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I The Lake Herald
InterMountain Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY NOV 10 1909 Price t 5 Cents Vol 151 No 66
VoL 15 No 9O
Proposition Is to Issue Bonds
in Sum of Half Million to
Build the New High School
Which Is Badly Needed
Part of the Money Will Be
Used to Erect Another Build
ing and to Equip Present
Building as a Trades School
Property owners of Salt Lake who
can show a tax receipt for 1909 will
vote for or against the 500000 bond
issue for a new high school on Jan
8 1910
This day Saturday was set by the
city board of education last night
and at another meeting to be held
soon the polling places in the five
municipal wards will be named
So far as possible school buildings
will be used for the polling places
as this can be done without inter
mpting school work I
The polls will be kept open from 7
oclock in the morning until 7 in the
evening I
Ra1Izing the need for a new high school
fll the greater Salt Lake the board voted I
t n nl man for the report of the com
ITULtfP on school laws naming T1111 8 as
t 1 date for the election and placing the
IJ 1101mt at half a million dollars for the
7IIr hase of ground the high school bulld
ng arid nccelll5l1rr apparatus IRthonlbah
nom > sugeeted that the bond ieue be
mIdI for iu1OOO because of the need In
tll rar futulf for more grammar gade
I Lno1 It was believed by Ute 1X4Vd
I 1WPPt that it wa better to watt until
I f ulditlonal money is 9egl fur the
b fhtIl11l 9tor
1l had bPt11 ort lnal1 hjtOfi to hold
I r tlfdl11l on Dee 15 but this would
t l P ifllUdet taxpayers of 1fIOI and not
t prlseftt year The beard took the po
tlln that II WlI fllJtr 10 tM property
H l1frs of tll dty to hold the eleclon oft
1tll after th first of the year 110 that
t I ier r l 19 I will have an opportun
I t > ast their vote for or against the
1 n1 jStH
prjflo1d bY the board the bondll
V 11 Iar 4 IWr cent Interest payable
7101 Iul1t1lllY and will run for twenty
r I TI bonds will be In denomlna
r r 1 otii eac11 In addition to pur
lIlg P it for a nw high school
ltiilt t with apparatus anll furnish
t 11 nitre II 1art of tht money will b4
T 1 fr < 1 ne more hlllltlins for
t pi w l skis high chool
t tit FlIt tinlt the high h school on
t 4 1 j i In frrro lll I and the
1 t t Ia f 1 It fr 1II0r than a year that
t IT te 1buld have to bl put up to the
t o1 t no f i he building tlf a new high
I wi II I ould be a redit to the
Th 1 < f > is to build on hf the
f t > i il till west in the Jst
I Ihlo I t nil the Iit iidc It ill
11 Iht 1 Illily a 111lsttnn of a few
T who 11 inctber high ehool building
jJ I hflVE h 1 HstructNl in th south
tfT1J 1 tyt flf the city nwmg to the
1 ti 01 hat ti > n of ialt Lake
1 ob nf thc board is not to die
Jr itle 11 c t sici sthotl but to make
It I trad twol and c01u1ud thE regu
I 1ih c hl HlrSt In the east sid
i n1 fiji thkli the bonds will be Issued
Jt I II II ii j om the r rds at hand
f tj e nt hugh sd1lll wil1 tint be
S n I 1 fr t trades hOl and that i
tud I 1 I ll1not nnW attl the
I h i tft dUSt nf th lack of room
w 1IHI11 > Itt 1 h 1 eiitr th hoo1 The
f 1 wil 1 p true of the npw school it Is
tod n dIl a thieve art sPverdl hun
t2H pupils l4iitg fAdlrd to
t r 1ls h tar both schools will be
v 11 1i1le 0 nn as thy i i opened
N i 1 111 111 at least one more
Lug ii I itl at the present high
l I II IT lit t the Idea of convert
I I t In t nul s school and part ot
t IId if iJassed will he used
f this To s
T hi I I > 11 intended to hold tho
1 I Ie i ummer hut the 115
iD t l r i tie capitol election
t 1 I r tHlWi for a time But UK
need for a IIIW high school and
t I ljt grwth of the city It Is believed
ii e I tn < UII11 or the bond dee
t I all iiiipretdtiite4 ntl
t t
i v r L
Mrs Allen F Read
Denver Nov 9fhe trial of Mrs AilE
F Read who a year ago today It IS
charged attempted to extort 100000 from
Mrs Genevieve Chandler Phipps by
threatening her with dynamite began be
fore Judge John Yo Sheafor today Mrs
Phipps was In the coutt room und paid
close attention to the preliminary work
ot securing a jury The court room was
crowdea some time before the case Wab
called many persons prominent in SOCIe
ty being prEsont Irs Reads defense It
is understood will bt Insanity
Strange Case of Robert Simpson
Who Did Not Respond to
+ + + 4 + 4 + + + + 44f + t + 4 + + + 4t +
4 SomervIlle N T Nov 9iIhila +
Arthur Everton 8plfRtyld pro +
+ fe8tor fWd traviIn puoUat
t IIObbotd fa lahi volt throe 1m mOO tan
4 leat melt Wftnalotl a weird perform
+ anee in the morgue or the Sornr +
4 vile hospital late this afternoon +
4 There William E Davenport secre +
+ tary or the mayor of Newark and +
fa student at hypnoUBm vainly tried +
+ to bring back signs ot life in the +
4 rigid body of Robert Simpson a for 4
+ 1 mfr street car conductor ot New +
+ ark who apparently died last night +
4 after having been put Into a hypnotic 4
4 trance by Everton before a large +
4 audience at the Somervllle theatre +
H + + t + H + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
DavEnport failed Simpson was declared
Officially dead and an autopsy was held
It was at the piteous insistence of Ev
erton while In jail after his Ineffectual
attempts tu revive Simpson thqt Daven
port a friend of Eerton came Into the
case today Notwithstanding the declar
ations uf phYlliclQns that Simpson was
dead Everton pleaded that Davenport be
allowed to revive him
Simpsonl body covered with a black
cloth lay In the morgue at the hospital i
JHIon Davenport arrived lIe came in
siLntly and In the presence of three phy
aIrlan began his attempt to revive the
man First he felt the bOdy to detect any
possible hart beat Failing In this M
plaoed his ear on the victims clwst Then
using the power of suggestion ne spoke
In the dead mans ear Bob lie said
Bob your heart acllonyour heart ac
tionyour heart action Is beginning It
Is beginning
Slowly and dramatically Davenport re
peated this In the ear Then changing
his tone of voice i to an Imperious corn
mend he cried sharply Bob Bob can t
you hear U1P Your heart Is beginning
to beat Your heart Is beglnnlngto beat
Again add again he repeated this a58ur
alice to the Inanimate form but not a
muscle of the body stirred
Again Davenport changed his methods
Leaning over Simpsons right ear he
spoke cqnfidentiallY Oh I ay fbi he
said In a quiet conversational tone look
3 our heLrt is be1nnin to cat IJe re
peated this tim after lime but without
DIsheartened Davenport turned to go
but Dr Long caned him back
WhR 18 your oplniQnl he sled
J did not come to fOrm an opinion he
said But We Insist said the county phy
slrlanVtlI repliEd Davenport after a
nalll h1 deed
Two Filipino Sailors Picked Up
but tIle Rest of the Crew
Were Lost
Ntw York Nov 9Be1ated news of a disaster at sea in which at
least six lives were lost was brought to New York today Six members
of the crew of the barkentine John S Bennett bound from New York
to Halifax with a cargo of coal were drowned early Monday morning
when the vessel was sunk in a collision off Block Island with a four
masted schooner supposed to be the Merrill C Hart of Thomaston Me
The schooner also Is believed to have
been lost with all her crew How many
she carried Is not Imown here
Wreckage bearing the name ot the
Merrill C Hart fio < ted ashore today
11dlrating that the Maine schooner
played the second part In the accident
The BEnnett W09 owned by A W Hen
dry Son of Liverpool N S
Ileagre details of the disaster were
brought hero today by Captain Bullock
ot the schooner Viii lam Tones which
picked up two Filipino Sailors ot the
Bennett thQ crdw ot which numbered
In all seven men
Captain Bullock saId that at 1 oclock
Monday morning as he was passing
Block Island he made out the lights of
a vessel tile captain of which hailed
him and asked for assistance saying
that his barkentlne had been In n
and was sinking
Bullocklmmedlately came about and
made ready for the rescue but before a
small boat could be put over the bar
ken tine had vanished hndblts of wreck
age was all thai could be seen Nearby
however searchers In a small boat
came hcross the Filipinos clinging to 11
dory and picked them up
Aldrich Attends Dinner Given
by Clearing House Associa
tion and Then Makes Speech
Upon the Currency Question
Nevertheless the Rhode Iland
Statesman Tells Audience of
the Experience of the Mone
tary Commission in Europe
Kansas City Nov 9Relterating his
declaration that neither he nor the
monetary commission of which he Is
head had any pet scheme of financial
reform Senator Aldrich tonight In this
city dwelt at some length upon some
of the advantages ol the European
tanking systems over the system In
the United States He spoke after a
dinner given by th Clearing House
association at the Baltimore hotel
Senator William Warner of MIssourI
I introduced the Rhode Island senator
Mr Aldrich found In the reserve sys
tm the most striking characterlstl
of European banks he said He said
that central banks of England France
and Germanythe Bank of England
and the Bank ot France and the
Relehbanlthold all the resources ot
all the banks of theIr respective coun
tries He pointed out that there Is no
legal requirement making It necessary
for foreign banks to keep In their
vaults so large a percentage of depos
its us 18 necessary In the United States
and said that the subordinate banks
regard money In the ceneral Institu
tion just a8 available for their reserve
purposes as If It were In their own
Reserve In Foreign Banks
He added that foreign banks do not
hold as till money a sum greater
than i or 4 per cent of their liabili
ties while In the United State the
average is 10 per cent The London
banks however have either In their
uwn vaults or In the Bank of Eng
land 14 or Hi per cent of their de
posits In addition these banks loan
large sums to discount houses subject
to call on short notice which they re
gard as another source of reserve
Another item of tlll greater impor
tance he said Is commercial paper
hold by secondary banks This paper
Is receivable at the Bank of England
and It Is considered by bankers far
the most important portion ot their
What Is true in Entl Id1s largely
true in Punc amI qnrmany In this
way the banks a1ftnss a credlt at the
central bank which is In Itself a reserve
serve and they titus are enabled to
loan from four to ten times the
amount that they could loan under oth
er conditions
European Laws
Mr AldrIch dwelt upon the fact that
European laws make no requirement
either as to the amount of reserve
or their publicity The percentage Is
left to the wisdom of bankers He
said that the Credit Lyonnalse the
greatest private banking institution In
the world kept practically no money
In its vaults depending entirely upon
the Bank of France In case of large
demands upon It But on the oUter
hand reserves of the central bank
amount to about 75 per cent of Its lia
bilities not only rendering It excep
tionally strong but malting It a bul
wark for other French banks
Asking lltnself how the great central
banks protected themselves in times of
stress Mr Aldrich replied
They advance discount rates as they i
did the other day For what To at
tract gold from other countries which
has the effect ot building up their re
serves This process Is always success
ful In 1007 the Bank of England ad
vanced the rate to 7 i per cent and that
step brought gold from tWentto coun
tries I asked Mr Campbell then gov
ernor of the bank what he would have
done If he had not secured the gold He
replied Ve would have put the rate up
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Secretary of Union Pacific Railroad
Company Pays Tribute to His
t PlaInfield N J Nov IThe late Ed
ward II Harriman Vas never known to
wear and was Intense and fervent in hlll
religious beliefs according to Alexander
tlllar secretary of the Union Pacific
Railway company and for twenty years
prlvate secretary to Mr Harriman in an
address tonight before the Iens club of
the Congregational church
In his long acquaintance with Mr lIard
man said Ifr lIllar he had never heard
the railway magnate use any but the
most chaste language and rarely If ever I
was he llltemperEd toward anyone The
nearest Mr Harriman ever came to harsh
criticism of anyone Mr Millar added was
in the famous controersy with Theodore
Roosevelt In lOL
Mr Harrimans last Illness he said was
only an ordinary stomach trouble aggra
vated bv overwork IDs nervous break
down was largely due to the strain he
underwent In aiding San Francisco after
the earthquake and fire
No one In this part or the country Mr
Iilllur declared could ever realize what
Mr Harriman did for the stricken city
ii T
w L
Ii 1
i I
g k
iA fj
King Menelik of Abyssinia
London Nov 9Rumors concerning the condition ot King Menellk of Abys
sinia continue In circulation There also are reports of a revolutionary uprising
In the empire Today it was reported a battle had been fought between govern
ment troops and rebels In which 3000 men were killed
l11ese stories cannot be confirmed and are viewed wIth skepticism here Recent
advlc to tile italian government from Addis Abeba the capital of Abyssinia
said that King lIenellks health continued to Improve and that affairs of the cap
Ital were resumIng a normal character
Salt Lake Relatives of Emma Rog
ers Ask Los Angeles Police
to Probe Shooting
The fact that Emma Rogers the young Salt Lake woman who lies at
her uncles home in Los Angeles with two bullet wounds in her breast
always carried a belt containing 450 in gold to provide against an emer
gency may shed an entirely new light on the story of attempted suicide
given in explanation of the shooting Monday night
A II Rogers father of the young
woman and F 11 DMr a brotherInla
who live t wri SWIt 6econSopth I
street Salt Iak lib not believe that tle
woman did the shooting and they have
wired the chief of police at Los Angela
to make a rigid Investigation and try If I
possible to find the belt the young Woman
was known to have worn about her body
A telegram from the womans uncle
received by F M Baer yesterday after
noon started R new line of Inquiry on the
part of relatives here The message stat
ed that the young woman was In a critical
condition and without funds F M Baer
said last night that this phase of the cast
had caused the first suspicion that the
young woman had not attempted her own
life To those who know the woman It ap
pears improbable said Mr Baer last
night She was of a frugal disposition
and had carried the belt of gold for seV
eral years It contained 4ZO and Emma
aiways said that she would not touch It
unless something happenerl to her among
strangErs Another feature of the cat
that looks suspicious Is that two shots
were fired Into the womans breast and
that the shooting took place In a crowded
business building
Emma was always of R retiring dis
position and a building ofthat kind would
have been the last place she would have
selected had she any thought ol shooting
herself Her father and myself believe
that there has been foul play somewhere
and we have wired the chIef of police at
LOB Angeles to make a search for the
belt of money which we are positive
should have been about her body
A JL Rogers the lather said last night
that he would go to Los Angeles and
make an investigation It Is his belief
that an attempt at murder Is the correct
explanation of the shooting In the mean
time arrangements have been made to
Jend funds for the care of the young
Result of Failure of Union National
at Oakland Cal
San Francisco Nov 9As the result
of the failure of the Union National bank
of Oakland Thomas Prather who was
presidnt of the bank and former Con
gressman Warren B English who Vas
a director In the Institution surrendered
themselves to the United States marshal
today when they learned that he held
warrants against them on Indictments
drawn by the federal grand jury charging
thEm with misapplying the funds of the
bank The Indictments were returned se
cretly several days ago but no attempt
was made to serve the warrants until
today When the two men appeared at
the office of United States Marshal EI
uou they were provided with bondsmen
Who put up 5000 for the release of each
of the bankers
London Nov 9Klng Edward today
celebrated his slxtelghth birthday at
Sandrlngham palace surrounded by most
of the members of his family and a few
intimate friends Telegrams of congratu
lation were received by his majesty from
aU parts of the world His health Is con
sldrably improved
Others of Party Who Went Auto Rid
ing in Chicago Remain in
the River
Chicago Nov 9oallure of Max Cohen
a cigar dealer and his sweetheart Miss
Beatrice Shapiro to appear at their
homes or to communicate with relatives
up to a late hour tonight led the au
thorities to conclude that their bodies are
In the Chicago river and that they lost
theIr lies when the automobile driven
by Ernest Camp a chauffeur plunged
Into the river at Jackson boulevard last
Sunday night
Camps body was recovered from the
river today and positively identified by
his brother Morgan Camp a chauffeur
for Louis Swift
Hopes of relatives that the missing man
and woman had eloped were dimmed
when no word was had from them after
news of their disappearance had been
widely circulated Dragging of the river
for the bodies will be resumed tomor
Shreds of purple cloth similar in color
of a gown worn by Miss Shapiro last
Sunday were caught on grappling hooks
of the searchers today
Omaha Girl Disputes tIle Testimony
of Some of the Other
Omaha Nov 9Frank Grlgware and
Lawrence F Golden two of the men on
trial here on the charge of robbing the
Union Pacific Overland Limited at Mud
Cut last May testified today Both ad
mitted their presence In Omaha on the
night of the holdup but denied any
knowledge of the robbery
Golden said he changed his name so
that In case ot his arrest the matter
might be kept from his family
At the afternoon session Miss Anna Olk
a dish washer In R restaurant on Capitol
avenue testified that she saw Golden in
the restaurant between 6 and 7 oclock
the evening of the robbery The other
witnesses asserted that Golden was In
Fremont that evening
Robert E Splain of Spokane Identified
the revolver found In Mathews room
when he was arrested at BuM Ida as
his property lie declared that he let
Mathews have the gun In June or this
year when the latter left Spokane for
Duhl Splain was In Buhl when Mathews
was arrested and was himself taken Into
custody but released
Attorney IcFarland announced that
Woods and forgenson wottid testify to
morrow and It was state that the de
lense would probably finiSh by tomor
row night
Under the white glare of two powerful arc lamps which Illuminate both the Interior and exterior of the Schramm
Johnson drug store No 2 at Fifth South and lain streets and In plain view of persons passing on the sidewalk the
man who has come to be recognized as the most gentlemanly holdup ever operating In Salt Lake held three emploCs of
the store at the point of a gun partially concealed by his coat and rifled the cash register of bout JoJQ The robbery
took place at exactly 10 oclock last night and fully a score of persons passed the drug store without realizing that the
three clerks In the place were being forced to smIle and look pleasant by the selfpossessed little man who was apparently
making a purchase at the prescrlptlm counter
From the descrIption given by N A Porter the prescription clerk In charge of the store the robber Is the same man
who robbed the Hazel drug store at Eighth South and Second Vest streets early last Saturday nIght He wore no mask
and made no attempt to conceal his Identity smiling pleilsantly as he ordered Mr Porter the young man at the soda
fountaIn and the delIvery boy to make no move cneerfull fiompnnylng thIs order with the display of a gun held eady
for Instant use The man then cirpUed the clljh register Into his pockets and In hess than a mlnut s time had joliied
another man who had meanwhile stood glIlrd at the door
The three men In the drug 1tQrO say they could positively Identify the man He was dressed tn the clothes of an
ordinary laborer but Mr Porter says hat his face and nands bore evidences of refinement and this was also expressd
in his manner Qfaddresslng the lerks It was thought he meant to make 11 purchase when he first stepped to tha pre
scrlptioH counter
The man paid no attention to the crsh register at the soon fountain anti did not seem willing to risk a1onger stay
In he lllale The amount taken represented the days receipts The method of operation was precisely the same as was
used at the Hazel drug store und similar to robberies In two or three cafes of the city recently
The coolness and daring of the man In Working without a mask Is Ullpaltlelerl In the police history of the city t nd
shi1e no definite clue has been obtained the police are confident that the thet is riding to a faiL
Former Agent Glavis Makes
Series of Charges Which
Are Vigorous Denied
The controversy over the Alaska coal lands has broken out once more
L R Glavis formerly in the field service of the general land office has
furnished an article for Colliers Weekly in which Secretary Ballinger
Commissioner Dennett Assistant Secretary Frank Fierce and others are
accus d dLaidihg and a betting theptatj9i pf frauds
Secretary Ballinger denounces the article as a tissue of falsehoods and
is backed up in his assertions by Commissioner Dennett exGovernor
Moore of Washington H C Henry and others conversant with the facts
in the case
Glaves Poses as the Champion
of the Law in Alaska
Coal Cases
Mr GlavIs In his article In Colliers
Weekly makes the following assertions
From 1J02 to 1900 I was In the field r
Ice of the general land office for the last
two and a halt years as chief of field
division In September 1909 1 was sum
marily removed from my position without
a formal hearing by Richard A Ballinger
secretary of the Interior by authoriza
tion oCthe President of the United States
That removal was accompanied by the
publication of II letter of the President
to Mr Ballinger I bell eve that my rE
moval waN unfair because In It the Pres
Ident gives weight to II charge against
me which I never had the opportunity to
see er answer The President states in
his letter that I wIthheld from him infor
mation favorable to my superiors I do
nol know of any such Information with
held by me nor am I conscious of doing
my superiors Injustice Nevertheless 1
should not now make any public state
ment ol the mater I were It not still pos
sible to eave for the government many
thousands of acres of coal lands which I
believe the land office may In the near
future grant to fraudulent claimants
The hope that my statement will help
to arouse public sentiment and that this
danger to the national resources may be
averted Is what actuates me This state
ment will simply gIve facts and leave to i
the Judgment of those who read whether
or not the land office has beeR 3msIous
lLh Plie srlce re facts arwLmses
Future Coal Supply
The coal lands ot Alaska owned by the
government amount to over 100100 acres
They are the future coal supply of the
nation of almost Inestimable value Pm
sesOn of them by private individuals
means great wealtha monopoly ot them
woucI be n national menace
On Nov 12 1906 President Roosevelt
withdrew all coal lands In Alaska from
public entry but previous to that time
there wee about 900 claims filed covering
about 100000 acres nearly the whole of
the coal fields The law attempt to pre
vent monopoly of such claims by limiting
the amount of each claim and providing
that each claimant must take up the land
In his own InterEst and for his own use
This law has been Interpreted by the su
preme court of the United States to for
bid speculating In coal lands before n
tryelther by dummy entlIJ1en or by
previous agreEments to consolidate claims
after entry Of these 000 claims to Alaska
coal landsamong them the secalled
Cunningham groupthe maJority are
Charges of Glavis
As to the action of the land office on
thEse claims I assert that the land or
flee ordered the Cunningham claims to
patent without due investigation when
Commissioner Ballinger knew they WEre
under suspicion that while In office Com
missioner Ballinger urged congress to
pass a law which would validate fraud i
llent Alaska claims that shortly after
resigning from office he became attorney
for the Cunningham group and other
Alaska claims that soon after he became
secretary of the Interior bi office ren
dered a dedslon which would have vali
dated all fraudulent Alaska claims A re
versal of that decision on every point was
obtained from Attorney General Wicker
sham Had It not been for Mr Wicker
shams decision every fraudulent Alas
ka claim would have gone to patent I
assert that In the spring of 1109 the land
office urged me to an early trial of these
easel before the investigation was fin
ished and when Secretary Ballinger as
the President stated knew that the Cun
ningham claims w8e invalid When l ap
pealed to Secretary Ballinger for post
ponement he referred me to his subor
dinates The department of agriculture
Intervened I was superseded In th
charge of the cases and the mati who
superseded me endorsed my recommends
tlons and the postponement was granted
Immediately thereafter I made my report
on the Cunningham cases to President
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Secretary Ballinger Willing to
Rest His Case Upon
Tafts Decision
Washington Nov aSecretry BalUn
ger of the department of the Interior to
day issued the following statement
My attention has been directed tQ U e
text of an article purporting to have be 1 t
wrltteu by Kr L R Glavis which in J
appear in Colliers Weekly and adan iJ
copies of which hap been furnished hi
that weekly to the press
The GlaYhl story is a tissue or fills
hOod and Inllinuatlons utterly uflir
ranted in view of the fats easily ob
tained by anybody who nts them
It is not s1JrpriBln that a pUblicatlJ1
which 0111 In pursUIt of this same pro
paganda nckleaaly undEr date of Oct 1
reprodup a ilw appparing In a faITHi
lar railroad folder of the Grand 11
canyon In olorado as a pjtur of ia
available power site whkh was in < i
ger of unlawful acquisition on the Stt
Platte river 20 mills away and RI ri
the cl1ntlnntal divide should be 111106
without the sllghtelll effort to aSCErta
the fats to give wing to a tory whl 1
had heretofore been submitted to so grl It
and just a man as the President of tt 1
United States who after a most anf 1
consideration thereof In which he 11011
before him the complete files of the gii
eral land office 8J1d of the secre tar f
the interior relating to cacti an1 ci I
one of the matters presented prOhOUf d
those charges without justification
rhe statement of 01v18 AINI geprl
iflt ° r lta veraty or juc
tmcauon In the Interval sInce JI4 presen
talon lo the President and in viep of fl J
camplt vindication by the Presidfom
myself and other offcers Qf the dElar
mtnt concerned I will make no funh J
statement at oresent
Commissioner Fred Dennett of the glTt
eral land office madE the follnwinll slat >
mlnt regarding the Glavis charges
The article III simply a repptltion nt
I e charges submitted to the ProI nt
nici the President after examining 1
the evidence and the official records haT
acterhlPd as shreds of suspidon and
disingenuous that be authonled Gla
It I is the same false coloring of iohiitt i
portions of the record and of a IUrlpI if
tranactlons which In their entirety
fute the inference Glavh wishes drav T1
from the portions published
Governor Moores Denial
Walla Walls Wash Nov 9Fxiov
ernor Miles C Moore one of the claim
ants to the socalled Cunningham group
of coal mine claims in Masks who 18 1T1
this city today made II stAtement In rpl
to the Glavls article in which he say
Part or Mr Glals communlcllli
containing i hat purports to be a stat
ment from me has on serious defect It
contains no truth
GI18 quote me AJI sayiiy Soretarv
Balllnger would have patrited the tiin
nlngham claim but for my protest 11
such statement was made by Ballingt
to me 01 mp to Glav1l On the coca ill
mentioned Glavlll said
Ye have been examining Mr 111
nlngham books To my query How
did you find thIngs hf replied Every
thing seems to be all rIght and I see ri
reason why O5 should not have your pat
eats I then asked How soon lIe sail
Within sixty days
This conversation occurred more the T1
a year after receiving final recpt anti
some ten months bEfore Glavi8 claims to
have been asking for further time for
investigation Tbeee entries had preil
OWily been clearly listed by reputable
special Cents alter careful Investlga
Statements False
Seattle Wash Nov 9DenyfnJ em
pllatlcally that any of the entries of coal
lands in Alaska made by the claimant IT1
the socalled Cunningham group WPT9
fraudulent or made with Intent to d
eelve the government H C Henry anti
C T Smith who are Interested In tl19
Continued on Page 2
Miss Annie Pelley of Cairo Illinois
Murdered and Outraged on
Her Way Home
Cairo DI Nov 9Evidences that Miss Annie Pelley a Cairo shop
girl fought through a terrific struggle before succumbing to brutal as
sailants last night were discovered today when the authorities were con
I fronted with the task of solving the mystery of her murder
Bitsof tom clothing strewed the al
leyway in wlch chlldrep found her
disfigured corpse these mute evidences
of the girls love for life and purity re
vealing that she fought against her
murderers for two blocks
That her fight was destined to be a
losing one was evidenced by the care
fully prepared gag and the heavy cloth
bands with which her cries for aid were
stifled and her strength overcome Miss
Pelley was a country girl of unusual
strength and the authorities are In
clined to believe that more than onl
person was Involved In the attack UrtOn
Four negroes a woman named Gre < n
and three men Will James Arthur Alex
ander and Will Thomas were arrested
tonight and are being held aa a result ot
bloodhound fOllowing a trail to Irs
Greens house
The first two dogs on the scent fii
lowed the trail to the negroes house On
a second trail they ended at the sam
place Three bloodhounds brought oVer
from Vlcklif Ky were put on the
scent later and wound up at the Green
cottage rind for six successive trials the
dogs went to the same place
Two more bloodhounds arrived here to
night and will hf placed n the scent
Mayor George Parson who offered a
rear or 12O 1 arly In the day increased
It to 1000 Iiter and h large fund is beo
mg subs nbd by tile dtizfons In addition
dnc indicates Muss Plley was at
tr kd ia front or hfr tme and dragged
nearly a block and a half to IIJ1 alley

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