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London Aug 15on suburban com
mons of London and village greens of
England companies of young men
practice mhtary drill after supper or
diner until 9 oclock brings night
fall at this season They are the terrl
trial army hastily organized to sup
ers rle the militia and get ready to
rep I German invasion A hundred
Brtsh war vessels from big battie
st to little torpedo boats have for
a ivtnight bn a London show on the
Thames river and estuary These do
irs have < me of a play An Eng
lishmans Home bored a months aud
Ifddl In New York because they took
nj pains to romprehend It allegory of
a German capture of England and saw
in it nothing more than a burlesque
comedy It got American appreciation
f of its keen satire in Canada only Here
j in London it was performed half a
y < ar and was stopped only when the
C ernment wanted it to It roused
Englands martial spirit hence the ter
ritorial army and that was a patriotic
good thing to do but after awhile it
began to weaken public faith in the ai
vinobility of the British navy as a
fur jcient defense of the coast and
that was not denied desirable
It is said that Sir Charles Wyndham
t An Knplishmans Home on the
e with no expectation of profit and
l because King Edward his long
cronlwho had knighted him
od it to be done also that royal
jnce made him take it off when
Thames naval spectacle was
J fwd BO that public opinion might
ove the costly increase of the na
b war force on water rather than
tn land I write this to explain the
memorable yet curtailed triumph of a
IlY that New York would take no in
t tt in
Annual Summer Show
And now the annual summer show at
the Crystal palace is denoted to that
m < > topic of the overthrow of the
aC Ill try by the Germans The Crystal
palace is a huge structure of iron and
his made of material from the first
v rids fair of i iM < It is eight miles
cut from Strand center but easy to
ft to from ail parts of London A new
toil how snit jMme little ones are con
> raved each Yf ar to attract the popu
a and what else could the main
thing be far 1U09 than The Invasion
of England The government has a
theatrical < nr hip you anon hence
the Crystal piltes spectaculariation of
4 Tt utonic m race is surely sanctioned
if not inspired officially and taking
that view of the affair isnt It a re
in entertainment
It begins with an expanse of English
rural placidity A calm village is in
th > foreground Placid farmlands
stretch away in the distances All is
W ItVt > if iii it plenty A gypsy camp
s t r > the sane languidly A Maypole
tanre putt a i ttle more life into it A
< unty fair with field sports and horse
ruing rouses it to sluggish anima
tion For an hour it is a very spacious
Tow of country realism Like our hip
p drome t > li bless you no As > big
but nowhere a 3 fine
The landscape is dimmed by an Eng
liK fog and when it lifts strange ob
jrr ts are SIn to float among the clouds
They puzzie + the rustics alarm the
more knowing ones and soon are rec
osrnized as a fled of balloon ships Ger
many has vailed England with an
aerial navy The surprising first attack
In a TeutonAnglo war Is not made
from land or sea but from the sky
Fhi ll N dropped from these airships aloft
di troy a ton below What can save
th < Knd and its people from destruc
tion i Whir English valor The brave
r < tc territorial army the valorous OM
rouLlr army an1 a staunch navy of
I < ii adnougM in a spectacular splutter
f lireworks and a thunder of cannon
LiU makes a climaxlc picture of Eng
land sinking Germany in the English
> lunnel Goi1 Save the King and lose
In > nephew the Kaiser
The narie of Wyndham suggests the
London play producing players of the
kind which since Mansfield America
possesses only i Sothern and Miller They
a exit here potentially Henry Irving
was knighted for what he did by in
tative for the drama and King Ed
ward has honored Charles Wyndham
anti Herbert erbohm Tree similarly
I told you iiat I would write about
tin distinctly summer amusements of
Paris and Berlin hut unusually cool
weather has kept British royalty at Its
capital until August and until that
goes the season lasts Therefore and
unexpectedly I have seen six of the
no tor managers ot Londontwo In con
cluding performances
Alexander Is the London Drew
George Alexander is the John Drew
of London and Drew has acted many
Alexander parts A reason why Alex
ander has made no tour of America is
said to be that whenever he produces
a pay good enough to use In introduc
ing himself to U = Charles Frohman
buy l it from him for Drew Now
j Alexander is a boon Comrade of royalty
r which is costly and so he sells for ready
money roles that later he would like
to take across the Atlantic himself As
Alexander is gtttmg oldish it is unlike
ly under the circumstances that he wll
ever perform in America He is a fine
and facile artist In Old Heidelberg
in which I saw him his makeup to look
lie a prince of twenty was an illusion
of youth sustained by a young manner
If jour memory isnt burtheneo
more than hazily with the name of
Alexander you may not know that
Maude isnt a stage lady but soon you
would lean if I didnt tell you now
that Cecil Maude is of London renown
as an actor managerfor he is to make
an American tour next season So 1
shall be glad to gee him in A Merry
Devil said I And I shall be sorry
to have y < u said a friend of his
Maude will introduce himself across
the sea in an attractive play but here
now ha Is exercising his versatility bv
taking on the bulbous nose rotund
belly and still thicker voice of a Fal
Ftaffian drunkard and glutton In that
guise he has misadventures like Pal
staffs in The Merry Wives of Wind
sor in a combined imitation of that
play The Taming of the Shrew and
Twelfth Night Mrs Maude figures
gaily as the omposite Mrs Ford Viola
and Katherine tamed finally by a
Malvoleo who becomes a Petruchio
but the new Fastaff is a snuffling
grunting snoiting belching and other
wise disgusting creature So I didnt
get a sound or sight of Londons hand
some and polite light comedian The
unshakable loyalty of Londoners to
1 their theatrical favorites is wonderful
4 They cant fall absolutely with ever so
bad a play rr port It was the hundred
and sixth performance of A Merry
Devil that I saw and the house was
full yet there wasnt one outbreak of
laugl + er nor one round of applause
The people around me though talked
of their pets skill in disguising his looks
and voice
Speak English Well
The English language is not spoken
more correctly or understandably than
by London actors who go to America
and by many of those who stay at
home It is a pleasure to listen to them
But most of the comedian in roles re
quiring them to iTie rapid utterance
to colloquial r1TIO = re unintelligible
to Americar It na FG with Weedon
L Grossmlth ml tTvc 11 Mr Tweedy
and the Ctlnts l u rse with
nearly al concerned in The King
of aroma Here Is a musical COM
euy said I to myself that irust 1 u t r
corker else a two hundredth perform
ance wouldnt be on for tonight I
found it to be a comic opera in man
ner with the old old plot of a real and
a bogus king playing hideandseek or
tagyoureit set to music that was
sung well by a physically fine cho s
in showy attire I liked the young
women for being of the stateyl type
the soldiers for being big beefy fellows
That they moved slowly and none too
gracefully was an agreeable change
once in a way from the limber liveli
ness of our extravaganzas But the six
antic comedians and soubrettes might
have spoken Choctaw for all I could
make out of their jokes in London par
lance on London topics spoken rapidly
with London pronunciation The At
lantic had never seemed so wide nor
our English cousins so far removed
For the same reasons another mus
ical piece of long duration here Our
Miss Gibbs will have to be worded
and spoken differently to get Into
American ears It had drowsed mo al
most to sleep when something sounded
familiarly American Was I dreaming
of home sweet home I awoke to the
consciousness that Gertie Millar whom
we had in The Girls of Gottenberg
on one side of Broadway last winter
when Bessie McCoy was in Three
Twins on the other side had kept her
threat to sing and dance The Yama
Man I dont know who made that
variant of Ned Harrigans old negroism
The Bogie Man but Bessie was first
to perform It in a way to boost the
show in which it was the best thing
Gertie told Bessie that she would take
it back with her to London despite all
international copyright laws and now
with it she gives speed to the otherwise
Flowgoing Our Miss Gibbs And as
the tune is played by Londons hotel
restaurant and theatre orchestras the
grab was a big one
H Beerbohm Tree made a revival of
The School for Scandal At the hun
dredth performance which I saw it was
Sir Herbert Tree who enacted Sir Peter
Teazle King Edward had knighted
him two weeks before but with the
proviso that he discard the Beerbohm
portion of his name You have never
Ken more than threequarters of the
Sheridan comedy on the stage nor
probably read it in its entirety As
presented heretofore within half a cen
tury a first scene contains the only
meeting of the scandal mongers at Lady
Sneerwells house with Sir Peter and
Lady Teazle as visitors As Sheridan
wrote the play there are two spells of
gossip at Lady Sneerwells and between
them a scene of bickering by Sir Peter
and Teazle at their home
Excision and readjustment here and
further along make the play more expe
ditious and they serye also to increase
the relative Importance of Sir Peter and
his teasing bride and to decrease that
of the two Surfaces That was done
no doubt because a succession of stage
celebrities acted as the quarreling hus
band and wife while less was done
with contrasting brothers
It is unjust to say that Sir Herbert
Tree had any other than an artistic
purpose in giving The School for Scan
dal at its full length from 8 oclock
to 1180 yetan American argued to
me that knowing his Sir Peter could
nowhere else equal that of preceding
actors he sought to win a success by
bettering the opportunities of others in
the cast The late John Gilbert was
Americas ideal Sir Peter and Tree
foregoes the impossible effort at the
petulant irascibility of Gilbert or the
English Phelps and doesnt character
ize the husband as old enough to be
decrepit or a dotard but as a wellkept
gentleman of fifty With such an Amer
ican Lady Teazle in mind I couldnt
make myself admire a weak young
English actress in the part
Sheridan meant Joseph and Charles
Surface to be paramount with their con
trast of hypocritical and lighthearted
profligacy and Trees production car
ries out that purpose Josephs scenes
in his library are elabgrated and
Charless supper is such a carousal as
ia rarely seen in stage production Nor
does Tree take the tag for himself
nor follow the practice of giving it to
Lady Teazle but leaves it as written
to Charles Surface The cast wouldnt
mean much to American readers al
though it contains suitable talent of
London renown
What the other London producing ac
tors are doing is less readable to you
In the absence of Sir Charles Wynd
ham two of his three theatres are rent
ed to Fred Terry and Weedon Gros
smith known but slightly and many
years ago in our country but of much
account in England Terry IB the rakish i
ish hero of a fustianlc melodrama of the
Huguenpt massacre while Grossmlth
is the funny man of the farce Mr
Tweedy and the Countess and aud
iences big and fine enjoyed both great
ly but neither is of a sort to be ex
Underground Theatre
A description of the house occupied
by Grossmith will interest you I think I
as being a theatre the like of which Is i
not and never was in all America It
is underground Most of the parquets
here even in the newer structures are
reached by going down cellar one or
two storiesbut in this one the top
gallery is level with the street and oc
cupants of the stalls as well as the pit
back of them go down narrow winding
stairways three stories At a depth
that cant be less than fifty feet you
settle into a broad easychair and may
be you have forgotten how deep down
you are when in accordance with the
fire law a curtain of sheet Iron is low
ered slowly solemnly and on It you
read Safety Oh yes It says so
yet you say to yourself I wonder
The new Tree theatre is built on the
American model as to lines of sight
from all parts the slope of the floors
ifor I that purpose the bringing forward
of the balconies and the general aspect
of the auditorium yet it retains an
oldtime and peculiar nuisance The
rows of parquet chairs in all the theat
res called stalls run in rows all the
way across with aisles only along the
walls If your seat happens to be on
the same side that you enter you go
to it on the level but if it be on the
further side you get there by going
downstairs through a passage and then
upstairs again Think of so advanced
an actor manager as Tree repeating
such a nuisance as that in a new house
His excuse is that Londoners are used
to it and dont complain
And I take it that Tree is a liberal
minded public spirited man for In say
ing au revoir to the audience the night
I saw him he spooned out taffy to his
rival actor managers in seeming sincer
ity He spoke of Sir Henry Irvings
son and namesake who is to go into
management here next season as a
guardian of the drama by heritage
and I find that great expectations are
based on the present Henry Irving
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McClellans Symphony Orchestra
Concert at Saltalr today 4JO > > to 530
In restaurant 6 to 916 Fifty perform
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eAi ut 1 4 Uf tt p fgfK ILQ ff < < < < lb
1 CnO = < =
11 rj During the month of
W fddJCnO 11 lg 1LS t sae S = August cial sales we throughout feature spe the
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