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Opinions Handed Down By the
Supreme Court
t I
a C Scoe11e Get Judgment
Against the Cit For 325 y I i
Stputon Harriet E Cook
Yougs Esctteuits Fi and
Tiace11aneous Cou Nots
Thteeopln were yesterday handed
dowJ b the state supreme court all of
them reversal The cases are Lorenzo
Lisonbee appellant vs the Monroe and
tuth Bend Irrigation companies Vie
tor Gold Silver Mining company vs
the National Dank of the Republic et
aI respondents and Brown Hender
son and the Victor Gold Silver Mlii
ing company appellants Pleasant
Grove City vs Artemus Holman ap
pellan t
In the case Of Lisonbee vs thc Jlon i
roe and South Bend Irrigation com
panies it appeared that the plaIntiff in
June 189 sued the defendants for an
injunctIon and to recover 575 darn
ages alleged to have been sustained by
him on account of his land being over
flowed by water from a surplus canal
ditch conveyIng water to the Sevier
river which canal is owned and oper
ated by the defendants
The case vas tried before a jury
which found that Lisonbee had sus
tamed no damage and udc McCart
denied him injunctive relief From thq
verdit of the jury and the judgment
of the court plaintiff appealed
The supreme court found that the de
fendants did ot use su cent preca
tion in the onstructon and repair of
their surplus ditch and that damage
to plaintiffs land wa caused by the
fQw of the water though o what e
tent was a difficult question to solve
One error cited was Judge McCarty
requiring plaintf t have his witnesses
sworn and put on the stand his attor
ney having offered t prove certain
fats so that the admission of ques
tions and answers might be ruled upon
The court holds that Judge lcCaty
was right in the position taken
Plaintiff also took exceptions to the
remarks of Judge McCaty made dur
lag the progress of the trial which was
assigned a prejudicial error The
court holds that i did not prejudice
plaintiffs case with the jury and adds
The court has the right to maintain
Its dignity and reprove or rebuke coun
sel for language and conduct tending
to bring it into contempt or 1n a
proper case to punish by fine and in
some cases imprisonment Counsel
should be respectful and the court
should preside with dignity and pro
priety Counsel also ha right which
the court should nt all times respect
Numerous other errors were assigned
which the court consid red but were
not deemed of sufficient importance for
a special examination A reversal is
accordingly ordered with directions to
Judge lcCart to grant a new tra
The opinions written by Chief Jus
lice concur Zae Justces Bartch and Miner
Suprme Court I This Case Says It
I God
n he case of the Victor Gold Mining
company vs the NaatEak 6f the
Republic the opinion was written by
Justice Batch and concurred in by
chief Justice Zane and Justice Miner
The question involved was a attor
neys leu on a judgment for cost
t The case of the Victor Gold Silver
l nning company vs the National Bank
tf the Republic was originally tie
before Judge William H King in Pr
0 December 1895
0n appealing the case the mIning
company was unable to furnish the
amuunt necessary to perfect the ap
peal its attorrys Brown Render
son however came to the resCUe and
aivaced the required amount
The case was reversed by the appel
ae court and a decree entered award
ing costs to the plaintiff company The
costs were taxed at 2488 but the
clerk refused to Issue executIon claim
ing that the costs had been ofset
against two other judgments whih
had been recovered against the mining
compan Counsel for the defendant
bank moved that the curt enter a sat
h facton of the judgment for cost so
taxed in accordance with the supreme
ourt decision Brown Hendeon
resisted the motion presenting affida
vits showing they had advanced the
money and contending that they were
entitled to a len on the jUdgment I
Judge HJgts held that the attor
neys had no right whatever In the costs I
paid by themselves and made an order
offsetting the cost aginst the judg i
ments From that judgment Brown
Hen erson and the minIng company
The court finds that the attorneys
were entitled to be reimbursed for the
expenses incurred and that they had
a len on the judgment paramount to
aU other claims
Upon the question whether or not a
attorney is entitled to a len upon a
judbent obtained by him for his serv
Ices in obtaining I the court refrains
hrrn giving an oninlon but adds that
tl authorities especially In this coun
ty on the question of a atorneys
li ± F at common law on a jUdgment are
o harmonious
The court the orders a reversal
with directions to the lower court to set
aside its order and decree in the prem
I Pleasant Grove Cit vs rtemus
In the case of Pleasant Grove City vs
Artemus Holman appellant Judge
Miner wrote the opinion which was
concurred in by Chief Justice Zane and
Justice Batch
The suit was brought in the justices
counto recover a amount for water
tax levied by the corporation The de
fendant answered and denied the ciys
right to levy and collect the tax but
omtef to verIfy his answer The ju
tce held that the answer raised the
question of the validity of the tax and
that he had no jurisdiction of the case
and = o certified to the district court
where the case was ried and a motion
to remand 1 to the justices court was
overruled and from this order the ap
peal was taken
The supreme court held that the an
SWi of defendant not being verified
the question of the validity of the tax
was not at issue before the justice and
wa that it was wrongfully certned to the
district court by the justice and fUr
ther that the district court could not
obtain jurisdiction In a case Wrongfully
certified by the justice The court fur
4her holds that the motion tb remand
Ih reversal ould have been granted and orders
Xrs Collins Sue For Divorce an
M a
L Custody of Child
Franccs Collins has entered suit for
ftivorce from Loscoe Collins alleging
that the marrIage took place at Coffee
rule KiLn May 24 188 and that the
rie Ia te
lefendnt has failed t provide his
icife and daughter Ethel aged 12
rears I with the common necessaries of
e I ia alS alced tat owing to
his profligate habits the defendant i
unftto have the custody of the chid
and Mrs Collins asks for a decree of
divorce and that she be given her U
t daughter
I Faor of It C Scovele For 1325
By Stipulation
The case of R C Scovele vs Salt
Lake City was yesterday settled by a
judgment beIng entered for the plaintiff
for 325 by stipulation Mrs Scovele
wife of the plaintiff fell on a slippery
sidewalk opposite the Western Union
Telegraph office while carrying her
baby in her arms The child was se
erely hurt and suit on its behalf was
brought against the city and judgment
for 500 obtained which was affirmed
by the supreme court The father then
brought the suit which was settled
yesterday to recover the money spent
by him in doctoring and nursing the
child k
Mesrs Powers Straup Lippma
were the attorneys for the plaintiffs in
both cases <
hrs caesHret E Cook Yougs Este
A petition was yesterday fed in the
probate division of the district court
by Oscar B Young of Provo asking i
that he be appointed administrator of
the estate of the late Harriet E Cook
I is set out in the petition that Mrs
Harriet E Cook Young a wife of the
late President BrIgham Young died in
testate on Nov 5 of this year at the
age of 13 yeas That shehad stand
ing In her name real estate of the
value of 1000 from which she re
ceive an income of 922 a year but
that although the said real estate was
in the name of Mrs Young it really
belonged to the petitioner
Court Notes
A suit was yesterday fed by S A
King against C w Aldrach to recover
638 on a promissory note The sum
mons was served on the defendant on
Oct 18 and default and judgment was
yesterday entered Infavol of the plain
tiff or the JouJt claimediJtfrest
I and attorney fees
II the ca e of the Utah Commercial
and Savins bank vs the Well Annie
Mining Milling company judgment
was yesterday entered for the plain
tiff for 35iQ9S intrest and costs for
money advanced
Petit Juror H G Park was excused
for the term
John T Rich vs Bank of Commerce
stricken from the calendar
W Anderson vs George 1arets
judgment for the plaintiff for 420 and
costs bv default
Judge Higgins came hi from the south
Higgns will remain in the city
several days
Attorney J 1 Hamilton left last
evening for Wyoming to defend Wil
ham Stowel of this city who is
charged with having assaulted with in
tent t murder William Gar at Coke
yule Gary was dangerously cut but
is now reported out of danger The
trial of the case will be commenced to
I day at ColreYie
Charles H Chapman the young man I
who in connection with Joe Peterson
is accused of stealing a horse and
bugg from Charles Wicken was given
a earng yesterday by Judge Tim I
mony who ordered him held to the
district court under 300 ban He was I
taken to the county jail Peterson who
I is held at Farmingto on another case I
of horsesteaing made a confession
imnlcating Chapman with himself in I
co necton with the Wlcken theft and
was brought down yesterday to testify II
but when placed on the stand he re
fused to give any evidence of a in
criminating character
P T Poulson ce up from Sandy
to vote Tuesday but imbibed too free
ly of tglefot and was thrown Into
the city jai He came before the bar
How did ou vote inquired Judge
Well If you had voted the Demo
cratic ticket I think I should have
fined you but a it i you are dis
charged replied his honor evidently
thinking that the man had suffered su
fcienty from political humiliation and
wIshing tG throw healing bam upon
Dennis Eichnor who happened to be
For ommitng an assault and bat
tery upon Jack Simpson a newsboy
Tuesday night Fred Brown was fined
1 which he is liquidating in jai The
cae against Joe Budd for taking a
had in the fght was dismissed
Charles Crmer forfeited 2 for run
ning his bike unlawfully
o 00
The ease against Arthur Wilson
charged with assault was dismissed
0 0
The charge of housebreaking was
f d against Ernest Jarvis a boy 12
year of age in Justice Nielsens court
yesterday by Charles E White who
declares that the la entered his resi
dence 66 West Second North street
and stole some articles
I Puncture Proof
I Cincinnati Enquire Wrathful
BuyerLok here You call this a
puncture proof tire Look how it has
flattened out
Placid DealerYes that is the punc
tare proof
The Delcatese Cafe
Merchants lunch I to 3 dinner 5 to
8 25 cents 17 Main
i due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination but also
t the care and ski with which it i
manufactured by scientific processes
C only and we wish t impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
only a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties The high standing of the CAI
FORNIA FI SYUUP Co with the medi
cal profession and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given t millions of families makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy It i
far iD advance of nil oth r laxatives
a it act Gn the kidneys liver and
bowels without iritting or weaken
ig them and it t0es not gripe nor
I nauseate In oraer to get its beneficial
effects please remember the name of
I the Company
J 1 I it5VLIE Ir l W 1omI Nt T 1
The Oregon Short Line Consulting
4 I
Passengers Still Delayed On the Chn
tnl acicUnion acifc Will
Not Bid In the Denver Gulf
SystmCDlonel Dodge PrEsidet
of Rio Grande Western Coming
+ cmg
J B Berry chIef engineer of the
I Union Pacific has ben appointed con
I suiting engineer of the Oregon Short
Line Such ivas the announcement
I contained In circular wa issued by Gen
eml Manager Bancroft yesterday
The circular was dated Nov 8 and
the apPointment was eiective from
Nov 4
There were some railroad men who
thought they saw in this appointment
the beginning of the Union Pacifcs
alleged policy of gradually r reaching
over into Short Line affair but there
seems to be no grounds for such belief
Consulting engineers are very often
appointed and they have no further
authority than to render advice The
appointment cannot in any way be con
strued to mean that this department
of the Short Line Will be interfered
I with
The Ct PncifleSnowshed Fires
Wore Serious
Passengers wbo come through over
the Central Pacific say the damage to
the snowsheds near Trckee is consid
erable and It will still take several
days until trains can be sent through
The company now transfers l passengers
sengers with a delay of only to
I hours The distance by trail across
the damaged place is only 1300 feet
while it Is necessary to haul the bag
I gage a distance of about five miles
Passengers generally prefer to walk
a the trail is good and there Is as yet
I no snow in the mountains thus making
It rather a pleasant diversion after a
long ride provided one does not mind
the delay
I Western mails are now coming in
three hour late and w2l continue to
I 10 so until the debris has been re
moved from the burned tunnel and
I the track put in shapefor traffic
The Union Pacific Will Not Be a
The Denver Gulf system will be
sold on Nov 18 and i is now said
the Union Pacific will not be a bidder
as ha generally ben supposed flail
road men well posted on the situation
say there is no possibility of the
Union Pacific regalilng ofrl of
the system in fact they say the
Union Pacific does not rant i and is
satisfied to see it go into other hands
The Denver Republican Is authority
for the statement that the reorganiza
tion committee and others interested
in the road will bid the property in
and after the sale make a tour of
inspection of the entire line 1 I
Vice President of the Western Will
Arrive TOday
Vice President Dodge of the Rio
Grande Western will arrive here today
Superintendent WelbY went south to
meet him yesterday and they will come
in on a special car tOday Colonel
Dodge will mae an inspection of the
line city and will spend several days In the
Another Meeting to Be Held This
Denver Nov 9The mater of for
ing a new western passenger associa
tion with headquarters at Omaha or
Denver will be brought up again this
month at the postponed meeting io be
held in this city The meeting was to
have taken place at Omaha on the 25th
The passenger departments of the Gulf
Midland and Rio Grande railways have
been invited to delegate representatives
to attend the meeting An effort will be
I made to include all of the traslls
sour in Denver lines and to locate headquarters
Rii1way Notes
General Agent Walker of the North
western has gone to Butte
The Airship company will go over
the Union Pacific to Denver next Mon
The Northern Pacific and Great
Northern have reduced the price of
1000mile tickets from 40 to 30
General Superintendent Welby went
south yesterday morning to meet Col
onel Dodge president of the road who I
I comes to the city on traffic business
The Pullman company has adopted
the use of a disinfectant with which all
car are fumigated at the end of each
division whenever a section is used by
The directors of the Colorado Midland
wi meet in New York CIty today A
I rumor ha i that the directors will
come west 01 a tour of Inspection In
the immediate future
Compressor air locomotives are to be
used by the New YOrk Central Hud
son River road for hauling trains
through the Fourth avenue tunnel in
New York Cih in order to do away
with the annoyance from smoke The
company has experimented with both
compressed air and electric motor but
the former have been found to be the
The attorney general of the United
States ha rendered an opinion that re
bate checks issued 1 railroad conduct
ors for excess fare paid on trans do
not come under the clause of the war
revenue act requiring a 2cent stamp on
every order for thc payment of money
The attorney general holds that the re
bate check is a part of the bookkeeping
between the railroad company and Its
employees In accordanl with this
opinion the commissioner of internal
revenue ha reversed his ru1n made
several weeks ago requiring the pay
nent of the 2cent tax on each rebate
After An Operation For Appendicitis
Performed Mondy
Berte Brett died from the effects
of an operation for appendicitis yes
terday at 6 I m The operation was
performed at the Holy Cross hosDltal
on Monday by Drs Niles and Cannon
assisted by the post surgeon The
young man was taken ill on Friday
evening and grew worse up to the time
of the operation from which he
scarcely rallied
Herbert L Brett was born Feb 10
1882 He was the son of Captain
James and Sale Powers Bret His
futuo was a most promising one and
the parents are grlefstricken over his
sudden demise
Thd funeral services wi be held to
day at 3 p m in the post chapel and
Interment w1 be in the post ceme
tery Friends are reectfu1y in
vIte i
i II I I
Singular ltackf MadeB the or I
g n esterday jI j I
Did Not Ralat to M Roberts Or
His CandidnqYR Iated Solely t
Business laierM Grant Ins
Wrtt n just One Political Let
ter During thn Campaign
The Tribun yesterday morning
smarting under th defeat of the gold
bug party bgan hunting for some
i new object on which to vent its spleen
and lit on Hop Heber J Grant whose
open advoci6 of Mr Roberts ha
aroused its displeasure On Monday
the paper bath an article alleging that
111 Grant had been maintaining a reg
ular Roberts bureau and that he had
written letters aU over the south in 111
Roberts behalf in which the impres
sion was conveyed that the first presi
dency ias behind his candidacy and
desired his election Yesterdays edit
orial with a Jot of twaddle about the
restoration of old conditions the star
spangled banner trampling on the
laws etc accused Mr Grant of working
Ing his typewriter and 10 ding the
country with abuse of the Tribune To
ascertain just hal there was in the
charges and what Mr Grant thought I
of them a Her ld representative yes I
terday waited 01 him at his office and
waie ofce
asked him whetltri had seen the two i
I drtcles
Yes said 11 Grant sm lnglY I
read them and wits greatly amused by
themrs It true that you have been food
lug the country with letters
I suppose said Mr Grant ruminat
ively that I must have signed and
sent through i the Salt Lake postotce
during the east three weeks between
6000 and 7000 leters to presidents of
stakes bishops their counselors and
prominent cltizns
Have tOi1 any bbject n to allow me
to see a copy f hqse letters asked
theTeporter 1
Not the least was the reply There
were four separate letters sent out at
different times to the people I have
mentioned Here are the copies of
211 Grant handed The Herald man
four typewritten sheets
I No1 was tile form of a letter urging
presidents of stakes bishops and J s
tees of buildings to pote that the lUCl
field Brigham anl 1o1ga tabernacles
had burned up within the past few
years and uring them to take out in
surance policies in the Home Fire of
Utah at once to protect their property
No2 vas a for tf letter to aU subscribers
scribers of the Improvement Era
thanking them for past patronage and
urging them to subscribe for volume
I two No 3 was a letter on the same sub
ject addressed to bishops and their
counselors asking them to help raise
the Era circulatioi to 10000 copies for
yolun1e tvo
No 1 was a trade letter in behalf of
the Cooperative Wagon Machine
company and signed by Mr Grant as
But said the reporter the Tribune
I asserts that aU this literature wit
which the mails hive been flooded was
of a political cha ter in the interests
of B I flobertddnveyiflgthe idea
that the frt pridency 3 behind
him that the letters were sent aU over
the south and that they were specially
abusive of the Tribune
The Tribune sadly overrates itslm
portance so far a I a concerned
said Mr Grant I
I wrote just one letter on political I
matters to a gentleman In the south I
gave him ful permission to publish i
bt he did npt do so Nothing over my
slgatur has QVEr gone pulp coIyeying
the imprssion thtthe frst presidency
desired 111 Roberts election or that
they wet behind ip The eter gave
my personal views on some of the is
sues of the campaig and stated why
t thought Mr Rberts should be elect
ed I the Tribune thinks it worth its
letter entire they
while to publish the leter entre
having already pibllshed par of i I
wil cheerfully surply them with a copy
on their pHcaton at my office
Mr Grant then tured to resume the
study of the election tables on which
he was engaed when interrupted and
from which he appeared to derive the
liveliest kind of satisfaction
Peter Giigh Ihm is the
the Gre o1itc Power
President Kruger of the Transvaal is
a man who may be classed a ap
proachablewith1mitatons Through
all seasons he rises in the morning at
530 ctcloclc and i111med atel fortifies
himself wIth a cup of strong black cof
fee so hot that to use a tropical cimie
of the old burghers it will bur the
off a lon After this he reads the
Bible and prays exhaustvely some of
I his most Intimate friends at times
I joining in the on sons Then the presi
dent is ready to hold an informal lev e
on the quaint hittle veranda up the
I posts of which creep sleepylooldng
nasturtiums and adcolored morning
I From 630to 730 oclock Mr Kruger
sits In a rocking chair giving rapid
HUe puffs at a meerschaum pipe
I fled with Boer tobacco sometimes
talking very rapidlY with a semisput
ters to one of his executive Council on
state affairs sometimes lapsing into
silence his eyes narrowed to a mere
glint and again reaching forward his
pUffy little right hand which is minus
I a thumb to gretan old Boer who may
have trekked 80 miles and camped over
night in the church square In order to
consult Oom uncle Paul about some
I thing of vial interest to the ural pop
ulation In this respect 111 Kruger has
Jf Weu Iveo1
l pl sed
And i it not due to nervous cx us
I tion How rn you hvo COUrgo
3 when sufFering with headache nerv
oils prouratiOn and
ou pro rtion great physical
v WC1klC S
I Would you like t bo rid of this
I depression Of spirits
A How Di removing tho cause By
A eM
I Sarsaparila
Iremoves the cause of your suiTor
lag bCCIfO if removes an Impurities
from your blotd 10 All druggists
To keep in good health you must
bMa perfect action of the bowels
I Ayers Pills cure constipation and
biouness 2c a box
llrlto to cue 10Ct013
Write us freely 1 the particulars in
your caee Address Dn JO AYE
Lwel n s i
f u
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tar
Safeuards te food
against aumo
Alum bag powders are thereatcst 1
meace to health of the present day I
not departed from the pastoral and
patriarchal government under which
the Boers lived when they made their
great trek from Cape Colony in 1835
on which expedition the little band
killed 6000 lions and fought innumer
able battles with the savages And It is
for this reason that he is loved so
much by the old Boers
Mr Kruger however makes one ex
cepton to the guests at his early levee
and that is newspaper corespondents
He will occasionally talk with a repre
sentative of the Johannesburg Stand
ard and Diggers News the Pretoria
I Press or the Volkstein all of which pa
pers are subsidized by the Transvaal
government but for the correspondents
of foreign paper it 15 next to impos I
sible to gain an audience and secure an
Mr Elerthorpe of the London Daily
Telegraph and a representative
Black and White had been working unsuccessfully
successfully for two months to this end
when the writer reached Pretoria
l though they were handicapped by 1 r
Krugers intense dislike for everything
English so intense that he will not al
low the language to be taught in the
Boor schools
It was therefore with no little mis
giving wa that we set out to accomplish
this desideratum which had been on
our minds ever since leaving New
York three months before and which
was brought about by a man who oc
cupies such a unique position in the
Transvaal government that he interest
ed us equally with Krger himself
Living in a modest frame house the
front part of which is occupied by a
bakeshop and confectionery counter
holding no position other than justice
haying the
of the peace and not even
merit of being a native Boer or Hol
lander this man wields an influence
equaled by no other resident in the
Transvaal He is in fact the political
Transyaal republic He
boss of the South African republc
I is consulted by nearly all the members
of the rad in both the progressive and
conservative parties advises the ex
conservatve pates
ecutve council and is persona rta
with President Kruger who treats him
as his most intimate friend and looks
to him for clever advIse in ticklish po
litical crises cever yet Mr Peter Giing
ham claims allegiance onlY to Ireland
though he speaks the Dutch language
fluently and is heart and hand with
the Boers in their differences with the
English He ha been in the Trnsval
13 years going there from Cape Colony
in the capacity of a general speculator
How well he has succeeded in this no
one knows but Pretorlans say that be
hind the counter where he dispense
ginger cakes and bread Mr P Giing
caresses a
ham Irishman and Boer
goodly fortune which he ha acquired
by brisk Celtic hustle coupled with the
advantages provided by the patronage
of the president
On leaving New York for a tramp
through South Africa with a fellow
limited capi
newspaper man on a very lmited
tal one of the most important points
as it seemed to us was to secure just
suph a an interview with Oem Paul Several
consuls offered to give us
era foreign conuls ofered
letters to their representatives in the
Transvaal but could not promise that
they were in such close touch with the
Grand Old Man of South Africa as to
Od In this
welcome reception
insure us a recepton
predicament we were directed to C
OConnor McLaughlin a weUknown
New York journalist at that time sec
retar of the Irish National mace
who looking over a timeworn volume
on his desk found the name of Mc
Bride Here is a man said he who will
track Our directory
put you on the right trak
rectory gives him a a weighmater in
the mines of the Landlaagte estate
two miles from Johannesburg near the
Simmer and Jack I have no idea
where that is and r never heard of the
man but i you give him this letter
and tell him you are a good Irishman
introduction for we
hell get you the introducton
are very strong in that count
It ver wa not such a easy mater to
I McBride after getting to Johannesburg
nesburg Even after the Landlagte
had been located it seemed to be oper
ated entirely by McJrides and it was
only after considerable search that Mc
Bride afer we1hman was locled in
the second level 2000 feet b IW the
surface whither the American mana
QP1 QfV us permission to descend on
0 0
a passenger car
This was not a inviting expedition
and i wa rather discouraging after
the run to have Mr McBride tell us he
could not furnish the Introduction I
will give you a letter to McCan
though he offered and he will send
you to Gilngham and Giingham
owns Oem Paul
I Our next step toward securing the
interview therefore was to meet Mr
E C McCan proprietor of a little
tailor shop near the Barnato buildings
in Johannesburg and the reception ac
corded us there nearly turned us from
our purpose Neither of the two em
ployees at work on the counter loofred
at or spoke to us for some time What
do you want finally inquIred a large
man with immense shoulder and a
forbidding face
We want to see 11 McCan we
replied modestly We have a letter
I from the natloival alliance in New York
Were good IrIshmen rind wish to get
an introduction to Mr Kruger through
himAt this there wa a great clatter in
an adjplning room and from the door
way emerged a taU man with an e
ceedngly red nose a gay dragoon
mustache and enveloped in a long
frock coat
Im McCann the tailor he sad
looking at us keenly Who are you
But without giving us a chance to an
swer he snapped up the two letters
and disappeared in the street
Astonishment gave way to anger at
this shabby treatment and we were on
the point of giving vent to the latter
when the tailor attracted our attention
from the opposite corner by winking
violently and beckoning 1
You never want to make a break I
like that he said angrily I you are
good Irishmen a you say you are you
ought to know that the English gov
ernment has spies all through the
Transvaal and you never know who
you are talking to With that he led
the way to a basement saloon on Com
missioner street selecting a small
room in the rear
Ben he said to a toughlooking
citizen who answered the electric sum
mons you see these ge 1 men Well
lock the doOr on the outsIde and dont
let them out until I give the word
Now he continued turning to us
whats your game I you think yOU
can come 1t over old McCann why
guess again You are no more Irish
men than the Prince of Wales Your
names ard nM Irish neither are your
faces You are spies by G and
youve come here to find out how
strong the aUhince is in Johannesburg
Wen you got In the wrong shaft r
dont iequire Dstne house to fail on
me before I tumble
I was not until we admited that
non of our ancestors bac ever seen
Irethnd tlt th eccentric old taHors
eye softened ld a genial smile illu >
mined his face Now boys he said
tats different I see your game AU
you want is to met Oem Paul through
Irish influence Yotre straight Ameri
cans which is something unusual tQ
see down here I like you and if you
came to my store in two days Ill have
the way prepardd
MCanns preparation consisted In
writing to the boss who undertook
the mission apparently with the im
pression that in some way it was aU
for the good of old Ireland The tailor
gave us our credentials and bid us
goodbye with the parting injunction
Fot heavens sake dont refuse coffee
should the president offer it even if It
scalds you speechless
Boss GlHngham Is the busiest man
In the Trasva We had ben in Pre
toria two days before we found him at
home In company with numerous spec
ulator and foreign agents we haunted
the sign of P Giingham Baker un
derneath which is another legend in
smaller type And Justice of the
One of the men was from Dayton 0
and sought Glinghas influence to
sell Oom Paul a phaeton Another rep
resented an American marble firm and
he wanted to build a mausoleum for the
president and his family Some of them
had already seen and talked with this
influential fixer and testIfied that he
was no myth a we had concluded af
ter being told continually that he was
not at home or had a meeting to at
tend Eventually we were ushered
through the bakery into a small sitting
room where the presidents right
bower receives all his callers and met
a man wIth keen blue eye light hair
mustache and chin beard of welset
figure shoulders and speaking
fgre square shoulder speaing
god pure English He greeted us
warmly and got right down to bus
ness rYe told his honor about you he
said and he Is anxious to meet you
I you will come to my house at 6
oclcck tomorrow morning Ill take you
down and you can talk to him as long
as he desires Hes In a good humor
now and will talk if you know your
GiIngham was not disposed to speak
of himself and evade all questions
bearing on politics but told us with no
little pride that he was but 39 year
old He was born at the cape of Irish
parents and there absorbed the cus
toms of the Dutch so thoroughly that
he is regarded in Pretoria as a staunch
burgher and good Dutchman
Though born under the English fag
he has no love for it and that is the
secret of his popularity with President
Krge who though a mighty shrewd
old hunter and politician ha points of
weakness bordering on fatuity Giing
ham made his first coup with Kruger
at the time of the Jamison raid when
England threatened to wipe out the
little republic With the hosts of Eng
land arrayed against the Tnsval
and no friends this plucky Irishman
got together some of his countrymen I
and offered to rise a regiment to fight
for It against the British Further
more he communicated with Irishmen
in America and proposed that they
arm and equip forces to send down to I I
aid the Boers Oom Paul who is just
as generous a he is vindictive was I
quite overcome by this offer and he
has ever since kept a war spot in his
heart for the Irish
More than this however Gi1ngham
has a long head knows when to advise
vIse when to keep quiet and Is 9
genial and adaptable that he is always
in the know This Is appreciated by
Oom Paul to whom the Irishman is
loyal for such Is the political strife in
the Transval that Krger is often at
a loss to know whom to trust
Giingham has no other position than
justice of the peace seeks for no pub
Hc honor is never written about and
poses a a strictly neutral person In
this capacity Kger accepts his ad
vice on the most Important national i
and international questions and the
I only way he profits Is by concessions I
Concessions are ranted for the most
absurd purposes One man ha the ex
clusive right to make jam in the
Transvaal The dynamite concession
arles give the government five shillings
lings Such a high duty isput upon
the American article which is vast
superior In quality a to practically
exclude i The unsubsidized Dress Is
very biter against Mr Kruger on ac
count of this concession business and
goes so far as to ask how the presi
dent could amass a fortune of more
than a million on a salary of 7OQO
and how his soninlaw Eloff could
build a 250000 palace on a salary
Gilbham is In the front rank of
concessionarles and It was one of these
concessions tat kept him engaged
while we were there
Among the questions put to Mr Kru
ing ger In our intervIew was the follow
Are you not afraid that without a
seaport the English will stare you
outI God wills i he replied they
can do it I not the English mIght
build a wall around us high as Jericho
and we would live comfortably At
this he looked to the wily Irishman
a though for assent and Giigham
informed us later that llr Kruger was
greatly delighted at his proposition to
erect huge cold storage warehouses
wherein 25000 beeves could be stored
a safeguard against being staved out
in case of war with the English He
had just been granted the concession
to build the houses
The first question asked us by Presi
dent Kruger when we finally reached
him was Are you from Rhodes He
looked at us rathex sharply from the
slit of one eye embedded in Duffy
flesh seamed with wrinkles and we
hastened to reply In the negative
Theyre both good IrIshmen added
ham and the haldozen mem
bers of the road Paymaster Genera
Van Alpen Commissioner of Mines
Kroebler and Commissioner of War
Smidt all of whom cae along to hear
the interview laughed heartily
Whats your religion was the next
question and this put us for a moment
in a trance from which we were extri
cated again by the Irishmans wIt The
Reformed church is very strong in New
York he observed carelessly as a cue
We remembered then that the presi
dent is a most bigoted Dutch Reformer
and exolaned to him that while Our
American newspaper mans religious
views must necessarily be very elastic
we were at the present moment staunch
Dutch Reformers
At this Oom Paul puffed fatsmied
wide and eventually chuckled where
upon we took occasion at G1fnghams
suggestion to ply him with a volley
of Questons At the end of the in
terview we hardly knew which interest
ed us most the shrewd old Boer r th
clever young Irishman who seemed t
understand each other thoroughly
Giingham lives In more simllcity
even than Mr Krger who dInes with
his coachman His two sons Joseph
and Paren attend the town school
though Mr Glingham Intends giving
them a college education and they
may be seen at times behind the
counter Gilngha lives plainly and
dines plainly his only indulgence beIng
good cigars and a fine pair of horses
His team is usually on the gO all dnv
for he is In no one place for manv
minutes He Is closeted with llr
Kruger more frequently than anyone
else and the president often calls at
the baeshoo and chats In the rear
room with the proprietor about doingS
In the Rand
Though seldom seen actively en
gaged in his place of business now
adays no false pride absents Gluing
ham and when we called in the even
ins to bId him farewell he was en
gaged in wrapping up some hot buns
for a comely Boer maiden He looked
at us with a b nignsmie shook hands
warmly and ten tipped an almighty
shrewd wink a though he would say
Its a smart man who can ten a valu
able iamond in therough
low Progress
l Washington Star Do you play
golfYes answered Miss eayenne r
pl It a iitjle but 1 havent yet
I learned to talk it
Strongtst teady naves
Are needed for success
Everywhere Nerves
Depepd simply solely
Upon th blood
Pure rich nourishing
Blood feeds the nerves
And makes them strong
Thegeat nerve tonic is
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Because it makes
The blood rich and
Pure giving it power
To feed the nerves
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Cures nervousness
Dyspepsia rheumatism
Catarrh scrofula
l And aU forms of
Impure blood
Mrs William W Riter ana Mr
Charles Henry Wells have invitations
out for a reception on Saturday from 2
until 5 at the home of Mrs Riter
The ladies of < < Central Crsta
church wl give a musicale this even
ing at the church parlors The pro
gamme will be a entertaining one
those who will assist being Mrs Jolly
Mrs Reed Mrs Andrews is May
nard Mrs Bagley Miss Gray Miss
Clayton Mr Ashworth and the Yukon
< 0 <
Salt Lake Council No 1517 Royal Ar
canums will give a socIal in the hal
on the fifth floor of the Auerbach build
Ing thIs evening A good literary pro
gramme ha been prepared and there
will be refreshments served One of
wl serve
the chief objects of the affair is to ac
quaint prospective members with tE
workings and objects of the organiza
ton orgza
00 <
Mrs J H MacMillan of Ogden was
in the city a guest of her son J H
MacMillan jr yesterday
< 0 <
The regular Wednesday evening
sccial at ChrIstensens hal last even
Ing underwent n change for the bet
ter Hereafter Wednesday evening will
be a club Darty and no transient
dancer wi be admitted The club already
read numbers about 50 members who
have taken season tickets thereby in
suring good attendance and jUdging
b the apparent enjoyment at those
present lat evening the whole series
will be very pleasant reunions The
Young Mens Mutual Improvement as
sociaton will give a bal on the 29th
instant The Bachelor bal which is
to be a grand affair Is booked for the
near uture
SquIre Coop came down from Ogden
on the delayed train last evening
Second Lieutenant David F Keller
subject to special order No 136 head
quarters United States government
joined his new command the Twenty
fourth infantry at Fort Douglas yes
terday Lieutenant Keller was re
leased from duty in the department of
the gulf on Oct 27 and comes direct
from Fort McPherson Ga where he
was stationed with the Eighth cavalry
At the post lie will command corn
pany D
The usual regimental parade did not
take place last night owing to the
bitter cold
The sickness at the post is gradually
decreasing Yesterdays sick report
sh wed but 75 cases in all
The hospital stewards reportfor Oc
tober shows the number of cases of
malarial fever under treatment to have
been 134 34 of which are continuous
tonsilitis 19 bronchitis 37 contusion
and sprains 5 wounds contused 2
wounds incised 1 vounds lacerated 1
gunshot wounds 1
Edward Williams first sergeant corn
pany C and William Wilkes sergeant
company F two recentlyappointed
lieutenants in the colored Ninth im
munes began their journey to Santiago
By direction of the secretary of war
Captain Joseph B Batchelor Jr
Twentyfourth United States infantry
is relieved from duty as mustering of
fleer in the state of Ohio to take effect
Nov 12 189S and will proceed to Join
his regiment at Fort Douglas
Second Lieutenant Arthur R Ker
win of the Twentyfourth Infantry has
been ordered to report to Brigadier
General Sumner at Fort Logan Cob
for examination along with officers of
other regiments as to his fitness for
A New Arrangement
Judge Dorothy had been taken to
the hen house and had seen the hens
on their roosts which were arranged
one above the other On reentering
the house she exclaimed delightedly
Oh mamma grandpas got a whole
bookcase full of hens
0eac 4
Black Astraican White Pearl But
tons Black Braid Trimming Cc
mr Velvet CoBars Some
Cola 5 00
thing extra fine
tng ex
Brow Reefers i Irish These
Half Velvet Cola Bronze Buttons
Fancy Italian Cloth flu
ings 500
Star Waists 100 anti 125
100 Mothes Fend Was d5e to

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