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The Salt Lake herald. [volume] (Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1870-1909, June 19, 1898, Image 16

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a 5J
Dressmaking W A L K E R S S ORE 9 Mail O der
Reduction Patrons A
After the 2th of June last Will be accorded same price opportu
4 nines at this sale as the city folks
lug two weeks e M mJL J M Jk Q
< But send in orders quickly crowds
Our annual reduction in this depart
are vast at such times and wed
ment takes effect on above date and This event has again round and its
715 yearly eVe Yl as come as ever a rather buy for you early
dresses bought at sale can be laid
aside for this opportunity but will not I
be accepted sooner at other than
regular prices Reductions thus No hesitating no halting or halfway measures are employed but a general mustering of forces from 8t Lalluar d
Tailor made Gowns Evening Gowns Every Department in 1 the House
Street Gowns regular making 1000 I P a tt ern sWash
prices 14 15 and 18 1UUU
any brought forward under the piercing penetrating glances of discriminating shoppers to fight for place I
Wash Dresses of any descrip CO flA
tion at time designated tpOUU And all of the Standard
and power in this army of small prices In other words its a publications
Fashion Company at all times on
I I VERITABLE WONDER A sale i Reliable newest ideas of
GS33 that must appeal to the thrifty instincts of the whole community who know that inasmuch as its
Set the PrIces Town Talking I A WALKER SALE y H Facts indisputable that this 1
is the ideal tore for
one thing is sure its of good dependable reliable uptodate the worlds best merchandise 0 SGG3S
Good Bristle HairBrushes Regular 35c Pock Leather Belts Red Letter Prices on Red Letter Prices on C om b I nat i on A Few Fancy I Good Mach in e
Brushes 35c regular et Knives for La army buckle 35c Pocketbook and Leather Belt Bags Thread spool
lar dies kinds Dress Goods and Silks Vi ash Dress Goods Card Case 35c reg I were 125c 2c
ire ire ire ular 25c
Here Are Some Offerings You Should Jump At ire Paper Pins
No introduction nor explanation is necessary to preface such news as
1C 1
this below The facts speak eloquentlythe prices proclaim heavy reduc French Organdies Some More Good Items
Lettuce Juice i
50c and 75c HairBrushes Leather Belts Castile Wash Rag
tions Entire stock of our choicest colored Here is a lOc line that ought to and Soap cake
Brushes jewel settings all cake A Small Curling
Soap French Organdies that have been sell will be snapped up quickly
colors 30c kinds 3c
35c ors 5c Low Priced Enough Black Goods Stock ing at 35c 40c 45c and 50c a yard in Iron
13C cluding the balance of our Mousseline Calf Skin Chate 1 C
All 15c a yard Dress Goods CAll 0 Entire lot each purchase a dis do Sole that sells at 60c the yard 2c All of our Organdies Batistes and laine Bags Sac i
count by salesman of all one priced the yard at fine Lawns ranging in price 20c 22c
and 25c the yard at less than onehalf quality
two Kid bunches Hair Curlers White Leather Metal Belts and All 40c a yard Dress Goods 15e 20 0 Off Printed India Mulls price a 12yard dress pattern 126 1 19C Cosmos Butter I
Girdles I from any milk Soap 25c box Aluminum i Thimbles
Belts slightly One case 2500 yards printed India
5c very Entire stock of 50c 60c 75c and Black ire bles
soiled any Half Price Crepons Mulls choice prints in dots stripes
OOc Dress Goods in for the Red 6 and Persian effects
25c a 12yard 2jr 1C
15c Letter sale at Certainly the choicest and richest dress pattern for just Uw No limit to number of yards 10c e
stock in the west discount by sales take any number at
Hows This man of 9 But no limit take as many a
Steel Scissors 6 7 yards as wish the yard J O
Womens Coin 33IJ at Off Leather Chate
and Sinch regular FOR A BARGAIN IN SEPARATE 33 730 All of our Scotch Ginghams and
prices 20c 25c and Leather Belts Purses 35c to 60c SKIRT LENGTHS Cut from pieces A Fetching Number Madras Cloths that are selling at 25c laine Bags 35c Woodburys Fac
SOc any plain 20c kinds kinds for convenience and will occupy table Velvet Department and 30c the yard light and dark col kind ial Soap Darning Balls
in Table Covers
15c to themselves block checks and stripes
9c IOC Chiffons Velvets Nets Grenadines ors plaids 15c 12c 1C
I 300 Skirt Lengths 3 to 5 yards in entire stock discount from purchase of Just in time We bought 600 Table full color assortments any Ige
and actually worth Covers of Chenille that we intended quantity the yard I
each length
5200 Sale price this week 50e 25e 0 Off for a hit at 53 cents each but
each w as they get here at a price
> < cinching time the price is Cotton Duck offered just when you
300 Skirt Lengths cut from Goc and Lining Department instead 39c need them no goods are more popu
75c Dress Fabrics making each worth
Entire department is in for a general All other Table Covers from lar for outing dresses colors are
from 300 to 500 each now flflr
s > s > s each at 90 e discount on erything of 20 per cent cheapest to highest price white navy turquoise cardinal olive 4 > 4 > 3 > < > G > <
t > t which will be deducted by salesman 15 Qf Off tan and black the very best tip
O Plain Weave Fabrics from every purchase iOCotton Duck made the yard
1 75 pieces of our finest which means 209 e Off
i the finest any where > plain weave Red Better Prices on Dress Trimmings i
ON 9 ART M8RO1FR1E5 Dress Goods retailing now at Silk Department i
m 100 to S 200 a yard Color assort
Of course with Dress Goods marked to the lowest price point Trim
ment is somewhat broken so en b nr Entire stock Taffetas Black Silks
All stamped Linens embroidery silks tire lot b e Colored Silks Evening Brocades Wash mings must naturally fall in line Extraordinary Reductions like this Entire stock of carpets from least
Silks Foulards Every piece a discount to Discount
price greatest
and art materials 1
i Tailor Suitings and Fancy Fronts in Spangled effects
by salesman Y All Embroideries I
1211 o cent off 10 per cent off
v per i
72 All Colored Fabrics 250 0 Off pearl ornaments many de I The daintiest most attractive stock
signs All sold this week above 50c
J All baskets includes a great variety carpets
i in this store of attractions
Entire stock
Entire stock of beautiful Waist Silks 33 Off
o 333 made and laid with
73 be
of Hampers and Waste Baskets per yard are
Salesman when purchasing
selling up to 300 the yard has been All Swiss Nainsook Cambric
20 cent off aLt extra charge
per o 25 Off made into two groups and go at Hamburg etc entire stock 0 V
t Look at This 95c and 125 1 All jeweled spangled irides 25 Off All sold at less than 50c the yard will
OO I cent
All 60c DDC 70c and 75c sofa cushion e cent and jet trimmings per cen
be sewed free
top f For a merchandise wonder 25 cent Off T
These are a few of the values to be per
1 43C All our 16 to 20 French pattern Handkerchief Sale All other floor coverings mattings
had in this Great Red Letter Sale of
suits called the aristocracy of Dress
the and should l mo 1 eums oil cloths rugs etc as the
Fabrics about 20 left go year give you something 0 0
Sheer Handkerchiefs for
85c Porch Cushions 5 00 All braid trimmings frogs fronts Lawn wo
All 75c and
0 4 ateach of an idea of its immensity or case warrants sewed or laid 4
bands braids of silk or mo men scalloped or hemstitched edges
hair dainty and pretty and well worth 20c 0
Now knowing i ones fill your work S3S c 0 II 20 per cent Off each for this weeks lively sell 7Cr 0 I
J w
ing lOc each 3 for 4
i u the
bags for the going away time i Facts here to make it plainer than ever When we say Bargain e
I < 9 public has learned to stop and
4 that this is the store for economy m Field Days for Economical Shoppers m 0 listen I
Bargain is not a degraded e = = = =
d tt A 0
word in this store listenMTMPIM
I ON ENTIRE STOK Of MEN FURr I HIr GS Just in time to match that summer i
i sraav TO T = WEAR i m DRESSES
gown youll buy so cheap here this
i RED lEITER PRIES ON HOES lOTING I OR MEN AND i BOYS I cotton Entire Lisle stock etc of Mens Underwear Box writing paper 10c quality Je i week A strikingly handsome collection 0
t Ii 3 I 0 0 of exquisite i silks in all the new effects
I 25 per cent off OFF
I tucked ruffled chiffon ribbon trim
0 Parisian finish box paper 25c tAr j or r
If youre looking for good shoes we Entire stock of mens all white kind J med scarcely any two alike and worth
suggest you try a pair of ours at this dress shirts or negligee styles Empress linen 25c box Vr An offering that cant be duplicated a journey of many miles to see at reg
weeks prices Entire stock none re 25 per cent off elsewhere because we have beyond all i ular prices All and each for the Red
served Entire stock of mens collars and Hurlbuts superfine SOc box ISe doubt or question the largest assort Letter Sale j
1211 per cent off such And as here want are bargains suits The indeed newest for cuffs ment from which to choose not only 1 12 III 2 per cent off < 19 fl f i
25 per cent off And hundreds of others of our most in models but In prices Wellmade
brightest best of stocks Every gar I oJ
correspondence papers for this handsomely tailored dresses
ment marked in plain I regular selling elegant t
Entire stock of ties all kinds and j
I All stocks are alive with attrac price Cheviots Worsteds Serges I styles sale Now is the opportunity to procure Good Goods cheaper than elsewhere < > i
Crashesall each and every suit this Half Price and Less street traveling outing gown or separate
25 per cent off i +
tions week eo arate skirt All are marked in plain where I
t 25 per cent off Entire stock of mens half hose Envelopes two packages CQ regular selling price figures From
25 cent off 0 those this week r
pxp < p < 0 C JC > < t4 C JC O per r
Ink tablet letter size two for 5e 25 per cent off
Entire stock of boys and mens hats G
includes new straw shapes flt or
N cloth stiff or soft hats tablet 15c regular 7 All cashmere wrappers cashmere tea
RED lETTER PRIES O l IINIT 1 25 per cent off Linen paper 1e gowns and silk tea gowns I
25 per cent off I
Entire stock of boys waists
Darning Cotton Bristle Tooth Good Wire Hair URDERUEAR ARID H CIERY I 25 per cent off 3S All wash dresses for children Columbia Knit Wineburgs Babe Plated Maine
all colors Brushes Pins bunch 8 Even onehalf of this sales 25 per cent off ting Silk skin Soap two Souvenir Spoons
5c 1C Entire stock for women and children SilkIOC regular lOc
1 C c for ° S3 I W 1 Oc cake package
Includes all wool gauze vests ° R bargains cannot be told here i 5C
women Prices speak louder I than I qS3
Good Clothes i I The greatest values ever of j j
Brushes All the Zemmerly imported garments any amount of rhetoric ° > j
of finest Swiss fabrics light 1 wool garments A
Hooks and Eyes Wooden Cabinet 2 fered the shopping public >
6c Lisle fine Maco
ments of all kinds se Rubber Hair Shirt Waist Sets
C 1 Vioris
white or black of Hair Pins Colgates IorlS
O air mSl two
s RED IETIER PRIE r Pins dozen prices range 35c to
card for J Soap cake
r All styles and kinds of childrens knit iiiirii 5c tic per set any js j
1C 5c 13C s
underwear In Lisle light wool etc All MlllIRERY 15c
Good Whisk LI16 r ff I II ON RIBBONS
Brooms 16 per cent off All trimmed millinery RED LmER PRIES i
7c 20 per cent off One lot fancy ribbons numbers 30 to i I Italian Violet
Safety Pins two GO retailing at 35c to G5c all 25c i TOilET ARTIlfS Moth Balls half
atOne t Celluloid Sid Soap 50c regular
Jet Dress Butt 1 All Colored dress shape straws one priced the yard e
cards j HOSIEPvY pound package
tons were 25c doz l 50 per cent off Tetlows Saunders and Demorest Combs pair 25c regular Sc i
5c One lot fancy ribbons wide widths
Curling Iron en Entire stock from cheapest to high Odnef face powders half price and less 5c Sc4c
nd fancy shirred r ribbons re 5p 4c
Heaters Sc est on the price scale All muslin headwear for children I Iie 1
C tailing from 25c to 30c a yard all Refined petroleum jelly 1
rc 1673 Off I 20 per cent off 3e
S All other fancy
Pinauds Parisian
etc Camphorated and car b 0 Ii ze d 1r arlsmn
6 3iSs3 X3GX5XSSX ° Checked l1e
Skirt vaseline 25c quality Bouquet and Ro
Facing Velveteen all colors Good 7inch Rub Liberty Knitting + Choice pickings all over > Come and see what we 8 i 20 per cent Witch Hazel pint bottle Bristle Hand man Violet Soap one White dozen Tar sheets Paper
20c quality ber Combs Silk ball II I will 10c Brushes two for 25c kinds regular 40c
ribbons and
Combs3C ball3C i the store call price cutting g 1 Extraordinary value kindsire
5c occupy special counter space during Royal tooth powder 25c regular V 10c 5c 17c 23C
II I I sale i
t JiI
1 L l
55 Y S t

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