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B Mrs G B S Wilkins entertained last
evening with a delightful five hundred
party given In honor of Miss Mildred
Mtllspaugh of Los Angeles who is visit
ing Mlsa Beth Critchlow for a few
weeks The bridge tables were daintily
decorated In pink sweet peas About
twenty guests were entertained and
Mrs Wilkins was assisted by Mrs
Matthew Cullen and Mrs W B Stan
A five hundred party was given yes
terday afternoon at the home of Mrs
0 F Peterson on East Fifth South
street the honored guests being Mrs M
J Keen of San Diego and Mrs Peter
sons sister Miss Ruby Lindsay of New
York Four tables of bridge were
played the prizes being awarded to
Mrs Louis Schoppe and the guests of
honor The decoration scheme was car
ried out in the national colors red
white and blue sweet peas being used
with pretty effect in the table decora
tions The same color effect was car
ried out In the refreshments Mrs
Peterson was assisted in serving by
Mrs Luke Cosgrove
Miss Ruby Lindsay and Mrs M J
Keen were the complimented guests on
Thursday evening at a party formed to
view the fireworks on Ensign peak
Later the guests were entertained with
an informal supper given at the home
of J B Ted ford covert being laid for
t < n guests
X 5fC
Mrs Charles A Walker and Mtsa
Kiith Walker entertained on Friday for
Miss Margaretta E Johnson one of the
late summer brides The rooms were
charmingly decorated with garden
fiwers throughout The guests Invited
ited to meet Miss Johnson Included
Mr H P Johnson Mrs H J Malan
of Oxford Idaho Mrs F J Brickley
Mrs G H Bush and the Misses
Josephine Johnson Mam e Mickelson
Ethel Edwards Beadle Edwards Ida
l Yirke Gladys Wilkins Genevieve
7 Johnson Grace Vincent Neva Walker
and Zella Morrill
i IC
A parcel shower was given at the
home of Mrs B Busby on Friday af
ternoon the honored guest being Miss
Ada Yard who will be married next
week A red color scheme was carried
out in the parlor decorations while
golden glow and nasturtiums were ef
fectively used in the dining room
Twenty guests were present during the
Mrs S B Clark will be the hostess
at a five hundred party to be given
this afternoon at her home In East
First South street the guest of honor
to be Mrs M J Keen who is visiting
her daughter atra F B Whitmore
a <
k lake party will be given this even
ing by Mrs A G Andrews in honor
of Miss Hattie Wishard of Los Angeles i
and Miss Eleanor Peterson of New
Haven who are spending a few days In
the city as the guests of Mrs Andrews
J Farrell will entertain a party of
seven guests at a dinner to be given
this evening at the Country club
Mrs A H Prosser will entertain with
a buffet supper to be given on Sunday
evening at her country home the com
plimented guest being Miss Shirley
Palmer who is visiting at the Dunn
home on Third avenue Miss Palmer
will also be the honored guest at a lake
party to be given by a number of the
lounger society boys next Tuesday
evening The party will be chaperoned
by Mrs J R Walker and Mrs H
Vance Lane
Miss Marguerite Boehmer and Miss
Ruth Boehmer of Denver will be the
guests of honor at a party to be given
r > n Monday evening at Saltair
I < t
Mrs A M Howard came down from
Brighton early In the week for a few
days visit Miss Elsie Scheid who has
been the guest of Mrs Howard ao
rompanied her to the city Mrs How
ard returned to Brighton on Wednesday
to remain until September
Mrs H W Branch Is entertaining her
sisterinlaw Mrs William Barnes of
Denver Mrs Barnes accompanied by
her son Clyde arrived in the city on
Sunday and will remain here for sev
eral weeks
Miss Edith Heath of Greeley Colo
Arrived in Salt Lake on Friday evening
and will spend a couple of weeks here
as the guest of Miss Gail Mills at her
home on North State street
Mi and Mr R E Fitch and son
Robert G Fitch will return to their
home in Laramie Wyo after s > weeks
visit here as the guests of Mr and
Mrs Edward Merrill
Mrs C Chase of Washington D C
who is here as the guest of her sister
Mrs Henry Sadler left Thursday with
Mrs Jack Gilmer for Brighton where
they will spend a few days
Miss Alta Rawlins has returned from
a months visit in San Diego
HZ ae
Mrs J Roes F Clark of Los Angeles
visited in the city on Wednesday as
the guest of her sister Mrs James
Judge and Mrs John A Marshall
have ae their guest Arthur Johnson of
Cleveland Ohio
Mr and Mrs W J Browning have
returned from a several weeks visit
at the Seattle fair
Miss Ruby Lambourne who leaves
shortly for the east was guest of honor
Thursday at ji luncheon given by Mrs
M J McGill at the Commercial club
Mrs J H Schwartz entertained
Thursday for Miss Fay Brimhall of
Provo an autumn bride at a shower
Music was enjoyed during the after
noon Several outoftown guests en
Joyed the affairJjt
Jjt 3fJ tC
Mr and Mrs George Thatcher of
Logan are the guests of Mr and Mrs
D S Spencer
Mr and Mrs J A Gre newnld en
tertained twelve guests at an elegant
dinner Friday night at their home in
honor of Rabbi and Mrs M P Jacobson
of Shreveport La Later an auto ride
was enjoyed followed by a late mp r
at the Louvre
A quiet wedding of Wednesday was
that of Miss Edith M Slier rail en and
Edward H Thorn The Rev Dr W M
Paden officiated in the presence of a
few friends at the home of the bride
Mr and Mrs Thorns permanent resi
dence will be 2205 South Third East
Mrs Emma Ramsey Morris enter
tained the members of the veteran drum
corps at her home 127 South Second
West street Friday at 3 oclock in
honor of the memory of her father
who was a lifer in the band of the One
Hundred and Third Illinois volunteer
infantry Several musical numbers were
given by the guests during the after
noon and Mrs Morris sang several
solos after which delicious refreshments
were served
Did it ever occur to you that a
good diamond is like a good cor
ner lot and that the owner of
either will sell only at a fair profit
And did it ever occur to you that
a big diamond at a low price has
something wrong with it and is
sold cheap for the same reason
that a corner lot with a slaughter
house option next door < that you
don know about is sold cheap
In either case you get just what
you pay lortbe usual bargain
in one instance and a good asset
in the other
It you can afford a diamond at
J ail buy one that is just right and
it will be brilliant but i if it lacks
brilliancy It lacks everything thai t
gives it character and one had
better wear glass and put his
money out at interest
I Our diamonds are worth while
jPhone 65 for the cor
rect time
UI wt
< I f W V1JoCi2
G A R Dally Ogden Excursion
One dollar round trip Salt Lake to
Ogden daily Aug 8 to li inclusive via
Bamberger Line Return limit Aug
17 Sixteen trains dally
Via Oregon Short Line R R
3900 from Salt Lake to Seattle and
return on sale daily commencing June
1 Ask agents for further particulars
City ticket office 201 Main street
Saturday night Is the shopping time
for tourists and GAR visitors Walk
ers store open until 930 p m
Trfb Reporter Printing Co 66 W
2nd South St tunes 718
r On account of the large number of remaining G A R visitors this store will reraaia open natil 930
I tonight
Shop Tonight
I Store Closes
at a a
at 930 P M
Tonight Store open until
930 P M
Saturday Morning Sales
r O
t i t
+ 1
i in
p yII
t ll
Tailored and Lingerie Waists 98c
A special sale in the waist department that offers exceptional savings
womens fine tailored lingerie and colored lingerie waists in a great
variety of dainty and modish styles and a full range of sizes in the
assortment broken lines from this seasons selling worth from f Q j
150 to 225grouped into one lot for special clearance 9 8 C
New Lingerie Waists 298
Monday we announced a great sale of lingerie waistshundreds have
been soldthe daintiest and most fashionable effects of the season for
final clearance we have grouped into one lot the entire remaining
assortment that were on sale at 375 and 400
to 2 98
1600 Gingham Dresses 750 Black Panama
Skirts a298
For clearance we table in the suit depart
The Summers newest French Modql onopicco ging ment one special assortment of the Sum
ham draaeas longwaisted effects with kilted skirts mers newest styles in black panama skirts
trimmed with laces and insertionworth 1600 plain tailored or finished with fold Worth
5s1e1Qj 750sale 298
Misses and Little Womens Suits
Worth from 750 up to 1650Sale 495
One of the Summers most sensational bargains in the suit section misses and
little womens tailored coat suits and fancy threepiece suits plain tailored or trimmed
with lace insertion and laces an assortment of colorings to select froma large range
of sizesfor final clearance750 to 1650 valuessale 495
Black Sateen Linen and Pique
Petticoats 9 8 C Sailors 98 C
A weekend special sale in the Milli
A special saleWomens black sateen and f spe Millinery
1 departmentpetite linen and sailors
f n pique
finished with full
silk petticoats w deep
in the modish new Summer styles
flounces and dust rufflepetticoats of ex trimmed with plain bands and straw and
cellent service and appearanceworth up chiffon bows as you prefer Some in the
to 75sale98c assortment worth up to OOsale98c
On the Saturday Bargain Tables
Misses Tan Hose 19c Mens Dept Specials Domestics
3 pairs for 55c For clearance we have tabled
1 special clearance sale
One entire case of Midas tan lisle bled a great assortment of
finished Hose of exceptional quality of broken lines
fine ribbed reinforced sole all mens furnishings 1 broken
sizesworth I5c sale the pair
sizes 19c three pairs for 66c lines 1 reduced to shelfclear S8c Sheetseke 81 by 90 in
in sacrifices 79c
W omens Black Hose ing XT
f 150 Mens Nainsook Pa 30c Caaa sfca 45 38
35c 3 pairs for 100 1 jamas 95c ml by
in 22c
excellent Womens wearing black gauze quality cotton double Hose 200 Fancy Madras Pajamas
sole knee and top fine and light 129 126 Bleached Table Lin
the pair cthree pairs for 100 mils p
200 Pain Sateon Pajamas ens 100
Womens Union Suits
women s nlon UltS masl
55c worth 75c 85c mas 250 Fine Madras Pajamas 50c on White Linen Waist
ings 20c
A special pale of exceptional value mas155
womens gauze Union Salts all
styles high and low neck long and On the bargain table are other 25c Bleached Turkish
short sleeves knee and ankle length tremendous savings In mens hosiery
slaes from 4 to IIworth 75c and neckwear shirts etc4V8 on them Towels
86ctale55c until sold
For Bilious Attacks
Here is help for you Your bilious attacks may be both prevented
and relieved but prevention is i better than cure The means are
at your hand When a dull headache furred tongue yellow cast
to the eyes inactive bowels dizziness or a sick stomach warn
you of a coming bilious attack resort at once to
which act almost instantly on the liver and bowels and quickly
regulate the flow of bile A few doses of Beechams Pills will
correct the stomach put the blood in order relieve headache and
the entire
tone system
For over sixty years on land and sea Beechams Pills by their
safe and thorough action on the stomach bile and bowels have
maintained their worldwide reputation as
The Best Bile Medicine
Bores lOc and 25c with full directions
Female Troubles
And disease of the nerves are rKt
incurable This is proven btyond
the shadow of a doubt by the hun
dreds of cures being made by Chi
Yot may be treated at my office
privately and without interffr > nr
from your daily work
Call and let me explain
Mrs G B H Pickard
217218 Herald Building
H i ive intense fat
without smote or
HEATERi because
ill lrirtTTfl equipped wittt
HEATER smokeleea device
Baily clean ed
rldre wie1k6nk Made In two flntte I
nickel and Japan Burn aloe boon EWT iMt
warranted Jf TO II cannot get beater or Inff rniat fa
born Tocr dwjer wrtte MareM agency for df crp o
Un clrcolAr
Estimates Furnished
Bell Phone 2727 Ind 254
Res Bell 1207Y
118 neat Second South
JobJrlnr Promptly Attended Tex
Harpers Weekly
At the very edge of the great crater of
the volcano of Kilauea on the island of
Hawaii about two hundred miles from
Honolulu is located one of the most novel
ranches in the world Its owner is an
American and he is making a profitable
business from the sordid occupation of
idlsinx swine but the remarkable fea
ture in the farming operations is the man
ner of feeding the stock
Covering the slopes of this crater moun
tain and entirely surrounding the ranch
is a dense forest a greater part of whose
thick undergrowth is composed of giant
tree ferns That variety of vegetation
often rises to a height of fifty feet with
wonderful feathery foliage and stems
frequently a foot or more in diameter
The hard shelllike covering to thee
trunks Incloses a fibrous mass consist
ing principally of a pulp rich in starches
and sugars Experiments demonstrated
that after thoroughly steaming or cook
ing this pulp it becomes soft and is
greedily oaten by the hogs but the meth
od of preparing the fodder was too ex
pensive for practical purposes However
the natural resources of Hawaii solved
the problem
The hardened lava coating which ex
tends for a considerable distance on every
side of the active central pit of the vol
cano is cracked in many places allow
ing steam to escape continually Yan
I kee ingenuity recognized the value of
these phenomena and above several of
the fissures gridirons were erected and
cordwood lengths of fern trunks piled
upon them The effectiveness of this
primitive steam cooker was immediately
apparent and in the course of one or two
days the toughest fern became tender un
der this treatment A single stroke with
an ax then sufficed to split open each
stem and laid bare the nutritious pulp
which the swine eagerly devoured
Pearsons Weekly
Arsenic eating is indulged in in England
today to a considerable extent There are
dainty dames in vest end mansions who
swallow the poison In profusion So too
do the foreignborn East London arti
ficial flower makers the object in both
cases being the same namely the beauti
fying of the complexion
Very minute quantities of the drug
taken dally for long periods give to the
skin a dazzling purity and delicacy of col
oring obtainable In no other way Even
a coarse blotchy face is transfigured and
beautified by It
The girls and women in the factories
mostly aliensare fully aware of these
facts and not only make use of the poi
son themselves for that purpose but
smuggle it outside and give or sell it to
their friends and acquaintances
I Not long since a Polish Jewess was
prosecuted for this at a London police
I court when It transpired that she had
for years been a victim to the arsenic
habit her average daily dose being half
a grain Her system the police sur
geon explained had undoubtedly become
inured to the effects of the poison since
such a quantity introduced daily Into the
system of an unimmune person would
PT qulrkiv be followed bv serious symp
toms and probably bv death
I opium in the f > rm of laudanum Is
rg 1 l vsp < J In tVf factory dlstrirts nf
> nrth crd rtalr rf thn souther
lagri I alb ral counties Laudanum is a
poison scheduled in the pharmacy act
but is is also an ordinary article of
commerce and there is therefore nothing
to prevent a chemist from selling any
quantity of it to any person giving any
thing like a plausible explanation of the
purpose for which he requires It Some
victims of the habit will consume ai
much as three ounces daily yet a sin
gle drachm has been known to cause
Ether drinking Is common among the
natives of Connemara who also are in
the habit upon occasion of dosing them
selves with tartar emetic probably the
most loathsome of all toxic drugs This
they do under the Impression that It is a
preventive ofsome say cure for con
Cleveland Press
One day last week a teacher In Bolton
school picked up In the street a chamois
bag and peering Inside saw some dia
monds Advrtisemnts telling of the loss
of J2000 worth of diamonds led the school
teacher to the residence of the owner the
wife of a down town merchant Incident
ally a reward was offered but the woman
who found them is of character too high
to make a reward a thing to be consid
ered In such a case She carried the dia
monds to the woman who had lost them
and the latter seized them with all the
Joy that a woman could possibly show on
the recovery of her jewels
And now said the woman you shall
have a reward of 10 if you take It out in
trade in my husbands shop
The school teachers sense of humor
prevented her from showing any disgust
and she told the owner that she could not
think of taking a reward for common
honesty and was only too glad to find the
owner During the conversation the wo
man was counting the diamonds and she
suddenly broke out with
One of them is missing One of them
Is missing What are you going to do
about that 7
The best I can do about that replied
the school teacher is to wish that more
were missing Good day
Cleveland Leader
Alexander Wright brother of the coun
ty auditor who is i visiting Cleveland for I
a vacation period and who is in the pub
lic service in his Scottish home tells this
tale anent one MGr gor a thrifty man
In a land of thrift who was ssen in Glas
gow wearing a lustrous sparkler in his
cravat To him said Sandy McDermott
Who gin ye the dlmon McGregor
Nobbut myself was the answer
Oh aye ventured the questioner
Yeve been trating yersel eh
No that eyether McGregor made re
ply But ye ken Im execooter of the
estate o Sammie McDougal
An ye has yer hans in the pile the
Hush mon said McGregor looking
hurt Tls a i th will First It said
hn lawfu debts were to be paid which
was onnalcessary under law Then it
said th execooter was to set aside thlrty
fI pun for th buryin Dye mind
Oh aye responded McDermott
An then he wished th execooter to 1
procure as handsome a stone as could be
had in a Glasgy for a matther o sev
enty pun
Awed mon concluded McGregor
this is the stone
St Louis GlobeDemocrat
Apropos of examination time Professor
Carl C Petersen of Dubuque related at a
recent dinner some examination stories
Once in a Bible lesson he said I
repeated the text Arise and take the
young child and Its nether and flee Into
Egypt And the I showed the children a
large picture that illustrated the text in
bright colors
The children studied this picture
eagerly Then they all frowred all
looked rather disappointed Finally a lit
tle girl said
Teacher where is the flea

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