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MO P iIY l
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V < r 4 =
> F
Messages of Condolence Come
From Many Parts of the
United States
T egrams of condolence many of them
addrssed To the City of Salt Lake the
mmErclal club and the Fi her HarriS
fmlly pourd inte the Commercial club
aid at the home of the late Fisher liar
rl3 all day yesterday They came from
The Un
v rv portion of the country
r apol1s Commercial club through E G
stak > seretaTY offend sympathy to
t r tntie state of Utah Many came to
J HdlIoMln and to Gus Holmes from
lOl1 orlate KOUrcet and from great corn
n r 11 bfdis throughout the Cnlted
1 t s
I Ill I ilt half mast over many bulld
h t thp husine85 section indicated the
nrnl esteem in which Mr Harris
V J hld
I mEral arrangements were completed
I t ida lb rItes will be held at
ii lLs4Iic ttmle under the tUrection
h th rgtnta Ldge No 3 F A Jol
tJIoorrow at 2 p m The Rev C E
P thm of St Pauls EpBCOp1ti church
a 1 tI Jtiv P A Sim kin will deliver
t If ldst eulogiEIJ There will be no other
jx akCr
nlfoPrs of the Commercial club will
from the club
a nIl m a body marching
t II Masonic temple At a meeting to
lIold this afternoon at 130 oclock the
l IIj I of governors of the Commercial
I I sdl adopt resolutions regarding the
1h of the clubs 6Cretary and leader
IlQn the hundreds of mell8llges sent
I ic Harris family was a note to Fisher
11 TIS jr a member of the graduating
C lS f the Salt Lake High school
td by hi clall8mates The note reads
DCir dassmateIt was with deep 8Or
rJ that te heard of the awful bereave
T it that has befallen you In the death
0 our Esteemed father We wIsh at
l N I time to try to express our deepest
s pathy for you in this season of grief
I trust that you may bravely survive
t I shock which has been dealt you In
II loss of your noble parent All that
1 kr w your father respected and loved him
wo bdleve that you have reason to
ft proud that you are his son We sin
C Iv hope that this blow terrible as It
may not have the effect of perma
I 111 separating you from us your ym
1 I hlzlng classmates
rUrles of Incorporation of the Cent
te nlal Emma Mining company were
ended yesterday decreasing the cap
t il tock to 5OOO In shares of 10 cents
I h The origInal capitalization waM
OMO in shares of 5 each which was
h ngd about a year ago to shares of
0 each with half a millIon capital
rIte Mountain View Hot Springs rom
I 1 mEd articles with the secretary of
d t sterday It has headquarters at
n Jlfi1d and will exploit healing wa
tf froom springs in Sevier county near
n hftdd The company has a capital
tl n of 200000 in shares of Zlt each
c 11Ih 4000 shares are held In the
tr l1llY Officers are J M BIkel
r i1nt John F Chidester vice pres
t I tarp FaoC08st secretary and
tr lurr These with Andrew Foul
Jnws H Bickel Ben F Bickel
t Lrcnzo Nielsen comprise the di
r I r11
Court Fines Idle Man Notwithstand
ing His Prosperity
I I ng money In the bank is no ex
I 0 I a man dodging work
4 tts the decision of Judge J M
ol aLmn EStenlay afternoon in the case
Is R Howe charged with drunken
Hoowe said he hadnt worked for
I months but plea ed as an excuse
t had money In the bank
w i strong and healthy are you
asked Judge Bowman
hut I have money In the bank
fl Juruener
1 night to be working said the
nell make it 30 das
I 1 Wilson charged with drunkenness
r 1 a 1iday sentence for having used
Jmguage towards aTnlItlng of
r 1 k Tevin and Ben Smith Denver
110 will be tried on a chan of
f o this afternoon It Is alleged that
t i i assaulted S G Foulger abow
k ago and beat him so badly I that
1 rations have been necessary IJinee
Hung man was taken to the hoe
l1 drunks were discharged yester
jtrnoon on their promise to re
iRe E May yesterday received a
r from Luther I May at the hand
11g oIgE c G Armstrong of the
I t ourt She charged her hUlbau
1 IISUpport and habitual drunken
hay runs the drug store at Third
I 01 l Second South streets and posses
1Hlerable proptrty Mrs lay re
1 111P divorce custody of their
1 fl yein old and permanent
r The couple was married on
2 1I2
oJl lEathers or duck also paper
51 W Second lIth St
I Royal Stale Bread Depot
to p m daily Entrance on
111 Swtlt Good bread very cheap
r1 m rit of the Watch Brand
I I trng them into fame
god housewife this brand demanl
Ir > are none just the same
I J 0011 kodak We fInish and also sell
t FIlIlile8 Salt Lake Photo Supply
t 7 Main trt
buneReporter Printing Co
f St Second South Phones il3
1 TtS c1anea and curled College
t r Parlors 3al Tribune bldg
Ask for Information
Regarding our Secured Certi
fIcates before you invest your
surplus funds There is no
Investment obtainable which
affords greater security togeth
er with sO satisfactory a rate of
come6 per cent per annum
payable semiannually The
safety of these Certificates is
assured by the guarantee of the
Sat Lake Security Trust
Company and also by First
Mortgages on real estate In Salt
Lake City thus being doubly
secured Our officers will take
pleasure In furnishing you with
any Information prtalnlng
thereto which you may desire
SIt Lake
Security Trust
52 Up Main Strest
Capital 30000000
Eurpius 0000000
A strak of fat a streak of lean
With lots of goodness In between I
Chimney Sweep and Furnace Man
G Hazel Leave ordes Bamberger
Coal Co 161 MAin strt Rolh phonee
Walrus Pigskin Seal and
Patent Leather
These are some of the Va
rieties of leather in which
we show Ladies Hand
Bags Although they are
Mark Cross goods youll
find the prices not higher I I
than ordinary
SchrammJohnson Drugs
Four Stores Where the
Cars Slop
Mark Cross Gloves for
men and women 75 cents
the hand
Theres nothing like sham In famed Wa
satch ham
Its rich and Its ah to the good
Theres lean round the bone and fat
round the lean
And Its packed too the way that It
HIghest price pnld for strictly fresh
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co li7 MaIn st
McCoyalivery carriage and light liv
ery Both phones Sl
A private safe may be rented in the
tIre and burglar proof vault of the Salt
Lake Security Trust Co 3 up Main
street 200 per year and upwards
Pioneer Roofing
Furnished laId and guaranteed by
g It is the last bit of sil
ver put on plated ware
that begins to wear first
If it isnt put on you may
save on the cost but you
are soon through to the
base metal
g Our plate is all guaran
teed and wc replace any
that fails to give satisfac
ri I Y1A
You are cordially bidden to visit
v V The New York
Style Show
a5 A SemiAnnual Clothes
v Exhibition for Men and
1 ff fljj Young Men
Benjamin Clothes
t i For Autumn and Winter They
1 JI are exquisitely finished expertly
i MI tailored and authoritatively
wil styled They enjoy the distinc
A tion of being worn on Fifth A ve
nue and Broadway in New York
Suits and Coats
1311lillCl9h 1800 to 4000
Jlfrrd 6rnjat7iin
It Its a surface to be painted
enameled staIned varnished or
finished In any way theres an
Acme Quality
kind for the purpose
Oulmer Paint 85 Glass 00
New Store
I Read the adsand youll be I
SURE about It
3u h
Six Days of
Short Lines > >
r Specials
Ve are running short on the following lines of Ladies
Shoes and have mostly small sizes left in them We wish
to close them out entirely instead of reordering and to
do so will make the following prices for this week
Our No A302A fine viei i kid patent tip welt sole
BhwllPr shoe from one of the best factories
in the country to close out 2 9 J
Our No A46lA Blucher shoe of the popular dull calf
skin with medium toe and hcel just right for a school
shoe for young misses wearing small sizes 4 2 65
well worth 350 now only s4 a
Our No 480RCalf shoe similar to above
2 35
only little heavier stock fine wearer Q
Our No A300An extra fine lot of vici kid patent tip
welt soles szes 42 down bargains at 350 295
Our No A421A snappy dressy uptodate calfskin
shoe to close button small sizes i only regular 350 285
Our No A30lA vici kid patent tip full toe common
I l l le t extra good value 295
The above goods are in every way desirable the prices
o being cut simply because the lines have sold down so low
proving their popularity Remember only six days of
these prices
WalkOver Shoe Store
214 Main Opposite the Kenyon
Cousins WalkOver and GrovelS hoes for ladies
r iJ A f 1 I A l if j j i4
Man Whose Identity Is
Sheathed in Mystery Dies
From Injuries
Pitching headlong from the railing on
the thIrd floor of the Crescent rooming
house 359 South State street with a
pillow tightly clasped In his arms an
aged German man who had registered
under the name of Judge Harper
three das ago struck the floor of the
second story hallway with such force as
to produce concussion of the braIn from
the effects of which he dIed In the
emergency hospItal at the city Jail bout
three hours later The accident oc
curred at 930 oclock last night and
following the death the police were un
able to learn anything further concern
Ing the victims identity or family
A note book found In the mans pocket
bore fi receipt from the Tashburn Fur
niture company made < ut in the name
of Edmund Goring Inquiries made of
members of the furniture firm last
night elicited the Information that Gor
ing had a son employed by the Pull
man department of the Oregon Short
Line The police were unable to reach
this man last night
The proprIetress at the Crescent room
Ing house states that the dead man had
been In the house three days and that
he had been Intoxicated most of the
Dr W B Steele attended the man at
the hospital The head had been laid
open from the right ear to the eyebrow
and c9ncussion of the braIn had result
ed The body was taken to the E G
ODonneli undertaking establishment
and further efforts to find the mans
family will be made today
Judge Harper or Goring as tile
ease may be was about i0 or 52 years
of age and It was stated that he spoke
with a decided German accent A bottle
of whisky found in the pocket of his
coat confirmed tilt story told by the
woman that Ow man had been drinking
Plan Evolved by Which Taxpayers
of 1909 Can Participate
in Voting
Th proposed special election for a
500000 bond Issue to build a new east
side high school will be the chief Item
to be considered tonIght at the regular
meeting of the city board of education
The committee on school laws will re
port through a Subcommittee com
posed of J T Hammond and at1o
nihah Thomas
lt Is now thought probable that the
election all be held ore until early In
January Instead of on Dec 15 as at
first proposed ThIs would gIve tax
payers of 1009 an opportunity to vote
If the election Is held before the fIrst
of the year only taxpayers of 1t08 can
The committees on building and
grounds and teaolmers and seiool work
met Ye8terday afternoon The bids for
cemeat walks for the high school en
trance were not passed upon as it was
irregular It will come before the board
Press Club Members Who Will Pro
vide Wonderful Entertainment
Are Chosen
First arrangements for the annual
Press club show were taken up at a
meeting of the board of managers yes
terday afternoon A committee includ
Ing Harry Culmer A G MacKenzie
Ernest Evans Kenneth Kerr and Par
ley Jensen was appointed The show
will probably be given just before or
shortly after the first ot the year It
will of course be bIgger and better than i
TM board of managers passed reso
lutions of condolence to the city the
Commercial club and the family of
FIsher harris who died Sunday
Applications from A E Vandeventer
managing editor of the Telegram and
from Dr E 1 Evans for membership
were passed upon favorably
f I
ManagEr L T Parry of the unher
ally debating team received a communl
eaUon from the University of Oregon
Monday bearing the wording of the
question to be debated in Oregon Jan
14 between the Oregon university and
the University of Utah The question
Is Resolved That all corporations en
gaged In Interstate business should be
required to incorporate under federal
law It being mutually conceded that
such legislation would be constitutional
and that a system of federal license
should not be available 88 an alternative
meAsure Utah will hold her first trIals
to secure a teapl Nov Hi
The first atnual dance of the year to
be given by fie university faculty will
be on Friday night at S oclock In the
museum building
The executive committee of the junior
das which has charge of the junior
promenade has decided to gIve the an
nual lance on Jan H
At II meeting of the Medical society
held Monday afternoon Roy Groesbtk
was elected captain of the Medics
team In the Monday issue of the
Chronicle a statement appeared from
the law students challengIng the medi
cal students to a foetball game The
Medics however decided to Ignore
the deli until the manager of the law
team presented a written challenge I
Because Charles Opitz knocked her
down with a small Electric motor on July
2t last Mrs Anna Opitz brought suit for
divorce In the district court yesterday
She also charges nonsupport She says
that while they were living at Tooel on
July 4 1908 her husband bent her with his
fists and threatened to kill her Again
on Sept 8 this year he beat her and said
be would kill her and their child 3 years
okl she claims They were married In
Park Valley 1tall April 6 BOG i and have
one child
Mrs Opitz says her husband Is a car
penter working for the International
Smelting company at U a day and asks
for a restraining order to koep him from
drawing his money She says he drInks
and gambles She asks for 10 a month
alimony 100 for her attorney and wants
ctltod of the child
Somewhere In the classified columns of every Issue of The HeraldRe
publican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
for either matinee or evenIng performance on date of Issue The person whose
name appears In this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
aldRepublican office before G oclock today together with a positive identl
ftcatlonyour last subscription receipt will do Read the classified adver
tisements In thIs Issue Perhaps your name Is I there
UDGE E F COLBORN president
JUDGE Salt Lake Real Estate as
sociation is at all times a booster
or a greater Salt Lake He has just
returned from an extended trip east
and while away lent an attentive ear to
anything concerning Salt Lake and
It was gratifying to note the marked
change in outside sentiment In relation
to this city said President Colborn
Heretofore even up to last year
whenever 1 have been east and vol
unteered the Information that 1 was
from Salt Lake It always provoked thc
inquiry How are the Mormons getting
along But on my recent trip It was
shown that Salt Lake Instead of being
considered Imply as the headquarters
of any church Is recognized as a com
mercial center of Important When
1 mentioned my place of resIdence such
statements as Veil thats a might
good town Salt Lake Is coming to the
front were heard
While I was in ChIcago I had till
pleasure of discussing with Washington
ton Porter proprietor of the Iajestl <
hotel the Great Northern theatre and
officE building and other IntErests
valued In aU at about 10000000 thC
prospects of the greater Salt LakE He
said some very complimentary things
concel1lng our city He said that he
never saw a place that compared with
Salt Lake In actIvity and business Im
portancci measuring both against pop
Such interviews as these caused me
to come home feeling greatly enthused
oVer the local situation generally There
If nothing now ahead of us to obstruct
or to occasion fear Home money Is
courageous and active foreign money
Is coming in In thrEe years time some
of the people who thought they knew
the city fairly elI but who have got
ten nut of the beaten path will need I
a gul 101 fho them around
t 1
s e
11 thInk that Salt Lake is growing
16000 a year In population Progress
Is I bound to stamp Its impress on every
thing in the future Every dollar laid
lown here by the intelligent investor
In real estate will come back twofold
Ve should advertise Salt Lake wide
Iy and intelligently We have a great
city here and we should tell outsidE I
people about It If OOOO was spent
in telling the truth about the present
conditions here and the startling rea
sons for future rapid growth m1liona
in money would seek thIs cIty for in
Finds Them in Bad Shape
Election Expenses Come I
Within Allowance iI i I
In spite of the efforts of the contractor
like OConnor to finish the job even
after It has been accepted by the board
of public works and the efforts of others
to keep the matter quiet the Intercepting
sewer talk will not down Last night it
came out again when Councilman Oliver
Hodgson asked City Engineer George 0
Chancy just what condition the sewer is
in Ilr Chaney admitted that permits
were not being Issued to connect with the
sewer but said this would be remedied
at once so that the job would be complete
Councilman L E Hall Introduced a roe
Iutilm calling upon the city engineer to
dig down to the intercepting Hewer near
South Temple strEet and ascertain just
what Is the trouble The cleaner made
by the city refuses to go through and Is
of little use for the cleaning Mr Chaney
said the concrete lining near South Tem
pie street was raggEd through the slipping
ping of the mould and that the cleaner
could not be used for this purpose The
resolution went to the city engineer for
an estimate of cost
The election expenses now In were
passed and are as follow Judges 861
polling places 483 miscellaneous tx
penHeS 100175 special police 91 mak
log a total of 3M873 To this was added
Th for R M Johnson chief janitor In the
city and count building for extra work
In taking care of the machines Other
expenses will come within the allowance I
of 37100 made by the council
Littles Bond Approved
The bond of A H Little of 500 to
protect the city against hnysul for ex
cavating under the sidewalk at 211 WTest
Second South street was approved
The Redman Van Storage company
will have to remove the scales at Third
Vest and Second South streets as they
are in the way of a water main exten
sion and also with the asphalt paving of
Third West street
Frank Mathews land and water com
missioner was given JOO to clean Par
leys canyon creek between the reservoir
and the forks at Mountain Dell
Appointments of special police officers
to serve without pay by Chief S M Bar
low were approved by the council as fol
lows John Quinlan and rank Bridge
for the rtah Hotel building K C Hair
for the XewhoulE and Boston buildings I
C F Biter for the Salt Lake Engineer
lug works The commission of Waiter
Royal as special officer for the Denver
Rio Grande was revoked
Several appointments were made by Fire
Chief Glore to fill vacancies In the de
partment and jii went to the police and
fir commltlee They are G G alkner
S J Powell H E Jones J A Rafferty
E D Anthony Charles Martin and Jack
GrImm as firemen Joe r Bowen lieu
tenant Peter J Gallager and A II
FIkensteln as engineers
Health Commissioner M H Stewart told
the council he had forgotten to ask for
the appointment of two sanitary commls
slonors after their terms had expired on
Ot 11 and 17 and was given authority to
continue them on the health department
payroll for 00 days more at least at t5
per day
Big Fire in North Salt Lake Which
at Last Accounts Had Not Been
Fire broke out at the plant of the Salt I
Lake Oil comPAny locattd In North Salt
Lake about midnight last night Seven
tanks of paraffine oil containing 100 bar
rels each were consumed In a short space
of time and at a late hour the work of
destruction was not yet completed The
fire was first discovered in the still and
two tanks exploded very shortly there
after IV O Spoor of Plttsburg esti
mated the loss at 2 a m at 500 and at
that time it was expected the ice plant
and paraffine wax plant would probably
be destroyed before the flames were sub
The superintendent and manager of the
concern Is J C Howard of Plttsburg and
vlil Knight and John Murdoch of Provo
are among the local people Interested
fhe city treasurer Is having plenty of
trouble these days from the resident of
the western and southwtstern parts of the I
city who refuse to pay Interest on the
sewer extensions which have done them 1
ro good Treasurer Gideon Snyder sent a I
letter to the council last night stating
that residents in sewer extensions 172
182 and 156 had refused to pay interest
and asked wnat he should do about the
matter The matter was referred to the
municipal laws committee and the city
attorney to give a relJOrt
Property owners have been waiting for
connections with the sewer for two years
now and paid the Interest last year wIth
out a murmur and the sewer 18 not ready
JOSEPH PYLE of Butte Meat geologist
In the employ of Senator Clark Is in
Salt Lake on business He will leave
for Los Angeles some time today
SUIT WAS FILED in the district court
yesterday by the Utah Association of
Credit Men against the m Copper olln
ing company and J T Hammond for
4n92 and Wl63I on notes given the
Fairbanks Morse Co on May 18 1908
and assigned to the credit association
pie Bnai Israel auxiliary society will
be held today at 230 oclock at the I
B n room
H E SMITH yesterday brought suit in
the dilltrict court against A N Parsons
for 91900 on a due bill given James
K Shaw on Oct 5 1107 for t8Iii and
secured by 411000 shares of stock in the
IowaUtah Mining and Milling company
which Smith wants sold to I1ftY the not
III came Into possession of it on Nov
5 last
JUDGE C W MORSE of the ThIrd dis
trict court wall in Tooele yesterday hold
ing court
senior underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis at the L D S hospitiI Mon
day and late last night was reported 1
to be recovering rapidly I
stopped in Salt Lake yesterday and paid
a flying visit to Mayor John S Brans
ford chiefly to congratulate him on his
recent victor Mayor Rose is on his
way back to Milwaukee from Seattle
and other coast cities where he has
been on a lecture tour
JOHN BOYD the well known mining
man entertained a party of hIs friends I
with a banquet at the Knutsford hotel
last night There were musIc toasts and
an excellent menu and the host and
guests enjoyed themselves hugely
JOHN JAMES Is tw In Tooele on insur
ance busines expecting to he away
from Salt Lake until the last of next
AT THE MEETING of the board of
county commissioners yesterday The
HErnldRfpubllcan received the contract
for the printing of the delinquent tax
list with a bid of 26 cents a name and
description The commissioners ap
pointed ollss Dora M Iverson liS a
stenographer in the county clerks of
fice where she has been working tem
Intrlly for som time Miss Vera
hedge was appoInted copyist in the
same office
Western Pacific Men Will Arrive in
Salt Lake Wednesday and
Name Officers
The first traIn traveling all the way
from San Francisco to Salt Lake over
the Western Pacific railroad wlll arrive
here Wednesday This train Is carry
ing Charles H Schlacks and H E
Levy and they are proceeding leisurely
Yesterday T E Wyche left Salt Lake
to meet the officials He expects to
find them at Elko tomorrow
Rio Grande and Western Pacific of
fIcials are anxiously awaiting the ar
rival of Mossrs Scblacks and Levy be
cause It Is expected that all the ar
rangements to put in operation the
great railroad from Salt Lake to San
I Francisco will be made during their
stay here That means the appointment
of at least one division superintendent
varIous traIn dIspatchers and assistants
of many kinds
It il pretty wen settled that T A
WadleIgh will be general passenger
agent although he may not assume his
duties on Jan 1 nor until the YOlutle
of passenger traffic becomes too gnat
tlJ be nandled by the Denver Rio
Grandes uptown office
One of the most Important results ot
th completion of the Western Pacific
in addition to affording a thorough
tram service from Chicago to San
Francisco via Salt Lake Is that the
Denver Rio Grande will have time
and money to spend on Its own line
The officials are preparing make
tremendous improvements The expen
ditures will be 6000000 but there is
20WOOOO available for Improvements
which means that the stockholders have
decided to make a double track between
Denver and Salt Lake In addition to
the double track there will be a cutoff
avoIding the roundabout journey via
Pueblo This will be for Denver busi
ness because from Salt Lake to Chi
cago Pueblo Is not much out of the
way Ie the traveler does not care to
go to Denver
AnteMortem Accusation of Murdered
Greek Related by Witnesses
for State
Three more Greek witnesses were ex
amined by the state yesterday In the I
trial of John Kothlaftls for the murder I
of Peter Getls at Blnllam 00 Dee zs
1908 BlckeringB between interpreters de
layed the trial and the case will prob
ably continue all of next week at least
The state has nearly a dozen more wit
neeses and the defense has fully as
many all foreigners
John Panouilis was the wilne again
yesterday Panousls was one of the four
Greeks who lived In the cabin with Peter
Getis He told of the dying statement of
GeUs that KothiaftlR murdered him
Samuel A King attorney for KothiaftlB
objected to admitting this testimony
George Hondropolus and Nick George
opolus were the other two witnesses for
the state both telling practically the same
story as Panous111 and John Getis brother
of tile slain man
Salt Lake Los Angeles Railroad to
Be Electrified
That the Salt Lake Los Angeles Rail
way company Intend electrifying the line
to Saltalr during the summer of 1910 was
indicated yesterday when officers of the
company asked the board of county com
misstoners for a franchise over the pres
ent line for an electric road Some time
ago a similar request was made of thE
city to electrify the line within the city
The Saltalr officials have given out the
statement that the line to the great resort
Ort will be electrified during 1910 and
the work may start IOOOn after the first
of the year The commissioners deferred
action upon the petition for a few weeks
and will take it up latEr with officials
of the company u v
Juvenile Offender Admits He Took
Clothing for Winter
All that Alfred Peterson a crippled boy
of Bingham Junction wanted when he
broke Into the store of the Boston Consolidated
Olidated company a night or two ago
Im1 stole a complete winter outfit of
clothing was to be sure that he would
not be caught unprepared b the cold
This was the story told by the boy at
the county jail last night when he con
fessed to thE burglary and told Deputy
Sheriff Burt Siegel where he had hidden
the clothing
Peterson was arrested yesterday Ht
quickly confessed He Is being held in
the county jail
Building permits aggregating 80 were
Issued by Building Inspector A B Hirth
yesterday as follows
J C Carter 918 South Fifth FASt street
sixroom brick dwelling 3500
v E Nowell addItion to frame dwell
Ing 255 Logan avenue 300
J E rJtltt 821 Green street double
brick dwelling 3000
Thomas Ferguson 143 Pierpont street
additIon 500
George Vllliams 133 West Fourth Juth
street barn 200
F W lcIlrath 917 South First West
street on story frame dwelling GOO
Manager A A Tremp Offers Miss
Dimples a Good Position at Big
Food Show
A A Tromp the manager for the
Retail Merchants association Greater
Salt Lake food and Industrial expotli
tion was 80 Impressed with the manner
In which Dolly Dimples demonstrated
and served tea at the Utah Gas 01 Coke
compans place yesterdaY afternoon
that he forthwith Insisted that she re
main here for the big food show and
offered her the position of head demon
strator to be In charge of more than 100
young women who will serve the public
at the exposition which opens at the
Auditorium on Nov 33
I consider Miss Dimples the best
demonstrator that I have ever had the
pleasure of meeting were his words
to Manager Clark of the gu company
and O H Hewlett the tea man r
must have her at the food show
But MIss Dimples has some very im
portant engagements awaiting her and
she may not be able to take advantage
of the very tempting proposition Man
ager Tromp offered her
The Greater SAlt Lake food and In
dustrial exposition is to be the best
ever Sixtyseven local and eastern
food manufacturErs and many Indus
trial concerns will be represented I
For two weeD each afternoon and 1
night this grand affair is to be open to
the general public Excursions are be
ing arranged from all nearby towns to
the exposition Thousands of samples
rre to be given to those attending No
person is supposed to have the capacity
to be able to partake of even a tiny I
taste of all the free foods that win be I
forced upon them as there will be so
many Those that are hungry or Jean
should not forget Ih food show
tate 18 to be divided equally between
the five children Eva M Gage BIng
hamton N Y Charles W Hills Salt
Lake Hiram F hills Maude E Inf
fat and Lewis A Hills all of Granville
The will of Emma J Weston who died
here on Sept IS last was filed for pro
bate in the district court yesterday and
William H Weston the husband ap
plied for letters of adminfltratlln The
estate is valued at 5000 in real estate
and 1000 personal property Th hus
band Is I named as the snip beneficiary
during hs lifetime after which the es
Eugene Blair Says American Party
Politician Induced Him to Go
to the Polls
Eugene Blair Robert Moore and Ed
ward Behl three youth will be caned
upon to plead to charges or second de
gree burglAry before Judge J Y Bow
man today and incidentally Blair will
be called upon to explain why he voted
at the municIpal election last Tuesday
Yesterday morning BlAin stated under
oath that be was hut 19 years old and
this statement was borne out by hie
parents who were present at the pre
liminary hearing given the three youth
tul suspects
The boys are charged with breaking
into the baggage room at the Oregon
Short Line depot last Wednesday night
and taking a trunk and several sut
cases It is alleged that these wen
burned after they had been rifled n f
their contents
The prisoners were placed under 201
bail each by Judge Bowman and rp
mended to the county jail Bonds were
secured for Blair and Moore but Blair
was not released yesterday
l is intimated by Blair that he WI1
Induced to vote by a prominent p Ij
Udall of the American party An 11
vestgaton will be made of Blair s

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