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t r
i I f 0
t 6 anm SALT rJrJtlTI BiAT1D TRIDY MARCH 24 18991
The New I1esca For Miners and
The Rm Silvers Anutock
Maket ActveThe New h
chgeFIh Valey CpperNew
I rap of TinticPromising Dug
way inMining Notes
l Antelope Islnd In the Great Salt
I lake UUs inland sea Is thd Mecca
f just now towards whIch quite a num
I ber of mIting men ire hurrying as fast
es steam i nd boat can take them and
from all re por this section promise
to come to + Jle front at no distant day
with numerous heavy producers of
gold silver arid copp
A few days ago a mentioned at the
time In these columns Albert Richter
and his asocte Brant S Young
George Payne rand George Frry made
eightlen locations on the island on 3
strong ledge 01 copperbearing ore
lich croltS boldtr on the surface and
which can be traced for a distance of
5000 feet The first of the welk Mr
Richter icCmpaiC by a surveyor
and L D Young made a visit to the
Island for the putpose of surveying and
Urtin title t the group Mr
YlunS maing an examination of the
property in the interest of 3 local syn I
dicate his report being of a most sat
isfactory nature as he states that the
4 ledge which is a coutact betwen slate
and granite and atlost identical with
the formation of the great Redo and
Calumet is very prominent and wide
the ore being thoroughly impregnated
with copper in ditfrent formprrite
native and peacock copper i will be
seen by an examinatiom of the numer
ous samples now on exa minaton at the
office of the Buckeye Mining company
In the IcCorc block this cIty
A great many mining men are noW
flddnS to the island according t 111
Rithter there being tW Ie in the bout
r llch tcok him over nie of which bad
on attn k of seasickness before the
I boat arrived at as destination while
seera the boatoas went over at
the same time it being estimated that
at bask a hundred mining men and
I prospectors are ntw on the Island at
1 the present time quite a number or
I I whom are frm 1lercur beIng repre
It sentatives of mine superintendents ad 1
I mining men of this great gold camp
I the mote lot being llad at work f
making locations and in prospecting
I the country report having i that val I
uabe gold and silver discoveries have I
also been made I
From what can be learned it is be I
lieved that by this time the small army
of mineral eatseeker have met and
fane a new mining district as this
WES the intention just before 1Ir
Richter started for home nd it is an
ticipated tat soon this will become a
lively mining camp and that boats
H go over from the man shore daily
with provisions and supple and tO
accommodate passengers 1Ir Richter
informing The Herald that it was the
intention of himself and associates to
put on a naptha launch for their own
U5e In the near future
Promising Ground In Which Sal
Lakels A Interested
Grand VaIe Times
We Me in receipt of a letter from 11
George Striker manager of the Globe
Copper company of Chicago written at
i Richardson relative to his visit to the
coIner strike made by lIr D r Hunts
man and other prospectors of Salt Lake
City in Fisher canyon on the north
end of the La Sale mountains in this
county He states that the vein is un
covered fourteen feet and believes that
when it is cut trough it will prove to
bE over thirty feet in width An assay
of an average of the fourteen ret gave
1 i per cent copper 2 in gold and two
ounces of silver and front twenty
eIght inches 0 per cent copper and
about double the other values and a
sixinch streak gave 50 per cent copper
Mr Striker believes this llropert will
prove iS rich a that opened in La Sale
canyon at Padox This discovery in
dictls how extensive is the mineral of
this section 11 Huntsman is preparing
ing to drive a crosscut tunnel to cut
I the vein at considerable depth
i I
ii i Te Taction Cover a Long Lit
t of Popular Mining Share
I Business was above the averSe on
the for of thC old exchanSe Jesterda
and transactions of the hour covered a
long list or popular securities
Ajax chronicled the initial sale and
was traded in at 130 Congor was I
also r < cognized hr the dealers and
hanged hands at 59 cents dropping
1000 shares at this figure Daisy was I
a deler to a limited extent at 43 cents
Dalton Lark changing hands at 10 =
crt5 Dexter was in demand at regu
Jtrn quotations Four Aces posting I
ie at 42A and 424 cents Eagle
hniced sharp advances and was
< lted at 9 and 10 cent while Gey
srMarIon made Sod gains a well as
sales Northern Light was the center
or attraction during Its cal and was
a trader at 57 and 7 cents Omaha
doing business at 46 and 46t cent
Sunshine suffered losses but was active
South Swansea being picked up at 122
Sunbeam being a favorite at 70 cents
and a dealer at this figure Jo Bowers
vas strong and touched 17 cents dur
lar Ue session while Joe Bowers Ex
t11il was able to maintain recent
u gains
The transactions of the cal were as
100 Ajax at 130
lor Congor at 59 cent
oo Daisy at 43 cent
10 Dexter at 264
100 Dexter at l2G3L
100 Dexter at S
00 Dalton Lark at 10 cents
2000 Eagle at 10 cents
lil Eagle at 10I cents
1000 Eagle at 9 = cents
1000 Eagle at 91h cents
500 Eagle at 9 cents
I GOO Four Aces at 42 f cepts
I fon Four Aces at 42 i cent
100 Geyser laon at 76s cents
900 GeyserMarion at 7 cents
100 GeYerMaon at 78 cents
TOO Geyserlaion at 79 cents
100 Lower Mammoth at SO cents
100 Lower Mammoth at 79t cents
OO Lower Mammoth at 79 cents
500 Northern Light at 57 cent
200 Northern Light at 571 cents
300 Northern Liht at 5i cent
Lilht a
C 100 Northern Light at 5i cents
OO Northern Light a 58 cents
100 Northern Light at 581 cents
200 Omaha at 46 6 cents
500 Omaha at 46 cent
500 Stir Consolidated at 1081
100 South Swansea at 122
2 2500 Sunea at 70 cents
100 Sunshine at 90 cents
500 Sunshine at 891 cents
I 300 Sunshine at 891 cents
F iou Sunshine at 89 cents
OO SacramentO at 49 cents
200 Sacramento at 492a cents
500 Sacramento at 49 cents
100 Sacramento at 48 cents
L 1000 Boston Dc Lamar at l f cent
w 500 Central Mammoth at 5 cents
1000 Dalton aJ 2 4 cents
t 500 Frisco at 1 cent
r 500 Joe Bower at 17 cents i I
tf i
4000oe Bower Ex at 9 cents
1000 Monarch at i4 cents
100 May Day at 12 cents
5000 Manhattan at cent
1000 Richmond Anaconda at 9c
2500 Richmond Anaconda t10c
Tot sales 37200 shares
Value of sales 1061837
lows The closing quotations Were a fol
I l g
E f I f B
Anchor I5 140
AIlce 5 1
Ajax 1 13 t
Alliance 0 100
Abion 22 29
BumnBeck 4O 60
Chlorde oint 10 120
Centmnial Eurel 445 50
Congnr 6 100
Daly 121 123
Duly VTest 1040 1055
Dalton Lark l0i 108
Daisy 10H 43
Eagle 091 O9i
Four Aces 42 3
G yr1farion 79 lO
Galena 4H I l 45
Galena King
Grand Central 8 4911 855
Golden Gate Extension r 10
Herschel 0 12
Horn Silver 15 I
llahUl 10
Mammoth 1 176 1S4
lfcru 0i2 IJ10
Lower Mammoth 7S 79
1orthem Light ss ss
Omaha uis 4
Ontario 70 735
Sacramento 49
Sunshine S9 0
Sliver KLg 30 4000
Star Consolidated 10 11
Utah 63 I SO
Showers Onsl ated 36 38
Sunbeam 66 70
Sanea 396 4H
South Swansea 12 122
Blue Bird
Sacramento Consolidated 1 10
Bright Light 1 oo oi
BuluonBeck Tunnel Ot TI O1
Boston Dc Lamar 01 o QII
Blue Bird ExtensIo 03 OS
Bill Nye 01
Boss Tweed
Crusader 3y 0 j
Crown Point 0 09
Comstock 1G 40
Camp Floyd 0
ColumbIa t 12
Central Mammoth 031 01
Dalton 02 8 02
Eagle Bll Bell 170 20
Emerald ll1 13
Frisco 10 12
Golden Eagle 04 07
Golden Star 1 15
Gold Hill 01
Homestale 121 141
Hercule 06 4 09
International 03 I oi
Joe Bowers 1i r 171
Toe Bowers xtensIol 09 O
La Rcne 5S I
Little PIttbUg
MIdnight Bowers 1 04 0
May Day 52 5
Manhattan OO
Martha Washington I 1S 19
Monarch 014 01
IcKirler 10 2
2orth Swansea 15 1S
Orient I I l 13
Richmond Anaconda10 10
Rabbits Foot 10
Silver Cloud W OS
Success 03
Sea Swan Q 10
Tetro O1 09
Triumph 0
raleo 13 1 126
Wet ountain Placer 40 76
rker Out After Joe BowerGod
Day I the Pit During Cal i
The mtmbers of the new exchange
started out after heavy game yester
day afternoon and before the close of
the ca had recorded may stock
transfers th market being fairly
firm with 3 number of favorites tO 1
choose from
Joe Bowels was the leading feature I
of the session and sold at 18 cents be
fore the close Daisy was not slow in
the dealings ilhugh suffering de
diner Four Aces beIng able to hold
its ewn Lwer Mammoth did some
business and so did Northern Light
while SacramentO was on the upgrade
and a seller at 49 cents Among the
other sellers were Antler Boston De
LaM Oaks Silver City Consolidated
ta Sltpete and Yankee Consol
The transactions of the day were as I
5000 Antler at 1j cents
300 Boston De Lamar at 1 cent
4000 Dalton at 2 cent
100 Daisy at 42 cent
100 Daisy at 42Y cents
100 Daisy at 43 cents
400 Dais at 43 cents
400 DaIsy at 424 cents
200 Four Aces at 427 cents
100 Four Aces at 42 cent
500Four Ace at 43 4 cents
4000 Joe Bower at 16 = cents
500 Joe Bower at 1 cents
1500 Joe Bowers at 171k cents
1500 Joe Bowers it 17 cents I
1000 Joe Bowers at 18 cents
10 Lower Mammoth at 76y cents
100 Lower Mammoth at 75 cents
300 Lower Mammoth at 75 cents
300 Northern Light at 58
30 Sorther s8y cent
mo Northern Light at 5S4i cent
300 Northern Light at 58 cents
200 Oaks at 4 cents
100 Sacrament at 49 cent
200 Sacramento at 4Jk cent
cock Sacramento at 49y cents
100 Sacramento at 48 cents
100 Sacramento at 49 cent
1000 Silver City Con at 1 cent
200 Utah Salpetre at cent
500 Yankee Con at Scents
100 Yankee Con at 6Y cents
Tot sales 45000 shares
Value of sales 31i83
los The dosing quotations were a loS
tuzui °
Ajax 125 1 140
BulonBeclt 400 I
40 lW
Chloride Point 9H 1l2
Dal Dalton Lark 09 8 1 Y
Daly 123 140
Galena a 1 4i
Geyser1Iarlon 7S so
Grand Central 836 S
Mammoth J771 153
Icrcur 6G2 Ino
Ontario 650 7O
Sacramento 49 49
Swansea 4y
South Swansea 1I 1r21
7 85
Buck e on 05
Daisy 43i
Dalton On I 02
Dexter Daly West 1040 258 l g1
Eagle Blue Bell IS 1871k
Four Aces 4313 43
Frisco 43g4
Golden Eagle 1QI 06
Joc Bowers 17 8 1S
Lower Mammoth 74 75
Northern Light 5S 59
Shower Consolidated 37
Star Consolidated 1081 112 Y
Sunbeam 65 SO
Sunshine 8 0
Antler 01 Fi
Boston De Lamar 01 1 01
BulonBeck Tunnel
Beaver Lake Copper n
Vest Das 01Y1 0
Cedar Vale O OY 0
Eagle 13
O 11
Emerald 1F 18
Gold Hil 03 t O
international ll 05
Joe Bowers Extension 09 09A
Little Pitsbur O
Monarch Ol 1 QIYi
8T 0I4 0i4
SilverCltyCon5oUdOted 01 O y
SuperIor 00 I Ol I
Success o 0
Solomons Treasure oo 10
TrIumph OII 1
Utah Salpetre 0fl 04 f
Iinke Consolidated O 0
Valeo 12 I
Wandering Jew 10
1 i hAi t
weiiorln GIDiy nDl
I White Star u lr OI p
Yellow Jacket 01 0
W E Hubbard Co
Mines dividend paying and Invest
ment stpcks 15 W 2nd So Tel 505
Waterman Brothers Stock Brokers
5 Central Blk Phone 46 3 rings
BBCo1e to1B Wer
No 53 Weft Second South PhonE 339
AdrewLombad Stock Brokers
2820J Atas b ck Tel 230 rings
P J Conway Co tpck BrokE
15 West S cond South street
J A Ears Co 21 Mo = lan Bloc
Miningand Stock Brokers
Mining Stacks 15 Central 1IIES i
Richard L Colbur Stock Broker
Room 25 15 W 2nd South Tel 6iO
jK Gi11spie Stock roker
Office 52 West Second South street
The Report Disclose Most Gratify
ing Conditions I
The annual report of the Horn Silver
Mirng company for the fiscal year
ending Dec 31 1898 is out and 15 being
distributed among the stockholders of I
the association
In his statement as to the operation
of the mine durIng the time secied
Manager p T Farnsworth reported
that during the year 492S tons ot ore
had been extracted and marketed
while a tonnage of 33961 tons had ben
treated at the mill employing the con
centration process at the mine making
a total output of 38889 tons the cost
of extraction being placed at 381 per
ton aggregating 184990 the osbof
conccqtatol being fgUr at SliQ per
ton of crude ore or a tota1f 725426
57 tons of crude ore being reduced to
one of concentrates the milling of one
ton of concentrates costing the com
pany 625 the mineral carrying values
of 2690 as against 198 per ton for
marketable ore I
111 Farnsworth also stated that dur
ing the year 657 feet of dead work was
performed this being in extended drifts
and crosscuts and in sinking shaft No
3 an additional thiryfour feet malt
ing it 1617 feet deep and in his report
he says he ninth and tenth levels are
yielding a very fine grade of milling
ore wIth more than the usual amount
of shipping product while frf the
eighth and nInth levels in addition to
the lead and silver prod ct the com
pany is extracting a yer faIr grade of
I copper ore whIch bids fair to continue
through the year All developments are
in good condition and yielding well
Reporting on the compays mercantile
business at Fsco Mr Farnsworth
says the net profIt was 160lO19 while
there are no liabilities
According to the last annual rpDort
the company had a balance of 200
5S90 in its treasury on Dee 31 1897
which durIng the year just passed was
increased to 46390373 from dis
bursements were made amounting to
29016728 including 80000 in diidends
leavIng a balance in the treasury and in
supple on the first of the present year
I of 16373645
Directors Satisfied With Victoria
Sullivan Mining DeaJ
Sulva De
Special Correspondence
Provo March 23A meeting of the
stockholderS of the Grad Central In
ing company was held today in Provo
I and the agreement between the Grand
Central and Victoria mining companies
and J C Sullivan was ratified unanl
mously Over fourffts of the capital
stock of the frt named company was
represented George Q Cannon a
Wiia Hatfeld came down from
Salt Lake to attend the meeting The
agrcement ratified is substantially l
The mining claims Paradise Victoria
Six Shooter and HOe being owned by
the two mining companies wbove named
and J C Sullivan it was aged tar
the later tar the two frt named
claims and the Grand Central
claims and the Grnd Cetrl company
take the Six Shooter and Hoe and
that of the incorporated Victoria Min
inS company with a capital sock 01
250000 shares at 25 cents per share Sul
livan is to have 75000 shares 5000
shares t g intO the treasury and on
the balance 12500 share an option I
to be Syen to the shareholder of the
Grand Central company to purchase at
24 cents per sharp pro rats for every
two shares of the Grnd Cental ownia1
these shares represent in the age
g9te 30000 of which Sullivan takes
20000 nd the Grand Central 10000
Lafayette Holbrook returned from
Tintic today and in speaking o the
new stee plat of the Grand Central
sid it was being erected and would I
undoubtedly be in operation by May 1
New Map of Tntic
The new map or Tintc district pub
lished by W 11 Wantad under th
auspices of the Sal Lake Stock In
ing exchange is just out and it is safe
to say that it is the most complete map
of this great district ever issued as it
shows almost ever patented clam and
prospect in the cap besides which it
shows the groups of claims owned by
nearly every mining company operating
in that section many of them being
made prominent by color printing A
portion of West Tintc is also gIven a
place on the map and from it one can
accurately locate the OrIent Scotia
Prairie Bell War Eagle and Savings
Bans some of the leading properties
in this richlymineraized camp
The map also contains a list of divi
dendpaying mines and meritorious
prospects besides other interesting
mining data included in which is i a
summing up of the total dividends paid
by Utah mines to date he aggregate
footing up the handsae sum of 37
654750 the dividends paid during the
year 1898 and including January and
February of this year amounting to
The map will be useful in many ways
and should be freely scattered through
out this country and the east
Promising Dugway Mine
Superintendent Fcrbrahe of the Gold
Silver Carbonate Mining company
writes fromthe mines o the company
at Dugay to the ofcer in this city
aH follows unde date of March 20 In
the Sllvr Standard clam we are get
ting quite a lot of galena I am also
doing some work on the Gray Carbon
ate claim anti think we have a good
vein of carbonate ore there when we
get it opened up Both places are look
ing weal and a improving with each
Sifts 011
Sample from he bottom of the shf
in the Silver Standard clam just re
ceived show galena carrying over 55
per cent lead
Gold Prom the Amelia
J H DupaiX of this city who is work
ing the Amelia mine in Star district
Beaver county on a leaS and who iE
treating the ore with his little stamp
mm at 1Inersvie is highly please
over the fact that the resulting bulo
is going high in its gold contents in
stead 01 silver as heletone fire tests
of the lat retort sowing a recovery
of 17 ounces silver and 150 in gOld
to the ton
Ore is being hauled from the mine t
the mill and 1Ir Dupaix left for the
south last night for the puros 01
pus iZ work from lQW on with greater
vigor than ever before
MercerMawel Copper
Colonel E A Wall Is In receipt of
some fine looking samples of copper orc
from the 1IercCnweI ground on the
Highland Boy ledge at Bingham The
i t
oreh rla J e f
the UPPC c P 1 Inoeqr 2 ot
cent ip copper to the t Qn f JThe J eige
has been cfmcut for a istace o
fifteen feet t whole body being good
pay ore whl the face of the crosscut
i9ir afnel ioe of 1i1er l crying
x elent epp r Yaues the extent oi
the deposit beg yues probleatcal as yet
lhe colonel lookS upon this as the
making of no of the greatest copper
mihs In the Old Reliable
Silver and Lead
The lol meta market was governed
ye3trdty by t following quotations
Bar slIver 59 cents
Lead broke 420
Cpper casting 15 cents
Ore and uliop
Tle oe and bunfaI receipts rstez
day were as foloiV5 f
T R Jt s Cm ore 4900 bul
lion 19000
1IcCorick Co bullion I 310 ores
Wells Fargo I Co bullion 88i4
Mining Note and Personals
1 The CentennIalEureka had a shipment
of ten cars p1 gOld ore at the sampler
The Utah of FIsh Springs has a car
I of hlghgradosltverlead ore cn route to
theSalt Lake market
I Judje Henr Hives the wel known min
lag attorney boa r turned from an ex
t lded visit to Neada camps
eor Der who has returned from
a visit to Mecur states that the Geyser
Marion is lopaing better than for a year
Hans Tuft resident of the new bank
at Richfield vho has been In the city for
a few days on business left yesterday
for his home
The lessee who are working on a por
ton pf the Redwing group at Bingham on
a royalty are taking out for shipment
some very fine galena ore
Bingham was repreente In the Ualt
Lake metal market yesterday with eight
cars 01 Old Spanish ore a consignment
of Old 1elcgrph and a lot of Sampson
B J Cafe Of CasLe Gate who Is the
inatiaaer of the AmHe Laurie mIne In
Gold Mountain left for home yesterday
after spenumg several days In Zion on
mIning business
Hon n C Lund left last night for
Deer Lodge LincolncQunty I7ev where
he will inspect the HOle Shoo gold mine
in which nc Is ieavHy Interested with
don G Campbell and Ben Johnson
J E Hmean for many years station
agent at ironton Eureka and lIver City
writes L E Riser from San Cristobal
Mex and hi h sfeterle states that he I
friends wbiild be glad to hear from his old lntc
A S Day who Is blossoming out into
a successful mining promoter and who
Is heavily interested jn the La Reine nn
the Humbug veIn at Eureka has just
returnefi from a visit to frends and rela
tives in Onuiha rea
Only fifty shares of Little Plttsburg
stock were sold M delinquent on account
of the recent assessment levied by the
ompany This speaks well for the prop
arty of the company and of the estima
tion in which its stock Is held
Henry Butcher one of the miners in the
employ of the Butler company operating
in Markham gulch Bingham who Is in
from the mine states that a nice boy of
lead ore has been encountered of late In
the workings of this prospetve bonanza
Hon J H Conrad the successful min
ing oDerator hrs returned to Salt Lake
from a few weeks visIt to Los Angeles
Mr Conrad states that he will resume
work in the develoment of the lasa
chusett mIne In Park City as soon a
possible this spring
An amendment to the art les of In
corpOration of the PetrO MIning company
was liied at the county clerks otc yesterday
terday I recites that at a meeting of the
stockholders held Mon ay reb 13 it was
voted to Increase the caitalzatc1 to
S1OO in shares of 5 each
SUDerntendent U H Green of the
DUQuque gold mine In Oak Brush canyon
Tboele canyon writes that the mine Is
looking well and that a good deal of fro
ore Is showIng in the lbwe tunnel Mr
Green wm vIsit Sal Lake within a few
days sad will bring in with hint samples
of oro om the new tike
W T Rich the vell kiown mil builder
of Panaca Ney vh has been in Salt
Lake for the past ek left last night
for Chicago and Ncr York Mr Rich I
WOl sail from Nework on April 5th for I
Dutch Guinea Sduh Africa where he will
superintend the erection or a large mill
and reduction works for the Gates Iron
Works company
Will GrHtths who has just returned
from Intc haunt reports that on
Wednesday night of this week nfnother
Important disclour of good ore was
made in e workings of the Lower
Mammoth mine on the 50 level 10 the I
north Sample of tl ore are on ex
hibltOn in the show window of De iIt I
B Lowes office
ReportS were In circulation on the curb
yesterday to the effect that the workings
of the May Day at Eureka had broKen
Into a tine bOdy of ore The report could
not be corroborated and yet there was
an active demand notceable fr the
stock of the company with but hue of
It in sight Joe Bowers was also In de
mand and was wanted at 19 cents and
over before the close of business
Word comes from Bingham tat the
CQDJer Glance mlng company has un
covered a twofot vein In its property
adjoining te Congoi mine in Pine can
yon The discovery was made In the
face of the 2S7foot tunnel and lire tests
of the ore shows values of 4 gold 4G
per cent copper and 6 ounces in silver to
the ton The company Is giving employment
ment to a force of seven men anL is satis
fed that the property will open out Into
a bonanza proposition
Gieon Snyder secretary of the Snyder
Improvement company will leave for
Gold Mountain dIstrict this morning for
the purpose of distributing pay checks
among the employees of tne company
now at work In tne development of
ittluable and promising ground At Rich
field 111 Snyder will be joined by John
Meteor the well known newspaper man
and graphic wrier who will mal e a tour
of the dIstrict gathering data concerning
its mines nd Prospects for a series of
articles descriptive of this
artcles descriptve great gold
camp for the press
Gold Dust From Klondike
San Francisco Ca March 23A spe
cial from Seattle Wash says that the
steamer Laurada which recent ar
rived from the north brought 150000
from the Klondike beIng the first ship
ment of the season The fact of the
gold dust being on the vessel has not
been made public before
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of An
nie E Springer of 125 Howard street
Philadelphia Pa when she found that
Dr King New Discovery for Con
sumption had completely cured her or
a hacking couli that for many years I
hal made life a burden l other rem
edies and doctors coUld give her no I
help but she says of the Royal Cure
it soon removed the pain in my chest
and I can now sleep soundly some
thing I can scarcely remember doing
before I feel like sounding Its praises
throughout the universe So will
everyone who tries Dr Kings New
Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat Chest or Lungs Price SOc and
100 Trial bottles free at Z C f I
drug departmt Every bottle guaranteed
Te Visit Leper Colony
San Francisco a1 March 23Rev
William H Tubb will soon visit thc
leper settlement 01 the island of Mole
kai as the agent of nt local imrove
agenl n
ment cluIand with the endomement of
Senator Dwyer the author of the con
current resolution adoDted by the re
cent legislature to convert Molokai into
a national leper settlement He will rc
main among the leers for four months
and will work in connection with a
ommitce to be appointed by President
1IcKIIley to investigate the matte
There are a number of leper in the
San Francisco peSt house and the citi
zens are anxious to have them removed
to 1olokai I
Your Face
shows the state of your feelings and
the state of your health as wel Im
pure blood makes itself apparent hi a
pale and sallow complexion Pimples
and Skin Eruptions I you are feel
Ing weak ad worn out and do not have
a healthy appearance you should try
Ackers Bood Elixir I cures all blood
diseases where chep Sarsaparillas and
socaled purifersLfai knowing thiS
we sell ever bottle on a positive guar
antee For sale byZ C 1 I Drug
i 1 J
Dealings Were Chiefly Confined to
the Rai1ways i
Prospeivt djourntntof + L gisIa
tu eCaued Several Trust Stocks
t 1yanceSugnc Lost Pour
p t J e Shvd lniprove
menferyCet1 Lease I
New York March 2Te stock market
took on an appearance of strength today
and the dealings or ap t threequarters
of a million of shares were largely cen
tered in the railways Realizing toward
the close cut down some pf the advance
leaving the net improvement generally
steady The expected adjournment of the
Jersey legIslature was ued by a btill cad
among the coalers 01 tie ground that It
lessened the prospect or hostile legislaton
Lclawanna made the extreme advance
of 3 There was talk also of a lease on
the Jersey Central to the Reading com
pny Peoples Gas gained 2 in antci
paton of the adjournment of the Illinois
legislature and 01 gossip or a possible con
soldaton with au electric lighting com
pa The dealings In Burlington were
even in excess of thos 11 Sngar the late
leade in points of activity and a aln of
2 points resulted In Hint railway security
A large short Interest was saId to lave
exIsted in Burlington and the movement
today resulted from the covering of hear
stoDloss ordOrs The other grangets
sympathized in the 10emenj to a lesser
extent The Pncifcs on moderate trading
held their own Local transportation
shares move narrowly excepting Man
hattan which lost over a point Tobacco
stocks were slightly improved and sugar
left off 414W points down on gossip that the
most active bulls had liquidated Air
Brake recovOred 11 points of its recent de
dine and the market left off oih a fairly
goo tope Bond prIce today showed tin
provement In many case with an excep
tional rise in Brooklyn elevated 5s The
market in general moved irregularly but
losses vere trIvIal Total sales 3b9O
U S 3s advanced 3 while the new s de
dined as much in the bid price
The total sales of stocks today were
7240 shares Including Atchison pre
ferred 2659 Central Pacific 930 Burl
ington 82020 Manhattan 2143 Met St
Ry 46S9 ReadIng 1st preferred 412 M
K T preferred 573 NorthAmercn
3600 Rock Island 8295 Ontario West
360 2320 Union Pacific 44W St Paul
120 Southern Pacific 5t Southern
90 Southern preferred 1363S UnIon Pa
clc preferred 5705 Amerca Steel
Wire 1905 Tobacco 4965 Federal Steel
21 35 Federal Steel preferred 451 Peo
ples Gas 482 Consolidated Gas 9159
GOneral ElectrIc 6832 Brooklyn Transit
35410 Sugar 672 St L S W 5735
3540 S V preferred 160 Tennessee
Coal Iron 1310 Chicago Great Vest
era 19465BOND
U S 2s 108 I L 45 107
Do coup 123 1 Nor W 6s13
U S 4s L1 Nwest Cons H3y
Do coup 14 I i Do deb 5s 12 I
Do 2ds 994 o Nay 1stslU
U S 55 reg 9Y 0 Nay 1s 10
Do 5s coup 11 O S L 6s t r17
DistrIct 3 Gs 1 O S L 5s t 110 I
Atchison 4s 102j Reading 4s 89Y
JJo adj 4s 8 R G IV 1sts 97
Can So 2ds 1S St Louis Ir
g Ohio5s i m M Con 5sUP4
C H D Phsl0 S1 L San F
D R G 1sts108i Gen 6s l
D R G 4s 101 St P Con167
Eat Tenn lets 105 St P C P
Erie Gen 4s 73 1sts 12
Ere V D isIs 7 Dl 5s 12
t 1 83 So Ry Ss 1061s
Gen IEee 55 115 Standard Rope
g H S A 6sn Twine Cs 86
Do 2ds 10 I Ten Pac L G
Iwa C 1sts 10 Ists 12
1 N Uni As 95 Do Rg 2ds 53
Pac Cons 6s12 Union Pac 4s 10tW
11 K T 2ds 67 U P D G
I 4s 93 lIsts 93Y
N Y Cent lsts14 Vab 1t 5s lH4
N J C 5s 18 DD 2ds 95
No Pac Ists 118 V Shore 4s 13
Do 3s 6 I Vis Cent 1sts G
Do 4s 103 Cole South 4s 86
N 4Scsi10 i
Atchison W4J Preferred 304
Preferred 60 St Paul lZ6Y
BaIt Ohio Gy Preferred 169
Can Pac 85 S1 P Om 9W
I Can South 5 Preferred 174
Cent Pac 5114 So Pac 36
I Ches Ohio 5174 So Railway J2
ChI Alton 13 I Preferred J9 8
Chi B Q12 Tex Pac 23
Chi E 111 69 Union Pac 46
Chi 1
Preferred 18 Preferred S
Chi G W 15 U P n G13
Chi Ind L S ½ Wabash 7
Preferred 43 Preferred 21
Chi N 181 Wheel L ElA
Preferred 190 Preferred 31
C C C St L 5h Adams En112
Preferred 961 American Ex 10
Del Hudson161W Unite States 51
Del L Wl7 1 Wells Fargo 1
D R G 21 A Cot Oil 35
Preferred 73I 1 Preferred 92
Erie new 1 IAmn Spirits 13
First pfd 3 8 Preferred 3o
Ft Wayne 177 Am Tobacco 2
Gt Nor pfd lS9 I Preferred 12
Hocking Val 8 Cons Gas 217
Illinois Cent 114 Com Cable Co175
Lake Ere W 18 Col F Iron 3
Preferred w Preferred 97
Lake Shore 200 I Gen Elect115
Louis Nash G How Cm I Co 77
Manhattan L lUl Federal Steel 227
Met St Ry252 Preferred
llch Cent 11 Intnl Paper 5
l1nn St L 52 Preferred 12
First pfd 9 Lalee Gas 5Y
110 Pa 45 Led 31
Mobile Ohio 40 Preferred 12
Mo K T 13 Am Steel
Preferred 3 WIre 63
N J Cent117 Preferred 103
N Y Cent135 Nat Lin Oil m 5
N Y Chi St Pac Mal 1f
L j3 Peoples Gas 129
Fist pfd 6 Pullman Pal 159
Second pfd J I Sliver Cert G
for Vest 17 Standard Rope
No Amer Co j Twine 1G
Mo Pac 5 Sugar 16
Preferred 7S i Preferred 17
Ontario W 2 T C Iron 521
Ore R Nay 44 U S Leather Gs
O S L 41 Preferred 71A
Pac Coast let U S Rubber 514
pfd 8 Preferred116
Second pfd 62 I West Union 31
Pittbur lS0 R R T Co10SYi
Reading 2t Ore Na pfd 72
First pfd 6 I ac Coast 1
R G V 35 Cob South 7
Preferred 71 I First pfd 55
Rock Island 17 Second pfd l1
St L S F 1 Cont Tobacco
First pfd 71 Co 5
Second pfd 3 Preferred 87
St L S W 10
ChoHar l i Ontario 50
Crown Point 25 Ophir 110
Con Cal Va 2 10 Plymouth 10
Deadwood 63 QuIcksilver 2 0
Gould Curry 42 Preferred G G
Hale Norcros 1 Sierra Nev 120
Hometalc 550 Standard 25
Iron Silver l5 Union Con G6
Mexican 751 Yellow Jacket 3
San Francisco March 3he ofcal
closing quotations for mining stoe to
day were as follows
Alpha Con 11 JulIa 4
Andes 9 j Justice 24
Bobber 21 Kenttuck Con J
Benton Con Mexican 8
Bullion 6 Occidental Con 31
Caledonia 5 1 Ophlr 1 20
Challenge Con 21 Overman 15
Cholar 401 PoLosI 3
Cofdence 1151 Savage
Con Cal Va 230 Seg Belcher 6
Con Imperial 2 SIerra Nev 13
Con New York 2 Silver Hill 5
Crown Point 31 Standard 2 75
Eureka Con 40 Union Con
Exchequer 3 Utah Con 2
Gould Curry 46 Yellow Jacket 3
Hale NOcross 37
Adventure 12 Old Dominion 43
Union Lan 7 Osceola Si
Alouez Min Co Sy Quincy 15
Atlantic 3L Tamarack 220
Boston Iont3 Wolverine 43
Butte Boston 6 Parrott 43Y
Calumet H ii1 Humboldt 2
Centennial 41 I Vinona 16
Franklin 24
lrnkln 248
Stocks at London
New York March 23Commerclal Ad
vcrtser s London financial cuiblegnarn
The markets here were veny slack this
morning The tone however wa firm
on more buyIng of donscilsfor tha sinking
fund which requlrie the purchase of a
million by thcenel of the mohth Arner
leans were neglected but steadI In the
p TTy V TB q
Pride of JapanTreeTea i
A OUti oJ qaziIywiIk evcry
l6 cces y ftmo to
rL I I
I iiC poun pac ges
t5zeoc wejh C fulli6 ounces
W the half im4 full p
r 4r1 0
afternoon New York bought St Paul
Norfolk and Deyer praferred The close
was the best Derver were 31 O the dlvi
dead of 27 shillings Utahs were flint at
7ttS Rostons were 2f Aracola Si
Loa Exchangeancl Silver
New tork March 2JMoney on call
fIrm at 415 per cent last loan 4 percent
cent Prime mercantile paper SIIi4 per
cent Sterling exchange steady with
actual business bankers bills tt S5i
4S5 for demand and at 482lS3 for
6 days Posted rat s 481J tl Corn
merclal bills 4S2j482
Silver W82 nominally coco
Bar silver 59 Mexican dollars 47 i
Metal Quotations i
New York March 23I was a day of
small thIngs 01 the metal exchange buy
ers and sellers alikehiing indifferent
while news of importance from abroad
and the west was not forthcoming The
slight variation recorded in prIces Were
almost entirely nomipal and lacked special
significance At the close the metal ex
change called pig Iron warrants quiet and
nominal with 1050 bid and 10 asked
Lake CopperDul and nomInal with
1675 bid and 172 asked
TinSteadJ with 26 bid and 27
asked LeadUnchanged with 440 bid and 44
SpelerUnchangcd with 639 bId and
60 asked
The brokers price for lea is 420 and
for copper 172tji750
Bad Day For the Bulls I the Wheat
Chicago March 21Friends of wheat
suffered a disapPointment at the stat
for ln spite of considerable strength ex
hlblted on the curb lat night May wheat
opened g lower at 6961 The chief
factor in the weakness was the radical
change in the chamcte d the advIcs
from Liverpool That market at the
openIng whIch responded only feebly to
yesterdays strength here commenced Im
mediately to break closing with a loss
of ld Wit that dIscouragIng situation
to start on confidence was undermined
and liquidation became urgent forcIng
May down to 68 Reports from private
sources 6f damage to winter wheat came
in from all quarters There was a general
feeling however that the Increased
breadth of fall seedIng would emply cm
pensate for whatever damage has been
done The Liverpool weakness was said
to f due to free offerIngs of whet from
Russia At G the market was below the
level of puts and buying against those
privileges together with scattered coy
erlng by shorts on account of fIrm con
tinental markets stated an upturn near
the end May whet closing at 6S68
Corn weakened easily with wheat but
later regained mostof the loss Small re
ceipts and a fair shipping demand were
responsible for the change of sentiment
May declined 14
Oats wee active and lower with both
the buying and selling scattered There
was a good cash demand from the east
May closed 34 lower
Under the influence of an improved ex
port demand for lard provisions ruled
unexpectedly steady notwithstanding the
decline In grain The chief business was
exchanging May holiings for July or
September at the cprrentt differences
Pork improved 7 and lard and ribs 5
cents each
The leadingfutures ranged as follows
WheatNo 2
I Open HIgh I Iw I Close
May 6969 IBIi 68
July 6S6Siu6S 67 6S6S
I Open I High fLowj CIose
May 35l35 35 3435 35g35
July 86 36 35 35
Sept 36i 36 ½ 36t36 36
OatsNo 2
I Open I High I Low I Chose
Jitay 20 26 26iii26 2635
July 21 25 24 24J24
Mess PorkPer bbl
I Open High I Low I Close
ray i 895 912 I 895 907
July j 912 930 932 925
LardPer 100 lbs
I Open j High Low i Close
May 4 530 I 5 527 535
July 542 54735 542 547i
Sept i 557 I 560 557 557
Short RibsPer 100 lbn
I Open I HIgh Low I Close
May 470 477 470 475
July 482 487 482 4S7
Sept 450 500 495 560
Cash quotations were as follows
WTheatSphlng No 2 Pi163 No 3
spring 5514Jd6S No 2 red 7070
CornNo 2 34
OatsNo 2 27tJ2S No 2 white 30
31 No 3 white 2930
RyeNo 2
BarleyNo 2 5Sij47
Flax SeedNo 1 117
TimothyPrime seed 233
Mess PorkPer barrel S95900
LardPer 100 pounds 520525
Short RibsSides loose 445t54SO
ShouldersDry salted boxed 425
131 Short Clear SidesBoxed 450f5G0
WhiskyDistillers finished goods per
gallon 126
Articles litec I Snip
Flour barrels 130eJ 23Ut
wheat bushels 37060 23600
Corn bushels 146000123000
Oats bushels 16960 2G0X
Rye bushels 2000 5600
Barley bushels 24003 6030
Pacific Coast Grain Markets
San Francisco March 23Wheat easy
May 108 December 111 Barley
easy December 39 new 85
Cash wheat 106ltjl07
Portlahd March 23The wheat market
continues quiet but no noticeable change
occurred locally today Quotations Gin
yahla Walla were generally about 56
cents vitIr a half to a cent more possible
for heavy wheat for milling purposes
Valley about 57 cents and bluestem 59
60 cents
Tacoma March 23WheatClub 56
bluestern 52i60
Chicago Livestock
Chicago March 25Cattle were slow
today Fancy cattle 570f15S0 choice
steers 53u5i565 meOlurns i1CpL95 beef
steers 3SP455 stockers and feeders 350
ff475 bulls 260j400 western fett steers
4205i0 Texas steers 370g190 calves
The demand for hogo was especially
strong and 2 cents higher Fair to
choice 3S2J355 packIng lots 514J3S0I
mixed 8C03S2 butchers
lights 355i3S5 pigs 3251J570
SheepStrong Poor to prime sheep 300
500 chiefly 440 and upwards yearlings
500l520 export heavy sheep 485 In
ferior to choice lambs In fleece sold at 400
i5io largely 5405S5
ReceiptsCattle 11000 hogs 26010
sheep 19000
Kansas City Livestock
Kansas C1ty March 23Cattle Re
ceipte 4300 Best steady others wealc to
10 cents lower Native steers 4iO55G
Tens steers 855g4s0 Texas cows 275i
350 native cows and heifer 300I40
stockers and feeders 323115235 bulls 265
HogsReceipts 12000 Market opened
strong closed weak BuIlt of sales 350f
365 heavy 355i1365 packers 355375
mixed 345I365 light 3303C0 yorkers
3IPiJ3CO pigs 31034L
SheepReceIpts 2000 Market strong
Lambs 465fi650 muttons300fiI90
Omaha Livestock
Omaha March 23CattleReceipts
2000 Market slow to a shade lower
Nativo beef steers 100fj540 western
steers 3S04470 Texas steers 360lfl50
cows and licifers 350jI15 canners 25U
330 stockers and feeders 39601480 calves
400675 bulls and stags 2603S0
HogsReceipts 7330 Market steady to
strong Heavy 303fj370 mixed 3fOfil
I iht 355fi362 pigs 3OlSg350 built
of sales 36011365
SheepReceipts 5000 Market steady to
easy Yearlings 46jLS00 western mat
tons 40041460 stock sheep 300380
lambs 1IOijalO
Deuver Livestck
Denver March attheReee1pts 300
Market active and firnn Beer steers 375
cl5c0 Cows 32311100 feeders freight paid
to river 365t475 stockers freight paid
triver 40Gfi190 bulls stags etc 2254j1
HogsReceipts lid Market 5 cents
higher Light packers 360365 mixed
36541370 heavy 350365
SheepReceipts 600 Market unchanged
Londom Wool Sales
London March 23The wool auction
sales today closed with offerings of 14280
bales The prices realzed today were high
and good merinos were taken by the con
tlnezital buyers Better crossbreds were
Inn brisk demand with the German ansi
Yorkshire buyers compsting Cape 01
Good Hope and Natal stock was In good
supply and sold uell The closing tone of
the sales was firm
During the series 7S000 bales were taken
by the home trade 4S000y the continent
1000 by the American buyers and 12000
were carried over to the next erIe
Coffee and Sugar
New York March 23Coffee opfionis
ciosed sIt ady unchanged to 5 poInts lower
Sales 20500 bags tnclutllng June 510
July 520 September 540 November 530
December 565 March 530 Spot coftOc
Rio dull and easy No 7 invoice if ili
No 7 jobbing 6 916 mild quiet Cordova
SugarRaw steady fair reflnluig 3
centrifugal 96test 4ffi molassek sugar
3 refIned steady
rs My Blood Pure
This is a question of vast Importange
to all who irish to be well If your
blood is impure you cannot expect good
health unles you begin taking Hoods
Sarsaparilia at once This great medi
cine makes the blood pure and puts the
system in good health cures spring
humors and that tired feeling
Hoods Piis cure nausea sick head
ache biliousness and all liver Ills Price
25 cents
Another Kerosene Casualty
Uaiontown Pa March 23MrS
Frnk Wilsick of Oliver used kerosene
In kindling a fire today and as aresult
she and her two little children are fa
tally burned When she poured the oil
in the stove she was holding a babe In
her arms and another child was stand
ing by Suddenly there was an euiplo
aba and the fiames shot out and en
veloped them all Their clothing nsas
burned off and their bodies horribly
Fortynine Yeara For Murder
Carrolltonvn Ill March 25In the
trial of Frank Ainsworth who Sm sin
attempted holdup of a night express
train on the Chicago Burllngtom
Quincy shot and killed Engineer Fred
Dernosey the jury Inns returred a var
diet of guilty and fixed the pennlty at
fortynine yaars in thir penitentiary
The attempted holdup took place at
Whitehali in this county June 24 last
Young Mother
Croup is the terror of thousands of
young mothers because its outbreak is
so agonizing and frequently fatal Shi
lohs Cough and Consumption Cure acts
like magic in cases of Croup I has
never been known to fail The worst
cases relieved immediately Price 25
cts 51 cts and LOO Sold by Nelden
Judson and other druggists
Six bottle to eachpr
capita of population
It cst a trifle more
than any other brand
but its worth it
All grocers cafes and bas
34 W Third South
Sole Bottlers
Distilled Water used excluiveli
Tuesday Wednesday Thurs
day larch 21 22 23
Iron Founders
and Machinists
Manufacturers ofalfkinds of MIn
g and Milling Machiery Prompt
attention pad to a kinds of repair
work No 121 Norh First WetSt
Hotel Knutsford
New and elegant in all Its appoint
ments 20 roons single or ensaio 75
rooms with bath
G S HOLMS Proprietor
Established l
15 Offices
The Oldest and Largct
The Mercantile Agency
GEORGE 051dOND Genral lfannger
Utah and Inho Offices in Progress
Building Sal Lake City
7 7 1 r i 1

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