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All I the Time j L of Salt Lake
How do the bookmakers know what
odds to place on the horses In a race
ThIs question was asked hundreds of
timEs at the past race meeting In tile
Ollowlng article on Handicapping 11
J eafsy one of the best posted hand 1
CalJpers In the business tells of tile In
st1 figurIng done by bookmakers and
shrewd players He says
Handicapping Is a matter of common
sense use of Items of racing The turf
mathermtlclan can supply no flexible
measure that can be applied to the field
of horses Acquaintance with Individuals
men and horses Is one of the keenest
Iwms In handicappIng No turf student
ran give an Idea of the liking of horses
for the different kinds of soil or define
human combinations Doth are matters
of judgment and personal observation
The disposition of the thoroughbred Is
almost as broad In scope as that of hu
nJRutty The really great horse like the
true acute man overcome all dlfClcul
tiES and wIns Then are really few great
horses some of supreme speed are only
creatures of speed The judgment used In
placing such a horse Is often fatal S
sonby and Colin are modern types at the
hlghclasB and sensible horse They won
their races with superior management
and skill Both showed sense and am
bition in their youthbefore they raced
Speed Is the basis of handicapping
because It Is the keen factor which bears
mostly upon performance but Is value
less unless calculated upon the basis at
how speed was applied In the past Hand
jrapplng Is the calculation out at what
bas already been done Some horses fa
vor racing In front others choose to
come tram behind
Our timing Is Inaccurate and one of
the evils of the American turf Some
timers miss the application of their
watches at the start a1d then average
matters on the basis of what horses In
the race should do Officials generally
are paid large salaries while timers re
flve small wages for theIr services The
timer In a public way Is just as Important
as either judge or starter
Take Own Time
The Important speculators on the east
ern tracks who bet large sums on the
ertormance of the horses finds It pro I
Itable to keep their own time These I
same men watch performance closely and
bet on the judgment that comes from
pure observation for the winners of to
day come from the losers of past das
Mathematics can consider and apply the
weights distance and time of past per
fonnance to the probabilities of the fu
ture But figures cannotunless rein
glec with judgment born out of obser
atlon of racing and knowledge of Indl
Yldua peculiaritiesbe intelligently ap
plied to racing Figures even from the
foundation of Imperfect timing outclasses
all other methods of picking winners and
for that reason alone the general hon
esty of racing can be proven and accepted
The average handicapper guesses at his
fsUmates Jan is not a machine He
has moodsstrong points weak points
good days and bad das just like thc
thoroughred horse Only the great horse
and the great man do great things reg
ularly Socalled Inside Information
should never be used In handicapping
The bookmaker flourishes upon his per
centages attention to details and the fail
ure at the public to allow for Individual
Must Study Horse
The player should study the horses and
their disposition and always figure on the
basis ot universal honestY and use hand
tap figures only as a check on his own
observations and Ideas at class and
should never seek to get even on a losing
day br taking a chance on a longshot I
whlh Is not within his calculations for I
tomorrow Is another day Never weaken J
rn YOUr selection because the price IS
long but always Insure yourself by place
or show betting
The average percentage of winning fa
vorites for the past ten years is about
u per cent at the average odds at 3 to
Z Less than 20 per cert of favorites
win on tracks that are designated as
slow muddy or heavy Always keep a
record of Impressions as to Individual ac
tion and performance In bad goIng
This leaves the percentage of winning
favorites on fast tracks exclusively still
greater than the average of 41 per cent
Always get values from races or the
same distance as the one you are figur
Ing on It possIble otherwise take the next
one There are so many degrees of mud that
necessarily It Is difficult to apply the
figures of a heavy track race satlsfac
torly A reasonable basis may be ar
rived at however by careful comparI
sons Perhaps the best way Is to use
fast track figures and then use your
knowledge of the mUdlovlng proclivities
of each horse In grading the figures up
and down This Is certainly the best way
for a sloppy track with good tooting
Jockey Count
Then two or more horses figure close
a knowledge of the comparative abilities
of the jockeys riding will be useful and
quite necessary In speculative success
After all else Is done In order to apply
with any degree of success any system
of handicapping one must have acquired
by study or observation of performance
a knowledge of the Individual peculiari
ties of each horse being calculated upon
otherwise your work will be of no avail
Figures will not lie IC you make them
The speed of tracks arles from year
to year owing to new dressing or dlt
ference In methods of working by super
Intendents Turf students should observe
these changes and make comparisons by
a number of consistent horses over the
same track the previous year and com
pare with records the same horses are
now making
For the past rear on the metropolitan
tracks for 1000 races the best winning
prices are shown to be from 8 to 5 to
about 4 to 1 which embraces about 40
per cent of the total number and should
be considered seriously
There the majority or speculators lose
Is n trying to win too much on a shoe
string The average business man Is
satisfied to earn 25 per cent per annum
on the capItal Invested while the man on
the race track wants to double his capi I
tal each day In doing so he overbets
himself and loses and then labors under
tile delusion that the racing game Is not
Detroit lIch Oct 31Resolutlons
eulogizing Professor Ferrer and con
demning the officials responsible for his I
execution In Spain were adopted at a
mass meeting it Turner hall this after
noon Professor William E Bohn of
the University of Michigan was thp
principal speakEr
New Orleans Oct 31Georgo Kitson
and Willie Fitzgerald fought fifteen
rounds to a draw today They
ringsIde weight of 115 pounds The bout
was refereed by Billy Papke
k 1
Election Returns
Ask for Elections Bureau on the Bell
telephone Tuesday evening for latest
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getting a shirt to fit
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228230 MAIN
The flllowlng Is a list or clients for
I whom we cQllected money last week
They turned In their claims and now have
the cash Read the list you will know
some of them They will tell you of It
Geo E Edwards Ophlr Utah
S M Williams Emery Utah
C R Savage Main st city
C A Quigley per Studebaker Bros Co
E H Underbill 3660 So 3d E city
O C Crlsmor Wellington hotel city
A W Hodgert 400 E 2d So city
Rock Mountain Dell Tel Co city
Chicago Telephone Co Chicago III
Mrs Alta PlunJmer No 5 Kenwood
place city
T G Cameron capitalist 553 Utah st
Butte Mont
Peter VlncelII Bingham Utah
G W Dowers Gen Del Santlago Cal
Dr David L McDmald JUdge bldg
Dr citY Fred Stauffer let E So Temple Smith Premier Typewriter Co Dooly
city block city
John Black 236 N 5th W city Turn In your claims and we will collect
Desret News city some money for you There are hun
Yeh1eman Commission Co Richards st dreds of places where you could USe some
city money during the next sixty das Christ
D A Afleck grocer SOt Isl ave city mas is coming Thanksgiving will be here
American Trading Co Garfield Utah loon PossIbly you will want to buy your
Hugh S Gowans Tooele Utah wife a new dress
Scientific Collectors of Honest DEtbts
Rooms 7778828393919596979899100 Commercial Block
Salt Lake City Utah FrancIs G Luke Gen Mgr
I Some People Dont Like Us
I Blue Wagon
Article IV
It Doesnt
Pay to
Western Fuel Co
Critch1ow Fischer Kittle
Cable Addres Westuco
Phones 719 73 Main Street
Pull the third Jeer to the right until
the hell rings ItH R Tote for fusion
and honest city oTernment
I Salt Lake Theatre I
Tonight Tomorrow and Wednesday
Nights Iatlnee ednJltlny
Wm A Brady and Jos R Grismer
a llloun a
By George Broadhurst
PrIcesnW 100 iSc SOc Matinee
SUX > 75e Wc
SPECIALElection returns locally
I and from the prIncipal cities of the
country will be read between the
acts and after the close of perfor
mance Tuesday night
ct Attraction
Thurs Fri J1nd Sat and Sat Mat
In His NeW Irish Play
PricesNight 25c to 160 Matinee
25c to 100
Seat Sale Begins Tomorrow I
The New York Success
Circumstantial Evidence
Wynn Lee Charles lontrell
Crouch Welch
Ea Mudge Katchen Lolsset
Lew Wells
The Rlnodrome Orpheum Orchestra
Matinee prlces1 25c SOc
Night prlces25c SOc Tee
In That Nifty Song Show
The Sunny Side of Broadway
Special Jclllecl Attraction
Dolly Dimples
win make an address from the
stage In full glare of spotlight
Next weeklhe TIme Place and
the Girl
PrlceslOc 2Oc SOC SOc Matinees lOc
Oc 3Oc
Dentists Reliable PrIce M I
Best Work
Set of Teeth best red rubber zoo
Gold crown 221 300
Bridge Work best ssoo
Gold Fillings 1100 up
Silver Fillings fISc
All work guaranteed 12 yean
Painless Extraction Free wIth Plate
Basket Ball Guide
for 10091910
Containing rules of the game
with pictures and records of proml
I nent teams also Information ot
general Interest to followers ot the
game Now on sale 10c copy
WQetern Arms aM
Sporting Goods Co
Uncle Sam
Responsible CUt Rate
Loan Money on Anything of Value
30 East First So
J Cor of Com
Commencing Saturday Oct 30 and
Continuing 13 Days
Six or more highclass races dAily
Ladles admitted free Mondays and
Admission > 0 cents Including
Grnnd Stand
Special rate from Salt Lake and I
return110 Oregon Short Line I
Train leaves at 100 p m returnIng I
Immediately after the races or any I
train the same or followIng day I
This rate Is open to all
Open Betting Ring
V n MURRAY Gen Manager
c guaranteed cure for the Liquor
ani Tobacco Habits
PRICE 1250
Schramms Where the Cars Stop
Sole Agency
FibUshed 18R m OUice lo
The Oldest and Lrceat
GEORGE RUST General Manager
Utah Idaho Wyoming and Nevada
Offices 1D ProgresaBuUdlng Salt Lab
Chance of the Cubs Says He Wont
Have a USpitter on His
Chicago Oct 31It looks as It the spit
ball had seen Its best days This deliv
ery which has had a meteoric career no
longer has the batters ot the land tremb
ling In their boots The treat pitchers
who have had such a tremendous suc
cess with the spltter as It 13 sometimes
called will probably have to look to an
other style It they want to keep In the
big leagues It Is on the decline
Two of the greatest spit ball twirlers
In the land are Walsh and Smith of the
Chicago White Sox They have been the
dread ot the opposing batters for years
But this Is no longer the case In the
recent city series between the Sox and
the Cubs the decreasing value of the spit
ter was demonstrated Although the
Cubs are not accustomed to that kind
of a delivery In Its most approved form
they seemed to like It
Against the kIngs of the splUer the
Cubs opposed Brown and Overall past
masters In the curve ball And the curve
ball won the day
I wouldnt have a spit ball pitcher
on the team says Manager Chance of
the Cubs This Is not meant as any
reflection on Walsh or Smith for they
are great pitchers But when you have
a pitcher you want to know where he Is
going to throw the ball
Take a spit ball pitcher Even he
Is not sure where the ball Is going to
break Sometimes yes frequently he
tries to make It break on the right cor
ner of the plate and It goes to the other
side Like as not the batter kills that
kind of a ball and he slugs It over the
lot Then too the pitcher Is liable any
moment to let loose a wild pitch Its
a hard ball to control
I want a pitcher who Is reasonably
sure where the ball Is going Moreover
I want my catchers to be as free from
danger of broken hands and fingers as
possible When that spit ball comes
hurtling through the air the catcher must
grab It almost blindly Look at the num
ber of times Catcher Sullivan of the Sox
has been hurt Its due to the spit balL
I could cite many cases and Its all due
to the unknown break of the spit ball
Today the Fort Douglas eleven will re
sume hard training for the game Satur
day with the Agricultural college at La
gan The defeat by the university Sat
urday came as a bitter disappointment to
the entire regiment but the enth14SIIl8I1
Is strong for another game on a dry
Despite the fact that the Aggies are
known to be a much stronger team now
than when the university was played the
Soldiers expect a victory at Logan the
experience gained in the game Saturday
aelng counted as a strong asset Tile
practice today will be light with scrim
mage coming In chunks for the three fol
lowing days however
San Francisco Oct llThe official
standing of the clubs of the Coast league
shows that San Francisco won the pen
nant by a margin of 59 points over Port
land The percentages follow
San Francisco 62 2
Portland 563
Los Angel SI9
Sacramento 475
Oakland 413
Vernon 3i9
Sacramento Oct ItSacramento lost
both of the games today dropping the
first of a doubleheader In a serious tus
sle and tallln In the second because
Bill Reid could pitch better ball than
Dole With the second battle the Coast I
season ended here Score
First game RHE
Oakland 3 9 2
Sacramento 0 5 2
BatteriesWiggs and Thomas Hoister
and La Lange
San Francisco Oct 31The 1909 season
of the Coast league ended today with a
division of honors by the San Francisco
and Vernon teams In the morning game
at Oakland san Francisco captured the
long end of a 4 to 2 score when Bodle
lifted the ball over the fence for n home
run scoring two runs In the afternoon
It was a nip and tuck affair all theway
Vernon winning 3 to 2 Score first game
San Francisco 4 10 2
Vernon 2 11 2
DatterIesWlllis and Williams Hltt and
Second game R II E
Vernon 3 8 3
San Francisco 2 6 2
DaterlesVillett and Brown Aames
and Berry
Los Angeles Oct 31Los Angeles and
Portland broke even In the two games
played here today with the result that
Portland takes second place for the sea
son The first game went to Portland
1 to O The second game which devel
oped Into something like a farce toward
the end was won by Los Angeles 3 to L
First game R H E
Los Angeles 0 4 I
Portland 1 6 1
BatteriesThorsen and Smith Carson
and Murray
Second game R H E
Los Angeles 3 4 1
Portland 1 5 2
BatteriesGray and Smith Seaton and
Local bike riders are planning to jump
to Los Angeles In the near future where
the Pickering fivelap saucer Is sched
uled to open this week Pedlar Palmer
and Burglar McCormick will be among
the first to leave
While the game In Los Angeles did not
take very wlll last winter and spring
the promoters of the game will take an
other chance this winter
Alumni Now Give Yosts Men Chance
to Win From Old Rivals Pennsy
and Minnesota
Michigan men throughout the country
held many a jollification Saturday night
over the 43 to 0 score against Syracuse
Cnn It be that Yosts machine Is back
to the form shown from 1901 to 19051 was
the question asked While some at the
ounger alumni were of the opinion that
such was the fact older heads were not
so sanguine
Like Coach Yost and the student body
they fear the Pennsylvania and Minneso
ta games with Notre Dame Is not to be
overlooked While the Syracuse score Is
big and more than evens up for the de
feat of 1908 the present Syracuse eleven
Is not to be considered among the strong
est teams of the east It Is true that
Yale could make but three touchdowns
against Syracuse but the early games
for Yale fall by long odds to show the
full strength or the New Haven eleveh
The defeat oC Chicago by Minnesota and
by a score that was decisive Is another
reason for worry for the Ann Arbor elev
en The game at Minneapolis bore out
for once Papa Staggs bear stories
For the past two weeks the Maroon head
predicted defeat for his team Of course
he was trying to Instill as much overcon
fidence as possIble In the Minnesota camp
and to send his men Into the fray with a
full understanding of the task before
The linnesoblIchlgan game will be
the first meeting of the two elevens since
the memorable 6 to 5 game of tOO3 which
left the rivalry Intense and the feeling
strong between the two schools That the
game will be one ot the most Interesting
In the middle west Is assured and the
record crowd or the year may be count
ed on
MichIgan men are however jubilant
over the prospects of the Maize and Blue
and the prospects of Ictorles over Penn
sylvania and Minnesota art looked upon
In the light of a good fighting chance
Jeffries Johnson
3t ears Age 3 YEars
6 feet 112 Inches Helght6 feet Inch
7534 j Inches Reach 72 Inches
51 Inches Chest expanded 29 Inches
46 Inches Chest normal3 inches
37 Inches Waist 3t Inches
Iii Inches Biceps 184 Inches
13 Inches Forearm14 Inches
S4 Inches Wrist10 Inches
26j Inches Thigh 25 Inches
18 Inches Calf 15 Inches
10 Inches Ankle 10 Inches
18 Inches Neck 17 Inches
Jim Jettrles was born at Carroll 0
In 1875 He has never been beaten for
the championship He retired from the
ring and gave his title to Marvin Hart
who lost It to Tommy Burns who In
turn lost It to Johnson His great fight
was In 1900 when he whipper Corbett In
23 rounds He whipped him again three
years later In 10 rounds His last fight
was In lWl when he beat Jack Monroe
In two rounds
Jack Johnson was born March 31 ISiS
at Galveston Tex In the last seven
years he has fought almost 60 battles
Only two defeats are registered In that
time Marvin Hart beat him In 1QQ In
20 rounds at San Francisco In that same
year he lost to Joe Jeanette on a foul
at Philadelphia He scored 17 knockouts
In the seen years His career reached
Its climax last December when he whip
ped Tommy Burns In Australia
Coach Teetze of the Logan Agricul
tural college was a sideline spectator at
the UnlersItySoldlers game Saturday
Coach Teetzel says that his eleven il Im
proving with every practice and that on
Thanksgiving Utah will meet an entirely
different proposition
CI B stewart Believes Ailment
Is Not Real Lip and
Leg Disease
From observations which C B Stew
art secretary of the Utah Wool Grow
ers association had with stockmen In
the east on the trip from which he has
just returned It is thought the ailment
among the sheep of the western states
Is not as serious as was thought some
time ago It Is believed that many of
the supposed caSeS Of the necrobacll
losls or lip and leg disease Is nothing
more than the common sore mouth
11r Stewart visited Chicago after
leaving Omaha where he went to look
after the shipment of some sheep from
the Stewart ranch here and he heard
little about the sheep disease there
Many of the sheep are being sent to
Chicago Instead of Omaha
Mr Stewart visited the national wool
storage warehouse at Chicago and found
that wool prices are good In the east
He said matters look good for the wool
men this year
He also heard much comment on the
fact that the mutton market seems to
be going down every year and was told
In several Quarters that the sheepmen
can do better by shipping as many
lambs to the east as possible as the
people seem to want lamb Instead of the
meat of the older sheep
Contributions are still coming In to
the fund which Is to be used to stamp
out the lip and leg disease In Utah
and steps will be taken to root out any
of the diseases which are found
Dr A C Young state yeterinarinh
will go north this week to look Into
some supposed cases of glanders and
tuberculosis among animals which have
been reported to him
Portland Ore Oct 31On the same
spot In the same room where seven
teen years ago her mother was found
dying a suicide Elsie Lewis 20 years
old daughter of Leonard Lewis of Bus
sellvU1e this county was found today
suffering terrible burns from carbolic
acid taken it Is asserted with sui
cidal intent The same family physi
cian who strove in vain to save the
mothers life today preserved that of
the daughter Melancholia Is said to
have been the cause
Terre Haute Ind Oct 318am Swope
a negro today knocked down and kicked
to death Arthur Smith a white veteran
oft the Civil war Smith by a misstep In
passing had moved one of the dice with
which Swope and others were shooting
raps In the street A crowd of 500
men threatened to lynch Swope but late
tonight he had not been captured
Entries Show Many Buena Vista
Fast OnesBig Fields
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Oct 31The Ogden race meet
Ing the opening of whlc was postponed
from yesterday because of the Intensely
disagreeable weather will be inaugurat
ed tomorrow under flattering auspices
The weather Indications are good and
the track after the workput on It by
Superintendent Horton wilt be In fair
The card of races provided for the
opening Is one of the best that has ever
been secured In Utah and holds out prom
Ise of excellent sport A glance at the
list of entries will show that many of
the best horses which raced at the recent
Buena Vista meeting have been enlisted
for the Ogden Inaugural and the fact
that the form of each Is well known
to devotees of the sport In this section
will lend added Interest to the racing
The feature event Is a sixfurlong dash
for all ages and Its field Is classy With
such good ones as Jack Paine Anna lay
Dnlerlan and other shifty ones Includ
Ing the good 2yearolds La Dextra and
Rey el Tovar engaged a sure enough
horse race may be expected from that
event Frequent winners at the Utah
tracks are found In each of tho six races
making the card In Its entirety a strong
one The claim made right along by Man
ager Murray that he would have plenty
of good racing material for the Ogden
meeting Is seen to be true It seems safe
to say that there will be no fewer than
four books In line as that many were
ready to cut In yesterday The ring will
be open In any event and all reputable
bookmakers will be permitted to hang
up their slates
A big delegation from Salt Lake Is ex
When the basketball season opens It is i
the IntentIOn of the Granite High school
to have a team In the field which will
be a good one Last year the school had
an exceptionally good five This year a
schedule will bg drawn up an I wilt be
composed of learns from Weber count
and Salt Lake count There will be two
divisions to the schedule when It Is n
nally drawn up Those teams In Weber
county of which Granite will bo a mem
ber will be known lS the northern di
vision while Payson Provo American
Fork Sprlngvllle and Lehl will be known
as the southern 1lvlslon
Games will be played throughout the
season and at the end the two teams
which hav the best qualifying marks will
playoff the last game for the champion
On the Granite team this year will be
found four old men All the training f
the Granites will be done at the Wanda
mere hall under the direction of Coach
The University of Utah football squad
has played three of Its season games and
has only two more to playone with the
Montana Agricultural College on Nov 13
and the other with the Utah Agricul
tural College on Thanksgiving day Since
the team only has the two games left
for the season and on account of tile
next game being two weeks distant the
team will not practice this afternoon but
will spend the day In cleaning suits In
order that the men will be able to crawl
Into them for Tuesdays practice
While Utah has played two of the
games which she thought would be the
hardest games of the season practice
work will not be slackened as a much
harder game against the Agricultural col
lege Is expected than when the teams
first met
The battery of the Utah National Guard
Is limbering up In small rifle practice
In preparation for the dual telegraphic
meet to be held No 9 with Company B
ot Ogden This week a fiveman team
will be selected The men will use
Practice will also begin this week for
the basketball and Indoor basebaahl
squads The batter and Company Care
the first divisions of the guard to get
Into line for the Indoor athletic season
and each expects strong teams Before
the season starts however every corps
In the guard If counted on to put In a
basektball and Indoor baseball team
Annapolis Oct 31At a meeting of the
Navy Athletic association It was decided
to withdraw the Navy fencIng team tram
future Intercollegiate fencing mEets bu
I not from the intercollegiate fencing as
I sociation
This action was taken cojointly wlJh
West Point after conference and because
01 the protests of several of the colleges
that they could not compete with Army
and Nan fenlng teams with any hope of
The Navy will not withdraw from tho >
association because It still desires to have
dual meets with Its members as usual
Vest Point and he Navy will hold an
nual dual meets either In New York or at
Vest Point and Annapolis In alternate
New Haven Oct 31Yale will be
strong In the pole vault next season
judging from the annual fall track meet
for men who have not won their Ys
I R A Gardner a sophomore won with a
vault of 11 feet 3 I Inches willie N Byers
was second with 11 feet
The best performance was the wInning
of the l00yard dash by H K Sherwood
I a freshman In 10 15 seconds E P Sey
mour a secondypar man ran the 2ro
yard dash In 22 15 seconds
The hammer throw went to S Peabody
I with 122 feet 9 inches and the shot put to
E Merzreau wita 25 feet 6 Inches No
records were broke 1
Barn Olsen who played a guard posi
tion on the University football squad last
season and who was taken III with ty
phold fever the beginning wk of the
school year this year will return to the
University today On account of his se
vere illness It Is not likely that Olsen
will get Into the game this year He
Intends to get out however In order to
refresh his mind on football tactics and
also to get Into condition for the track
The clear day yesterday did not pro
duce the best of duck shooting the birds
flying high after the first few volleys
The cold snap however Is believed to
have started the night from the north
and alth new birds coming In the shoot
Ing will be better before many days
The Bear river district Is seeing Its
usual gilt edged sport with the limit of
25 birds coming all too Boon In most cases
While there are thousands of geese the
clear weather has kept them still up In
the air
Portland Oct 31Phlladelphla Ath
letfcAlINationai game called off wet
Buena Vista Winners I I
W A Clopton headed the list ot win
ning owners at the recent Buena Vista
meeting both In the number at races won
and also In the amount at money earned
Hors from the Clopton string captured
fifteen races and the earning of the
string amounted to 2830 The Pasadena
stable and E J Crawford each furnIshed
thirteen winners their earnings being
respective 2615 and 2555 The colors
of Captain Hackett were first In ten I
races and pulled down 2225 Six other
stabies passed the 1000 mark and twen I
tthree In all won upward of 500 each
as shown In the following table
Races Amt
Won W3n
S A t Z
Pasadena Stable 13 261
E J Crawford 13 2655
Anchorage Stock Fnrml0 222
Oakwood Stock Ranch 6 12
G Peltr 6 iiu
C Morton 5 117
F Ierckle Co 5 1160
E J Ramsey 6
J T Strite Co 6 1Or
W P Fine Co 3 9
J 8towe 4
Hogan Rhinehar I S j
Yo Hawke 4
I Jeannette 4 s Sj
W L Stanfield 4 75
J T Moore 3
A Goodwin 3 6
Y C Yeant C 4 geE
E W Kurtz 3 f6
G Bassett 3 54
Irwin Br03 3 6 30
E Dealey Co 2 515
Yuba taking age soundness and every
thing else Into consideration Is probably
entitled to be regarded as the most valuable
able animal that race at the meting
She certainly WI the mot profitable a
her earnings were more than S per tent
as great a those of any other two horses
which were raced She won seven rae
and her earnings amounted to 155 The
horses which earned a much as 50
with the number of moss won by each
are as follows
Race Amt
Won Won
Yuba 7
Godfather 9S0
Agreement I 9
Ethon 4 9i
Charlie Doherty 4 11
Charle Paine 4 j
Lord Nelson 4 i41
Furnace 4 7l
Dlskm 3 54
John Luis 3 6
No Quarter 4 6
FinancIer 3 6
L Dextra 4 5
King of Yolo S 5jn
Judge Cablnnlss 7 55i
Jilette 3 5
Rather RoyaL 3 51
Swagrlator 3 < j
Burning Bush 3 54
Prometheus 3 6
Calchon Z 615
winners Only ten each Jockeys rode as many a five
let 3d 3
Singleton 84 ffl 11
FIlher 3 2 11
Vandusen 18 a J6
Pickens 17 15 11
Cotton 1 19 9
eanaugh 11 12 Vl
E Smith 9 5 8
Jondon 8 6 1
Tilson 8 6
Rooney S 2 2
The other boys who rode winners werA
Christe 4 Jarret roe Thomas ann
Murph 3 each Corey and Tulet 2 eaI
and Baird Brady Freh Otic Peak
Post J Henry Willis Parker C Henry
and Gargn 1 each
Schllg Attacks Thomas at Sheeps
hbad Bay and Inflicts Dangerous
gerous Woud
New York Oct 31R L Thomas
the well known turfman of Paris Ky
was stabbed In the breast at the
Sheep shead Bay track today by Carl
Schiing one of his jockeys His con
dition is serious Schiing was ar
Yesterday Schilling rode two frst
and was unplaced once In five mount
His successes with the 2yearold Ash
ton and with Jack Atkin have made
him well known to race followers from
coast to coast Last winter he had
trouble with the PacIfic Coast Jockey
cub and was suspended by the stew
His subsequent reinstatement Ie said
to have been directly due to the per
sonal Intercession of Mr Thomas
Boise Oct 31mos Rusle for many
years the mainstay of the New York
Giants In the pitchers box and who for
years was known as the king of the
diamond 15 down and out
Early Sunday morning Rusle was
picked up on the streets by the local po
lice In a pitiable condition from the ef
feels of drink His behavior even In his
almost stupefied condition showed that he
had once seen better das and the of
ficers at the city hal treated him with
more consideration than Is the lot of the
average drunk He had no money and
apparently no friends to come to his
aid In misfortune After a few hours
rest at the city hall Rusle was allowed
to depart
Rusle In his prIme was recognized as
one of the premier bal players of the
United States and for years held the ad
miration of the crowds that folowed the
National league games Several yea
ago he came to Idaho and took up S
acres of land on what Is now the Deer
Flat project but the liquor habit which
he had formed In his palmier days could
not be shaken off and he has apparently
gone from bad to worse
President Gets Past Seal Rocks but
Strikes Bar
San Francisco Oct 31Passengers
on the steamer President which arrived
from Seattle tonight had a thrilling
experience when the vessel after safe
ly negotiating the passage of the br
and the Golden Gate stuck on a mud
bank off Black point Within an hour
after the accident the President wa
dragged free and hastened Into her
dock none the worse for the jar
Election Returns
The Utah Independent Telephone Ce
announce they will be prepared to fur
nish complete returns to their patrons
on Tuesday night Subscribers desiring
this Information wl1 please ask Cen
tral for Election Returns

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