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Honeymooner Believes Near
sighted Wife Followed Men
Resembling Himself
My wife has been abducted and she
may be In all kinds of trouble by this
time I Want you to find her and arrest
tl stranger who took her away from
n Xcltedly exclaimed a man who
ruhd into police headquarters a few
ITT1pnts after the arrival of the Over
Ind 1lmlted on the Oregon Short Line
tm Dpnv ysterday afternoon He
gat tilt nlUIlP of A J Johnson of Den
H and aL that his bride of two days
ll1ill lllhpr deserted him on their honey
lKm when tli train reached this city
01 Iing ncarshhted had mistaken an
r man tor her husband
Yu Hee It was like this John on ex
i 1 tlod to Lieutenant John Hempel we
lnt1 from Dnver yesterday on our
1IVI1100n ttif to Los Angeles Ve were
Tn rr1 Sunday afternoon When the
Ir z Ipft Ogden > this afternoon I stepped
111 thk smoking compartment Then I
T 1lrnld a ft w moments later a stranger
JS cMcUp mg the eat with my wife
II nd thinking I hE had found R friend I
d 11t r > tln1 to the smoking car
hii tli rain reached Salt Lake I
hrd 1 thrlIglt the car to find my wife
ba she had 1iallpeared 11y wife was
ntltl1lislltd and I believe she must
I 1 t mistaken some other man for mp
j fnl1owd him from the train I
ldnt find her anywhere In the crowd
t d I a patrolman tod me to report the
n < ter to thE police station
Mv wife ha never been Away from
h home before and I am afraid some
11 rn will come to her I dont believe
pr wpnt away willingly Perhaps
fi ntlwr roan thlnkll It Is a good joke
bl if I can find him there II be trouble
Police Seek Bride
Jhnsun was advteed by the lieutenant
ft wake Indrles at the hotels and left
tltion saying he would report if he
md his wlff He stated that his bride
V Miss IabPl Cronien ml Yelton
1et Dener and that prior to their
rrlage sl had been employed In the
1 phone exchange there Johnson is a
rter maliug a round of downtown
rrring houses and hotels last night and
nning tho register with the hope of
hllflmg sam due to his ml8ttlnl bride
j nsfl1 again appeared at the police sta
to invokt the aid of the police de
1 tnent
T utpnant Hempel instructed the night
I rqlmpn that somewhere in Salt LakE
TlU of tso das wa miMing and that
t I would probably find her with a mr
0 hat spmhling her husiid
h ISOIlS deic rptjon was taken together
that of Ins bride
IiiI bride 11 deprlbed AS being a blonde
j lWdIUJn npjght weighing about 125
T tnd has blue eyes and wears spec
t k l Mrs Johnson won a gray tray
d drP8S with oxford slippers to match
r 11 arried a small alligator skin hand
111 The frantic brIdegroom Insisted
1 I i a l dimple In the left cbeek enter into
1 I dpriptlon declaring that his bride
s distinctive from other women In this
H particular at least
JLnson left the police station declaring
t It tie would be unable to rest until his
b dc 1 was found
Former Dank Employe Says He Is
BeIng Made Scapegoat
I WTllor William Spry yesterday hon
e 1 1 th < requisition from Nevada for
Md11i G Fitzpatrick who was arrested
a week ago and is now out under a 1000
tit J Fitzpatrick Is charged with having
f bpzzltd 1000 from the Bank of PI
o f where be was cashier He is now
dlf of the Pacific Express company
r t ogtlpn Fitzpatrick has said he would
1 pn to Nevada when wanted He In
Sists his record while cashier Is beyond
1 He says he learned of several bad
ns made by officers of the bank and
tl 1 ttl8ld trouble
n H Smith sheriff is here to take
FItzpatrick back
A private safe may be rented In the
tin and burglar proof vault of the Salt
I Like Security 8 Trust Co 32 up Main
strct 200 per year and upwards
Do yU kodak W t finish and also Bell
the supplies IlIlt Lake Photo Supply
17 Main street
Ask for Information
Regarding our Secured Certi
ficates before you invest your
surplus funds There is no
investment obtainable which
affords greater security togeth
er with ilO satlsfactorya rate of
IncomeS per cent per annum
payable semiannually The
safety of these CertifIcates Is
assured by the guarantee of the
Salt Lake Security Trust
Company and also by First
Mortgages on real estate in Salt
Lake City thus being doubly
secured Our officers will take
pleasure in furnishing you with
any Information pertainIng
thereto which you mClY desire
Salt Lak
Security Trust
32 Up Main Strt
Capital 30000000
surplus 10000000
Walrus Pigskin Seal and I
Patent Leather
These are some of the va
rieties of leather in which
we show Ladies Hand
Bags Although they are
Mark Cross goods youll
find the prices not higher
than ordinary
SchrammJohnson Drugs
Four Stores Where the
Cars Slop
Mark qro5s Gloves for
men and women 75 cents
the hand
TribuneReporter Printing Co
Ge West Second South Phones il3
Theres nothing like sham In famed Wa
satch ham
Its rich and Its aU to the good
Theres lean round the bone and fat
round the lean
And Its packed too the way that it
Royal Stale Bread DepOt
Open 3 to i p m daily Entrance on
ThIrd South Good bread very cheap
A streak of fat a streak of lean
With lot of goodness in between
In fine leathers or duck also paper
51 W Second outh St
Plumes cleaned and curled College
lIl11lnerv Parlors 301 Tribune bldg
Ask Us About
Silver Creall1
Silver Polish
For a few days we are de
voting some time to the in
troduction of this polish
which we consider the equal
of any and superior to most
Does not mar nor injure
the silver but leaves it
clean and bright
Makes the work easy and
doesnt cost much
Jars 25c and 50c
j a
Here the Newest Thing in
Overcoats Its Great
4 r r1 I
4 t
4t 11 c4i 4 I I
4 fr I tcr
tilz iP i
fpii i
One Coat Two Collars Collars Interchangeable II
One of the dressiest coats of the year
Another big feature of our line this year Is the i
Duplex Convertible Collar Raincoat I
Iay be worn plain or military style These coats come In the best faahlona I
See them Youre sure to be pleased
Coats at k lH 20 to 10 I
245 SOl TII MtIN
Highest prlee paid for strictly fresh
Kodak FInishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co 177 MaIn St
McCoys livery carriage and light liv
ery Both phones 81
If Its a surface to be painted
enameled stained varnished or I
finished In any way theres an
Acme Quality
kind for the purpose
Culmer Paint Glass Co
New Store
Wear Waterproof
Walk Overs
And keep your feet dry
Ye have them made espe
cially for wet weather
Residents of Sixteenth Ward Plan
to Hold Pleasant Affair
r I will be an ohltlme ward reunion
IT flip Sixteenth ward amusement hall
T sday 1 evening at 7 oclock Commit
t ar now busily engaged completing
program which will be made up
f gly of musical numbers to be rln
j I 1Iv home talent There will also be
l pmptinJ assortment or refreshments
g rro from each ward block
l 1 < < the purpose of the committees to
k this one of the largest and most
s 1 iful ward reunions liPId In years
1 li invitation Is extended to all the
I wntll and the aged folks of the
8 tNnth ward to attend and participate
In the gathering
D R G Reorganizes Its Po
lice Department
Tp Denver Rio Grando railroad re
crtly reorganllltd Its corps of detectiVes
laus the high officials considered
n r sleuths were entirely too well
kwn The railroad Is now employing
I1f In Its dll > lon points who have a
reputation fr brat cry but no announce
JT > nt of suo 11 I employment 18 made except
tl ltf > selht few or allroad men
e rui W Shores ho left the Denver
Rid Grallk recently has become chief
dfttive fur the Glohp Express company
111 lpadlluartn in Denver and he will
e 110 a numbpr nf his subordinates with
w k on tb express omlmns business
It i e the btention of the Denver Rio
Granll to organize a force of manhunt
crs like thl shotgun brigade that forms
snlli dll aweinspiritig sight whenever big
slms are sent west from Cheyenne or east
from Rno It i is entirely likely that Bob
M Idrum the famous gun fighter will
become the hEad ot this shotgun brigade
as soon a8 he gets through klllin the
stok rustlers In northwestern Colorado
ad southern Wyoming
+ I WANTED InformatlonRegard +
t Ing whereabouts of Otto Johnson of +
+ tIll East Fourth South street who +
left home Wednesday October 13 +
+ and cant be found Phone wi4 Bell +
4 +
By the repeated Insertion of the +
+ above want ad In the columns of the +
Tribune the last Insertion being +
+ made yesterday the advcrtslng +
4 manager of that morning newspaper +
q has unwittingly been seeking the +
whereabouts of a man who has been +
4 burled for three weeks In his ef +
forts to pad out the want ad columns +
of thE Tribune the ad man has In +
+ this raae caused the family of lr +
+ Johnson considerable embarrassment +
through phone calls received inqulr +
I lag If Mr Johnson had been found +
4 The body of Otto Johnson was +
+ found In City Creek canyon about +
4 three weeks ago and the family was +
4 unaware that the d inserted almost +
4 ont month ago was BUll being run as
4 a live advertisement In the Trlb +
4une +
+ + ttt + ± + + + + t + + + + + + + + + + +
Realty Firm Purchases Prop
erty and Will Sell It to
Builders of Homes
At an expenditure ot thousands of dol
lars running WEll Into the five figures
the National Real Estate Investment
oompany has acquired title to 00 acres Qf
land comprising what is known as the
James estate In the southeastern part of
the city which Is now being platted into
a big subdivision
This subdivision will be known as Cler
mont named after the first steamboat to
ply the Hudson river It comprises sa
Iota with six north and south streets and
five east and west avenues The streets
will be known as Cummings Center
Blythe Wilford Woodruff and Seven
teenth East and the avenues as Hughes
Hudson Fulton Crandall and Atldns
The ground at the present time is occu
pied b the old James ranch house barns
hay stacks etc A view or the tract is
illustrative of the fact that the city Is
rapidly encroaching on what was an 1x
elusive farming district several years ago
With the farm was also purchased the
primary water right which guarantees
ample water at all times The owners of
the subdivIsion either Intend to trade the
water to thE city for city water In mains
or to construct their own waterworks sys
It is intEndEd to male the addition 3
place foI homes of moderate price The
building restriction will be 1500 It was
placed at this figure with a view to In
ducing the great middle class to secure
building sites Located almost within a
stone throw of the tract Is the plant of
the Salt Lake Pre > i8ed Brick company
which makes bricks for building purposes
easily obtainable
J H Kent of Montana Attracted to
Salt Lake by Building
Attracted by the unprecedented build
Ing activity In this city Architect J H
Kent until recently one of the best
known architects in Montana has moved
his family hero and has opened up an of
fice In the ewhottse building
News of the wonderful growth of Salt
Lake reached me at my home In Helena
said Mr Kent yester1ay and I finally
decided that It was the place for me
That decision however was only reached
after I had seriously considered other
western cities as likely places In which
to open offices
Mr Kent drew plans for the state cap
Itol at Helena a structure erected at a
cost of about 500010 The selection of
Mr Kent 88 architect of this building
proved a decided compliment to his abil
Ity as he was named out of a list of 167
bidders for the work Ills most recent
big work was that of drawing plans for
a big hotel for the Amalgamated Copper
company at Great Falls Mont
1000 1 OWN 9000000
Oregon Land Promoter Tells of
Riches of Lake County
w A Taylor assistant manager of
transportation for the Oregon Valley
Land company during tim recent land
opening at Lakevlew Lake county Ore
gon was a visitor In the city yesterday
Mr Taylor was greatly impressed with
the evidences of building activity on ev
ery hand
Mr Taylor related a number of Inter
esting facts concerning the Lakevlew
country The rECent assessment roll of
Lake county showed a total of t9000OOO
said he Yhen it III considered that this
valuation was placed on property owned
by 1000 persons the taxpaying popula
tion of the county it will be seen that
they are far from being paupers
The Lakevlew country Is about sixty
miles from the nearest railroad at the
present time though the Nevada Cali
fornia Ore On railroad Is headed that
Way Recently on Great Goose lake in
Lake county a WOOO steamboat has been
During the recent land opening l5OO
contracts were sold
Altruist With Hobby for Helping
Homeless Urges Pet Proj
ect Here
Trying to arouse both officials and pub
lic to the need of a free municipal lodg
Ing house Edwan A Brown has spent
the past three days In Salt Lake The
free municipal lodging house might aptly
be termed his hobby
Of Independent means he Is devoting his
time to It although he disdains the title
of philanthropist or even sociologist
In the pursuit of what Is now his life
work Mr Brown has vIsited every city
of Importance In the United States and
learned I1t first hand the woes of the
laboring man out of work and money In
the rough garb of a workman he seeks
the company of unfortunates and sleeps
with them whether It be In n box car
back of a saloon or even In jail for the
night until he has ascertained what he
wants to know Through his efforts Den
ver will have a temporary shelter home
during the winter which will be placed
by a new building next year
Mr Brown wishes to see a similar ac
tion taken In Salt Lake After investl4
gatlon of conditions here where the city
jail provides the only municipal shelter
for the man without money he called
upon Mayor Bransford Chief of Police
Barlow and other officials and will alllo
seek to Interest the various civic organ
izations and clubs
Somewhere In the classifIed columns of every Issue of The HernJdRe
pUblican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
for either matinee or evening performance on date of Issue The person whose
name appears in this order will please present a copy of the ad to Thc Her
aldRepublican office before 6 oclock today together with a positive Identi
ficationyour last subscription receipt will do Read the classified adver
tlsements In this Issue Perhaps your name Is there
In the entire city there is perhaps no
other man who sends out more boost
Ing literature during the year than Sec
retary j L Perkes of the Salt Lake
Real Estate association In addition to
being secretary of this association he
Is also secretary of the local Chamber
of Commerce which is controlled by the
association and part of his duties Is
to answer the many letters of inquiry
concerning the resources of and oppor
tunities In Salt Lake and Utah
I can see no reason why we should 1
not have unparalleled prosperity and
continued growth In the city said 1Ir
Perkes yesterday ThEre Is almost un
limited field for capital here The de f
mand for houses of moderate rental far
exceeds the supply and capital would
find a good field for Investment In th
building of homes to rent from 15 to I
2250 per month
Everything points to the fact that j
thE thousands of laboring men in thE
city skllled and unskilled wlll have
steady employmEnt for some time to
come Thc numerous civic and othEr I
Improvements plnne and under way I
Is assurance thnt there will be work in
plenty The only regret is that we have
to cease operations for a period of two I
or three months during the stormy win
ter season
This hag been an exceptional fall for
outdoor opErations even In a city noted
for its grand autumnal weather I be
lieve that we have the finest fall
weather of any place in the world
Where can you find more pleasant
days and nights than we have expert
enced during October and the early part
of November I dont think you can
find any place where the climate dur
Ing the entire year Is more desirable
The phenomenal amount of build
ing according to the bundln records
II 1 most encouraging to the residents of
the city and to prospective investors
This Is an evidence that the growth of
the city is rapid and is a basis for the
ctJnc1uslon that the greater Salt Lake
Is close at hand
The extension of the boundaries of
the city as Is shown by the many sub
dlvilons bping platted and offered for
Secretary Salt Lake Real Estate As
sale Is good news Fine rEsidences are
being ercItel in these subdivisions Peo
ple of moderate means are able now to
buy homE building sites at moderate
cost and all this means a greatly In
creased population within the next few
The rapid growth of other parts of
the state means much to this city As
thIs is the commercial center of the
state and in faet of the middle west
all the country within a radius of sev
eral hundreds of miles Is tributary tu
It With the completion of the many
big Irrigation projects now under way
it will be seen that Salt Lake will reap
material benefit as the market and dis
tributing point for the crops that will
be raised
George Getis Denies Telling Son
500 Would Clear Homi
cide Charge
George Getls short gray a1d showing
the passing years in his wrinkled face
was cr08l5examlned for nearly two hours
yesterday afternoon before Judge T D
Lei of the dietrict court In the murder
trial of John Kothlaftis Getls was the
1 ther of PEter Getts who it Is charged
was slain In cold blood by Kothlaftls at
Bingham on Dee 23 1903 The old man
insisted that from talk with his son he
knew Kothlaftls was trying to kill Peter
It Is claimed by the defense that George I
Ketis came to Bingham from California
some time before the killing and told his
son to kill Kothlafti on sight This was
strenuously denied by the old man He I
was asked if he had not told Peter his
son to kill lothiafUs as It would cost
no more than fiIO to free him from any
murder charge This too was denied
The old man was on the stand when the
trial was continued until this morning
Other witnesses of the day were Nick
Georleopolus George Iavritas and Gust
Getts a cousin of the slain man AU evi
dencE was gained through the tedious
system of qUEstioning by the Interpreters
There are still eight witnesses for the
state and then the defense has about a
Officials of Western Pacific Railroad
Will End Inspection Tour
C II Schlacks vice president of the
Western Pacific railroad will not get
Into Salt Lake until late today With
H E Levy general manager of the
Western Pacific and other officials
11r Schlacks Is making an InspectlOn
of the new road Thy left Vinne
mucca yesterday morning but every
few miles tile officials stopped to ex
amine a bridge or a sidetrack
This is the first train which has
ever run the full length of the Vest
ern Pacific It Is composed of C II
Schlacks private Denver Rio Grande
car a Pullman baggage car locomo
tive and tender
The Western Pacific telegraph lines
are under the cDntrol of the Western
Union They have been In operatlcm
for some time A report current re
cently that the Western Pacific would
dlspntch trains by telephone Is ridI
culed bY Denver Rio Grande oCCI
Carpenter Will Be Able to Resume
His Work Soon
George Smith a carpenter who sus
I tained painful Injuries to his back and
head In a fall from a barn of the Jensen
Creamery company yesterday morning
spent the afternoon and last night In
the emergency hospital He Is not badly
hurt Smith came to Salt Lake about two
I weeks ago from Los Angeles
Doors of Strong Box Kept Shut by
Bolt Dropped Into the
For four days the large safe In the
county treasurers vault in the city and
county building has resisted efforts of
pperts to force the upper door open but
the task was accomplished yesterday The
sufe contained check for more than 2JjOOO
which were to have been cashed last Sat
urday and about 1JO
Someone had tampered with the lower
of the two combinations on the upper
door Each door of the safe has two com
bination locks but only the upper ones
are used Someone dropped a bolt Into
the hole connecting up the lower combi
nation and the trick was done The safe
was taken completely apart piece by
piece until finally that troublesome bolt
was unscrewed and then the safe door
came open though the safe was on its side I
on the floor of the vault and three men
had to tug at the door to get It open
Stanley Iarp one of the premier welter
weight wrestlers of the country was one
of the workmen
The safe was partly put together last
night but all of the money was taken to
cCornlcks bank for safe keeping The
safe will bp ready for business today
Former london Barrister Familiar
With Wolf at Door Has
Thanksgiving Plan
If the appeal made by one of those who I
for years knew the bitterness of the I
downandout man on such occasions as
Thanksgiving Is responded to the man i
out of a job In Salt Lake will feast on
Nov 25 as heartily as his more fortunate I
fellows I
The appeal Is made by Fred Smith who
found his reclamation In the gospel han
of the Volunteers of America and his plan
Is that all workingmen who can afford
it contribute 1 Into a fund which under
the auspices of the Volunteers will pro
vide a Thanksgiving dinner for thc unfor i
tunate Ills letter to The IIeraldRepul
liran explains more fully
Editor of The HeraldRepublican
SlrI am glad to acknowledge that I
am one of the 500 or more men who have
sought forgiveness for our sins In the
past from the Almighty at the gospel hail
of the Volunteers of America 19 Commer
cial street and who arc now trying to
serve the Master by leading better and
sober lives On Monday eenln last I
made the suggestion that all work ng men
who have a job should In order to show
their appreciation of Gods goodness to
them contribute 1 toward giving the men
who are out of a Job a dinner on next
Thanksgiving day May I ask yoU to
kindly pUblish this appeal so that any
i man wishing to do so can see Mrs Mackey
at the mission who has a list for sub
scribers to sign She will also be pleased
to rtcelve donations from the public and
will gladly respond to any call As I was
twelve years In the legal profession In
London perhaps the lawyers here would
likE to honor God by contributing to this
worthy cause An account of receIpts
and expenditures will be published by the
committee afterwards Thanking you for
publishing this letter I beg to remain
Your obedient servant In Christ
In the United States cIrcuit court Tues
day the case of William A Madison
agaInst the Dutchman Mining company
and nearly a score of Individuals was
dismissed Madison when he flied the
suit asked for a receiver
The merit of the Vasntch Brands
Did bring them Into fame
The good housewife this brand demands
There are none just the same
Civic Bodies Pass Resolutions
of Condolence and Their
Great Sorrow
In special session over the death of
Fisher Harris the board of governors of
the Commercial club yesterday afternoon
pased this resolution In memoriam
Full of sorrow and with a deep sense
of our heavy loss the governing board r
the Commercial club of Salt Lake meet
in the endeavor to express Infinite regret
In losing the Invaluable services and 104
Ing companionship of our secretary
Fishr Sanford Harris
With an extraordinary personality in
which were combined the genius of a
great and persuasive orator the h1agi
nation of a poet and the farslght of a
statesman he charmed all with whom he
tame in contact by his wit his quick
appreciation of other mens qualities his
grace of manner his helpfulness and
ready resource
Within the walls ot this club FIsher
Harris spent hapn years In doing the
work that he loved bringing together
with energy arid tact capital and oppor
tunity his efforts being recognized and
respected throughout the nation and con
tributing much to improved cvndltlons In
this eitv and state But he passed Into I
the tWilight and WE must aim to carry
on his work in the same spirit with which
he guided the destinies of this organiza
tion since Its Inception
To his family we extend our deepest
sympath assuring them that their be
aVtment is shared by every member of i
th Commercial club and by many thou I
ddS throughout the country who knew
urn Jnd loved him well j
Noted Men Pallbearers
From the Manufacturers organization
of rtah which decedent helped to form
eloqunt resolutions of sorrow were sent
aid from the Ogden Weber club came
similar resolutions
Wards of the Wizard of the asatch
art requested to meet In the Commercial
hub at 1JJ oclock this afternoon to par
ticipate In the funeral ceremonies
A delegation of twelve prominent Og
den business men will Join the members
of the Commercial club at the club build
Ing this afternoon and march with them
to the Masonic temple
All members of the Commercial club of
Salt Lake are requested to meet at the
club at 130 oclock sharp this afternoon
where a line will be formed for the march
to the Masonic temple The board of
governors will head the procession
Pallbearers will be Judge O VT Bw
erg 1 H Walker James H Brown
J v Houston H Vance Lone L H
Harding John S Critchlow and W W
The board of governors consisting of
w J Hanoran C S Burton Joy H
Johnson R E Miller John S Brans
ford Ira II Lewis H P Clark A W
Carlson Governor rlllJam Spry J E
Cnlne Samuel Newhouse John Dern
George T OdEll Samuel Weltz and H L
it Culmer together with Judge C C
Goodw1n and A J Davis who were In
cluded at the request of Mrs Harris vU
act as honorary pallbearers
Homer Realty Company Purchases
Ovanda Containing Fifty
two Fine Lots
The Homer Realty company has pur
chased acreage in the southeastern part
of the city which has been platted into
a subolvl lon to he known as Ovanda
This addition contains 52 lots and Is lo
cated one city block south of Eleventh
South street on the Ninth East car line
The addition is said to be high and dry
with excellent drainage and during the
summtlJ months always swept with a cool
breeze from the canyons to the east
Cement sidewalks are to be constructed
and the city water will be placed to the
I curb
The owners of the subdivision state that
building restrictions are provided for In
all contracts All plans and specifications
will be subject to their approval and no
home may bE erected which In their
judgment Is a detriment to the general
appearance or the addition
Salt Lake Security Trust Company
Reports Hamilton Place
The Salt lAke Security Trust com
pany reports the ale of No 576 Hamilton
Plaeo to Dr Frank 11 Moorinelater for
a consideration og 37t The house Is a
lveroom modern bungalow finished In
mission style and has combination gas
and electric lighting and gas for cooking
This is the ninth house sold in Hamilton
Place this season The deal wa nebO
tlated by the BirrellShipp Realty Co
On Tenth avenue the Salt Lake Secur
ity Trust company reports the sale of
two modern bungalows No 121 Tenth
avenue has been sold to n Arthur Gar
diner for U7iO This deal was negotiated
by the Homer Realty Co Also No r
Tenth avenue has been sold to Abraham
Wolff for 3150 through the BirrellShipp
Realty Co The houses are lIixroom bun
galows with modern features including
large verandas interior mission finish
missIon fireplaces cabinet kitchens gas
and electric lights The Opening qf the
Ninth avenue car line bas given a new
impetus to sales on the north bench
Sheep Shipments East Have All Been
Made According to State
Notice was received Tuesday by C B
Stewart secretary of the Utah Wool
Growers association from Ogden to the
effect that the residents of the Junction
City are preparing for a big gathering on
the occasion of the annual convention of
the National Wool Growers association
which will be held there on Jan 6 j and
8 1910 As has been the case In the past
the officials of the Utah Wool GrowErs
expect to take an important part In the
convention and representatives of the
state association doubtless will be 011 the
program for addresses at the gathering
Every subject of Interest to the sheep
men of the state will be taken up at the
convention In view of the agitation over
the lip and leg disease among sheep
during the fall it Is thought that the
prevalence ot this disease will form one
of the principal subjects of discussion at
the convention Ftahs part In the cam
paign for the eradication of the disease
forming one of the subjects of lIscull8ion
The sheep officials of the late report
that the shipments of sheep from this
state have all been made and the sheep
In the state are all on the rangEs now or
are bound for the deserts It was stated
that the rain this week will be the best
thing for the sheep that could happeD
this condition of affairs having been
prayed for by the shtPp men for some
time I
Practically all of yesterday bffore
Judge Page Morris In the United States
court was taken up with the hearing of I
testimony In the case Qf the United State
against Allison A George the first case I
on the calendar for trial at the Novem
ber term which began Monday
Crorge Is charged with having taken
i cattle belonging to Indians In the old
rlntah reservation district in Wasatch
county Several witnesses for the prose
cution were examlned Tuesday
The case IR expected to take up at least
halt of todays session Many Indian
witnesses clad In blankets thronged the
corridors and sat in the courtroom yesterday
terda and attracted no little attention
from persons about tho building
Ferdinand II Olsen an automobile and
bicycle repairer of Ogden filed a petition
In the United States district court Tues
day asking to be adjudged a bankrupt
He says his liabilities are 1891116 and
assets 7i5S with 2i2r exempt The
petition was referred to E E Corfman
referee In bankruptcy
J F Smith musician of Logan and
Nels Nelson a miner or Eureka Juab
county were adjudged bankrupts yester
Severely uncompromIsing Is the weather
man this time His prediction yesterday
said rain tonight and Wednesday cold
er Wednesday Big black storm clouds
which may with a drop or temperature
turn to snow clouds are banked up along
the horizon as far away west as the Pa
cific coast and bad weather reigns all
the way In between The wind which
blew a gale out of the west all yesterday
morning brought Salt Lake enough
weather troubles to last over the rest of
the week
Construction News FiJids Eastern
Cities Building Reoord Is
F1ling Off
Western cities held UP the builc1ng
record of the country during the mont
of October according to the adyanol
sheets of the Construction News a
building tddes puhlicatiII ref > h 1
yesterday toy Building InsrlPctor A
Hirth Th record of 42 of the htr
cities show permits aggregating 1
941825 a against 5O4l4I for
tober of 191 ur a loss this year of 1
per cent
The wtprn cities as a rule It 1
gains makillg up for 111 > rlecreaf 11
I till eal Li I Angeles 8hoW8 911 p <
mite with penditurp of i171Hth a
gain of 17 pfr eat over at Octnl r
I Seattle iuprl 1347 permits at 1 41I
125 a lose or 16 per cent
Salt Lkl ompar nll1Rt favocat
with hot h of these with oily li9 I I
I mlts but with permits aggiatirg
24050 a gain or more than 01 p r
cent over last October
DEnver bllllW 267 permits at Sf1
350 or a IJIs 1 of 11 pr cent tIH i
showing Salt Lake tJ ne at the tw I I
of the westErn cities in the aI11
growth of building
Duluth lInn makes the exception
to the rule In the east and rnldt11
west with a record ot 991500 de
against 202365 for October of 191
or a gain of 348 per cent the hlglct
gain of any city of importance in te
United States I

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