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day is in reality a mea Dished room finds a good IItah and
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sage to you tenant
YoL InterMountain 16 No8 Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH MONDAY f NOVEMBER 11909 1 Price I 5 Cents The YoL Salt 157 lAke No Herald 61
Man Given ThirtyDay Sen
tence on Vagrancy Charge
Tells How He Is Instructed
to Register for the Election
George Siade Recent Inmate
of the Infirmary Says He
Had No Intention of Voting
Until Told to Register
C I J F Larson am the Identlv
< cal J F Larson who wa arrested >
< OJ Oct 2 1909 on a charge of vagrancy < >
0 granc and sentenced Oct 16 un v
< der the name of Earl 0 Clark to G
0 serve thirty days In the city jail 0
0 lln Oct 26 I was made an outside < >
Co trusty by Jailer Nick Gulbransen 0
o and received permlseion to get a 0
c pall of shoes and register I was 9
j asked to take two men to the 0
C registration office One of the men
named Flores registered from the 0
r American house at The Herald
< Republlcan office where I also C >
4 > registered and the other regis 0
4 tered at the office In the Heron ho
o tel building giving his address at 0
6 the rear of 120 East First South c >
street Flores was at that time a 0
4 rrlsoner Itti the city jail J
0 Before I was released Nick Gul 0
Y bransen told me to see my friends 0
E and work for the right side and 0
before releasing me Chief Barlow 0
asked what I had been arrested 0
for and how long I had to servo 0
4 Since that time I have not been 0
r back to the jail
I make this affidavit with full
C knowledge of Its contents and of
n my own free will 0
< Subscribed and sworn to before 0
< > me this 31st day or October 1909 0
Notary Public 0
< IIy commission expires March 3 0
1912 0
+ p 000000000 00000000
IQre evidence against the pollee de
partment In assisting wholesale illegal
registration In the Fiftyfourth and
Fiftythird election districts was gath
ered yesterday In an affidavit signed
by John F Larson which places the
responsibility directly on S M Barlow
chief of police and Nick Gulbransen
city jailer Investigation Is being
made by the proper authorities and It
Is probable that before night warrants
will be Issued for members of the pc
I1le department who have been Implicated
ated In compelling men to register
The affidavit of John M Larson gives
only a general outline of the work of
the police force In compelling vagrants
and prisoners to register some of
horn had no legal residence In Utah
Larson was arrested In Commercial
street Oct 2 and was taken to the city
jail where he was held for two weeks
before he was allowed a hearing He
was then sentenced to serve thirty
days on the unsupported testimony of
a police officer who said he had seen
Larson sleeping In alleys and out I
h uses Larson anted to register on
t e first day of registration he says
and his request was repeated to Jailer
GJbransen last Tuesday Gulbransen
talked with him for some time regard
Ing his acquaintance In Commercial
strer and Larson was told that a man
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Chief Forester Writes Letter
Warning Public Against the
Danger of Trusts Grabbing
All Dam Locations in West
Says Conditions Favorable To
ward Monopoly If Not
Promptly Checked by Strong
Arm of the Government
Washington Oct 31The practice of
gQvernment in granting water power
concessions ie I outlined by Gifford Pin
chot United States forester In a letter
written to Colonel H L HIggInson of
Boston Mass a director of the Gen
eral Electric company The letter fol
My Dear Colonel Higginson
Your letter of Oct 9 Is received You
will be glad to know that I have been
misquoted as to the statements you
mention First of ail I have no desire
to prevent or retard the development
of water powers by private capItal
They should be developed by private
capital In my judgment under proper
government control and not by the
nation or the states
Secondly I have not raid either pri
vately or publicly that the General
Electric company or any other single
existing corporation controls or Is now
seeking to control illl the water powers
In the country But no one can deny
there Is a marked tendency toward
practical concentration and control of
the hydroelectric development over
very wide areas
In some cases this concentration
may be a mere community of Inter
ests evidenced and made effective by
directorates In several legally distinct
corporations held by the representa
tives or the same Interests or friendly
In other cases It appears to be
brought about by a closer Intercorpo
rate relations and In still other cases
as for Instance In central California
there seems to be a single corporate con
trol of a large and populous territory
The report of the commissioner of cor
porations transmitted to congress with
his message of January 15199 vetoing
a bill H B 17707 to license the build
Ing of a darn In James river Mo es
tablishes these fact
Opportunity for Truct
The IncreasIng radIus of practicable
electric transmission and the recent
financial history of the country as to
consolidation of other kinds of busi
ness seems to justify the belief that
there Is a strong tendency toward con
centrated control of hydroelectric de
velopment In the United States
I do not say a single trust has yet
been formed As an outsider I have
not the Information which would war
rant my saying that such a trust has
been planned but It Is apparent the
present tendencies favor such a trust
and wlll produce It It they continue
I therefore think It Is of the utmost
Importance for the people to understand
these tendencies realize their Import
and take effective steps now while there
is at time to retain and effectively ex
ercise public control of this vital ne
cessity of life This may be done by
giving concessions limited In time re
quiring a fall rental and imposing con
ditions to prevent the evils whIch ex
perience has taught us to expect from
unregulated monopoly
I am very glad Indeed to have your
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Death Cancels the Entire Schedule
Including the Famous Army
I Navy Annual Contest
West Point N Y Oct 31Cadet Eugene A Byrne who was in
jured hl yesterdays football game between the Army team and Harvard
died early today His father former Chief of Police John A Byrne of
Buffalo was with him when he died
The tragedy has brought such poignant grief to officers and cadets
alike that the end of football at WestPoint and Annapolis is announced
for this season and perhaps forever Young Byrne expired at sunrise
Buried beneath a mass of struggling players in the HarvardArmy
game yesterday his neck was twisted and broken by the weight of the I
crushing pile above him
L M 00
Only the Immediate resort to artificial
Trplratlon kept We boy from almost In
stant death for he did not draw a
natural breath after receiving the fatal
shock 1
Fneral services will be held tomorrow
In the Catholic chapel at the post where
the body was taken A cadet guard has
been posted at the chapel and details of
young soldiers will watch over the body
until aftEr the services tomorrow The
f nEral will be conducted with full mili
tary honors
The manner of young Byrnes Injury
tnessed as It was by the father and
the hundreds gathered to the strlllgle be
tween the Army and Harvard was
dramatiC When spectators realized the
shock wa serious the cheering was
hushed as If by magic A few minutes
later Byrne was carried unconscious from
the field
By order of Colonel Scott cadet activi
tiES for today were directed to be only
such as were necessary There was no
parade tonight the flag was lowered to
half mast and directions were given that
nIl academic duties be suspended tomo
row Colonel Scott also announced no
more games would be played this year
Young Byrne was only 21 years old but
r was a veteran of the army football team
and popular with his classmates and of
tlCers He was acting as captain of the
eleven yesterday
Byrne was Injured in a mass play C1
tackle 11 play common enough In foot
ball and which had been used several
times In the game previous to the Incident
Byrne standing valiantly as left tackle
for the army was forced under the rush
or crimson players and falling must
have hAd his mead twisted Into a position
where the weight of the men piling upon
him was greater than the strong liga
ments of the vertebral column could
If Byrne dies It will kill football for
both West Point and Annapolis was the
freQuent remark heard on the grounds
last night and tonight with Byrne dead
the feeling prevailed that football as a
sport at Vest Point and Annapolis has
been killed Not even the famous Army
Navy game will be played
Chicago Oct 3LIntttlews with col
lege authorities throughout the United
States concerning theo continuance of foot
ball games have been complied by a Chi
cago papers The authorities are about
equally divided for and against the games
Kokomo ImI Oct 3Logla Seagraves
was fatally Injured In a football game
between Koltomo and NOblesvil1e today
Annapolis Oct 31Cadet Earl Wilson
hurt In a football game two weeks ago
ls still In a crItIcal condition
Omaha Oc nCae Creighton whose
collar bone was broken In a foot vall game
today has develotad Internal InJuTes
and his condltloan Is serious
Philadelphia Oct 31Michael Burke
died today from Injuries reCeived In a
football game
Roy Spybuck an Indian playing on the
Haskell football team died tonight of In
juries received In a game
L The Next Mayor of Salt Lake r
Y y >
t d i z y
4 p
r a
w 4 t
e 4 < t t
t + d i w
r F tri rip
t a
t i
ti E r 4
R s
x t 4 4
t n
aav I 1
Mi 1
r r
s ra
s s
+ p 4
r A s
R OS 4
I will to the best of my ability safeguard the interest of the people in so far as I am able with the assistance
sistanc of the council and the heads of departments There will be equal rights extended to all and special
privileges to none I
I will endeavor to bring about competition in aU classes of public contracts and beg to assure all bid
ders hat they will receive fair and courteous treatment at my hands
I favor public improvements of all kinds that will add to the comfort and improvement of this com
munity Every family in this city is justly entitled to a liberal supply of pure water Cement sidewalks
should and must be extended wherever the people desire them and are willing to furnish the money to pay
the cost of constructing the same
Sewers should and must be extended in all directions and connections to same enforced in order that
the public health may not suffer and the everrecurring periods when contagious diseases prevail in our
fair city may be eliminated as far as possible
I favor street paving wherever the abutters on the streets to be paved shall petition the city council to
have the improvements made in so far as the city is able to pay for its share of the improvements made
I favor and will constantly endeavor to limit contracts in size and extent in order that the man or
men with limited capital may have the opportunity to get their share of all public work and on all large jobs
to so divide the work that parties equipped with tools and machinery to perform part of the work may come
in competition with those who are prepared to do all the labor and furnish all the material to complete the
r cordially recommend the proposition now under consideration by the school board of this city to build
and equip a magnificent High school building that will be in harmony with the many grand school build
ings we now possess and be a source of delight and admiration to all friends of education at home as well as
the admiration of all our visitors from abroad and will gladly vote for bonds to build the same
I condemn the methods heretofore in vogue of tie party in power taking the initiative in inaugurating
improvements without the knowledge and consent of property owners along the line of the proposed improve
ment and tamed out with the purpose in view of furnishing favored contractors with large jobs at exorbit
ant prices to the great injury of the taxpayers of Salt Lake
r will extend the same courtesies to the man in overalls as I will to those of our citizens who may be
better equipped with the necessaries and the luxuries of everyday me remembering always that I too have
been a workingman and proud to acknowledge it
I firmly believe that public office is a public trust and the acts of public men are fit subjects for public
criticism Public officers are the servants of the people and as such are responsible only to the people
Estate Is 100000 Instead of 800
and the Will Left AU to Woman
Who Divides
reclal to The HeraldRepublican
Denver Colo Oct ItArthur Thom
as Earle Welby formerly of the Rio
Grande Western railroad and late vice
president and general manager of the
Denver Laramie Northwestern rail
road and one of Colorados railroad
builders left an estate of somethIng
over 100000 Instead of 800 reported
to the probate court when the will was
tiled Aug 8 1908
This fact was brought out yesterday
when Mrs Maria Welby his widow ap
plied for letters of administration as
executrix but the most Interesting dis
closure made was that Mrs Welby al
though her husbands entire fortune had
been deeded over to her before his
death generously gave his two children
by n former marriage the same pro
portion of the estate that her own chil
dren will receive
Mrs Welby has three children She
takes half the estate and gIves to Mrs
WilhelmIna Velby Earle and Helena
Velby ot Salt Lake children of Welbys
first wife and to her three children
10000 apiece
Prominent Arizona Elk Just Located
in San Francisco After
Lengthy Search
Tempe Ariz Oct 3lBeerly M Non
son tormerl3 a teacher In the High school
here whose mysterious dIsappearance on
Jan 11 last created much Interest
throughout the country Is believed to be
In San Francisco
A letter received from him today by A
M Harmer stated that his mind had
practically been a blank for many months
After leaving Tempe he had traveled In
IL sailing vessel to China Japan and Alas
ka The cold of the latter place seemed
to restore hll health and memory The
last he remembered of Tempe was two
weeks before leaving there
The Elks lodge of Phoenix of which
he Is a member made every effort to lo
cate him without success
Prominent Odd Fellow Passes Away
In Wyoming
Laramie W30 Oct 31Louls Miller
grand secretary of the grand lodge of
Odd Fellows of Wyoming and grand
scribe of the grand encampment of the
Patriarchs Militant died here today The
funeral will be held under the auspices
of the Odd Fellows of the state
Some Escape by Climbing the Life
Ladder Out of Pennsylvania
Johnstown Pa Oct 31Twelve men
wore kllled In the Cambria Steel com
paths coal mine two miles from here
tonight as a result of what Is supposed
to have been a dynamite explosion All
the dead were foreIgners
Three men Escaped by a perilous
climb on life ladders through poisonous
mine gas and falling slate up the steep
walls of the main shaft Only fifteen
workmen were In the mine
A force of men at once began clearIng
the debris and fallen slate In the lower
levels When the final barrier was
passed the party found the twelve
Mine officials refused to discuss the
cause of the disaster
Prade France Oct 318lx persons
were killed today and twelve Injured In
the wreck of an electric train which was
undergoing It speed test on the new rail
road from VUlefranche to BourgMadame
The train ran away and plunged Into a
deep ravine
In Elections All Over United
States Tomorrow San Fran
a cisco New York and Phila
delphia Get Most Attention
Heneys Campaign in Califor
nia Metiopolis Is Watched
With Interest by Reformers
Opposed to His Methods
New York Oct 31 Elections mil be
held Tuesday In many states and cities
Three states will elect governors and full
state tickets namely Massachusetts
Rhode Island and Virginia New Jer
sey will elect both branches of the legis
lature Pennsylvania will elect a state
treasurer an auditor general and Judge
of the supreme court Nebraska will
eloct two justices of the supreme court
and three university regents
In point of Interest the municipal cam
paigns of New York Philadelphia and
San Francisco tar exceed that of the
state contests 11 each of these munici
pal contests the reform question Is a dom
Inant Issue Practically all of the con
testsstate and municipalare on local
issues with no national questions In
MassachusettsThe Massachusetts cam
paign has been short and sharp Gov
ernor Eben S Draper Republican Is seek
Ing reelection against James H Vabey
Democrat The other candidates for gov
ernor are Daniel A White Socialist
John A Nicholls Prohibition and Moritz
F Ruther SOC1alLabor
Rhode IslandThe same candidates for
governor who opposed each other last
year again head the ticket this year
Governor Arall J Pothier being the Re
publican nominee and Olney Arnold the
Democratic The other candidates for
governor are Willis lL White Prohi
bition Frederick Hurst Socialist and
Richard Holland SocialLabor
Whirlwind Campaign
New YorkChief interest In New York
has centered In the whirlwind municipal
campaign of New York City which has
been exceptionally bitter With three
mayoralty candidates In the tleldYII
lIam J Ga3IlOr the Democratic and
Tammany nominee Otto T Bannard Re
publican standard bearer and William R
Hearst leading the Civic Alliance party
lines have been shattered and political
managers are guessing at pluralities for
the candidates
The Issues are the overthrow of Tam
many Hall and an effort of the Repub
lican and Civic Alliance forces to cap
ture control of the board of estimates
and apportionment which will have con
trol ot vast outlays of money for sub
ways and other large money undertak
PennshanlaIn Pennsylvania the chief
Interest IA In Philadelphia where the re
form clement Is endeavoring to break the
power of the local Republican organiza
tion The reformers under the title of
the William Penn party have again
placed D Clarence Gibboney bead of the
Philadelphia Law and Order society In
the field for district attorney against
Samuel P Rotan Republican renoml
nated Gibboney Is also on the Demo
cratic ticket but the Democrats as an
organization have not held II meeting In
his Interest nor has the organization of
ficially endorsed him The street car
question Is a leading Issue Pennsylvania
elects a treasurer auditor general and
judge of the supreme court The candi
dates for state treasurer are J A Stov
er Republican George W Klpp Demo
crat Frank FIsh Prohibition and Ed
ward Moore Socialist
New JerseyThe fact that the eight
state senators to be chosen In New Jer
sey this year will each have a vote at
the session of 1911 for a United States
senator to succeed Senator John Keene
adds about the only statewide Interest
to the election
VlrglnlaTh campaign In VIrginia has
been marked by unusual apathy The of
fices to be tilled are goeror lieutenant
governor members ot the general as
sembly and other state offices The
Democratic ticket Is headed by Judge
William Hodges Mann a Confederate vet
eran who stands on a platform which
advoCates local option also favored by
the Republicans The Republican nomi
nee for governor Is William P Kent who
resigned as American consul to Guate
mala to make the race The Socialist
Laflor party has nominated A K Ben
MarylandThe paramount Issue In
Maryland Is the socalled disfranchising
amendment to the state constitution ad
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Will Appear Tonight at Cola
idol Theatre and Will Ad
dress the Audience From the
Stage in the Spotlight
DQlly Calls Upon President
Harvey of Independent Tele
phone Company and Is De
lighted at Her Reception
Tonight Dolly will ap
pear Qn the stage at the
Colonial theatre undis
guised She will address the
audience and give all an op
portunity of getting a good
look at her
Tomorrow afternoon be
tween 2 and 5 oclock Dolly
will visit F Auerbach
Bras department store
where she will endeavor to
make a purchase This ap
pointment should mean the
capture of Dolly for all will
have a good opportunity to
get a good idea of her gen
eral appearance tonight
+ t t t t y D Y + t I4r t t t t t
+ Tonight I want all Salt LakeIll tD
t take a gOOd look at me 80 that In
+ spite of any disguise you will be able
+ to apprehend me 1 would suggest
+ that you carefully note my car
t rlage my voice and particularly my i
+ mannerisms as these characterls
+ ties are difficult always to describe
+ I am bound to admit
+ t 4 t
I shall appear undisguised and address
the audience Not only will It be a great
pleasure for me to address an audlenC
comp ed ot Salt Lake folks whom I
feel fife all my friends but It will be a
real treat to see the great musical show
The Sunny SIde of Broadway with
the lnlmltaDle comedian Max Bloom as
the funmaker Max Bloom Is great His
character impersonations are among the
best on the stage
The company 18 of unusual excellence
and the play Is full of catchy music The
reward will be called off from 6 oclock
tonight until noon Tuesday
On Tuesday I will give you all an op
portunity to effect my capture Between
the hours of 2 and Ii I will visit F Auer
bach Dros department store and en
deavtr to make some kind of a pur
Visits Mchesys Store
Ladles you should have been WIth mil
Saturday when I vlsiaed the fur store of
1Iehesys at 166 lain street You would
have longed as I did for wintry breezes
and swirling snowstorms and the gay
holly wreaths of festive Christmas time
Such Jretty furs as Dame Fashion has
bid her faithful adherents wear this sea
son The lovely things I saw would make
the most extravagant woman make reso
lutions to forego candyy and sodas and
little furbelows indefinitely so that her
accumulated pennies might go toward
buying II mink coaretta In the new de
sign which adorns ones back as much
aEl It does ones chest Or one of the hUll
pillow muffs Ohl but they are the dear
est thing that ever delighted a pair ot
covetous feminine eyes Pony coats are
still good br when you see the neW long
seal coats y v1 will forsake the favorite
pony for the new seals are the stunning
cst thlng3 I have ever seen I tried one
on and it was so pretty that the salu a
lady had to coax me to take It off It
reached to the bottom of my skirt had
round cutaway corners at the bottom
and was bordered from throat to hem
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Dynamite Outrages Are Renewed
in Gamblers War Damaging
State Street Bu ld ngs
Chicago Oct 31Two bombs were thrown here tonight in the downy
town district in buildings occupied by gambling clubs No one was in
jured but many windows were broken and store stocks were damaged
The first bomb exploded soon after 6 oclock in a building at 260
State street and the other followed fifteen minutes later near the comer
of LaSalle and Madison streets
In the State etreot building the Em
plre club Is located and in the lattu
the Worth Tockel club
For two years bombs have been ex
ploded Intermittently In the vicinity ot
gambling houses and race bookmaker
establishments In Chicago
The bombs thrown tonight were the
thlrtsecond and thirtythIrd that haw
ben thrown In what Is regarded as Q
quarrel between syndicates of gam
The State street explosion amaged
buildings within a radius of Ii black
and broke hundreds ot windows In
the store on the first floor the explosion
scattered the stock and blew out plato
glass windows
Many buildings were damaged in
cluding the Chicago Automobile club
the Imperial and InterOcean hotels
and tile Premier theatre a vaudeville
house which was filled with people
when the bomb was tired The detona
tion frightened the audience and men
and women rushed for the street 1n a
panic 10 one was inJured
Philadelphia Oct 31Mter Mrs May
Scnnelder had committed suicide today by
drinking carbolic acid her baby was born
In the hospital where the woman had
been taken Mrs Schneider who was
18 years of age dIedshortIy after her ad
mission to the hospital After a hasty
preparation the physicians performed the I
Caesarian operation and succeeded In
saving the babes life s 1
Slloarn Springs Ark Oct 31Mrs
E Mo Fowler was killed and her two
children were seriously Injured when
their home was destroyed by a tornado
late today It was feared the storm did
much other damage although no other
definite Information was receIved to

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