broader environment There is something
for het besides kitchen walls and getting
something to eat for three men i
As to young engaged people they
though they were very happy and were I
as much as they could But happiness
broadens with pain and suffering all the
Joys dont fade with the honeymoon I I I I
takes years of disappointment sorrow
and bearing one anothers infirmities for I
happiness to blossom
The mothers love goes out to her child
ren her boys and girls though they may i
be gray haired There Is one love that i
npver changes save as it grows tenderer i
and sweeter I
Mr Burdette gave a bit of his expe
rience a pastor of a Baptist church in
Philadelphia He didnt object to the con
gregation sleeping if sleep meant edifica
tion but he likes to see them pay for the
same Sleeping car rates should be es
tabllshf and UP man shQuld slip A cent
Into the box and get 50 cents worth of
pth When he got his cents worth he
shpuld be aJikened and made to dig up
2 cents he thought ought to carry one
through the sermon
In concluding said 11 BurOette beau
tifully and pathetically Children with
overflowing hearts you will thank God
for the gray days with quiet rest and
peace Time passes on Old Tom steps out
of young Toms way and the cycle is
completed I
I 0 c
Turks Are Burning Villages Outrag
ing Women and Horrible
ig ad Committing
rible Atrocities
Constantinople June 17Th out
break of the Albanians at Berane near
the frontier of Montenegro the gravity
of which is comparable to the troubles
preceding the ServiaMbntenegro war
against Turkey in 1876 is due to re
venge taken by some Christians upon
the Albanian murderers of a Christian
notable last autumn The Albanians in
remote districts partlclpate in the re
cent outrages
Cettinje Montenegro June 17The
earlier renorts that the Turks had re
sjimed the work of burning villages are
fully confirmed
In the Berane district of Albania 700
houses belonging to Servian Christians
I have been burned 0
The Turks are committing horrible
atrocities and iwo Servian women have
been barbariously murdered
AntiJewish Riots
Lemberg Austrian alicia June 17
Gangs of peasants yesterday attacked
and plundered the Jewish shops at Fry
settak near Esozow and wounded sev
eral Jews The police fired on the mob
killing six of the rioters and wounding
five more
fyemor I
p c
L i5
An interesting story ot Alaskan trials
is told by Will Talbert one of the pack
ers who went from Cheyenne with the
government expedition to Alaska and
who leturned to join the Cuban expe
I dition He states that at Dyea where
last fall there were 10000 people there
are now but a few Indians and the
I remnants of the government pack train
I service The traffic ot the town once
i enormous has gone to practically noth
1 ing Fine horses whlgh cost large
amounts to transport them t Dyea
have had to be killed by scores because
there was no work and feed was too
expensive tokeep them alive Hun
dred of horses and dogs are lying
1 dead along the trails to breed disease
I I as son as warm weather comes Bod
i ies are still being exhumed from be
neath I the snow and ice of the fatal
avalanche on Chilkoot pass and many
I will never be recovered The govern
ment still has three packers and nine
mules at Dyea with no apparent duty I
I to perform
The young ladies and gentlemen of
I the geology class oC the University of
Wyoming have returned to Laramie
I from a ten days expedition through
I the surrounding country A large
I number of geological specimens were
I collected and a pleasant time was ex
perienced The most exciting event re
ported was the exploration of the
I caves of Table mountain which can
be entered only by descending a 40
foot shaft by means of ropes The
young ladies were not deterred by
this circumstance and the entire party
spent several hours exploring the
The Pqcatellp Advance has been sold
under execution to satisfy two judg
ments aggregating 640 in favor of
the Sentinel Printing company and
Guy B Higgins of Boise The plant
I was bid in for the amount of judgment
I and costs by W E Trapp presumably
I I for exMayor Kaslska who recently
purchased the majority stock of the
i Advance company
j I Boise Statesman Mr Green man
ager of the Ridenbaugh canal is grow
I ing four acres of sugar beets this year
I for experimental purposes The land
used for the purpose is near Sonna sta
tion A man named John Clowes is
in charge of the tract He is from
Utah and has had long experience in
growing beets The plants are now
about six inches high and make a fine
appearance The beets will be sent to
the factory in Utah and worked and
if the results are as good as expected
the experiment will have an influential
bearing on the problem of securing a
beet sugar plant for this valley I is
believed that more satisfactory results
can be secured here than in any other
section of the country
Caldwell Record B F Morrow of
Long valley was in town last week
having purchased a small band of cat
tle which he drove to his home in
Boise county Mr Morrow came to
this country in the 60s and was one of
the first settlers in this part of the
country He is over 73 years old but II
can keep up his end of a days work
with much younger men He reports I
pasture fine in the valley but the
I sheep are crowding the cattle out I
I Professor Wood the eldest son of W
W Wood of Caldwell received a severe
injury from the kick of a horse While
driving a team heavily loaded out of I
Indian creek the horses manifested a
desire to stop when young Wood gave
one of the horses a kick that was returned
turned with Interest the blow strik
ing the young man below the knee and
splintering the bone
The body of James Hennessey who
was drowned in Tongue river last week
f was found near the mouth v here i
had lodged in a tree that had fallen in
the stream The body was taken to
Miles City
The largest number of wolf and coy
ote skins brought in this season hy any
one1 person were punched by the coun
ty officials yesterday at Glendive They
were trapped and shot by William
Cherry on the north side of the Yel
lowstone river He received a bounty
certificate for 393
Edward Marron a prominent citizen
lof Dawson county residing at Red
Water is dead He was one of the
first settlers of Dawson county and
one of the best known men in eastern
Secretary of the Senate John Bloor
I I who was sent to the penitentiary for
I stealing the salary bill is driving a
milk wagon these days He became a I
trusty a few weeks after he had en i
tered the penitentiary at Deer Lodge
and was set to work delivering milk
from Conley IcTagues ranch to the
I Musician T A Phillips of the Twen
tyfifth infantry recently stationed at
Missoula has returned to Montana
and is visiting in Helena having re I
ceived his discharge He reports that I
the soldiers suffered from the heat at
Tampa and that there was consider I
able sickness among the men I
As a result of paring a corn with a
razor Thomas Harrison had his leg
amputated above the knee at Elko last
week blood poisoning having set in
A cutting affray took place at Ga
lena in Lander county says the Ad
vocate in which Andrew Melander of
that place one of the oldest and most
substantial citizens of Lander county
was stabbed and dangerously wounded
by James Morgan also of Galena lIe
lander was cut in the abdomen the
wound being about two inches in depth
and about one inch in width and is
considered by Dr Hood of Battle
Mountain who was immediately called
to attend the case as exceedingly dangerous
< clngly
gerous owing to Us locality
At Colorado Springs Edward Black
ford has been bound over in Justice
McReynolds court for attempt to kill
J H OConnor at Camp Seward a
logging camp half way between this I
place and Crippl Creek about the
middle of last September
The second trial of the case of Mc
Hale and Smith has been begun at
Colorado Springs They are charged
with holding up a Cripple Creek saloon
The case wa tried last week and the
jury disagreed
Jack Brogan of Colorado City at
tempted to commit suicide by shooting
himself in the head He was taken to
the county hospital and the doctors
entertain hopes of his recovery De
spondency was the cause I
Two cakes Rex soap 5 cents New
York Cash Grocery 165 Main street
i Awarded
< Highest Honors Worlds Fair
Gold Medal Midwinter Fair
Y 0
General Miles Opinion fUnted
I States Regulars
The General Blames the Postoffice and
the Eailroads Talks About the
Army the Cuban Campaign and
the Cooperationof the Insurgents
I Bnpects I An Early Fight
Washington June 17 Major General
Miles general in chief of the army
accompanied by Colonel Maus Major
Davis and Colonel Greenleaf of his
staff arrived in Washington today
after having directed the departure of
the first army of invasion to Cuba
General Miles looked hale and hearty
despite the three weeksincessant work
of bringing order out of chaos in the
hurriedly concentrated army
The general continues to wear his
citizens dress while all the officers
about him are in fatigue uniforms and I
save for the pith helmet such as is
worn in the East Indian service he
shows no evidence of coming from the I
j field He conferred with Secretary
I Alger for half an hour before the
cabinet meeting and then had a long
talk with General Luddington quarter
master general on the condition of the
quartermasters supplies Speaking in
a general way uf his observations
Genera Miles said
Having spent some time with the
troops during a trying period of hurried
preparations I am glad to say that
they are a splendid body of men which
the country may well be proud of As
to UP regulars they are the finest
corps in the world without any excep
tions in physical development effici
ency experience discipline marks
manship equipment and all that goes
to make up firstclass soldiers Of
course the volunteer army is not as
well equipped Some of the states sent
men into the field in very good condi
tion notably Massachusetts and New
York Others sent their quotas with
out arms equipment or clothing They
were not soldiers at all only em
I ployed men I takes time to make
soldiers of these men There must be
I uniforms arms ammunition equip
ment camp equipment tentage trans
portation and hospital supplies Then
in addition they have to have ordn
ance artillery siege trains entrench i
ing tools horse equipments engineer i
ing appliances of all kinds balloon
appliances etc After that
applances Afer comes to
moving an army across the sa with
all the dangers and vicsissitudes of an
ocean voyage The work with its
infinite detail has been carried out I
am glad to saywith a fair degree of
success and the command of 15000 men
under General Shafer moved away
with an outburst of patriotic en
thusiasm which overcame the trials
they had pttssed through
General Miles attentionwas directed
to the reports coming from Tampa of
get confusion anddelay in preparing
the expedition and getting it off for
Yes said he there were causes
contributing to thisdelay In the first
place the postoffice service at these
points of army concentration is very
deficient When 20 0011 to 50000 men
are added to the population of the
small towns and a men are sending
and receiving letters from then ffjen S
and relations at home besides the
large amount of official business
carried on the local postoffice facilities
are entirely inadequate That has been
one of the troubles at Tampa Chicka
mauga and other places and as a result
suit the official communications to
and from the vafj department on I
which depend the regularity of mdveI
ment of many kinds o stores has been i
seriously delayed Then in gathering i j
the munitions sf wa for an army it I
was necessary to have the service of
a great number of trains loaded with j
stores crowding the meagre railroad I
lines far beyond their meage capacity j
I However this is being straightened
out now and almost all of it has been
i cv rccirc
There have been many very splendid I
acts of heroism even in the brief time
the troop3 have been employed con
tinued General Miles Captain Dorsts
several expeditions have been of great j
trvica to the government his last one
in particular being important in results i
He started from Key West but instead j
of going direct to Cuba he went north
and east of Nassau the turned south
and landed in Cuba at a port called
I The special importance of this trip
was In opening direct communication
I between General Garcia and myself
Two of Garcias staff officers had re
I turned from Cuba with Rowan and
came to Washington to see me One of
these I sent to Bares with the supplies
cf arms with instructions to General
Garcia saying I wanted him to Jove
all his forces to Santiago de Cuba The
message to General Garcia was sent
June i reaching him June 6 and I got
I j his reply by cable from Mole St Nich
olas June 1 He had about 8000 armed
I Cubans before he received the muni
tions of war by Captain Dorst The
supplies sent him will enable Garcia to
adequately equip over 15000 Cubans
General Miles was asked for the com
munications between himself and Gar
cia and glancing them over he gave
their general purpore
In my communication to him I asked
him to move as large a force as DOs
sible to the vicinity of the harbor of
Santiago de Cuba and to cooerate
with our army and navy on their ar
rival which I hoped would be within a
few days He was to drive in and har
ass any Spanish troops near Sant o
de Cuba threatening and attacking
them at all points preventing any
reinforcements from reaching that
point Pending the arrival of our
troops he was to sjeize any positions
east or west of Santiago or both
which could be used to advantage by
our artillery
He replied that he would regard my
wishes and suggestions a orders and
would immediately adopt measures to
concentrate his forces as directed
General Miles does not apprehend any I
I longer serious delays In i disembarklns
the troops on Cuban soil The trans i
ports have a large number af small
boats to assist in this work The en
gineering corps has large barges and
a pontoon train bj which they can put
together a floating pier so that unless
there is a very rough sea or the men
are compelled to disembark in the surf
which is not anticipated the disembar
kation is expected to proceed rapidly
When General Miles was asked if he
expected an carjy fight he answered
for laconically Thats what theyve gone I
Cause of the Delay i Embarking
Troops at Tampa
Chicago June 17fA prominent olR
cal who returned from Tampa today
said that the condition or the troops
was excellent Dr Geddings of the
United States marine Hospital ccrvlce
had stated 1hat t the history ot army
camps does hot show so low a percent
age of slcknass and he corroborated
by other army medical officers The
railroad official himself aid hr had vis
ited all the oamps and was surprised
at the small number of aide s ldiers t
The delays attending the transpors
r I 1
c a
tation of troops from Tampa he said
was caused by the lack of ability on
the part of army quartermasters who
seemed tobe utterly unable to properly
discharge their duties Many carloads
of provisions for the troops were not
handled prompt and their contents in
consequence spoiled and had to be
thrown Into the sea The magnificent
military system of the United States is
dcftrtive in the quartermaster depart
ment There is apparently a lack of
quartermasters who have a thorough
knowledge of uptodate rail as well as I
ship transportation I seems to me
that the remedy for it is to give in
structions at West Point in transpor
tation so that army officers ca super
vice work of this most important de
partment and see that it is properly
Some Interesting Evolutions Sched
uled For Chickamauga
Chickamauga National Park June 1
The first Ohio artillery will next week
perform the hardest service yet at
tempted by any commands in the camp
Tue regiment with its entire parapher
nalia will march from the park to
Rome Ga and return through a rough
mountainous country The distance to
be covered will be near 150 miles
The entire cavalry reops in camp are
preparing for a sham cavalry charge
The Grigsby rough riders will prob
ably be pitted against the First Ohio
and the First Illinois cavalry The
date of the battle is not yet decided
but it promises to be a very interesting
Eight Companies Ordered to Rendez
vous at Fort Sh ridan
Chicago June HFort Sheridan will
resume its old aspect in a few days
with the arrival at its barracks of the
recruits for eight companies of the Sec
ond regiment United States englmcr i
The fort has been designated as the
rendezvous of the first two batatalions
of the regiments Two of the companies
are to be recruited in Cincinnati one
in Springfield Ohio one Indianapolis
two in Chicago one in St Paul and
one in Omaha
The officers of the eight companies
wilt be the pick of the engineeiing
talent of the central west
Company of Moons neIs
Atlanta Ga June 17 Judge New
man has modified the sentence of sev
eral I moonshiners in jail rere in order
that they enlist In the
may enlst army
They will join the company of moon
shiners being organized here by Cap
tain Yancey Carter the noted revenue
officer who says they are especially
adapted to guerilla warfare
Touching Addresses Delivered Eulo
gistic of Those Who During the
Past Year Were Called Hence
A custom was instituted three years
ago by the Independent Order of Odd
Fellows of holding memorial services
once a year in memory of such mem
bers of the order as have died during
the veal The credit of the suarepstion
belongs to C 1hi Berry in Salt eston Lake
I lodge No 2 of this city and the idea
was so favorably received that mem
I orial day is now very generally ob
served by Odd Fellows all over the
country Last evening the services in
I this city were held in the 1 O O F
hall and there was quite a large gath
ering of members of the order and
their friends The hall was decorated
I I with profusion of the choicest flow
ers a large portion which including
I ten dozen fine carnations was donated
by Cramer the florist
The names of the departed Odd Fel
I lows in the jurisdiction of Utah in
I whose honor the exercises were held
are as follows
i John Buckle Utah lodge o1
I Thomas Simons W C Clark J R
I Powell and William Hayden Salt Lake
Lodge No2 Peter Sutherland Jordan
No3 Isaac Kuckler Ogden No t
fF Condon Park City No 7 Jchn
Gfnntham James J T rpltlns and
Wlnoin ruikhait Olive Branch Ko
S Barney C Coleman Eureka No 12
George H Brewer Fidelity NO 17
A L Davidson Mount Pleasant No
20 A E Knuckey Mystfc No 22 D E
Ellingson Lehi No 26 James Kimose
Friendship No 27 J F Brunei Rich
field No 29
Rebekahs John Buckle Rachel Hew
ettand Jane Hunt Noami No1 D F
Condon Silver Leaf No3
The meeting was called to order by
Past Grand William M Owen who
made a few appropriate remarks and
after the rendition of an anthem by
the double quartette Grand Master
i Breeze was called upon to preside
The ritual for the occasion Was read I
I the members of the various lodges giv I
ing the responses
Past Grand Master George B Squires
then delivered an address in the nature
of a tribute to fraternal organizations
showing the noble work they were do
ing and the advantages resulting to
those who joined with them I
Mrs John P Meakin sang a solo en
titled For All Eternity to the piano
accompaniment of Professor Von Bun I
The song was exceedingly well ren i
dered and evoked great applause I
A clever recitation by Miss Ella Er
mey followed
Rev A H Henry was on the pro
gramme for an address in the nature
of a tribute to the departed brothers
but the reverend gentleman was un I
able to be present and the presiding
officer called on Professor John P I
Meakin who though unexpectedly
summoned delivered a yery feeling and
eloquent oration concluding with a I
recitation of the poem Mortality
which was loudly appiauded
Supreme Representative J J Thomas
said a few words eulogist of the de
parted brother John Buckle who was
a member of Utah lodge No1 to
which 11 Thomas also belongs
The services throughout were beau
tiful and impressive concluding with
the singing of the national anthem by
the audience
Hamburgers Furious Over Result of
Eeichstag Elections
Berlin June 17 Three hundred and
thirtynine results of the ReichStas
elections show that 165 second ballots
will be necessary Returns thus far as
sure the election of 34 Conservatives
6 Imperialists 7 Centrists 4 Reform
ists National Liberals 2 candidates
of the Radical Union 32 Social Demo
crats t 1 Poles 1 Dane and 7 independ
I Is impossible as yet to predict the
composition of the new reichstag The
crisis of the elections will occur over
thfe second ballots
A few facts however rtand out
t plainly The first is that the Centrists
will as heretofore with probably di
minished strength hold the balance of
power with 100 seats enabling them to
sway the reichstag in either direction
The second is that a cartel majority
will be next to impossible and the
third is that the Socialists will after
all not only largely increase their poll
which it is estimated will reach two
njillion votes as against 10S6000 in 1S93
but will also Increase their represen
tation by 10 or 12 seats In 1S33 thpy
were Involved In only 52 seconQ ballots
Now probably they will be involved In
nc fewer than 100
The Increase in the Socialist vote is
most marked at Wurtemberg Already
it is causing alarm among the Ham
burgers who are especially furious that
I the first commercial of the empire
should be represented in the reichsta
by three Socialists who their anne
floats say have no understanding the
citys vital interests The Hamburger
Nachrichten Blcmarckian says
There is nothing for it but to raise
the age of voting and to abolish the
secret ballot
Penrose anoLMeacham Confirmed
Washington June 17 The senate today I
confirmed a long list of jomlnatlons in
cluding the following
Army Brigadier surgeon with the rank
of major G IL Penrose Utah
Surgeon with the rank of major F A
Meacham Utah
Reward For Embezzler
Olympia Wash June 17 Governor
Rogers today offered > a reward of 500
for the arrest and conviction of ex
Deputy State Auditor George D Evans
or for information leading to his ar
rest and conviction Evans Is accused
of forging state warrants
Americas Greatest
Medicine i is
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Which absolutely i
Cures every formof
Impure blood from
The pimple r your
Face to the great
Scrofula sore which
Drainsyour i system
Thousands of people
Testify that Hoods
Sarsaprii1a res
Scrofula Salt Rheum
Dyspepsia Malaria
Catarrh Rheumatism
And That Tired
Feeling Remember this
And get s
And only Hoods
Hotel Knutsford
en end eJrjrant r 1 Its appatn
menta 2 rooms single or eosuiia 7
room tvita t
G s HOL3EES Proprietor
keeps her brair
1t9 clear and her
fresh by
frequent spins
on a
Monar h
D 0 6
f a y I
Headache and poor appetite yield tr
iC use
Built right ride easy none better
38 Monarchs 850 and S6Q
97 ron ibs S35
CI1C fO 4 lEJ
114 West First South Street
CtehcMera EoIlsh Dlciaocd Hrocd
r r YfOYAl PIllS
I m Original and Only Genuine A
4 P 3ArC a3yTs II LDICS uk
h ia i Urnjrirt for CXlu < < Enqliik Dut x
tbionctrrcnd h Ted and GalS irrtaUs
bcxej mint irlth b t riNkcn Take
il eo other Rle daujerom uljt
II rtioiu oui toi ahonj AID istors4a
I A In stamp for particulars tMUmoniAli 14
4 Ecltcf rot toille in ff r by rrtum i
A Mali 10OOOTcnlmonI l Hme fiptr i
J uIohe l < TCicalcjllCoMoll l o I
Sold by aU Local DrcsslJa llILAV I I
These tinCapsules are superior
rAt to Balsam of Copaiba
t Cubebs or Injectionsandf mIJ
the same diseases with
out inconvenience
4cr clDthLr
for Salt Like county state of Utah Mar
garet E Stevens plaintltf vs Charles E
Stevens defendant summons The state
of Utah to said defendant You are here
by summoned to appear within twenty
days after the service of this summons
upon you If 1 served within the county in
which this action Is brought otherwise
within thirty days after service and de
fend the above entitled action and in
case of your failure so to do judgment
will be rendered against you according
to the demand of the complaint now on
file In the office of the clerk of said court
GRAHAM F court
Plaintiffs Attorney
P O address 3 Commercial block Salt
Lake City Utah
v > iii
4C Burlington
when the ticket agent asks you what
railroad east of Denver you want
your ticket to read over i
The Burlington i the shortest line I
from Denver to Omaha Chicago St
Louis and everywhere east of those
It is the only line out of Denver
running two fast trains daily to
Omaha and Chicago They leave at
930 a m and 950 p m
Tickets at offices of connecting
lines f
I A BE TON Ticket AgcntE G
W Ey Dooly lock
B P NESLHT Traveling Pass and
Freight Agent
214 S W Temple Salt Lake City
v J
J f
> f
I c
i SssSg r
tf rt > jf TI T > < jsfc
Trains arrive and depart at Salt Lake
at 1
City daily as follows
On Effect May S ISIS
From Chicago Omaha St Louis
Kansas City Denver Park
City and Ogden 310pm
From Helena Butte Portland
San Francisco Ogden and in
termediate Ogen 903 am
From San Francisco Cache Val
Icy Ogden < and intermediate
From points Chicago Omaha St Louis 75 pm
Kansas City Denver siL Og
den 310am
From Frisco Milford Sanpete
Provo Eureka Mammoth Sil
ver City and intermedlaio
Points 620
Mixed train from Terminus
i i rii
Tooele and Garfield DEPART Beach 40 pm
For Chicago Omaha Denver
Kansas City St Louis Ogden
and Park City 700 am
For San Francisco Ogden 70 am
Cache Valley and IntemH late
points 810 ara
For Ogden Denver Kansas iUy a
Omaha St Louis Chicago nnd
Intermediate points 625 pm
For Ogden nut Felena Port
land jkirt San Francisco 345 pr
For Mercur ISureXa Silver City
POVO Nephi Sanpete Mll
ford Frisco and Intermediate
points 730 am
Mixed train for Garneld Beach 73 ar
Too lc and Terminus fiam
Trains south of Tuab run dally except
Dally except Sunday
Hall No 200 West Second South street
Telephone No 2
Railroad and Steamship Tickets on sale
to all paris of the world se
Pullman Palace Car ticket office
tcket ofce
Gen Trf Mgr Gen Pass BTJRLY Agt
Vice Pres Gee Mgr
4 Current
Tim Table
No 2Fcr Prove Grand Junc
tion and all points east 343 am
No 4For Provo Grand Junc
tion and all points east 710 pm
No CFor Bingham Lchl Provo
Mt Pleasant ManU Belknap
and Intermediate points S00om
anI cm
No 5For Eureka Payson
Provo and Intermediate points 500 pr
No 3For Ogden and West 910 pm
No IFor Ogden and West1230 pm
No 42Vnr Park CIty 80 am
No 1 From Blngham Provo
Grand Junction and the East 1220
Grnd Juncton 12 pm
No 3 From Provo Grand
Junction and East 903 pm
No 5 Frogi Provo Bingham
Eureka Belknap Mantl and
Intermediate points 523 pm
No 2 From Ogden and the pr
Vest 803 am
No 4 From Ogden and the
West 730 pm
No 7From Eureka Paysoii
Provo and Intermediate polntaiO00 am
No 41 From Park City 530 pm am
office Ticket corner oPloe 103 Vl 2pd South Post
ofce corer
JCT tr
The Overland Limited for
Chicago St Paul SL Louis
Omaha Kansas City Denver 703 am
The Fast Mall for Chicago
St Louis O naaa Kansas City
and Denver 823 pr
The Overland Limited from
Chicago St Louis Omaha
Kansas City Denver 310 pm
Tnc Fast Mall from Chicago
St Paul St Louis Omaha
Kansas City and Denver 320 am
City Ticket Of c 201 Main Stroci
Tcephore rf > rrl
H M CLAY Gen Agent
iwo JlUg Lns Uaiiy
Between Salt i i l city Ogden vad L
vill cnjipJd Creek Colorado dpnngra
Dcnor and all points east Only Una
inrou R sleepers OQ both morning and
eainsj trams This line In connectfoa
wUi mo Rio Grande V qte4 reactiea
Uave earlier tnan nay other line via
colorado Springs No enange of cava or
deiayiM trains Take the Colorado Md
land and save Urns ana enjoy the finest
ride anc jjraadejo scenery 1 Colorado
For tail irinaUoQ call oa any R G
W R > spent or
G P A Gen Asent
f Dcavsr Cab Salt Lake City
Dally time table in effect May 2 189d
Leave Arive Leave Arrive
Salt Lake Farming Farming Salt Lake
ton fc La ton La
goon goon
7 0 a m 4 a m 750 a m 3 a m
9 00 a I 940 am 1000 a m 10 40 a m
11 03 a m 1140 a I 1200 a m 1240 a m
100 p m 110 p m 200 p m 240 p m
3CO p m 340 p m 0 p m 411 p t
500 p m n0 p m C00 p m 640 p m
6CO p m 640 p m 731 p m S10 p m
715 p m 75 > p m 1CO p m 1040 p m
Round trip to Lagoon and return including
eluding admission 25 cents
Dancing parties every Tuesday and Sat
urday night No extra charge
Round trip to Becks Including BATH
25 cents
Pass Ah Gen Mngr
EiiVI59llUE L
Iron Founders
and Machinists
Manufacturers of all lands of Min
ing and Milling Machinery Prompt
attention paid to all kinds of repair
work No 12t North First Wet St
Of Weakness I Men They Treat and
Pail to Cure
An Omaha Company places for the first
time before me DubUc a Magical Tre
cent for the cur ot Lost Vitality Ne
yeas and Sexual Weakness and Restora
tion of Life rorce iu ola acd young men
No worn out French remedy contains na
Phosphorous or other iiarmful drugs It
Is a Wonderiul Treatment magical in Its
effects positive In Its cure I readers
who are suffering from a weakness that
bilirhts their life causing that mental and
physical suffering peculiar to Lost Man
hood should write tc the STATE MED
CAL COMPANY Suite 2 Ramge E
Omaha Neb and they will sea3 you absolutely
eolutely FREE a valuable paper oxbi
diseases and positive proofs of theIr truly
llasical Treament Thousands of mel
who have last all tope of a cure ara
being restored by them to a perfect con
Thla Magical Treatment may be taken
Thi Magic Tetent b te
at home under their directions or they I
wit pay railroad faro and notel bills t
all who prefer to go there for treatment
if they fall to cure They are perfectly
reliable have w Pre Prescriptions Free
Cure Free Sample or C O D fake They
have J2500OT capital and guarantee t
cur Vcr case they treat or refund every
H1ar or their charge may ha deposited
1 I bank to hp pit to lh eq rtia a eurt
Ml offected SVrltefe Si 1 t

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