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s v f = T3 u > q it f iJi I 1 rJV t fA = = f
I I Ia 11 L lor JJ I IifI
V The InterMountain nepubUcaa
Est Feb 12 1906
Ilac Salt Lake IIprftld
Eat June G 1870
Only Republican Dally New1paper In
Salt Lake City Utah
Tcrm of Subicrlptlona
Icents one year SSOO
SU > DA Y One year 200
SEMI WEEKLY In advance One
year 160 SlX months 75 cents
Subscribers wishing address ot paper
chanted must give former as well as
present address
All papers are conUred until expllcU
order Is received to discontinue All aI
r must be paid In evary case
A number ot men and women had
asked Mrs Susa Young Gates to take
them through the residence ot her
friend Irs A V McCune sr They
anted simply to look at the beauties
of the place under conditions more
1lsurcly than those obtaining at a time
of thronging company at a time ot so
Hl altlvities They wanted a little
loser Inspection ot the homes adorn I
i ments than was possible In the presence
of many guests And Mrs Gates won
Mr IcCunes plrmlsslon
There will be no attempt here to give
detailed description ot the Interior As
an object ot Interest It Is worthy more
than a lImited article And there are
i other considerations which make the
descrJbing almost an Invasion of that
privacy which Is aoredly accorded every
t And yet a home In whIch much money
has been expended with perfect taste a
home In whIch the Tight use ot fortune
ls evident Itself constitutes an invita
tion One cannot see the massive woods
ot the dIning room the great rug that
expresses the perfection ot Asias handi
craft the glass and silver that a prInce
mIght prlzcon cannot look indiffer
ently on these things
One of the marvels ot the establish
ment Is Its varlpty In one place the
atmosphere Is wholly old EnglIsh In
another It Is the France ot the Grand
Monarch In another It Is the slender
8ml exquIsite furnIshing ot the Eastlake
cult But In each case every article
In the room from the satin tapestry on
the walls to the marvelous frescoes of
the ceilingaU are in perfect accord
rhe atmosphere Is maIntained per
1ctly1n tone In color in material
I Such a home is a dIstinct asset of the
community An investment so large
and at the same time so tastefully ac
Iomplsshpd Is a standard of measure
Infnt which cannot be forgotten There
are rooms in which one catches the
spirit of the big manhood which made
I thl adornments possible There are
thers Into which one does not penetrate
i rooms in which the night sllences
I bring dftp rommunlngs and the dawns
bring thc opening gates from a land of
llcamsand out of which cOp1es the
love and the labor the strength and the
flower to make this testimony to the
Inn theme ot the buIlders soul
The little company looked at the Mc
dUne rcidence and watched from its
UPlwr windows the shifting clouds on
mountain and valley And each one
IJmp away gentler and stronger for the
Ldhr knowledge of the treaaures that
clinch us all
Let no man say a Catholic priest has
110 sense ot humor Father Phelan ed
Itor of the Western Watchman refutes
the thought In a recent article propos
Ing yates for babies
Not that he would requIre the babIes
tu vote but that he would give to each
family a yoUng strength based on the
number of children In the household
For example It there were ten children
l1e would allow the family twelve votes
one for the father one for the mother
and ten for the ten children It the
parents agreed politically he would
let the father cast the whole twelve
ballots If they did not agree he would
have the man vote for himself and for
all ot the boys and the mother vote for
herself and all her girls
The eminent churchman adds that
one effect would be to dIsfranchise ut
terly the childless and screeching sisterhood
rhood Which is a vIew with some
thing to commend It
There is reason for the franchise
based on property sInce the man with
a home has a definite stake In the com
monwealth And there is reason for the
manhood suffrage
Why not reason for that better Inter
est expressed in the possessIon ot chil
I One ot the teache18 in second A grade
In the Salt Lake public schools has led
I lwr pupIls to take an interest in books
and In that form of expression known as
14ter writing Many ot them have
fund the delights ot the public library
Many too are finding the joy of com
position Let us give you a few of the
letters they write to theIr teacherwith
the spelling just as those little children
set It down
I thank you fQr the songs and poems
reading and everything
We are going to have a part tonight
d on my cousin for he Is going away
We had a good time Halloween night
We had lots of tun Halloween me and
lots ot other boys We did not tear
anything down I am living In Salt
Lake City
I am in room 4 I like to go to this
school How arc you gctlng along I
m glad I am In your room
I Uk room 4 Do you like it I like
this school very much do you We
have lots ot work to do I like work
dont you Ye play lots ot games I
i like to play games dont you
I Uke the spelling and the writing and
I like the Reading and I like the Lan
rro tilE sated or those whosE interest
in thE > mental processes ot children lies
dormant those specimens exactly cop
S led from the letters of the little chil
i dron will mean little or nothing To
the observing there is distinct pleasure
In reading them
Fr one thing these little people shame
their elders In the more advanced grades
with their spelling and with their evi
dent knowledge ot the use of punctua
tion and capItals Even It they do go
wrong on occasion they go right other
where by evident purpose and knowl
We know ot nothing more helpful to
the little people than that exercIse ot
letter writing They have their own
thoughts and reveal a perfect freedom
In expressing themselves There Is not
a stilted guided sentence In the collec
When the little children almost at
the beginning ot their school life cin
so adequately record their souls there
Is explanation of the high repute in
which the schools of Salt Lake are ad
mittedly held in every city ot the nn
Senator Aldrich said he waif going to
visit the wet and dIscuss the central
bank plan with the people and one ot
his critics expressed surprIse that he
should venture Into the enemys coun
But the west is not enemys country
to Senator Aldrich 01 any other man
who gives sIncere effort to the solution
ot the problems QJ the nation Every
nan ot business knows there are grave
defects in the monetary system ot our
country They realize that In finance
they are not yet arrived at perfect
methods They do not believe the probI I
lem Is beyond human solutIon And
they are looking for the best plan
Tlat Is the case with thoughtful men
everywhere In the nation And they
know Senator Aldrich Is a very capable
man a very shrewd financier They be
lieve he Is as likely as 81y other to de
vIse the plan which shall make our
monetary fabrIc as sound as is the com
mercial or the physical And they are
going to listen to hIm with a good deal
of Interest If he presents plans that
commend themselves to the judgment
of the bankers and business men ot the
west you may be sure the bankers and
business men of the west will be for
them and wIll be for Aldrich They
hay no fight with him Where men I
are looking for light there Is no en I
emys country to the man likely to
bring the light
The Aldrich plan is a great central
hank Some men do not believe that is
the best plan Congressman Fowler
doesnt But the people ot the nation
will withIn the next year have an ex
cellolnt opportunity to study the ques
tion And out of the honest effort at
the best way the best way Is certain to
According to the Craftsmanone ot
the best monthly publications men of
fortune and good sensethe things
often go togetherhave fallen into the
habit ot making pieces of furniture for
their own rOQmlt
The have their banks or their stores
or their offices in the daytime but In
share moments they have learned the
handling of tools the qualIty of wood
or metal and the ability to product
things of use and beauty for the on
dchment ot their homes and the In
horitance of theIr children
Nothing could bo more desirable than
a chair or case or table wrought out
by the hand ot one who worked simply
because he loved the workand knew
the high value ot It
It is to be hoped the Craftsman is
right In the belief that the cult will
have a wide Influence The tendency
of the past centuries has been to make
labors disliked Most boys know no
higher aspiration than to make a lot
of money without working hard for it
And yet there Is not in aU the world so
sure a road to happiness as that whIch
leads through labor ot the hands and
the feet and the whole devoted body
It is a thIng to be encouraged too be
cause nothing can so enrich a home as
the presence In It ot furniture fash
Ioned by one we love
Down at Springvlllewe trust the
name Is spelled correctly thIs timea
man named Simpkin had the smallpox
and hIs famIly was in quarantine His
sugar beets must be harvested and
hauled to the factory He could not
move a hand It would have been more
than likely the whole sugar factory
would have gone on strike It beets gath
ered by smallpox patients and hauled
by a man from a quarantined domicile
had come to the vats
So the neighbors went upon the Slmp
kin farm gathered the beetsand most
of you know that Is no small labor
hauled the beets to the factory and
brought him the credIts whIch are to
be realized In cash
That was rather n worthy thing to
do Very likely the neighbors had work
of their own to do Very likely some
of them made sacrifices to do this serv
Ice for a neighbor But the very extent
of theIr cost was the measure ot their
Inasmuch as ye did It unto one ot
the least of these ye have done it unto
John NIelsen writing in the Vernal
Express unconsciously adds something
to the argument In favor ot a law for
the destruction ot notlous weeds In
Utahwlld oats being ne ot the we lIs
most to be legislated nglnst
Mr Nielsen points out that he has
tried to eradicate the wild oats and
that either seed from less careful farm
ers get into his land or the seed he
buys contains the undesired element
He realizes = the effect Is to lower the
grade of his grain and the consequent
Injury to the whole product of the state
Most or the counties In Utah are agri
cultural in their chlefest Interest It
will be strange If the people do not send
their order to the legIslature next taU
and secure a law that will help them so
far as the destruction or the noxIous
weeds and injurious growths can effect
that end
We now have Utah county and Uintah
county Qn record In favor ot making the
farm work more effective by tht elim
Ination ot the factors which work
against the husbandmaAl
Are there any others
Judging from the election returns we
should say that the people ot Utah are
for prohibition but against its enforce
Brigham City has a new Republican
paper And 1t looks like one at the
forces for the betterment ot Utah
If Irs Pankhurst looks like her pic
tures the English people were right to
put her In jan
The birds a corned were playing
In Union Square this very eve
And men and maidens homeward stray
Stopped at the fountain could not
As back and forth the swalloWs
Into the leaping waters flashed
Then lung away
But to return and cut the spray
With crosswise wind In endless play
And It they rest
Momently on a lllY pad
Where rise the waters to each breast
Ort they wing on Journeys mad
North south east west
As if seltconsclous In their glee
And glad that human eyes could see
And It they said A while be glad
Forget ye mortals all ye may
Forget lat night forget today
Forget tomorrow
Forget the blood stain on the pave
Qoying mercifully dim
Just outside the fntain rim
Where a dazed boy In murder soiled
The passion of the souls that tolled
Forget the haunting sorrow
Forget the demagogs that rae
Forget the starvllngsaU the pain
Of this strange world forget It aU
Forget the thunder and the rain
Listen to the birds that call
Get joy from the glisten ot their wings
Be happy with aU happy things
Just for a little time
Listen to the alluring rhyme
But not too long 0 not too long
A brief while tremble with the song
And ye may grow more sure and
To right the wrong to right the
Richard Watson GlIder
p S
With Apologies to Rudard Ilpllng
A girl there was and she bought a hat
Even as OU and I
And the crown was deep and the brim
waR fiat
Twas smothered In onions and things
like that
And on the top perched a vampire bat
With a button for an ec
Oh the times she went and the times she
And the various shapes she scanned
Before she discovered the mansion where
She purchased this recherche affair
You probably understand
Now she lived In a suite oh tres petite
Even as you and I
With everything up to date and neat
Electric lighting and steam for heat
But the width of the hall was scant two
We know them you and r
Oh the toll it cost and the sleep she lost
And the wonderful schemes she planned
To get that Paris creation in
To her tiny flat was a crying sin
And if I should tell you you wouldnt
To really understand
Sufficient to say that being a wo
man she did It
Xo this girl had a husband sUm and
Even aB YOU girls could
And when he came home he brard her
call i
And he found hr wedged In the narrow
Between the hat and the plastery wall
And she couldnt stand and she couldnt
And she COllldn creep and she couldnt
And she lookedwell really not at all
s a perfect lady should
And lt wasnt the shame and It wasnt
the pain
That burnt like a white hot brand
Twas the language that her husband
At that vampire hat with Its bows of
His remarks Ill not repeat to you
You wouldnt understand
Did the girl discard that vampire hat
Not on your royal life
She bought another worse than that
And added a foot to the height or her rat
For a man must be trained to things like
Thats the mission of a wife
Vllllam Cary DUncan In Good House
Kansas City Journal
A Hutchinson girl declares this story
Is true She was visiting at a small Kan
sas town recently and while there her
hostess gave a party In her honor and
Invited the picK of the whole countryside
side Among the guests was a boy who
had been to Topeka so she had heard
She had sd ma acqaintances In Topeka
and tried to draw him out Inquiring
How did you like Topeka
The young fellow blushed and looked
down before he murmured
Oh pretty well
Do you know many people there she
continued trying to get him Interested
and attributing his reticence to bashful
ness Why not many he said tugging at
his collar as it It were strangling him
1 suppose you went to the park when
you were there she asked
No he replied I did not attend any
of the affairs at the park
She talked about other things and
later when nn opportunity came asked
the hostess why that boy had been so
reticent about talking about Topeka The
hostess throw up her hands
We simply had to Invite him she
replied He belongs to a good family
As a matter ot fact he has just returned
from Topeka where he has been In the
reform schoo
A novelist who lives near Indianapolis
once engaged an Individual who claimed
to be a gardener That this claim was
without basis of fact was soon made
evident to the employer for the man
prQved weIlnlgh uselessso useless In
fact that it became necessary to die
charge him
The man took his dismissal with such
jaunty indifference that the novelist was
somewhat nettled You seem rather
pleased than otherwise said he to the
man Oh I alnt worryin was the prompt
Indeed Perhaps you wont 110 so well
as you think May r venture to inquire
what you have In view
Well answered the gardener U the
worst comes to the worst I may take up
wrltfn books Sence Ive been here Ive
found out It dont take such un aWfully
bright man as I used to think It did
St Louis Times
At the recent convention of advertising
men In Louisville One of tie delegates
who lives in the west told a story of hay
Ing met a mn from New York
Where are you from Inquired the
New Yorker
Los Angeles said the man from Cali
Oh I see exclaimed the Empire tte
Inhabitant So youre from the west
Well Ive been west Borne myself Now
last year I was out as tfJr as Cevelend
and stopped a while at Pitt3burg I was
all around the west
is that 01 said the man from toe
Angeles with 8 great how ot interest
Well r was up east myself not 80 very
long ago I was In Denver and kit Lake
City and all around Its strange we
didnt meet
I tlsa11 You can scll ItIt Its adser J
a 1
Iz C M 11
Time Now to Purchase
Your Overcoat
I JiNotice the rut and style
41 of our overcoats every
i1 line suggests dignity ilUa
I influence t h ey carry I
4 L with them prestIge
4 1
ii pii Overcoats from
M lOto30
ir i The newest and nobbiest fur Ii
nishings for
frj44 men in the city m
Every HI1e is
alldstrictly 1
up to date
ie gBJi
Why Chiropractic Cures
Are Certain
rU The prInciple upon which Chiropractic I
work Is that of adjusting the spine so
S S that the nerves which pass through the
spinal column on their way to the sepa i
rate parts of the body may be free from
all Impingements and be able to prop
aly perform their duties It is a well
known fact that separate nerves control
the stomach the kidneys the liver and
2 dhCr organs of the body If these nerves
are pinched while passing along the
spnal column it Is only natural that the
r 1 organ controlled by that nerve will be
affected This explains why medicines
ff I fall in many cases to give relletand
S S also why Chiropractic makes permanent
SG O curls
f Chiropractic requires np medicines
5 Jz 4 < and no operations It Is a system of
S helping nature to help herself and that
o C surely means success
c S There Is no pain to the patient when
S 4 5Yt these adjustments are being made The
W affected parts are carefully and easily
worked back to place and the sinews
ff3 4 surrounding are built up and strength
t r t3 tned to matte the adjustments perma
Zi L Dont DelayDelays are
S Dangerous
Mrs Ge 81 H Pickard
I 217218 Herald BuildingHours 9 to 12 2 to 5
3695 Round
41iJiJ Trip
From SALT LAKE via
AJ J 1
JjjL 1 i
p CiTY
b I f f r TICKET
Tickets on Sale
Limit DeeS
i =
GodbePitts Drug Co Dayton Drug Company
Corner Second South and State
Coruer Main anti First South
Both lhon 140 IJoth Phone ri > Z
SpeciaI for One Week at Both Stores
25c Peroxide Hydrogen ΒΌ l1J lOc
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Ve solicit your patronage on merit
quality quick service low l prices
Consult county clerk or respective Ilgn
sri for further Information
bate division In and for Salt bake coun
ty ttah 1n the matter of the estate
of Caroline 21 enstermaker deceased
The petition of Charles H Fenstermak
er administrator of the estate of CarolIne
M I nstermaker deceased praying for
th settlement at final account Of said
Charles H Fenste maker administrator
and for the distribution of the residue of
said estate to the persons entitled also
discharge of administrator and his bonds
men has been set for hearing on Friday
the 19th day of November A D I9k
at 2 clock p m at the country oourt
he iee 111 the court room of said court
111 Salt Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
VlttlS the clerk of said court with
the Hal thereof aft XOO this th day of
Ncvemb A D 1600
I SealJ Clerk
By J P PalD14 Deputy Clerk
JirighatnClegg Attorney for Petitioner
Iatp division III and for Salt Lake coun
ty ltah 1n the matter ot the estate
of Amos FCIIstermaker deoeasedNotlce
The petition or Charles H Fen termak
cr administrator of the estate ot Amos
Frnstermaker deceased praying for the
settlement of final account of said Charles
H Fcnsttrmal administrator and for
the distribution of the residue of said es
tate tv the persons entitled also for die
charge of administrator and his bonds
rrtoI has been set for hearing on Friday
the J9th day of November A D 1009 at
2 0 clock p m at the county court house
10 the court room of said court In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake count Utah
Witness the clerk of saM court with
the seal thereof affixed tbb 5th day of
November A n WOO
tSai Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Brigham Clegg Attorney for Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty Utah In the matter of the estat
of Emma J Ingbersen sometimes spelled
Ingbresen deceasedNotice
The petlUn ot Salt Lake Security
Trust company administrator of the
estate of Emma J Ingoorsan sometimes
sidled Ingbresen deceased praying for
the settlement of final account at said
Salt Lake Security Trust company ad
ministrator and that the real estate be
distributed to Frank 111I8 and Caroline
E Mills his wife as grantees of the ec
tate has been set for hearing on Friday
I the 19th day of November A D 1J09 at
2 oclock p m at the county court house
in the court room or said cout1 In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county ttah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereat affixed this 5th dar of
November A D 1Jo1
Seal Clerk
By I P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Edward McGurrin Attorney fur Peti
division In and for Salt Lake count
state of Utah
In the matter ot the estate and guar
dlanshlD of Samuel A Ierratt ncmIptI
rile petition for approval and settiemezit
of the account or the guardian ot the
person and the estate of Samuel S Mer
ritt Incompetent also fixing guardian i
compensation and attorneys fees approv
Ing allowance of 3iO per month malnte
I nane and continUil1Ce of the same has
been set for hearing on Frday the 11Ith
day of November A D 1009 at 2 oclock
p m at the county court house in the
court room of said court In Salt Lake
City Salt Lake county Utah
Wltnese the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 2d dar of
November A D 1005
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Thput Clerk
DlcksQD Ellis ElUs Schulder Attor
neys for Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake county
state of Utah In the matter of the ei
tate and guardianship of George Pappa
vastili minor Notice
Th petition of George Pappavasllh
praying for the Issuance to Andrew Pap
pvaslhs of letttrl of uardiaashIp on th
person and estate ot George IappavlUIlII
minor has been set for hearing on Fri
days the 19th day ot November A D
WOO at 2 oclock p m at the county
court house in the court oom of said
coyrt In Salt Lake City S 1 Lake county
Vltnl88 the clerk ot MId court wit
the 11 < al thereof atfbred this lat day of
November A D 1809
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
William H Leary Attorney for Pet
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
t State of Utah In the matter of the
estate an1 guardianship ot J J Riordan
Incompetent otlce
The petition of Angus McKellar
jr the guardian of the person and
the estate at J J Riordan in
crmpeteot praying for an order
of sale of real property or said incompe
tent and that all persons Interested ap
pear before the said court to how cause
why an order should not be granted to SEll
so much as shall be necessary of the fol
lowing described real estate of said In
competent totit Situate In Salt LakE
City In said county and state described
as lots 1 t 3 4 23 M 35 27 S 29 I 30 49
00 i1 and 52 of Violet addition 8 subdi
vision of lot 8 blQlk Ii fiveacre plat
A Big Field survey has been set for
hearing on FrIday the lIItb day of No
ember A D 1901 at 2 oclock p m at
the county court house In the court room
ot ItId court In Salt Lake City Salt
Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 5th day ot
November A D 1108
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Edward IcGurrtn Attorney for Guar
Delinquent Notice
Ins Milling company Principal ofk
ana place of business 216 South Main
Street Salt Lake City Utah
NoticeThere are delinquent upon the
following deacribed stock on account of
assessment No4 ot ot 1 per cant per
hare levied on the lith day ot Septem
ber 1969 the several amounts set oppo
site the names of the respective shareholders
holders as follows
Cart Name No Shares Amount
5 T M Surbaugh 4iiOO
H T M Surbaugh 4910 G22
lz t A L Fryer 9J9 12
i3 Nellie G Fryer 21000 5t
It C H Stevens 1000 2110
Frank J Stevens tfo12 2SS
lit J L Herrtek 111 21140
i3 M J Stevens 13 < J 3ti
l9 Alma Richardson 11YO r
111 Jease J 1r18r 1 > 161 c 15A2
115 Fannie 11 Johnson 1000 2
i24 T D Johnson 2iO 563
15 E B Stoker 4000 1000
140 Geo W DrfdweU 1000 FI1
UI Win Webber ijoo JI
l47 Wm Webber 500 11
And In accordance with th law and
an order of the board or directors mae
cn the 15th day of September 1900 St
many shares of each parcel of said stock
as may be necessary will be sold at put
lie auction at thE office ot the secretary
No 216 South Main street Salt Lake
City 1t8h on the 15th day of Novem
I bar 1009 at 2 p m ot said day to pay
delinquent assessments thereon togethr
I with the coat of advertising and expense
I of sale C R LONG
Secretary Gold Mountain Champion Mn
inlt Milling Company
R Ifr
I In the Cause of
Author ot The Queens Advocate
A Courier ot Fortune etc
Copyright 1908 by rthur W
Black Monday In Warsaw
I was almost afraid I shouldnt catch
you up said Burskl
I though you couldnt get away I
Oh I managed jt all right I thought
It would be 1 pity for you to miss any
thing I could show you on your last day
In the city and such a day so I hur
ried after you Nearly lost you In that
crowd though Going to the Church
ot St Paul are you Thatll make a
capital starting point Jump In I
But It was not In my program to take
him to meet Volna No I think as
youre with me we shall see more if we
walk I replied and I tossed the driver
a rouble and dismissed him
Burskl laughed That Illustrates one
ot my pet theories he said that you
English are sometimes a most change
able and impulsive people
I am not Interest In your theories
about my countrymen
Oh I wont force them on you I
hate a man who is always cramming
his views down your throat Hes a
borethe poorest sort of creature In the
world Which way shall we walk I
AU ways are the same to me
Let us stroll on then It will take
us to the Church of St Paul
I was so angry so perplexed how to
shake him off and at the same time so
anxious to get to Volna that I would
not trust myself to speak Every min
ute ot delay Increased the risk that she
mIght tire of waltfngor jump to the
conclusIon that I could not keep the ap
poIntmentand go back to the house
where I knew Bremenhofs men might
already be waiting for lies
Burski Retell as though he saw noth
ing of my uneasiness He chatted away
quite unconcernedly calling my atten
tion now to a church and agaIn to some
public buIlding and accepting my
monosyllabic surly replies with unruf
fled complacency
Once chance offered of getting away
A great crowd of strikers came march
Ing past filling the roadway and as
the accompanying mob of stragglefs
surged on to the footpath I was about
to plunge into the midst of their ranks
when he slipped his arm Into mine and
drew me back Into a doorway
For heavens sake be careful IH
cried The scum of the city Is there
and your very life might be In danger
It appeared as though he might well
be right but I could have cursed him
for his forethought all the sne
The strikers themselves looked for
midable enough There were several
hundred of them sternfaced men all I
resolute silent determined dogged l
though moved by a common deep set I
purpose they maintaIned a rough order
of march leaders at the head and on
the flank ot each band I
The mob hanging on their skirts were I
of a very different class however ill
clad dirty unkempt tatterdemalions
the dregs of the alleys and byways f
the city ripe for any mIschief or devil
ment EvIl men and worse women
they shuffled and scrambled and bus
tied along wlUt occasional cheers for
the strikers hoarse cries anc oaths to
one another and execrations for the
government towsied disorderly mb
tile unquestionably dangerous anI
highcharged with thoughts and hopes
of violence It would not be their fault
It tho day ended without open resist
ance looting and bloodshed
For many minutes precious to me
they fllled the streets and made pro
gress impossible and before they had
passed a clock near by struck 12
An hour past the time nt which I
was to have met Volna She would
surely have given me up and in all
probability had already gone back to
the house to whIch In my fatous con
fidence In my own cleverness 1 ha
been reckless enouGh to send Bremen
Where have the strikers com
from I asked Burskl as a sudden
thought chilled me
From where we are goIng the
square in front of the Church of St
Paul They have an ugly look and we
shall have Petersburg over again iC
they dont shake themselves free from
the rabble And It may be even worse
here for the fraternity have brought In
arms and are prepared to resist There
will be fighting before night
Spoken very much hike a police
agent that I exclaimed
He shrugged his shoulders One gets
the habit I suppose I was a police
agent long before I joined the fraterni
ty and one judges of things from that
standpoInt at times See they have
swept the square clear he added as
we reached the church
And at this point well part com
pany please
He assumed great surprise Part
company Why we have seen scarcely
anything yet
I mean what I flay
He paused and then hIs manner
changed I am really sorry for this
Mr Anstruther
Sorry for what
Of course I have seen that r am not
wanted but the fact Is I myself am
being watched I am compelled to keep
with you for an hour or so
You suggested just now that you
came because I had asked you I
rapped back
Well you did ask me dIdl1t you
And you put It 50 naturally that I real
ly thought you were In earnest
I wasnt I dont wish to be seen by
our friends today In the company of so
w 11 known a police agent as yourself
n Let us see tncn now we can manage
it The simplest way will be for me to
drop behind The friends wont know
we are together and my superiors will
see I am obeying orders
But I dont wish to be shadowed
He spread out his hands with an air
ot bewilderment For the sake ot the
fraternity I must not lose my position
In the ponce You see that
I see one thing which Is enough for
me I am not going to be shadowed
You may as well understand that
But we are not going to quarrel
If necessary we are
He sighed as though I Were most un
reasonable It has always been one ot
my pat theories
Hang your theories Are you going
to persist In following mo
No I am not
Then go your way and leave me to
go inine
Yes I will do that
But he kept at m side Then go
Very well I am sorry I have an
noyed you
I hant be annoyed It you leave me
I am glad to hear that
But you are still coming on
I am thinking
The square was nearly deserted and
I looked everywhere for Volna The
lock chimed the quarter past the hour
She was not there
I pulled Up I have had enough of
this What are you going to do
I havq a suggestion Let us go to
Colonel Bremenhof and tell him He Is
close here
To le Continued Tomorr

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