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Ogden News
I Offlce410 Twentyflfth street
ClrculaUon Department fifth Street 66 Twenty I
Railroad Officials Are Carrying Out
the Ideas of the Late BAil
road Magnate
SpecIal to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10Havlng In mind the
suggestions of the late Edward H Har
rIman to put In double tracks cut out
short curves and high grades and estab
lish a block system on every mile of raIl
rnad officials are pushing these Improve
muts In several sections of the west
Before the death of President Harri
man the double tracking of the Union
PHlflc between Ogden and Omaha was
begun and will be completed within th
11lxt three years Block systems were In
Ftllhd on the Harriman system before
the death of the railroad king and the
wJrk IS still going on The double
trlrkln of the Oregon Short Line bl
tWtpn Ogden and Salt Lake Is nearly half
mpleted and will be finished during the
coming year Similar work Is being car
ricd on at the present by the Oregon
Short Line In Idaho
R cognizing the value of double tracks
In the saving oC lives and rolling stock
oth r roads have taken up the idea be
sids those comprising the Harriman sys
t m The recent statement of President
Rlpllv oC the Santa Ie In which he de
Iilred that his company would soon start
tIE double tracking of Its line between
I ago and Los Angeles Indicates that
rJlroad companies havE concluded that
n ltwlthBtandlnS the enormous cost oC the
wcrk It wlll be a saving in the end and
will greatly lessen railroad fatalities
Th Denver Rio Grande has already
Installed a double track between Salt
Like and Bingham Junction and when
thc Western Pacific completes its line
Into Salt Lake it Is announced that a
doublE track will be extended many miles
Although the cost of doubletracking
the Denver Rio Grande betweEn this
city and Denver would be ImmEnse It is
the opinion of many railroad men that
this will be started within the next few
Nevada Sheriff With Extradition Al
lows the Prisoner to Appear
Later On
Special to The HeraldREpubUcan
Ogden Nov 10In behalf of the state
lof Utah in the municipal court this morn
leg County Attorney David Jensen mowed
tue court to dismiss the case against My
r n C Fitzpatrick Dcfendant was
charged with being a fugitive from jus
t It being tatet1 In the complaint that
Fltzpatrlck on Oct 30 of this year fle1
from LincoJo1 count Nevada being
charged 1th embezzlement
111 < complaint recites that on Aug 3
1 oo Fitzpatrick took from the bank of
rOt i he Nev the sum of 1000
Mr Fitz
TIll case was dismissed and
ptnck was released from custody His
freedom however was of short duration
fJr Sheriff O N Smith of Llnln coun
ty Nevada armed with 4xtradltlon pa
TJcrs from the governor of Utah placed
hm under arrest
Mr FitzpatrIck though will not accom
Sheriff Smith to Nevada at this
t pny
It me His attorney and the attorney
I Sheriff Smith got together and arranged
1 1 fr Mr Fitzpatrick to fix up his business
t affairs here and thEn govoiuntarily
Celestial Empire Sends FiftyThree
Youths to Washington
Iecial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10A party of Clftthree
C lIieSe students passed through Ogden
This morning en route to Washington D
K f where they will be distributed to van
rnhs unIversities This party of students
10US 1 tht vanguard of several hundred the
t < lllnese government is sending to the
It nitId States as a mark of appreciation
f Jr the remission of the Boxer Indemnity
ftr 1 af about 10000000
The boys arrived In San Francisco
about four days ago
Special to TIle HeraldRepublican
O len Nov 10Postwaster ShurtllCf
in l hIs corps of assistants are happy to
d y because oC the fact that the electric
1 xturs have at last been Installed In the
if 1 ral building antI the pUtoCfice will
tb permitted to move from the old fJuar
Itc rs to the new next Sunday The mve
IJ s been planned for Sunday because
tti 1t day affords more time to the em
rys than any other day
ISpEcial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10ltfr a weeks illness
Mrs Sarah LotECla lrUrdtney died at
tll family residencE 2929 Llneoln ave
11 u last night at 956 oclock at the age
y j ears
Mr MeDrathey was born In South
1 lIps but has been a resident of Utah
t F1any years She Is survIved by her
husband William llcBratne two chil
dren five sisters three brothers and her
parents who reside at Pocatello
The funeral services w1 be held Fri
day afternoon at 2 oclock at the First
ward meting hous The remains may
be seen In the casket at the Jesldence
on the day of the funeral from 10 a m
until 1 p m Interment will be made In
the City cemetery
Special Meeting Will Be Held to Pass
Upon Request of the Bamber
ger Road
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10Bills for damages and
for street paving were considered by the
city council at an adjourned meeting to
night and the council decided to hOldan
other special meeting Friday at 8 p m
to consider the request of SImon Bam
berger that he be allowed to operate the
trains of the Salt Lake Ogden rail
road by steam in Lincoln avenue until
Ie can complete the electrification of the
road At this time the property owners
along the road will be Invited to present
their views and It Is expected that the
fight of the Oregon Short Line to prevent
the entrance oC the Bamberger line will
IJe continued
The claim of C C Wilson for 500 on
account of Injuries received when he
drove Into an open sewer trench was filed
with the recommendation of the law com
mittee that It be not allowed A claim
oC 700 entered by D D Gratton who was
Injured when he drove over a guy wire
In the street went the same way
The sidewalks committee recommended
that the bid of the ONel1l Construction
company of 600 t for sidewalks In district
No 103 be accepted and the contract was
authorized The bill oC 2249 of the
Wheelwright Construction company for
curbing and guttering In district No lOu
was referred to the sidewalks committee
This company was allowed 36jfor
walk Intersections
The second partial estimate at P J
Moran for paving In district No 100
amounting to 16051 was referred to the
pavIng committee The councIl passed
the ordinance creating paving district No
105 and district No 100
Special to The HcraldRepublican
Ogden Nov lOW M Lindsay was
arrested here this afternoon and later
he confessed to the robbery of the L H
Beacratt store estrday morning when
the plate glass front was broken and a
shotgun and a rifle were taken The
guns were found later In a local pawn
shop Lindsay Is said to have stated
In his confession that he used a glasscutter
cuttEr on the front of the store but the
window does not bear this statement out
and the dlscrepanc Js not explained by
the police
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10Westbound passenger
train No 3 on the Denver Rio Grande
railroad went ilto the ditch at Vaco
early this mornln the result It Is be
lieved of a broken rail Several passen
gers were cut by flying glass but no one
was seriously Injured The baggage and
mall cars were demolished Traffic was
delayed several hours
Permit Issued to J Stanley Dee for
New Building
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 10In the application of J
Stanley Dee for a permit to erect a busi
ness block on Grant avenue It Is stated
that the building will have a frontage jf
45 feet and will be US feet deep The
cost of the block will be 11000 and it
will be two stories high The laying ot
the foundation which will be of con
crete will soon be begun The building
site Is immediately south of the Brown
Ing Brothers garage on Grant avenu
between Twentyfourth and Twenty
fIfth streets The block will be used for
business purposes and for rooming apart
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov iOPrlnclpal Cross of the
High school has just had printed a re
port blank for the students The object
of the report is to keep In touch with the
students prJgreS and also to advise tile
parents of what Is being accomplished by
their children
Game Plentiful In Mountains but
Hard to Track
SpecIal to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield Nov 10Deput State Game
Warden Brig Iadsen and District ar
den Hanchett returned from the Fish
Lake district yesterday brInging two Cine
leer The deer araplentiful In the moun
tains but as no snow has fallen It Is
hard to track them A party of six hunt
ers headed by Toe Nielsen ot this city
spent several days on Cove mountalrl and
they returned Monday with three Cine
deer One that Nielsen and his brother
I shot wefhed over 300 pounds when
dressed S
Nothing equals circulation when re
sults are wanted The
has quantity and Quality
fT 1250 1750
Values to 10000Yercoats an1
Snits of the very best qualities styles
iii and fabrics Theyre samples theyle
1 the best the luannfartulers have to
oUrI Ve charge j515 20 alHl 25
lcgularly Choice now at 1250
a 1750 and 2150
Sample Suit House
State Street Bungalow Theatre Bldg
Heart Failure
Of the many deaths from heart
failure very few realize in advance
the seriousness of their condition
Yben the heart shows a weakness
sucI as palpitation short breath
pain in chest and in side it needs
attention just as much as other
organs do when they fail to do their
work well For any condition of
heart trouble you can rely on
Dr Miles Heart Remedy
It witl strengthen and regulate the
heart action and enable it to over
come the strain upon its weakened
Iliad heart trouble My son In
duced me to try Dr Miles Hetrt Rem
edy I took In all four bottI s for no
complete cure
MRS 1If E MARVIN Marion Ind
The first bottle will benefit If not
your druggist will return your money
are read In the homes of Salt Lake City
than any other paper
Mrs Emma Elizabeth Smith aged 50
wife oC Henry J Smith died suddenly of
heart disease this morning at the family
residence 723 South West Temple street
Real Estate values are increasing in
Salt Lake City The
Classified pages tell you woat to buy
and where
One Doctor
Have only one doctorjust one I No
sense in running from one doctor to
another Select the best one then
stand by him No sense in trying
I I this thing that thing for your cough
Carefully deliberately select the best
cough medicine then take it Which
I one is the best Ask your doctor
Ask him about Ayer Cherry Pectoral Jar
throat and lung troubles Dodo have
preJuibed it Jar 70 yean O rif i
Many cases of sickness would have I
been avoided had a cup of good
Tea been taken at the right time
Nothing more healthy than a cup r
of I
Uncolored Tea
are read In the homes of Salt Lake Cit
than any other paper
A good deal ot today really
Important news 111 to be found 1n
the ads
t p
l 0
I Hunvadi
half glass
I upon arising
I I in the morning
I and enjoy good
health all
It is The Best
I Natural Laxative Water
When proper used gin Is ont of
best remedies for kidney and bladj r t
ble Best results are secured Wrl
in the following prescription Six wi
good pure gin onehalf ounce N
compound onehalf ounce fluid xTl
Buchu Take In doses of ont to t I
teaspoonfuls three times a day aF
Backache frequent and scanty urll
tlon highly colored urine pain In thor r
or grOin dizziness puffiness undr 1
yes rheumatic pains are ymptlm
kidney and bladdEr trouble which h l
have prompt attention to prevent ehi
rheumatism Brights disease or dl
Any good druggist can furnish or miX J
above Inerfdlpnt
Prompt and efficient in all chldril
disorders cnntalm no oplat 1
and Safe Tn 11i40 sine 14
GiveS Intense heat
PERFECTrfiNctvC9 smoke or
smell becau
Ail equipped with
OIL HEl I Ii1 smokeless Easily l cleaned device
IqlppdwIthSIuDIe Made m two flniehim
nickel sisl Japan llama nine boors ETtry t ar
ITIted Jf you cannot get bMtel 01 lnfunLit 11
from your dealerwzlte to nearest IIeBCT for 1 NU11
Heres What Yotfre Looking For
A Great Sale at the eeWestern
1 Our entire stock of mens and
womens Uptotheminute
wearing apparel at
SOc on the Dollar
i >
Ill A sale involving the largest and best I
w selection of readytowear garments in
the city the cream of the greatest East
I j em manufacturers bought by our ex
ceptionally clever New York represen
tative at much less than regular Con j
I j S sequence is we can make reductions
that would be impossible in other stores
WQmens newest tailored suits gowns hats petticoats long titfitting coats and waists t
1 half regular prices
I Mens latest models suits and overcoats priced at just half
I A SPECIALChoice of any gSOO or 1000 4 00
trimmed hat in the store for 0
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i PRICEHALF OFFthen pay only a small amount down after that while youre enjoying th
use of the clothes we ask only I
100 a Week400 a Month
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j The payment a
we ask no ques
1 way is the only tions select
i I =
Opposed to Missi35ippi River Project
Because the Cost Would Exceed
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo Nov 10Unlted States Senator
Reed Smoot arrived home today after a
lengthy trip to the south wIth PresIdent
VlIliam H Taft and part Senator
Smoot declared himself delighted with
the trIp and said that he gained much I
Information on the trIp that will be of
value to him He Is In excellent health
and will remain In Prove until he finishes
some private business
As a recuR of Inquiry and observation
Senator Smoot says he will not vote for
an appropriation for the Improvement of I
the Mississippi river In line with the
plan for a deep waterway from the lakes
to the gulf He believes that the plan
Is not feasible owing to the condition of
the Mississippi river He gave several
reasons for not being In favor of the
Senator Smoot declares that owing tb
the condition of the river Its banks and
bottom shift greatly He says It would
cost a great deal more to make the river
navigable In accordance with the pro
posed plan than would be gained He
said that lt would cost less to build rail
roads along both banks of the rlyer than
to make the river navigable for ocean
going boats Owing to these conditions
he regretted that he could not conscien
tiously cast his ballot for a bIg appro
priation for the project Ifs o however he
Is shown that the plan can De carried out
successfully and advantageously he will
be In favor oC the Improvement
Senator Smoot was In Chicago and
heard Senator Nelson W Aldrich make
an address on the money problem Sen
ator Smoot said that he agrees with Mr
AldrIch on th question and hopes to see
a great central bank In control of the
financial situation He said that he be
lieved such a scheme will be worked out
but not for a few years until the finan
cial men of the country fully understand
it In his opInion a central bank will
be flexible enough to meet conditions
Residence Promptly Quarantined and
All Exposed Persons Will Be
Vaccinated or Isolated
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo Nov 10The residence of B
H Bullock vt this place has been quar
antined as the result of the discovery
of a case of smallpox the victim of the
disease being Arthur Broadhead 12 years
of age Mrs Bullock Is an active worker
In the primary association of the Third
ward this city and after an entertain
ment which was held a few evenings ago
a quantity of Ice cream was sent to the
home and several young people gathered
to enjoy the refreshments
While they were there the Broadhe l
lad was taken quite Ill and Dr H G
Ierrlll acting city physician was sum
moned He pronounced the boys case
In the meantime several of the score or
morE visitors at the home had left the i
place These have been hunted up and
those who will not submit to vacclnat ri
will be quarantined In their homes here
for two weeks A considerable are has
been caused here over the outbreak
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield Nov 10Two Richfield girls
Edna Ogllle and Lola Farnsworth were
driving along the banks of the VcrmllUon
canal when for some unaccountable rea
son the horses became unmanageable and
backed the buggy Into the water Th
neckyoke slipped and the buggy cap
rlzed throwing both girls Into the cane
which was running bank full The
scrambled to the bank but not befor
they were drenched with the icy waters
They were several miles from home and
suffered much from the cold and ex
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield Nov 10charles Pierotti an
artist In the working of Keene cement
Into the semblance of marble has placed
a wainscotting of Imitation Italian mar
ble in the State Bank of Sevier The >
work Is so perfect that only the ee of
an expert could distinguish it from tho
genuine marble
Margaret IlIington Frohman Is Now
Free to Marry Again
Reno Nev Nov 10Margaret IIlington
Frohman wife of Daniel Frohman tho
New York theatrical man was grant > d
an absolute decree of divorce from hrr
husband by Judge Pike this afternoon
The hearing occupied the district court
for only 25 minutes but one other wit
ness besides the plaintiff testifying The
grounds were nonsupport A document
accepting servIces and waiving all right
to answergworn to be Daniel Frohmans
was read during the hearing
Culebra Cut Will Be Completed in
Four Years Without Doubt
Washington Nov 10The cut at Cu
lebra the backbone of the Isthmus of
Panama was qalf completed on Oct 23
accordIng to reports from the canal zone
At that time 30002299 cubic yards had
bejW excavated and a similar amount of
digging remained to be done
This gigantic cut will be nine mIles long
and will have a width of 300 feet at the
bottom which will be 40 feet above sea
level the normal level of the water be
Ing fixed at 55 feet above the sea Its
completion Is said to be assured within
four years
In a complaint Issued by the county at
torney yesterday Harry Lang Is charged
with having sold without license four
bottles of bEer to C L ShetUer and
Charles Hanson on Nov 10 at his store
near the corner of Fifth East and
I Twelfth South streets
Unknowing Victim of Internal
Parasite for Years Is Her
A gruesome statement was made re
cently by the Cooper stomach man
which has been aro1f5lng widespread
comment in Salt Lake and now seems
to be borne out by facts
At that time the stomach man said
that he believed Internal parasites or
tapeworms to be responsible for a great
deal of m health He further said that
durIng his visit thousands of persons
taking his remedies would be relieved
of one of these tapeworms and that
many of the creatures would be brought
to him by people who had this experi
These claims he seems to be making
good in Salt Lake During the last tWI
days a surprising number at persons
have been bringing these parasites to
Smiths Busy Corner drug store at
Main and Second South streets where
the stomach man Is making his head
quarters One young woman brought a
parasite that proved to be over thirty
feet in length and required a large glass
bottle to contain It The thing was still
alive and was moving perceptibly
In speaking of her experience this
young woman said Under no cir
cumstances will 1 allow my name pub
lished In connection with this matter
I will say however that I have been
ill about three years with what I
thought was stomach and liver trouble
I hve taken a great deal of medicine
but nothing helped me I had a gnaw
ing faint sensation at the pit of the
stomach was very nervous and was
always feeling as though something
dreadful was about to happen to me
My appetite was irregular and I did
not sleep well I bloated after eating
and tired very easily I did not seem
to have much ambition and felt dull
and languid most of the time
I came here and bought some of the
Cooper medicine last week This morn
Ing about 8 oclock this fearful thing
left my system I dont wonder I have
been sick all the time
The stomach man who Is now re
ceiving an Immense number of callers
each day In speaking of these parasites
said It 18 the same way everywhere
1 go I sell my medicine on trial for
stomach trouble and within a few das
people begin to bring these parasites to
me As I said before they are re
sponsible for an endless amount of suf
fering A man or woman may have
one of the things for years and never
realize what is the cause of their ill
My theory Is that very few can be
sick with a good sound stomach My
medicine does nothing but put the
stomach In a normal healthy condition
It Is not a cureall but purely a stom
ach regulator Yet It is my belief
and it has met with a great deal of
successthat constipation kidney and
liver troubles bad blood headaches
dIzziness nervous prostration and hosts
of other diseases will disappear when
the stomach is restored to a healthy
normal condition The blood Is the
basis of all health and unless the stom
ach is manufacturing virile rich blood
the entire system is bound to be thrown
more or les out of gear
Edward Evrtt Hale who was consid
fred r rf tl lfl st popular writers of
his tIme vet whose tstate just Inven
tcrled amounts to only Ql32 His copy
rights are valued at only 1500 and his
collection of autographic letters at ZOOO
Cleveland Press
A Cleveland minister frequently called
out of the city had lwas arranged Cor
some one to stay with his wife and little
girl during his absence Recently how
ever he was called away 00 suddenly that
he had no opportunity to provide a guard
Ian The wife was very brave during the
early evening but after dark had ralll
her courage began to Call She stayed
up with her little girl till therE was no
excus for staying longer and then took
her upstairs to bed
Now go to sleep dearie she I1d
Dont be afraid God wlll protect you
YES mothEr answered the little girl
thatll be all right tonight but next time
lets make better arrangements
Philadelphia Record
OArchblshop P J Ran of this city owes
the children at the orphanage malnthlned
by the Altoona diocese oC the Catholic
church a treat of candy and they are Im
patiently waiting for him to return here
so he can buy the best
The archbishop who was there attend
Ing the ruby jubilee of Bishop E A Car
ey was taken to the orphanage at Cres
on by the bishop and delighted the little
folks with hIs famous stories
Why Is a stick of candy like a horse
he suddenly asked
I know piped a bit of a lad Cause
the more you lick It the faster It goes
I Suffragist Scored in New York I
I f r 4
ret S
= i
Mrs Pankhurst the English militant
sUffragist who has just arrived from
London to assist the cause In America
and who was scored severely by Mrs
William rr Ivins before the Troy con
vention of the New York State fomans
Suffrage association Speaking upon mll
Itantlsm Mrs Ivins said
In their obedience to mllIta metbcHla
they have become In spirit female Tom
my Atkinses a point to which the Amer
Ican women wlll never be brought while
the world stands Ve rarely take much
stock In martyrs
Story of f Alleged Vire Tapping
Which Appears to Have No
Denver Nov 10Probably between 50
000 and 0000 was secured In thIs city
and suburbs and In Salt Lake yesterday
as the result of what 18 believed to have
been a cleverly executed Job of wire
tapping near the Latonia race track and
In which the odds on Howard Pearson
the wInner of the sixth race at that
track were boosted from 7 to 1 to 20 and
even as high as 40 to 1
Hand bookmakers here and at the sub
urbs of Englewood and Littleton reltlc
tantly admit that they lost heavily on the
race and many of the local bookmakers
today are refusing to pay bets on the
According to one local bookmaker the
odds apparently were changed before
post time and the boost from 7 to 1
to 20 to 1 does not seem to have caused
suspicion It the wire was tapped the
post odds were held lack and the false
odds sent Then the plunge was made
and as the Up on the horse apparently
was general nearly every bookmaker
around Denver lost I
It Is also stated that the operations ex
tended to Chicago
Proprietors and employes of the local
pool room do not take the reported wIre
tapping deal seriously saying they be
lieve there is no foundation for the Den
er story In the first place they say
that when an occasional wiretapping Is
put over It is done right and It Is as
easy to hold out a winner and then send
In the report after money has been wa
gered as It would be to send out Cake
At the local pool room Howard Pear
son the winner In the last race at La
tonia Wednesday opened at 20 to I and
was then backed down to 8 to 1 Only a
few Salt Lake men placed their money
r n thE winner and nothing unusual was
noted in the betting save that It was
ttincinnati Nov 10Those who control
the Latonia wires announced tonight
that they will start tomorrow a rigorous
Investigation Into the alleged wiretap
ping at the Latonia race track reported
from Denver They assert that they have
had no previous information on the sub
ject and are Inclined to discredit the re
port but the local sporting men take a
different view
A well known racing authority said he
had good grounds for believing wire
tapping had been carried on here for
some time and he had made personal but I
unsuccessful efforts to trace the offender I
Petition Filed by Martin W Little
ton Makes Some Pretty Strong
Washington Nov 10A petition for a
writ of certiorari to have the supreme
court of the United States review the
judgment of the circuit court of appeals
In the case of Charles W Morse the lee
king convIcted ot misapproprIation of
funds of the National Bank of North
AmerIca was med today by Martin W
Littleton counsel for Mr Morse
Formal presentation of the motion will
be made by Mr Littleton next lo1day
Mr Morse Is under sentence of fifteen
years in the federal prison at Atlanta
The supreme court will search the rec
ords of criminal cases In vain to discover
a parallel to this case declared Mr
Littleton In his petition He charged
that the naked facts were overdreled
In the Indictment of Morse that when
properly understood and clearly stated
they show that the petitioner did no
more than procure others to make the
loans at the bank suported by ample col
lateral which loans he informed the bank
were his In fact and pledged his then
sufficient fortune to their payment that
these loans were from time to time paid
off and the bank allowed to take the
profit In the rise of the collateral which
took place from time to time
The freedom allowed to Insert In the In
dictment several counts he urged had
been perverted Into a perfect debauchery
of pleading The practice of IItttlng up
as many features of alleged criminal coq
duct as would Insure the governmeFlt
against an unfortunate technical lapse
tad been employed he said to smother
the Issue obscure the questions to be de
ddd and confound the jury In a be
wildering plethora oC turgid phraseology
Mr Littleton claimed that the trial
court erred in submitting on the misap
plication counts the Intent to deceive
which was not alleged In the indictment
and that the sentence was void because
Morse had been sentenced to imprison
ment of fifteen years on the count when
I under the statute he could only be sen
tenced not to exceed ten years
Its necessaryto know valuEs
and oughttobE prices of things
nowadaysand to do so you must
read the ads
Ladle Home Journal
For once the American bad dlscor
snhthing Brltlllh that wall better
au thing that could be prod ed ar <
the pond Ilia discO uy ssas a fin
11 < dog and he at once tn t to lIdlo
itS Jner an old shepherd sell H
ad ye be takln him t Amr ca
inquired the old Siot
ys I guess 80 said th Yank
I thought as mucklf sd tilt s
herd I couldna pulrt WI Jck
Hut while they sat and hulled an 1
kh tourist came up and to hila the
herd sold the collie for iiiii1i less 1
the American had offered
You told ins you wouldnt sell h
seLl the Yankee when the purchaser L J
Na replied the Scot I aid I oo11
M paint wi him JocklI be back Jl
day or 10 but he couldn swim the A
Kansas City Independent
At a diplomatic recepdon in WashIng
ton Mrs Taft on being complimentd 1
her exquisite French told a little IH
about a senater whOlle French aCflUJr 1
In twelve phonographic 1eseons i5 1y
mean exquisite
The senator frellh from one rf
phonographic recitals pounced upon
under secretary of the French lgLtl
at a dinner
Monsieur he said eskaahe
voocska voo vooIy mvoo vooly J
My dear senator the secretary r
terrupted do I beg you Stop sre aii
French You speak It 80 well I F
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