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The fall terms at school at the Lund do
t ntIon home In the vicinity of Murray
Is now well advanced School Is In prog
rss for five days In the week each school
day consisting of four hours There are
twelve boys at the school at the present
tIme and besides their duties In the school
room they have the work of fall harvest
ing to do on the farm
A large force of men has been engaged
on Ninth East street Murray in getting
a tpam engine out of the creek The en
111 went through the bridge which pans
tL 1 I ottonxrnd rpk eirrving twn
men with It but no one was Injured The
big englno was finally hoisted from the
stream yesterday badly damaged
The Second avenue controversy Is still
In the air at Murray All the bids which
have been coming In the past two months
have been rejected by the Murray city
council and the amount of the deposit
refl nded to the bidder The trouble
uose over the price set by some of the
property owners along the course of the
new avenue Some of the prices were far
too high for the city solons to pay From
Indications just now It looks as though
the new avenue will not be completed un
til summer Other streets in Murray arc
undergoing Improvements cement curb
Ings being installed and the streets beau
OutoCorder Kidneys Are Regulated I
and the Most Severe Backache
Simply Vanishes
rnually sufferers from backache
bladder trouble or outoforder kidneys
fnel relieved after several doses of
Paves Diuretic
Misery In the back sides or loins
Irk headache inflamed or swollen eye
lids nervousness rheumatism and
darting pains heart palpitation dizzi
ness sleeplessness listless wornout
fling and other symptoms of In
altlvl sluggish kidneys lImply vanish
l11tontrollablp urination especial
at night smarting discolored water
and nil Bladder misery ends
Feeling miserable and worried Is
nfpdhs because this unusual prepara
tion gni at once to the outoforder
KldlH > sand Bladder distributing its
Ianslnt Iwalinc anl ytallzlnP Influ
ence directly upon the organs and
glands affected and completes the cure
before you realize It The moment yu
suspect any Kidney or Urinary de
rangement or feel rheumatic pains
begin taking this harmless medicine
with the knowledge that there is no
other remedy at any price made any
where else In the world which will
effect so thorough and prompt a cure
as a 50cent treatment of Papes Diu
retic which any druggist can supply
Your physician pharmacist banker
or any mercantile agency will ten you
that Pape Thompson Pape of Cin
cinnati Is a large and responsible med
icine concern thoroughly worthy of
your confidence
Only curative results an come from
taking Papes Diuretic and 3 few days
treatment will make anyone feel fine
Accept only Papes Dluretlc50
cent trPlltmntfrom any drug store
anywhere In the wI
A Business
I Miracle
the figures
8S700Salesmans commission for 2 weeks trip
644375Salesmans commission for 1 weeks trip
7395Salesmans commission for 1 days trip
2218500Yonrs sal lry
the story
A member of last years salesmanship class called on the
1 M C secretary bubbling over with the good news
MS partner and I made 1775 on this two weeks
trip887 apiece I had no idea a little study would do
me so much good You know I used to put the price to
my prospective customer the first thing This course
taught me to keep that back until the proper selling mo
ment I used to talk too much now I save time make
more sales and make a better impression by cutting
down my talk The course has increased my enthusiasm
until now I feel equal to any salesmanship battle
A Year Ago This Man Hesitated About Enrolling
Mr White can taU you his name If you wish He can also
tell you how to get Into this businessgetting class Limit
is 40 mon so apply early
I i
The Watch
The Le yon Special Movement
It is reasonable to suppose that a
piece of merchandise stamped with the
retailers name must be of superior
quality for if otherwise the purchaser
would have constantly before him the
a name of a house that stung him and
the advertising gained by the retailer
would work harm rather than good
Good logic is it not
The Leyson Special watch move
ments are all engraved with our name
sufficient evidence of our complete faith
in their accuracy
We furnish this famous movement in I i
all sizes and several grades for men i
and women and in prices in solid gold
14k gold cases ranging from 25 to
These watches are made in Switzer
land the birthplace and nursery of the
best watch ideas that have been con
ceievd for many generations
If in need of a watch question us and
not your neighbor as to the best time
piece for the price you wish to pay and
your confidence will be repaid
Phone 65 f
for the Correct Time mLlK
Vath Its Development
The New Salt Lake
ViII Be Open Soon
We Are NowIn Our New Location
118 South Main Five Doors Below Oar Old Stand
We Are Showing the Biggest and Best Pop
ular Priced Shoe Stock in the Middle West
We have been in our new location a month and to say that we
Q i are pleased with our success is expressing it mildly Our regular gs
well as a large number of new customers have come to us and we
are fast building up an increased business We mean to merit th S
and we are making every possible endeavor not only to sell the best
1 shoes for the least possible prices but to give each person a hearty
welcome and store service of which we as well as they wm be proud
This store serves its patrons to the very best of its ability Its
buying and selling facilities are of such a splendid character as to per
mit of its selling bettor shoes for less money
This is brought about by the fact that buying we do in large
quantities we eliminate all unnecessary profits and a willingness on
our part to make up for lessened profit by increased sales brings goods
to you at the very lowest possible prices
Heres evidence of the most substantial character of our money savlnq abIlity
See revolving window di pIay for Item of particular Interest and true economy
145 100 115 1 45
Womens Felt Juliets of ex
W 0 m e ns DonOola b Far W omen souse Slip For a Dandy Felt Juliet
in all
Juliets turn soles and with belting 0 leather soles ceptional quality come In
heavy square edges pers dongola uppers with that insure double wearing the popular colors j very pret
with r quality comes in a variety tHy bound with fur belting
Patent tip or com
tarn soles all sIzes standard
mon sense plain toe of colors and neat ornament leather soles standard 175
standard 175 values 12 value standard 150 value values
A new lot of this famous SPECIAL FOR WOMEN special that has I
1 95 special for women eight Cl2 8 tJ made us famous Folks know and appreciate the
very pretty styles to superior worth of these shoes They are the
choose from made on the West Point a handicraft of workmen who make shoes of the better sorts The
medium pointed swing last or the Fashion shoes are duplicates of high grade models and the materials include
a neat round toe shape neat patent tP patent colt vici kid and dull leather novelties and all the more staple
Blucher or button styles will wear with lines There is a shoe here to please you and as for wear they will
any 250 shoes in the market and styles stand up alongside of most 350 sorts and from the style stand I
of the 300 sorts point you will marvel at their excellence
We have certainly made good with this shoe It is made by one of the foremost makers of mens advertised shoes and
under its advertised name is sold at much higher prices It comes to you shorn of all extra expense at a minimum profit
t and so it is we say 4 values 4 styles and 4 shoe goodness at 335 the pair In point of fact if you take these shoes in
the gunmetal and patent in the different color tops their equal is not to be found short of the higher grade models The young
fellows around town are talking about them they are looking at them with critical eye in the window they are buying them
in liberal quantitiesand one pair sells another We had anticipated a splendid business on these shoes because we knew
the values and styles were right Then too there are a host of more conservative styles for men who like the plainer ones
We like to make friends with the children for they soon grow up to manhood and womanhood We number among our
I patrons many folks who now have children of their own and who pleasantly remember the day when we gave premiums away
I This custom of giving premiums has been long in vogue at this storeit causes the child to remember usand whilst we have
always made it 2 point to give premiums away in the spring and summer this year we have decided to give away premiums
from now until Xmas time
Children watch our revolving windoW and it in you will see some very pretty presents which we give free with each
purchase of a pair of shoes Ask your parents to come here We will sell them the very best shoes for the money and give you
these presents free This week for girls we will give beads or knives for boys we give a nickel plated knife with two good
bladesand it is a dandy we bought a lot of them so as to get them good enough to suit our boys trade
A word to parents as to our childrens shoes Ve have watched this childrens department grow since it occupied an
I iqsignificant place in our store until it is one of the most important items in our business We have watched it closely and
given the best values We have gone into the most minute details as to selection of soles and goodness of upper and quality
of stitching and insisted on perfect shoemaking until today this children8 department of ours is one of our pride spots and
I in fact a particular hobby We quote this week as an example of our splendid values three different lines which include a
i big variety of styles and everyone of them is a value par excellence
Our double wear line of shoes for girls h Our Strong Heart Our double wear line of shoes for boys is
II just what it means It doubles the wear of the line of children3 one that we strongly recommend Whilst we
usual shoes Has extra long lived oak solcs
shoes comes in don carry a line that is cheaper in grade than
extra selection uppers of calf or kid stitched
with the very best of thread and put togethpr Bola kId with patent this we always recommend double wear shoes
in a workmanlike manner The calfskin comes tip extensIOn soles in because we know they are better and in the
in Blucher only and the kid skin styles come Blucher or button
long run they are cheaper to buy These shoes
in Blucher or button These shoes are fre styles also calfskin
quently half soled twiccaud you know this is in Blucher style are subjected to an examination as to their
going some when it comes to childrens shoes goodness and every pair is warranted to wear
Sizes 5 to 8 at 1
Prices5 to 8 at 145 812 to 11 at 165 812 to 11 at 125 or we make them good Sizes 10 to 13 at 2
1112 to 2 at 2 1112 to 2 at 145 1 to 2 at 225 212 to 5 at 225
See our revolving window displayII Is unique and interesting Shows the
specials advertised and many others 01 equal Interest
Some merchant li advertising 1
to YOU today 1
Ogden Race Excursion Via Bamber
ger Line 100 Round Trip
On sale every race day starting Oct
30 for special train U a m Ticket
good returning any train date ot said
or on the following day Eeturtt train
leaves Ogden C41i 110 IQ
Charles H Lenzi Insists He Is En
titled to Division of
John G Pierce is charged with double
dealing by Charles H Lenzi In a suit for
approximately 52500 flied In the district
court yesterday The suit Is really for
250000 shares of stock in the Pierce Bread
Slicing Machine company or half of the
stock which has a face value of 25000
L2nzl claims that on June 15 1008 he
entered Into a verbal agreement with
Pierce to work upon a patent bread cut
ter They were to obtain a patent on
the device from the government and then
each take half of the value Later to
favor Pierce he allowed him to have the
patent issued in his name which was
done on Oct 5 last Soon after this the
Pierce Bread Slicing Machine company
was organized with a capital of 0000 In
600000 shares of which Pierce received
251000 and 200000 shares were placed It
the treasury of the company Len1 said
he did not know the patent had been is
sued and did not know of the organization
of the company until he read it in the
He tow asks for 250000 shares of stock
or a half interest in the company wants
Pierce restrained from transferring the
patent to the new company until he gets
his share of stock and asks another re
straining order to keep Pierce from Issu
Ing any stockin the company until the
matter Is settled In court
Utah Delegates Will Arrange Ex
hibit That Will Reflect
States Versatility
Part of Utahs dCgclaUon to the na
tional farm land congress to be held at
Chicago beginning Nov 16 left for the
big show taking with them the largest
and best apples grown In the state grains
grown on dry and Irrigated lands and va
rious other products The party con
sisted of R R Holbrook an expert dec
orator Dr E D Ball of the state agri
cultural college at Logan and Thomas
Judd president of the lTtah State Hor
ticultural society
One thousand square feet of space has
been reserved for Utahs exhibit at the
Coliseum In Chicago The fruits and
grains will be placed on exhibit stands in
attractive style by Mr Holbrook who
superintended Utahs winning exhibits at
the recent Irrigation congress In Boise
Sacramento and Albuquerque J E Tay
lor also a delegate will leave today
to assist in the Installing of the exhibit
About the outer edge of the exhibit in
standing position will be placed the
grains grown on dry and Irrigated land
In front of them In artistic array will be
the vegetables and other displays In
the center of the whole display will be
Utahs eight beautiful trophies won at
recent expositions
In connection with the exhibit will be a
serIes of lectures by Dr Ball represent
ing the northern part of the state Mr
Taylor descriptive of the central part and
Mr Judd representing the southern or
Utahs Dixie land
Mrs C C Riley Shows Appreciation
of Aid Given Her
To the Friends of Mr RlleSome two
or three das ago the fund which has been
In the hands of Chief of Police Barlow
was handed over to me In my bereave
ment I feel very grateful to the many
friends of Mr Riley for their liberal eon
trlbutlons which will certainly be of very
great help to me and my child Thanking
each one for anything he has done to help
me I am
P SI wish to thank you llr Barlow
In adtanee for having this printed and
taking charge of the matter as you have
The above letter was received from the
widow of the late C C Riley yesterday
afternoon The widow of the special of
ficer has received 65 as a subscription
from the many friends of the dead of
I T Blackmon one of the best know
conductors on the Salt Lake Route
died at 540 oclock Monday after
noon in his home 355 Vest Fourth
North street of heart trouble He wa
taken sick at Milford while in chars
of the special train of General Manage
R E Wells and was unable to perforn
his duties on the return trip
When he was removed to his horn
I If grew worse steadily until the end
I Ir Blackmon was 33 years of age and
Ill of the most popular men on th
oad He was a member of the Order 01
I Railway Conductors and of the Elks
It I He leaves a widow
w C Applegate of this city has pur
chased one of the long established distil
kries at Franklin Tenn and proposes to
ship It to Utah Mr Applegate while
admitting that the plant had been bought
declined to say anything about the price
paid It is said that the transaction In
volved considerable money
llr Applegate would not go Into the de
tails of the purchase but did have a few
words to say about the product of the
plant which he described as old and
rarE It Is said that the plant will be
erected not far frOm Salt Lake and that
It will be In operation before the first of
One quart ot glycerine and nitric acid
reposes on the shelf In Chemist Herman
Harms laboratory and that official is
puzzled how to dispose of it safely
U I pour It in the gutter some team
ster will come to grief by backing his
wagon over it If I leave It here It Is
likely to fall off the shelf and cause
everything In this vicinity to enter Into
the atomic form aid lfr Harms yester
The explosive was brought to Mr
Harms office some time ago for a test
and the owner tailed to call for It
While there will be a spread of home
cooked goodies that will be furnished
by the young women members at the ban
quet of the Young Peoples Christian
Union in the First Congregational church
next Friday night and while there will
be an abundance of decorations music
and toasts It Is the Intention of the com
mittee In charge to make the social hour
that canes bEfore the spread the one big
feature of the occasion
William P Cooper grand chancellor of
tJ Knight of Pythlas and other grand
lodge officers paid a visit to Calanthe
Myrtlo lodge No 1 Monday night In Castle
hall and the knights heard a very in
teresting address Dr C A Wherry pre
sided as toastmaster Besides the grand
chancellor Allen T Standford Dr Earl
Van Law Edward Miller and other noted
Pythlans responded to toasts
After the session was over Dr Wherr
served notice on the ptl1lans he met Ii
I that ho had already kept bil pledge bV
obtaining one application by dmlL IllS
affair was one of the most enjoyable ever
held In a lodge room The refreshments
were excellent and everyone had a pleas
ant evening

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