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IlMinesand Mining Stocks 1
Ledge 300 Feet Wide Which
Pans Clear Across Found
in Elko
Possibly a new great gold district has
been discovered In Nevada Somewhere
about thirty miles north of Wells In Elko
c junty the exact situation IK a secret
for the presenta party of men which
eludes a Salt Lake prospector and sev
eral New York capitalists has been en
gaged the last two weeks opening a dike
300 feet wide between quartzite and rhyo
lite which they have found pans gold
clear across in quantity which has
aroused the discoverers to a high pitch
of excitement
Within the last few days the men hast
ened to the nearest railroad point to pur
chase supplies and employ miners for an
extensive campaign of development and
they have hasteneu back to complete the
locations which will make their holdings
si excited are the New York capitalists
it is aid that they have already offered
tp Salt Lako prospector 20000 for his
lir rest in the new field
Tl > prospector took the easterners out
to show them a property which he had al
read located and developed to some ex
tent and the new find was made by
cadent Scarcity of wood and water con
stitutes a serious drawback for the new
restrict but It is said if surface indica
tions count for anything that disadvan
tage will not prevent e boom of the Gold
fleldTonopah order
New York Curb Range
James A Pollock Co bankers and
b ° kers furnish the following received
over their private wire
Sales Open High Low Close
Boston Con 800 13 16 It Vi 1q
C > > ait Cent 2000 48 40 40 4044
Ely Con 10
first N Cop 8 I
biroux Con 2500 10 1OA IG W
Irsp Cop 2500 7 7yy TYs 7
King Edward 1000 1 1 0018 OIJ
Miami Cop 3000 16 10 18ib lev
Mont Sho 3000 314 St 14
Ne Con 3000 344 Ii 34 25
N > v 7 tah000 1s li8 2
Hay Central 3500 3 2 fa 2
Ray con 2500 23 23 20 O
Yukon Gold 100 5 3 5 5
< urn Ely 400 71i1 7 7 71
hla 3000 9It4 9 9JA 93q
t hmo 2500 8 82 814 81y
OMo Copper 2900 5 4 51 5 5l
Ia Rose 3500 814 bey 814 S1
Gr Con l tis Iis
Boston Copper Stocks
Oregon Short Line
To various points in Utah Idaho Ore
gon and Nevada from Aug 8 to 16 In
clusive See agents for rates and par
ticulars City Ticket offlff 201 Main
We Have No Competition I
In quality We meet others prices
sometimes not always Best work
fair prices Our business grows rfon
tury Printing Co > 5357 po tnffi r Ila T
Private Wires
New York Chicago BoMon San
Francisco Kansas City Minneapo
lis Philadelphia
Correspondents Harris Winthrop
it Co New York members New
York Stock Exchange
M Rocky Xt Bell H
6 Deseret National 95
1 Utah Sugar 6 per cent bond 101
MO Independent Coal S4
2 Commercial Club bonds
Badger Brothers
160 Main Street
GkIt nhMY
< to
UI il G
I I11 i n1 k i
tJ re
Worth Seeing
If not a patron you are missing
a pleasant experience You should
treat yourself to a package of our
perfectly laundered products Thcv
The rvv JJdry n ts r v
SQ TENTi and FIVrLniN j a 1
vatr tc
I3 L y Cf ttnity C
Eh I = I 1 Ij Mrfn P
Mining Stocks Best Known Are
in Good Demand on
Favorites on the mining stock market
held reasonably strong yesterday and
buying was generally Qt good character
Grand Central sold from 72 to 5250
Iron Blossom was In oonslllEsrable de
mand at 13 Lower Mammoth was
active at fOe to 41c and Slou ComwlJ
dated changed hands at 112 to nIO
There was another movement ot Ohio
Copper at 56 to 530 with the closing
sales at 562 South Columbus lOld down
to 17 = but at the close braced up to
194e TnUctCentral held around Uc and
East Ttntlc Development sold off to lOa
Two hundred shares ot Ulntah Treasure
Hill at He was the only sale of unlisted
stocks recorded
Total number ot shares sold 115010
value 8ua2O Closing quotations and
the days ales
Forenoon Afternoon
Bid Asked Bid Asked
Ajax 5 30 31 5 30 IS 1 3Jh
AaB 2M 280 200 I 2 lO
Beck TunneL 40 A3 38 40
Dig Hill 01 93
Ding Amat It 10
Black Jack 21 22 2 H
Boston Con 1600 1575
Bullock 1IIY08 en 08
Camp Bird 917 U 02
Carisa 9 6 92 93
Cedar Talis l flr 06 06
Century 04 10
Colo Mining 1 97 200 195 200
Colum Con 117 141h 13 140
Con Memar 11i li 1
Crown Point 15 12 11i
Daly Judge Uii 4m 3Si 410
Dragon Iron it
Drom Hump 07
Eureka OS
E and B B 15 75
Eagles Neat 03 01
E Crown Pt de 0d m
E Tin Con OAyt 00 III M <
East T Dcv ut 141 n
Galena 04 W
Godh 4 40
Golden Beet 13 IS
Goldfield Do n 27
Grand Cent 280 28 260 282
int Pet O o 1 62
Ibex Gold 1 0S 11 OSt yl 11
Indian Queen rent 06 I 05 05
IIngot 01 I j I 01
lnyo Gold 1 05 111 g 05 i 06h
In108 130 132a UO 132
r Rat 12 12
1r z k1 g 1K Wx 184 19
New r High Grade Features De
velop in Ore Body 120
Feet Wide
Continued good reports of favorable de
velopments come from the Western Ne
vada Copper companys mine in YerIng
ton district On the 300foot level the ore
body has been crosscut 130 feet and a drift
has been run more than 100 feet on its
strike On the 400 level it has been
crosscut for something less than Its full
width and a drift has been run 50 feet
The ore body has been opened on the
500foot level but it has not yet been
developed there to any extent Indica
tions are however that It is fully as
strong there as it is on the upper levels
The workings on those levels General
Manager M M Johnson said yesterday
show long stretches of 5 per cent copper
ore for widths of 15 and 16 feet while the
bunches of high grade running 15 per
cent copper are not at all uncommon
Ore Shipments in Carloads From Tin
tic District for Week Ending Yes
terday Smelter Receipts Given
Eureka Aug 130re shipments in
carloads from the Tintic district for the
week ending today were as follows Cen
tennialEureka 47 Uncle Sam 6 May
Day 2 East Tintic Development 1 Eagle
Blue Bell 1 Grand Central 4 Vic
toria 4 Sioux Con 12 Chief Con 1
BullionBeck 1 Mammoth 1 AJax 2
Scranton 4 Eureka Hill 1 Utah Con
1 Victor 1 Undine 1 Beck Tunnel 4
Iron Blossom 36 Colorado 3S
Preparations are being made for open
ing the local smelter and it will be run
ning full blast by Sunday morning Fol
lowing are the smelter receipts In car
loads for the last ten days Undine 1
AJax 2 Colorado 4 Beck Tunnel 4
Horn Silver 1
Carloads marked are twenty tons
others are fifty tons
South Columbus to Go After
Higher Grade Declares
Manager 1 I
Discussing the action of the director
of the South Columbus Consolidated Min
ing company in levying an assessment of
5 cents a share General Manager Tony
Jacobson said yesterday that it had been
brought abut through their having be
come convinced that the policy for the
company to pursue is that of conducting
an energetic campaign for the opening of
higher grade bodies of ore rather than
to attempt to pay expenses by shipping
ore in the handling of which there is nu
profit In this connection he gave out
the rather startling statement that on
account of au apparently excessive treat
ment charge the company is unable to
ship from its Alta mine at a profit ore
which runs J18 a ton
In the old Quincy tunnel said Mr
Jacobson we have a goodsized body of
ore which breaks around 18 a ton It is
a carbonate leadsilver ore for which on
account of Its siliclous nature we have
been unable to get a treatment charge of
less than 1035 a ton With the further
expense of 450 a ton for freight and
sampling it will be seen that but a trifle
more than the mining cost Is left To
ship that kind of ore under the circum
stances means simply working the mine
to pay expenses there is nothing in it
for the company
We also have a goodsized body of
copper ore a considerable portion of
which runs 67 per cent copper 14 ounces
in sliver and 21 per cent excess of iron
This ore brine about 16 a tqn at Gar
field with the freight and sampling I
charges to be deducted But to handle it i
we have to mine with the higher grade
stuff a larger quantity of ore which runs
about 4 per cent copper and that would
bring the average too low for a reason
able profit
To Get Richer Bodies
The new work laid out 18 that of get
ting under bodies of richer ore which
have been mined near the surface One of
these Is In the old Rustler tunnel from
which in the early days a great deal of
high grade ore was produced We have
about 200 feet further to drive to get that
ore body at depth
At the end of the long drift which wall
sent under the high grade showing in the
Wedge group we are crosscutting in
search of the ore The shaft which was
sunk 150 feet in the Wedge went through
five and six feet of ore which averaged
around fl K > a ton some of it running as
high as 5uri ounces in silver We feel
that It is I mnly > a math of finding the
ore there ct depth b Jrrg in a producer
of considerat r rs rrF But r i On
kr > w3 how ir v Tk It is EC g to
tak > to IrJg t t s +
Guggenheim Railroad Will
Make Rich Region Easy
I of Access
Creeks whose sands are filled with gold
and mountains containing great bodies of
rich copper ore will be brought within
easy access by the building of the Gug
genheims Copper River 8 Northwestern
railroad 300 miles inland from the sea
port of Cordova Alaska according to S
W Eccles of the American Smelting
Refining company who is In the city on
the way east after a trip to that far
northern country
Cost of transportation will be reduced
about 99 per cent Mr Eccles says after
the new railroad is In operation Pros
pectors and others who want to go to the
interior now have to pay from JMO to
nOOO a ton to get their freight hauled
from Valdez to the range in which is
the Guggenheims Bonanza copper mine
That range Is said to be the richest in
minerals of any known range In the
world The Bonanza copper mine has in
sight many thousands of tons of ore
which runs as high as 66 per cent copper
besides vast tonnages of lower grade ores
It hI i primarily to bring out the ores
of that mine that the new railroad Is
being built but Mr Eccles says that It
will make possible the opening of many
more rich mines in the same region as
well as affording miners the opportunity
to work rich placer ground at handsome
profit The railroad is to be ready for
business as far as the mouth of the
Chitin by July 1910 and by the end of
that year It should be completed to the
Bonanza mine Aside from the 200 miles
of the main line the company is building
a 50mile branch to the coal deposits on
Behring river
Connecting with its line of railroad Mr
Ender company already has in service
sixteen oceangoing steamers the largest
of which is of 4000 tons capacity To fa
cilitate the work of prospectors in open
ing new mining camps the company will i
establish several trading posts the first
one of which will be at Copper Center
fourteen miles from the mouth of the
Chitina river With boats in summer and
sleds in winter supplies will be trans
ported from the railroad to the trading
poets farther inland
Ibex Showing Will Start Activ
ity There Intimates D
E Crafts
D E Crafts superintendent of the
Ibex Gold Mining companys property in
the Drum district is enthusiastic over
the showing in the mine He believes
that the Ibex will soon be a large pro
ducer and that its performance will re
sult in the opening of a camp which will
rival Tintic
In the Keystone group of the Ibex
he said yesterday we have a abaft
down STB feet and have cut a large body
of quartz and iron carrying some copper
and gold values On the 900foot level a
crosscut has been driven eighteen feet
without getting through the vein matter
A drift 10 being run on the 409 level to
cut the same shoot and I think that there
it will be higher grade It U the inten
tion to sink to the 600foot level and cut
It again
On the E P H group we have a shaft
down 200 feet and a drift from the bot
tom of the shaft has struck a pipe of
very highgrade copper ore carrying
good gold and silver value We are
taking out ore that runs more than SO
per cent copper A hoist IB to be put
on that shaft right away and then we
will soon open another big producer I
have no doubt that the district with de
velopment will equal Tintic
Mining Notes I
W H DeWolf prominent mining man
and merchant of Milford was In the city
S M Levy left last night for Frisco to
examine the later ore developments In
the Beaver Carbonate mine
Judge Ed Pike of Eureka wa In the
city yesterday on the wax home after a
visit of several weeks in Seattle
R B Kenyon superintendent of the
Commonwealth mine in Beaver county
left yesterday for Tacoma and Seattle on
a vacation trip
The Utah Coalition Mines company has
encountered a full face of carbonate ore
In its tunnel which is being driven to
open at depth a large estate of highly
mineralized ground in Alta Manager
Strickland believes that the tunnel is now
In the real ore country although It has
1000 feet further to run to get under the
big surface showing

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