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InterMountain Republican SALT LflKE CITY UTAH THURSDAY NOV 11 1 1 1909 Price 5 Cents The Vol Salt Lake 157 No Herald 6
Vol tri No 91
President Taft Completes His
13OOO1i1e Trip and Is Joy
ously Welcomed by the Citi
zens of Nations Capital City
Little Tinie Lost by the Chief
Executive in Exchanging
Greetings With SilkHatted
Committees on Platform
Washington Nov lOAfter an absence
of more than three months during which
hI has made a 13000mlle trip through
the west and south President Taft sleeps
tonight In the White house
He left the capital Aug 6 with the
cheers of the crowd ringing In Ills ears
He returned tonight to the tune of the
same cheers but he tarried only a mo
mnt with the welcoming parties His
jjcltlve point was the White house and
Mrs Taft and as quickly as he could get
away from the brief speeches of welcome
he < lImbed Into his big automobile The
chauffeur broKe all the speed records of
the district
There was no demonstration at the
Ilte house The special police there
kEpt the curious outside the grounds and
11In Mr Taft alighted and ran Quickly
111 UIE steps ht turned for n moment
and waved a smlllnb farewell to Fred
arppntpr his secretary Colonel Spencer
Crosby and Captain Archibald Putt hb
two military aides who had accompanied
him from the station
Then the big swinging doors of the
hlte House swallowed him
Shook Hands With Servants
The President shcok hands with the
the negro door men sho smiled a wel
come that showed every tooth In their
heads The lunltes continued to grin
long after the President had disappeared
ROO > where Mos Taft had been ap
prised of his return He did not show
himself again tonight not even to visit
the new executive office which was
lighted and decorated for his Inspection
Two hours before the Presidents train
was due crowds began to fill the Union
station There was an unusual gather
Ing of police secret service men and tie
tfctlves When the train rolled In from
Richmond on time there was an Impos
InS throng on the platform
ThEre were n few omen but for the I
1110st part the spae was taken up by
ilk1atted eonimttees Among the
throng were Secretary Carpenter Colonel
crosby military aide to the President
ald Assistant Secreta of War Oliver
A moment before the train pulled In
e some diversion was caused by a commit
tee of ten members front the Chamber
ot Commerce filing down the broad stair
nay Frockcoated arid silkhatted they
marched to the platform two abreast
and took up their stand at the point
L where the Presiqents car would top
Wh4ithtfin d1eWithI first per
son ouf was Captain Butt He was followed
owed by 5 ocretary of the Navy Meyer
ho joined the President today In Rich
mond Then the President to the accom
JlatJiment of handcJapplng and a few des
ultory cheers stepped to the ground
Glad to Get Back
Mr PresIdent I want to welcome you
a1 tO the capital on behalf of the mem
hrs of the Chamber at Commerce said
Presitient Gude of that body capturing
Mr Taft Immpdlatel
Thank you replied the President ra
irng his hat and smiling benignantly
t the crowd Im glad to get back
JFt me seeI left here Aug C didnt I
a oil I am back again feeling just as
> 11 a when I went awaQr even bet
Preceded by Captain Butt and followed
by Secretary Meyer and a throng of
personal frIends Mr Taft then made his
way up the salrs and across the con
c urS of the station to the waiting room
8t alld for the Presidents use Every
0ic txcept members of the cabinet were
In spite of the dress rehearsal of the
cll1n1 hld at the department oC jus
tl I > last Monday night there were some
llatlon If ethics In wearing apparel
Srptll Nael daringly wore a white
U with his frock coat and silk hat and
tillS lapse seemed to jar the aesthetic
rtur1 of some of his fellow statesmen
n aay event Secretary Nagel and five
oihr iH4flIbOFS of the cabinet disappeared
q1ddy leaving Secretary Knox and Post
T < islpr General Hitchcock with the Prost
t n The three conversed earnestly for
t or three minutes after which Mr
1 n nude his way to the White House
torcblle I
Trip Did Not Fatigue Him
The President did not appear to have
Ic n fl tgued by his long trip Apparent
It n no stouter than when he left
nlthouJ It was whispered among his In
tmlatea tlt he had picked up several
pundw he asked about It he laugh
h 51 J out his arms and invited In
Ve President Tart spoke at the City
al ditOJ In Richmond this afternoon he
m td eth speech of the long trip
tih COnJg to the Itinerary coy
r J 1 ii8 miles Itlt 1111 side trips
amounted to more than 13000 miles
DurnJ th trip from Richmond thEe
Fr < sdeit had an extended conference
1tt Eecrttli 1eyer disposing of anum
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Founder of Christian Science
May Dispose of Fortune I
Without Interference
Boston Nov JOA family IItttlement
involving nearly O0000 between Mrs
Mary Baker G Eddy founder and leader
or the ChrIstian Science denomination
and her son George W Glover of Sout
Dakota and her adopted son Ebenezr
J Ff ster Eddy of Vermont has been
concluded according to an announcement
made by a representative of Mrs Eddy I
here today
Under the agreement George W Glover
and family receive 24000 and Ebenezer
J Fester Eddy 45000
Mrs Eddys son and adopted son re
linquish all their present and prospective
rights or expectant Interests In Mrs Ed
dys estate and agree not to contest or
retard the probate of any will Mrs Eddy
may leave
The sons also agree not to attempt to
set aside any gifts deeds or other dls
F 1
I +
position of property which Mrs Eddy has
heretofore made
Early In 1001 George W Glover Insti
tuted legal action for an accounting of
his mothers estate on the ground that
1 she was mentally Incompetent Ebenezer
I J Foster Eddy the adopted son was one
I of the signers of the petition brought by
I the next friends of Mrs Eddy asking
I for the accounting
24501 1
After Robbing Conductor of 2450
They Offer Him Two Cigars
and Depart
Two masked highwaymen boarded a Wandamere car at the southern
terminus just after last midnight and at the point of a gun robbed Con
ductor G E Richings of 20 belonging to the company and 450 of his
own money Motorman E Richings was not molested the masked men
merely searching him for a gun Half 11 dozen passengers had just stepped
from the car and were not twenty yards away when the highwaymen
stepped onto the rear platform
Frank Hendprson an 18eaI0Id boy
was still on the car At the sIght of the
masked men he bolted whereupon they
laughed and joking speeded him on his
way by thre shots fired In the aIr
Meanwhile one of them a mere youth in
appearance sauntered Into the car and
Iollte Intjuired of the crew If they had
any objections to holding up their hands
The crew had been caught In the middle
ot the car as they were passing each
other The motorman had his motor and
brake keys In his hands Neither were
They threw up their hands and faced
about at the sharp order of Uta second
robber who then deftly cut the cash belt
from G E Richards the conductor and
also rifled his pockets As he completed
his work he told the vtIifls < thl Y could
turn nboutand as they did 80 the younger
er robber proffered them two Havana
cigars which were accepted with thanks
Picking up the motor keys from the
floor where Motorman Rlchlngs had
dropped them one of the highwaymen
proceeded to the front platform and start
ed the car towards town With a part
Ing admonition that It would be well to
let the car run II block or two before
stopping both men jumped lightly from
the rear platform and started south fir
Ing three more shots in the all as they
Police Are Notified
After allowing his car to drift a couple
o hundred yards Rlchings brought It
to a stop and rushed to the nearest tele
phone The police were Informed and In
turn called the county jail Deputy Sher
iffs Axel Steele and John Corlss started
for the scene of the robbery In a car
The crew In charge ot the car are broth
ers According to their descriptions the
highwaymen are probably the same who
SchrammJohnson drug store
held the
at Fifth South and Main streets Tuesday
night Both were dressed In dark brown
clothes and were so completely
os to leave but little of their features
visible Both were short the older ap
pearing to be about 35 years old while
was a youth of about 20
the younger
years The younger man had fresh
smeared over the back at his gun and on
blood bespattered
his sleeve The other wore
spattered shoes Indicating that they had
encounter No other
been In a previous
from that vicinity were received
at time last time or this
by the police any
Secretary Will Not Touch Upon the
Central Bank Question
Washington Nov lOThe central bank
Question will no figure in the annual
report of the secretary at the treasury
the New York custom house situation will
be dealt with exhaustively and there Is
no Intimation of reducing the size of cur
rency paper
Secretary lacVeagh made these points
clear In an Interview today He admitted
the department was standing back of
Collector Loeb In the latters administra
tion of the port of New York The sugar
frauds he pointed out had been going
Mi seven years and It wall difficult to
reach all the acts He said he cared
more about the rehabilitation of the ser
vice tha1 h did the presocutlons
Says She Never Received a Cent
but Knows What Became
of the 643000
Cincinnati 0 Nov 10Mrs Jeannette Stewart also known as Mrs
Ford one of the women accused by Charles Warriner the defaulting lo
cal treasurer of the Big Four Railroad company of having shared in his
peculations by blackmailing him declared tonight that she would tell the
whole story of the 643000 theft when the case came to court At the
riner same time Mrs Stewart denied she had ever received money from War
The sudden breaking of the silence she
has persistently maintained was cauEad
according to her own statement by a
q Itrrel Which she had with another wo
man who has also been mentioned by
Varrlnet This quarrel resulted In the
attachment of Mrs Stewarts furniture
today The officers who made the at
tachment were qulkly followed by re
porters and In the stress of excitement
Mrs Stewarts reserve broke down
1 never received u cent from Charles
Yarrlner she said and I never gave
any InCormatlo1to the rallroad about his
shortage It was another woman who
did It all a woman I thought was my
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Utah Executive Billed for an Ad
dress at Grand Junction
age of frIerator cars for shipment of
this years Grand Valley fruit crop and
1 means at preventing a similar shortage
in the future were the chief topics at to
I days joint session at the Western Slope
Development congress and the Western
Slope Stockgrowers association
Relief will be sought ly a demand upon
the railroads for better serlce and If not
forthcoming the case will be brought to
the attention ot the Interstate commerce
An Immigrant road from Grand Junc
tion to Salt Lake was proposed today dur
lag the discussion of good roads propa
Conservation of natural resources and
freight rates will be the chief topic dis
cussed at the concluding session tomor
row Governor Sharoth of Colorado and
Governor SprY of Utah will be the prin
cipal speakers
Governor William Spry was Invited to
attend the congress but was unable to be
in attendance on account of the press
of other business The governor said last
night that he wall thoroughly In sympa
thy with the objects of the congress and
would like to have
been there but was
unable to go He Is tryIng to shape his
affairs that he may leave next week for
St George planning to leave this city
next Thursday for the south
Interview With President Hastings
I I of the American Paper and Pulp
Chicago Nov 10Paper and pulp
manufactUrers whose convention be
gan here todaY will ignore any qUes
tion regarding eglslationor tariff re
vision according to President Arthur
C Hastings of New York head of the
American Paper Pulp association
which comprises abiutoneha1f OrfIie
paper and pulp makers ot the country
The tariff revision Is settled saM
PresIdent Hastings and we will not
consider any question regarding It or
tariff legislation We naturally do not
consider It successfully or properly re
vIsed The paper and pulp Industry
ranks twelfth In Importance In the I
country but It daes not receive the
consideratIon It should I
The speakers declared the agitation
by the American Publishers association
and others had defeated Its own aim
and that paper never agjtln would be I
as cheap as under the Dingley tarIff
Governor of North Dakota Appoints
Fountain L Thompson Senator
Bismarck N D Nov lOFountaln
L Thompson ot Cando N D was to
day appointed United States senator by
Governor Burke to tIll out the unex
pired term of Senator Johnson WH
died three weeks ago
The appointment of Mr Thompson a
Democrat was something of a surprise
as he was a dark horse In the race
The announcement was made after a i
long conference in which the leading
Democrats of the state participated I
Toledo Ohio Nov lOMaud DalY
aged 24 who saId her home was In
LOll Angeles Cal tearfully pleaded
guilty In police court tOday to the
charge ot shoplifting Her sentence If
fully entorcd will requIre her to serve
nearly two years In the county jail
The girl came here from Detroit Nov
3 and stopped at a good hotel She
was apprehended In a store while steal
Ing articles
Senator Aldrich of Rhode Isl
and Entertained by the
Bankers and Business Men
of Omaha in Western Style
Address on the Need of Mone
tary Reform in Which His
Hearers Were Advised to
Study the Serious Problem
Omaha Nov 10That Senator Aldrich
Is becoming rapidly westernized his
friends will be convinced when he returns
to New York and Washington if he wears
his new clothes The principal recent ad
dition to his senatorial accoutrement Is
a pair of leather chaps such as cow
boys wear They were presented to him
here today by former United States Son
ator Manderson and the presentation
formed the merriest If not the most Im
portant feature of a noonday luncheon
tendered the senator at the Omaha club
by Luther DrakE a banker at thIs city
Mr Aldrich did not know what to call
the trousers nor did he make explicit
promise to wear them but he accepted
them with evident pleasure and In doing
so made a speech which showed that it
is possible after all for him to give at
tention to other than financIal questions
Mr Aldrich arrived here early today on
his tour In the Interest of monetary re
form and In addition to his Informal
speech at the Omaha club he delivered an
address tonight before the Commercial
Adverse Criticism Unheeded
The coming of Senator Aldrich had been
anticIpated with much Interest He had
been advised that here he would be in the
very heart of the enemys country In
addItion he had been preceded here by
Congressman Fowler of New Jersey un
til recently chairman at the house com
mittee on banking and currency who
was rpresented to have severely crlU
cleed what are supposed to be some of the
Rhode Island senators banking Ideas
The hope had been that Mr Aldrich would
give some attention to these opposing ele
meats but those who entertained such
hopes were disappointed He did take
olaslon to refute the Idea that his ef
1 forts as a legislator are purely In the In
I terest Of eastern states but he did not
I I mention any of his critics by hame He
I asserted that his efforts had ever been
to serve the interests of all sections and
an classes
At the night meeting Senator Aldrich
again went over the work of the commls
don to date and outlined the labor before
It appealing as at previous meetings to
bunkers and business men to study the
question of banking and currency reform
Whole Country Interested
He dwelt upon the national character
QfW wrk d cJarlmtll tpan ohnnger
mYst rn the lnt rEst dfthl entire coun
try Indeed he declared It would be al
most IC not quite Impossible to formu
lat a banking law that would work
wholly for the benefit of anyone section
In this Connection he spoke of the rapid
development of the west and at the after
noon gathering said
I made a trip through southern Kan
sas In 1S81 and I then gave careful at
tentlon to the country I would not have
given 50 cents for the whole territory
after I left Kansas City It was marked
In my mind and In the old geographies
as the great American desert and It
looked It
But now that country Is I flourishing
1Il e a green bay tree They told me In
Kansas City a story of a man who came
Into a bank about the time of which I
speak and wanted to borrow a thousand
dollars to put a roof on his barn The
other day this same man came Into the
bank and asked the officials about seI
curltlll and mortgages When asked I
what he wanted he replied Well I have
a little sum I would like to Invest They
said How much Well he said 1
think perhaps I can spare fifty thousand
dollars now
Farmers Capitalists
Here In the brief span ot a genera
tion Is a man who started out by bor I
rowing a thousand dollars to repair his
roof and who now has become a capital
Ist And as nearly as I can make out
every farmer In Nebraska and Kansas
and all through this territory Is a cap
Italist A voice Thats right This
Is the capitalistic section ot the country
Ve shall have to look out for our laurels
In the east We used to loan money to
this section of the country those ot us
that had money to loan But I expect
that In order to develop our little farms
l being n farmer myself very soon If
we need any repairs to our roofs we shall
have to come to Omaha or to Kansas
Cltto get It
Really It Is a very serious condition
There Is more or less embarrassment of
rfchef about It We have twentyfive
thousand banks and soon will have fifty
thousand We are going to have the
greatest surplus capital at the world In
the United States soon Ye have a great
many things to think about I am go
Ing to ask you be and bye to help me
to think about It It III very Important
that somebody should do a great deal of
thinking It Is your duty as well as mine
to take such steps as you can to perpet
uate the present prosperity of the coun
try Senator Aldrich has received many
pressing Invitations to visit a number of
other western cities but has been com
pelled to decline all because present en
gagements take him up to the meeting
ot the commissIon on Nov 20
Washington Nov lOWlllIam E Block
I of New York has been appointed chief
special agent of the census on the Pa
cific coast in charge of the Investlga
vice than he did the prosecutions
+ Special to The HeraldRepublican
+ Washington Nov IOSalt Lake Is
+ now listed among the fifty largest +
+ postocnces ot the country and here +
+ after will be Included hr the JIlpnthly 9
+ comparison of busineSs ale LaKe +
+ displaced Allegheny Pa In the list +
+ the business at the latter office hay +
+ Ing declined because of the merger +
4 Df Allegheny Into the greater Pitts +
+ burg +
+ The receipts at the Salt Lake of +
+ fice for Octoberwere 3105G an In +
+ crease of lASS over the same month +
+ In 1008 This Is an Increase In busl +
tin ot 1688 pCr cent the fourth lar +
+ gest Increase shown by any office +
9 In the country The October receipts 9
+ at the fifty largest postofflces +
+ showed an Increase of 130000 Indl +
+ eating improved business conditions
+ generally +
+ + t + t + + ttt + t + tt + + + + + + +
t S
4 S
S 4 S
< t S
S 4
4 S k
S S ci 4t
c e
S t S
Atlantic City N J Nov 10Queen Elena oC Italy Is t become a member
of the International Congress of Mothers according to letters received from
the American embassy at Washington by the board of managers of the nafloflfll
congress at their session here today
In expressing her desire to join In the work for the welfare of children Queen
Elena declared her Intention at sending a sreeial envoy to the meeting ot the
organized mothers of the land to be held In Denver next year It 15 expected
other European sovereigns will follow suit
The managers decided to holt the national congress In Denver June 16 to 20
Negro Suspected of Murdering
Annie Pelley at Cairo Ill
in Great Danger
Cairo Ill Nov lOBecause of reports that an organized effort
iiWOuldbemad toiiight to lynch Will James the negro suspect of mur
dering Miss Annie Pelley here Monday night the prisoner was this even
ing taken from the city jail and placed in the steel cage of the county
jail The county prison is surrounded by a strong guard of policemen and
deputy sheriffs
Visitors have been arriving from nearby
Illinois towns and from many points
across the Ohio rIver and the authorities
were warned early that many of these
latter were prepared to take a leadlflg
part In any demonstration against the
negro S
I Bemore daylight today Chief 01 Police S
Egan was twice called upon to appeel to
crowds at men and boys who had started I
toward the city jail In one case he tore
a mask from the face of a man who
seemed to e leader ot the gathering and
then he prevailed upon the others to dis
perse pleading that the evldeac against
Jams was only circumstantial He plan
ned to use similar tactics tonight but or
ders were IssUed to prevent the gathering
of crowds near the jails or In the yield
Ity of the scene of the crime
The better element at the city tlfter
an outburst of Indignation early today
was tonight ready to let the law take its
course For this reason It was hoped
that the situation could be eontroll l bv
the local peace authorltlFsun
James who Is known as FroJgie be
cause ot his features was sweated by
the police this afternoon Attempts to
trace his moemen1 were made today
and considerable evidence that the police
assert tends to show that he was In the
vicinity when Miss Pelley was attacked
was obtained It also tended to rrove
that the bloodhounds were on the r 1ht
scent when they went from the alley
where Miss Pelles bOdy was otJoo to
several places where James acknowledged
to have been on the night ot the muder
I Cairo Ill Nov lOWIll James alias
The Frog the negro suspected of mar
dering Miss Annie Pelley here Monday
night was taken out at Cairo on the
northbound Illinois Central train at 7t5
p m While the negro has not con
fessed the police say they have much
evidence against him A large crowd
had gathered around the county jail and
It was feared an attempt would be made
to Inch James tonight
Information has reached here that
Sheriff Davis took James off the train
at Dongola Ill to avoid a mob that had
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E 1 Ripley of the Santh Fe Says
the PeopleRuIe This
Country I
New York Nov lOWlth The Rail
roads and the Public Approval as his I
subject Edward P Ripley presIdent of I
the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe rail
way said that after all It was the public
that Indirectly ruled the great carriers
After reviewing the history of rate leg
Islation touching on the Imperfections
of the Interstate commerce law as first
passed he said
Whatever sins may be laid at our
door however much we may have once
believed that ours was a private busi
ness to be controlled exclusively by Its
ownerS however much we have resented
or still resent the Interference of the
public as manifested In the various gov
erning bodies It Is after all the public
that Is master and we must all recognize
this To meet this situation Mr Ripley sug
gested a sincere endeavor by the rail
roads to keep In close touch with public
opinion and to Install Improvements
wherever consistent and possible even If
without hope of approval
I am sure he contnlued that I
voice the sentiment of all managing ral
road officials when I say our great de
sire 15 to please the pUblic and give It
the best possible service at the least pos
sible compensation consistent with rea
son Discriminations have long sInce passed
away and nobody Is better pleased than
the railroad man that It Is so There Is
ro desire to escape either responslblllt
or regulation
In this country the people ruleand
In the long run that system that method
or that personality that does not meet
the approbation of the public cannot sue I
I coed
Frauds Worked and Money Collected
by the Rogues Pretending Judi
cial Authority
Berlin Nov toA serIes of odd
frauds on the first provincial court of
Berlin was Interrupted tOday by the
arrest of Lather Luedlcke a former
court employe and two confederates
vlIly Warnick a professional bicy
clist and Hans MeIer a cook
The men are accused of breaking Into
the court room late In the afternoon
when no others were In the building
except the janitors By putting on the
judicial caps and robes they were able
to deceive the janitors and so were
permitted to go about their illegal oc
ctlpatlon undisturbed
At their leisure they axamlned the
court records making a note ot the
names and addresses of persons owIng
money to the court
S Helping themselves to the forms and
seals they drew up the necessary doc
uments for the collection of these debts
ana armed with forged credentials
Jlerved the same In the pretended ca
pacities of balllfts They are known
to have been successful In thirty In
When exposed they were said to be
planning a raid on the Imperial su
preme court at Lelpslc
Witnesses in the Trial of Mme
Steinheil Accused of Mur
dering Her Husband and
S Stepmother Favoring Her
Rumor That the Present Pro
ceeding May Be Abandoned
by the Prosecution and New
Investigation Entered Upon
Paris Nov WTestlmony today In the
trial of Mme Stelnhell charged with the
murder 01 her husband and her step
mother was dlllUnctly favorable to the
Marietta Wolf oook In the Stelnbell
household and her son Alexander whose
appearance was awaited with profound
interest threw to MW light on the my
tery but by s further mass of contradic
tions strengthened the Impr86 lon In the
accused womans favor Mme Stelnhell
ivrss also 1tractQd her IH8vlous dell
EtUon In which she expressed th oniniert
that the defendants Illness after the
crime was simulated and MaurIce Bor
dere a vealth merchant whom the
rtate assumes Imp Stclnhell desired to
marry testified to his absolute belief n
her Innocence
Case Breaking Down
The states circumstantial case agalnt
Mme Steinhell seems to be breaking down
aDd It Is already rumored that the trial
may be abandoned and a new Investiga
tion ordered AntiDreyfus papers like
the Llbre Parole and the Patrie have
again began to revamp their previous In
sinuations that Ute crime Involved a P04
Utlcal plot for the destructIon ot evl
denco regarding the death of exPresident
Felix Faure which the aratlDreyfutards
never have ceased to claim was due to
foul play because as they allegEd M
Faure opposed the revlllion of the Dreyfus
Louis Anethene Gregori who shot Ma
jor Dreyfus at the canonization 01 Zola
in the Pantheon in 10 bas written an
open letter to M de Valles presiding
judge demanding that he be heard on the
subject of the death ot the former pres
Ident and the antlDreyfusards seek to
give color to their Insinuations by em
phasizing the veiled threats which 111
Stelnheil repeatedly made In open rout t
to reveal her relations with promlnnt
men In every walk of life should she be
driven to baY
Judge de Valles however evidently as
sumes that former Intrigues have no bear
Ing on the case and twice has practically
defied her to draw in whatever scandal
and names she pleued You may name
whom you will he said to her
Proposed Court Reform
At the conclusIon of the StelnhelJ a6
Minister of Justice Barthou will propose
eertakt changes of procedure In the courts
of France
This decision ot the minister made
known today was influenced largely by
the criticism experienced In the Unitl
States and England of the methods now
In vogue throurh the operation of which
the presiding judge appears In the role of
M Barthou has been much impressed by
this foreign comment aDd plans to take
from the president ot the court thE func
tion of Interrogatortre and confld to
the pUblic prosecutor and the counsEl fr
Iae defense the task of examlrlng 16
aCCDsed and the witnesses
lIe would restrict the prerogatives of
the judge to a practice more In keepig
with that of the courts of AngloSdxon
countries It Is unlikely however tn1t
I any effort will be made to abolish the
general method of court procedure In all
latin countries through which the examl
nation magistrate In an exhaustive pro
hmlnary Investigation secures testimony
upon which the state establishes 18 case
agaInst the accused
It III the belief of many American law
yer here that In civil cases whhh r1l1
not tried before a jury the French SH
tern permitting the Introduction or Indi
rect evidence and even the opinion or
witnesses frequently enables thE jtulge
to arrive at a conclusion more certainly
just than doss the practice at slmiar l
courts In the Vnlted States and England
Death of Mrs U S Grant Wife of
Son of the Late President
San Diego Cal Nov toMrs r
Grant wife of a son of the late Presi
dent Grant died today ot apoplexy
She had been an invalid for years
Mr Grant wu 51 years ot age She
III survived by her husband and five
children Mrs U S Macey wife or
Lieutenant Kaeer U R N Chatfpe
Grant U S Grant IV Julia Dent Grant
and Fannie Grant
She was the daughter of the late
Senator and Mrs Chateee of Colorado
Leadville Cole Nev 10West
bound passenger train No 3 on the
Denver Rio Grande railroad went
Into the ditch at Waco early this morn
Ing the result It Is believed of a
bro en rail Several pengers were
cut by lying glass but no one was
seriously Injured The baggage anti
mall cars were demolished Traffic
was delayed several hours
Two Youths Captured and a TJzirc
Believed to Have Fallen
S S Under Wheels
Syracuse N y Nov 10An attempt to rob New York Central train
No4 the American express between Lyons and this city was frustrate
tonight and two men were arrested at the point of guns A third is be
lieved to have fallen under the train and killed
The two men arrested are now locked
up charged wltl attempted express rob I
bery They said they were George VIl
hams aged 18 and Frank Brown aged
16 and that they Jive In Buffalo
A car on the train was looted of sev
eral hundred dollars worth of silk four
weeks ago and two weeks ago detectives
were ordered to ride the train between
Buffalo and this city
When the train stopped at Lyons at 9
oclock this evening the detectives and
Express Messenger Beard noticed three
Inca with a large electric flash lamp
walking alonthe tracks examIning the
cars When They reached the car in
which the officer were concealed they
mounted the stetS and waited for te
train to pull out With tile train under
way the men nth a skeleton key turned
the lock A large chain still held the
door and this was soon pulled from the
woodwork with a clawhammer
Two men entered and ssere covered by
the officers guns
A search was made for the third man
but no trace at him could be found
The prisoners declined to say anything
about themselves

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