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p h S
r r ci WJ SALT LA t RAT fr IY NOYEMBR 7 1SS t
6 1 eter n Jlzt feel prod of theIr
t z YoUnger AlC comrdes now fighting i South
The al Mal has receIved the fol
last Eriday Storberg
Eday evening
4 An Orange F e State force 2000
f Fre
ifQ song Is i no at Pewns Fbn half
t Iay betveen the river and
teen Orange
BUrgh rdop Ti1e Boers
rdor are waiting
o c there for the arrival of 300 reinforce
Bents frm Rocaxile imd Bloefon
F before movIng on Stormberg
There Is a third Free State force at
es1erg The slgalng In the Boer
j night camp wa plaInly Visible rom here last
i The St Petersburg corrsondent of I
rth TIme telegraphs that various ru
norare afloat there regarding RussIan
r dCsgS upon Afghan istan
I i ost 800 Hen In An Engagement
Near Ldysmith
1 p tort Zatai Nov 4 noonA re
liable mesenger ha just arrivE from
LaAiysnIith passing the Boar lines dur
lug tc night Who report that heavy
fghtg ocured on Thursday around
LaY5n t The hottest engagement
wa oQ George Tathamz fa on the
Orange Fee State side of Bete The
rItsh drove the Boer back to their
ramp The enc suffered great los i
n ture and thirty mounted Boer were cap
The fighting was resnmed yesterday S
ie Friday he Boers firing from Iosd
frng 0
1 vatsa hill near Hcpworths farm
S Again they were driven back with loss
drven wih
i t on their camp
k G < u
i JiQe or force wIth artillery un
dci John Vet has taken up a 10
slton o the left of Beacon locating on
t the Vodhot JIcIones and Lang
L var3ht farms facing Bcsters and a
small COUmawo Is nOv encampeon
the onth side of Pieers Station cm
b madIng the railway
E The Boers have torn up the culverts
of the railway near Pieters station
rlway ne Petes stton
k 3nd have burned the wooden portions
i i o damage h yet ben done at Co
j lcnso The houses stores andIron
j Q Te houss store railway ad
n brdgp rain intt
e The Tesnger says he head that the
Boer would be 11 Coleso today and
t that the Volunteers wee leaving Much
Tct Is felt at the unnecessary alarm
being crete at artburg when
there ii no need for it The Natal naval I
carps with guns will rur to larIz
t burg today to reassure the inhabit
Evelng1 Is epored tat the Boers
lot 80 in killed and wounded and cap
4 turc in near Thursdays Laiysmith battle on Tthas
u fa ne LaysIb
S oel Lose Eeavilyat Ladysmith I
r Thursday and Friday
PJeteltbuI 1aW Nov Te
1 e cmmandIng the line of communi
cation wl tatbrb has arrived with
1s staff at Eturt egphie corn
municon north ot Ecut Is entirely
stopped The natives report tat the Boers
r received 0 crushing blow at Ldysmfth
Thursday This is not ofcaly confirmed
but it is generaliy believed
r LaterEvening r The British forces at
Er Ist it now appear were engage
twice successfully on Thursday and oa
S riday 1 is reportcd that the cavalry I
scored 1mly und that the infantry did I
f great exerution with bayonets the Gordon
S Hlghianders carrying the n i Boer
ii position a the point of the bayonet To I
Boers lot heavily In killed and wounded
t and a nub surrendered
i S Gn Wolseley Comments On the Peo
ple His Tops Are Fighting
London Nov 7enera LorIWolse
le the commderincWe who was
S tE get of the Authors club lat
> evening said that the short service sys
S tern in the Brlhh amy had at lat
5 been acknowledged a the right one
I even by Its most strenuous opponent
Discussing the situation In South
s Africa the field marshal remarked In
my various commands I have learned
much of Boer character and I can say
truthfully that the Boors a a people
S are the mos ignorant with which I
pave ever bee broght into contact
Their aspiration is to rule the whole 01
I South Africa This Is a poInt the Eng
lsh people must le before them
Tere are ups and downs In varae
end the disappointment we have suf
tercci is having the good effect of bring i
Ing the English people closer together
He Ca Hold His Ow and Lady
t smith Is I No Danger
S London Nov GAn immense weight
51tvas lifted from the public mind by a
S 1 brief official dispatch publiShed this
morning by which the continental
stories of disaster at Ldyslh were
prwed to be false although the dis
patch Itself revIve the anxet of the
more tlmi il another direction as it
indicated that Gene White Instead I
of sitting quietly and acting only on
t defensive a It Is theld in many
quarters he ought to do persists In
making sorties and rIsking another
icboieeos Nek disaster
i Generally however the cheery tone
L of the dispatch showIng there is no
anxet at Ladysrntth as regards the
ability of the be1Egurd grIson to
hild i own hasnd an excellent effect
on the count From the fact that
F General White Js able to take the ofen
sive and shell a Boar camp it see
I that Ldysrih is not s ciceely 1 besIege
sIege us was supposed
Not much Importance however Is at
tached to the shelling of the Boer
longer a the war office has no con
fraUon of the story that he Orange
I Free stat r camp at Besters has ben
S captured Were this true it might have
considtrnble effect Qn the futuro att
S tudc ot the Orange Free State which
udr so d rety concerned In the COIL
filet as the Transval
v 55 The 10vcrent o B rs Into Cape
ColLn Is beginning to awalen British
frar that they have greatly underet
mated the force the will have to
m and that even Gen1rl Boilers
S skmar not bl sea as anticipated
4 I is becoming uP1relt that all the
British calculations based on the loy
alty of the I puiaton are hopelessly
at sea or there has ben a very serious
1 lkage of Dutch 6 mpathlzer tram
2atal and Cape Colon Otherwise
lata Cap
S there 1s no accounting for the barge
forces or burghers rprt < d from all dl
nLionc Tile war office consequently
S 15 being urge to have marc tops In
rCdIne for all posibe demands
The evacuation ot C lens and the
t ported wlhdrtwal Of the British
frce from Storb ug ae still unex
plained The former ma be due to
either heBoer artillery rendering the
place untenable 1ot the fact that
S pressure els4pVheSC ssI attPJeter
maritZOUt has necessitated the con
centraton atathreatened ilnt or all
available troops
It is said that if the objective of the
S 0 l3oers traversing Zululnnd was Pieter
marltbur Boer they ought shorty to be
heard from That the position Is re
S garded as serious Is apparent from the
fut that British crlsels arc hurrying
to tb Cap station
Wth regard to Stormbur I 15 claimed
ed that If i turns out to bc true that
the place has been evacuated It ma
Itber be due to the impossibility at
jrcjalt j of providing an adequate gar
risOfl to defend such Important supplies
against the Doer rids or to n change
In General BuUers plans w1lreby Gen
frIll Geeral Methues division will be 18lde
S at Durban to relieve General White It
the latter plan Is decided on the near
snt available storeS are those at Storm
store ae
tIt r and the quickest method of malt
nK L1C neecr5aCY provision for an ad
nf1he nec < De to railroad thes tore
yancc to rlt London whence they would
108h Durban before the frt troop
S I dspatciI rni pOIt 1 and says that
peial service Slu ron lids boezi in
irI ted to coal for a mage and that
ft4IArne connected wIth the squadrpn Is
ii54pjtted to a1eZ p outside the port
f 7itted fioin Cape TOwItinder date I
S 1f5 J JAY that martial trw has been
proclaimed In the districts occupied by
the British troops between he Orange
rIver and De Aar
The l1rIer Mr 1Y P Schreiner has
sent a circular to the magistrates and
others warning al persons against
staemeht to the pfet that the par
liamentary institutions and constlu
tmal government wi be lot or detri
mentally affected He adds that the
proclamation of martial law Is only a
mat r of temporary urgency In some
disttfts and does not compel the
burghers colony to participate In he
deplorable hostilities
Prince Christian Victor of Schiesu
wlgHolsteln grandson of Queen Vie
tora bid a captain In the Kings Royal
rides and other officers have left Cape
Town f r Lad mIh to replace the
dead and wounded The Boer prisoners
have been taken on board the British
cruiser Penelope They number nine
otCC and iSO men
The Dutch farmers or Allwalnorth
have passed a resolution making a
strong protest against the allegations
of disloyalty oC tlieDiitch In Cape Col
ony An official notice posted at the
laandrosts office at Yryburg Oct 2
referring to the bombardment of Male
king s
The big PretorIa gun wrought great
destrqction but the enemy obstinately
ene obstnately
holds his own
Advlces from Vr burg say the Brit
ish fag still floats over Kuruman but
that a Boer force Is about to proceed
thither The Dolarlss command has
ben rifore by 30 Boers and has
gone to KiberleY
Doubtful I the Tnsv l Could I
sue Letters of Marque
New York Nov GA spccIal to the
Humid from Washington saye I Is
doubted here whether the Boer govern
ment could issue letters of marque to
privateers that would give the vessels
carrying them the right to be treated
otherwise than as pirates
In the first place the Boer having
accepted the suzerainty of Great Brit
ain by the treaty ot 1881 the Interna
tonal status of the fag i very doubt
fob Ass mlng however that the flag
ot the Transvaal would be recognized
on the hIgh seas thee are serious prac
tcal difficulties In the way srous issu
ancc or betters or marue by a govern
ment tat has no sea coast and no
ports The vessels could not be armed
and equIpped in any neutral port without
por wih
out making the neutral government ha
ble in heavy damages to the British
government under the prInciples laid
down in the Alabama case They could
not procure coal In any port In the
world without a violation of the prin
ciples o neutrality
I any nation should allow privateers
with betters
wih leter from the Transvaal gev
ernment to Issue from its ports or to
coal In Its ports It would be almost
equIvalent to a declaration of war
agaInst Great BritaIn and the British
government would probably so regard
Aside from this the general sent
meat of the civilized world Is strongly
againgt prIvateerin By the deJar
ton of ParIs the signatory pdwers
ae to the abolition of prlvatering
The only maritime nations not joining
In this declaration were the United
State Span and teieo The United I
States refused to join because IJ desired
sired to secure from other nations a
declaration exempting private property
at sea from capture While not pledged
not to abstain from privateerln the
UnIe1 States would probably never re
sort to It unless in retaliation In the
recent war with this country Spain was
forced by the public opinion of Europe
marque to abstain from issuing letters of
Will Probably T to Overwhelm j
White With Superior Force I
New York Nov 6A dispatch to the I I
Tribune from London says With the I
war ofce reduced to the extremity of I I
holdlngbak important information and I I
announcing from house to house that I I
there is no news and with the war cor 1 I
rn4ets In the phrlse apple y
Grant to Buler bulled up and tight I II
ly corked South Africa remained until
midnight Darkest Africa There
were splinters of belated news regard I
lug Thursdays artillery duel at LadY I
smith in which a Boer fortypounder I i
was wrecked and also a suspiciously 1
brief account of a brilliant cavalry sor I
tie by which a Boor camp was surprised
at Beters Hill Later came 3 mes
sage by pigeon post forwarded by Gen
eral Buler showing the town holding I
lout on Friday and hard fighting going
on There was also a brIef reference to I
a Doer attack upon Colenso the se
quence of which had already come In I
tidings from the Colonial office that the
British garrison has fallen back and
abandoned the defense ot the brigade
over the Tugela
General Jouberts object was appar
ent secured In breaking communica
tion with the coast and preventIn the
movement of reinforcements to Lady
smith but some military men were
predicting that he would set a large I
force in motion
I Durban and complete the conquest I
of Natal before the arrival of the Brit
ish army corp
ThIs would be n bolder and more
reckless movement than Sherans
march to Savannah since the British I
fleet commands the seacoast The more I
probable theory Is that
the Joubert has I
closed In on Ladysmith after driving
the English out of Colenlo and Is male I
lug strenuous efforts to overwhelm j
Whites army with his lnrin fnl
A rumor of a general uprising of
Bautos alnst the Orange Free State
had not been officially confirmed at
mrnlght TheIr chief has a force ot
GOoO wel mounted wel trained war
riors which Is capable not only of pine
lug the Free State In defense but also
of rousing the Swasls Zulus Katiirs
and other black races and s < ting all
South Africa aflame as far as the
Zambesl river ThIs black menace adds
a new terror to the darkne now
brooding ocr the camp and garrisons
of the two warring white races The
Orange Free State Is the traditional foe
I ot Basutoland and those most familiar
with the conditions of race resentment
In South Africa have feared from the
outset that lners agents may not be
able to hold under restraint this trIbe
once all powerful under Chief Moshe
Public anxiety has been Increased by
the invasion of Cape Colony at to
points where the population Is entirely
Dutch and therefore suspects of dis
I affection This seems to have been done
with a larger force than earlier relorts
indicated and Dc Aar Junction where
the British base of supple ha already
been established Is thought by tmpr
ous military writers to be In danger of
a sudden attack The latest Infora
ton tends to minimize these raids Thc
keener critic perceive that the Dutch
ales are scattering their forces and
I by menacIng too
many points on the I
eastern border the southern frontier I
and In Natal are wasting the adanJ
I tage derived rom their superior I
strength supeor
E1lshmcl who are irritated bv the
I war offices contempt for publc opinion
may fairly be sal to be counting the
houry before the aral of the fresh
battalions or the army corps Ten
I transports are scheduled to reach
South Africa duin the net rach three
The rear guard of the English repre
5nttves of mlnln companie of the
Rand his straggled Into London by the
last steamship arrivIng from Cape
Town Its headers give fantastic Cap ad
dramatic accounts of the closing
scenes at Johnnnesburg when
a Johanebur whe the
mining camps < crushing mills and the
gold hunters city were abarvjoned by
the English rear car of confdetal
advisers and trusted emboyevs Of
every great mining corporation was
ore tl go
The richest gold fields In the world
with tile costliest mechanism
wltt cste mChanlsm for
crushing and chemical treatment of the
sandstone cn 10mete and deep level
mining were heft under charge oC for
eign underlings and native sera
Palatial residences wee turned over to
ca takers and their oe pants loked
axd bared front doors and drove to
he station convinced that their furni
ture and art treasures would je lopte
bcore the end of the war
Strange as had ben the mushroom i
goth of this English mIning city I
With its tawdry sIehdo1 Is sudden I
desertion was a gr ts < ue marvel ll
among the vicissitudes of human for
tune The tolerance with which the I
returning pilgrims from Johannesburg
speak or President Krer astonishes
their London friends He Is crlt
by the with clear perception of the
inevitable outcome Dt the a which
may be the earliest results ot the con
filet PresIdent Steyn Is described by
them a the evil genius or South
Africa a a shrewd Inte1genl ablt
ous mal over educated In some res
poets but half trained In other points
and essentially ill balanced
The rear guard came away from
Johannesburg with the conviction that I
President Kruger ba en dragged
Into the war against his will and judg
ment and that tem had involved the I
Orange Free State In a ftI struggle 1
In which i had everything to lose and
nohln to cain a11 that hI had no
I powerful other incentive Dutch republic than a dream of a
A representative of one of the largest
mining properties said after his ar
rival from the Tana that many
intelligent burghers were biterly oP
posed to the war He quoted Johannes
RI Ik who surveyed the city named I
after him as saying that he himself
would gladly have granted to the Out
landers all that they had asked and
these concessions would pae been
mereh equitable RSik and other
Boers who shared hIs view of what
would have been a just and reasonable
solution are now fighting strenuously
on the Dutch side Rlssik Is described
s havIng no illusions respetlng the
ultimate result but also a forecasting
hard fighting b the Doers and great
destruction of lfe
Cam They Are Being Robbed By
Beers ana Want to Fight
Cape Town Nov 6A dispatch from
Mazeru Basutoland dated Friday
evening says since Magistrate Lag
dens warning that their interference
with the Basutos would cause an up
rising the Doers have been betting the
Basutos cross the rIver into Basuto
land The natives however continued
to complain that they were being rob
bed of their savIngs by the authorities
There Is no disguising from the na
tires the fact that the British suffered
n reverse at Ldysmlth I has been
explained to the Europeans as a first
step of the war and they regard it as
Insignificant I was thought better
that everybody should know the dis
patch adds and not follow the repub
lies methods of concealing reverse
both from the Europeans and Bastos
government who have implicit faith In the imperial
The repulse of the Free State forces
Oct 27 was claimed by the Boers to
have been a brilliant Boor victory and
they say at Elandslaagte the British
fled and that at Ladymith the Beers
retired because they had expended their
I ammunition The Boer also assert that
General White was killed and that cer
tln documents were found on his body
Certain residents of Colesburb are
I freely communicating with the Doer
force across the river 1
0Es JI I I
Will Make the Transvaal a Hell On
Earth For
New York Nov 6iA dispatch to the J I
Herald from London says The follow
ing dispatch has come to hand from
Mr Bennett Raleigh the well known
war cOrrespondent of the Daily Tele
graph Writing under date of Lady J I
smith Oct 6 he says
The primal ground of the oers Is
tat the country Is theirs by rIght oC
grant conquest anti oCupatqn aqll
only with the unbidden consen of the
burghers shall anybody else have a
voice or the right to rule In the land
s Intelligent men though thede j
care the mY bg able to withstand
such force as England can send against I
them for a season yet 10uld Britain i
put forth her whole strength and no
European powers intervene to aId the
Tranavaal officials admit they must be
But said Ur Smuts the atates I
attorney to me with the approval ct I
Mr Reitz and ethers when you have
conquered the Transvaal It wont be
another Ireland to England I promise
you Ireland shall be u < a peaceful i
country compared with what we shall i
make the Transvaal to England I I
will be a hell on earth to you of shoot
Ing and unrest Only thc bIggest armies
will maintain you In the country I
Free State Proclamation Annexing
Par of Natal
Pletermaritzburg Nov 6A prola
maton has been iSSued I declaring that
the Orange Free State prcclamlton an
nouncing the annexation of the upper
ugela district of Natal null and void
The rile associations of Durban Ipsl
plno Krntzkcof Ialvern and the
Natal coast have been called out An
irregular corps is also being formed I
The governor of this place replying
today to a deputation from the town
council which called upon him to make I
inquiries l regarding the defense of the
city said that eetjthlng possible
would be done I was decided to form I
an emergency mounted corps compcSd
of gentlemen resldln In the district i
They wi make l frvlceable body of I
men and will supply their own horses
an l equipment An ambulance corps Is
also being formed
Rumor of Foreign Interention Is
Strongly Denied
Berlin Nor 7CommenUng upon a ru
mor from Amsterdam that Dr Leyds the
I diplomatic repreentllve of the Trans
vaal In Europe had declared that the In
I I terventlol of France Russia and Ger
I man In the Trlvanl was now assured
I the Koenhche Zeltun sas
Wt do not know what Dr Leds may I
have saId but the mater of his supped
statement Is false In every respect Neither
rellec el f
er Frnce10r RussIa lus htwn the slight
eat inclination I either 1 with or without I
Germany to set the South African I ques
Uon on the order ot the day I
j Set Fire to the Veldt Near roneld
Close to
Cose Kimberley
I London Nov 7The Daily Mall pub
lshes the following dispatch from Kim
bericy dated Wednesday ly way ot Pope
I town Saturday Nov 4
This morning he nler fred the veldt
near nrnteld seven mil from Klmbr
leJ and thl afternoon the James set on
fire the smaller of the two magazines ex
ploding the dynamite with a terrific re
port Fonunateb no one was Injure
The chI Is still burning md It is feared
that the larger magazine where there arc
1200 cases ot dynamite will be ignited
Saved From the Wreck
Durbzn Natal Nov 3 evening de
bayed In transmisionIL is sad that
the ColenS garrison saved all the
stores tent kits et The Boers num
bered about 500 men comprising a
fresh corps of the Orange Free Staters
The amore trains did splendid service
taking a detachment Of the Dublin fUII
leer t relieve an outlying fort gar
risoned by volunteer Reassuring re
ports have been received regardIng tie
position at PIeermnrltzburg
Contribution Frm the Queen
London Nov 6The queen has eon
trlblted IOo and he Prince of Wale
J262 to the Transvaal var fund
Were Attacked at Ngrsont and
Forced to Surrender
New York No 6A dispatch to the
Herald from London says The Telc
galh Cape Town c rpondeni n
I der date of Nov 1 cable
The correondentof the Time tele
graphs that a large commando of Cape
Boers attacked Norvalapoat at 5 ocltck
this morning They then suroundln
the Cle police wiio being greatly out
numbered by the enemy were obliged
to yield to the demand for their sUr
render The telegraph station at the
bridge Is in the hands ot the ene
Their Aim Was Wild
Kimberley Oct 31 delayed in trans
mlsslonA strong reconnQIsance
made by Colonel ScottTrner dIsov
er the enemy posted on a kopje The
Boers fired thirteen shells none oC
which took effect and thE reonnIer
ing part returned to Kimberley
Confirmation I Lacking
Cape Town Nov 3 delayed In trans
mlsslonA dispatch from Ahlwalnorth
says there Is no confirmation or the
report that the Boem have gond up the
river towards Herschel for thO purpose
of crossing the Colon I
Inventor Congratulated By Naval
OfcasPerors All That Ws
Claimed For It
New York Nov GThe Eubmarine
torpedo boat Holland was successfully
tested In Peconlc bay L r today At
the close of the test the members ot
the board of inspection Rear Admiral
Rodgers Commaqers William H Em
ory and Charles H Rolcker and Naval
Constructor Washington F Capps
shook hands with John P Holland the
Inventor and congratulated him on his
success He had waite twentyfve
years for victory and tears streamed
down his cheeks when the naval of
ccrs greeted him
The Holland ran out to the course and
Captain Lowe and Commander Emo
descended Into the light round turret
on the top of the boat The cap was
closed and the Holland prepared to
mae its first trip along the measured
mile The beginning of the course was
marked by two red and hIe pole set
300 feet apart The termination of the
mile was marked In the same manner
Beyond the termination pole was set a
pole to be use as a target Between
the two ends of the mile were poles so
that the board could note the adherence
to the course or any devIation from It
The course was by compass due north
and south the starting point beIng the
south end
When all was red the Holland sank
to a depth of ten feet while going at
full speed which was attained almOst
immediately This left the tips of the
fag pOle on her deck expose But
for these It would have ben nposlble
to have traced the boat
as while sub
merged she made no disturbance upon
the surface She traveled at thc rate of
eight knots an hour making the dis
tance from start to turning point In
nine and onehal minutes
Arriving at the end of the mile silo I
shot to the surface her turret comhi
Into vIew Ten seconds late she had
again dIsappeared yIhln thc ten see
onds she corrected hEr course having
deviated only seventy feet from the
true course and fred a regulation I
whitehead torpedo weighing 840
pounds which went splnnlnf off toward I
the target 800 ardS away
Meanwhile as the deadly missile
whirled through on Its course the Hol
land swung about and started back
She turned in a radius of svcntYfe I
feet orabout one and oneha1t times
her own length She w flying back
to the starting pint before the missile
had run its course The return trIp was
made In about the same time as the
outward run and was equally succesS i
Command Emery and CaptaIn Lowe I I
then left the Holland and Commander
Cappa and Lieutenant Henderon en
tered the boat and another trIp war 1
undertaken The results were the same
except that Instead of rising to the
surface fO discharge the missile the I i
Holland fred It while sUbmerged Al j
most before the torpedo reached then
surface the Holland had turned par
tially about and by the time the missile
was well on its journey the Holland
el so tlgrney
was on its way back
The missile was well thrown and
came so near the fag pole used as a I
target that it was evident that t0 yes I
sd could hattpeeanei If In th nnth nr I I
the torpedo The boat shot to the stir
face between the starting fags At no
time was there any error of more than
a few feet in calculation as k distance
I The ral C and course is taken by the
steersman as the beat Inks While
submerged he cannot see anything ana
has to calculate as he flies along just
how far the boat travels each second
so as to know when to rise at the end
of the given distance While doing this
he must steer the compass course taken
at the moment of diving
The Holland the ran a quarter of a
mie on the surface as a fpe d test
The rte attained was eIght knots but
i was claime she would have passed
this speed had the whole mile been run
The object f f the short test however
was to see how quickly the got under
wa 1 I
Artist Whose Istasterpiece Vas Due
toAn Oath He Took
The French artist Gerculd was de
termined to allow no distraction to Inter
ferg with the painting oC his great Ille
ture The Wreck of tho Medusa Ho
had his head shaver anti owed that he
would never allow his hall to grQw until
his work was done This VOW he untl I I
Igloush kept In spite of strong tempts
ton to break It and the reward of his
heroism was the most perfect IlalntIg o
his life ot f
A story is told ot a young man In Eng
land a Seat chess enthusiast who was
so annoyed at his fiur to solo an ap
larenUJ simple problem that he up
be would neither Ileel nor eat until the
solution was found He shut hlnlelf UII
hl I disuse room and VIIS found four
days Inter by his relatives terribly emacI
ts nn 1 nut nt mln1 HI nn n
Inthelunaticiisylum nto i as t ll I
unsolved his rash You and the problem remains
It was for a very curious reason that
an old bady who died n few curs ago
condemned herself to more than thirty
ear confinement to her house She
had married a widower as miserly as he
i rll
was unromantic I and 1 Insisted ls hi I
second wife should wear the clothes heft
behind her by his iirst wife l The wife I
was as mutinous as her husband was
resolute and she determined that until I
silo could have her own clothes she would
neer leave the housea vow she kept
until her death I
Woman appears to be at the root of
many eccentric I owe for it was a hatred
of aroec sex t a101 impelled ii eha t
known lawyer to swear that he would
never speak to a woman again as long
us he lived Nothing would Induce him
to ecu a lady client and he would never
conduct 0 case In whIch a woman ip
paired 15 a witness He neVEr employed
I female servant and deliberately cut
I all his lady acquaintances The inevitable
result was that the men dcsetea him
his Ilrctce dwIndle and he die lcss
I than a year agoaloneln a squalid room
The Modern Poster
Pitburb CronicleTeleaph
Isnt that a strIking
pster ex
claimed Miss Homeward enthuslasticabiy
1 dont call I pretty enthuslastcall
jecte Miss BeIefed 0
Wellerperhaps not but Its very
Sidelights O History I
ChICS Tribune
Come on Mid Noah looking at his
arkYoull watch Itstme we were setting Into the
Youll have to wait a Ininut I e replied
Mrs Noah 40 the t tog of the ea
Im notgningodt without my rainy day
skirt on 4
oni a
C tnufd from page 1
and extra polite have ben sworn in
But at thIs and other larger towns
nothIng more serious than the usual
el cton day casualties is usua
The campaign dosed tonight with
large meetings which Were addressed by
the tate party leader The Democrats
Crowded Music Hall to listen t the
l st speech or their leaders William
Goebel and Senator Blackburn before
t e Iecton he Republicans held a
rousing meeting at the Auditorium
where state candidates and othets
Each of the state chairmen predicted
suice3for his ticket and In any guess
as to the result reliance must be placed
upon pure chance The vote of the
Brown Democratic tIcket jl an un
lnpWn quantity and It Is likely to be
the determining factor
Legion Ordered Out
Late tonight the rumor that the
Legion h been ordered to report at
the armory at 6 oclock tomorrow to be
ready In qse of emergency va con
firmed Simultaneously came the an
nouncement that an extra police force
of 310 men under Colonel J B Castle
man has been som In
The city authorities evidently Intend
to stand upon the ground that in nice
of trouble they are preparing to take
any necessary measures to keep order
and under the circumstances there
ca be no occasion for the calling out
of state troops Governor Bradley it Is
reasonably certain will not acquiesce
In this view and a conflict of author
Ity is possible
ExSenator Blackburn chairman of
the Democratic campaign committee
has set out a general telegram notify
log the chairmen of the various county
committees ot the step taken by Gov
ernor Bradley I Is as follows
Democratic Headquarters Nor 7
Governor Bradley Is In Louisville aid
has published a letter saying that he
would remain here today as chIef peace
officer of the state and would take
charge of the election and see that the
came was properly held He has mill
tary red supplied with rIles ammu
I nition and Gatng guns
It looks as though by his Intered
dlng that he may make trouble today
In Louisville J C S Backburne
committee chairman Demoratc state campig
It Will Probably Be the Determining
Factor I Ohio i
Cincinnati Nov GThere are six can
dIdatefor governor to be voted for in
Ohio tomorrow Three ot them claim
their election Is sure but no one eccept
Mayor Samuel M Jones and his most
zealous supporters make any such
clama that of the election of Jones
The Jones vote wi reduce the vote of
all other includIng that of the Prohi I
bitonsts the Union Reform and the
Social Labor tickets
And the result depends very mate
rially on where most of the Jones vote
will come frO
I Is certain either George K Nash
Republican or John R lcLean Demo
crat will be elected I Jones pulls
more from the Democrats than from the I
Republicans the prediction of Chairman
Dick that Nash will have 50CO p1urar
ty may be realized But If Chairman I
Seward Is correct In assuming that
Jones will draw much more heavily
from the Republicans than from the
Democrats eel ten McLean will be elect I
The Democratic managers have made
much capital ot the fact that Jones has
ben a Republican up to this campaign
and that he was himself connected with
a trust and that he would not pledge j
himself to vote for Bryan In 1900
As Ohio Is normally a Republc m I
state Jones could draw more heavily 1
from the Republicans and still not afI
feet the result were It not for the fac
tional feeling which may also cost
JUde Nash some Republican vote I I
Is conceded that all votes that can be I
ontrolled by Governor bushnell ex
ontroled Goveror BuSnel
Chairmair Kurta and other antiHannal i
WIab g rftji
Republicans I will be cast for McLean
hut this factional work may not extend
to others on the Republican state ticket I
Meantime the gold Democrats as well I
1S the Bryan Democrats are support
nb McLean and there Is no factional
russ among the Democrats
The campaign has been biter dirty
md full of chares and counter
barges It is of course expected that
his r vicious tendency will continue at i
he polls tomorrow and that there will I
10 many arrests especIal In thc cities i
I Says He Wi Car th State By
Plurality of 35000
I Pluralt
Toledo 0 Nov 6WIlam Cowel
I mlnaser 01 Jones campaign today
made the following statement 1 have
nD reason to change the figures I have
already made on the election tomor
row We will carry thc state and elect
Mayor Jones governor by a plural of
3COO and there is no telling how much
more Ve will carry Toledo Cincin
I nati Columbus Cleveland and In fact
i nearly every city In the state where I
I there 15 any manufacturIng Interest j
We have completed a second poll of
the state and have every assurance that
I I we wI poll 335600 votes figuring the I
I total vote at 9COOOO Our reports from i
I the rural districts show that we will
have our share or the votes from these
sections I
Iayor Jones closed his campaign in
this ct toniht with a massmeetng I
Republicans and Fusionists Arc Con
fident of Victor
Lincoln Neb Nos GTohe Nebraska I
campaign closed tonIght with rallies at
a number ot the larger towns There I
was a thinning out at committee head
quarters during the day but much ac I
ty In the way of sending out final
InSlctons to precinct workers I
Estimates or the chairmen at Repub
lcan and Populist headquarters do not
vary greatly and conservative men of I
both side believe th result will be 1
close In this city and county Judge
Reese Rep for supreme judge will r
run ahead of his ticket slightly due to
his personal popularity thin being his I
home and his managers contend that
the same rule will hold good all over I
the state They reuse to admit of the
possibility oC defeat for the head of the
ticket but lire not so sanguine for the I
tcleet lre Ianglne
two university regents
At the state house among the fusion I
officials tho have been stumping the
state for the part month there Is the I
greatest confdence In a fusIon victory
Governor Poynter whb accompanied 1
Mr Bryan a greater part of thc time In
11 two w eks of campaigning said the
laters presence acted as an inspire
ton and If the result was at any time
In doubt he had complete turped the
tide He predicted exGovernor Hol
combs election as judge by 120
There have been the usual warnings
by both committees to idok l out for
crooked work but no trouble is expect
ed at the polls
Looks Like the Republicans Will
Win In New York
New Yqrk Nov GAt the close of
the campag the Republicans are con
flent of fietng a majority of the a
semblyme and the DemOts of
carrying the four counties that make
up the city or New York Richard
Croker sid tonIght that the Demo
crats even l they cared ever assembly
sembly district in New YorK City
would still need to mdke gains up the
state In order to control the assembly
Of this he Is not hopeful
Thee ia no organization up the
state he said and they made no
News received today points toD1
J <
oratc assembly gin in New York
City being offset by DeocrU Tosses
In the state Mr Croker has ineea
Ills estimate of the Democratic p1ur
alty In this county and now lams
4000 to OO Democratic and Cii
zoos union headers in the Seventy
ninth assembly dIstrict declare that
Stewart Citizens til1 defeat Mazet
sewart CItzen wi defet laet
Republican by 50 The RepubU
I majority cans say that 1Iaet will wIn by a safe
Chairman Quigg ot the Republican
county committee hooks for a Reoub
lean plurality or 100 In the county
John M Plon general master work
man of the Knights of Labor and lead
Ingsplrlt In the independent labor
part says the labor vote wIll be
nearer 5000 than 300 Tile sz of
the labor vote will determine the re
sult Of the election The weather to
state morrow wIll be fair In all pls of the
I But Republicans Claim a Plurality
of From 40000 to 45000
Des Moines Ia Nov GEveothlnb
Is In readiness fOr the battle of ballots
among the various pakte in Iowa tomorrow
morrow The campaign has been
warmly agel by both the leading
parties and the chairmen of both state
committees express confidence in
polling n comparatively full vote for 1
an oftyear and each cms victor
The three minor pates In the field do 1
organization not hope to mOTe than maintain theIr
Chairman Weaver of the RepublIcan
committee estimates that the plurality
for his part will run from 40000 tQ
45000 whIle Chairman Hoffman Is
satisfied with saying that he believes
enough disaffected Republcs will
refuse to vote or will vote the Demo
cratic ticket to give a small plurality
to the Democratic ticket In any event
he hopes it defeated to cut down the
norma Republican plural to such an
extent that the Democrats can claim a
Republican defeat
The best estimates on the legislature
are that the Republicans will have a
overwhelming majority on joint ballot
and elect thp net United States sen
ator to succeed John H Gear There is
doubt however abut the friends of
Mr Gear being able t reelect and A
B Cummins forces claim they have
already enough vote pledge to elect I
him senator I
Customary Republican Victor I
Predicted I dashaclausetts
Boston Nov 6There Is no reason
to expect anytlng but the customary
Republican victory Not since 1SS2 have
the Democrats carlo the state and
tonight the election of W Murray
Crane the Republican candidate for
governor is assured beyond the possl
bily of a doubt
The legislature also will be Reub
hican by the usual majority only the
manufacturing centers and this city
contributing to the minority in that
boy There are no state issues and
ye few local contests 6 that condi
tions are fore than ordinarily normal
God judges place the Republican
majority between 50000 and 60CO A
falling off of the Republican vote from
last year of about 15 per cent is looked
for while It seems to be generally
agreed that with the help of the gOld
Democrats there will be ltto los In
he Democratic vote and perhaps a
slight gain
The Republican state committee put
forth no definite figures asserting only
that the candidate for governor will
poll from 16000 to 5000 votes whle
the Democratic stat committee pre
dlets a vote of 10000 for its candidate
Robert Treat PaIne jr and a Rtpub
lcan plurality of about 400
Amos L Allen Rep Elected to
Congss I Mane i
Portland 3re Nov GAmos L Al
len Repblcan candidate for congress II
In the First district was elected today
bJ a majority of more than 4600 votes I
over Luther F 1cKlnrer the Demo i
cratic candidate With the town of I
Dayton In York count to hear from I
Mr Alens majority is 467 Dayton
will doubtless reduce this but not I
enough to bring it below 4600
The First Maine district was Speaker
Reds district last year and he had I
exCongesman McKinney a his op
ponent At that time Mr Reeds pluI
rtl was 5525 over McKinney but I
there was a Prohibition candidate who
polled 673 votes thus reducIng his ma
jorit to 4791
There ssere only two candidates this j
year but It Is evident from spoiled bal
lots that A consIderable number of
Prohibition voters made the mark in
the Prohibition square on the official f
lalots although they had no candidate J
Last the total vqte in the
year hlo fs district1 I
ivas 2360 This year it amounts to less
Ihan 20000
Congressmanelect len is known In
atonal life as Speaker Reeds sere
airy for many years Otherwise he was
iot a prominent figure even In his own
tate and neighborhood
What Little Interest Is Manifested I
Is On Stte Treasurer I
Philadelphia Nov 6What lHeln
Phiadelphia I
teret Is manifested In tomorrows elec
ton In PcnnsyIanl Is centered on the I
vote for state treasurer and partcu
lary to which of the two prominent
candidates for that oncC will receIve
the greater portion of the big 1Idlre
cut vote cast in the general elections of
the last two years
Dr Swallow the praeher editor and I
Prohibitionist received 1893 vote for
stale treasurer in 1S07 and 131683 i
votes for governor in 189S In these I I
years the Republican candidate had I
pluralter respcete of 129717 and
I1S168 The Swallow vote was cast
largely by independent voters of the
two leading parties who were dissatls
fled with the party issues or their party
ThIs year there Is no independent can
didate to draw these votes and the Dem
ocratic leaders chaim that Creasy their
candidate for state treasurer will ben
efit from this Indepen lent vote Fur
thermore they claim that vigorous ef
torts to prevent illegal voting in this
city will result In seducing the hereto
fore barge RepublIcan majorities re
turned from Philadelphia
The Republican state chairman and
other party leaders however confident
ly claim that Barnett the Republican
candidate for state treasurer vill re
ceive the full party vote and that he
vill have a majority In the state of at
least 175000 The total vote fof gow
ernor last year was 965000 but the gen
eral prediction is that the vote this
year will fall fuliy 200000 below thtse
Neither of the Big Parties Is Hold
ing Its Own Voters Solidly
Baltimore Md Nov 6Both par
ties are ready to go to the polls to
morrow with the leaders of each as
suritig theIr followem of a certain vie
tory Chairman Murmr Vandiver of
the Demacratic state central commit
tee asserts that his party will carry
Baltimore City and twenty out of the
twertvthree counties In the state anti
General Thomas J Shrycck the Re
pubilcan chairman1 concedes to John
Walter Smith the Democratic candi
date for governor nothing save his
own county Worcester
The Democratic predIctio is for a
plurality approaching 12000 while theI
Republican claims are that Governor I
Lowndca will be reelected by 2000 or
3000 hess Cobservative estimates are
that the Democrats will get a plurality
of 1200 in the nine counties on the
eastern shore andabout the seine in
northerncentral Mtiryland which will
be overcome probably with several
hundred votes to spare by the Rep b
llcans in western and southern Macv
land leaving Baltimore City with a
registered vote of about 110000 vote as
debatabbo ground The city elected a
Democratic mayor last sprlr by S000
with all the reform elements and ctv
newspapess save one opposing the Re
pubhican candidate
In this fight most of the newspapers
and reformers are with the Republican
state ticket Neither of the parties is
holding its own voters solidly Former
Congroesenan Charles E Coffin of tIle
Fifth district a leading Republican
has declared for the Democratic ticket
and a revolt of considerable proportions
has been organized agaInst Congress
man Mudd in that section of the state
Senator Wellingtons friends in
wcster Maryland and elsewhere are
rather lukewarm in their support of
Governor Lowndes the senator having
accused the governor of treacher and
retired at the beglhaitsg of the cam
paign rota the state committee chair
manship which he band held since lSi8
in which year Governor Lowndos was
elected by IS000 plurality
Elections For County Officers Only
Will Be Held Today
Topeka Nan Nov 6Tomorrow the
elections for county officers will be
held over Kansas They bid fair to be
the quietest In years They will close
a campaign which has been practically
devoid of interest except where local
issues have been made
Morton Abbaugh chairman of the
state committee in an Interview makes
a prediction for Republican paine
basing his statement on the general
prosperous conditions prevailing and
satisfactIon with the policy oithe as
tionnl administration
The opposition party leaders have
made no statement preferrinc appar
ently a still hunt policy
Little Interest Feltand Light Vote
Will Ba Polled
Sioux Falls S D Nov 6Any fore
cast on the election in Smith Dflltota is
pure prophecy Not a township in the
state has been polled and but one thing
is certain and that is a light vote wiI
be polled
Chairman Kidd of the fusion commit
tee thinks 70 per cent of the vote will
be cast and ehairman Tnrrht f th
Republican committee agrees that ths
estimate is about right
The Popuhisis have sent thousands of
circular letters over the state criticising
the decisions of the Republican judges
who are all renominated and are op
posed by fusion candidates but aside
f this no active campaign has been
555 there is a lardslid the result
will not be known until Wednesday or
possIbly later as on account of the
absence of local conteots the returns
wiih be slow
Fight Is Idade OnanAmendment to
the Constitution
Jackson Miss Nov 6The eve of the
Mississippi state election presents no
features of special interest Consider
able sentiment has been manifested in
opposition to the Noel amendment
I providing for an elective judicial dur
lug the past three days and this awak
ened interest without doubt will have
the effect of bringing a large number
of voters to the polls
It looks very much as if theamend
ment uouid be defeated Democratic
I leaders predict a majority of 35060 for
the party ticket and the PopuUsts ad
mit that there will beavery visible do
crease from their ibte of 1596 but I
claim they will elect members of the
legislature from two and probably three I
counties I
Two Democratic Tickets In Field
Negroes Disfranchised
New Orleans Nov 6Tomorrow will
be election day in New Orleans and a
legal holiday it will be the ilrst city
election held in November the new
constitution having separated state and
municipal elections A bitter canvass
has been in progress for seven weeks
and 90 to 95 per cent of the registered
vote will be polled
There are two tickets in the field one
headed by Flower and supported by the
Citizens Leagun and the Jackson Dem
ocratic association and the other head
ed by Paul Capdeville and supported
by the regular Democratic organization
Under tile constitution 12000 negroes
have been disfranchised and there are
now only 1300 negroes registered The
total vote registered is 38500
Both sides claim the election The re
suit will have a material effect on the
coming state fight and the election of
two senators to succeed Caffery and
New Jersey Leaders Ctrtain
New York Nov 6At Republican
headatiartera in Nenark N 1 the lead
oxs all expressed confidence as to the
outcome of the election tomorrow in
New Jersey It was stated that the
Republicans were sure to control both
branches of the New Jersey legislature
although they may hose one or two
senators but there was a good chance
of gaining two or three assemblymen
The senators to be elected tomorrow
will have a vote for United Slates sea
ator to succeed Sewell in 1901
Walkover for Democrats
Richmond lTa Nov 6The election
in Virginia tomorrow Is for a full house
of delegates and half tile senate The
general assembly in turn elects a
United States senator to succeed Sen
ator Martin and what are known as
capitol officers The canotidates for sen
ator are Senator Martin and Governor
Tler The vote throughout the state
iii be light and the legislature will be
overwhelmingly Democratic The can
vass has been spiritless and very few
speeches have been made
President Starts For Ohio
Washington Nov 6President Mc
Kinley heft Washington at 20 oclock
tonight for Canton 0 where he will
vote tomorrow With him were Mrs
McKinley Dr Rixey and Assistant
Secretary Cortelyou The party occu
pied the parlor car Olympia
A Hard Luck Stcry
Chicago TimesHerald
Poor uomant
Why do you refer to her in that wayr
Sho is a victim of circumstances You
see she was running it boarding house
out In Kansas and was getting along
beautifully until a little while ago Then
beef went up until It actually coat more
than chicken and ruin quickly fol iwed
She bad to par so much for the real used
in her chicken salad that her resources
were exhausted in almost no time
Lahuman Nature
Chicago News
Mrs NeIghborsI was very sorry in
deed to learn of your eld less Mr Hay
rir You have in1 deepest sympathy
Mr liayrixVall I calkrrlate it war
purty sadlike I had ten or th finest hogs
in this yer hull teownshi an eight ur
ems deadern a door nail
Mrs Neighbors horrifledBut I wa
referring to the loss of your wife
Mr HayrixYaas nalsferluns never
dew pear to come slngerhy An Icould a
sold thorn thar hogsferllO a head tew
Detroit Journal
llhat Is the chief function of the
stomach asks the teacher
Sore there are who maintain that the
teacher propounded the Is erregatory quite
casually others that she was not entirely
undesigning for ourselves we are free to
confess that we do not know
A dinner to the rest of the body every
das replies Dorothy who will be I yeara
old next March
Fortunittely Dorothys parenrs nhli
not wealthy are able by dint of close
economy to have their child always ae
companied by a stenographer and thus
the little onew bright remarks art oIl
S 5
A Mans Qualieles May Be Discerned
Iii Kis Eyes and ForeheadOther
Features That Are Indices
Public Opionion
A head justly proportioned to the rest
of the body shows steadiness and force
of character too barge it generally in
dicates grossness and stupidity too
small feebleness and inaptitude of
minti if net of constitution The phy
siognomy of a forehead is seen in the
form of the frontal bone its height and
proportion reruiarit or irregularity
this marks the disposition and nieas
tire of our faculties our fashion of
thinking and feeling Pathognomy
should be studied in the covering skin
its color wrinkles tension or relaxa
tion this gives a clew to the passions
the actual state of the spirit within the
use it has made of its natural gifts
Foreheads seen in profile are divided
into three classes projecting above
flat ore the eyebrows retreating from
behind developed bowrs and perpendie
uiar Broadly speaking those with
prominent eye bones act promptly on
the judgment perhaps passion of the
moment Yet they err but rarely for
their gifts of intuition and rapid detlue
tion seldom fail to guide them rightly
High foreheads lacking some part of
this quick spirit pause consider and
weigh the matter before taking action
Less passionate less imaginative less
resourceful they cannot afford to make
mistakes Short foreheads prominent
brows belong to the man of action
High welldeveloped temples to the
man of thought A perpendicular flat
forehead with wrinkleless skin
stretched tightly across it may be
briefly dismissed as the forehead of the
fool Eye bones which project so
sharply as to cause the hair of the
brows to bristle outward show immense
acuteness and genius of intrigue Li
Hung Chang the great Chinese minis
tee and Prince Bismarck are good ex
atnpbes of this class A forehead square
on the temples and retreating into the
flair on ottiier side IS a retentive mem
ol and excellent judgment LOrd
Kitchener of Khartoum has the typical
forehead of a header of men Short
compressed with prominent eye bones
and thick straight brows square and
receding on the temples A man with
this forehead could not fail to judge
character or circumstance with quick
I ness and accuracy to store such oh
I sersations in a tenacious memory and
to act upon his conclusions with
promptness and decision
Eyes mirrors of the soul may per
haps be consIdered more beautiful and
attractive than any other feature Di
viding them into two great classes
light and dark it has been said that the
dark indicate power the light deli
cacy Black eyes so calledfor they
1 are really of so deep an orange that
they appear black cotitrasted with the
white surrounding themare tropical
Sometimes they scent dull and slug
gish but the forces they betoken are
only slumbering so that any chance
spark may set them ablaze With cuch
eyes the intellect vill be uowerful and
the passIons strong Clear blue eyes
belong to temperate regions Other in
tellectuai indications being eqttal what
they may back in power and passion
they svibi make up in subtlety and ver
satihity Hazel eyes show steadIness
and the power of constant affection
green catlike orbs though frequently
fascinating are dangerous for they are
a sign Cf ccquetry and deceit The eyes
of genius are said to be of varying
tints like the sea sometimes blue
tinged with green or orange in eec
tam lights or when affected by emotion
deep and almost darlc These are but
few of the Infinite varieties in tint It
should never be forgotten that eyes art
more capable of misleading than any
ether feature Form and color may in
dicate much the glance tsteady or of I
perhaps eveir more Wildly expanded
eyeds see much without reflecting
greatly beyond the present moment
Eyelids half closing over the eyes de
note less facility of impression but
clearer insight more definite Ideas
greater readiness in action they notice
less but think and feel intensely Deep
set eyes with wrinkles at the outer
corners show penetration and a sense
of humor Eyes set near together es
peciahly when there are wrinkles across
the nose are a sign of cunning and
meanns in small things money mat
ters and otherwise Set wide apart the
character will be generous If too
wide careless and extravagant The
proper distance between the eyes is the
length of one eye
The Theatre i1 Japan
Tokio Correspondence Baltimore Sun
lho theatres are the very phaces to
study the Japanese In many theatres
the entire house is divided by rails Into
square pens four by five feet intended
for four Japanese but often containing
half a dozen The men and women are
barefoot walk the narrow dividing rails
to reach their reserved seats Tht
patror kneel within these square pens
or when there are no pens they equat
upon the floor in hittie circular groupi
and smoke eat drink fan themselves
and chatter Many come In and go out
at random children run to and fm
Frequently the spectatots bring buns
cheon and pass the day within the the
atre the play continuing uninterrup si
The stage which in some theatres cc
volves to change scenes has two do
tached projections three feet wide eac
tending among the audience Upon
these projections the performers run
reciting and acting
Their acting is sufficTently curious A
I villain slain walks off the stage a Jag
mops wills a dirty cloth the chief at
tors face while he is speaking The
prompter dressed all in black gown
hood and girdle will follow the actor
all around the stage Other persons
also in black run to and fro across the
stage Those costumed in black are
supposed to be invisible Stage ear
penters and helpers often stand upon
the stage and gaze and laugh at the
actors and so on The checking of the
umbrelia and woodenshoev of the au
dience anti the general scramble for
them after the performance are very
Where JewsHarps Are Made
The cheapest Jewsharps come fror
Germany and Austria finer grades are
made in England Of the total produc
lion twothirds or more are made in
England Jewsharps are made In
standard sizes ranging In length from
one and onequarter inches to four
inchcs They are occasionally made to
order larger than that but a fourinch
Jewsharp is a gcod deal of a Jews
harp and it may have a very musical
There are cheap Jewsharps which
are sold at retail price for a halfpenny
A fourinch Imported Jewsharp retails
fora shilling
Besides beIng of many sizes Jews
harps are made with the harp part of
various ornamental designs Jews
harpaare not tuned to a key but harps
of a desired key may be found Com
onercial Jewsharps rank not as mu
deal instruments but as toys Many
Jewsharps are however izsed as mu
neal instruments and are played upon
by men and not infrequently itt con
junction with musical instruments
Many of these harps are sold In mm
lug regions of the south and west of
America and wherever Hungarian and
hike labor is employed in such placa
it isnot unusual to find a man playing
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