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by Copper cathodes 1313lfe peg pouaA
second wind Hahin Messenger Lead J4tt per 100 pounds
Established June 6 1870 SALT LAKE CITY UTAH THURSDAY AUGUST 12 1909 16 PAGES PRICE 5Cents
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MIS living flag at Mslis antf SecnRB Sentry vrhMh disintegrated under ne rays of tsar August sun William A Wetzell the director appears in the foreground
liVING flAG Will liVE
Patriotic Human Picture Formed by Salt Lake I
School Children Occupies Permanent Place
in Old Soldiers Hearts
Juveniles Overcome by Heat Before Entire Parade Passed
Contractor Blamed for Not Covering Stand
i When men forget the faces of babes and there comes within them no an
I swering voice of love of country and of life when from childish throats mel
ody swells into the beautiful harmony of Americas martial songswhen men
can shut from their hearts the memory of Old Glory in human form its folds
vibrant In the streaming light of noonday caressingly undulating in their
magnificence and realize that the lights and shadows flicked here and there
and that the furl like
across its splendid expanse are thrown on baby faces
movement of its stars and stripes is but the restlessness of little hearts Just
touched with patriotism then will those grayhaired soldiers of other days who
marched down Main street Wednesday morning forget Salt Lakes living flag
When the other features that have
helped to make the fortythird annual
encampment of the Grand Army ntempr
able hive slipped away In the inexorable
oblivion of the things of yesterday the
memory of the thousand happy little
faces that filled the big stand their treble
voices giving to veterans the inspiring
raJns of The StarSpangled Banner
America Marching Through Geor
gia and a score of others with the
thought of their self sacrifice and child
1s 1 rage will warm the heart of many
an oM comrade and carry Mm b ck to
ths valleys of the mountains where on
an August day the cheers and love and
tFas of a hundred thousand people were
fT him and him alone
Nothing prettier nothing sweeter than
he living flag of Wednesdays parade
fa c been Utah s portion in years
Climax of Emotions
If was at once the apex and the acme
pf the triumphant march of the old sol
ders and with teardimmed eyes and
king throats they paid their tribute to
a children who formed its Stars and
Stripes t
r hose who were close enough to see
a bent forms straighten and to hear the
° c5 that came from aged hearts as
t marching veterans caught sight of
tthe flag yesterday need nothing to kin
he recollection of the scene For
h less fortunate there is only this
w9 fifteen hundred little girls In white
r S and white cape in red capes and
o taps < and some in blue with silver
s in parasol form sat In the terrific
ec of Wednesdays sun for three and a
4 ours standing when they were bid
s lrong when bid and when the first corps
0 th ° halted In front
parading veterans 1 IM5A i
r them repeated as one voice and so
irly it could be heard a half block
ri T pledge allegiance to my flag and
tie republic for which It standsone na
r > r undlvlslble with liberty and Justice
° n all the oath to the flag taken by
eery member ot the Grand Army ot the
toad <
a j making the tOItythlrd encampment
B UCt8
J y a picture where has been caught
al The laughter and enthusiasm of every
par of eyes in every wondering face in
ill that flag can go further with the real
And if today you hear a group of old
Miers grumbling it will be a safe
Ctss that they were In the last half of
ne parade and among those who missed
0 vine flag
vr three hours of a merciless sun on
I q > potected heads of the children and
st two hundred lots carried weak
and hysterical In the ambulances to the
emergency hospital the futility of at
tempting to maintain the flag longer was
seen and Professor Wetzell dismissed it
as quickly as he could He was none too
soon for more and more frequent were i
coming the gape In the flags stripes
where the doctors and nurses had carried
fainting children out and the sight of so
many clanging ambulances I and white
gowned nurses and drooping bodies was
beginning to have its effect on those who
still stoically sat in their places
Order to Disband
A feeling of nervousness was beginning
to spread and the order for the flag to
disband came not a moment too soon
The twenty thousand people who gath
ered at Main and Seventh South streets
to witness the parade drew undoubtedly
the human Interest end of the event It
Was there the colors of the Fifteenth regu
lar U S Infantry were dipped where ev
ery officer and private paid his respects to
the flag where the Utah National Guard
dipped its colors to the wonderful flag
spread out above them and where the
colors and department banners of every
corps of veterans in all that long line of
march were dipped if it took the com
bined efforts of from two to five veterans
to keep the color bearers on their feet
while it was done It was there the old
soldiers tried to cry and laugh and cheer
In the same breath as they counter
marched and then twisted and turned and
walked backwards to catch one more
glimpse of the flag
The great crowd Caught the sjrtrit and
hardly had the National Guu1 passed
and Pennsylvania tramped Into slglt be
fore the applause broke loose And once
loose It stayed
At a little after 10 oclock when the
sun became so unbearably hot a < > d the
children began to suffer under its heat
four great ambulances two from city
hospitals and two rom the hospital
equipment of the Fifteenth infantry
raced up and down the center of the two
marching lines of veterans their way
to and from the hospitals
Here and there a veteran himself
dropped out overcome with heat and in
one case heart faJiure A rush of nurses
and a doctor or two and the ambulance
sped away and another whirled into a
waiting place
Dozens of women were going among the
children In the flag giving them cool lem
onade containing just acid enough to be
beneficial Three barrels of it went before
half past eleven oclock Professor Wet
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c < CL bd >
Election of Officers and Selec
tion of Next Gathering Place
Are in Order
The official business meeting of the
fortythird aniual encampment of the
GrandArmy of the Republic will open at
8 oclock this morning In the Armory
hall The principal business of this con
vention is the election of officers arid the
selection of the next meeting place of
the G A R It is not expected that any
other matters of prime importance will
come before this convention
To seats in the convention a number of
accredited delegates according to tho
membership in the G A R is allotted to
each department In addition to the dele
gates from each department all of the past
commanders and present department of
ficials have votes In the convention The
total possible vote ot the convention
about 1500 but the actual vote of this
encampment will be a little more than
half that number
The meetings of the convention of the
G A R will be open only to veterans
and the voting will be confined to the
representatives of the different depart
ments Most of the forenoon session will
be given over to receiving reports of com
mittees and the routine business of the
encampment The annual address of
CommanderlnChlef Nevius will be given
at this session In the afternoon the can
didates for the different offices will > be
nominated The election will occur on
For a National Highway
Aside from the election of officers and
the choosing of the next meeting place
the most Important business to be dls
Vi f fr Convention P i 6 ri am =
+ Anriory hall 8a m i
4 Opening of fortythird annual en
4 campment y +
+ Report of committee on creden +
4 tlals +
t PjOil call of officers and members +
4 Appointments of committees of 4
+ ficers I reports greeting all other re +
+ ports couri < IY resolutions +
+ Address of commanderlnchlef 1 4i
+ reading of officers reporlf Jf
4 Reading of minutes meeting of +
+ council of administration t
4 Reading of greetings etc
+ Memorial services +
+ NominaOo of officers 4
4 EiemplIfJeation ofrftual 4
H t t M t t H t t t M H M t M M t H M + + +
cussed will be the official endorsement
of the movement to construct a national
hlghway from Washington Cacross
the Mason and DIxon line to Gettysburg
as a Lincoln memorial This highway will
prove a connecting link between the north
and the south and its endorsement by the
G A R is a sort of bridging of the last
vestige of a gap between the states of
the north and the Confederacy Too It
will cohnect the national capital with the
scene of the greatest battle of the Civil
war and with the spot on which Lin
coln made his memorable Gettysburg ad
The chief interest In the convention la
in the election of the commanderlnchtef
and the choosing of the next meeting
place At the Knutsford hotel last even
ing veterans from all over the country
were congratulating Captain Samuel R
Van Sant on his election to the position
of commanderlnchlef as though It had
already occurred Captain Van Sants
name will be presented to the convention
today by Judge EH Torrance former
commanderlnchlef with every assur
ance that he will be elected by a large
f ffi itYH liq jL d
t Over St Louis 7 ah Sa nt t s
Success Assured
Friends of Judge W A Ketcham of In
dianapolis are continuing to work for his
election and are not yet willing to con
cede Van Sants victory They maintain
Ut Ketclwm atilt tias a qhojvfor elpc
A Cinch for Van Sant
ilt any doiibt had existed previously con
cerning yarn Sants election it was dill
pejlvd yesterday when Ohio with forty
votes and Kansas with thirty pledged
their solid support to Van Sant It was
thought even by the Van Sant supporters
tha the vote of these two states would
be divided In addition to that Nebraska
yesterday decided not to pledge herself
for either candidate The result la that
tilts vote will be divided and Van Sant
may receive a large portion of It Ne
braska was considered sure for Ketcham
Judge Ell Torrance who was managing
Captain Van Sants campaign said last
The hostilities are over The fight
has been won You may congratulate
Governor Van Sant on his election as
commaivderlnchief of the Grand Army
of the Republic Conditions which yester
day pointed unmistakably to Van Sants
elect Un have since improved and there is
no possible chance for his defeat
The campaign for the city In which the
next encampment will be held is growing
intensely Interesting Atlantic City ap
pears to lead St Louis by a Email ma
jority but St Louis is working hard
Ohio yesterday pledged Its vote to Van
Sant and St Louis and New York the
day before decided on VanSant and At
lantic City Pennsylvania will vote for
Ketcham and Atlantic City and Indiana
for Ketcham and St Louis
An Impressionistic Story by Rev PA Simpkin
The vista of the great street sweeping
away to the south flanked by the magni
ficent business blocks brilliant with sun
shine and the multicolored decorations
seemed like some great canyon down
whose center for hours poured a river of
patriotism running between two banks
of massed humanity all smiles and love
and admiration for the men who made
the living Interest of the great stream
that flowed down Its center
A stream of color and music a mass of
enthusiasm that tossed from the monu
ment at the reviewing stand to the match
less beauty of the great living flag com
posed of gaily clad children symboliz
ing the truth to the old veterans who re
established the Union and set the flag
again In the heavens the glorious truth
that now the thing they fought for Is an
integral part of the wldeflung life of
America made a picture never to be for
The ensemble was Ideal The sun flooded
the volley with softened beauty From
the snowfilled hollows of the summits
came a gentle breeze that ameliorated the
warm conditions of earlier morning the
spotless streets the brilliant decorations
and the thronging thousands gathered for
the days event made a wonderful scene
150000 People Assemble
From sidewalks to roof on balconies
and stairs and In windows on crossarms
and ledges people were packed until on a
mile of the street were gathered nearly
a hundred and fifty thousand people It
was inspiring just to catch a view of the
spectators The boom of the chatter and
laughter roared like the rapids of a great
At 10 oclock the procession moved
From the moment that the grand marshal
set the parade In motion the warmest
enthusiasm greeted the veterans and their
Warm applause came fvr the regulars
of the Fifteenth infantry the state militia
and the convoy of state and city digni
taries among whom < Governor Spry and
Mayor Bransford were particularly sin
gled out for greeting
The real applause and stir however
came with the appearance of the first
section of the veterans and the miles of
cheering citizens played no favorites
The vision of the grizzled broken sol
diers of freedom marching bravely under
the burden of their years and weariness
buoyed by the recollections of those far
days and the surge of that same devotion
to the Union and flag made the hearts of
the onlookers beat faster and through
a mist of tears thousands reconstructed
some of those scenes bloody and terri
ble which are now but a memory
Veterans Cheerful and Happy
Wonderfully cheerful and sunny they
were From the CommanderlnChlef
Nevlus down the line of staff officers
and past commanders to the humblest
comrade In the ranks there was the old
spirit that flamed In the service when the
Union was saved
Crippled they wore so many In body
Empty sleeves were there Fading eyes
bent shoulders stiffening bodies that were
wont to do the heroic thing In service and
endurance The powder of the years had
whitened the polls of all of them Time
the vampire Is sapping the springs of
that hot blood but one thing he cannot
doe The eyes were lit with the same fire
as of old The spirit of the Grand Army
may not die
The Illinois contingent swung by sturdi
ly The broken columnrelics of the Iron
brigade of Wisconsin that did sueh
mighty service under Bragg seemed fit
for a brush or two yet
Arkansas tiny contingent oarrled the
banner of the Travelers as proudly as
though a host
Kansas and Nebraska were splendidly
represented by as fine a body of veter
ans as one could wish to see Notable
ly The broken columnrelics theIron
Old Abe Surely his face is a striking
double In lineament of what Lincolns
would have been at seventy
Pennsylvania New York and Ohio had
large delegations handsome and well pre
served men Ohios tremendous buck
eye borne by a comrade Httle larger
than his burden raised a howl along the
The New England company was small
but of the type that helps one under
stand why the Yankee regiments did such
yeoman service In the great conflict Per
haps the warmest demonstration was for
the mn of California and Nevadaone
was one figure whom the Kansans call
bors or for their numbers or appearance
but because there was borne In the midst
an old war flag the banner of Co G
Third California volunteers The sight
of it gripped the heart Torn by bullets
stained with smoke and fretted by the
touch of the years It was a thing to open
the hearts springs More than any other
little thing In the parade It touched to the
quick the patriotic instincts of the hosts
It was wonderful to rise the ready re
sponse of the hearts to the sight of that
old flag It was as If men saw the far
department not because they were neigh
days when about It and Its like there
fturged a mighty conflict and seemed to
put these old veterans again In the glare
of that crimson light that touched that
wide land with pain and terror and suf
Ranks Thinning Yearly
As the long line of the patriot defenders
Of the Union and its Ideals swept down
the magnificent street it was to Inspire
every heart with a pride a sadness and a
devotion hat vlll be a heritage
The thin ranks spole of the swift pass
ing of the men who fashioned an epoch
as they followed Lincoln and his conten
tions to shape to wider form the vision of
One could not watch the pageant without
a pride in the citizenship of America re
membering that the sturdy men of the
southland were of like nature and caliber
and the remembrance that no standing
army of a miVtant empire wrought ever
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Sidewalks Windows and Roofs of Buildings
u k Jammed With Humanity as Veterans
Pass in Review f
Spectators Run Through Gamut of Emotions With Varying
Aspects Historic Pageant
In the crowning triumph of their brilliant career the oharkbad zuut 1
nants of the greatest army ever assembled in any age yeatarday ford 1
time back fifty years and just as blithely as they used to ratrroh r I
Confederate fire they faced undaunted a volley of Utahs sweetest iowemo
showered by SaltLakes fairest women
The victory of the silvered veterans over time gray hairs and wearied i
limbs was almost as decisive as their triumphs at ChancellorBvilla
Gettysburg In turning back the decade to the day when they wire i
youths the old soldiers accomplished a feat that only superb patriotsai
and loyalty could accomplish 0
Instead of seventy they were twenty again
Their spirits wore every bit as young ae when they answered tile ejdl
to arms in 61 What though some aging limbs faltered in the maf + Ih i
despite the resolute call of their loyal spirit Wha though their hcBMr
were bowed their hands palsied and their bodies wearied They au > sill
in spirit the youngest and bravest old soldiers the world hasevw know
March in 1909 as They Did in 1861
In 1861 2000900 sons of the north responded to reveille in the fervor of p6i
otism that only an American can appreciate In 1 M 5000 of the 8urvivon old
that great army marched through the streets of Salt Lake with the saaml
trlotlsm and loyalty as though they were again responding to reveille l Int a4a
waiting for taps
Wearing their uniforms of blue the mighty army marched yesterday 8fvtu
an impressive picture of the put creating an historical epoch for the
and presenting a profound object lesson for the future
Beneath battle flags and emblems plerccd Ith ballet holes and Mcred
the memory of thousands of martyrs who cheerfully gave their lives on hon
dreds of bloody battle fields that these flags might be held aloft foNver MM
sturdy though aging heroes passed And high above their hauls M they nurrsSj
through the streets the flags of the great republic seemed to wave more proollr
than ever in honor of the loyal patriots who saved the nation
Flanking these flags were the myriadcolored signal and corps flan of Uw
army making the streets a radiant picture
from the tints of the dawn the deep azure of Utahs skies and the beaotytot
Salt Lakes dazzling sunsts the glittering colors were taken to form the brflUiat
display that canopied the streets beneath which the veterans marched 7 o i
Cheers for Living Tears the Dead
From a hundred thousand spectator came cheers for those who marched
tears for those who had fallen in the war or In the period since triumphant
was proclaimed For more than three miles the old soldiers walked 1M shirt
steps to the minute Alternate clouds and sunshine made the weather ideal or
the great march but even with the most favorable conditions the march wa a
terrible strain on the old patriots Nevertheless when it was over every one
sented the insinuation that he was wearied The pleasure of each veteran to
marching once more with his wartime comrades overcame all tests of enduraaee
With aresolute spirit almost every G A R man ctayed with the parade
from the place of rendezvous to the place of disbandment A few succumbedto
the heat and dropped out of the line where willing and sympathetic hands min
istered to tlySm None of the prostrations serious and last evening the vit
erans were recovering from their fatigue telling war stories and singing tsar
songs with the vim of 61
Incident Illustrates Veterans Stamina
Thestamina of the Civil war soldier was illustrated yesterday by an incident
of the parade Samuel Parsons 83 years of age who served with the Forty
firth Pennsylvania but who marched with the Ohio delegation yesterday fainted
near First South and Main streets Miss Davis and Miss I Brown of the Red
Cross brigade quickly called the ambulance As the old man heard the clanging

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