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I L Mines and Mining Stocks
Economy of One Administra
tion Feature Which Led
to Big Merger
Thf lonslderatlon of greatest weight
the absorbing of
rrP which led to
umbrland Ely by Nevada Consoli
dated was the demonstration following
the trmpomry closing down ot Cumber
11n1 11 ly that the Nevada Consolidated
steam shovel workings could easily sup
ply the tonnage of ore required to teed
the tptoe smelter and concentrator at
full capaelty and that reserves are be
Ing developed 80 rapidly that the situa
tion in this regard will not be changed
oven after the contemplated enlarge
ment ot smelting facUlties shall have
been accomplished
Othfr important reasons presented by
President James Phillips jr In his
annual report are the advantages to be
gained by complete control and owner
ship ot thE Nevada Northern railroad
and the probable reduction of operating
expense which would result from per
fect unity of administration
Noting that the ore reserves In Ne
vada Consolidated ground were increased
creased during the year from 20000000
tons to 29000000 tons nearly 50 per cent
Mr Phillips says
Development Is Remarkable
In this connection It should be borne
In mind too that a comparatively small
area of your entire property has been
rJrospeted The extraordinary orebody
aggregating 8000000 tons of a copper
tenor t about 2i1 per cent blocked out
on a single claimthe RuthIs espe
claly worthy ot attention for such a
reserve of ore constitutes in Itself a
great mine though It may be years be
fore we movE a single ton from It From
the history of the past year combined
vUh the results of development work
now in progress we are confident that
the coming year will disclose a very
large Increase In ore reeerves and in
fact It is reasonable to believe that for
many years to come very material ad
ditions will be made each succeeding
year to this proven area
The average percentage ot extraction
of copper and the precious metals In
your concentrator and smelter is gradu
ally Improving and the Installation of
new reverberators and converters has
secured 1lcrt3soo economy in the cost
of production while the completion ot
our now construction in January will
effect a further material saYing of ex
pense With respect to the net surplus for
the fiscal year It Is proper to advise
that only during the last three months
of that period did the product attain a
total In excess of 4000000 pounds per
month During the last quarter the
production was H65788 pounds While
the operations of the last quarter were
still lrss than normal the earnings were
on a basis ot considerably over 3000000
per annum
Production Is Increased
During the fiscal year which ended
Sept 30 your company produced
3t527823 pounds of refined copper For
the month of October 1909 the actual
shipments ot copper have exceeded
5000000 pounds and by January 1910
there Is every reason to expect that the
monthly production of blister copper
will reach 6000000 pounds Never be
fore in the history of copper production
in America have such results been ob
tained In the same space of time and
when it Is borne In mind that only pvo
years ago we were just emerging from
the proOppct stace of our development I
feel that there is every reason for gratl
The inclusive cost of all the copper
produced and marketed by your com
pany during the fiscal year was less
than 71h cents per pound
The profits during the fiscal year
have fully justified your board of di
rectors in declaring an Initial quarterly
dividend at the rate of 371h cents a
share involving a disbursement of
750000 This dividend Is payable on
DeC 31 1909 The early action with re
gard to the dividend was taken with a
view to afford the bondholders the full
est opportunity to convert their bonds
into stock and participate in the divi
dend distribution
Results for Year
The results for the your were as fol
Tons of ore treated dry 105337
Average copper assay 234 per cent
Percentage of extraction
copper 7073 per cent
Ratio of concentration 100 to I
Assay value In gold 019 ozs
Assay value In silver 0720zs
Percentage ot extraction
gold 5526 per cent
Percentage of extraction
silver 5662 per cent
Average gold and silver re
covered per ton at ore In
cents 2312
Average copper In concen
trates 1662 per cent
Ores and Bullion
o Smelter settlements yesterday 0
I < reported by McCorlck Co 4
o Ores 20 bullion 9000 0
00000w000 9 z > 0000ww 4 w
Via D R G Nov 9 10 11 12 13
Lay Sal Lak3 1025 a m Return
In V trrIn e rt of q I
1f1t3 fortheoffice
retn has I
Good Carbon Paper
The Breeden brand is
the kind to useIts a
little better than other
kinds Pencil crDUr
for pencil pen carbons
for pens I will also
pay you to buy Web
ster Ribbons for your
typewriter We sell
Telephone Your Order
1LEPONts 79
reeden OIceSuppy Co
60We 2050
ONLY 5500
To Chicago and Return
Nov 16 and 17 1a Oregon Short Line
15 Limit Dec 15 City TIcket Office
201 Main ftreet
The Secret of Sexine Pills
There Isnt any Their wonderful ef
fects are simply the resultof a scien
tific combination of the best remedies
that are known in medicine for the up
building and rejuvenating or tired
weak and worn men and women They
act on the blood in such a manner that
the user is soon Imbued with new life
and happiness PrIce 1
and hope a
box six boxes 6 fully guarantee on
the moneyback plan Address or cal
F J Hill Drug Co The Never Substl
tutors corner Second South and Vet
Temple streets
See Franks removal sale ad on
page 18
Royal Stale Bread Depot
Open 3 to 5 p m daily Entrance on
Third South Good bread very cheap
9 TV
Ease and Comfort
In every finished package of our
laundry products SOFTENED and
FILTERED WATER skied knowl
edge of laundry methods are our suc
cessful assets In laundering
The Laundry or Quality
Both phones 1 168 Main Street
New York Stocks
Boston Coppers
Chicago Grain
Utah Stocks
Badger Brothers
Branch Office EureKa utah
Members Salt Lake Exchange
Direct Wires to all
Markets of the World
Will Sell
500 Independent Coal 82
18 Kaysvle Brick 95
4 Utah Mex Rubber Cap 295
will Buy
Elk Coal Shares
Falt Lake ftoC and Mining Excban
Denver Consolidated Stock Excbanp
Rawhide 11 tak EXCbIIU
Trockmorton Company
Utah Savings Trust Building
Government Railway and Municipal
Scads Bank and investment Stocks
New York Chicago San Francis
Rawhide Principal Ecbaau Tonopah Goldeld and aU
Yatel Its Development
The New Sal Lake
ViI Be Open Soon
1 P
Notice to Water Users
State Engineers Office Salt Lake Clh
Utah September IS 19
Notice Is hereby given that the Glpg
Mining and Milling cmpTJ by Is
Hyrum I Giles whse t
president Hyrm L Glt whl pt
office address Is Salt Lake Ity rtd h
has made application In ac < rdnce wih
the reuirements of Chapter lo Session
Laws ot Utah 19 as mndd by tt
Session Laws of Utah 19j tl appropriate
ate twenty 90 cubIc feet per second < f
water from Big Cottonwood Creek Salt
Lake county Utah Said water will he i
diverted by mans of a dam and piP In
at a pint which bars south 33 deN
minute west 042 feet from the south
east corner of section 2 township 2 south
range 3 east Salt Lake base and mrIJ
lan from where I win b conveyed for
a dltance of 21 fet and there ud
from January 1 to Decembr 31 InchlslO
of each year to develop power for the
purpose of electric lighting and propfL
Ing machinery at the Giles Miffing ai
Milling companys minI After hanl
ben s diverted and used the water 1 j
be returned to the natural fhannel of t
stream at a pint which bears north j
degrees 2 mInutes welt 2 feet fnI
the land corner above djribe Ti
applicatIon Is designated In the State Ep
glneers office a No 2
All protet agaInst the granting of saul
application stating the reasons therefn
must be made by affidavit in duplicate
and filed In this office within thirty i
days after the completion ot the mbi
cton of this notice CALEB TANNER
State Engineer
Dote of first publication October n
19 date ot completion of publcatln
Notice to Water Users
State Engineers Office kit Lake Ct
Utah September 3 10
Notice Is hereby given that the Emlgr
ton Canyon Improvement company n
It vic president Jacob F Gls whoa
potoflc address II Salt ltke Cuts
Utah has made application in corran
with the reuirements of th Cum ii 1
Laws of Utah l as amendd 11 l t I
Selon Laws of Utah 19 to approim
one 1 cubIc foot per Scond of v t
from Little Mountain Creek Sal 1
county Utah Sid water v ll be d I
verte at a point whih Iwar north
degrees ll miut east i feet dlst
from the southwest corner of the 11
est quarter of section 3 township
north range 2 est Salt Lake base 1
meridian from where I will be cons t l
by means of an earthen ditch for a
tance ot 5 fet and there ul il I
April 1 to September 15 inclusIve ot P
year to Irrigate 10 acre of land
braced in section 3 township 1 nr
range 2 east Salt Lake base and m
Ian At much of said water as m
nery will b use from January I
December 1 Inclusive ot each tar
domestic purposes This appllcatl r
designated In the State Englntrs
a No 88
All prtelU against the granting of
application stating the reasons the
mut b made by affidavit in dU1 Jan J
and flkd In this office within thlrt
days after the completion of the Il I
cton of this notice
State Engn 1
Date of frt publication Qtob t
1 date of completion of publca t
November 12 19
United States Lan Office
Sal Lake City Utah July 31 19
ro Whom I May Concern
Notice I hereby given tat the sta
of Utah has filed In this office lists 1
lands selected by the said state und r
section 6 of the act of congrese appro i
Rcton cng
July viz 1 184 as Indemnity school Ian ls
East onehalf southeast quarter sect
18 east onehaIr northeast quarter E
ton 24 township 4 south range 1 w st
southeast quarter southeast quarter 1
tion 20 north onehalf northeast quart r
I southeast quarter northeast quarter 1
ton 2 township 2 south range 3 w t
I serial IZ southeast quarter soutast
I quarter section 6 southwest qu1Tr
I southwest quarter section 5 northeast
quarter northeast quarter section 7 town
ship 3 south range 2 west serial 0424
Copies of sid lists s far as they relate
tracts by descriptive subdtvbuo
to salt delrlptve lublvhjo
have ben < conspicuously posted In this li u
flee for inspection by any person let rested
fce Inspton
ested and by the pubi1cgenerallY
During the period or publication of ths
notice or any time thereafter and bero s
final approval and certification under de
prtental rglatkm of April 2
protest Or contests against the claim of
the stat to any of the tract or subdii
slone tarelnbfore described on ti h
ground that the same Is more valuable G
mineral than for agricultural purO s
l b received and noted for report t
he g nrl land office at Washington J
C Failure s to protest or contest with
In th time specified will be cousicierj
sufficient evidence of the nonmlnr I
character of the tracts and the sletoS
thereof being other free fro objec
tion will b approve to the state
NotIce to Water Users
State Engineers Office Salt Lake cIty
Utah September 3 19
Notice Is hereby given that W D V 11
cock who pstoffce address Is Esca
lante Utah has made application in
cordance with the requirement of 1 i
Compiled Laws of Utah 19 as ampnf 1
by the Session Laws of Utah 19 to ap
propriate one 1 cubic foot per son 1
of water from seepage Springs Garfl 1
county Utah Sid waWr will be dhr
ed at a pint which lies 743 feet east n1
the northwest corner of th northwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of cc
ton 3 township 3 south range 3 eat
Salt Lake base and meridian from whr
i wilt b conveyed by means of a dItch
and a fume for a distance of about 11
feet and there used from Mach 1 to Pc
lber I Inclusive of each year to irri
gate 10 acres of lad embraced In sec
tion 34 township 3 south range 3 east
Salt Lake base and meridian This ap
pUton Is designated In the State Engt
fleers office as No 2W
ners Al protests against the granting of El <
application stating the masons therpfr
must be made by affidavit In duplcct9
and filed In this office within thirty t I I I
days after the completion of the publica
tion of this notice CALEB TANKER
State Engineer
Date of first publication October 13
10 date of completion of publcation
Novembr l 19
Notice to Water Users
State Engineers Office Salt Lake Chy
Utah September 3 1
Notice Is hereby given that J W Boccs
whose ptoflce address Is Murray tt h
has made application in accordance witi
the requirements of the Compiled Laws
of Utah 197 as amended bj the Sess n
Laws of Utah 19 to appropriate ten
cubic feet per send of water trr
Spring Creek Sal Lake county tt
Said water will be diverted by means t
a pipe line flumes and ditches at a
pint which lies 262 fet north and 6 1
feet east from the southeast corner of
section 8 township 2 south range 1 a
Sal Lake base and meridian from Vd 1 h
point It will be conveyed for a ditanel f
16 feet and there used from Januan I
to December 31 Inclusive of each year for
fish culture purposes I is the Intentn f
the applant to use the natural chann Is
from the pint of diversion to the jir
of return which later point Is situated
115i fet north and 3 feet west from the
southeast core of section 8 townsnJT 2
south range 1 east Sal Lake base nd
meridian This application Is deslgtd
In the State Engineers office as No 2t >
All protest against the granting of said
application stating the reasons therefor
must be made by affidavit In duplr8
and filed in this office within thirty
days after the completion of the publh J
ton of this notice CALEB TANNER
State Engineer
Date of first publIcaton October 13
10 date of cmpleUon of publication
November 1 19
Sioux Sells Higher Colorado Is
Lower Iron Blossom
Breaks Even
Leaders on the mining stock exchange
were active yesterday but prices did not
hold very well as a rule While Colorado
Is the one Tlntc dividend payer aide
from Uncle Sam which has not been the
sUbject of report that Its November die
tributon Is to be cut or passed its stock
was extremely weak Starting at n2 I
sold up to 1i then dropped off to LI
Iron Blossom concerning which the lat
est rumor was that i would this month
pay a dividend of 6 cent a share sold
from 6 cents to 72 cent and fell back
to 6 cents
Sioux Consolidated which Is scheduled
by gossip to cut its dividend from 7 cents
to 5 cents was strong at 51 cent to t
cents closing at 55 cent
Prince Consolidated was In demand although
Prnce Consoldated
though the closing price wa 7i1 cents be
low the opening one of 130
Columbus Consolidated In which trading
was lively sold at 6 cents to 72 cents and
back to 6 cents Nevada His was strong
at SO cents to 8 cent One transfer of
Grand Central was made at 23 after
which it was held firmly at 4 Mason
Valley weakened down to l9Th after
having sold at 021
Total number of shares sold 18S
value S60 Closing quotations and
the days sales
I Forenoon I I Afternoon
I Bid Aked Bid IAsked
Ajax 3 3t 3t
Alice 175 175
B Tunnel 15 18 15 18
B Amal 1 10 12
Black Jack 12 09 12
Boston Con 145 15
Bullock 00 0 O
Bulock o
Camp Bird 01
Carlsa Bir 6 6 6 6
Ced Tails 04 0 04 05
Tls 0
Century 10
Cob Mln 12 1h 121 12
Co Con 6 70 6 6
Con Ierur 10 15 16
Crown Point 07 OH 0 073j
DalyJudge 49 418 515
Drag Iron 10 15 10 1
EBB 70 70
Eagles Nest 0
E Cr Point 02 0214 02 01
E Tin Con Ol 02 0V4 O
E Tin Dev VI0 0S3 09
E T G Kg 0 O M2 00
Galena 04
Gold Ref OS 0
Gold Daisy 1 0
G Central 23 24 22 24
Grut 0 0 0 0
Ibex mt P Gold Oil 10 102 10 10 0
Ind Queen 00 0 0
Inyo Gold OS
Iron BIos f 6 6 f
Iron King 1 16 15 16
Joe Bowers 0 O
Keystone 14 2 23
King David 2 2
King 1m 3
Lead King r 0
Lhi Tlnto 0 01 r
Little LIt Chief Bell 10 0 16 15 5 IG
LIon Hill C
IJ Mammoth 3 n 3 40
Maj Mines 133 110 95 110
asoT Val 1i7 20 195 1 1
lay Day 16 16
Mineral Fat 1 02 02i 02 0
Mt Lake C 07 06 0
ft Lake EI 01 0
Nec British 13 W 3 5
Nev His 7S r r 8
Newhouse f 275 28
New York 0 O 0014 0
Ohio Cop 43 40 425 4421
Plutus J 04 0 o 4 0
Prince Con 1 130 l3i 12Zl 12
Provo o 10 O4 0
Ro Warrior 25 251 25 20
Scot Chief
Sot 1 0n 0
Schwab 01 01
Sev Trou 12i H 12 ½ 1
Silver King t 395 40 395 40
SI1 ShIeld t 02
Sioux Con 53 6 5 m
South Col j 0 0 O 074
So Ir Bios O 01 O 01
Swan Con 04
Tin Cent 0 05 0 0
Tin Comb 010 01 03
Tin Empire 0 0
Tin Humb 0 02
Uncle Sam 6 62 51 52
Utah Con on
Victor Con 0 07h 0
Victoria Cop 16 19 25 1 15 16
Westn Nev 15
Yankee Can 12 2 1 1 151 m
Yer Cop 03 04 0tA Ot
Forenoon Sales
Beck Tunnel 23 at 17c
CearTalsman r at 4c
Colorado 3r at 2 9 at 1271 100
at 12 buyer thirty days 5 at 17 10
buyer das sixty days 10 at 15 seller sixty
Columbus 10 at 6c 0 at rc 2 at
7O 10 at 7 10 at 7c
Est Crown Point 100 at 2c
East Tlntc Development 10 at 9c
Im at S4C seller sixty das
Grand Central 2 at 3
Indian Queen 2 at 3c 8m at 4e
Iron Blossom 30 at 6
Lower Mammoth 70 at 4O
Mason Valley 10 at 3 10 at 202 ½
buyer sixty days 10 at 19h
New York 00 at 7 ie
Prince 2 at 120 seller sixty days
Red Warrior 40 at 2 3 at 25
Sioux Con 5 at sic 10 at 52c 500 at
52c seller sixty days 53 at 5 5 at
ic buyer sixty days
Open Board
Colorado 500 at 2 seller sixty das
days 500 at 127 6 at 12 seller sixty
Columbus 10 at 6c
Iron Blossom r at ec 110 at 69c 40
nt tc seller sixty das 1000 at 3c buyer
thirty days 5 at 6c seller sIxty days
Mineral Flat 2 at 2c 10 at 24c
Prince Con 200 at t3 c
Sioux Con 10 at 53c 15 at Sic
Tlntc Central 20 at 5e e
Shares sold 52100
Selling value 261
Afternoon Sales
Bullock 50 at Ie
Colorado 140 at l2h 5 nt 125 seller
sixty das 30 at 12 5 at 12 0 ot
1224 seller sIxty days
Columbus 5 at Wc seller sIxty days
10 at Wc 10 at 6 seller sixty days
East Tintic Development 1000
Tlntc Dcelopment 10 at 9c
100rO at 84C
Indian Quen 35 at 4c
Iron Blossom 23 at 6 39 at Sic
25 at 66c seller sixty days 0 at 66c 6c
Mason Valy 3 at 17t 6
Nevada Ils 2 at SOc 5 at S seller
sixty days 2 at Sic seller sixty days 75
at 7Sc 10 at Sic 7
Plutus 10 at 4c
1Provo Prince 200 at 12 200 at 2 CO at
Provo 1000 at 9c
SIoUX Con 19 at tc 15 at fc G
at 5c buyer sixty das 170 at SSc
Tlntc Central 10 at lc
Victoria 10 at 17
Open Board
Colorado 4 at 115 10 at 12 100
at 120
sixty Columbus das IS at GSc IC ot Sc seller
Iron Blossom 1710 at Sic 40 at 66c
SIoux Con 15 at 5 66
Shares sold 67
Selling value 2095
Work on DalyJuge Long
Bore to Be Stared With
in Few Weeks
Actual work of driving the DalyJudge
companys long tunnel from the Snake
creek side ot the range wilt be in prqg
ress within a few weeks according to
General Manager George W Lam
bourne Buildings have been con
structed at the tunnel site and the
KnIght power plant which is to provide
the power required for driving the tun
nel Is nearly complete all necessary
machinery has ben ordered and Is In
Expert contractors from various por
tions of the country who contemplate
competing for the contract have been
over the proposed route ot the tunnel
and through the DalyJudge mine to
study the nature ot the ground through
which the tunnel Is to be driven When
the contract Is let and work is com
menced i will be pushed as rapidly as
modern machinery and ski can ac
complish It
The tunnel will be about three miles
long and from two to three years will
be required to complete f wii
James A Polock Co bankers and
brokers No 6 Vest Second South street
furnish the following received over their
private wire
Boston Copper Range
Sales Open High Low Close
Bost Con 5 H 1 H 1t
Butte Da1 18 30 309k 20 4
Cal Con fer Aria 16 Ir 10 101 lQli1 16
Cop Rang 2 r S 8 8 80
Cum Ely 615 8 8 8Y S 716
Daly West 200 7 H 7 74
Davis Daly 3 6 G 6 6
East Butte 360 12 12 1 liVe
Ely Con3400 92 92i4 91 1
Groux Can 13 lC 10 9T 9
Gran Con 9
GrCan1486 12 U 1 12
Nev Con 361 2iiI m8 27 2
Nev Utah 231 1 l1 l 11
Iplsslng 40 10 10 10 8 10
N Butte 185 0 G i9 61
Trinity 2 IH 1 1 1
U S Sm cl2 5 55 s 5W 5
Preferred 28 52 52 52 521
Utah Cal 20 4H 44 4t 441
S Bost 10 13 Hi 13 ½ 13 ½
Ray Cent 02
La Rose 6316
Boston Copper Close
I Bid lAshed
Begole 10 15
Gas 460 470
Boston Ely 1 30 312y
Cobalt Central 28 3
Gf Con 2 m
Majestic 10 1 1
Ray Con 1875 1925
Leaf 17 18
Tonopah 65 68i
Chino 78n2 812 ½
Chief Con 1 13y
Adventure 40 45
Arizona Com 4525
C H 60
G C 17 11S
lass 52 65
Michigan 62 65
Osceola 150 1570
Quincy O 80
Shannon 1S7 18C
Victoria 32 375
yandot 25 275
Zinc 3775 3C
Hancock 115
Corbin 212 215
Lake 30 3
Arcadian 45 475
S P 162 163
A 1 7500
A 60 70
Black Mountain 6 75
Chemung 172
Ely Central 11Sl 1311
First National 675 68i
Raven SO 82
San Antonio 7M 82
Queen 3 31
Yukon 4i 6
Gila 775 81
Cactus 30 312
Alouez 50 50
Atlantic 1075 12
Central 3S5 5
La Sale 150 155
Mexico Con 50 52
Mohawk 60
Old Dominion 5175 520
Parrot 25 287
Santa Fe 15 20
Tamarack 60 60
Vlnona 70 75
Int Smelting 140 160
lelveta 65 67
Royale 20 252
Miami 172 1i5
Newhouse 35 36
S B 12 11
Oil 3770 3823
01 32
Apex 462 475
New York LIsted Stocks
Sales Open High Low Close
Utah Cop 20 5 5H 60 51
Tenn Cop 0 36 3GI 3 3
New York Curb Range
Sales Open High Low Close
Best Con 10 1 H 1 1
Cob Cent 270 27 2 2 2
Ely Con2600 92 91 92 92
F Nat Cop I 6 6 4 6 4 6
Gr Con 35 10 10 9 9
Insp Cop 20 7 516 7516 7316 7 I
K Edw G I
Miami Cop 26 In 17 1 1 I
Mont Shosh25 1 lf 1 1 I
Nov Con 7000 27 21 2
2n 2
Nov Utah 40 1 516 1 516 1 1 316
Ray Cent 12 2 316 21 2316 2t
Ray Con1203 19 19 19 19
Tlntc lln 2 4
Yukon G 10 5 5 116 5 5
Cum Ely 5 8 716 8 871 8716
Gila Cop 15 8 8 f 7 S
Chino Cop S 8 8 8 8
Ohio Cop 12 4 716 4 716 414 4
La Rose 10 434 5 481 43
Newhouse 10 3 3 3 3
New York Copper Close
I Bid IAsked
Butte London 20 130
Nlplsslng 105 107
Davis Daly 60 62
Ely Central 10 10
Furnace Creek 100 150
Greene G S corn02 0
Mitchell 06 2
Montgomery Shoshone 10 111
Nevada Smelting 75 S
Silver Queen 2 3 I
Silver Leaf 1 13
King Edward 56 6
Foster Cobalt 43 46
Cobalt Central 27 2
fcKlnleyDaragh 8 88
Tlntc Mining 15 22
Gibraltar 01 03
Gibrlar 0
North Butte Et 0 05
Miami Copper 1737 175
B S Ga 8i 10
Penna1Tyomlng 20
EI Rayo 25 251
Braden Copper 425 43
The drift on the 450foot level of the
SIoux Consolidated cmpanys mine has
the last few days been in pay ore The
drift had for some distance been In ore
which Is not of commercial value Im
provement has ben steady as the drift
has been extended northward and in
dications are that the company Is to
make on the lower level an important
addition to Us resources
Men High in Financial Circles
on Tour of Camps
With Jacklng
The party of Utah CopperRay Con
solidated omcals and stockholders
which Is making tour of the west ar
rived In this city yesterday morning In
Manager D C JackUngs private car
occupied the entire day in examining the
Utah Copper companys mines at Bing
ham and the big mill at Garfeld and
left last night for Arizona and New
Mexico to inspect tie holding of Ray
Consolidated tla and Chino
embers of the party put In a busy
day Monday going over the works or
the Nevada Consolidated Copper com
pany at Ely leaving that city late Mon
day night for Sal Lake I was not ex
pected that this city would be reached
much before noon yesterday but by
special arrangement the private car was
landed here about 6 a m An early
start for Bingham was thus obtained
enabling a pretty thorough inspection
Garfield Returning
of the works there and at Garfeld
turning to the city last night the pri
vate car was attached to the Los An
geles limited for the southern trip after
the travelers had partaken of an Ala
club dinner
Nearly every member of the party of I
twelve Is a large stockholder of one or
more of the JacklngMcNel Copper
companies As originally contemplat
ed the trip was to have been merely
the annual junket of Ray Consolidated
directors for an Inspection ot that com
panys propErty but upon several per
sons accepting invitations to JOn Iue
party the scope of the junket was ex
tended to take in the camps of Ely and
Bingham One of the distinguished
guests is Maxlme H FuriaId of the
Paris banking house ot Dupont Fur
Members of the party last night ex
pressed great pleasure and stsfacto
with what they had seen upon the trip
The workings of the greatest two low
cost copper producersUtah Copper
and Nevada Consolidatedto those who
had not seen them before was a dis
tinct revelation and they were looking
forard with no less pleasure to the in
spection of the newer great coppers il
the southern country
The visiting party which was met by
Mr Jacklng last week at Colorado
Springs and wilt be accompanied by
him on the round of thd copper caps
include Charles Hayden C L Robin
son H 1 Blackmer J H Waters C
M IacNei Sherwood Aldrich E P
Shove Colonel K R Rabbit A Ches
ter Beaty axlme H Furlard W
Hlnckel Smith and J P Cobb
As a result of 1000 ore having been
encountered In the Cooper Nagle
lease evidences of revival uf the Ellen
dale boom are noted Many lessees who
abandoned their leases during the period
of depression for the camp are trying
to get them back and more applica
tions for leases have been received I
Is said than there are blocks ot ground
vacant The original rich strike now
shows five feet of 200 ore according
to the statement of James Clifford Ed
ward Clifford has gone to California
to purchase a small mill for the mine
Members of the Reef Mining compa
fly which owns several claims In the
old Silver Reef camp in Washington
county Utah have just received word
from the manager Henry Velte who
has been working on the claims that he
has discovered a silver ledge a foot in
thickness carrying several hundred
ounces In silver The ledge was struck
by sinking a shaft from the bottom ot
the incline which Is down 400 feet ac
cording to the letter received
Deeds showing transfers of Ely prop
erties to Thomas F Cole of the Cole
Ryan syndicate have been filed In the
county recorders office at Ely The
consideration given in each case is 10
The deed convoying the property of
the VcteranEly Extension Mining com
pany is dated Sept 10 The claims conveyed
veyed are the Mammoth No1 No2
No3 No4 No5 No9 and No 10
the Ouray the Telluride the Slverton
the SteveJohn the Roosevelt the
Ouray tlon Fraction and the Telluride Frac
H W Reed of Sal Lake City filed
a deed quitclaiming his interest In the
same claims to Thomas F Cole The
quit claim deeds bear the date of Oct 18
The RlckardEly Copper company an
Arizona corporation files deeds trans
erring to Thomas F Cole its entire
holdings in the Robinson mining dis
trict These comprise the following
claims The Hope the Bill Ne the
Mother Lode the Thorndyke and the
Express F F Leah of Wells Nev
quit claims his interest in thee claIms
to the same purchaser
San Francisco Quotations
James A Poloelc Co bankers and
brokers No 6 Vest Second South street
furnish the following receive over their
private wire
Sandstorm 0
Cot Mountain 0
Jumbo Extension 14
Booth 10 1
Silver Pick 10
Blue Bell 0 0
Oro 04 0
Atlanta 11 1
Great Bend r r
Florence 26 2r
Goldfield Daisy 0 07
Combination Fraction 48 49
Kewanos Ot 0
Red Hills 03 Ot
Yellow Tiger 03 04
Grandma 10
Goldteld C 70
Ophlr 13 13
Mexican 13 12
Gould Curry
Con Virginia 0 91
Savage 4
Hale Noreross 3 31
Yellow Jacket 10
Belcher 10
Confidence 10
Sierra Nevada 4 4
Union 53 6
Cholar 2
Tonopah Nevada 65
Tonopah Extension 5
1acNnmara 2 29
Midway 2
Vest End Con 2
Jim Butler 11 13
BonnIe Clare 14 15
Mayflower Con 0 10
Montgomery Mountain OJ 03
Tramp Con Ot 0
Manhattan Con I I 0
Mineral Hill 04
FalrleW Eagle 12
Nevada Hills 76
Plttsburg Silver Peak
Pltsburg Siver G
Eagles Nest O
Round fountan 6 6
Rawhide Coalition 2
OreBearing Fissure Opened
Only 20 Feet Ahead
of First One
Further evidence that the Rainbow
Mining companys ground contains
characteristic Ala ore bodies is pro
vided by the tunnel at 2iO feet from Its
portal having cut the second fissure
within twenty feet as reported yester
day by Manager R Jarvis The sec
ond fissure Is three fet wide and is
fled with ore of good milling grade the
values running about eight ounces In
silver 3 In gold 15 per cent copper ant
some led with 30 per cent Iron The
iron contents would of course make It
a good fluxing ore
The new fissure has a northeast and
southwest strike which is that of the
orebearing fissures of Alto district
The first fissure encountered carries
two and a hal feet of ore with values
of thirty ounces In silver and 6 per cent
lead I was caught at the intersection
with a crossbrak The entire face of
the tunnel was In ore at the Interse
ton but investigatIon proved that the
width of the fissure proper is about
thirty Inches
The trend of the first fissure Is al
most north and south and indications
are that it forms a juncture with tho
second fissure a short distance from the I
Both are blind fissures their exist
ence having not been suspected until
they were cut by the tunnel The ob
jectve point of the tunnel Is the con
tact vein about fortytwo feet ahead
of the present face
The tunnel has attained a vertical
depth of about 170 fet With conditions
on the contact proving as anticipated
a lower tunnel will be driven which will
1400 attain feet a depth of 60 feet in running
That plans have been complete for
financing the Mason Valley Mining
company for production Including the
building of a smelter Is a statement at
tributed by the Yerington Times to W
W Armstrong of this city who Is In
Yerington looking after mining Inter
ests Other local members of the Mason
Valley companys official family who
were seen yesterday declined to either
confirm or deny the statement There
mt much doubt hat the compnys
plans are close to the operative stage
Federal Ely with sales of 10 shares
at 14c yesterday recovered a portion
of its loss due to the raid in the east
on Ely Central but the Ely issues gen
orally were quiet on the open board
market The Ely Resurrection pessi
mist shoved out another 2000 shares at
the nominal price ot 5c and 5 shares
of McDonald Ely changed hands at 36c
to 35c Transfer of 5 shares of Bing
ham Standard at 17c 100 Bngham Cen
tral Standard at 35c and 10 shares
of Ulnth Treasure Hill at 10c completed
the das trading in unlisted stocks
Closing quotations Bingham Central
Standard 3536 McDonald Ely 3413
Federal Ely 1315 Ely Witch 33040
Unth Treasure Hill 1010 Ohio
Kentucky 70 Silver King Consolidated
During his recent visit to Nevada Un
cle Jesse Knight purchase from John
A Steele and Richard Riepe the Steele
claim adjoining the Gold Standard
grouP In Robinson district for a cash
consideration of 100 The property
has been developed to considerable ex
tent and is one of the standard lead
copper producers of that section 11
Knight will undertake the operation of
the mine in a short time i is under
stood His advent to the lead field of
eastern Nevada Is taken by the Ely
newspapers as a certain indication that
lead furnaces will soon be provided
either by the Steptoe company the
United States Smelting company or the
ColeRyan Interests
Stock of Beaver Famous Producer
Goes on Exchange
Stock of the Red Warrior Mining
company which operate the most fa
mous of the newer producers o Deaver
county was listed yesterday on the
Sal Lake Stock Mining exchange
The company is capitalized for only
15000 shares par value n and the first
quotations on the board were 260 at
260 While the companys deepest
working is 350 feet it has produced
sixtyfve carloads of shipping ore
which brought net returns ot 55000
and i is estimated that not less than
50COO of net ore Is In sight at this time
Officers of the company are Lucien
1errlt president Walter G Bergen
secretary E R Rlbenask treasurer
Its holdings comprise eight claims In
the Star district one of which Is
patented The workings consist of one
shaft 30 feet deep one of ninety feet
1000 feet of tunnels 80 feet of rises
and 350 feet of drifts and crosscuts A
force of twenty men Is employed The
company has 4500 cash In Its treasury
The mine Is five miles from railroad
San Francisco Mining Stocks
San Francisco Nov 9The official
closing quotations for mining stocks to
day were as follows
Alto 10 Justice 10
Andes 16 L Wash Con 15
Blchtr 10 Mexican 12
Best B 5 OccIdental C 25
Caledonia 3 Ophlr 132
Challenge C 20 Overa H
Cholar 20 Savage 4
C C Va 8 S Belchei 05
Con Imp 03 Sierra Nev 42
Crown Point 93 lver Hi 1
Gould Cur 2 Union Con 6
Hale Nor 3 Utah Con 0
Julia 0 Yel Jacket 98
New York Mining Stocks
Mice 18 Ladvie C 05
Bruns Cpn 0 LIt Chief 0
C Tun Stock 2 Mexican 12
C T Bonds 2 Ontario 20
C C Va M Ophlr 14
Horn Silver 70 Standard 5
Iron Silver 16 Yel Jacket 9
Boston MinIng Stocks
Adventure 40 Michigan 625
Alouez 5600 Mohawk 60
Amalgamated 8D Old Dom h CI7
Ariz Com 450 Parrot 235
Atlantic 107 Quincy MO
Butte C 295 Shannon 158
Ca Ariz i0l00 Tamarack 60
Centennial 35 Trinity 10
Cop Range 86 U S Mining 545
Daly West 75 U S Oil 3775
Franklin 166 Utah 42
Granhy 930 Victoria 325
Greene Can 13 Winona 10
Isle Royale 20 No Butte 50
Mass Min 52
VIa Oregon Short Line
11G round trip daily except Sundays
to Nov 13 Train leaves 1 p m Last
train returning leaves Ogden 950 p I
New Strikes of Rich Ore Hold
Strong Says Original
Development of the new strikes In the
Deer Lodge section of the Gold Springs
district Is attended by result in every
way satisfactory according to Clark
Miller one ot the operators of the prop
erty in which was made the original
strike In evidence of this was the mis
sion of II Miller to this city he hav
Ing let for camp yesterday after hay
ing purchased supplies for a winters
campaign on the MUerRaferty group
The strike in that group was maJe at
the surface where was uncovered a
threefoot vein of highgade sivergold
ore The shaft Is now thirty feet deep
11 Miller sid and the bottom I cn
trely In ore picked samples of which
show values of 100 ounces In silver and
46 In gold to the ton Ten tons of ship
ping ore have been saved In sinking
and the entire dump Is ore of good
Openings on the same vein about oe
half mile south of the llerRafert
strike have good showings and every
thing appear to favor a permanent
camp Owners of the properties are aU
Intent upon pushing development as
rapidly as circumstances will permit
The amount of shipping ore being taken
out Indicates that operations upon a
moderate scale will be selsustaining
Mining Notes I
J C Dick left yesterday for Globe I I
Ariz to look after development work
which Is in progress In the Schulze
group of claims recently bonded by a
Salt Lake syndicate A drill is to be
started In operation during his visit to
the property The Schulze group Is on
the same zone as that in which Miami
and Inspiration are developing large
bodies of ore
N A Dunon manager of the Scran
ton Mining company left yesterday for
New York to confer with business as
The Uami company Is soon to Issue
1iOOOOO of 6 per cent bonds convert
ble into stock of the company at 17 a
Via D R G R R Nov 1617 Good
Returning Dec 15
For the great U S Land and Irri
gaUon Exposition and National Live
Stock Exposition Diverse route
Stopovers For further particulars cal
at City Ticket Office 301 Main street

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