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Commission Awards perma
nent Income to Women
Pedagogues I
Two pensions werl granted yester
day by the acher3 retirement com t
mission the first since the organization
of this body as a result of an enact I
ment of the last legislature and the
first for that matter In the histOry of
the state The two teachers who have
spent nearly all of their lives In teach
ing the young of Salt Lake are Miss
Anna E Buchanan and Miss Mollie
hiss Buchanan was for many years
one of the most valued of the teachers
in the High school She will receive n
pension 01 3074 per month for two
years and then It will be increased to
3930 for the rest of her life Miss
rem picton will receive a monthly pen
sion of 2370 for two years and it will
then be Increased to 3060 0 month
lllss Buchanan has taught school for
more than thirty years eighteen of
which were spent In the High school
the pension Is based upon her earn
ings as the retiring teachers receive an
allowance of onehaIt of their regular
earnings Miss Buchanan earned 21
561J durhag her life as a teacher or an
average of 9318 annually The law t
specifies that a teacher must pay Into I
the fund 1 per cent of her earnings dur
Ing the time of service which would j
amount to 2156S This will be paid In
two years by Miss Buchanan by deduct
ing S5G monthly from her pension
after which she will receive the full al
lowance of 3930 per month or H1L59
annually l
Miss Templeton had practically the
same length of service eighteen years
of which were spent In the grade schools
oC Salt Lake mostly at the Oquirrh I
during which time she earned 1731679
Om per cent of this goes into the fund
and will be deducted from her allow I
ance the same as that of Miss Buchan
an So for two years Miss Temple
ton wiII receive 2370 with the deduc I
tion of 600 per month and then her
monthly pension will be 3060 where
it will remain
Thirty years 1s specified by law as the
time of service for full retirement pen
slam onethird of which must be spent
In the Salt Lake schools Miss Buchan
an is now in Los Angeles and Miss
Templeton In St Louis both in poor
health Telegrams were sent to both
that pensions were granted and both
will L > most helpful to the teachers
who gave so much ot their life In edu
calng the young of Salt Lake Both
teachers were 111 active service up to
the closing of the schools for the sum
mer vacation this year
These are the first pensions granted
under the rEtirement commission law
and show the benefits derived from the
organization Most ot the teachers of
the city are In the organization and 1
per cent of their earnings each month
go Into the general fund for the pen
sioning of the older teachers who have
given the best years of their lives In I
the class rooms Similar movements
haw been started in other parts of the
lnltd States There Is now about I
001 in the treasury of the commis
1011 to be used only for this purpose
Apollo Lodge of Danish Brotherhood
to Give Entertainment
P A celebration of the old Danish Ce5
thal o llortensfest will take place
i ext ThurSday night in Odd Fellows
hall under the auspices of the Apollo
ledge of the Danish Brotherhood The
F musical program will begin at 730 and
t In be followed by a banquet and this
by dancing The reception committee
includes Julius Hansen Chris Petersen
Sophus H Lund Villard Hansen Axel
Jorgensen and A B Villadsen Dr A
N Hansen will be chairman Johnsons
orchestra will furnish music Miss A11 I
nie Gothberg will play 0 piano solo and I
Miss Minerva Jensen will give a recita
tion N I
Supreme Court Annuls Verdict of
9000 Against Railroad
The supreme court yesterday granted
a rehearing In the case of Mary R
Sr11Uler and others by John M Forrls
tall guardian ad litem against the
Southern Pacific Railroad company In
the original trial before JUdge J A
Hlw1 at Ogden Mrs Schuyler was
gftn a verdict for 9000 for the death
of hH husband Albert Schuyler on the
Southern Pacitlc on Jan 14 1901 The
supreme court remanded the case for
trial Sthuyler had gone to California
to visit a child who was ill He was I
employed by the company at Ogden
and In returning home was killed while
riling In tIll mal car
Persons using the malls for the sendI
Ing of packages durIng the approach
ing holiday season will have a few nEW
rul s to observe = They will have to re
Jr ember that the fee for registration is
10 cents now Instead of S Improperly
wrlpr < > d packages will not be accepted
Rates to some foreign countries have
been reduced and weight limits are
more liberal I
Some Christmas packages have been
mailed already I
Gust Paules Is charged with con
tribuUJg to the delinquency at minors
In 1 Complllints issued from the coun
ty attorneys office yesterday Paules
runs a billiard room at Second South
and Commercial streets and has been
arrested before for allowing minors in
the pool room Probation Officer
Charles S Sperry charges Poules with
allowing Abc Murdock aged 16 and
Dan Beck aged 18 to frequent the
i lace
Dr A C Young state veterinarian
HS notified Saturday that one of the
nspNtors at the government bureau
of animal industry had reported a flock I
If about 600 head of sheep at Kelton
Box Elder county some of which were
8111 to be suffering from necrobacll
Isis l the lip and leg disease Dr Young
said that lIe would leave for that dls
trkt to inspect the animals
One or the people working for
you would bf twe as valuable
to another employerwho prOb
ably has an employe who would
be worth twice as much to you
The want ads are adjusters In
all such cases
Read thu lland youll bl
SURE about It
L > N N N f > So owt 7 t < < < at z C M I
Tomorrow morning we will resume th Great Sample Suit Sale
We had a strenuous day yesterday Tomorrow win be just as
busy exceptional bargains aqua irEg in every respect those of
t Saturday will be in evidence
These splendid suits embody the most stylish models and very best workmanship
a Y there is an enormous variety from which to choose They were turned over to
t 1 > f > t us to dispose of Yere closing them out hurriedly Nothing newer or nobbier in
J 1i I alt Lakethey comprise the latest models fabrics anel colorings from the best
11 f I makers in the country Youll admit the genuineness of the priqc r0luctions
3 1 1 len7oll exanlllle the goodsthey will sell this vai
i w 1
xi r t 1500 Suit for 1050 3100 Suit for 2170 4650 Suit for 3255 6300 Suit for 4110
3 1 l y 1 IGOO Suit for 1120 3150 Suit for 2205 1700 r Suit for 3290 6350 Suit for4415
J RI g p lG50 Suit for1155 3200 Suit for2240 1750 Suit for 3325 MOO Suit forM4SO
s r S N ir4 Fi 4Y s 1700 Suit for 1190 w 3250 Suit for 2275 4800 Suit for 3360 64IiO Suit for4515 J
I k1 I so 1750 Suit for 1225 3300 Suit for 2310 4850 Suit for 33115 6500 Suit for4550
Fag 1800 Suit for 12GO 3350 Suit for2345 4900 Suit for 3430 0550 Suit for 4585
s i J 1850 Suit for 1295 S3400 Suit for 2380 4950 Suit for3465 6600 Suit for 4620 J
I > t < t 1900 Suit for 1330 3450 Suit for 2115 5000 Suit for 3500 06fiO Suit for 4655
i 3 y > 3 t 1950 Suit for 13G5 w 3500 Suit for 2450 5050 Suit for 3535 6700 Suit for 4690
x 1 a I T It r 2000 Suit for1400 3550 Suit for24S5 j1oo Suit for3570 6750 Suit ior4i25 f
1 2050 Suit for 1435 3600 Suit for 2520 5150 Suit for3005 6800 Suit for4760
r 2100 Suit for 1470 53650 Suit for 2555 5200 Suit for 3G40 6850 Suit for4795
I r
rt i + 82150 Suit for 1505 3700 Suit for2590 5250 Suit for l67 6900 Suit for 4830
1 2200 Suit for1540 3750 Suit for2G25 5300 Suit for3710 6060 Suit for4SG5
r S o w 2250 Suit for1575 3800 Suit for 2G60 5350 Suit for 3745 7000 Suit for4900 r
I l + zv 3 s J t f c3 2300 Suit for 1610 3850 Suit for 2G95 5400 Suit for37 0 7050 Suit for 4UJfi J
t i > M s r 1 23 50 Suit for S16 4r Q9 00 Suit for2730 5450 Suit far315 C1 00 Suit forS4970
x 5500 Suit for3850
r 3950 Suit for 27 165 i1 50 Suit for55005
ittM 2400 Suit for 1680
it 3 ° 7 5550 Suit for 3885
7l l 2450 Suit for 1715 4000 Suit for 2800 5600 Suit for 3920 7200 Suit for 5040
r L 6 4s 2500 Suit for1750 4050 Suit for2835 5650 Suit for aD55 7250 Suit for5O7 >
s 5700 Suit for 39DO 7300 Suit for5110 r
4 t 25 50 Suit for 17 85 4100 Suit for 2870
Suit for 5145
5750 Suit for 4025
1 i 1g l for 20 4150 Suit for 2905
r 26 00 Suit ti19
3 u k 5800 Suit for 40GO 7400 Suit for51SO
d40 00 Suit for > 9 40
1 Suit for 1S55 ulor
52650 tj7 5850 Suit for 40u 7450 Suit for 51
t x a i 27 00 Suit for1890 34250 Suit for2975 5900 Suit for 4130 7500 Suit for5250
t 27 50 Suit for 19 2 5 4300 Suit for 1010 5D50 Suit for11G5 7n110 Suit for52Si
1 lj > c ty A12900 Suit for 1960 4350 Suit for3045 6000 Suit for4200 7G00 Suit forS5320
n r 2850 Suit for 1995 4400 Suit for30SO 6050 Suit for4235 7650 Suit for 535
r A t 2900 Suit for 2030 4450 Suit for53115 6100 Suit for 4270 7700 Suit for SUO
w IJ50 Suit for20G5 4500 Suit for3150 G150 Suit for4305 75o Suit for 542 S
w 3000 Suit for 2100 4550 Suit for 3185 6200 Suit for 4340 7800 Suit for 5460
J 3050 Sint for 2130 4600 Suit for 3220 6250 Suit for 4375 And so on up to 1200
r fl
Commences TotnorrovvContinues All Week
g The most beautiful linens the market offers from the factory of Ynl Liddell Co Belfast Ireland famous the world over for pro
c1ucing1inen of excellent beauty and design Careful housewives and rooming house keepers viII take advantage of these price reeluc
tions commencing tomorrow The very best qualities at money saving prices
Bleached Table a Cream Table Tray Cloths Scarfs r
DaulasIt l Daulasii 1 35e values for 4c 100 values for G5e White Goods Specials
+ i 5 40e values for 27c 124 values for 85e J
65e values for 4qc GOc values for 45c 50e values for 35c 150 values for 100 Our stock of White Goods in addition to being complete and J
75e values fo > 2 c Gx values for jge 200 values for 1 35 up to date is especinn choice and desirable Tomorrow
85c values for + 64e = 75e values for 5Gc 6c values for 4c 225 values for 150 and week the very best qualities at onefifth less than reg
75c values for oGe 250 values for 65 ularly
100 values for 75e 85e values for 64e values
SiJC values for ute 300
10 values for 94c 100 values 1 for 7iJC 100 values for G5e 350 values India Linons Persian Lawns
150 values for 11tJ la values for 94c 100 values for 20iJ
105 clues I for 85c lOc vnlues for813c l5c values for 12c
150 values for
175 values for 13 150 values for 113
R 150 values for 100 l5oo values forS33a 1011c values for 10e 20e values for
000 va 1 ues f or 1 1 0 120 25e values for 00 c
1 75 values for 550 values 15e values for 12e
225 values f 100 Damask 1 30c values for 24c
0 o LUlen values for 400
DalnpS 2 values for 135 SU00
w00 1 for 1Ge
20c vaucs or e 35c values for 210
250 values f6r5188 700 vnluas 77
r Table Sets CO values 1 f or 150 20c t alues I for 20c 40c values I for 32e
215 values f or 201 u 2 50 values for 1 G0 30c values for 24c 500 values for 40e
300 values for 225 2a ccnt off Linen Danlasli OOe values for 4So
ICr 35c values for 2Sc
I 75e values for 00c
Table Napkins Lunch Cloths Tow els 40cvaluegfor32c
50c values for 40e
100 values 1 for 7r c Doilies JOe values for 35e 25c values for 20c 60c values for 4Se NainsooIr
7 125 values for 94c G5c values for 43e 35e values for 2Sc
r c values 1 for 4c 40e values for 320 15c aluM for 12e
200 values for 150 17 1L C values 1 for 5c 75c values for 50e o0c calucs I for 40e F1ellcil I Lawns Co C t lues for 16c
1 25 values f r 1 16f1 lOc values 1 for 7c 85c values I for 57c G5c values for 52c 250 valuos for 20c
250 values for lS8 11he values for 8 ½ c 10 values for Oae 75c values for GOc 70c values for OOe 35c values for 28c
15e values for 10e til2D values for S5e r 100 values 1for SOc 400 values for 32e
27 values r 200 S5c values for 6Sc for I O
r 20c values for 14c 150 values for 100 125 values 50e values for 40e
J values for SOc
it lte 100
300 vnluC5 for ° 225 c luO values for 10
1 20c values for lie 175 values for 12 12 5 values for 100
3u values for 244
= 5 35e values for 24c 200 values J 150 values for 110 HnlHllcrclncf
350 values for 2G3 40c values for arc 2 225 values for 150 Vaist Linens
J 400 valllcs o 300 SOc values for 35e 250 values Linens
L111CI1 IlilCh
1 450 values for 335 Goo values for 43c 275 values 5 IJlCn He 40e values for 32e l
75e values for 50e 300 values for OO Towels fiOe values for 40e 60c values for 480
500 hies r values for 48e 75e values for 60e
Sole values for 57e 350 values for 35 60c
i r 550 values I f or 13 100 values for G5c 100 values for 265 25c values for 20c G5c values for 52c S5e values for 68e is
i 650 values for 1 S8 12ii values fog 850 450 valuesfor300 35c values for 2Sc 75c values for GOc 100 values for SOc
i 700 values for525 150 vllluosfor100 500 values 40evaluC5 for 320 S5cvalucs for USc 125 values for 100
1i0caluoc ° fbr7 Sll 175 valtiCSfor120 550 values for 770 50 c values for JOe 100 values for SOe 150 values for120
iOO values for OO 200 values lor 8135 GOO values fOJ S4OO GOc values for 48a 125 values for 100 175 values for 140
liiO values 20 200 values f
J Sl75 values for 110 225 values f r 10
A Timely Sale of Bed Spreads White Waistil1gs
25e values for 2Oc t
L 5100 Bed Spreads SOc 2 1 > 250 Bed Spreads200 450 Bed Spreads opo 41 60 700 Bed Spreads < oGO
35c values for 2
125 Bed Spreads 100 300 Bed Spreads2AO 500 Bed Spreads w400 S50 Bcd Spreads 680 e t t
J x150 Bcd Spreads 120 350 Bed spreads 280 550 Bed Spreads 440 950 Bcd Spreads 7GO 40c values for 32e
200 Bed Spreads160 100 Bed Spreads 320 600 Bed Spreads 480 1050 Bed Spreads 840 500 values for 40c 31
v 7 a r1 i 1 13 AT u + I +
r 1 iUR DRUG STORE t i

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