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I 1
Hundreds of Dollars Worth
of Loot Claimed at the
Police Station
44 + + + + + 44444 1 4e e4 + + + + +
4 J A Pollock robbed Oct ro 100 4
+ Dr A A Kerr robbed Nov 1 5O +
+ J H Bailey robbed Sept 3t 00 4
+ Frank Cameron robbed Sept 25 100 +
+ II antland robbed Oct 17 50 +
+ O A Steiner robbed Sept 15 150 +
4 August Rud1ne robbed Sept 350 +
+ lonard Rohlfing robbed ept 25 ro
+ E B Icks 40 +
+ Mrs C W Boyd 2S +
+ Alice Coulon 40 +
+ Myrtle Mcvoy 5 +
+ Mrs W 11 antland 5 +
4 Hulda Ran1a 75 +
+ MrsLAEan 1000 +
+ One Valtham watch 125
+ Pearl necklace 800 +
+ Tw revolvers 25 +
+ Mans watch 3 +
+ Bold chIn fiG +
+ Stick pIns 30 4
+ + + + + T + + + + + + + + t1 + + + + + + + + +
While John Vllson conteod burglar
on a dozen counts lay In his csll at the
City jail calmly smoking cigarettes an1
fonming jauntily Indlrcer to his post
tWI1 vietlins or recent robberies besieged
the Office of Chief or Police S 11 Bar
Iw yesterday afternoon and last night
seking to klentlrr some ot the valuEhles
found in Vllsons suit cases when he
I1S placed mder arrest Thursday night
At time the chiefs office resembled a
d purtment store bargain Iuntfr as vl
urns < of burglaries now almost forgotten
thronged about two large glass show
I ases in which had been placed aU of
> 000 worth of Jewelry
Early Ir tit day Wilson signified his
willingness to confess his guilt lie
mllNl and lighted a fresh cigarette as
l1P told Chief of Detectives George Sheets
JiI I easy he had found It to enter rest
dpncps during the daytimE > lie said he
lad robbed ten or a dozen resldlncfS and
that none of his burglaries had been com
Jmttd after 8 oclock In the evening
According to the story told to the
hif of detecthes Wilson has been In
Salt lake about nine weeks coining here
from San Francisco It Is believed by the
110111 < that Wilson came to Salt Lake
from the east fr the very reason that
lip 8115 he came from thl coast
Wilson said he IUlll met Ruby Eastman
t1 > < 14yearold girl who betrayel him to
tIP police TiUlIJda afternoon in the
tuormng Thursday and bad given her a
uplp of dresses on her promise to corpe
tl his room In a private residence tt
rrhrl Noth and Second Vest strets last
ight Th man says hI was waiting for
tie girl to arrive when the four detec
tIns surrounded th bcuse I Hp said he
knew it was a1 off with him whEn he
doW the girl accompanying the plain
Iothes men or the dfpartmnt
Among the first to identify property
fololEn was Mrs L A Evans daughter
nf Mayor John S Braftfom Mrs Evans
J lntltied about l00 worth of jewelr
ann silverware that had Men stolen from
her home
Check Received
J A PoUock has sent his check for
10 Chief of Police Barlow he hay
lrog offered this amunt as It reward for
U1o recovery of Jewelry taken from his
hromf on the afternoon Of Oct 30 Two
Jfa II I studs valued at 1iOO each were found
in a plush aSl imong the other loot
Wilson had purchlsad transportation for
Sdfl Francisco llkl was ready to leave
tllp dty when placed under arrest The
ttcp believe that Wilson was playing a
ltm hand In mst of his work
N o effort had bren made to dIspose of
any of th valuables In any of the pawn
hPS of Salt Lake and this wa one of
tLr reasons hf police WEre so completely
rytified h the various burglaries for
WI I I WIn I sas rEsponsible The cases
I ppral wakhs Iad been removed and
J NUpppr that these were melted and
l in that W8
mrding I th cIrl Ruby Eastman the
an Iill uzzIPd Reirts made to
f Barlw trlay shw that the
1 has Iltn erzg1 In at least one epl
III whtr SiISIifl falL upon her
1 ho I I her t1s will lead to the Implication
c1 iii girl In itn of the robberies with
1 It W son is I charged has yet to bE
II Inhiul TIp Eastman 1rl is II ward
I tll < jtlVpml flirt at Ogden and has
In In thi itv only a short time Her
I IIts 11 in Madison street Ogden
Wilson aht prhabI he given a hearing
r I th eharg r grand larceny today
n hs slgnlftej his Intention ot pleading
111IIt Tn the meantime about SlOOO worth
r Welry and articles or clothing re
T in to be ideJtlflld at the office of
I 11 f Barlo
A private safe may be rented In the
tire and burglar proof vault of the Salt
I Lake > Secur11 Trust Co 32 up MaIn
street 200 ller ycarand upwards
thfrpg nothing hIke1rnm Interned Wa
satch ham
Its rich anolts all to the good
ThfrlR limo reund the bone and fat
round the lean
And Its packed too the vay that It
TrlbuneReporter Printing Co
6t West Seeond South Phones 713
Do you kodak We finish and also sell
the supplIes Salt Lake Photo Supply
10 1Ti Main street
The Safest Investment
What Is the safest invest
ment Ask this question of ex
perienced Investors and they
will tell you that the security
safeguarded by real estate af
fords the safest and most satis
factory Investment obtainable
Te Certificates Issued by this
Company In addition to being
guarantee by its Capital and
Surplus are secured by FIrst
Mortgages on hlghgrade Salt
Lake real estate They yield
6 per cent per annum payable
twice a year
Salt Lak
Security Trust
t Company
52 Up Main Stret
Capital 30000000
iurplus 0000000
The merit of the asatch Brands
Did bring them into fame
The good housewife this brand demands
There are none lust the same
Johnson Drugs
Specials at our four stores for one
Peroxide af Hydrogen Quar
ter pounds lOc
Half pounds Oe
Pounds tOe
Hinds Honey and Almond
Cream regular SOc tOe
Prophylactic Toothbrush reg
ular 35c c
Lyons Tooth Powder regular
25c 10c
Pozzonls Face Pawder regu
ular 40c 33c
Voodburys FacIal Soap regu
lar 25c lie
Lntolla Liquid Soap regular fiOcJOc
SchrammJohnson Drugs
Four Stores Where the
Cars Stop
In fine leathers or duck also paper
54 W Second south St
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 3 to 5 r > m daily Entrance on
Third South Goad bread v ry cheap
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co li7 Main St
A streak of fat a streak of lean
With lots of goodness In between
Chimney Sweep and Furnace Man
G Hazel Leave orders Bamberger
Coal Co 161 Main street Both phones
McCoy livery carriage and light liv
en Both phones 81
p S
Plumes cleaned and curled College
Millinery Parlors 101 Tribune bldg
oP kGU
g I The mainspring of
business is faith ana
the stock of goods is
the works
jf i Digest these with
the fact that ye have
been in business over
47 years and are unex
celled for reliability
Uj < f
jT Well Dressed
rr i Boys
14 IIaye fin imnlense advantage
over other boys They reflect
tr1 too the care and attention of
t thpir pfirents Dressing boy
well isnt so much a nlatter of
price as it is one of wisp elEc
lE tion In our loYR department
youll find the lllost approved
w A styles and newest pattern
without the fancy prices
Huits 350 to 10
New Address 245 Main Street
East Side Between 2nd and 3rd South
Somewhere In the classified columns of every Issue or The HeraldRe
publican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre go 1
for either matinee or evening performance on date of Issue The person VI h
name appears In this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
aldRepubUcan office before 6 oclock today together with a positive identi
ficationyour last subscription receipt will dl Read the classified adver
tisements In this issue Perhaps your name II there
It its a surface to be palntpd
enameled stained varnished I
finished In any way there an
Acme Quality
kind for the purpose
Oulmer Paint Glass 00
New Store
Highest ne paid for strictly fl c I
G rovers
For Ladies
3 to S
No three better kinds made
214 MAIN
Opposite Kenyon
Wife of a Well Known Railroad Man
Passes Away
Mr G IlndRIt of Tucker formerly
a I oldP11t of Salt Lake and wife ot C
tlislsley 8 well known enJineman ot
tip Denver Rio Grande lIulroad died
tfr1lay of pneumonia after an Illness
fuur days Mrs
1111181 leaves II
band and thre children The body
w III bf shipped to Olden today and the
Hal will bl held Sunday the time and
I1tP to bf announed later
lh LlndAle faintly Is well known in
fdlt Lake having resided at Xo 80 West
g ond South street until about a year
g4 when the emoved to Tucker Mrs
JindslfY was form rly Mas Bonn or 0g
IIn daughter of a well known store
keeper at that plice
S t
t t
Comedian In the Sunny Side of
Broadway at the Colonial theatre
Continued from Page 1
Bungalow theatre passing down State
street between Flrlt and Second South
streets she suddenly felt a tap upon her
shoulder Turning she heard In decided
though somewhat excited tones
Pardon me you are the mysterious
Dolly Dimples of the Dally and Sunday
When Dolly admitted her Identity with
out more ado her captor was quite as
much astonished as was the rest of the
city when the news of her capture spread
The HeraldRepublean office where a
bulletin was posted announcing her cap
ture became the scene of an excited
throng numbering several hundreds
Everywhere throughout the city the news
was discussed with Intense Interest It
waR the absorbing topic of conversation
of the evening
Dolly Has Busy Day
Dolly kept every one of her appoint
ments yesterday During the entire day
she carried In her hand a package of
Hewletts Famous Tea Although the
package was a small one it was not even
wrapped up but the label was In plain
sight all day
About 1 oclock In the afternoon DolI
paused In front of Iulletts show win
dow n West Second South street Shf
stayed there for several minutes but was
finally jostled out of the way by en
thusiastic pursuers who did not Imagine
she was the woman they were seeking
She was made up as a gawky lily
attired servant girl She was recognized
by a Hera1Republlcan representative
and her disguise seemed perfect
Later In the afternoon a crowd of near
ly I a thousand persons assembled In front
of the SchrammJohnson drug store
where the ears stop Dolly joined the
crowd carrying the inevitable patkagE
of tea shortly after 3 oclock when the
jam wall largest She WOre an old shah
bIookln blue dress with Ii plaIn black
bat ornamented with a single enormous
ded chicken feather She stayed in thE
crowd for nearly 15 minutes trying to
get inside the store but the earnest seek
era for the mysterious Doily Dimpl s
crowded about the entrance and p1lvln
ed her going within
After leaving the SchrammJohnson cor
ner Dolly returned to her apartmnt
where she has been living and doffed
her disguise She dressed about 6 odoc k
weaving her usual street clothes nil
walked down Main street to the Kenyon
There she stepped Into the lobby for a
moment borrowing a lead pencil of tho
clerk on duty at the counter
Dolly wore the same dress when she
was captured She bad on an enormous
brown cartwheel hat trimmed with
brown mink fur and adorned with i
handsome bronze buckle Her gown was
an old rose frock In sheath effect pan
eled In exquisite embroider She wor
a long fur coat In Russian pony ma
terial I
Miss Dollys Personality
Miss Dlmbles personality Is most be
witching She has the merriest of laughs
and tIe most nimble of wit She Is tall
slender anj with the carriage of a wo
man of breeding She Is possibly 21 rears
old Her complexion Is fair and fine
and Is made more beautiful by large blue
eyes which eem brimming with mischief
whEn she smiles as she frequently does
She said she was the happiest girl in
Salt Lake now that she was free again
to go where anti do as shE > pleased
Oh Its dreadful she said with a pa
thetic droop to hM lips this being hunt
ed like a thief aU the time Now I will
be able to go around in Salt Lake at my
leisure and see all of tile beautiful places
I have heard about but hive not dared to
vlsU before
n T
< i
3 t I
i j T
1 F j
s 7
h t I I 1
i r
1 t r
1I f
J 0tr
L I L h j
f > < < > if3
Two of the bright lights of the Sun ny Side of Broadway at the Colonial
> o
7 < < <
f + ii y
h >
5 1 h >
One of the stars of the Sunny Side of Broadway at the Colonial theatre
Continued from Page 1
a girl on the street with the same smile
I knew It was you Then I determined
to find you I knew that If I should see
you again I would know you at once
And 1 did she added
You know you took dinner at the ho
tel where I am stoPlllng last Sunday
when you were the guest of 1Ir and Mrs
Miner I guessed your Identity again
then During the chase I saw many girls
that I thought mIght be you but when I
would get close 1 would not be so sure
Mrs ooldrldgt had In her possession
besides a copy of The HeraldRepub
lIan of thE days Issue a paidup sub
lrrlptlon receipt for two months She
Is entitled to JOO ward When told she
would get the money she said
Although I have been hunting for
Dolly for Home time I had never
dreamed of being the lucky one 1 do not
know what I shall do with the money
It was after all 8Q entirelY unexpected
My husband Is out of tOWn on a business
trip and I dont know what he will say
when hI learns I have won the money I
expect him home tonight
A Handsome Young Woman
Mrs ooldrldge Is a young matron of
more than ordinary beauty She has a
magnificent crown of striking brown hair
large gray eyes and a satiny complexion
She vas very animated and cheerful as
silo sat In the general managers office at
The HeraldRepublican last night
The monEY will be paid over to Mrs
Vooldrldge on the stage at the Colonial
theatre In full view of the audience Mrs
Wooldridge will occupy a box as a guest
of The HeraldRepublican
Many people will like to know where I
have beOn living In Salt Lake Why did
no one find me It was just as simple as
easy That was the reason I was not
caught before
I have been living quietly all of thIs
time In an apartment house In one or the
most sedate portions or thE beautiful city
of Salt Lake 1 will not tell wherejust
etNow dear Salt LakJrs I want to thank
you all for the nice way you have treated
me Everywhere I hao mt courtesy
Policemen and street car conductors have
boon especially nice and in every store In
town I met the most attentive clerks I
ever met In my city In theUnlted States
Actress Taken for Dolly
Dimples by a Large Crowd
i 4
A Iry amusing although at the time
rather provoking incident occurred to
118 Kittie Sutton of the team of Sutton
and Sutton who are appearing this week
it the Bungalow theatre While passing
1Jiletts store accompanied by her part
ner 111 Sutton they accosted quite a
fow1 and had some difficulty In pushing
I h If way through
A tall heavyset man with Ii nevspa
hrr in hill hand rushed UD to her and
aii 1 I beg your pardon You are the
n Dolly Dimples of The Herald
Rqubllan Being II stranger In town
rid aware who Dolly Dimples was
s WJS somewhat surprised
Iro1Tuhately It was telegraphed through
t f nwd that the mstetous 1IIss Dim
pll1 had been caught Pandemonium
rc Ignld The Suttons were In the enter
anl all that could be seen were newspa
Irs and excited men and women saying
1 hg your pardon You are the mys
t rl jus Miss Dimples etc After strenu
n1s denying she was the Miss Dimples
the Suttons finally emerged from the
Commander of Salvation Army of In
termountain District Talks
A servicE of moe than ordinal Inter
est took place last night at the hall of
the local Salvation Army corps In East
Second South street the princIpal speaker
being Colonel W F Jenkins who Is In
charge of the work of the Intermountain
district in which Salt Lake is Included
There was a good attendance at the Ser
vice and much enthusiasm was arouse
by the visiting UlcEr
After the opening of the service Colonel
Jenkins announced that he desired to glw
II portion or the meeting to 11n experience
meEtlng and several or thoso present were
heard Following the testimony sen1fI
there were solos by Irs Braun wife of
Adjutant Braun f the local industrial
work and Mrs Pitt wife of Ensign Pitt
of the evangelistic work Colonel Jenkins
led In the congregational singing
Mrs John Reads wIll known In local
literary and social circles provided an
Importlnt rart of the matinee program
at the Orhurn yesterday Mrs Reed
gave two readings that mt with great
favor Th first was descriptive of what
a solIloquizing old Irish woman saw from
lttr window
r The textual matter was
lever and It was given In capital style
Between ueeps through the window ac7
compnnie1 by entertaining ccml11nlt th
rladcr sang matches of an Irish song es
she darned the family stocking The sec
oath reading consisted of a dIalogue be
tween a housewife and an unruly cot
ored cook The dialogue was exceedingly
funny and was admirably done Many of
Mr Reed friends vere n the audienco
and participated n the gerleHlI s llauso
that she was given
The Sunny SIde of Broadway that
very pleasing musical show at the Colo
nial this week draws to a close tonight
The performances have been largely at
tended this week and there will prob
ably be large audiences at both afternoon
and evening performances today
A show that Is bouffJ to draw capacity
houses for the rest or the week Is being
presented at the Bungalow theatre this
wEek The bill contains seen big fea
tures which wIll run until Vttnfstay
evening with a matinee every day In
eluding Sunday at 230 This afternoon
ai a special free attraction llr Morris
of Leon Morris Co announces that
Dolly the recordholding monk for high
diving will dive from the Bungalow
theatre building at 2 oclock
Novelty Is the demand of the day In
all modern forms of amusement which
accounts for the wonderful success of
The Soul Elsa the most daring and
Successful of all modern and successful
musical plays This attraction carrying
four carloads of scenery and a host of
entertainers togEther with a special train
will bo the offering at the Salt Lake the
atre next Monday This attraction which
has been thE talk of the entire country
for the past two seasons 15 bright snap
py and delightfully tuneful Pertlna the
premier danseuse has been the sensation
of the capitals of Europe and others In
the cast are favorite players In musical
Witness Testifies That First
Attempt to Assassinate
Getis Failed
The filet that Peter Getls was fired
upon fifteen days before his murder In
Bingham Canyon on Dee 23 1908 was
brought out at the murder trial of
John KothlafUs yesterday before Judge
T D LewIs John Panouels mhde this
statement and said that immediately
after thE shooting he went to the cabin
or Kothlaf and discovered that he
was net there The theory of the state
Is that KothlaftiR fired at GoUs this
time and that he returned fifteen days
later and committed the murder
The testimony was brought out
through the medium of the InterprE
ters again and was not satisfactory
When tIe mornings session was con
cluded Judge Lewis postponed the case
until Monday morning sending the
jurors away to their business and their
homes with the instruction that they
should not talk with one another or
with anyone else In regard to the case
This same practice was followed In the
murder trial of Steve llarovlch about
a year ago which marked a precedent
In murder trials In Salt Lake
Mike Getls brother of the slain man
was on the stand again yesterday
morning and on crossexamlnatlan
made some statements which did not
coIncide with his testimony of the day
before The state took the position
that this occurred through Incorrect
translations and Getls said this was
a fad Getls was In the room with his
brother an the morning of Dec 21
when It Is alleged he was shot down
by Kothlaftls a8 a result of a long
standing feud between the two
Panousls was one of the men In the
house with the Getts brothers and told
of the shooting fifteen days before the
murder when Peter Getts was fired
upon tram the opposite bank of the
canon Panousls said soon after the
fIring he went to the cabin of Kothl
artis but did not find him there He
and others In the cabin carried Getls
back into the room when he was fa
tally wounded
Panousls had not finished when ad
journment was taken and will be on
the stand again Monday morning
Evangelist Tom lIIackey Has Plan to
Prevent wIen From Being
Tom Iaekey evangelist working In co
operation with the Volunteers of Amer
I ia on Commercial street has a new plan
J m minI for the redemption at Salt Lakes
I IIc intends to establish a regular mis
sion lIOtISP where hungry men will be fed
i and furnished with tickets entitling them
to a bEd at tne Volunteers lodging house
The bentflciaries will be obliged to chop
wod Spiritual salvation will be served
hctweern meals
Speaking or his plan Mr Macket said
Many of our converts after giving up
their evil ways have been arrested for
vagrancy because they were out or work
We propose to arrange with the police
whereby tickets to the lodging house Is
sued by us will be sufficient passport to
prevent the holder from being arrested as
a vagrant We will see that no worth
less characters 81 protected
By means of a woodpile men can pay
for the accommodations and thus pre
serve their self respect The kindling
can be sold to defray the cost of the mis
Commercial Street Evangelist Saves
a Former Member of the Lon
don Bar
Tom Iackey has accomplished the re
demption or Frederick Smith an aged
wreck who at one time thundered liber
alistic views In the BrItish house of com
mols with such men 811 Vllliam Glad
stone John Brigit and Jacob Bright A
slavE to drink and a mere human shell
Smith entered the little Commercial
street chapel two weeks ago and sought
help from the fiery little evangelist who
works for all mankind In Salt Lakes ten
tlerloin Today he Is on the high road to
the heights from whh he fell This too
after the ICeeley cure and other rell1l
dies failed to cure him
Smith In a casual manner and with 110
11111 of boasting claims personal friend
ship with Charles Dickens For twenty
years he says he followed the law In
london handling some of the biggest
mitt In chanrery 1Vheit he became a
drunkard lie came to America to hide
from friends
Smith has become onE of the leaders In
the little Commercial street band of evan
geILits Already he has started work on
an idea of his own IndEpendent of the
mission He will make a plea to all
working men with jobs to treat at least
one man without a job to a Thanksgiving
dinner Smith tPouglt tile Commercial
street mission will round up the brokEn
Idle men and any workingman or others
wishing to take UD the idea will ba
served with a subject for his charity
Wife Says Husband Repented of I
Marriage When She Next
Saw Him
A record III dlTorce actions was BOUght
yesterday before Judge C W MOI8e cf
the district court when Josephine T Alex
ander filed suit agAinst Roy E A1ean
tier and Immediately took the matter In
court for hearing They were married In
Salt Lake on Aug 3 1909 just to days
ago but she has never lived with him
Mrs Alexander a large handsome wo
man dressed In black and wearing a
brown fur hat said her husband had not
given her a cent since they were married
and that she would absolutely refuse to
live with him now after the way he bas
treated her The night after they were
married the two went to their respective
homeS with the understanding that they
would meet the next day buy furniture
and make arrangements for a home But
the husband reneged the next day
Since then she Mid ht has told her sev
eral times that be would not provide a
home for her and he even refused to send
her money for a ticket borne from PIoche
Nev when she went there with her sis
ter about a month ago
Why I even had to pay his doctor
bill she said when asked If he had
Iven her any money
Judge Morse refused to grant the di
vore yesterday but took the matter un
dlr advisement He took tile posltlon
that this Is really too sudden to be apply
Ing for a divorce with the marriage only
three months old
Former Chief of Police Is III in Hospi
tal in Omaha
Mrs Tom D Pitt returned yesterday
from Omaha where she atttnded the
thirtysixth annulll convention or the
union reporting that Mrs E E Shep
ard state president of the W C T U
is in Nebraska lecturlrg on the wo
mans suffrage question Later Mrs
Shepard will extend her lecture tour to
South Dakota
Tom D Pitt Is still in a hospital at
Omaha where he Is recovering under
treatment for diabetes from whIch he
has been a sufferer for a year or more
While there he undVWtnt an opera
tion for a growth on his nose Mn Pitt
said yesterday that they hoped Mr
Pitt would ba able to leave for home
The rnlverlty of etah seniors are up
In arms over the statement which comes
from the faculty that their numeral are
to be taken down from the large chimney
on the boiler house The numeral wert
placed there by the seniors last yea and
at that time members of the facolt
stated that In their opinion it was one
of the best stunUi that had ever been
achieved by a student body The chim
ney top which Is over SO feet high was
reached by the students climbing up on
the inside and letting n scaffold down to
the place where the numerals were placed
This year the sophomore students placed
their numerals upon the new concrete
chimney which haM been erected at the
back or the university buildings In con
nection with the mechanical laboratory
Th job was not a neat unto and R5 II re
suit the faculty refused to accept the
chimney from the contractor with the
numerals upon it As the numerals could
not be erased without Injuring the con
crete the contractor Went to the sopho
more class for redress As the class had
no money the contractor was unable to
secure anything The faulty then passed
a resolutIon to the effect that hereafter
if any numerals are to he placed on uui
versity property permission of the fac
ulty must be secured And at the same
time passed a resolution to the effect that
all present numerals should be removed
rhe second complimentary dance of the
year was glen by the sophomore class In
the museum hall Friday afternoon The
dance was scheduled from 4 until II
oclock but on account of the faculty
senior football game It was postponed
until 5 ocloek One of the largest crowds
of the year was prEsent and enjoyed the
hospitality of the lower classmen
The International Oil GaR Producing
company organized with a capital stock I
of 12000 In ZJcent shares filed articles
with the county clerk yesterday taming
Salt Lake as headQuarters The officers
arc Vllliam N Hill president and treas
IIrer George J McPherson vice president
and these with SamuEl Edwards W
Crawford Anderson and John W Burton
comprise the directorate J W DUlYor
Is named as secretary The company
takes over for the full capitalization Do
patent on a power gas bUrner
Clarence Ii Johnson Salt Lak Ar
manell Fatten Payson
JUltlCl William G Ewing C R 1
Chicago wall for two years lIupprln >
eat of public Instruction ot Quincy j
and for flight years the plseutlrrg of
cpr of the state for the judllal drll1t I
which Quincy 18 located I
He was for four years tnlttI States
torney for the Northern district or
IInoill for the county of Cook
He became interested in Christian S 1
enee through the pErsonal experience
healing and has devoted his entlr tin
since 18IIf to IIervl as a lecturer on tit <
subject JUdge EWing will lecture 111 t r
Bait Lake theatre Sunday Nov H t
8 p m
Elisabeth F Harbattl pt al to Al
vah Lewis lots 14 and n block 2
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