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InterMountain Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH p WEDNESDAY NOV m 3 1909 S Price i 5 Cents The Salt Vol Lake 167 Herald No 119
Vol 15 No 83
Mayor Also Controls New I
Council and Will Have His i
J Own Way There I
Murdoch for Mayor Receives Fifty
Three Votes ltiore Than Wal
lace the Democratic Nominee
First WardJ B Moreton J W McKinney
Second WardE G ODonnell C H Reed
Third WardJohn Holley O M Lees
Fourth WardWe Mont Ferry Walter O Lyne
Fifth VardMartin E Mulvey Mark Reedall
John S Bransford was elected mayor
Of Salt Lake yesterday the American
party electing every man on the city
tiCket and electing councilmen in every
prednrt with the exception of the Third
where John Holley Democrat was
elected for the long term and C M
Lees Republican for the short term on
the fusion ticket
Vote Is I Not Heavy
The vote was surprIsingly lIght In al
most every one of the fiftrfour districts
ii If the city In the strong American
K part dIstricts the American party got
Its vote out early and excepting in the
FiftythIrd and Fiftyfourth districts
the wInners polled nearly theIr entire
estimated strength Straight tickets
er > the rule generally and in only a
frw districts was there any consider
able amount of scratching
Although there were many challenges
bc both Republicans and American
party workers there was lIttle dlooroer
fxpting In the Fortsecond and the
Fortthrd districts
In Ogden Wtlllam Glasmann Repub
lican candIdate for mayor was elected
as well as the other Republicans on the
C Ity ticket Provo eiectal four dry
1mion candidates for the city council
but the mayor is against prohIbition
Among the city chairmen in the Salt
Lake campaign J E Darmer Is the
only one who last night could say I
told you 80 He was as surprIsed as
anyone over the figures although he
l aUt1i the results in his statement given
t I The HeraldRepublican Monday
evening The Wallace vote was a puz
e to everyone and was only solved
hEn the complete returns were In
f hnwing that he had run tttird In the
rare by fifttwo votes receivIng 6070
t 6123 for Murdoch
Rports received during the day at the
rius campaIgn headquarters were
11 chaotic and untIl late In the after
T In it was believed generally that the
f 1810n candidates for auditor attorney
and treasurer would win by a fair mar
gin It was also the general belief that
t111 fusion councilmanic candIdates In
th First and Fourth precIncts would
t I by a close margin and that John A
kman would be elected councilman
fr m the Second precInct against E G
OJonnell The Americans centered
t1I ir councllmanIt fight In the Second
rre met and the RepubUcnn organIza
tlon wa also active In that precinct as
well as In the FIrst
The general apathy shown during the
entire campaIgn was reflected on elec
tion day for although the weather was
perfect the total vote was 25700 as
compared wIth about 27500 one yoor
ago when election clay was cold and
Great Crowd Sees Bulletins
Goodnatured jostling crowds filled the
streets and 10000 congregated in front
of The HeraldRepublican office to get
the returns last night At the various
headquarters there was the usual crowd
of workers and candidates but wIth the
exception of the winners the others
went home early after the general re
sults were known
Betting on this election was lighter
than In the last ten years in Salt Lake
Hetlvy odds were demanded on the head
of the ticket and most of the money
that changed hands was on the relative
strength of Murdoch and Wallace A
favorite bet was that the Americans
would elect eight candidates and there
were a number of bets on the election
of Iulvey for the council and Law
rence for city attorney
In the First precinct J B Moreton
American party candidate for council
man for the long term received 4217
votes and Frank J Hewlett fusIon can
didate for the long term received 3637
J B McKinney AmerIcan for the short
term received 3895 and J S Hyde
fusion receIved 3733
E G ODonnell American candidate
for the long term In the Second precinct
received 339 and J A Ekman Repub
lican receIved 2733 C H Reed Amer
Ican for the short term received 3332
W E Vigus 1202 and BurbIdge 1515
The fusion councilmanIc ticket won
easily in the Third precinct where for I
the long term Holley received 2560
against 1353 for DavIs and Lees re
ceived 2561 agaInst 1536
The contest was close In the Fourth
W Mont Ferry receIving 2155 against
2046 for Joseph Kimball and for the
short term W C Lyne receIving 2175
and W T Atkin 1768
Martin E Mulvey received 2428 for
councIlman In the FIfth precInct
against 1273 for John M KnIght For
the short term Mark Reedall received
2591 against 591 for G B Pfoutz and
623 for Warrum
t q
Lr i
e y
I 2 i
I i Us1 S I
i z
I I k5
i t
TRmmRny candidate for mayor of New York elected by a plumlity of
Militia Held in Readiness to Sup I
press IndustrIal Workers
of the World
Spokane Wash Nov 2More than 150 members of the Industrial
Workers of the World were arrested here tcday on charges of disturbing
the peace by speaking upon the streets without permission of the au
thorities Riots appeared to be imminent during the day but tonight the
leaders announced that there would be no night street gatherings be
cause of the danger of serious disorder
Two companies ot the national guard
ail the tire department have been or
1 d to be prepared to assist the police
i th < demand for help shoulJl be made
> iven of the leaders oC the Industrial
rkers were arrested Including three
omn Late today the chief of police
and thl sheriff headed a joint party of
apubes and detectives which visited the
hr adquarter of the organization and took
Into custody James Wilson editor ot the
I V V paper James P Thompson A
I Cousins and George Clark all of
horn it was alleged had made incen
diary speeches during the day
They are beIng held without bonds on
charges of having Incited to rIot Earlier
In the day the three women had been
nrrfsted on similar chargesAnn Arqult
Isabelle Huxtable and Edith oernet
None ot the members resisted arrest and
there were no demonstrations when they I
were marched to jail All of the prison I
ers will appear In court tomorrow Jus
tice Mann In the case of Thompson who
had been arrested before had dismissed
the prisoner on the ground that the or
dinance under which the arrest was
made was class legIslation and therefore
The second arrest of Thompson and of
all the others In jail tonight was based
upon another ordinance even more sweep
Ing In Its character than the one to which
Justice Main objects Under it the po
lice are given the power to arrest any
person speaking upon the streets regard
less of the subject or reason for the ad
dress It a crowd gathers and disorder Is
believed by the police to prevail
Bransford 13623 Burt 537 Murdoch 6123 Wallace 6070
Rives 13659 Johilson 550 Myton 6161 Fitzgerald 6096
Alif 13587 Edgar 697 Edwards 12140
Snyder 13J205 Nelson 551 Peabody 12405
Dininny 13115 Sorenson 553 lawrence 12476
I am deeply apprecIative of the high honor again conferred on me by the cit I
Izens ot Salt Lake Now that the contest Is over and the voters by their suf I
frage decided the election question I hope that everybody will unite for a greater
Salt Lake Of course I am pleased that a council has boon elected which will
be In sIIlpafhy with me and which will carry out the policy which was Inau
gurated at the time the Americans gained control of the cIty What more could
ask I asked for a council that would support mo and I got It White I have
not given the matter much thought just yet still I can say that my conduct of the
office will be the same during the coming term as It has been during this term I
will stand for the making of all the improvements that the finances of the city
will permit
The Republicans have made a dignified and clean campaign and we lost sim
ply because we dId not have votes enough to win I am satisfied with the re
sult and 1 wish Mayor Bransford a pleasant and successful adminIstration In the
office to which he has been elected by the people ot Salt Lake In the race for
mayor 1 have been beaten decisively nd I have no excuses to make
How does the defeated candidate usually feel In a contest of this kind Well
he hardly feels In the same frame of mind as he would if t victor had perched on
the banner of the causo which he had espoused Defeat Is a bitter pm at the
best I have taken my defeat philosophically however and find considerable sat
Isfaction In the knowledge that the voters among the CitlzensDemocrntc part
rallied so nobly to my support I have enjoyed my association with the mem
bers of the central committee the Democrats and the Citizens I am appreciative
ot the gallant fight they made in my behalf I am still hopeful that the strife
which has long agitated thIs city will be settled soon Religious prejudice should
not enter into a municipal campaign and I hope that the time will soon come
when an r citizen can be elected to office Irrespective of the religious belief which
he entertains
Mrs Rose Woolley an Official
Driven Out in TearsDeputy
Sheriff Nowell Assaulted
American party policemen led by Chief S M Barlow and Lieuten
ant R L Shannon caused a riot at the Brigham Street pharmacy the
polling place in election district No 42 at about 4 oclock yesterday aft
ernoon brutally assaulted Deputy Sheriff Samuel Nowell and by sheer
dominating violence drove Mrs Rose Woolley temporary Republican
district chairman from the polling place in tears
The assault and infringement upon the dignity of the polls was fol
lowed by an attempt to drive Republican challengers from the polling
place and this attempt was only frustrated by the appearance of Mayor
John Bransford who poured soothing oil upon the methods of his police
department and later compelled an apology from Lieutenant Shannon to
the man he had so roughly assaulted
This apology was tendered In the
presence and for the benefit of a hun
dred or more voters who were express
Ing their disgust at the actions of the
offIcers ot the police department
Up until the arrIval of Mayor Brans
ford Frank Willis and two other
American party policemen had taken
up their positions In the polling place
and had used their Infuenco to intimI
date G A Merlckel and other Repub
Bean challengers who were acting
within their rights
Deputy Sheriff Samuel Nowell re
placed Deputy James Williams at the
polls shortly after the noon hour With
three AmerIcan party judges In charge
ot the polls and Walter Llttl an Amer
Ican part man directing the voting
machine many persons were being In
structed that the lever Indicating a
straight vote for the American party
was the proper one for thorn to pull
Deputy Nowell and the RepUblican
challengers protested against Little
going behind the curtains with voters
to direct ttfem In the voting on the ma
chine It being apparent that many
through Ignorance were voting against
their wilL
Thc right ot Little to dIrect the vot
ing In thIs way was questioned and the
dlsagreeJnent led to the cal1tng Chief
Barlow and LIeutenant Shannon With
out waiting for explanations Chief
Barlow and Lieutenant Shannon made
a demonstration against the Republican
challengers immediately upon entering
the polling place and recognizing
Deputy NoweII used personal vIolence
to expel him from the place Lieu
tenant Shannon struck Nowell a heavy
blow on the right ear and with the
assistance of Chief Barlow and the
American party special officers Nowell
was thrown bodIly from the pharmacy
apd ordered to remain outside
This order evIdently dId not apply to
American party specIal officers who
remained Inside the polling place and
aided in the attempt to browbeat Re
publIcan challengers until after the ar
rival of Mayor John Bransford to
whom a general protest was made by
those who had witnessed the assault
made by Chief Barlow and LIeutenant
Lieutenant Shannon remained withIn
the pollIng place after the other offi
cers had beoo ordered outsIde and by
his threatening vIolence and using
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DOllY STill
Takes Several Disguises and
Finally Settles Upon One
That Enables Her to Keep
Appointments Without Pear
Miss Dimples Visits Auerbach
Department Store Makes
Purchases and Gets Away
Before She Is Accosted
This afternoon between
2 and 5 oclock Dolly will
appear in front of the
DaynesBeebe Music com
pany 45 South Main street
where she will view the
beautiful billiken dolls
A lifesize photograph of
Dolly Dimples is now on ex
hibition in the show window
of Mulletts Clothing store
41 West Second South
street Dolly will pass the
window every day to gaze
upon what she declares is
the finest photograph she
has ever had taken
o I am still free 0
o lIy appoIntment yesterday at 0
o Auerbachs resulted contrary to <
my expectations In a great vic 0
o tory for me and In the loss of
500 to Salt Lakera 0
< > It was not exactly easy I <
0 worked harder yesterday than 1 0
have worked since beIng In the 0
city I changed my disguise no 0
< b fewer than four times before yen 0 I
< S > turlnj forth I finally made my 0
self up to appear as unobtrusIve 0
4 as possIble discarding my dress 4
and trappings of first age and 0
mIddle age to a younger get up 0 i
0 0 000ww 000 0
Although It Is my earnest wish that
the contest end soon as I am tired It
Is l not my IntentIon to aid you In your
search I shall work Just as hard to
avoId capture
There are some who seem to think
that 1 ought to attend my appoInt
ments attired In bright red or some
other conspicuous color or with a large
placard pinned to my back announcing
my Identity carrying a cow bell and
shouting 1 am Dolly Dimples
Will Remain Until Captured
My Intention Is to remain here till
captured I wIll be on the streets ride
In street cars and make calls until
some one penetrates my Identity
Please bear In mind everybody that
In order to capture Dolly you must ad
here to the rules of the contest printed
every day In The HeraldRepublIcan
When saluting a suspect you must al
ways hold up to her view so that she
can plaInly see It a copy of the latest I
edItion of The HeraldRepublIcan If
your paper is held under your arm or
is In your pocket how do you expect
that I would know whether or not you
had In your possession a copy o thE
days Issue of the paper Even should
I be correctly saluted I wIll not admit
my Identity unless I see the paper
On several occasions I have noticed
people salutIng each other who had
their paper thrust Into their pocket or
worse still had none The paper In the
pocket might be a week old for all one
can determine
Then let me remInd you that nine
out of ten tImes people wIll say Say
pardon me arent you etc That Is
wrong Memorize the followIng and it
you happen across Dolly youll have
her Pardon me you are the mys
terIous Miss Dolly Dimples pf The
Dally and Sunday HeraldRepublIcan
Please memorize It so that you cannot
possibly say it wrong It seems as
though people cannot commit those
simple words
After being seen by such a gathering
as packed the Colonial Monday night
I am surprIsed at stIll beIng tree on
Please remember too participants
all that In the mornIng I am treethat
the reward Is not effective Since I
have been here I have been always im
mune from capture until 11 oclock
ThIs rule has been changed to 12 oclock
noon givIng me one more hour of free
dom than I formerly enjoyed
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Carroll la the Scene of Tragedy
Murderers Captured and Lynch
ing Threatened
Des MoInes In Nov 2After having
searched alone all night for two bur
glars who entered a house at Carroll
and arresting thorn Pat Hatton city mar
shal ot Carroll In was today shot and
killed by one ot the robbers
Hatton had followed the men from Car
roll and after arresting them and while
covering them with a revolver turned
toward his team Instantly one of the
men shot hIm In the back A posse formed
an hour later and captured the robbers
In n cornfield
A mob was reported formIng at Car
roll to await the arrival ot the robbers
Officers have the situation well In hand
and although the crowds on the streets
have made threats ot lynching It Is be
lieved the officers can defeat such an ef
Board of Estimates in Control
of the RepublicanFusion
Forces and Tammany Vic
tory Is Made Barlen
Pennsylvania Remains True to
Its Principles and Rolls Up
Tremendous Majority for the
Republican Candidates
4 + + + + t + 4 + 4 + + + 1 t + + + + 4 + t + t + t + +
+ New York Nov 2The results
+ In New Yorks mayoralty contest
+ with twentyone election districts
+ missing are as follows
+ Gaynor Democrat 246715 Ban
+ nard RepublicanFusion 175603
+ Hearst Independent 160560 +
+ Gaynors plurality 11661 4
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + f t t t + t t + t + t 4 + 44
New York Nov 2Tammany
elected another mayor of Greater
New York t day but lost its grip on
city finances
William J Gaynor of Brollklyn
swept the five boroughs to victory as
mayor by at least 70000 plurality
defeating Otto T Bannard Repilb
licanFusion and William R Hearst
Independent He failed however to
carry his ticket with him and the
RepublicanFusion forces will control
absolutely the board of estimate and
apportionment which will disburse
approximately a billion dollars dur
ing the administration
This is I more than half a defeat tTl
Tammany for the ClDtrol of the ba
of ettlD1te was one of Ole principal
issues of the campalgR
In addition the JejMIbUeanFu1 n
lets elected Charles S Whitman dIS
trict attorney of New York con
He defeated George C Battle 1u
Cl8tlc nominee by a Icast 13000 plur 1
Ity and John S Shea for sherlU 0 fr
C D Sullivan Democrat by apprnx1
mately 10000
Reform control of the board of estI
mates III assured uy the election ot te
following UepubllcanFu nom
Fusionists Elected
ComptrollerWilliam A Pretlder
gast defeating Robert R Moore by
approximately 66000
President ot the board ot aldermen
JOhn P Mitchell defeating John F
Galvin by approximately 54000
President ot the borough of Manhat
tanGeorge McAreny defeating Joseph
Haag by approxImately 18000
President of the borough ot Brook
lynAlCred Esters defeatIng John N
McCooey by approximately 14000
In addition to the foregoing Indies
Uons point to the election of the fl
lowIng RepublicanFuston nommes
President ot the borough of Bronx
Cyrus S Miller defeating A H Mur
President ot the borough ot Rich
mondGeorge Cromwell defeat1na
Some Contests Close
The contest for these two last named
presidencies Was close but latest re
turns favored the RepublfcanFus1 i
nominees while in Queens Long IsL
and Lawrence Grosser Ind and
antiTammany was elected
With 8 total of sixteen votes In the
board of estimates the Republicar
Fusion forces even counting out the
election of the borough presidents cf
tbe Bronx and Staten Island will yet
lfave eleven vote two more than te
necessary majority
Hearst once defeated In hIs contest
for the mayoralty against McClellan 11
1595 went down again today with a
total of less than 15tnOO as against
approximately 4iiOGO for Gynor and
171000 for Bannard
With but thirtysix election districts
out of 11 missIng the total vote or
the greater city for th three earlt
dates wu as follow Cfaynor 243870
Bannard 173399 Hearst 148549
This gives Gaynor a lead ot 70411
over Bannard and 9531 over Hearst
The New MaVor
William J Gaynor who now be
comes mayor ot Greater New York
Continued on PIge 8
+ The HeraldRepublican received +
4 many congratulations last night over +
i Its excellent bulletin service which +
+ surpassed anything of the kind ever +
+ attempted In Salt Lake The crowd 4
+ came to The HeraldRepublkan of +
+ flee and remained there It dls +
+ tanced its competitors by many mln +
+ utes on all returns and when there +
+ were brief Intervals without returns +
+ the crowd was well entertained With
+ the movln picture machine owned
+ by Max Florence the genial moving
piflure magnate ot Salt Lake who
+ Is always on the job when a stroke
t of enterprise Is contemplated How
t well he did It the many thousands
+ who saw the result will testify
The AmerIcan party now has an
overwhlemlcg majority In the city
councIltwo more than at the present
time The council wIll now be made up
of the following
American partyA J Davis from the
Fifth and Lorin J Wood from the
ThIrd both holdovers John B More
ton and James McKinney from the
FIrst Ed G 0Donnell and Charles H
Reed from the Second W Mont Ferry
and Walter C Lyne from the Fourth
Martin E Mulvey and Mark Reedall
from the Fifth
DemocrataL E Hall from the
Fourth F S Fernstrom from the
ThIrd and Oliver Hodgeon from the
FIrst nil holdovers and John Holley
longterm councilman from the Third
RepublIcanCharles lI Lees short
term from the ThIrd
With thIs overwhieming majority the
council wIll never have any dIfflculty In
putting through any measure It desires
During the last tWQ years there has
been only a slIght majority for the
American partnine agaInst six
The men yho go out wIll be Tames D
Murdoch L D Martin George H
Raybould Henry T Cowburn J J
Stewart and T R Black Mr Cowburn
was the only Republican and now
Charles f Lees takes his place In the
governing body
Mayor Bransford durIng his early
life as mayor dId not get along very
well with the council but nov It Is
more a Bransford council than any
thing else JIoreton McKinney ODon
nell Ferry Iulvey and Reedall are the
strongest of the Bransford supporters
and with these menBix out of the fit
teenwith him the mayor can put
through nearly anythIng he under
+ Many wagers were made yesterday +
+ that James D Murdoch would beat +
+ William Wallace In th race for +
4 mayor The best fIgur3s available +
+ last night showed that Murdoch beat +
+ Wallace by 53 votes These figures +
4 are unofficial however and It Is 4
+ probable that only the official count +
+ will determine the relative positions +
4 ot the Republican and Democratic +
+ candidates +
4 + + + + + 44 + + + + +
Massachusetts Republican but
by a Plurality of Less Than
Ten Thusand
Boston Nov 2The Republicans
carried Massachusetts In a state else
tlon today by the narrowest margin In
nearly a quarter of a century
The party ticket was reelect but
Governor Drapers plurality of SOGOG
last year was cut to 8000
Complete returns for governor fol
low Draper R 190045 Vahey D
181663 Republican plurality 8U
The followIng state ticket was
GovernorEben S Draper of Hope
Lieutenant Governor Louis A
Frothingham of Boston
Secretary of stateWilliam M Olin
of Boston
Treasurer and receivergeneralEl
mer A Stevens of Somersville
AuditorHenry E Turner If Mal
AttorneygeneralDana Malone of
The next legislature will show the
customary Republican majorities tn
both branches
In thIs city District Attornoy Arthur
Hill was defeated by Josoph Felletler
KIev Nov 20ne hundred and eIght
horses belonging to the stud of Count
Tyahkevitch one of the finest In Rus
sIa were burned to death last night In
a fire saId to have been of IncendIary
Only One in Thirty Registered and
There Were No Sharp
Manila Nov 2A general election was held tlllougllout the Philip
pine islands today for members of the assembly and provincial and mu
nicipal officials Little interest was shown and it is doubtful if the total
vote will equal tluit of twoJears ago when only about one in thirty of
the population registered
I Dominador I Gomez former president of
the Nationalist party who was ousted
from the last assembly furnished the
only picturesque feature of todays elec
tion In this city FollowIng his election
to the assembly two years ago the courts
decided that Gomez was not a citizen
and therefore Ineligible to hold office or
to vote Acordlrgly he was unseated
when the assembly organized Neverthe
less Gomez Insisted upon running for the I
assembly again today and probably has
been defeated
As was the case at the first election In
1907 the contest for the assembly was
between the Nationalists and the Progres
sivists The origInal Issue for which the
Nationalists stood was the lmmeciate n
dePEndence of the Islands while the Fro
gressists accepted American IInzeralnty
The Nationalists won eilly In 1907 but
their policy of Independen was ockd
by the Philippine ommlUon which 00r
stItutes the upper house of legislation ant
is composed of the governor general and
eight commissioners of whom tour are
Americans and four Filipinos Today
there were no Important issues involvsd
in the assembly contest and there were
many Independent candidates
The provincial elections were for a
choice of governors and the munIcipal
elections for the selection of presidents
vice presidents and councilots In no In
stance was a sharp contest developed

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