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I r Mines ad Mining Stocks
Extent of Proven Ore Bodies
Evidently Not Realized
by Public
That the Western Nevada Copper com
pany has a mine the extent of which
Is little understood by the public Is real
Ized when It is learned as shown in a
recent report upon the property that in
Its 150 acres of mineral ground the com
pany has approximately a mile and a halt
of underground workin tunrcls drifts
crosscuts and raises the greater portion
of which is ore
The upper tunnel 15 600 feet long and
110 feet deep at Its face It has opened
an ore bOdy 250 feet long averaging 20
feet In width which shows average cop
pll contontJI of 3 per cent The are 15
carbonate and sulphide
In No 2 tunnel which is 140 feet ver
tically below the upper tunnel has been
opened to about the same extent an ore
body whoso average copper contents is
between 4 and 5 per cent This body as
nearly as can be determined Is the down
ward extension of the are found In the
upper tunnel It is aU sulphIde
In addition to the solid ore the lime
stone on the east Is heavily mineralized
for a distance of 15 feet but It Is not at
that depth of commercial value
From the lower tunnel level a two
compartment vertical shaft has been sunk
to the depth of 300 feet with a level at
each 100 feet the bottom level giving a
vertical depth of 500 feet below the sur
face outcrop
Ore Body Wider Below
The are body has been encountered on
the first and second levels below the tun
nel by crosscuts from the shaft On the
first level from the shaft the are wall
crosscut for more than 100 feet and at the
time the report was made had been
drifted upon for 100 feet on both walls
with dally assays showing from 1 to 15
per cent copper
On the second level 200 feet below the
tunnel the ore has been out and Is being
drifted upon with the usual good values
shown Work has been prosecuted on the
third level tram the shaft with Indica
tions that the ore should be encountered
at any time
Purchase of property development
equipment etc represents to date an ex
penditure of upwards of 10000 Tile
company has no Indebtedness and has 2 Q
000 shares of stock In Its treasury
The property lies north or the Mason
Valley on the same limestone as that In
which the ore bodies of Mason Valley are
found Western Nevada are bOdies are
at the same general chaScter end qual
Ity aa those at Mason valley Between
Western Nevada and Mason Valley Is
the property of the Malachite Copper
Sohwab Company Gives Up
Hope and Last Exodus
Takes Place
Not a living person remains In the cop
per camps of Greenwater and Furnace
reek according to advices from members
of the last exodus from the once famed
aistricts The Schwab company has
stopped work on Queen shaft No2 the
last property on which work was done
and at a depth at 1000 feet there was
rothlng to encourage or justify further
work The Schwab company has some
meny left In Its treasury and It Is sad
It will probably be Invested In properties
else where with a hope at finding some
thing and saving stockholders from abso
lute los
In the Furnace Creek camp the Patsy
Clark company stopped work several
rears ago The Furnace Creek company
never did have a look In and from the
first day of Its existence experienced min
Ing men said the company had no prop
erty worth exploiting The Furnace
reek company also bas some money left
a few thousand dollars and the officers
are talking about Investing It In oil prop
ertyA few years ago Greenwater bad a con
siderable population a big payroll an ac
tive vigilance committee and a newspaper
with all the other accessories going to
make a live western mining town About
the time that Is began to dawn upon the
people that Greenwatcrs future was all
In the past the Schwab company buoyed
up by strange reports from its engineers
tried to Instill now hope In the people of
Greenwater and a 10000 bank building
was put uP but about the time It was
completed it was sold to the owner of the
nuwmoblle stage line for 1000 lIe still
owns the handsome vacant building and
the big steel burglar and fireproof safe
occupies ono corner at It The od news
paper plant Is still there and a freighter
has advised the owner to leave It there
as It would cost more to freight It out
than It Is worth That Is probably true
of the big burglarproof safe In the 10000
bank building
The property ot Newhouse Mines
Smelters was purchased for 50000 at fore
closure by the Trust Company of Amer
Ica which was trustee under the mort
gage The next step toward placing the
property again In commlslon as a pro
ducer will be the completing of incorpor
ation of the South Utah Mines Smel
ter company with total capitalization of
4300000 Ot that amount n3OO000 will be
siX per cent Income bonds convertible Into
stock at par 5 There will be 000000
shares at stock of which OOOOO shares
will be reserved to care for the bond con
The number of shares of Newhous
Mines Sme1ters actuallY turned In for
exchange Into stock of the new corpora
tion was 5SS332 Bonds In the sum of
1 22 000 w 11 a Iso posltfd I
Breeden ba3 it
Stafford Inks
Are clear free flowIng
awl 101lglastlngelegant
Inks Commercial fluid
for ordinary book work
and letter wrIting Spec
Ial Ink for copying or let
ter press work Ve can
racmmenl1 the entire
Staffords Paste
Does Not Dry Up
TELEf > HONES 72 9
13reeiknOfficeSuppJy Co
60 kst 2ndSo
Plumes cleaned and curled College
Millinery Parlors 01 Tribune bldg
S 0
Orphcum Tickets Given Away by the
Somewhere in the classified columns
of every issue of The HeraldRepublican
will be found an order for two seats at
the Orpheum theatre good for either
matInee of evening performance on date
of issue The person whose name ap
pears in this order will please present a
copy of the ad to The HeraldRepub
1Ican office before 6 oclock today to
gether with n posItive Identlficatlon
your last subscription receipt will 10
Read the classified advertisements In
this issue Perhaps your name Is there
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah November I 1909
Notice Is hereby given that Joseph R
llurdock whose postofflce address is
Heber Utah has made application In ac
cordance with the requirements of the
Compiled Laws of Utah 1007 as amended
by the Session Laws of Utah 1909 to
appropriate one hundred sixty 160 cubic
feet per second ot water from Jordan
river Utah and Salt Lake counties Utah
Said water will be diverted at a point
which bears south 31 degrees 30 minutes
cast 3reo feet from the northwest cor
ner of section 6 township 4 south range
1 west Salt Lake base and meridian from
where It will be conveyed for a distance
uf 132000 feet by means of a pIpe line and
a canal and there used from March 1 to
December 1 Inclusive of each year to
Irrigate 22000 acres of land embraced In I
sections 4 5 6 8 9 10 15 16 22 26 and 27
township 4 south range 1 west sections
I to 10 inclusive 15 to 21 Inclusive 23
to 33 Inclusive township 3 south range
1 west sections 6 7 8 16 to 22 Inclu
Sive 28 to 33 Inclusive township 2 south
range 1 west sections 1 to 16 Inclusive
23 and 21 township 2 south range 2 west
sections 29 to 36 Inclusive township 1
south range 2 west sections 19 to 26 In
elusive 3i and 36 township 1 south range
3 west Salt Lake base and meridian
This application Is designated In the state
engineer office as No 2621
All protests against the granting of said
application stating the reasons therefor
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
and filed In this office within thirty 30
days after the completion of the publica
tion of this notice
State Engineer
Date at first publication November 5
1009 date of completion of publication
December 6 1909
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NoticeThere are delinquent upon
the following described stock on ac
count of assessment No 11 of c per
share levied on the 28th day of Sep
tember 1909 the several amounts set
opposite the names of the respective
shareholders as follows
Name Shares Amt
Ed H Gerken 3000 760
J W Beck 3000 750
Minnie Beck 1000 250
Harry Beck 500 12
Roy Beck 1000 260
Elmer Beck 5000 1250
11 B Hansen 2500 625
Fred A Hansen 300 75
Anna M Hansen 500 125
Will Lage 1000 250
J E Klenze 1000 250
L A Klenzo 1000 250
H E Emels 2000 500
F A Virtue 2000 500
Peter Kroeger 5000 1250
Harry Kroeger 500 12G
Veil no Kroeger 500 125
Emil Krueger 4080 1000
John Green 4500 1125
B II Kutnewsly 500 125
E W Washburn 800 200
Gus Paustian 10000 2500
J H Kirk jr 2500 625
J A Kirk 111100 2500
Peter G Droubay 2fiOO 625
And In accordance with the law and
an order of the board of directors made
on the 28th day at September 1909 so
many shares of each parcel of such
stock as may be necessary will be sold
at public auction at the office of the
secretary room 9 Central block Salt
Lake City Utah on the 20th day of
Nov 1909 at 12 m to pay the de
linquent assessment thereon together
with the costs of advertising and ex
pense of sale
H W DAVIS Acting Secretary
Room 9 Central block Salt Lake
City Utah
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah November 1 1900
Notice Is hereby given that H L
Thomas whose postofflce address Is Salt
Lake City Utah has made application
In accordance with the requirements of
the Compiled Laws of Utah 1907 as
amended by the Session Laws of t1tah
1909 to appropriate thirty 30 cubic feet
per second of water from Big Cottonwood I I
creek Salt Lake county Utah Said wa
ter will be diverted at a point which
bears south 65 degrees west 12501 feet
from the northeast corner of section 18
township 2 south range 3 east Salt Lake
base and meridian from where It will be
conveyed by means of a pipe line for a
distance of 33501 feet and there used from
January 1 to December 31 inclusve of
each ear to develop power for the pur
pose of electric lighting and propelling
machinery In Salt Lake valley and vicin
Ity Utah After having been 10 dl
verted and used the water will be re
turned to the natural channel at the
stream at a point which bears south 66
degrees 30 minutes west 23920 feet from
the northwest corner ot section 18 town
ship 2 south range 3 east Salt Lake base
and merIdIan This application Is desig I
nated In the state engineers office as
No 25i9
All protests against the granting ot said
application stating tho reasons therefor
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
and filed In this office within thirty 30
days after the completion of the publica
tion of this notice
State Engineer
Date of first publication November 5
1909 date of completion ot publication
December 6 1909
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah November 1 1909
Notice Is hereby given that George Mc
Cune whose postofflce address Is Eure
ka Utah and T C and Robert Vlnn
whose postoftlce address Is Nephl Utah
have made application in accordance with
the Compiled Laws of Utah 1901 as
amended by the Session Laws of Utah
loo to appropriate sixteen 16 cubic feet
per second of water from Currant creek
Juab and Utah counties Utah SaId wa
ter will be diverted at a point which bears
south 41 degrees 50 minutes east 124323
feet from the northwest corner of section
26 township 10 south range 1 west Salt
Lake base and meridian from where It
will be convoyed by means of a canal
flume and a pipe line for a distance of
59SQ feet and there used from January 1
to December 31 Inclusive of each year
to develop power for the purpose at elec
tric lighting and propelllng machinery In
Goshen and Eureka Utah After having
been so diverted and used the water will
be returned to the natural channel of the
stream at a point which bears south 48
degrees 20 minutes east 6so feet distant
from corner above described This appli
cation Is desIgnated In the state engi
neers otflce as No 25Xi
All protests against the granting ot said
application stating the reasons therefor
must be made by affidavit in duplicate
and flIed In this office within thirty 30
days after the completion of the publica
tion of this notice
State Engineer
Date of first publication November 5
19OJ date of completion at publication
December 6 1009
Eltal1aked 1841 m Ottlcee
The Oldest ad Larct
GEORGE BUST General Kanqtr
UtAh Idaho Wyoming all Nevda
Ofnc 111 Progress uiIdiaw sit Lake
Ease and Comfort
In every finished paekage of our
laundry products SOFTENED and
FILTERED WATER skilled knowl
edge at laundry methods are our sue
llstul assets in laundering
The Laundrr of Quality
Botb sbonu at 161 Main StrPet
Badger Brothers
Members Salt Lake Exchange
160 Main St Salt Lake City
Branch Office Eureka Utnh
OorrelpoDdeatl s
Member New York Stock Ex
Chicago Board af Trade
Etc Etc Etc
Private Wirri
To nil markets of the United
States and Europe Perfect
facilities for the handling of aU
Utah Stocks
Will Sell
1000 Utah Mines Coalition 20c
1000 Consolidated Fuel 400
UOOO Cern Fuel Bonds8Sc
25 United Wireless 2000
841t Lake stOOl and l1nlnz Exehanc
Denver ConBollcAted Stock Exchange
Rawhide 1IIaing Stock Excnani
Throckmorton Company
Utah Savings Trust Building
Government Railway and Municipal
Bond Bank and Investment StoclU
New Torle Chicago San Francisco
Rawblde Tonopah Goldtlell1 ana au
Principal ExchanlN
Consult county clerk or the respective
Igners for further Information
bata division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty state of Utah In the matter of the
estate of Joseph Bull deceased Notice
The petition of Zina Hyde Bull executrix
of the estate of Joseph Bull deceased
for confirmation of the sale of the fol
lowing described real estate of said de
cedent towit The north halt of the
northwest quarter ot section thIrtytwo
township one north of range one west
Salt Lake meridian U S survey con
taining eighty acres for the sum at
20000 and upon the following terms to
wit Cash upon confirmation as appears
from the return ot sale filed In this court
ha been set for hearing on Friday the
12th day of November A D 1M at a
clock p m at the county court house
In the court room of said court In Salt
Lake CIty Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 2th day of
Octobr A D l
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Aurelus Miner Attorney for Petitioner
bate divisIon In and for Salt Lake county
State of Utah In the matter of the
estate of Ruth E Edgnton deceased
The petition of W J Halorn admln
Itrator with the will annexed ot th es
tate of Ruth E Edginton deceased pm
Ing for an order of sale of real property
of said decedent and that all persons
Interested app ar before the said curt to
show cause why an order should not be
granted to sell so much as shall be nees
sary of the following described real es
tate of saId deceased towi Commenc
Ing at the southeast corner ot lot 7
block 64 plat B Sal Lake City survey
and runnIng thence west 10 rods thence
north 21 rods thence est 10 rods thence
south 2 ½ rods to the place of begin
ning together with the Improvements
thereon which said property Is situated
In Sal Lake City Sal Lake county
State at Utah has ben set for hearing
on Friday the 6th day of November A
D 1m It 2 oclock p m at the county
eurt house In the court rom of said
court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake coun
ty Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the sal thereof affixed thIs 23d day at
October A D 19
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Thompson Gibson Attorneys for Pe
bate dIvision In and for Sal Lake
county Utah In the mater at the es
tate of Robert Giespie deceased No
tceThe petition of Charles E Street
administrator of the estate of Robert
Giespie deceased praying for the set
lament of final account of said Charles
E Street administrator and for the
distribution at the residue at said es
ate to the persons entitled has been
set for hearing on Friday the 12th day
ot November A D 1909 at 2 oclock
p L m at the county court house In the
court room at saId court In Salt Lake
Cih Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereat affixed this 26th day
of October A D 1909
Seal Clerk
CSeal P Palmer Deputy Clerk
By Wiey Attorneys for Pe
bate division in and for Sal Lake
county Utah In the matter of the es
tate of Anna F Street deceased No
tceThe peUtron of Charles E Street
adminIstrator of the estate of Anna E
Street deceased praying for the set
lenient of final account at Bald Charles
Street administrator and for the
E distributon ot the residue at said es
tae to the persons entitled has been
set for hearing on Friday the 12th day
at November A D 1909 at 2 oclock
p m at the county ourt house In the
court room of said ourt In Salt Lake
City Sal Lake county Utah
Witness the cleric of saId court with
the seal thereof affixed this 25th day
of October A D 1909
Seal Clerk
Seal L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Wiey W1ey Attorneys for Pe
Bingham Miner Enthusiastic
Over Showing in Prince
and Centennial
Frank IV Klett former spurintendent
of the Bingham New Haven companya
mIne who retued yesterday from
Ploche where he went In company with
M C Godbc Is enthusiastic over the
mine showing which be saw there He
ad time to examine thoroughly only the
Prince mine and the property of the Cen
tennial Ploche compay adjoining the
Erince on the north but what be saw
there and on the surface of the Pr1ce
zone convinced him that a number of bIg
mines are to be 1ade
I had thought that I had seen most
of the great mines of the west saId
Mr Klett but I ever saw a leadsilver I
mine with the enormous tonnage ot com
nercial are that is blocked out In the
Prince mine And I was Impressed most
of all by the apparent tact that the big
mine remains to be made In Prince
gund that development of its < normou
resources has only ben fairly begun 1
have no hesitancy In saying that the
Prince are bodies without question extend
Into the Centennial Ploche group
The Centennial Plohe has its shaft
dow about 50 feet While i was not
eeted that anything of Importance
would be encountered In the ground at
less depth < than 500 feet the shaft for the
last 100 feet has been cutting seams and I
beds ot manganese ore and spar which
attest the remarkable mlmralzaton and I
Iltogether confirm the belief that exten
sions of the Priae ore bodies i be
founl there I Is the intention to con
tnue sinking the shaft until It Is well
within the permanent ore zone
Uncle Jesse Buys Nevada Mine
to Obtain Kind of Ore
That Je9se Knight Is working upon
plans to reopen his fIn tc smelter Is in
dicated by his having taken over the con
trolling interest in the Carbonate Ely
Copper company according to Ely ad
vices with the avvtl purpose of ob
taining a supply ot the kind of ores
needed for his furnaces
Mr Knight made a personal Impecton
of the property this week pays the Ely
Expositor and It is understood that he
Intends to eveop It to supply ore for his
Independent smelter at Tlntc I Is fur
ther understood that other properties il
thIs and adj3ining Sections are being se
cured for the same purpose The smelter
bas ben forced to close down for lack of
ores as the smelter trust has made long
time contracts with all the properties In
the Tlntc district from which Mr Knight
expected to supply his plant
The Carbonate Ely company Is incor
porated for IO shares of a par value
of 1 and was organized about two years
ago to develop properties In Sawmill can
yon about thirtyfve miles south of Ely
and directly east of Preston The grOUD
held by the company comprises fourteen
or fifteen claims on which application for
patent will b made at once Several
kinds of copper ore are found on the
group the largest body beIng in porphyry
several hundred fet wIde which will
average from four to six per cent while
the carbonate are of which two feet Is
openeI In one of the principal workings
will run tram 15 to 3 per cent copper 2
to S gold and 4 to 5 silver perton
In company with A B lcher llr
Knight will leave today for Hamilton to
look over that section fnd get acquainted
with the district Yesterday was spent In
specting the Steptoe smelter and some of
the mIning prospects adjoining the lands
belonging tr the smelter company
Former Millionaire Strikes Rich
Ore in Fraction Adjoining
Big Mine
I a shaft less than r feet deep In a
fractional claim adjoining the Mason Val
ley compnysestto In Yerington distrIct
Ross Thompson bas encountered sold
chalcoite are That he may have struck
the richest of the cross fissures which cut
through the Mason Valley property le
believed to be possible although the shaft
is some distance off that fissures course
as indicated In Mason Valley Not enough
work has yet been done to determine the
Importance ot the strike
Thompson was once a millionaire mine
operator at Canada and he Is accredited
with having financed many of the men
who now represent substantial Interests
In the British possessions After having
lost his fortune through unfortunate
speculation be went to Yerngton about
one year ago to start again at the bot
tom as a prospector
He was told that It was no use to look
for open ground In the Yerlnon dIstrict
but opn didnt believe it With an engi i
neers outfit he has tramped from one end
to the other of the district with the re
suit that he has made many locations In
iludlng three frctional claims adjoining
Mason Valley The fractions endlne one
another and are 10 feet 240 fet and 3
feet wide each being 15 feet long
Thompson Is confident that from the
results of his years work In YerIngton he
will recoup his fallen fortune
J E Bamberger interviewed In New
York expresses the opinion that the Daly
West Mining companys surplus has
reached the point where Is justified the
discontinuance of dividend disbursements
until results shall have been obtained
from the extensive campaign ot develop
ment which Is In progress
He stated that I the are Is found as
strong when the drlt now being driven
to the north of the shaft on the 10 and
I the 210foot levels intersect the vein
the Daly West will be as great a mine as
at any time In its history and that as
the ore was found in the lifoot level
he sees no reason why It will not be en
countered bow
The quarterly statement of the com
pany made Vet 1 showed cash on hand
amounting to 180S as compared with
265541 on June 30 The receipts for the
perIod were 2316 and the disburse
ments 20316Mining
Mining Notes
Drilling for ore bodIes In the property
of the Blackbird CopperGold Mining
company 1 Beaver county is In prog
ress with a crew of expert dlrlers In
charge The work Is being done near the
contact The first hole Is down 2 feet
the second 5 feet
A B Scot has retired tram the posi
tion ot purchasing agent of the Boston
Consolidated company having been suc
ceeded Nov 1 by Warren Boge Mr
Scot resigned more than n month ago
on account of desire to devote his en
tire time to private business
Camp Is Stirred by Continued
Market Strength of
Ely Issues
Announcement of plans for developing
Ely Calumet followed by the public buy
ing 400 shares of the companys treas
ury stock within a few hours after the
stock had been placed on sale claimed
the greatest attention of the last week
says the Ely Expositor In Its resume
at the weeks doings In Ely securities
The favorable report made on Ely Calu
met the prospects at Its making one
of the richest mines In the entire dis
trIct Its proximity to the city and the
many advantages to Ely should the prop
erty live up to expectations have made
It a subject of alabsorbing Interest
Nevada Consolidated which held an
even keel while the smaller stocks were
soaring two week ago has como to the
front with a gain eceding 15 a share
Announcement ot a dividend and reports
of the absorption ot Cumberland Ely ac
count for the advance
Cumberland Ely joined In the upward
movement making a gain of SOc over the
price of the week before
Groux Consolidated made a like gain
due principally to public buying Reports
from different sources indicate that the
time Is not far distant when this prop
erty In which Ely has placed so much
faith will be In full course of develop
ment Report Is that Thomas F Cole
Is to arrive In the district In the near
future HIs arrival and the bearIng his
presence in the camp will have on the
eager affairs Interest of the company are awaited with
Ely Central enjoyed a record week its
stock having been bid up to G a gain
at more than 1 within sven days
Ely Witch at 40 shows a gin of 60
per cent in about one week
Federal Ely continued on the upward
path selling today at 16c as compared
to 90 a week ago Saturday
McDonald Ely at 2c a week ago has
touched the 40c mark
Boston Eh at 261 a week ago ha
mounted to 320 its prominent position on
the market evidently being warranted by
the favorable developments In the prop
Ely Consolidated his continued its good
record going to Sic bid or a gain of
about 25 per cent within a few days
Aside from these evIdences that the
movement in the cheaper Ely stocks Is to
continue indefinitely Is the inquiry often
heard for the lcurlte of companies
whose stock are closely held such as
others Ely Resurrection Turner Ely and some
Army of OOMen Handles
Twenty Carloads of Mate
rial Daily
With a force of 600 men employed and
building material and machinery being
delivered at the rate of 2 carloads a day
the work of constructing a great smelter
on the Pine canyon site of the Interna
tional Smelting Refining company It
may be Imagined Is progressing about
as rapidly as could be hoped for C H
Repth superIntendent at construction
sid yesterday that unquestionably the
plant would be completed on schedule
time or by April L
Steel work Is already In place for the
power house the machine shops and the
sampling mill and placing of the steel
for the main building has been started
Much of the brick work Is well under
way Sixteen ot the roasting furnaces
or onehalf ot the full battery are In
place and foundations for the reverbra
tories are complete The gIant stack II
up 0 feet and the flue 1100 feet long of
reinforced concrete construction is about
onehal complete
The Ely Construction company which
has the contract for making all excaa
tons for the plant yet maintains a work
ingens camp at the work but most
of the men employed by the smelting
company live In Tooele City and ar
transported to and from their work over
the companys own railroad
Officials of the smelting company are
yet noncommittal concerning the initial
capacity of the Toole plant The only
contract actually signed up It Is said Is
that for treating the production at the
Utah Consolidated company which IS
from 8 to 1000 tons a day The Impres
sion prevails that for some time at least
the production at ores and concentrates
by the Giroux company at Ely will be
treated In the Tooele plant and upon au
thority of John D Ryan I Is known that
the company Is In the field for all kinds
of custom work
Butte Nov 2Every producing mine
In Butte worked at normal capacity dur
Ing October without a single interruption
The output for the month exceeds 2SOO
pounds Butte Coalition production was
close to 32O pound and North Butte
in excess at 3iO
Ores and Bullion
+ Smelter settlements yesterday re +
+ ported by McCorlele Co Ore +
+ 2000 bullion WoJ +
4 + + + t + HH + + + + + + + + + + + 1 + + 4 +
San Francisco Quotations
James A Polock Co bankers and
brokers 6 West Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private wire
Col Mountain O 0
Jumbo Extension 13 1
Booth 10 1
Blue Bull 0 I oi
Silver Pick 11
Blue Deli 0 0
Lone Star 0 0
Oro 01 < m
Atlanta 1 m
Great Bend 03 0
Florence 272w
Goldfield Daisy 03 0
Ccmblnaton Fraction 5 61
Ieln05 0 0
Red Hills 03
Y Tiger 0 04
Goldfield Con 710 715
Ophlr 18 18
Mexican 140
Gould Cur 30 31
Con Virginia 115 117
Savage 40
Yellow Jacket 1f
Belchet 10 10
Exchequer 30
Union 6 6
ChoUar 16 18
Tonopah Nevada 65
Tonopah Extension 5
IacNamara 27 2
Midway 16 1
Tonopah Belmont 6
Vest End Con 2
Jim Butler n
National Bank 02 03
Bonnie Clare 14
tyfower Con 12 13
Montgomery Mountain 0
Tramp Con 05
Manhattan Con 1 05
Fairview Silver King I 1
Pitburg Silver Peak 0
Round Mountain r I 6
Rawhide Coaltcn 3
Balloon Hill 05
East Tlnto Development Work
Demonstrates Better Values
at Depth
Interesting details of development fn
the mine at the East Tlnto Development
company whose work is I proving much
of interest to operators In Est Tlntc
are given In the report of Manager Ralph
Kellogg which was presented at the annual
lual meting of stockholder of the com
pany The report said In part
Ore values 60 far have been found
prIncipally In northsouth veins or breaks
with an east dip as a rule These breaks
are strong regular wen defined show
every evidence of high mineralization
and must extend to great mineralzton
On each level so far opened the vein
stuff contained In these breaks or tie
surs shows every evidence ot n heavy
solutions When
leaching by descending solutons
the development work reaches a depth
where this leaching process has termi
nated and the values contained In the
solutions have been reprecpltated1 the
bodies of are should be larger ana big
ger in valuesas the silver is moro eas
Iy leached than any of the other met
als contained In the ores
At least this is the theory upon which
the present management has been work
ing for the past year and Its absolute
correctness Is proved by the following
In our main northsouth break lying
eat at the shaft and dipping away from
the shaft at an angle at about 70 de
grees from the horizontal we find on
the 70toot level opened by the former
owners of the property 3 years ago
small spots ot are at commercial grade
but it would be difficult to get more than
possibly a ton at shipping gao ore at
this level
Ore Better at Depth
On the 130toot level the same break
produced during the last year one ship
ment of about 18 tons of are which
brought us 32 above freight and teat I
mont charges On the Tfoot level this
same northsouth break ha already pro
duced 18 cars of shipping are 15 of
which have brought us 1918 net since
July 1 of this year The other three
cars already extracted will net U9 be
tween 5 and 20 and we will In
all probability extract many more equal
ly good cars of are from the 230foot
level On this level we have drifted north
and south for over 0 feet and have are
exposed In the bottom of drift for the
entire distance as wen as In both faces
of drifts going north and south Also
two wlnzes sunk In the bottom of this
drit show the ore body to be going
on down on Its regular dip and course
On the 3foot level we have not
crosscut far enough east to encounter
this break and on the 5foot level we
are just completing cutting the station
and are noW starting to crosscut east for
the vein at this level
Good Progress In Year
One year ago our equipment was an
old whim an old white horse and four
men Now we have over 10O worth
of improvements and thoroughly modern
equipment I shaft over 5 fet deep
shout 2000 feet of development work done
and are prepared with 25 men employed
further to dEmonstrate the correctness
of our Ideas while the several thousand
lollars worth of are still In sight above
the 2foot level encourages us to ex
pect a much greater improvement In our
production ot are as quickly as men and
machines can crosscut to the vein that
Far produced our ore on the upper levels
ha produce
els Should the 3 and 5foot levels
and ton
show the same Increase In values
nags of are sme as the 23foot level shows
over the 13foot level the mine will not I
only be selfsnpportlng before the first
of next January but will be earning I
a large profit above operating expenses
Intention of the TQnopah Belmont com
pany Intenton Its 10 foot shaft to th
depth of 1500 feet with the probability
15 fet
that the companys mill will be removed
from Millers to Tonopah is announced by
R G Parks president of the company
Removal of the mill depends upon the
opening of ore bodies in the mine which
will justify the large expense Involved
justfy expnse
The present showing In the mine will al
most warrant the propose change Mr
Park says and no doubt Is entertained
of continued favorable results at greater
depth The company has enough mon y
In its treasury to pay a dividend but I
will be held to meet the extraordinary ex
penses In vieW
San Francisco Mining Stocks
San Francisco Nov 2The official
closing quotations for mining stocks to
day were as follows
Uta 0 L W Con 15
pha Con 0 Mexican 12
andes 2 Occl Con 2
Beloher 10 Ophlr 16
I Belcher r Overman 26
1 aleonla X Potosi 4
Chat Con 2 Savage 3
Chohlar 16 ScorpIon 10
Cholar Va 10 Sag Belcher 0
Con Imperial 0 Sierra Nov 45
O Currie 20 Silver Hill 0
n Norcross 41 Union Can 06
lula 0 Utah Con OS
Justice 1 Ye Jacket 10
Ore at Samplers
Ore receipts by carloads reported yes
terday by the samplers TaylorBrunton
Utah PionerUtah 4 Nevada 1

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