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Established Feb 12 19IH
Established June G 1810
Only Republican Daily Newspaper In Balt Lake
CIty Utah
DAILY AND SUNDAYOne month 76 cents one
year 800
6UNDAYOne year 200
IWEEILYIn advance one year 150
six months 76 cents
SubscrIbers wIshing address 01 paper changed
must gIve former as well as present address
All papers are continued until explicIt order 1s
receIved to dIscontInue All arrearages must be paid
In every case
This Is the day when the good people at the city
have an opportunty to make their declaration ot in
There Is a secret ballot and they can go Into the
booth and declare themselves without anyonein the
world knowIng how they have voted And It is time
for them to say by their vote what they have been
saying with their lips for the past tour years That
they dont approve the motives or the methods of
the Tom Kearns party
The people have discovered that leaders of that
party are selfish and insincere The Tribune Is for
the ticket because it gets a dollar an inch for adver
tIsing that Is worth no more than fifty cents an Inch
A number of other leaders are for the ticket because
cause It enables them to graft to their own enrich
ment and the injury of the taxpayers ot the city
But the good people or Salt Lake have discovered
that their taxes have been raised twice by the Ameri
can party They have discovered that it costs twice
as much for paving now as It did when the American
party assumed control They have discovered that
only the elect in the American party can get any
recognition Every candidate on the general ticket of
that party Is now In office and has used his office
to compel a renomination Not an outside man had
It ghost of a chance
The good people have discovered that public Im
provement began before the American party began
that the property owners voted the million dollars In
bonds before any member 01 the American party got
Into offIce The good people have discovered that
improvement is the result of a desire on the part ot
all citizens to pave the streets t9 lay sidewalks to
plant Iewersand to make of this the best and most
modem city on the continent
The good people have discovered that the Ameri
can party has followed a policy of slander untruth
and hatredand they believe It to be unnecessary
and harmful
Therefore this Is the day for them to declare
themselves free from the domination of the gang
that believes a public office is a private snap
This Is the day for the Republicans whatever
their past voting has been to cast their ballots for
the Republican nominees and align themselves with
the master party or the nation
Say It openly Vote It without apology or ex
cuse There Is no danger of stopping Improvement
for all the people are In favor ot Improvement
There is no danger of church interference because
the Mormon church has rebuked in the most plain
and public manner possible the effort of the little
coterie of churchmen who sought to Involve that great
crganlzation in political manipulation
Now Is the time for the people to make an end
of the little party whose mission Is confined to the
h narrow limits ot one town and restore Salt Lake to
the status of other cities throughout the nation Now
Is the tim for free men and free women to declare
themselves Republicans fellows with those who elect
Presidents brother and sister ot those who make the
laws of the nation companions and helpers of those
I who dominate the bIg round world
Declare yourself todayand the city is safe
Let aU friends of good government stand together
m Let them make no concessions to the forces ot
Let them demand a fair observance of the law
the exclusion ot every illegal vote and the right of
ballot to every one entitled to that boon
Let anger be forgotten in the solemn exorcise ot
s tree mans duty
I Let citizens simplY consider what is for the best
of alL
i 11 they want the policy ot Branstord to be ex
t pressed In the law ot the city and the history ot
1 the people then let them vote for Brnnsford
k It they want George Sheets continued at the head
4 of the police department then let them vote for
i It they want the boss friend ot the underworld
l to represent the godly Fifth in the council then let
i them vote for 2Iulve
It they want graft in the administration ot city
affairs then let them vote the American ticket
It they want to indorse the principle that officers
are not responsible to the people then let them vote
the AmerIcan ticket
But it they want good government without a
stockade let them vote the Republican ticket
It they want growth without graft let them vote
I the Republican ticket
t If they want a mayor who is independent free
brave honest true as steel and eminently fitted for
the place let them vote for Uurdoch and the whole
Republican ticket
t What the people say by their votes that is what
I the city wants The election is the command ot the
It Is easy to declare there has been church Inter
ference In the course of the campaIgn that close to
day But so far as the Mormon authorities are con
cerned the charge is not true
There have been some efforts 011 the part 01 men
holding office In the Mormon church who have 50
far misread their civic duty as to pretend to their
people that the church directed a certain course for
the voter But the effort was met by the Instant
and plain rebuke ot the ruling authorities of the
church expressed through the Deseret Evening News
the recognized organ ot the tornion establishment
No disclaimer could have been more explicit or
final The position ot the president and his asso
ciates has been fair and just to all It has expressed
the very best Americanism It has merited the com
I mendation of all the people of Utah
Nothing Is more clear than that the Mormon
church is not interfering in politics Its statement
I to every men1bcr Is that he Is nt perfect liberty to
exercise his right of franchise as he sees fit
I Va believe the thoughtful citizen will agree that
the cry of church Interference Is without basis in
ti reason
So far as the American party opposition now Is
t concerned It can be expressed solely In this That
the Mormon church is Interested in commercial af
F fairs
That Is true We dont pretend to say whether
15 Is a good or bad thing for the people But we do
say that even If it were bad It fg not a sufficient
reason for continuing the strife In Salt Lake
The one thing for which all people contend Is
freedom In politics as In religion That Is assured
There Is no peril of church dictation In politics Every
man no matter what his church is free
There Is then no good reason to further em
broil the city with strife
Let It le dropped Let the longdrawn fight be
abandoned Let no thought of revenge 110 desire
for office lead men to continue that harmful con
tention which alone has cast a shadow on the life
and the good name of Utah
No matter how the election of today shall result
Here Is the duty of all reasonable people They should
use their every effort to discourage the continuance
at illtempered conflict here In Salt Lake
Xo man of reason will be influenced by the state
ment that it the Republicans win improvements will
be stopped That is not true The city will go for
I ward whichever party may win
No reasonable man will believe that the Hepub
lIcpns are mossbacks That is not true of the
party anywhere It Is not true of it right here In
Salt Lake
Public work will go forward just as fast as the
people want it and the city can pay The Repub
lIcans are as desirous of improvements ot advanced
prIces for real estate as is anyone else
Dont be seared b3 shadows Vote the Repub
lican ticket and have growth without graft
There is no objection to the Tribune because of
its earnestness There Is no objection to It on ac
cOunt of what it regards as its strength There is
a definite protest against its Insolent assumption of
the right of guidance In every avenue ot life its
Impertinent nosing In affairs which by no means con
cern it its malevolent attacks on the private char
acter of men whose only offense is that they do not
bow the knee to Tom Kearns its brutal assaults
on citizens the moment they quit parading the streets
with the Tom Kearns banner Its dirty delving In
nasty stories its lingering lapping in the malodorous
its persistent preference for the unsavory Its ever
lasting pulling of deadandburied men and measures
for the bewildering of the people of today
That last Is an especial abomination Who cares
what was said by earnest meneven If they were
mistakenwho quit the sphere of earthly action haif
a century ago Who asks what was said In the heat
of debate at war time And for the matter of that
who knows what was the manner of life of the fathers
of this delectable gang that owns and directs the
Tribune No one goes farther into their history than
to look at their progeny and judging by that the
staying of the hand of the Investigator Is an act of
general good to the world
This Is the day of living men and living Issues
And when a man today sets himself up as a moral
dictator to other people those other people have a
right to scan his own record If It be bad they have
a right to decline to permit him to make his own
the measure of their behavior And heaven knows
that these men who make the Tribune have no right
under the shining sun to point a finger at the im
moralities of anyone here or elsewhere For their
own lives estop them from uttering condemnation
even jf the course of the whole community were
And they surely have no right to make of them
selves moral censors in Utah With bad lives of their
own criticism by toem of anyone else whatever he
may do Is the very height of Impertinence It Is
the essence of Insolence For the makers of that
paper are exemplars of the very worst that is possi
ble In human depravity and this fact is testified to
by the thousands who know them the thousands of
living men and women who have been witness to
their wickednessand the many who have been suf
ferers because of It
Utah has a problem to solve It cannot be solved
In hate and it cannot be solved by selfishness The
fIght that the Tribune is waging is against the Mor
mons and all the disclaimers that paper can print
from now to the crack of doom will not refute the
fair and honest allegation The owners of that paper
hate the Mormons because the Mormons would not
employ the power 01 the church to send Tom Kearns
back to a senate he had disgraced from a state he
had dishonored That Is their sole motive In the fight
they are waging And to the everlasting honor of
the Mormons bc it said they did not yielll to the
Kearns demandand they never will
Never was there such maudlin effusive nause
ating praise of a people as that oC Tom Kearns for
the Mormons when he wanted them to forget his
record and return him to the senate He knew
everything about them then that hc knows now
Yet he lavished his adulation upon them In measure
less masses He held In his own home the caucus
which assured the election 01 Reed Smoot to the
United States senate He banqueted President Jo
seph F Smith at the Hotel Raleigh in Washington
after Mr Smith had given his testimony the Smoot
case And It was only when he found he could not
cajole the Mormons Into using their church Into re
turning him to the high office he had dishonored
that he turned the mud batteries of his paper against
them Never till then did he utter the threat that
he would shake the everlasting hills with the thun
ders of his condemnation
Friends oC Utah the Tribune is not working for
the betterment of the state In a small way It Is
working for the money advantage of the owners of
the Tribune They get a dollar a line for city ad
vertising when they charge Jess than half that price
for the same class ot advertising from anyone else
But In a larger way Tom Kearns still hopes to make
the people of Utah surrender to him If he could
force his way back into political control he would
lay down his tomahawk tomorrow Time and again
he has made overtures to the leaders at the Mormon
church proposing to quit the fight on condition that
the church get Into politics and restore to him the
power he has lost
That Is the whole trouble with rom Kearns
That Is at the bottom of the hatred of the Tribune
And the peace that paper demands Is at the price ot
11 Tom Kearns dictatorship in the political and busi
ness and social life of the statewhich may the good
God forbid forever
But the problem Is bigger than the interests ot
any one man It involves the future of the thou
sands who are here now the millions who shall be
here if we of Utah do our fair duty The first con
sideration is peace There Is no room in Utah for
a man nor for a paper declaring Utah Is a com
munity of cdminalsfor that statement Is false
as the black heart of the man who uttered It
No one asks the TrIbune to print one word that
Is not true But the people have a right to demand
that It print no word that Is untrue and by that
untruth do manifest hurt to the state of Utah
Xo one demands that It leave the AmerIcan party
selfish and hypocritIcal as Its presence there cer
tainly is But the people have a right to demand that
In seeking to advance the Interests of that party It
shall not slander the people of the state nor assail
the character of any citizen
There Is no safe foundation of effort excepting
that of truth Let the Tribune abandon its present
fixed policy of lying Its way Ulrough the seasons
and it will achieve at least that measure of success
which is expressed In the respect ot the people Let
it tell the fair truth about the people of Utah and
no one cares a whit what is the name of the part
for which it works Let it attend strictly to its own
business and no one will protest against any triumph
of journalism It may achIeve And the moment the
Salt Lake Tribune shall adopt the course here sug
gested In selfdefense by the whole community de
cent journalism will become universal throughout the
state for there is no other offender against the rule
of dean and fair comment other than the indecent
insolent vulgar crabbed angry intolerant and ob
scene maunderlngs of that now unworthy paper
The time has come for peace in Utah There is
no hope for Tom Kearns in the political field Hold
ingto his past policy there is no hope fr newspaper
success With em abandonment of ambition wIth I
a forgetting of vengeance the past of the men who
control that paper may be forgotten and forgiven I
The people of the state may move forward to the
prosperity they deserve without even one traitor stab
bing his comrades at home And the men and women
of the nation at large will certainly give to the state
to the city and to the interests of both that high
credit and good opinIon out of which the forward
movement shah be assured In the light of that
better day all the desert shall be made to blossom
In that light the now barren wastes shall be the
sites ot dUes and of towns arid of homes s
will pierce the canyons and carry commerce through
the wonderful regions which have been unused Seed
time and harvest will reign In the valley that are
now possessed ot silence Wealth will accumulate
and population will Increase And the state ot Utah
founded by a heroic people defended by every man
within Its border blessed with kindliness and in
dustry and honestywill take Its place as the very
foremost state In the Union
This Is the picture which can be achieved by not
following the lead of the Salt Lake Tribune It is
a consummation devoutly to be wishedand which
can never come while that foul blot remains true to
the principles ot Its dissolute owners
John M Knight is a Republicanof course The
HeraldRepublIcan was In error In stating that he is a
Democrat a slip which may be excused In the hurry
and heat ot the political campaign
He is a Republican a counsellor to the president
of his stake and a man who should be elected t6
the city council
His life is clean His hands are hard with honest
toll He entices no boys to drink or gamble and
no stain of the underworld Is on his garments
He is capable reliable progressive with an interest
terest In the community which comes of useful labor
He does not thrive 011 the weaknesses or 011 the vices
of his fellow men and women
He Is a mighty good man to send to the council
from the Fifth
Martin Muivey stand up
Do you regard the Tribune as your frIend
Did the Tribune say you had done the city no good
when in the council prior to 190
Yes It did
Were yoU In the council before 1903 I
Yes I wus
Yere you on the committee having control of
the lighting of the city
Does the Tribune now say you were a useful and
valuable member of the council 1n that time
Yes and you bet I was I can prove it by George
All right But what does the Tribune mean now
by contradicting what It said In 19037 I
Oh I dont know The Tribune Is bughouse lllost
of the time It says whatever it Is told to say One
time it says one thing and the next time It says
another That is what has been donG this time But
I dont care for the Tribune They fought meo In
1903 and helped to bent me I never forget those
sort of things I
Elections sImply are the expressions ot the peo
ple What the majority decidesthat Is the law
That is final No matter what they shall declare by
their votes it Is assumed they know what they are
doing and that they are capable of governing them
If they shall elect Bransford it means that they
want the stockade reestablished It means they
want George Sheets even with his known record for
protecting lIUnko games for the robbing of suckers
from Scotland
It the Fifth ward han today elect Martin ulvey
It means that the people from Main street to the
university the strongest American party ward in
the city want a man whose prosperity depends on
the weaknesses and the vices of his fellow men It
means that they Indorse a business which could not
live if men and women did not drink to Intoxication
gamble beyond their ability to lose and debase them
selves In wickedness that Jads to moral and physical
The people of the Fifth cannot send Martin Iul
vey to the council and ever again say they object
to their sons going Into saloons for their vote will
prove If they elect Mulvey that they approve a man
In his busIness They cant elect MUle and forbid
their boys spending evenings at the gaming table
They cant elect Mulvey and then scorn the women of
the tenderloin whose votes assisted the good people
to elect Mulvey
For friend of the underworld as he certainly Is
the underworld alone cannot elect hIm If elected
It must be with the votes of the men and the women
who go to church the men and the women who obey
the law the men and the women against whose
lives no charge 01 Immorality can ever be brOught
If elected It must be by the best people In the ward
There are not enough bad people to elect him
That is one ot the things that the people will say
In the election of today
What a dastardly trick It was ot the Tribune to
publish that story from Park City accusing Tames
Iurdoch of defective work as an engineer The
Park City Record ot last week prints an Indignant
refutation of the slander The Tribune told an utter
untruth and knew It at the time People ot the
Park know Tames Murdoch and are united In their
denuncIation of the slander uttered against hIm
Should a man repine because you repeat In a cam
paign the words he publicly uttered In the calm and
quiet at December No Then Mr Bransford has
no cause to protest that The Herald1tgpttmlican has
been unkind to him It simply repeated hIs own
What has Mulvey to complain of That the state
ments of the Tribune against him have been repro
duced In The HeraldRepubllcan Then his quarrel
Is with the Tribunenot with this paper
Pull the third lever from the topand pull it till
the bell rings Then come out with the proud satIs
faction of knowing that you have well served the
whole people of the city
Today Is the day of election Shall the people or
the city indorse graft or shall they declare for pro
gressIvcncss without plunder t
Tice hardest thing that has been ald of John S
Bransford In the present campaign was an exact and
literal qUOtl1g of his own words
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