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f I
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Com compelled nightly to undreu In
tht ward In the presence of fifty or more
questioned lunatics to pass through the
Infirmary between rows of COg with the
i tick m them to his room with the bed
and remain
S Its sole article of furniture
main Is there in darkness ten hours from 8
Thaw Not a Criminal
in considering this narrative doubtless
iMwance moat be made for the effect on
the mothera feelings It must be under
stood Thaw ta not in the hospital as a
crimlnai i to undergo punishment The Jury
Ine supreme authority in the matter has
L its verdict declared Thaw Innocent of
un crime in the matter of the homicide
Ld that verdict must be respected at
least by all public officials In the hoe
tutJ I he must be regarded as an unfor
tunate person afflicted with mental de
rangement there not to be punished for
any crime but solely to be cared for
protected and guarded so that he may
not injure another or himself Hit always
with the distinct hope that ho may ulti
nutel be cured however great or small
that hope really may be
lt Is well doubtless that care should
be exercised by the authorities that Thaw
hp not favored because of the wealth and
social position of his family It is equally
well however that care be exercised that
kP be not treated any worse on those ac
counts It may well be that this court
In I the exercise of 1U plenary chancery
Dowers baa the authority by order to
irate specific directions as to the treat
ment of any inmate in such an institution
Suggestion to Authorities
However that may be I venture to
SUggest to the authorities there that when
ho is returned to their custody the privi
leges socalled which he was permitted
to enjoy In his first three months stay
be restored to him If such a procedure
be not found to be clearly incompatible
nth due discipline and further that his
enpritle and moat estimable mother be
at all times treated with the utmost con
eider Uon Her sorrowful condition com
mands the profoundest sympathy of every
normal minded person
Having out of consideration for the
mothers feelings continued Justice
Mills permitted bet aa a witness to
make at will her plea for her son and In
so doing to give certain Incompetent testi
mony which embraced criticism of Mr
Jerome I deem It my duty to say that
these criticism seem to me to be mis
taken and unwarranted although doubt
less sincere In the very complete record
before me I find no evidence of any
heartlessness or undue seal upon his part
I f he made the remark remembered by
Mrs Thaw that he has said her son
would never be released from Mattewan
I am confident it was made as the ex
pression not of a hope but of a convic
tion that he would not recover
After discnaalng the evidence Justice
Mills draws the following conclusion
Conclusions of the Court
First conclusion The insanity with
which Harry K Thaw was afflicted on
June 25 1906 at the time he committed
the homicide was the kind known as
chronic delusional Insanity or paranoia
This conclusion reels upon the following
facts which appear to me to be clearly
There was in his ancestral stock a
substantial but not very strong trace of
insanity By not vary strong is meant
the fact that no one of his direct ancestors
was ever insane On the maternal side
two uncles were of unsound mind each
at least for a portion of his life and on
his fathers side an aunt was at least an
epileptic and perhaps insane and some
more remote relatives were undoubtedly
Insane though as to them the evidence is
not clear but there had been Insanity in
one of their ancestral lines not common
to the prisoners own descent
AS a young child be was physically
weak and puny exceedingly nervous and
abnormally wilful Older he was subject
to violent spells amounting almost to 1
paroxysms of excitement without any
naturally adequate cause He attended I
various schools for different periods from I
the S8 Gf 8 upward but made little prog
real 1ft
study While at school especially
In his early years he had frequent out I
break Ot uncontrollable excitement in
which his facIal appearance was wild and I
staring I
Connection With Evelyn Nesbit I
T Continuing his history of Thaws life I
Mills says I
About tttt he became enamoured of a
young woman Miss Nesbit whom he aft
erward married She was then by com
mon repute well known to him the mis
tress or a mistress of Stanford White
She soon eumed that relation to Thaw
and obviously to account to him for her
former PO IUon with White told him u
rioul rid and Brolly improbable stories
of the inception of that relation Al
though he Thaw evidently was himself
far from a moral man and was then
engaged or soon thereafter engaged in
practices of a perverted character as re
vealed by the testimony of the Merrill
woman which with the corroboration af
forded by other evidence in the case ap
pears credible he gave absolute credence
to the tales told him by Miss Nesbit about
White He obtained simitUr information
aa to Whites conduct with a few other
young women either directly from them
or through MISS Nesbit all of which in
formation was of the same wild and im
probable character evidently to any nor
ma < mind grossly exaggerated To all
however he gave implicit belief His mind
became absolutely possessed with the sto
ries He not only believed them in their
entirety but he deducted from them con
clusions as to the practices of White far
beyond what such belief in a normal mind
would warrant From the charges sep
arately made by these few admittedly im
moral women he concluded that White
maintained several places In New York
CIty where he accomplished by force or
by drags the ruin of respectable young
American girls as it were by the whole
sale Such belief to such extreme extent
was plainly a delusion
Complete Delusion
His delusions as to the practices of
White were not shaken by the failure of
the investigations made by the detectives
and public authorities and his delusive
belief in his special mission continued to
possess his mind In that mental condi
tion at the roof garden he came Into
the presence of White doubtless unexpectedly
pectedly and publicly shot him to death
in a spectacular and theatrical manner
In so doing he believed he was acting as
the agent of Providence and performing
a praiseworthy act like that of David
in slaying Goliath or St George In killing
the dragon
Regarding Thaws suspicion of a con
spiracy against him by his early counsel
the court says
Such belief that is as to the purpose
was utterly without foundation and a
clear delusion
AH this continues Justice Mills ac
cording to the weight of expert testimony
is plainly the history of a paranoiac This
court concludes therefore that Thaws
insanity at the commission of the homi
cide was of the kind known as paranoia
and not all of the brainstorm sane half
a minute before and sane half a minute
aftervariety if any such variety really
Verdict of Jury Warranted
The verdict of the jury was plainly
warranted by the evidences not merely
as en expression of reasonable doubt but
even as an affirmative finding of the
fact of insanity
It is true that the new testimony upon
this trial introduced in behalf of the pris
oner tends to materially vary the history
of his early life as above stated I am
convinced however that in such variance
It is very largely mistaken and that the
testimony given on this point given at
the second murder trial by mother nurse
family physician and teachers is the more
Not Yet Recovered
Second conclusionHarry K Thaw
has not yet recovered his sanity above
stated and defined This determination is
made upon the following grounds
First All the experts agree that in a
case of true paranoica recovery is very
SecondThe court is disposed to pay
great respect to the opinion of the hos
pital authorities h reof Dr Baker the
hospital physician having bad actual
charge of Thaw thee All such authori
ties are public officers with no conceiv
able motive except to do their duty
ThirdIn view of leading traits of
paranoia the lay testimony given by so
many entirely respectable and credible
witnesses showing rational conduct on
the prisoners part In the Tombs at Mat
teawan and in the Duchess and Westches
tr county Jails la not of commanding
FourthThe testimony of the alienists
called for the defendant as to his present
condition seems to me on the whole
more convincing than that of those called
for the prisoner
Courts Observations
Fifth Upon my own personal observa
tion of the conduct of Thaw his actions
and his speech in the court room both
on and off the witness stand I have
been impressed that he is now of unsound
mind He was exceedingly nervous and
very frequently Interrupted his counsel
with suggestions On his examination it
became evident even by his own admis
sion that he holds his former beliefs as
to the evil practices of White Just as
extremely and just as strongly today as
ever If those beliefs constituted delu
sions In his mind when he committed the
homicide they are the same now While
he has no more evidence against White
than he had then it is all of the same
character and neither alone or with what
he previously had warrants his extreme
convictions In the latter part of his ex
amination when he was striving might
ily to defend his delusions and his be
liefs his facial appearance seemed to me
not to be that of a sane person
Third conclusionThe enlargement of
Harry K Thaw now would be dangerous
to the public peace and safety and there
fore cannot be permitted
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W So Teuple it Salt Lake City Utah
White Plains X Y Aug 12 Harry K
Thaw received the news today of the fail
ure of his second attempt to obtain dis
charge from Matteawan with but slight
display of excitement His manner indi
cated that he had expected an adverse
decision The information was brought
him first in his cell in tVi local jail by
the Associated Press representative
Have you heard Jua ice Mills decis
ion he was asked
No saw Thaw without moving from
his chair
A copy of the courts opinion was hand
ed to him He read it rapidly and without
comment until he eam to the following
If those beliefs constituted delusions
in his mind when he committed the homi
cide they are the same now
Thats not so he said and marked
the lines with his pencil
As to his future plans he referred ques
tioners to his attorney
Thaws attorney Charles Morsehauser
was not in town this morning when the
decision was rendered None of the pris
oners family could be found At their
hotel it was said they had locked them
selves in their rooms and given orders
that no one be admitted
Statement by Thaw
Early today before the decision was
announced Thaw gave out the following
typewritten statement
Letters reach me with all sorts of
superscriptions besides H K Thaw PIUs
burg Pa Jib address in New York for
over ten years has been care of Waldorf
Astoria hotel but the poetofflcp is very
efficient and letters addressed simply
New York City reach me safely
The following letter is from Miss Mc
Kenzie to whom Mr White wrote the
two mushroom letters She escaped be
ing a victim in consequence of the warn
imr contained in these letters
S East Fortyfifth Street New York
August GDear Mr ThawI deeply ap
preciate your speaking up In the court
room when they insinuated I had been a
victim If only the newspapers would
mint all what you sad Some of your re
marks were splendid Best wishes alwa s
This lI lienKnt from Thaw am 11 i
rectly from ii 4i physician Dr Wu 1
j Mqr T w told him Dr Mr
ggjlL 00 1 i ii Ta iisp > 5
Justice Miiia u d i e il
tion of giving up the fight I am deter
Mrs Sutherland Asserts Strongly Ii I i
That Women Purify Politics
Correspondence St Louis GlobeDem
Washington Publicists may rail
about the permanent value of various
women movements in different parts of
the world remarked Mrs Sutherland
of Utah Just before her departure for
Blue Hill near Bar Harbor Me but
brought face to face with some of the
results of the agitation it is difficult to
comprehend any backward tendency I
can frankly acknowledge that I have
never been deeply impressed with the
expediency of women taking an active
part in politics Yet brought to a real
ization of the consensus of opinion of
giving the suffrage to women the truth
stands out that In Utah at least they
have proved themselves eminently fit
ted for the privilege and they have jus
tified their claims
I have not the least hesitancy In
pronouncing equal suffrage an unadul
terated blessing for the state and civic
success and moral incentive in the full
sense of the word I can readily com
prehend that in crowded communities
of great commercial centers such as the
Atlantic seaboard cities are that some
women as some men in politics could
become a menace and could add another
Incident to civic corruption Thero are
no great cities as the east knows them
no crowded or floating population in
any part of the state The women are
rooted to the soil as It were and they
take a high view of their obligations to
their home
Womans Influence Uplifting
I have been edified to note that
womans influence in political life in
my environment Is uplifting I have
heard seasoned politicians discuss cer
tain candidates whom they desired to
nominate for office and invariably in
weighing them in the balance they have
looked sharp for the view which women
voters might take I have heard pome
candidate proposed and all his good
qualities brought out he was brilliant
he was trained in his work he was a
good fellow and a high type of patriot
but If there was anything against his
private character If he were intem
perate treated his family ill was
guilty of any of those offenses vhich
the world leniently permits in the good
fellow he would be dismissed from
consideration with the words Hes all
right but the women will not stand for
This uplifting on the part of the
women appeals to me as of permanent
value and it cannot but work for the
good of all communities I am not ad
vocating universal suffrage for In my
mind there are many limitations placed
on womans natural vocation when she
steps into public life But I do say
where women do vote they use their
privilege wisely We have an almost
perfect civic sanitation from the results
of feminine agitation We have fine
school laws and excellent school build
ings and all those regulations which
bear on the smaller area of politics the
home environment have all been Ju
diciously and liberally framed
Votes Same as She Shops
The Australian ballot system pre
vails and all that criticism about going
to the polls unsexing women is of
course the veriest nonsense A woman
can vote and does vote with no more
contact with any objectionable idur
roundings than she has when she goes
shopping The women of Utah all vote
Some satirists allege that they use the
ballot so tirelessly because the privilege
is new the zeal of the neophyte and
such well known similes Whatever the
reason they make use of their vote
and what is more they thrash the ques
tions over and they know why they
vote in a certain way and for a certain
The women usually go to the polls
In the early part of the day I go Just
as soon as the polls are open It is
never a question of more than ten or
fifteen minutes an Incident in the
morning routine of marketing or shop
ping You meet some neighbors bound
on the same errand of casting the bal
lot but few I might say no women
loiter about the ballot box We all know
exactly how to mark the ballot and we
do it expeditiously
Many women are earnestly working
for various reforms national and civic
and local but I find thatmany women
vote as I do because It is a duty en
forced by granting the ballot To re
frain from voting is 10 neglect some
thing for which one must be account
Nothing so Pernicious
I can imagine nothing so pernicious
than for those who reside in a certain
section being so indifferent to the com
munal interests as not to care who is
elected to fill the various public oiices
This is practically what the failure to
vote means There is no public issue
connected with my home my state or
my country to which I am indifferent
Therefore I cast my vote and record
my wishes on these matters I rejoice
that my view is the universal view < f
Utah women
Those who wish to study the woman
question at close range should visit
Utah We have had women serving in
the legislative chambers and they have
performed their duties quietly and ably
and were highly esteemed among their
colleagues Mrs Mattie Cannon served
in the senate and Mrs Alice Home in
the lower house Both women were ex
ceedingly able advocates and their
speeches were among the best efforts of
the session We have had a woman
sheriff Miss Clare Ferguson and the
also filled the place with credit to her
self and to the satisfaction of her com
munity Women In public offices are
quite an ordinary occurrence in Utah
and so far as one can Judge super
ficially these public duties have not In
terfered with the more sacred ones in
the homes
mined to make my final effort to get a
trial by jury said Thaw
Many things have been done In this
case that should not have been done and
much has been left undone But I have
been in the hands of my counsel through
out Dr Meyers said Thaw was taking the
matter calmly and seemed in no danger
of a breakdown
Mrs Mary Copley Thaw tonight made
the following statement
Let no one Imagine for a moment on
reading this opinion of Judge Mills that
It means a victory for the district attor
ney of New York Every prop was taken
from under that arrogant vindictive per
secutor of a sane acquitted man
So baffled was he that when he rose
to make his closing speech for argument
it was not he had more the appearance
of a schoolboy compelled to say his
piece than the sometimes courageous ma
ture sophist who dominates the courts of
his own judicial district except when
wealthy malefactors are under trial
This tQtally unexpected and cruel de
cision ot the trial judge must remain a
my tery f
Meanwhile my son my daughter and
I have no alternative but to take up again
the burden I had every reason to believe
was behind us forever We exiled from
our two homes and all the regular flow
of life wilt remain close to the gate and
o > i ° ln the son and brother to endure an
iit nc ti Ideh It perpetual would be
> c t a death itself trusting In
nhng providence In his own
DtvU u K to vindicate the right
Indeed Utah yields to no state her
reputation for the cultivation of the
housewifery accomplishments The
country is so beautiful and fertile and
the farms so exquisitely cultivated that
It seems a land of promise There is
practically no poverty in Utah and to
make the conditions Ideal but few ery
opulent citizens Prosperity and gen
eral material comfort are great pro
moters of domestic accomplishments
We have ornate homes in the cities al
ways standing In their own grounds
and in the gardens fruit ilowers and
vegetables are assiduosly cultivated
I regret to say that in Salt Lake
City houses in rows are making an ap
pearance and that some large apart
ment houses are in the course of erec
tion But nearly every one finds grati
fication in having a pretty homa and
managing it to the best of ones ability
We do not have the servant question in
such an acute form as in some com
munities The emigration of the young
women from the north of Europe is
very large I see no diminution since
the laws prohibiting polygamy have
been enforced
Whether the ultimate prospect cf
getting a home appeals to these girls cr
whether the Mormon faith is still the
magnet I cannot Judge but certain it
is that the state of Utah owes much of
its increasing population and its ma
terial prosperity to the constantly ar
riving groups of women from northern
Haven for Immigrant Girls
These girls generally make excellent
housemaids The English and Scotch
girl in particular are quick to learn and
make capable servants All marry
eventually and though they desert the
religion of their fathers for they are
Episcopalians Presbyterians and Meth
odists they usually have fairly happy
lives and certainly seem In better ma
terial condition at least than in their
crowdedout homes
I have had large experience with
girls who emigrate under Mormon
auspices and I have never yet seen an
Irish girl nor any Catholic girl can
verted by the Mormon apostles This
fact has interested me very much now
that so much discussion is in progress
in books and magazines about the
creeds which touch the masses on the
vital points and hold their people
against the most invidious temptation I
We have had our quota of eastern ser
vants also the Japanese Chinese and
Filipino and the homekeeper of Salt
Lake City can generally give an il l
luminating account of all races of hand
maidens in recounting her own trials
Mrs Sutherland is a charming con
versationalists and in appearance is one
of the most impressive figures in offlMal
society She has that cosmopolitan
training which counts for so much in
the successful hostess She is a native
of the state in which she is now so con
spicuous a social figure and she Is de
voted to all its interests Her parents
are of the loftiest southern lineage and
she was given every opportunity for
study and travel prior to her marriage
Descendant of Virginia Lees
Her father John Percival Lee came
of the Virginia Lees and was a close
kinsman of Robert E Lee His father
left the Old Dominion and settled In the
ranch country of the Cumberland In
Tennessee He married Mile Fosque
a member of a distinguished Florida I
family In his early married life he
went to Utah and became one of the
leading citizens of the new territory
Mrs Sutherland married young and
though she has a married daughter
Mrs C W Lawrence of Salt Lake City
she retains the charm of her youth both
in appearance and manner Her sec
ond daughter Miss Edith Sutherland
was one of the most admired debutantes
of the past season She was presented
at a tea given in the Sutherland home
In the Highlands and attended by all the
prominent buds of the year including
that most famous of the seasons can
didates for social honors Miss Ethel
Roosevelt Miss Sutherland was includ
ed in the numerous pleasant functions
planned by the president and Mrs
Roosevelt for their second daughter
and her first season in Vanity Fair was
one famous in social chronicles
Devours Choice Literature
Mrs Sutherland is one of the most
intelligent women in official life She
spends all her leisure In reading and
her choice of literature is typical
I learned to love good reading when
I was a small child she said My par
ents were fond of reading aloud and
they selected only choice books When
my children were young I followed the
me method and I have Instilled into
them a love of good books which noth
ing can eradicate Those who are trained
to appreciate the highest thoughts and
aspirations of others can never spend
a lonely moment
I am not much of a novel reader but
of course I went through that cycle
and have survived it One must read
novels to follow the current thoughts
of the day but I get more entertain
ment from essays J am absorbed in
the progress of modern science In the
various newthought movements and
the significant tendencies in every direc
tion spiritual as well as purely scien
tificI cI
I am not a believer in the cult of
mental healing or any of its allied
branches but I find pleasure and edi
fication In keeping up with the dif
ferent propagandas Being the wife ot
a politician I have to keep abreast of
what goes on in the world of affairs and
the domain of political economy In
deed life is so crowded these days that
it would seem as though people should
have their days lengthened out Into the
years of the ancient patriarchs to get
even a superficial coating of the many
things that are to be learned
In Salt Lake City the womens clubs
are doing excellent work toward illumi
nating public questions This sort of a
club seems for some purpose for the
women who have later to vote on these
issues get together and discuss them
and hear each others views on every
phase This exchange of Ideas Is get
ting toward the realization of the per
fect civic life It goes a long way to
ward destroying dogmatic views about
certain public questions and it makes
one more inclined to realize that all the
wisdom of all ages is not centered in
one spot nor even In one political par
Senator and Mrs Sutherland are great
travelers and though they are devoted
to their home in Salt Lake City they
spend some portion of every second
year in foreign travel and In visiting
different parts of their own country I

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