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Acme Asphalt Co Through
Ogden Firm Bids for City
flA < openln gun has been fired Ira Salt
flkc m the fight between the asphalt
trust and the independents and the first
haW will he decided Friday night by
th hoard or public works in awarding the
otract for the asphalt paving of Third
SIIII street tram State street to Tenth
East street
P j Moran who has been alone In the
field for three years and has Increased
tile price of asphalt paving nanny iI per i
c t IS said to be the representative of I
VII trust In Salt Lake and It was for
tlJls reason that the Barer Asphalt com
pary pulled out In 1006 and never sub
mlLd a real bid sincE that time The
Hrbpr Asphalt company Is one ot the
m U1 rompanleB In the asphalt trust and
dn a practicallY all of the asphalt work
Ir 1 e fast
Till Barber company has submitted a
f w bids during the last three years but
t v have always been ridiculously high
mi have shown no desire on the part of
at Iompany to enter the local field
RThlst Mr Moran For the paving of
Tt I Id South street for Instance thE Bar
lx r mpans bid was nearly 10000 more
th n that of Moran There Is a story
among thc contractors that Moran pas
the Barber company a bonus to keep out
or tll local field some of them placing
t Amount at 3000 a year to give the
101 11 ontraltor a clear field here
New Company Bids
Thl Independent company which has
h n making Inroads on the trust all
thNugh the country Is the Acme Asphalt
Ping company This company Is now
MagUire an
a 1 king through Strange
oj 11m firm of contractors who have
work for Salt Lake but
t C acme sewer
T r r bpfore submitted a bid for paving
fh are being used by the Acme com
I v to start the fight here
Irangt Maguire flied a bid of 14785
f the paving or Third South street last
1 lay night against 1612S6 for P J
Jran the nearest competitor The bid
Ih Barber company was about 173000
had been underbid
1r fat that Moran
i and that there was again to be real
mlpEtlUon In the field fell like a bomb
nong members of the board of works
n1 the awarding of the contract was put
or until Friday night of this week
L Is said on authority that If the Acme
Strange Maguire Is
r npany
awarded tie contract the company will
IT rnldlatel build a SOOO plant In Salt
I kE and will enter the field here In dl
T t competition to Moran The present
t gram calls for the asphalt paving of
th East street from South TempI
Inpt to the city limits the paving of
JIn street from Ninth South to Twelfth
s tl the paving or West Temple street
fro m Ninth South t0 Tenth South the
T 111 of Twelfth South street from Main
to Thirteenth East and other smaller
jobs malting a total of more than 15
mlS for the year of 1910 It will be
For 1 therefore that the fight between
U I1spha1t companies will be an Interest
b i flnp and will mean a great reduction
I Ih ot cf paving
Offer Big Surprise
Th lil of thp Ogden firm came as Ii
JfjISf to every contractor In the city
< thrl had hfEn no Intimation that the
i l ndent company intended entering
t alt Lake field which had been so
I nip1tely tied up by Moran Moran did
tl work well and quickly and there was
J It protest against the increased price
alhh h charged Besides which he has
md his money here and has spent many
thc sands of dollars In building an as
pi 1t works I
tdd there been any suggestion of com
1 Itln no doubt Moran would have cut
llgure down and would have gone to
t mat with the competing company
Oth r companies sent in bids but owing
taEir mall plants the work would
F been almost an Impossibility for
I nresent situation Is a novel one
T rsult of the first skirmish will be
kr w n Friday night when the board of
k awards the contract for the pay
If Third South street On the Fri
night following Nov 19 bids will
If fncd for the paving of Ninth East
I t from South Temple street to the
1 1l1nits which will cost In the neIgh
1 11 < of 15000 perhaps more At this
t t too It Is probable the firm of
t I ng Maguire will submit a bid act
I fllr the Acme company and It is cer
t that Moran appreciating this will
r I In a low bid
Wfe Accuses Edward Dittmer of Not
Supporting Her
Tn a separate maintenance suit Wil
I r Tnd Dittmer charges Edward Dlll
T with deserting her after twenty
rs of married ute They were mar
irl in Peterll ort German on May 11
10 and the wife says Edward left
1 n May 18 190i He earns about
s 1 I a month has UOOO In Zions Say I
I Hanle Trust company and has
hnd In the Moapa fruit district worth
duo She says she has been an In
1 < 1 for ten years Mrs Dittmer asks
t district curt for 50 a month
f jlldiU8 Lee HAmblin and Mary Eas
t Elkol Wyo
Lay Arnold and Blanche Drlnltwater
i rray
olm Webb Rlverton and Lula Beck
IS Pl j South Jordan
I O Llnlecke Farmington and
D I t Kut8chke salt Lake
WIlliam R Davis and Martha 21 Fer
g Logan
I f lnrge II Sheppard and Annie R I
M Bride Salt Lake
John Shanklin and Nellie RarWon
S t Lake
arence O Hawxhurst and Emma
Jsrerson Salt lAke
Harold E Ferry Brooklyn No Y and
M rUe 31 Laycock Salt Lake
Edgar C Howe and Clara Drake
tol Salt Lake
UNman ynlner and Olene Gjerde
SIt Lake
Po YOU kodak We finish and also ael
thl iippiles Salt Lake Photo Stipp
U 177 Main IItTt
Ask for Information
Regarding our Secured Certi
ficates before you invest your
surplus funds There is no
investment obtainable which
affords greater security togeth
er with so satisfactory a rate of
Income6 per cent per annum
payable semiannually The
safety of these Certificates is
assured by the guarantee of th
Salt Lake Security Trust
Company and also by First
Mortgages on real estate in Salt
Lake City thus being doubly
secured Our officers will take
pleasure In furnishing you with
any information pertaining
thereto which you may desire
Salt Lake
Security Trust
52 Up Main Strtt
Capital 30000000
surplus 010000000
I The merit of the Vsatch Brands
Did bring them Into fame
The good housewife this brand demands
There are none just the same
A streak of fat a streak of lean
With lots of goodness In between
Is equipped to make up all styles Loose
Leaf Ledgers Record and Account
Sheels Make the binders too Any
style any size
54 W Second outh 31
I =
Plumf5 cleaned Ijnl curled College
MiflIntry Parlors Jn Tribune bldg
A Place to Invest
You Want the
Best of Liquors
for use in your household
Ye believe that we are able
to furnish you with them
and do so quickly You tel
ephone and our messengers
will deliver
SchrammJohnson Drugs
Four Stores Where the
Cars Stop
Mark Cross Gloves for
men and women 75 cents
the hand
Ask Us About
Silver Cream
Silver Polish
For a few days we are de
voting some time to the in
troduction of this polish
which we consider the equal
of any and superior to most
Does not mar nor injure
the silver but leaves it
clean and bright
lakes the work easy and
doesnt cost much
Jars 25c and 50c
J f7e
We take orders for madetomeasure Cadet Uniforms
If Your Boy Needs
an Overcoat
Bring him here to see our Coats If style and
good tailoring are the important considerations
we know youll be pleased If
price is the important thing
youll be pleased too Quality
stands first here of course thats t
the policy behind our business
hut were just as particular to
have prices fair anti inoilerate
Boys Coats 7 to 14
Childrens Coats 4 to11
245 South Main Street
Our Investments are made In the In
termountain country Yours should b
The scientific basis or Life Insurance
has been f0 thoroughly demonstrated
and guernment supervision so strict
that Old Line LIfe Insurance Is right
fully considered the safest of invest
TribuncReporter Printing Co
66 Vest Second South Phones ili1
Theres nothing like sham In famed Wa
satch ham
Its rich and Its all to the good
lheres lean round the bone and Cat
round the lean
And Its packed too the way that It
> S
Highest price paid for strictly fresh
McCoys livery carriage and light liv
ery Both phones1sl
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co iTT Main St
it Its a surface to be painted
enameled stained varnished vr
finished In any way theres an
Acme Quality
kind for the purpose
Culmer Paint Glass Co
New Store
j I
Your shoe is the last thing you put
on but the first thing oners notice
and you will be glad to have them
Union made 214 Main
Witness Testifies Getis Father
Said Ill Drink Your
Hearts Blood
Evidence directly contradicting that
ot the several Greeks who have been
witnesses before Jude T D Lewis In
the John Kothlnftls murder trial was
brought out yesterday through Marshal
James W Grant of Binhnm Canon
who had been called early In the morn
Inr of Dec 23 last when Peter Gells was
killed Marshal Grant was a state wit
ness but his testimony proved favorable
to the defense
Grant testified that ho had been called
to the scene ot the murder at about 230
oclock In the morning He said GeUs
told him In a dying statement that he
had gone to the closet and when return
Ing had been set upon by KothlafUs who
jumped from behind the wash house and
opened fire upon him Gdtis fired five
shots while lying wounded according to
Getls statement to Grant
The Greeks who preceded Grant testi
fied that Getls told them Kothlaftis waS
In hiding behind the kitchen and that he
opened fire from there The wash house
Is on the other side of the cabin from the
kitchen Marshal Grant said there were
five empty shells In Getls revolver and
Getls had told him hI had fired all of
them at Kothlaftis With the evidence of i
Grant the state rested though there were
still several witnesses for the state un
Immediately Attorney Samuel A King
for the defense made the opening state
ment In which he said he would prove
that KothlafUs and Getls had been
friends all their lives that Gells went to
Blnham partly with money furnished by
Kothlaftls that Getis had started thc
trouble which grew so bitter that both
carried guns Getis father Attorney
Icing said had told his son to carry a
gun and kill Kothlnftls on sight He T said
many threats WEre made against Kota
laCtis all that he finally went to Gar
field to work He returned to Blnham
Gn the night of Dec 23 to get his clothes
which were In the Getls rabin and to get
some money which was held by Andrew
Rumellotis He got the money and then
went to the cabin for the clothes when
the attorney claimed Gltis opened fire
He said Getls shot Kothlaftls at least
once before the fire was returned Roth
lafUs was shot three times by Gotls and
was In the hospital for weeks Getts was
shot twice one of the wounds proving
Andrew Rumellols was the first wit
ness for the defense He said hE had
heard many threats against the life of
Kothlaftis and that one time old George
Getls father of Peter said something In
Greek which means In English
drink your hearts bleed Rumellols
said he had a draft for i50 and 70 In
cash belonging to Kothiaftis which he
turned over to him on the night of Dec
3 when he returned to Bingham from
The defense has about ton Greek wit
resses most of whom will be examined
before the trial Is ready for argument
Dr Fred L Pack Says Past Month
Has Been the Most Remarkable
for Years
Another earthquake shock in the series
which Dr Fred J Pack says Is the most
remarkable sequence of quakes ever
known In tbis section was registered on
the university seismograph at 11 oclock
yesterday morning Dr Pack after a
close examination at the record said he
felt quite sure this qualm had been clOse
at hand and perhaps of one minute dura
tion He was unable to detect any of its
other peculiarities
For the last month said Dr Pack
we have been having the most remark
able records of quakes ever known here
abouts Of course the seismograph was
put In only three years ago and before
Its Installation a quake U1tO this one
would come and go without anyone be
ing the wiser But until a month ago
there has never been a period when the
record of one shock after another was
made They have been almost daily oc
currences since then
Officers Are Elected and Other Meet
Ings Are Planned
Members of the French Language so
ciety of this city met last night at Prof
J J 1IcClllIans studio and elected of
fleets for the coming year the following
being chosen Espy T Cannon presi
dent James A Nielson secretary and
Irs Louise G McCune treasurer The
meeting was the opening one for the win
ter term and the gatherings will take
place during the season on the second
Wednesday of each month All French
speaking people of the city those who I
have studied the language and all Inter I
ested In the study are requested to be
present at tM next meeting
A program of French monologues and
dilllogues and songs with piano music
marked last nights meeting among those
taking part In the program being Rad
cliff Q Cannon James A Nielson Er
nest C Rossiter Lester N Lambert Miss
Clementlneo Portmann Irs Agnes Beck
strand Miss Rhfa Rogers Miss Clarlse
Saville Miss Robinson and Mrs Elias
A Smith
David H loffat has return from
New York and has not sold his railroad
aid Richard Owers a Denver railroad
man yesterday Upon hi return to
Denver Mr Ioffat immediately an
announced that he would continue the
construction on to Salt Lake and he
hopes to get It in here next year late In
the fall Not much construction will be
clone during the winter owing to the In
convenience or hauling materials over the
Rockies In wlntr but as soon as spring
opens the line will creep this way all
The office of the Salt Lake Route and
Oregon Short Line at Murray has within
the past few das beep equipped with a
telephone service for train dispatching
The new System completely does away
with telegraphing A number of tele
graph instruments arE still In use but
these are used mainly for the Western
Inlon messages
The funeral of Mrs Mary Judge will
be held at the residence i37 Brigham
street at 10 oclock rlllay morning
BIshop Laurence Scanlan will officiate
and the funeral will be strictly private
IrS T A Baldwin and Mm J E Wood
ward the two daughters livIng In the
east will arrive In Salt Lake tonight
Somewtlere In the classified columns of every Issue of The HeraldRe
pUblican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
dale of Issue The person whose
for either matinee or evening performance on
name appears II this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
together with a positive 1dentl
aldRepublican office before 6 oclock today
ficatlonour last subscrIption receIpt will do Read the classified adver
tisements In this IS5ul Perhaps your name Is I there
Everything Is well with Salt Lake Is
the ward that comes from W S McCoy I
nick head of the banking firm of lcCor
nick Co and big owner of business
real estate and mining Interests A
cording to statements made by him In an I
interview yesterday Salt Lake Is des I
tined for all time to be the commercial I
banking Industrial and railroad center of I
the Intermountain country
The outlook for a greater Salt Lake
is certainly bright and encouraging said I
Mr lIkCornlck On every hand there
are evidences of the wonderful growth of
the city The encouraging feature con
nected with the vast amount of building
being done Is that no sooner Is a business I
and office structure an apartment house I
or a hotel erected than tenants are found
This Is proof conclusive of a lively In
crEase In population
Salt Lake Is admirably located and by
reason of that premier geographical lora
tion It Is evident that It must continue
to grow Tributary to It are rich sectiOns
of country These sections must look U
Salt Lake as the great distributing ren
ter and the center of the banking com
merclal and Industrial business or the intermountain
termonntaln country
The great Increase In bank clearings Is
of course indicative of the gcnrl pros
perity In business circles The volume of
business generally speaking is much
greater than ever before and thlrt Is also
an Indication ota featly Increased pop
No clouds arc looming up on the hank
Ing or commercial horizon threatening
financial or Industrial storm and there Is
nothing In the way to retard the progress
of this city
That Salt Lake does a greater volume
of banking business accordIng to the i
population than does any other city In
the country probably Is evidenced by
the many banks here and the large hank
clearings Already this city has about
double the number of banks to be found
In Denver and in Omaha cities of about
twice the population Consequently I
think there arc banks enough to take care
or the business of the city for years to
comeAn oplmtst < fing Is prevaltnt
among all classes of people It seems
The demand for money has been very
great for the past few morths due to the
vast amount of building being done and
to the cal made bv merchants who are
Increasing their business capacity With
the coming of the tax paying period there
Is little likelihood that there will be a
failing off In the demand for money for
13mI time at least
North Pole of Candy Land Is
Found by Young Salt Laker
I thought I was going to get a stick
of candy and here thy hand over the
north pole said Oliver Jacobson a
student at the night school at the Y M
C A lat night First thing I know
Peary or Cook wilL bp coming along and
get me mixed up In their fight
The Jacobson lad Is classed as not much
bigger than a pint of cider despite his
16 years and during the day he works as
cash boy at the Z C M J and at night
he attends the Y 1 C A night school
where hI Is enrolled In the seventh grade
Yednesday night he drew a problem In
arithmetic which stumped him and his
embarrassment made It still harder for
him to solve his example
Fitially the teacher A J Hagen prom
iced him a stick of andy If he woul
bring the correl solution to cias last
night Oliver appeared and shyly ad
vanced his paper with the problem cor
rEctly solved and then he received his
candy Instead of the ordinary stick
Immense candy cane
however It was an cndy
which looked more like a barbers pole
than candy and the la announced that
he was ready to defend his title against
all comers Cook and Peary not excepted
Oliver announced his determination to
Olver night school course so that he
would be qualified to enter business 1
a butcher as eden as he had saved enough
capital I from son wages at the Z C 1 1
hut he round that lila course of Instruc
t and books would cst him 65 and
he dldnt have that much money tie sug
gested 1lgnln a note for the amount
and his paper was accepted by the Y 1
C A without discounting
Reduction in Price of Sugar in the
Est Not Likely to Hut
This will affect Utah sugar beets
eald the Tribune In reviewing a story
which sid appeared In the east several
weeks ago regarding a readjustment of
from New York and New
rates on sugar frm u T
Orleans to some or the cities 1 Infliana
and Ohio The opening statement how
Ohk opning
ever Is qualified by the office boy who
inserted the paragraph How deeply
Inerte raisers
affect Utah beet
this rate war may afect
ers and sugar refiners need not be point
ed out
The facts of the case are that a reduc
tion of i cents a hundred pouns In the
freight rate on sugar from New Orleans
to 100 cIties all In Indiana and Ohio ex
cept Detroit has been followed by a aim
liar reduction In the rate on sugar from
New York to these same cities
Very little Utah sugar goes east of the
Mississippi river where i can be bought
than In Salt Lake The
for a lower price Sal
and the railroads
big sugar Interests rairoads
work together so well that In any event
if the change In s freight rates In the east
should affect the Utah market a like
afect the western rate would be
made at the request of the sugar trust
The reduction of onEtwentyCfh of a
cent a pound In the freight rate In the
east will become effective Nov i
Clothed In the pompous vestments of Ill I
Clothe and wearing a smile entirely I
ll offie
out of keeping with the solemnity of the
occasion Henry Jacobs president of the
Salt Lake Y P C U will occupy the
high chair at the banquet which will be
held In the parlors of the First Congre
gatinai church next Friday night Mr
Jacobs or President Henery XII Is
known among the young people as an
earnest Christian worker and a jolly good
fellow This will not be the first gath
ering he has graced with his bright din
ner talk nor where he has quaffed a
stemln cup of coffee or chocolate to
the health and prosperity of the Chris
tian young people of Sal Lake
Among the miscellaneous business In
the United States court before Judge
Page MorrIs Wednesday was the admis
sion t practice of Attorney E C Ashton
Mr Ashton jas been n member of the
ttp courts for seral years
Many Receptions Planned to Enter
tain Distinguished Visitor
Sal Lake will have as a distinguIshed
r3ltor for the next few days Mrs Adeline
Ei Flz president general of the society
of the Daughter of the Revolutlo Mis
Flz according to a letter received by
Irs Alice M Horne state regent of the
society will arrive In Salt Lake from
Denver wi afternoon at 21S oclock
The program arranged for the enter
tainment of Mrs Fits during her stay In
gait Lake Includes a number of recp
Sal She will be met at the depot by
tons consisting of the officers and
memberK of the state socIety of the
Daughters of the Revolution and will be
sorted to the home of Mrs M Y Dou
ahI whose guest she will be during her
visit A reception In honor of Mrs Fiz
vIll be given In the evening at the home
of Mrs Phio T Farnsworth to which
36 InvItations have been Issued
13 Inviatons special recital will be given In
honor of Mrs FIts at the tabernacle Sat
irday at 12 oclock through the cour
tesy of President Joseph F Smith The
lower floor of the auditorium will be re
ierved fOT the specially Invited guests
while the gallery w1 be open lo the pubic
An ace In the hole with two show
ing thus beating his three kings in sight
mae George Fots a Greek so angry
that he picked up his chair swung I
over his head and brought It down with a
crash on the poker table scattering
poker chips all about the room The
fight occurred In a Greek gambling house
in Greek town Gotis was arrested at
last midnight and taken to the polt
station where It took three powerful pa
trolmen to hold him long enough to re
move his money belt He was crazy
drunk Beside 00 in gold be had a
pocket full of poker chips which he
I claimed were worth 6
Members of the Retail Clerks associa
ton ot Salt LakE have appointed com
mitte to visit the various labor unions
ot the city to enlist support for the union
of clerks by asking to Fee the union card
when they enter a store The clerks
associaton has shown a continual gain In
membership five new members being Inl
tinted at the regular meeting this week
The clerks who will visit the other unions
will explain the purposes of the clerks
At a meting of the junior class yester
day noon In assembly room No 2 It was
decided that the annual dance would be
I dcded Friday evening Dec 3 The date
vas previous set for Dec 10 but owing
to the Sigma Chi affair coming at the
I same tIm thE change was made
President Reginald Wallace announced
that any member who had not paid his
dues would b deprIved of tle prviege I
In chase athletics He alee
of taking par claa athltc alp
stated that all members of the football
team would be given complimentary tIt
cts to the dance
Book Inspection was again held yestrr
day at the first period every book In the
school elng graded according to Its ap
peamance Students possessing un pas
able books will be required to furnish
new ones
The work of removing the herial fee
wires of the Utah Light Railway com
pany to the underground conduits within
the paved district Is progressing rapidly
and will be completed within a short
time The West Temple street wires have
been attached to the underground cable
conduit and also along the Warm Springs
line within the paved dlstJict An In
creased force of linemen Is engaged i
removing the wires from the pole
Prosecutions Against Promi
nent Salt Lake Men Are
Acting on a motion made before him by
the attorneys for the government Judge
Page Morris sitting In the federal court
here yesterday dismissed the Indictment
charging Charles M Freed Walter G
Filer Don C Robbins and EdwIn W
Senior all well known residents of Utah
I I lt a criminal violation of the federal
l and < Jaws The case was one of many
started under the campam of the gov
ernment to reclaim coal lands alleged to
have len obtained by fraud In the west
and to punish the supposed guilty persons
At the time of the first prosecutions
the federal grand jury returned an In
dlctmEnt In 19 against the persons
famed for obtaIning about 40 acres of
coal lands In Emery county fraud being
alleged In the use of socaled dummy
Since the Indictment was returned the
trial ot the case has ben postpone from
time to time owing to the ill health of
Mr FrEed and on account of similar
cases pending in the United State courts
The dismissal of the cass yesterday
followed a thorough investigation by
olonll Hiram E Booth Unite States
dlstrkt attorney for Utah and Fred A
Maynard special assistant to the attor
ny general these two officials having
I been advied In a telegram from the at
torney gEneral that it was the opinion
of that official that the case should be
dismissed The report to the attorney
I greral advising the lllsmissal of thE
eases wis made It Is said because at the
I great difficulty In establishing a cap of
fraud and because It was found that a
I complete remedy for the recover of thc
land lay In the land department Itself
for the lands In
I sIms that the patent
I Emery county had not Issued the per
s n Indidell havlg only an equitable
tltl to the land through receivers re
clpts whih WEre assigned by the var
US entrvrpn to C 1L Freed Following
th policy of the department of justice
at Washington to leave wherever pos
ible the rEcovery of lands to the pro
cedure In the lana department the rc
ommendation for nolo pressing the In
dlctmEnt was made
The government not only expects to
rt > rover the lands but the land depart
ment will retain the purchase price of
110 paId by the entrymEn
Part of Plant Destroyed by Fire Will
Be Replaced and Capacity
Directors of the Utah Oil Refining com
pany whose plant In Fourth Wet street
between Eighth and Ninth North was
damaged by fire this week met Wednes
day and appropriate money for extensive
Improvements Telegrams have bfn sent
ordering machinery and constrUction ma
I terial and according to J C Howard
secretarytraurcr of the company the
plant will be running in full shape aaln
In three weeks
thre week
The loss In the fire was between 100
and 150U0 representing about onffh
of the value of the plant The new plant
wlil be made fireproof by the erection
of fire walls between the stills and the
fr and between the tanks and the
receiving house
The fire did not stop operations at the
ret of the plant and according to the
officials of the concern thi prospects
ahead are for a large amount of busi
ness The capacity at the old plant was
about barrels a day and this will be
doubled In the new plant through the
erection of the latest type of stills and the
making of other Improvements
Culprit Blames Patrolman Kast for
His Offence
After testifying that he had ben Induced
ACer testfying
ducld by Patrolman A M Kast to regIs
ter in the municipal eletoQ and stating
that owing to deafness he dill not under
stand the oath he had taken George
Shade until recently an inmate of the
county Infirmary was bound over to the
district court by Judge J 11 Bowman
yesterday morning and hIs bal fixed at
0 Shade sid that Patrolman East wa
dressed In street clothes and that he con
ducte himself and two other unfortu
nate to the placE of registratIon In the
Herald building He said he had no crlr
Inal Intent In voting and had acted under
the orders of East whom he feared
Suit to force officers of the Dalv Vest
MinIng company to permit an examln
tlon of the books and charging fraud and
mlimanafmpnt was started yeti iy
before Judge George G Armstrong H
Otto Hangs H R MacMillan and John
J Daly fed suit against JosIah Bnrntt
secretary and Herbert S Cohen assist
ant secretary of the Daly West Plain
tiffs arc stockhlders and Inst thy have
a right to examine the book OWcr
of the Daly Vest claim the suit Is In the
Interest or the Ontario Mining company
I rival company both with mines at
Park City
Joeph C Armstrong and Miss Millie
C Christensen both of Sal Lake were
united in marriage at 9 oclock last night
at the home of Irs M Christensen
mother of the bride No7 McDonalds
court the ceremony being performed by
the Rev P A Simpkin pastor ot Phi
lips Congregational church About a
score of the friends o the young couple
were In attendance The couple will make
their home at the old Armstrong home
stead No 16 South Fourth West street
HRoyal Stale Bread Depot
Open 3 to 5 p m daily Entrance on
OPl South Good bread very cheap
to Purchase the Grand
Negotiations t Purchse Grnd
Theatre for Shubert Attractions
Are Called Off
Negotiations for the sale of the Grand
thetre in Salt Lake to Frank Knox
and Gus S Holmes which had been en
for some time were called off yesterday
after a conference with the owners In
which a representative of the Shubrt
was present The Shuberts have ar
rangement with the Lyric theatre
whereby this house will be used for
Shubert attractions until another can
atractons untl anoter cn
be procured or built and It was plane
that i Knox and Holmes procure the
Grand I would be remodeled and use
for the Shubert shows The Grand
could not be bought however without
taking over a lease for four years
which was held at what was regarded
and this was
as an exorbitant figure
the reason for the failure ot the deal
The representative ot the Shubert
syndicate expect to close a del for a
terday expects to close a del for a
Shubert house in Salt Lake within the
next few days and this will probably
mean the building of a new playhouse
In Sal Lake
Switchmen Use Workday Language
to Indicate Dances
Members of Salt Lake lodge No 19
Switchmens union ot North America
held their fourth annual bail last night
at the new dancing academy Odeon hal
The program which with the regular
dances and the extra was made up ot
about twentytour numbers was unique
each number being labeled with a phrase
referring to some feature In the switch
mens daily routine winding up with
Home Sweet Home which was appro
priately labeled register In Commit
tees lows In charge of the affair were a fol
Arran ementsohn Baes H Single
ton J E McLaughlin S E Yates C L
Smith Floor committeeSam Shell H
Singleton C L Smith J C Addams J
E McLaughlin Ernest Ritch S E
Yates Reception commltee W Lve
E Holnder H M Bentley B F
Charles G R Klentz D Heyrand H E
Pugh M lcKane Sam Hoover Jolla
Bayes E R Beckwih J A Smith F
A Bullock S H Smith E N Johnson
F C Tlber Fred Wagner H Hughes
DoorJ H Cox
After a thorough investigation of the
circumstances surrounding the death of
Ernest Goring an aged German at the
CrEscent rooming house 35 South State
street last Monday night the police have
reached the conclusion that the death
was due to an accident Acting Coroner
Stanley A Hanks has not been called Into
the case Dr M R Stewart stating that
the fatal Injury was caused by a fall
Edmund Goring the son says his fathEr
should have had some money but i has
been ascertained by the police that Got
ing was drinking healy and might easily
ly have lost his money The Goring fam
Iy resides at No 5 Clover street
In the federal court Wednesday Ferdi
nand H Olsen an automobile and bicycle
repairer of Provo was adjudged a bank
rupt on a voluntary petition C H Bi
lings Sons merchants at Jensen UJn
tah county and Julia C Blair of Ogden
were adjudged involuntary bankrupts
R L nbour of Ioab Grand county
Utah yesterday med in the stat engi
neers office an application for a water
right to provide for the irrigation or a
160acre tract of land on the La Sal ta
10acre tonal forest reserve The source of he
supply will be In Brumley creek Jl the
water wi be carried a distance of two
E Wilson pleaded guilty In police court
yesterday morning to embezzlement Mis
E Wilson pleaded not guilty Tie man
was placed under 10 bond and his wife
will be ghen a preliminary hearlg Dec I
0 It Is alleged that the couple rented
a rooming house at No 29 East Second
South street and mortgage thc furniture I
for 3 the following morningS S
BLACKMANIn this city Nov Iaa
Taylor Blackman In his thlrtyfourtll
Funeral services will be held In the S
D Evans mortuary chapel 45 Soul
State street tomorrow at S p m Inter
ment In Mt OUvet O R conductors
and Elks Invited
MDOWBLLMrs Samuel McDowel
lIlDOTELLMrs Samuel McDowell for
merly of Salt Lake died at Reno ie
mry Sunday night after a short Illness
ness of pneumonia Friends of the fam
nes Ily have received word of the death
The hav body recvd wl b tAke to Chicago for
SNOWAt the residence U G street
fNOVAt Nov 10 Katherine Snow
daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur E
Snow age 4 years
Funeral notIce later
PROCTORAt the residence 4 Eighth
East Nov 10 at old age Mrs Elza
Est of the late John
beth Proctor widow t Joll
Proctor aged is years
Funeral services YPR wi be held In the
Tenth ward chapel Sunday at 12 m
Friends war Invite Interment In City come
teryLYNEAt Lark Utah on Nov 1 1m
HArT Lark yne aged 42 year
and S days
Funeral srlc will be held from the
Fneral Eber W Hal 1s South Wet
I mpie street on Friday Nov 11 at 11O
a m under the auspices ot Excelsior
a 1065 Modern Woodmen ot America
camp 10 Ioern Womn
Interment II I OUvet cemetery
GORINGIn this city Nov 8 Erf t
E Goring husband of EmmA Goring
and father of Edmond F Goring born
July 21 1845 In Germany
Funeral services today at Z p m In the
funeral chapel of Joseph William Taylor
51 South West Temple street Friend
I are Invited Interment In City cemeter
er 11 S W Temple Both phones 101
Association Consider Equipment ct
10000 Feet of Floor Space
The change In quarters of the Utah
Manufacturers assocIatIon was tl
subject of discussion at a meeting of
the board ot directors of the soca
tionat the Cullen hotel yesterday aft
ton Shortly after the first of the
year ernon the association will have head
quarters In the Vermont building oa
South Temple street
Suth association Is to occupy the en
tire ground floor of the new buidl <
and the matter of equipping the 10u1
square feet ot floor space Is momen
tous Matter pertainIng to th re
moval were discussed from every vle
moal point and a regular campaign Inaug
urated for the coming two month
with Secretary D F Colett at the
head It was reported that over ti f
hed I
manufacturer ot the state have desig
nated their Intention of making e
hibits In the building
Secretary Colet has received word
that the wards ot Nebo stake Utah
county ifIL take up the subject or
home industries at the church services
next Sunday
The Utah Gu Coke company won th
suit for 20 fed against It by Jams
E Christensen A jury In Jude M I
Ritchies court returned a verdict for ne I
defense Christensen asked 0 for I
injury Feb 19 19 when he lost several
Central Christian church wl hold It
regular monthly meeting this aCernoo
reglar home of Ir White 11 Virginia I
avenue Federal Height AU Interest1
In missionary work are invited

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