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NJrt yfIIf lb 1 lt 0
I I t
t How An Old Prospectors Dream Was Realized
Tom Jenkins ran has hand through
the gold that lay heaped on the floor
of the shaft Seems to me BIlly he
t aid slowly that hopin to find 1t is
c l betern fndin i
r Dui gleams of h from a smoky
lantern fell athwart the face of the old
miner rugged homely deep furrowed
by time and hardships and offering a
marked contrast indeed to the hand
some patrician features of Billy Bai
ley his junior partner
FInd in Billy means quittn Its
an end to the wants an privations Ie
knowed for nigh 2G year But same
how Ive come to Ukc these ftm ole
mountains an the sing in of the pines
an the river Theyve growe like
friends an rm never lonesome mong
em Listen You can hear em now
Maybe its the last time theyU ever
sing for me
Were going back to civilization
continued rom unheeding the others
lack of sympathy with his reminiscent
mood An that means separation I
know you like me Billy A feler
couidnt want a better partner than
youve been for the two year Ive
knowed ye But with yer eddicaton
blood ambI
an yer young an yer
tons jQu aint my kind in cvlzaton
Ve cant be the same down there I
couldnt expect i But I think a pow
erful deal of you Billy 1
Oh come Tom broke in his com
panion impatient youre in the
dumps tonight Take a drink and brace
np Should think youd look on the
bright side ot things now Weve
worked hard and starved in these
cursed wilds for gold until at last
weve got i Think of the ciys ten
thousand pleasures that this stake can
buy for us Teres no life in these
damne solitudes Its here in the
crowded streets and i can all be ours
when weve got such a godthe god of
goldto see us through
Billy laughed gloatingly in anticipa
tion Then once more he fixed his eyes
with a glittering intensity on the yel
low heap which meant for him all that
nature life can mean to a selfish lovelac
But it aint fer me persisted Tom
Im past them things I i want for
the hope of fndin the old woman down
there in Frisco an makin her comfort
A able Id stay I dont care fer the
I ld at alL rye found it an my
r lmngerln fel it is satisfied
Billy made no answer He had long
since become resigned to the diversity
of their taste and tonight he was in
no mood for argument He got out
some materials and began to repair a
rent in his eflat Tom rose presently
and dumped the nugget into a gunny
sack Then he arranged his blankets
for the night
Put it away safely Billy he said
jocularly were already on the edge
of ivlz3 on an must learn to be
perlc ler
Ill look l after i never fear said
the other shortly good night
Billy finished his task but his mind
was still busy with thoughts of the
future He rose and stepped out into
the nigh At hi fee the turbulent
river rushed blacy along its foam
rests gleaming like dull silver In the
clpar starlight Behind him towered
in silent mystery the rugged wooded
mountains The air was heavy with
the breath of the pines But Billy aw
none of the beauty of the night The
mountains awakened memories of
hardships and hopelessness the rIver
was only a highway to cvizator
He lit his pipe and began to pace up
and down the shel ing shore
There was none of the stuff of which
heroes are made in Billy Baileys com
position Had the fates seen fit to con
tinue their kindly begiIDn haou1d
probably have deveoped into one of
the horde of hi d sepulchrcs that I
so largely make up what the word is I
pleased to term the respectable of hu I
manit those wh observe the conven t
tions to the letter indulge every desire i
wth a studid care that wins the ap
proval of mei and dying are respect
t tully buried and speedily forgotten On
e contrary fate had preferred giving I
r Billy a chance to prove his mettle HIs
college career cut short by the mel
ing away of his fathers fortune he I
awoke onp morning te fnd himself face
to face with the world his wits his I
only capital I
He remembered tonight his struggle
to maintain his social position the
slights heaped upon him by erstwhile
boon the
companions gradual sinking
away of hope until with starvation
staring him in the face he had shipped
in a vessel bound round the Horn
On his lips were curses for the friends
who had failed him in his heart a re
solve some day to retaliate He re
called his hardships on the western
frontier his final falling in with old
Tom Jennings and the hopeless search
for gold until a week ago when the
gravel of a driedup mOntain stream
unexpectedly yielded them their for
tune and ended for him the helon
earth existence in these solitudes His
future course was plain Mercilessly
he would engagen the war for wealth
His hErt must know but one love
the love of gold
And the stale I wasnot so much
after all I he only had Toms share
too The thought started him and I I
he looked furtively about
furtvely as though
already under surveillance Well why
not What was Tom to him now I I
The old man cared nothing for gold
he had sajd as much Why not begin
the tacIt of wealthgathering tonIght
and double his fortune by a single
cup fhe skIff was all ready for the
morrows journey down the river He I
could easily reach North Fork by day jl
lght and mie of distance would lie j
between hi l and Tom before the latter I
Quld make the trip across the almost I
Iv impassable mountain trail He weakened
ened for a moment as he thought of
Toms almost motherly solicitude of I
how throughout their wanderings the
bighearted miner had bore the brunt
of the struggle Even when the treas
ure was discovered the old mans first
words were Im glad for your sake
Billy Then he asked himself if he
too was growing sentimental and to
night ofbattle of all night on the ver eve I
oflate I I
He walked back into the house Tom
was fat aSleep The flickering light
of the lantern fell aslant the corner
where he lay his powerful form half
swathed In the tattered blankets his
brawny arms thrown above his head
The face from which sleep seemed to
have smoothed away the deep fUr
rows mirrored the rugged honesty of
his heart But the touching picture
mcnt nothing to Billy who watched
the sleeper for an instant and then
proceeded to put his cowardlJ scheme
into effect I was but the work of a
few minutes to gather together the
things necessary for the short journey
down the river and to secure the treasure
ure for safe transportation There
was a look of cunning triumph on his
face as he completed his preparations
He was thinking of the surprise await
ing Tom who had been fool enough
to believe in human friendship
He nade a cautious step toward the
door of the shack when a slight noise
ral or fancied caused him to glanc
back over his shoulder The next in
stant the bag of gold crashed to the
fool while Billy sank on his knees as
though felled by a blow Tom was
sitting bolt unright in bed his revol
1 ver leveled at BIYs heart
The two razed at each other a mo
ment in utter silence Biys eyes fixed
with the enetraton born of despair
scanned the old mans face and read
there reproach and Diy rather than
a thirst for swift revenge This some
what reassured him and he rose to
his feet
Well he said bluntly what do
you intend to do
So said Tom with a long breath
I wuz mistook in you after all To
think that I gi e you myrriendship an
I you ant Worth it What be I going
too Wlut do men usiIlly do when a
pardn r turns thief
You wouldnt shoot me Tom
Why ot Mens been killed fer less
an this dq the world wuz well red of
en1 Then i did mean death
As Billy realized this his face turned
ashen aCe while a palsying terror
struck through him rending his bra
vado and revealing him as the pitiable
dastard hcwas He cowered before the
I old man pleading hysterically
Oh sare me snare me Tom You
1 I said you cared nothing for gold while
I I was mad with love of it I is my
godmy heavenmy everything But
take it take it alnlj give me my
Git up commanded the other cold
ly Dont make me despise you
worse n I do What would you do It
yotwuz in my place Shoot wouldnt
you Youd kill me now if you had
the chance
But thInk Tom what life means to
me Im young and
Think what friendship meant to me
Billy rm old
In the momentary silence that fol
lowed the pines and the river could be
heard singing thir old song unheed
ing Cf tl strie of mortals for a scrap
of the te sure they guarded Tom
heard the song and his bitterness
seemed to eo out with the weird mel
ody Thc hand that held the weapon
dropped listlessly to his side
Il siar yer life he said hoarse
ly you kin go
Billy stood a moment as though he
had notheard
Yer free Go said Tom
The boy glanced from the oldman to
the bag of gold and then turned slow
ly toward the doorway
You better take yer vie now said
Tom quietly as I reckon you wont
be comin back
Do you mean i gasped Billy
Certainly halfs yourn aint it
Theres only one thief in this camp
ani aint me
Torn roceeded to open the bag and
roughly divided the contents
You can take the boat that goes
with your half As ferme he added
In a voice that wavered in spite of him
self Ill do what Id a done if youd
3 robbed me Ill stay awhile longer
with the mountains an the river
Theyre uncertain sometimes an some
times theyre dangerous but rnostvise
theyre betern men
Billy vaguely appreciated the nature
of the man with whom he was dealing
yet he felt that such nobleness re
quired some acknowledgement He
sprang forward and tried to grasp the
old mans hand
No nonot that cried Tom fierce I
ly Dont touch me That gold is
yourn Take it and go But go quick
ly Bibfer God knowsIm only hu
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How Nation Go About Finishing
Up a War
Chicago TimesHerald Nothing that
anaton does is as solemn as the nego
tiating of a treaty OL peace Any treaty
is attended by a good deal of formality
but a treaty 0 peace being the most
important of all is the most formal
The declaration of an armistice is us
ually the first thing on the programme
This means simply a cessation of hos
tilities and a that is usually very
much to the benefit of one side or the
other the victorious nation requires
that the details must be pretty well
I understood before the armistice is d
cared When these details are exten
I sive and stated in black and white the
i agreement is known as a preliminary
I t peace in contrast to the definite peace
I A preliminary peace is fully binding
I and the treaty of Pars between Eng
land and the United States signed Nov
130 1782 was such a document
I The contracting parties usually ap
point commissioners who meet at a
I neutral capital and there agree upon
the details Under international law
I interesteI powers may be included if
I they took a direct part in the war and
if they have any interest involved in
the agreements which may be made by
the nations that are about to settle
their differences I would be on such
a plea that the European powers might
attempt to be represented in the Span
ishAmercan treaty They would do
it readily enough on shallow pretexts
as was shown by the RussoTurkish
convention of ISiS and the Japanese
Chinese treaty of 1895 when the pow
ers had practically the entire control
of the negoUatons
I is not likely that the tYnited
States would agree to be treated as
Russia and Japan were The custom
lof the United States has been to deal
solely with its antagonist This was the
case in the peace negotiations with I
England when France and Spain tried
to interfere Spain laid claim to the
territOry between the Mississippi and
the Aleghanies from the gulf to the
lakes and France always Spains
friendne IHght say brother that
quarrels frequently but makes com
mon cause against the outside world
showed clearly that it was no love for I
us that led to its aiding the Americans
in the revolution England showed
herself a better friend or rather that I
she wished to benefit us in preference
to France by agreeing to give us the
I territory and declaring that Spain had
no status
Our next treaty of peace that of 181
with England was peculiar in that it
contained no reference to the causes
that brought on the war I settled the
I ownership of islands in PassamaquoddJ
bay and defined the boundary line be
I twern the United States and Canada
I but made no reference to the real is
suesofthe war However the United
I suesofthe
States contentions against the recog
nition of search paper blockades and
I in favor of the right of expatriation
have since become recognized princi
I pIes of International law which are
observed even when there is no def
I nie treaty
I When the United States had con
quered Mexico there was a good deal
i of talk about European interference in
I the terms of the treaty of peace but
t the powers found their informal sug
I gestons were received coldly and did
i not press the mater This was the
I first war in which we got an indemnity
I and in fact the only one That one
will be exacted in the war with Spain
goes without saying as that is the
regular custom nowadays Such an in
demnity is required sometimes in ter
ritry ometmes in money and some
I times in both Compensation with
Mexico was exacted only in territory
because of the poverty of our neigh
II boring nation The cost of the war
I had been about 10000000 and we took
California and New Mexico in payment
ther for and gave 15000000 to Mexico
sp well were wesatsfed with the bar
China has lostmuch money and more
territory paid out in indemnities The I
three war with Great Britain of 180
p r w
185 and 1860 lost to her Hongkong cost
aI indemniy of 3500000 and opened
several ports 10 trade
The treaty of Prague that marked
the close of the war between Prussia
and Austria in 1866 provided not alone
for the cession of territory by the van
I quished and the exclusion of Austria
I from the German bund but also an
I indemnity of 40000000 thalers or 30
000000 A good price for seven weeks
I of war
t France paid the greatest war indem
I nity that has been exacted since the
days when conquest meant the prac
tically absolute confiscation of all of
the private property of the enemys
I stbjects After the captur of Pars
Emperor William demanded the pay
meat of 6000000000 francs or 1200
I 1000000 by the presumptuous nation
that had dared to oppose his amIes
11 Thiers succeeded having this re
I duced to 5000000000 francs or 100
00000 The hardest blow to France
I was the making of Alsace and Lorraine
German territory
Russia punished Turkey severely for
I her temerity 1n waging the war of 1877
The treaty of Stefano signed 1 months
I after the beginning of the war pro
vided that the sultan should pay an
I indemnity < of 141Dtl0ti0 roubles o < r
i30OOO000 About onehalf of this was
in payment for the cost of the war and
the other half was for damage done
by Turks to citizens of Russia The
czar preferred territory to cash and
the sultan havIng more of the former
than the later article willingly agreed
to cede part of his land The powers
allowed Turkey make such a cession
as they approved and the war led di
recty to the great treaty of Berlin
which was to settle the eastern ques
tion and to eVerbodys surprise has
settled it for 20 years at least
Japan believes she was defrauded of
the just fruits of her victory over
China Yet the mikado exacted from
the celesta emperor a sum amount
ing to nearly 20000000 and added to
his territory the Island of Formosa as
a result of the terms of the treaty rat
fed at Chefoo May 8 1895 The is
land whose soil is said to be the rich
est in the world was a splendid prize
Its area is as great as that of Massa
chusetts and Connecticut combined
and its population 2OOOOOD The rec
ognition of the independence of Corea
for which the war was waged also
War was a losing investment for the
sultan of Turkey when he fought
Greece lat yea The powers would
not let him exact an indemnity of more
than 20000000 which was not more
than a fourth of what the war actually
cost the grand Turk But Greece was
poor and the adding of new debt to
her already overwhelming obligations
would have swamped the nation
According to the Yahington corre
spondents it is understood that we will
require the independence of Cuba un
der an American protectorate and The
possession of Porto Rico certainly
while i is more than likely that we
shall demand coaling stations in the
conquered Pacific islands Falling any
precise declaaton to the contrary we
would hold all that we might have con
quered up to the time of the cessation
of hostilities by the right of ut pos
sedits which simply means the right
to keep what you have won
Whatever we may gain Spain is
bound to retire and leave us in pos
session International law requires
this but the authorities generally say
that the ceding nation is not obliged
to secure the newcomer in possessIon i
The most memorable siege of Gibral
tar indeed one of the most memorable
of all sieges was tat which the fort
ress sustained from the combined sea
forces of France and Spain during the
years 179 to li83 I
The great attack on the place was made
on the 13th of September li82 and all
the resources of power and science were
exhausted bythe assailants in the fruit I
less attempt
It was Oi this day that a humble Dri
rate performed dn act which history has
handed down to us The business of the
siege progressed The rock by the bat
teries sent forth its splinters to deal
destruction around at every impact of
the SpanIsh shot but the return fire was
of the most telling description and most
steadily kept up by the Britsh
But remove from the smoke and din
in the lahorato of the garrison sur
roundea by the chemistry of war sat one
man a humble private His duty it was
while his comrades worked the guns in I I
the suffocating casements of the covered I I
batteries to prepare the shells for the I I
use of the mortars A dnagerous task
so dangerous In fact that even the cx
aminatlon of the deadly missUes is con I
sidered sufficiently perilous on bad
ship to warrant a stage being slung over
the side to b occupied by only one or
two men the others being kept at a dis I
tance But familiarity with peril robs
men of their fear and Hartley sat busily I I
making ready shell after shell filling
them with the explosive composition and
afterwards fitting In the fuses driving I
them home and ranging the prepared
I shells in cases till they should be fetched
to be sent in fiery arcs to deal death and I
destruction amongxt the enemy
The laboratory was at that time full I
of explosive material every grain of
which was of inestimable value to the
beleagured garrison and It had been
accordingly placed In a position whIch
rendered it Impossible for the shot or
shell of the enemy t reach it Bu now
the danger guarded against from with
out threatened I possible more terribly I
from withinthreatened to destroy at one
blow the whole of the explosive corn
pounds stored for defense and this at a
time when such a loss would have been I
Shell after shell had been fled the
gim black spheres as they lay ready I
giving but small signs of theIr deadly
powerthe force that should rend them
into innumerable snreds of castiron each i
to maim 01 slay
Suddenly whie calmly proceeding with I
redo shell and the drivipg fuse a took fuse into lire a hissing fresh
loudly 3S it discharged Its rain of sparks i
and butning rapidly away rhere seemed
hardly time for thought much less for
action and the first feelings of Haltey I
were those of lank dIsmay
He had seenJthe discharge and flight
of shells so ofen that he knew he
could only reckon upon its burning foe
UsCltdufh i
a few seconds and then would come the
dire explosion that should act upon the
part of the fortress where he was like an I
earthquakethe bursting of the shell be
ins as it were but the flash in the pan
that should prelude the blowing up of the I
laboratory But with the calmness of the
man whose trade was one which brought
him daily face to face with death < Hart
Icy seized the shell i both hands hurried I
out into the open air and th n with a I
tremendous effort hurled the deadly globe I
far into space where a coUple of seconds
after it harmlessly burt I was not
until some time after that the performer
of this i daring ta could thoroughly Ti
the great danger that had threatened I
him with destruction and though the I
peril was past it was some time after
and then only with unstrung nerves that
he returned to his perilous task
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1 1
Imaginary Correspondence Carried On By the kow
I Poet and Author
I Twenty years ago Bret Harte wrote bet
ter poetry than he does today A com
parJs0 may be made in the letters and
answers here given Her Letter is
I not iven in fuH on account of the Cen
I turys copyright
Her Letter
Im sitting alone by the fire
I Dressed just as I came from the dance
In a robe even you would admire
I cost a cool thousand in France
Im bedlamdnded out of all reason
My hair Is done un in a cue
I In short sir the belle of the season
Is wasting a hour upon you
A dozen engagements Ivc broken
I left in the midst of a set
I Likewise a proposal half spoken
That walsn the statrsfor me yet
I They say hell be richwhen he grows up
i And then he adores me indeed
And you sir are turning your nose up
Three thousand niles off a6 you read
And how do I like my position
And what do I thInk of New York
Afll now in my higher ambition
With whom do I waltz frt or talk
And Isnt it nice to have riches I
And diamonds and silks and all that
And arent It a change to the ditches
And tunnels of Poverty Flat
Well yesif you saw us out driving
Each day in the park fourinhand
I you saw poor dear mamma contriving
To look supcrnaturl grand
I yOU saw papas picture a taken
By Brady and tinted at that
Youd never suspect he sold bacon
And four at Poverty Fiat
And yet just this moment when sitting
In the glare of the grand cbandeler
In the bustle and glitter befitting
The finest soiree of the year
In the mIdst of a gaze de chambery
And the hum of the smallest of talk
Somehow Joe I thought of the Fern
And the danco that we had on The
Of Harrsons barn with Its muster
Of fags festooned over the wall
Of j rndles that she their soft lustre
And tallow on headdress and shawl
01 ue bCS that we took to one fiddle
Of the dress of my queen visavis
And how I once went aown the middle
With the man that shot Sandy McGee
Of the moon that was quietly steeping
On the hill when the time came to go
Of the few baby peaks that were peeping
From under their bedclothes of snow
Of that ridethat to me was the rarest
Ofthe something you said at the gate
Ah Joe then I wasnt an heIress
To thW betpaying lead In the state
Well well Its all past yet its funny
To think as I stood in the glaro
Of fashion and beauty and money
That I should be thinking right there
Of some one who breasted dwW1ht I
And swam the North Fork and all that
Just to dance with old Folnsbees daugh
The Lily of Poverty Flat
But goodness what nonsense Im writing
Mamma says mr taste still is now
Instead of my triumphs reciting
Im spooning on Josephhelghho
And Im to be finished by travel
hatevers the meaning of that
Oh why did papa strike pay gravel
In drifting on Poverty Flat
Good nightheres the nd of my paper
Good nighti tho longitude please
For maybe while wasting my taper
Your suns climbing over the trees
But know if you havent got riches
And are poor dearest Joe and all that
That my hearts somewhere there in the
And youve struck ion Poverty Flat
Bret Harta In 187i
I His Answer to Her Letter
Reported by Truthful James
i Being asked by an Intimate part
Which the same I would term as a
Though his health i were vain to can
I Since the mind to deceit l migh lend
For his arm It was broken quite recent
And theres something gone wrong with
his lung I
Vhch Is why it Is pr per and decent
I should write what he runs off his
First he says Miss hes read through
your letter
To the endand the end come too
That a slight illness kept him your
Which for weeks he was wild as a
That his sllrts arc uoyant as yours
That Fate with you Miss he challenges
Which the language that invalid uses I
At times it were vain to relate
And he says that the mountains are
For once being held in your thought
That ech rock holds a wealth that Is
Than ever by goldseeker sought
Which are words he would put in these
By a party not given to guile
Though the claim gven at date paying
Might produce in the sinful a smile
He remembers the bal at the Fern
And the ride and the gate and the
And the rose that you gave hImthat
Same rose he is treasuring now I
Which his blanket hes kicked on his 1 I
trunk Miss
And Insists on his legs being free
And his language to me from his bunk
Is frequent and painful and free
He hopes you are wearing no willows
But are happy and gay all the while
That he Imowswhlch this dodging of
Imparts but small ease tothe style
And the same you will pardonhe knows
That though parted by many a mile
Yet were lie lying under the snows
Theyd melt into tears at your smile
And youll still think of him in your
In your brief tnlllguit dreams of the
In this green laurel spray that he treas
It wasplucked when your parting was
In this specimenbut a small trifle
It will do for a pin for your shawl
Vliich the truth not to wickedly stifle
Was his last weeks cleanupand
his all
Hes asleep which the same might seem
strange Miss
Were It not that I scorn to deny
That I raised his last dose for a change
In view that his fever was high
But he lies there quite peaceful and pen
And now my respects Miss to you
Wrlmich my language although compre
Might seem to be freedom its true
Which I have a small favor to ask you
As concerns a bullpup and the same
If the duty would not overtask you
You would please to procbre for me
And send per express to the Flat Miss
For they say York is famed for the
Which though words of deceit may be
that Miss
Ill trust to your taste Miss Indeed
P SWhich this same Interfering
Into other folks way I despise
Yet if it 50 be I was hearing
That Its just empty pocket as lies
Betwixt you and Joseph it fojiers
That having no ffimily claipis
Heres my pile which is six hundre4 del
As is yours with resnects
Bret Harte in 1572
Eer Last Letter
Being a Reply to His Answer
June 4th Do you know what that date
June 4th By this air and these pines
rellnly you know how I hate
Sc enes
These might be myvery last lines
For perhaps sir youll kindly remem
If some other things youve forgot
That you last wrote the 4th of Decem
Just six months agofrorn this spot
From this spot that you said was the
For once being held in my thought
Ncw really I call that the barest
Ofwell I wont say what I ought
For here I am back Iroer my riches
My triumphs mY tours and all
And youre not to be fomid in the ditches
Or temples of Poverty Flat
From Paris we went for the season
To London when pa wared Stop
Mamma says his health was the reason
Ive heard that some things took a
But she said If my patiencai Id summon
I could go back with him tothe Flat
Perhaps I was thinking of some one
Who of mewellwas not Ithinking
In this brandnew hotel called The
I wonder who gave it that name
I really am feeling quite silly
To think I was once called the same
And I stare from its nindows and fancy
Im labeled to each passerby
Ah gone Is the old necromancy
For nothing seems right to my eye
On the hill there are stores that I knew
Theres a streetwhere I once lost my
And the copse where you once tied my
Is shamelessly open as day
And that bank by the spring1 once drank
And you called the place Eden you
Now Im banished like Evethough the
bank there
Is belonglngto Adams
Ive just got your note You deceiver
How dared youhow could you Oh
To think Ive been kept a believer
In things that were six months ago
And Its youve built this house and the
bank too
And the mills and the stores and all
And for everything changed I must thank
Who have struck It on Poverty Flat
How dared you get richyou great
Like papa and some men that I know
instead of just trusting to Cunid
And to me for your money Ah Joe
Just to think you sent never a word
Till you wrote to papa for consent
Now I know why they had me trans
ferred here
And the health of papawhat that
Now I know why they call this The
Why the man who shot Sandy McGee
You made mayor Twas becauseoh
you silly
He once went down the middle with
Ive been fooled to the top of my bent
So come and ask pardonyou know
That youve still got te get my consent
And just think what that echo said
Bret Harte in 1898
1 0 I
Karls Clover Root Tea is a pleasant
laxative Regulates the bowels purifies I
the blood Clears the complexion Easy
to make and pleasant to take 25 cts
Sold b NeldenJudsn and other drug
gs U
Yesterdays hotel arrivals were as fol
The KnutsfordL M Goddard and wife
Thomas F Daly and wife Denver A
Bowen Cincinnati 1rank Sliephard A R
Katz H C Ouval and wife C L Ouval
New York B W Torreyson and wife
Fort Smith Ark E W Chritaman In
dianapolls A Y Comstock New York
Mrs W A Bissell W H Bissell E L
Bissell D B Bissel 3 T Talbert E H
Kimball Chicago H J Brown Halney
Ida G G Thorrie S It Flynn Mm
neapolis George C Powers St Paul M
C Schoefer Grand Rapids Adolph Frier
Copenhagen Thomas Thompson Pueblo
Marion Butler and wife North Carolina
I Neuman and wife Miss Newman and
maid Miss M Newman Julian Newman
New Orleans Frank Beckwith and wife
Evanston Wyo T W Barron St Louis
Mrs M H Beardsley Helper
The KenyonWalter Wise Cincinnati
11 F Merriman jr San Francisco B
W Reynolds Union Pacific Railroad
company W L Cox Chicago North
western Railway company F G Herman
B L Robinson Chicago John A Prinsen
San Francisco Lottie Muter and Mrs P
H Lallonce Cincinnati Enquirer J
Winter Chicago C P Madsen Omaha
H Carter New York S J Brown Den
ver David Keith Park City R S
Bradley Manti
The CullenR Tufethen Tuscarera
New J J Laniah New York A B
Lewis Chicago Mrs M H Page Park
City Julius Sultan San Francisco J R
Jordan St Louis Dr W H Olslea and
wife Manti Charles L McCarthy and
wife Melbourne W I Snyder Park City
George Jordan Rawlins Wyo A Mur
phy Mercur henry Stucyalt wife and
children Chicago E A Groves Spring
yule W F Perry Eureka H Isaacsoa
and W Erickson Mercur
< i ri
The WalkerL D Kline Oregon
Bishop MoKein and daughter Tokio
Japan C R ttainport knhladelphia R B
Lee Eureka Henry Booker Kansas City
W A Lewis St Louis H P Morsey Mt
Pleasant Howard Hunter Miles City
Mont H B Hawley New York F H
Peyton Robinson Ltah
The White HouseH W Losh Neviula
31 W Foley Kemmerer Wyo P Hen
nison Pueblo R E Lee Eureka J T
Hodson J H Stallings llver City Mrs
B B Brown Miss S Drew Park City
R I Christensen Omaha E La Feavor
Orangeville F C Lobdell and wife Blue
Island Ills iti L Richardson F Martin
lllngham Miss E J Leiete San Fran
olson Dr L C Miller King City Mo V
Neilson Mt Pleasant M V Clays Mer
cur F P McNeil Bmngham J Nelson
New York C M Cay and wifefi Denver
0 G Clark J SC ewler Ogden
Cure that Cough wih Shiohs Cure
The best Cough Cure Relieves Croup
prompt One million bottles sold last
year 40 doses for 25 cts Sold by
NeldenJudson and other druggists
A Quartette of Them Pill Up On
Stolen Whisky
Yesterday afternoon four boys
thought they had secured themselves in
an old building at 132 West South
Temple and proceeded to fill up on
stolen whisky Policeman Roberts went
in on the gang and captured one of
the young hoodlums the other two
making their escae He is about 12
years of age but was eoo drunk to
give his name and when taken to the
police station was completely under the
Influence of licuor He is known as
Little Ttm and his father is said
to run a dye shop on Third South be
tveen Main and State
The aolice brought in nine bottles
labeled All Well Whisky and Soda
and they had all been drained exceat
one It is uresumed that the goods had
beemi stolen but from what place was
not renorted to the nolice department
last nizht
The house where the boys were dis
covered has been occupied by Mrs
Whitecottcn who is servinz a term in
th city jail It has been used some
hat by young hobos as a place of
Ladies take the Best I you are
troubled with Constipation Sallow Skin
and a Tired Feeling take Karls Clover
Tea it is pleasant to take Sold by
NeldenJudson and other druggists
Climate of 1IaniIa
The clim1ate of ManIla is very pleas
ant the thermometer ranging from oo
to 90 degrees Fahrenheit The seasons
may be divided Into the rainy and the
dry the former lasting from June to
September inclusive So great an in
terest Is being taken in Mahila and the
Philippines that the fine series of five
portfolios of 80 views are being called
for by the thousand Everybody seems
to went a set Only 10 cents and one
coupon each portfolio
j J
sparkling effervescent remedy that
i relieves by gentle means curea Jzeadac
1 biliousness and indgesfion
Sold by for o years soc and ioo p
elephone 195 IN S URAN
P o ox 977 C t
131 South M St Lake City
Scottish Union and National of gld n8352302
London Assuranceof
Eglad j t 18216786
HabugBreme of Gay t 5000000
Aetna of Hartford
Aeta r a 12089089
iremaxis Fund of California
Femans Fnd Calfora I t 3309405 i
Norwich Uxion cf England 6500000
Transatlantic 2931380
The Herald hasarranged for distrib
uting some very InterestIng views of
scenery In the Philippine Islands as
will be noted by the advertisement in
anothr part of the paner
These views were made from photo
graphs taken by the secretary of the
American consul at Manila just be
fore the war with Spain broke out
The following letter to the publishers
from Secretary Long shows how well
the books are appreciated
Navy Department Washington
June 26 1898
GentlemenI am in receipt with your
compliments of the pamphlets contain
ing photographs of Manila and the
Philippine islands The photographs
are the best I have seen and I have
been much interested in looking them
over Please accept my cordial thanks
for your courtesy in sending them to
me Very truly yours
The J Dewing Company 809 Market
street San Francisco Cal
Readers of The Herald can urocure
any one of these books by presenting
a coupon cut from the paper and 10
cents at the baslnesa office or they
will be mailed to outoftown natrons
for a coupon and 12 cents There are
five books in the set averaging 16
views to the book
Detroit Free Press You had this man
arrested for using profane and violent
language toward you What did he say
I asked him a civil question and he
told me to go plump hi war
Is that all
Is that all Wars hell aint It
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Chicago Dali News HeAnd am I
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SheWhy of course you are stupid
HeStupid Why do you call me that
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ness or Croup are not to be trifled with
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you by Nelden
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ons Be it ordained by the city council
of Sal Lake City state of Utah
Section 1 I shall be unlawful for any
person to drive through or uportany of
the streets or other public placesofl said I
city any wagon cart or other vehicle I
I used for advertising purposes provided
that nothing herein contained shall be
construed to prohibit any person firm
association or corporation residing and
transacting business in said city from ad
vertising their wares upon their own
vehicles commonly known as delver
Section 2 Any person who shall violate
any of the provisions of this ordinance
shall upon conviction be fined not less
than twentYfve 200 dolars nor more
than fifty 5000 dollars for each and ev
er offense
Section 3 All ordinances or parts of
ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby I
Sect n 4 This ordinance shall be in
force from and after its approval
Passed by the city council of Salt Lake I
City state of Utah Aug t 9 iSIS and
referred to the mayor for his approval
Seal City Recorder
I Approved this 10th day of August A D
State of Utah city and county of Salt
Lakess I G H Backman city re
corder of Sal Lake City state of Utah 1
do hereby certify that the above and
foregoing is a full true and correct CoP
of an ordinance entitled An Ordinance
Relating to Advertising Wagons Said
ordinance was passed by the city council
of Salt Lake City Utah August 9 188
and approved by the mayor August 10
A D 18 as appears of record in my of
flee In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the Corporate
seal of said city this 10th day of August
A D 1898 G H BACKN
Seal City Recorder
B No 2iO
for Sal Lake count state of Utah
Capitol Hill Land Improvement Com
pan a corporation Thomas J Blue ant
M E Hopkins plaintiffs ys William R
Prnn Fred Kerns Iac N Stevens John
J Wyat John B Goodman Alice L
Davidson Salome A Jones A B Place
Louis W Hanson Nettle Harvey Thomas
Reed Hare and Marie Harvey de
fendants SummonsThe state of Utah
to the said defendant You are hereby
summoned to appear within twenty das
after the service of this summons upon
you if served within the county In which
this acton is brought otherwise within
thirty days after service and defend the
above entitled acton and in case of your
failure so to do judgment will be rendered
agnst you according to the demand of
the complaint which within ten da s
afer service of this summons upon you
will be med with the clerk of said court
Plaintfs Attorneys
P O Address l1cCorick Building Salt
Lake City Utah
Third Judicial district of the state of
Utah county of Sat LaleUtah Tie
Insurance Trust company a corpora
tion plaintfi vs Parley L Williams
Katie S Williams John E Doo11 Arthur
L Thomas and Ambrose W LJrman de
fendants SummonsThe state of Utah
to the saId defendants You are hereby
summoned to appear within twenty days
after the service of this summons upon
you if served within the county in which
this acton is brought otherwise wlthin
thirty days after service and defend
the above entitled acton and in case of
your failure so to 90 judgment will be
rendered agait t you according to the
demand of the complaint which within
ten days after service of this summons
upon you will be fed with the clerk of
said court
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Postofce Address box ISO Salt Lake
street City Utah Street number 16 Main
for Sal Lake county state of Utah
Francis H Mitchell plaintiff vs Sadie V
W i fl iaY
Mitchell defendant SurnrnonsThe state
of Utah to said defendant You are here
by summoned to appear within twenty
das after the seri of this summons
upon you if sered within the county
in which this actrn is brought other
wise within thirty nays after service and
defend the above entitled acton and In
case of your failure so to do judgment
will be rendered against you according
to the demand of the complaint on file
with the clerk of said court
J 11
Plaintiffs Atorne
P 0 Address No 4 Central block
Salt Lake City Utah
c >
I Third judicial district county of Salt
Lake state of Utah Ed W Duncan
I plaintiff vs Mohawk Consolidated Miring
I Milling company a corporation defend
ants To be sold at sheriffs sale at the
west front door of the county court hose
in the city of Sat Lake county of Salt
Lake state of Utah on Sdurday Sep
tember 17th 188 at 1 oclock noon of
said day all the right title claim and in
terest af the said defendant the Mohawk
Consolidated Mining Milling company
a corporation of in and to the following
described real estate situated in the Wet
Mountain Mining district in the count of
Sat Lake state of Utah a follows to
I I claim wit Extension Amsterdam lode lode patented Aibany lode mining Gar
field lode Morning Star lode Mohawk
lode and Protection lode
Purchase price payable in lawful money
of the United States
Dated at Salt Lake City Utah this 27th
day of August 158OMAS
Sheriff of Sat Lake County 1ta
Deputy Sheriff
H rum Gray and Morris L Ritchie At
tor1es for Plaintiff
cycles or tricycles on certain streets in
Sal Lake City providing penalties for
violation of the ordinance
Be I ordained by the city council of
Salt Lake City state of Utah
Section 1 I shall be unlawful for any
person to ride a bicycle or tricycle on the
sidewalks of any of the following streets
State street from south side of North
Temple street to north sha of Fourtq
South street
East Temple Main street from north
side of South Temple street to north side
of Fourth South street
I West Temple street from south side of
South Temple street to north side of
Fourth South street
I South Temple street from east side of
est Temple street to State street and
on the north side of South Temple street
from State street to E street
First South street from est side of
First West street to State street and on
the south side of First South street from
State street to Second Eat street
Second South street from east side of
First West street to State street and
the north side of Second South sHeet from
State street to Second East street
Third South street from West Temple
street to State street
Richards street Commercial street
Market street Franklin avenue
First street from State street as far
east as A street
Second street from Canyon road as far
east a A street
Third street from Canyon road as far
east as A street
And on any sidewalk on Canyon road
Sec 2 I shall be unlawful for any per
son to rIde on any Jf the sidewalks ot this
city faster than eight miles an hour anti
when crossing all intersections or when
meeting ot passing any pedestrian the
speed an hour shall not be faster than four mies
Sec 3 I shan be unlawful for two or
more persons to ride abreast on any of th3
sidewalks at this city
Sec 4 Any person who shall violate any
of the foregoin sections shall upon co
fctrof be 1o 8 in any sum not ies than
two dollars nor more than twentyte dol
lars for each and ever offense and mY
be compelled to yield the posseialon of J
hIs wheel to the officer making tho arrest
or to any proper officer of the city a3 se
curity pending the hearing and eternln
aton of the violation complained of
Sec 5 Any person who shall ride or use
a bicycle tricycle velocipede or other rt
Ing machine or apparatus in any of tIe
streets avenues or other highways of the
city without having In connection tlre
with at all times a gong of sufficient
sound to warn persons of its approach
and using the same in warning persons
tf its approach and also whenever such
bicycle tricycle velocipede or other rId
ing machine Qr apparatus Is used on any
of the streets avenues or highways f th
city between one hour after sunset and
one hour before sunrise without a lighted
lantern which shan be so conspicuously
placed thereon as to warn persons of its
approach shall on conviction be fined rot
more than one hundred dollars for each
and ever offense
See 6 All ordinances and resolutos
and parts of ordinances and resolutions in
conflict herewith are hereby repealed ana
approval this ordinance shall take effect upon its
Passed by the city council of Salt LaIe
City August 9th 18 and referred to the 1
mayor for his approval
Seal City Recorder
proved this 10th day of August A D
lst JOHN CLARK Mayor
State of Utah Ciy and County of Salt
Laess I G H Backman city recorder
of Salt Lake City state of Utah do here
by certify that the above and foregoing
is a full true and correct copy of an or 1
dinance entitled An Ordinance Rerulat
ing the Riding of Bicycles or Tricycles on
Certain Streets In Sat Lake City Pro
viding Penalties For Violation of the Ordi
nance Said ordinance was passed by
the city council of Salt Lake City Utah
August 9th 18 and approved by the
mayor August 10th 1893 as appears of
record in my office
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the cor
Sea porate sea of said city this 10th
day of August G A H D 13
I City Recorder
B No 26
Third judicial district count of Sat
Lake state of Utah William M Mans
field plaintiff vs 1ar Emma Davidson
Plumle Charles Addison Piulc Ad
dison Plumlej and Annie F Wad defend
ants To be sold at sheriffs sale at the 1
west front door of the county court house 1
In the city of Salt Lake county of Salt
Lake state of Utah on Saturday Sept i
1i 189 at 1 ocock noon of said day
the real estate described as follows to <
wit All of lot sL 6 in block two 2
amended plat of Coates Corums South
Gale addition of Sal Lake City Sal Lake
countY Utah Purchase pr1c payable
fg iawul money fulg United C3tnr I
Sheriff of Salt Lake County state of Utah
Dated at Salt Lake City Utah this 2t
day of August A D ISIS
plaintiff Clesson L Kinney Attorney for the
court of the Third Judicial district county
of Utah Christina
of Salt Lake state Christna
Scofield plaintiff vs LewIs P Kelsey
James K Giespie Kate B Giespfc The
Salt Lake Realty company a corporation
Sal Smele Mary J Smele The Ger
man Savings Lan society a corpora
tion and Nichola J 1abee defend
ants To be sold at sheriffs sale at the
west front door of the count court house
in the city of Sal Lake county of Salt
Lake state of Utah on Thursday August
13 A D 1893 at 12 oclock noon of said
day the real estate described as foiows1
towit All those certain premises situate
in the city of Sal Lake county of Salt
Lake state of Utah described as aU of lot
one 1 in block eightyfive t85 plat D
Salt Lake City sure containing one
hundred square rods of land Purchase
price payable in lawful money of the
United States
Dated at Salt Lake City Utah this 2th
day of July A D lS9S
Sheriff Salt Lake County Utah
Sherf B A G DYER
DeputY Sheriff Sal Lake County Uta
E W Taylor Attorney for thA Pla1ntUl

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