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Record Left by Universitys In
strument of Shock at
Some Distance
A well defined earthquake record
which Is said to have been caused by
a disturbance at a consIderable dls
tanc was shown on the seismograph
at the university here at 325 oclock
Sunday morning
Dr Fred J Pack of the university said
Sunday that the nature of the record
Indicated that the disturbance came
from a considerable dIstance not being
local So tar ns the record was con
cerned it was much more Intense than
that ot Oct 5 which resulted from a
disturbance of a local character but
this was to be expected as the disturb
ances which occur at a distance pro
duce a record much more Intense here
than many which are nearer
Several features make It possible to
determine when the shock which pro
duces the record takes place at a con
siderable distance The record Indicat
ed that the wave traveled from east to
west or from west to east It Is thought
that It came from a distance ot several
hundred miles
After Five Days Search the Alleged
Embezzler Is Arrested in
Salt Lake
I James F Young was placed under
arrest In this city yesterday afternoon
by Sheriff L C Heck of Salina Kan
Young Is wanted on charge of embez
zlement and grand larceny Sheriff
Heck has been In the city five daB
and through the aid of the sheriffs of
fice he succeeded In locating his man
here Young was taken to the county
jail and will be taken to SaUna today
Young is charged with having taken
274 from the office of a Salina paving
contractor on Sept 4 He was chased
by Sheriff Heck through Oklahoma
Arkansas Utah Texas and O Idaho and Into
Evangelist Tells Precepts by Which
One and All May Redeem
In the heart of the Commercial street
underworld Tom Mackey evangelist of
the Volunteers ot America has come to
be recognized IS n moralist who hits
straight from the shoulder Himself nn
example of what can be made ot a man
after ho Is down and out a onetime
physical wreck from the effects ot dis
sipation and a dissolute life Macke s
word carries great weIght with the men
I who daily shamble Into the Commercial
street Gospel hall and some of the fol
lowing morallsms have become bywords
among the denizens of the street
Plum alley ought to be named Hop
alley because men and women who go
there are kept hopping with sin and vice
The reason why some men are bachel
ors Is becau20 they spend most of their
Urn hanging onto the Wt end of n
Hmdreds ot dollars spent In dope
for the liquor habit may not cure you
rellgio doesnt cost a nickel
Only men who have forgotten their
mothers are to be found In Commercial
s tree t
There is just as much sin on the fIner
avenues of the city but they keep It bet
ter clothed than It Is In Commercial
Hang out the sign Not at home to
your friends who want to treat and youll
soon have a home of O your own In reality
Dr James E Talmage Tells How the
Children May Be Directed
Educational addresses were delivered by
prominent local educators before the par
ents classes of the various wards of En
sign stake yesterday morning In the
Eleventh ward an excellent address was
delivered by Dr James E Talmage on
Law and Rule
Dr Talmage plaInly showed the distinc
tion between the ordinary rules by which
parents seek to control children and tt6
underlyIng prInciples that should govern
the control of chIldren A comparison
was nde between the laws or nature
which are Inexorable and the many rules
which can be manufactured out of them
The point Vas made that according to
rule you may teach a chIld to do what
is rIght either from fear of punishment
from hope of reward or from a rigid
sense ot duty Each one of these three
methods Is In the nature ot a rule If
the chIld can be taught to do rIght be
cause it loves to do right then It is IIv
Ilg according to law and Is Independent
of rule
Other addresses along educational lines
wre delivered as follows TwelfthThir
teenth ward Prof George Cora EIght
eenth ward Attorney P C Evans Twen
tieth ward Dr Fred J Pack Twenty
first ward Class Supervisor W S Owen
Twenty seventh ward Prof William M
JUdge O W Powers of Salt Lake will
be the principal speaker at the Inde
pendent party rally tonIght In the Murray
opera house The Independent party thus
far hbS demonstrated the most active
spirit and In aU Us rallies has been sue
celsful In getting splendid turnouts The
CItIzens party will also hold a rally this
evening either In the Trocadero or SOme
other convenient place There will be
five polllng places In Murray Tuesday
s +
Special Operators
Will be engaged In answering InquirIes
about the election at the Bell telephone
office Tuesday evening Ask for Elec
tions Bureau
c J Williams Receives Dislocated
Shoulder and Bruises
Dashing down Fifteenth South street
yesterday afternoon at a lively clip a
runaway horse attached to a light bug
gy crashed Into a telephone pole throw
Ing C J WIlliams with considerable force
Into a dItch alongside the road Wll
llama pIcked himself up and found that
the buggy had been almost reduced to
kindling wood while the horse was
munching grass alongside the road wltn
the harness hanging In shreds Besides
a bruised body Williams suffered a dls
located shoulder
It it fs to be done well Century
Printing Co must do It 5557 Post
office place
ln11 the third leer to the right until
the bell ring Itll R vote for fusion
aDd honest city government
T i
Ot tOOO Ottt I
i IlID
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4 o
t C

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