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The IntrrUountnln J1rpublicOD
Est Feb 12 1906
TIle > Salt Luke Jlrruld
Est June 6 1870
OnlY Hepubllcan Daily Newspaper In
Salt ake City Utah
Term 01 sub1lcrllltloD
cents onl year SOO
SUNDAYOne year nOO
SEMI WEEKLY In advance One
year SL50 six months 75 cents
Subscribers wishing address ot paper
changed must give former as veIl as
present address
An papers are continued until expllolt
ordc r Is received to d1scotInue All ar
rearages must be paid In every case
t TIcfs N4 lI
One of the eastern papers says that
Senator Aldrich Is proceeding on the
theory of the divine right of the dollar
1to rulE It is not easy to find warrant
for that statement
SurEly the people of this country dq
not want any more panics Surely Uey
bellEve that if people of other countries
can devise a plan of escaping panics
the peopl of the United States can
Senator Aldrich In everyone of his
talks plainly declares he Is wedded to
no plan He asks suggestions He
ants the wisdom and the genius of
the bankers and the merchants of the
rnltEd States to unite and help evolve
the plan And In no case has he sought
fto force any plan of his own upon the
people His speeches have been ad
mirable in every way
They have had a good effect too And
it is reasonably to be expected tat I
I every sincere friend of the nation will
heartily assist wherever possible In
devising a monetary system which shall
make the United States the leader of
Ithe world in finance as In so many
other phases ff national life
At Its recent session the Illinois Fed
eration of Labor declared by a vote of
one hundred and nine to sixtyeight
against the prohibition of the liquor
traffic and condemning local option as
fanatical But we doubt If that Is the
iverdlct of the union labor of Illinois
It is all very well to make declaration
on the general topic of prohibition laws
The judgment of men may condemn
that But to say that local option Is an
expression of fanaticism Is to say that
the people have no right to govern
So far as the attitude of workingmen
toward the liquor traffic is concerned
11 will never be to their advantage to
oppose temperance And when It comes
to a choice between total abstaining
and the Indorsement of drink then It Is
better for the workmanas for every
other manto leave It alone
Never let the statement of old Dan
OLeary be forgotten Whisky makes
a man heap In every department of
labor life the men have learned the un
isdom ofdrink So have their employ
ers The man liable to become intox
katpd has difficulty getting work and
mor difficulty keeping It And the
unions themselves have made their po
sition well known In favor of tem
ThE recent meeting of the Golden team
of football players with that of the Den
ver university will not be joyously re
called by the miners when they come
to recount the happy things ot the
season They were beaten In the game
and that wasnt all that happened to
In the stilly watches of the morning
a number of the young men from
Golden went up to the Denver uni
versity grounds with some buckets of
paints and some armfuls of brushes
and some hearts determined to smear
the place in the colors that suited them
But they talked of the thing bef re
hand It looked 50 good And one of
their confidants told the Denver uni
versity boys about It and the Golden
fellows were caught tied with log
chains and painted with their own
Here and there about Salt Lake can
still be seen the remnants of a paster
on window or door or wall bearing In
more or less complete perfection the
suggestive name of Golden It is a
IIlemento of a onetime visit of the foot
ball players from the Golden town and
their compliments to Salt Lake On
the morning of the game there must
have been two thousand of those pasters
firmly attached to various walls and
surfaces all the way from the Center
street hill to the edge of Liberty Park
And like the smile they didnt come
Such houses as In the bustle of a
building citys growth have been torn
down have lost remembrance of the dis
figurement But the observing can find
some of those placards today
Wherefore we are glad of the log chain
md thl paint and hope the young men
from Golden will learn to play better
loctball and forget some of their
Itali people must have read with a
great deal of regret that Miss Gina
Ircg of Norway has been defeated In
her race for a seat in the parliament
of her country
Miss Krog it will be membered was
a vIsitor at Snit Lake In the summer
and was entertained here by represen
tfltlves of womens clubs both in the
city and at Saltalr
In th contt for a seat In parlia
ment Miss Krog was one of three can
didates The conservative candidate re
ceived nine thousand votes The social
ist i candidate received over a thousand
and Miss KrQg eIght hundred She was
supported solely by the wqmansuffrage
The lady made many frleJ1JJs here In
her brief stay and seemed rather the
most impresslve or the delegates from
foreign lands
I It would seem as a result of the Nor II I I
way elections that her cause while ad
vanclng Is not yet likdly to prevail
At a recent meeting of rich mEOn hi 1
New York theconversatlon turned upon
Russell Sage and his peculiarities One
man stated that Sage never helped any
one Another challenged the statement
I came here to New York from 1I1r
Sages own county up state said the
speaker I was twenty years old I
worked five years and then found that
I had not advanced any I went to Mr
Sage and laid my case before him He
asked me If I drank and I told him I
dh a little He told me to stop for
0 year and then come back to him In
a year I went back believing he would
do something handsome for me But
he asked me It I ever gambled I told
him I dida little and he told me to
quit that for a year and then come
back At the end of the year he asked
me if I smoked and I made the same
old answer and got the same old reply
But I never went back By that
time I found myself I had lopped off
my little vices and found they had been
bigger and more expensive than I had
Imagined And lopping them off freed
me from a lot of other disabilities and
disadvantages that had beset me be
fore I did better work with my let
ter habits I made more money I
eould see opportunities better than ever
before I have made a good deal of
money And I think Mr Sage helped
me to it I shall never permit any man
to say in my presence that Mr Sage
never helped anyone
There Is a good deal of a lesson in
the recital It Isnt that the man in
the case spent mtih money for his
tittle vIces Thepolnt the larger and
better care of himself when he was
freed from them
The possession of vIces doesnt prov I
one is a strOng man The absence of
them doesn prove one a weak man
And the man with perfect habits has a
better vIsion a surer grasp of possi
bilities The world is never dark to the
young man who wastes neither money
nor vital force
The hopeful thing about pneumonia
Is that it can not live In the cold
Wintry winds do not cause It They
cure it And that is true of nearly
every pulmonary disease Sleeping in
rooms through which the cold night air
passes freely is a pretty good way to
hal affected lungs In sleep the deep
breathing carries much of health to the
highways of thc body
It is in the rooms from which pure
cold air Is excluded that the germs of
pneumonia lurk Here Is the advice of
0 prominent physician
The thing to do is to stop lowering
your resisting power Quit poisoning
yourself with foul air Breathe good
pure air all the tlmeespec1alIy whIle
sleeping Keep your windows open
day and night Dont be afraid of cold
air Pure cold air does not cause
pneumonia Its dirty foul all that
causes the trouble
Above all things health is desired It
can be had only under right conditions
Pure air Is the first essential ot health
ful life There is plenty of it The
good Lord has made It both boundless
pnd free
I Dont shut out the good cold air It
Is the one thing the germs can not sur
Every irrigation scheme in Utah put
through to success makes for the bet
terment of Salt Lake City Every dry
farm reclaimed from the desert and ad
vanced to cultivation Is money started
on Its way to Salt Lake Every Utah
city that provides Itself with electric
lIght is a sure helper to the capital ot
the state Every good road built every
bridge flung across a stream every new
house no matter how far away Is a
benefit to this city
It Is to the advantage of Salt Lake
people to help promote the interests of
the country districts to make the
problem of the farmer a little lIghter
to make his prosperity more sure to
extend the area of tilled ground and
to harness the streams of the state to
the bidding of productive industry
Double the population of the rural
sections of the state and you certainly
ndd much to the value ot property In
Salt Lake You make business better
here by that process
Wherever men can advance the In
terests of the oltcountles i It should be
done Besides making for the better
ment of those counties It will make for
the enrichment of the capitalthe best
city In the Wh lf i mountain country
There be people even In Salt Lake
who believe that the merger of the
Union Pacific and tne Southern Pacific
railroads Involved no more trackage for
the latter road than is found between
Ogden and Oakland I
Which error
The Southern Pacific properties In
clude mileage and transportation facili
ties In comparison with which the line
from Ogden to the tiny Is very small
This lafge property of the Southern
Pacific handles freight from most Cali
fornia points to the Gulf of Mexico and
by rail and water from the Pacific to
the Atlantic
There would be very little competition
between the old Central Pacific and
the Union Paclficfor one was but
an extension of the other But the mer
ger of the present day Union Pacific
with the present day Southern PacIfic
system means a gret deal more
Gentlemen who write about railroads
should know their railroads i
Dr Gowans the neW superintendent
of the Industrial school at Ogden seems
to have established a boys city in
that Institution Recently two of the
Inmates of the school brought tobacco
Into the grounds and used It there
which is against the rules of the place
The offenders were taken up by the
officers of the boys City tried and
sentenced to punishment They will
have to lontent themselves with only
two good meals a day the third to be
bread and water The sentence was
pronounced by a judge of the bogs own I
selection and other boys are themselves
the officers who wlllsee that the sen
tence is executed It is all a matter qf
honor with the boys
It that sort of thing can be made
effective at all it will do more fQr the
forming of character in the boys at the
Industrial school than all the sermons
that could be delivered and all the pun
Ishments that could be inflicted
Incidentally It will be better for the
success of the school Boys have honor
whether they have been sent to the
Industrial school or whether they have
evaded that punishment Every effort
to stimulate that quality will help them
forward into a strong and successful
manhood And the superintendent is
to be commended in the course he has
One can almost see the new high
school now
The board of education has fixed the
date for the election which shall
authorize the Issue of the bonds The
time is in January next which may
seem a long time in the future And
yet It is In plenty ot time for the pur
poses to be served After the people
shall give their approval to the bond
plan and after the bonds shall have
been Issued and marketed there will
still be time enough in next year for
the building of the school And It Is
entirely probable that the next years
term will open In the new building
Which Is pretty good news
For surely there is no question the
people will authorize the bonds The
need of the new high school Is so per
fectly recognized tQat there will hardly
beany opposition to the plan
The location of the school will be
something of a problem There Is the
old Twelfth school just east of the First
CongregatIonal church which has ten
by twenty rods of good ground and
which is in an ideal locatlpnIf that be
room enough It is now the property of
the school board I
But the main thing Is There will be
a new high school somewhere on the
east of the city and the classes of next
year should be housed there
Really It begins to appear that there
Is good market in Colliers for any at
tack on any high officer of the federal
government No questions seem to be
asked and no especial literary merit Is
demanded in the articles submitted
Only hot stuff Is required
The current number of tl1at magazine
has a very bitter attack on Secretary
Ballinger It was well advertised be
fore publication and doubtless many
extra copies were sold
But a careful reading of the article
does not bear out the promise of the
advertisements The charges do not
convince They are not clear They
are not definite They have to do with
matters that have bean passed upon
and found not to compromise the ccre
tary the President or anyone else
Mr Ballinger may have done wrong
But it will take a good deal more than
this widely advertised attack to convict
him It thundered a good deal In th
Index but It came far from filling Its
promise The secretary continues to
enjoy the confidence ot the people and
Colliers has gained nothing but a tem
porary Increase In sales
President Taft has returned to Wash
Ington The longest journey ever un
dertaken by any President has been
successfully managed and Is now hap
pily concluded All the people extend
their congratulations
The journey has not been in the
nature of a political Sving around the
circle When a reelection Is desired
such tours are postponed to the fourth
year of an administration This Is the
first year for Mr Taft He made the
journey because he believed It would
help him in the discharge of his high
duties He believed it would be help
ful for him to know more about the
nation about her people and their
problems So he went out across the
continent and met the people talked
to them asked questions vlevd their
cities and their lands took note of their
rivers and their mountains their for
estsand all other resources
He became better acquainted wit1 the
manner of men in their homes He
knows now as he could not have known
without the journey what Is the sent
I meat of the people in different parts of
I the nation And because he has made
no distinction between east and west
between north and south he has knitted
the whole republic together as no other
act In the career of any other President i
has done In the past
It Is I very certain the President as the
chief executive officer of the nation has
gained much of value It is equallY
certain that the people everywhere
have gained much For one thing they
have a better Idea of the national char
acter of the country they live in than
they had perore It means something
When they find themselves definitely a
part of the same community with
Massachusetts thid Loulslanaand111
the other commonwealths It made a
difference to the people of Utah to feel
that they were linked with Pennsyl
vania and with Virginia The flag
means more to the people everywhere
because a President of the United States
The good results of the journey will
be evident throughout the entire ad
ministration of President Taft And
we confidently count on their being
evident roughout all of the future
Newark Call
A story of lovely woman abIlIty to
rise superior to those petty details which
so often hamper limit and nullity the op
eration of any mere man is told In a Har
rison woman who tried to have a check
cashed at a bank where she was not
known The usual remarks were made
by the cashier concerning the need of
Identification to whcl the woman immo
dlatel replied
Oh well thats easy I C1n always b3
identified by this mole In my check
You told me many lies last night
and acted others And I had lulte I
enough of them and of you Now go
ahead and do as I told you
He shrugged his houlderl Il you
get to headquarters It will be too late
he said
At that moment his comrade came
running up
If the prisoners are to be taken
Burskl youd better come Thers a
crowd of the strikers close by
Burskl looked at megharply
I smiled May be a bit awkward for
you eh
We went down to the front door
Is the carriage there yet asied
Just driven up was the reply
The clamor of a crowd outside reacheJ
our ears I put out my hand to open
the door and Burskl stopped me He
was looking very anxious Call the
chief he said hurriedly
The man sprang up the stairs
Burskl and I wire left alone
The clamor outside Increased and
some one knocked at the door
Why dont you open the door If
you are in earnest about helping me to
escape let me call In the crowd
Instead of replying he drew his re
The knock was repeated and a voice
called Burskl Stragoff either of you
Quick man quick if youre coming
The noise of the crOwd was growing
every moment and my guards per
plexity grew with It
The door of the room above us was
opened and Bremenhof called Burskl
Burskl Are you there
Attracted by the call his eyes left me
a moment The next I had his revolver
hand In mine and having the advan
tage of the surprise wrenched It away
from him
He called out and Bremenhof and the
second man came running down
The noise without showed that the
crowd were close to the house I threw
the door wide open
Two men were on the doorstep and
fell back at the sight of the weapon In
my hand
The crowd were close at hand stream
ing past the corner of the Place of St
I fired two shots In the air At the
sound the crowd turned and faced to
wards me
The police are here Rescue lIes
ce I shouted with all the strength
of my lungs
A loud roar of angry shouts answered
me and a number of the men break
ing from the crowd came pouring to
ward the house
The police agents outside darted
away like hares
At the same Instant Burskl and 4lie
others seized me and after a short
fierce struggle I was dragged back In
side and the door was slamnttm juat as
the first comers from the mob reached
the house
In the Cause of
Author of The Queens Advocate
A Courier of Fortune etc
Copyright 1908 by Arthur W
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The Tables Turned
The tables were turned now and as
the mob howled and clamored and
hammered at the door a braver man
than Bremenhof might well have lost II
his nerve
He was pale and trembled partly I
with anger but more with terror as
he stared at me In doubt what I would
do next Ii
The chances of the strugie had left I
me nearest the door and Is I had re
tained possession of Burskis revoler
I had command of the situation
You wont let them in he said as
the hammering at the door Increased In
violence and the crowd yelled for it to
be opened Theyll tear us to pieces If I
you do For Gods sake
You are willing to keep your word
noW I suppose I
Yes yes In everything Everything
he replied eagerly I
Then Burski who was as cool and
collected as his chief was agitated
made a move the purpose of which I
was to see later He whispered to hl
companions and Bremenhof hurried
back up the staircase and the other man
ran away to the back of the house
Now Mr Anstruther we must face
this out together What are you going
to do
Those outside were battering at the I
door with a violence that threatened to
break It down evtry moment A heavy
stone was hurled through the small
glass light above it and a loud cheer
greeted the smash
I turned and threw the door open mj
then his object was made plain I
As I opened It he sent up a great
shout I
Help help he called In ringing I
stentorian tones Thank God you have I
come friends The rest of the cursd I
pOlice have bolted but Iye kept this
one from escaping illy fellow prisoners I
are upstaIrs I
It was a clever ruse and In an In i
stant a dozen hands shot out eagerl I
to grab me I sprang back and Burski 1
tri d to qlock my retreat but I thrust I
him may and reached the stairs
Stop This is a trick I shouted
I That Is the police agent I am m
Englishman It was I who fired the
shots just now and called for help
A babel t7f oaths and confused cries
halteda moment in hesitation
Burskl saw the hesitation He lief
like the police dos he Is to S1ve his
skin he called Look at the weapon
In his hand Some of you will mow
the police pattern
A yell of execration followed this cu
nlng stroke as the crowd threatened
me I took it from him I said but was
not believed and a rush was made 3t
me again
To stop this I backed up the narrow
stairway and leveled the eanvn at
them Those in front fIInched and hung
back at the sight of It
Do you want tiny further proqf
cried Burakl Is there any leader of
the Fraternity here I can soon non
vince him His cool audacity was won
A cry was raised for some one and a
pause followed while a new comer el
bowed his way to Bursld A shout
greeted his coming and all eyes were
upon the two as they interchanged a
few words in low tones Vrliat pass l
I do not know probably some secret
sign was given and It sufficed
This nan Is one of us was the ver
dict and at the decision a deafening
yell of rage and curses broke out as the
mob turned to mb again
Police spy Liar Dog Down with
Hear me I shouted but my voice
was drowned In the curses of the mob I
Another rush was made at me to be
stopped again by the leveled revolver Q
Then the neW comer held up his hand
If you are a friend give up your
Clear the house of all except your
self and one or two more and I will I
can convince you
Do you want to walk Into a police
trap frlfnd asked BUrskl with a
sneer He had the crowd with him
now and they echoed the sneer and a
To Be Continued Tomorrow

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