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The Rev P A Simpkin Pays
Eloquent Tribute to Char
acter of Dead
SImple In the extreme and beautiful
were the servIces over the body of Fisher
Sanford HarrIs In the auditorium of the
Masonic temple yesterday afternoon
AmId soft sweet straIns of music filling
the room from an unseen source mem
bers of the Argenta lodge No 3 med
two deep on either side of the flower
covered casket and replied to the solemn
MasonIc rtual and then stood In bowed
reverence while the nev P A Simpkin
delivered the last eulogy
On either side of the banked file of
Masons friends of fisher Harris filled to
o ertlowlng the past auditorium lem
bers of the Commercial club 150 strong
were thre A delegation from the Ve
ber club of Ogden also from the BrIg
ham City Commercial club were present
attending In a body Th varIous Masonic
orders were well represented and besides
aU these were many hundreds of per
sons of no lodge afflllatlon attending out
of respect and love for the dead man
The body of Fisher Harris sentineled by
a Scottish Rite guard reposed In state
In the auditorium of the Masonic temple
from 9 oclock In the morning until 1
oclock In the afternoon and was viewed
by thousands Amid the chill snow flur
ries of the morning hours hundreds of
prominent business men made their way
Into the temple and paid last sad and
often tearful homage to the man loved
throughout the commonwealth VIsitors
from many sections of the west came In
to Salt Lake for the funeral
At 2 oclock the time set for the serv
kes the auditorium and balconies were
packed with somberlydre5scd people The
casket raised on a dais was In plain view
of the entire assemblage and a long
wide aisle extending to the ritual rooms
of the Masonic order was kept open
About the casket clusters of rich red
roses were tastily placed and on the
raised platform of the stage a gigantic
urn filled with chrysanthemums towered
over the head of the coffin This was
from the Commercial club A floral piece
sent by employer of the Commercial club
was among the notable displays
Obey WIdows Request
Simplicity marked every feature of the
servIces This was at the request of Mrs
HarrIs Brief beautiful and impressive
was the eulogy and the ritual The Rev
Mr Simpkin paid an eloquent tribute to
the man who was his close personal
friend Among other things In the course
of his beautiful encomIum the Rev Mr
Simpkin said
My Brethren As we bring Into the
holy of holies of this temple the dust
of a sunnhearted brother whose soul
has gone out Into the presence of that
Master Who only can praise and who
only can blame It Is with the knowledge
that the pain and sorrow that center
here affects a circle vastly wider than the
brotherhood of which he was a distin
guished and beloved member
It has been many a long day since any
soul has gone out from the life of this
city that meant In Its going so much of
loss as that of Fisher Sanford Harris A
sunny genial nature geniustouched and
endowed In singular measure with attri
butes of greatness was his and the hour
In whIch we gather about his dust Is one
which a multitude sharing In the great
empire of the west for which he gave his
life mourn a benefactor
For the thinking men and women of
our city the thought greater than any
of our commercial or Industrial Interests
greater than any thought of private gain
is that of an open grave and all It speaks
of the worth of this beautiful soul who
touched the world so hopefullY Ere we
lay him for the long sweet sleep under
the shadow of the mountaIns he loved
50 wen where the skies whose praises he
delighted to sing may smile and weep
above his resting place it is but fit
ting we should speak a word of love and
As a man he was generous upright
the soul of integrity with a heart that
beat to aU the world He walked among
men with nc passion for acquisition no
fever for gettinghis one purpose seemed
to be like the sun and wind and flow
ers to give and help and serve As a
citizen he was highly honored the gifts
he possessed fitting him for wIde serv
None Better Loved
It Is safe to say that no man In the
great commonwealth was more beloved
or more useful and In the wonderful de
velopment of the city and state In the
remarkable advance of these last years
he had a greater share than any citizen
of the state
Without malice or rancor with char
Ity and sweetness he has wrought a
splendid work The biggest figure In the
company of men that makes the states
leading business organization his clever
brain and Indefatigable spirIt were given
to every project that made for the states
upbulldlng or the betterment of I any hu
man life One may not touch upon the
sacred life of the home except to speak
of the ideal love and sympathy whIch
made It a place beautiful beyond the or
dlnao To the dear ones whose altar Is
broken down who lose most In this ex
perience we speak a word of love and
commend them to the love and comfort
of the good Father who has receIved hIm
nto rest
And as a Mason who exemplified Its
livIng principles a man and citizen whose
chivalrous southern heart expressed his
spirit of love and help to all the world
as one who walked In Integrity and with
honor In aU the walks of life we grieve
for him and yet bow beneath the will of
God In quiet trust
A few days ago as I looked Into his
eyes painglazed and weary and bade
him remember that Gods will Is always
best he smiled an assent and as he went
out Into the valley he went unafraid with
his trust In the great Brother of the
race and could sing In his going
Sunset and evening star
And one clear call for me
And may there be no moaning ot the
When I put out to sea
We turn our eyes thankfully to the
great silver sea over whose unruffled
bosom his bark floats In the gladness
eternal and trust that when the end is
come for us we may Join him and aU
the worthhearted In the spaces eternaL
And through the days till we meet again
we shall never forget the sweetness and
heroism of his life of beautiful service and
devotion to the city and state for which
he made IIfos sacrifice and shall hope
that our own end may be as sweet and
peaceful as he found In the shadows that
held the abiding morning for hIm
The funeral cortege formed and left the
I Masonic temple shortly before 3 oclock
umerous carriages preceded and fol
lowed the hearse whit a dozen street
cars carried the mourners to the grave
at lIt OUvet There the last Masonic
rites were carried out the Rev Charles
E PerkIns givIng the prayer and Dr E
D Hammond reading the ritual The sol
emn So Mote It Ba of his brother
Masons marked the last of the services
as the bodY was lowered to Its final rest
amid a drizzle of rain and snow
The pallbearers were Judge O W I
Powers 11 H Walker James H Brown
J W Houston H Vance Lane L H
Harding John S Critchlow and W W
The honorary pallbearers were members
of the board of directors of the Com
mercial club all follows W J Halloran
C S Burton Joy H Johnson R E Mil
ler John S Bransford Ira H Lewis H
P Clark A W Carlson Governor Wil
liam Spry J E Caine Samuel New
house John Darn George T Odell Sam
uel Welts and II L A Culmer together
with Judge C C Goodwin and A J
All afternoon the Commercial club
rooms remained closed and silent with a
flowing drapery of black silk knotted
about three huge chrysanthemums placed
at the entrance About the desk so often
used by Fisher Harris and over the
great leather chair known as Fishers
chair beautiful black and white draper
Ies and a large cluster of flowers were
placed and left there throughout the day
Covered with Bleeding Humor when
a Baby Poor Little Sufferer
Found No Rest and Could Only
Fret and Cry Until Very First Use
of Cuticura Brought Sleep
My baby boy was afflicted with eo
zems It ran on him until he Will
full of sores from his head
to his feet Even the
bottom of his fret were
Im full of cracks With the
blood coming out I be
lieve that his case was as
bad it genecally
w for he was bleeding all
over and could not rest
He wu too small to tell
anything about it only to
fret and cry We could
get nothing to relieve him until we got
the Cuticura Ointment and the first
application of the OintmEnt put him to
Bleep Then we used Cuticura Re
solvent and Cuticura Soap and he con
tinued to improvG until cured The
boy is all right now and has been for
the last seven or eight yean I believe
that the Cuticura Remedies will cure
all cues of eczema if used right as I
know that they were the first things
that gave our baby relief D J Pierce
Justice of the Peace of Lee Co Cameron
N C Oct 23 and Nov 7 1908
For Tortures of the Skin and
Scalp Is Cuticura
p For more than thirty years Cuticura
Soap and Cutlcura Ointment assisted
hen necessary by Cuticura RColvent
have been the favorites in tens of thou
sands of households for torturing dis
figuring humors of the skin and scalp
that itch burn scale crust and bleed
Peace alll on distracted households
when Cuticura enters bringing prompt
relief permitting rest an sleep and
pointinlt to a speedy cure when all else
fails Guaranteed absolutely pure
CUtiCUT 5oap lSc CUtlcun Ointment SOc
and CUtlcun Resolvent 5c or In the form of
harnlate Coated PIUs 25c per vial or 10 Sold
thMrlrbout the world Potter Drug lor Chern Corp
6c1 mpg 135 Columbus Ave Boston Ma
r3pae CUtlCura Nook mailed rree ctvrr de
arrmtlea treIItment and cure or dlt 1tt1
The Leson Special Is a tine watch I
movement SpecIal because Its
otter for the money than any other I
7l0vemlnt of which we know
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Salt Lake City The
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Dont Wear
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I Women or Children That
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fa r try
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pliance and giving you prices and
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lief when all others fall Remember
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I my hundreds of patients whose letters
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ance or not
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wrapper your Illustrated book and
full Information about your Appli
ance for the cure ot rupture
City State
A Little Diapepsin Makes Your I
Outoforder Stomach Feel
Fine in Five Minutes
The question as to how long you are
going to continue a sufferer from IndI
gestion Dyspepsia or outotorder stom
ach Is merely a matter ot how soon you
begin takIng some Dlapepsln
It your Stomach Is lackIng In dIges
tive power why not help the stomach
to do Its work not with drastic drugs
but a reenforcement of dIgestive
agents such as are naturally at work
In the stomach
People with weak Stomachs should
take a little Dlapepsln occasIonally and I
there will be no more IndIgestion no
feeling lIke a lump of lead In the atom
ach no heartburn Sour risings Gas on
I Stomach or Belching of undigested food
Headaches DizzIness or Sick Stomach
and besides what you eat wlll not fer
ment and poison your breath with nau
seous odor All these symptoms result
ing from a sour outatorder stomach
and dyspepsia are generally relieved five
mInutes after taking a little Dlapepsln
Go to your druggist and get a 56cent
case ot Papas Dlapcpsln now and you
will always go to the table with a hearty
appetite and what you eat wIII taste
good because your stomach and Intes
tines will be clean and fresh and you
will know there are not going to be any
more bad nIghts and mIserable days for
you They freshen you and make you
feel like life Is worth livIng
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tumes and BJlidge Dresses
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Another Woman Is Blamed
for Shooting of Daughter
> S7R
f k
q i
F Tia
t + r
Miss Emma Rogers
r believe that another woman Is re
sponsible for the shooting of my daugh
ter lat Monday night and that a thor
ough police investigation will show that
the story of suicide was hatched up to
cover up the crime declared A E Rog
ers father of Emma Rogers the young
woman believed to have been fatally
wounded In the Chamber of Commerce
building at Los Angeles last Monday
Mr Rogers was ill at his home No 1191
South FIrst West street when Inter
viewed yesterday and stated that on this
account he would be unable to go to Los
Angeles to personally Investigate the case
He stated however that he had written
a letter to the chief of police at Los An
geles and Informed him that trouble grow
Ing out of the dIvorce secured W his
daughter from C H Powers mIght have
some bearing on the case
I know ot another woman who was
jealous of my daughter and I have asked
the pOlice to find this woman said the
father They cannot make me believe
that Emma tried to kill herself She was
too sensible for that and there has never
been any tendency towards mental aber
ration In our family The other woman I
In the case to whom I refer I believe to
be In Los Angeles and If they solve tho
mystery at the disappearance of my
daughters money and find this woman
I am sure there will be a different story
to tell of the shooting
Mr Rogers received no wOrd from his
daughters bedsIde yesterday The last
report received Tuesday gave hopes of
her recovery Mr Rogers has also writ
ten a letter of Instruction to his brother
Dr J S Rogers In which he states he
told somethIng of his daughters romantic
past whIch may aid In finding out the
truth of the neartragedy
New York Press
Religion Is mostly a matter ot little
opInion and much argument
A mans religion toward others begins
and ends with what It may be able to
do for himself
A woman never forgets to say her
prayers and never remembers to bal
ance her check book
frost ot the trouble that we make for
ourselves comes from our tryIng to
make It for somebody else
Some men have such a poor head for
money matters that It they put a coun
terfeit quarter In the collection plate
the grocer or somebody would work It
of on them again
Wllliam Guggenheim the millionaire
smeIterman of New York who Is con
testing his wltes suit for dIvorce at the
order ot the court Mrs Guggenheim
1 II
= z rj
I r
mot F
Is very anxious to get a decree In order
to marry a New York millionaire Gug
genheim agreed to stay in France until
she got it The judges order compels
him to return
Runaway Car of Lumber Col
lides With Interurban Car
at Vancouver B Ca
Vancouver B c Nov lOA runaway
car of lumber colllded early today with
r crowded passenger car on the British
Columbia Electric Railway companys In
terurban line Fourteen persons were
killed Including the motorman and con
ductor of the freight car the passen
gers being mostly workingmen bound for
the British Coumbla Electric Car build
Ing shops in New Westminster Seven
persons were Injured and at least two of
these will die
Virtually every person In the passen
ger car was killed or Injured Some of
those who met death In the first crash
were killed when the timbers fell upon
them at the edge of the track Only two
bodies have been Identifiedthose of Mo
torman Thoburn and Conductor Harris
Nearly all of the victims were laborers
on their way to work
The passenger car left the Vancouver
station just behind an electrIc freight
train consisting of locomotive box car
and flat car laden wIth heavy timbers
The timbers were 50 or 60 feet long and
a foot thick
Three miles out at the head of a grade
which the freight cars had Just ascended
the coupling of the lumber car broke and
It started back toward the city By thIs
time the passenger car was a Quarter of
a mile behind It was just leaving Lake
view station a short distance beyond the
city limits when the lumber car dashed
Into vIew
The runaways speed must have been
tremendous for Motorman Thoburn had
not time to move When the impact oc
urred the heavy timbers of the flat car
slid forward and rIpped the passenger
car level with the floor Not a sliver
was left standing of the passenger car
Boston Transcript
Yes that Is the picture I just bought
mlllt do you think of It7
Critic makes no reply but quietly re
moves the card Sold from the picture
frame and sticks It In the purchasers
Waymans Sensational Case
at Chicago May Result
in Fiasco
ChIcago Nov lOVhen the judges
committe Investigating the jury commis
sloners convened here today another sur
prise was sprung rivaling In Interest that
of yesterday when the judges and the
states attorney clashed
States Attorney Wayman offered to In
troduce an alleged confession signed by
Nicholas J Martin relative to alleged
tampering with jury drawings In the com
missioners office Martin Is the private
secretary ot AldErman Michael Kenna of
the First ward and Is now under Indict
ment with Jury CommissIoner John J
Holland and W J Rayburn for com
plicity In alleged Illegal drawIng of grand
and petit juries
Judges Barnes Honore and Rlnaker
the Investigating committee decided that
the Investigation was a judlllal and court
procedure and the expectation Is that It
will henceforth be governed by the usual
legal rules 1n the presentation of evidence
The judges refused to regard the alleged
confession as evidence and deemed to
permit It to be read
The alleged confessIon of Martin ac
cording to the states attorney tells a
story of repented meetings between Mar
tin and Raybarn with assertions that
different jury drawings had been tam
pered with The prosecutor asserts that
Martin admitted he had agreed to fur
nish Rayburn with a list of names of men
who would be amenable to outside influ
enCe should they be called as jurors in
the trial of Police Inspector McCann recently
ently found guilty of tWceptlng money
from improper persons for protection
The following prescrIption will be found
to work wonders In curing lame back and
aU kinds of rheumatism and restoring
health and vigor Th ingredients can be
supplied by any well stocked drug story
and easily mixed
One ounce compound syrup of Sarsa
parilla one ounce Torts compound These
to be added to hill pint of whiskey and
used In tablespoonful dosS before each
meal and at bedtime The bottle must
bA shaken well each time
Good results from this treatment come
after the fist few doses
This prescription was published here
last season and was used with splendid
results bv hundreds of people

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