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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, November 12, 1909, Part Two, Image 13

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F c
i l Financial and Commercial J j
Transactions in Wall street
Reduced in Volume for the
Time Being
New York Nov llThe money posI
tion was the dominant Influence an
the stock speculation again today and
the topic ot principal interest The
retention ot the 5 per cent Bank of
England rate was accepted with satis
faction but the feeling of certainty
yesterday that thIs course would be
followed had allowed action to an
ticipate it The influence on the prices
of stocks therefore was shortllved
here were fresh withdrawals of
gold for South America and 8 vIolent
drop of two centimes In the sterling
exchange rate at Paris Indicated the
wanIng power ot one Influence In the
recuperation This sIgn of the nar
rowIng of the point at Ingress to the
Paris money market added to the et
feet of the tightening money situation
In New York as deprIvIng the specu
lative contingent ot hopes af recourse
to other sources to replace the credits
which are being withdrawn in New
The weeks export at gold from New
York helped deplete the slender sur
plus reserve at the clearIng house
banks to a point which Is forcing
them to reduce theIr loan account In an
attempt to avoid the exhibit af a de
fldt In the weekly bank statement
pUblished an Saturday
While the money rate began t1 rise
in New York in response to the fIrst
demands af the Interior far crap mov
Ing currency Interior banks made
loans In New York an a large scale
an their account to take advantage af
tile hIgher Interest rate The effect of
thIs was to relieve the reqvlrement
upon the New Yark banks and to form
a large factor In the enormous loan
I antractlan effected In New York dur
Ing that period
The halt In speculative activity and
the dribbling af Iquldatlan such as
came Into the stock market today
seem an Inevitable consequence af
these canditIans
The reception tendered to new stack
issues sUfficiently proves the distaste
ot the Investment appetite for these of
Rumors of an early offering af St
Paul debenture bands gained credence
from the application of the company
to the stack exchange to add to the
list fram time to time but prior to
July 1 1910 22000000 additional af
those bands an off clal notice af sale
besides the 28000000 af the total
authorized Issue already sold
The special heaviness of Union Pa
cHiC In the days market was partly
due to disappointment aver retaining
the present dividend rate In the South
rn Pacific distribution Holders af
Southern Pacific preferred stack whO
converted their 7 per cent bonds IntO
tle common stack when It was called
far retirement have hoped far an In
reaeed Southern Pacific common stack
dividend from the 6 to the 7 per cent
rate Amalgamated Capper showed
IlQWEr of resistance to the prevailing
Bonds were irregular Total sales
par value 3878000 United States
bands were unchanged on call
Stock Quotations
SaIls High Low Close
Allis Chalmers
preferred 00 53 5311 531f
AmaI Capper 42100 8911J 88 ¼ 89
Am Agricultural 100 45 i 4S 47
Am Beet Sugar iOd 41 41 47
Am Can pfd 7000 S5 83 Iii
Mm Car F 600 i48 HtS 141
Am atton Oil 1900 34 73 i1
Am H L pfd 400 4HI 47 47
Am Ice Sec 100 25 2 2tlf
Am Locomotive 1100 62Y1 617J 611f
Am Smelt R12OOO 98S 97 9S1i1
Preferred OO 1l1 ll14 1l11f
Am Sugar R 1800 131 128 13O
Am Tl Tel 2400 141 Ho 1404
Am Too pfd 500 100111 10014 100
ArL Woolen 3111 343J 3t 3t
AnlConda 11 CO 2400 49 482 49
Atchison 200 119 1191 119
Preferred 10n
At Coast Line 136
BaIt Ohio OO 116 1154 1152
Preferred 00
Bethlehem Steel 200 35 35 3t
Brooklyn R T 1700 76 Wh 7t
Canadian PacIfic 400 185 18t 1839
Ccn Leather 1500 4i 46 46
Preferred 10g 4
Central af K T 95
Ch s OhiO 4300 sg Sj1 8711
hlcaga Alton 6114
Chicago G W 300 0 l 20
Chicago N 00 181 lStWs 1S63
C 31 St Paul 6000 157 155 156
C C C St L 100 is is 774
010 F I 7800 4S 4 4S IS
Cob Southern 200 56 64 i 1h
1st preferred W
2d preferred 79 4
Con Gas 5io HJJA H31 144
TOrn Products 1100 22t l1 21
Del Hudson 300 1St 133 1734
Denver R G 600 46 = 461 468
PreferrEd 83
Distillers Sec 100 39 3C t >
Frlt 1500 321f 321 32
lSt Prfred 100 41 461 4j1
2d preferred 39
Gen Electric 100 162 162 163
Great Northern
preferred 300 143 141 141
G N Ore cUs 1900 8l 81 811rC
Illinois Central 400147 146 145
InterbaraughM 69100 22 12 212 22
Preferred 14200 521f 51 51 4
Inter Harvester 600 107 107 10614
Inter Marine pfd 910 2412 24 4
Inter Paper 300 lHs Us 142
Iowa Central 29
Kansas CIty S 200 434 43Y 43
Preferred 70
Louisville K 600 151 1511 1512
Minn St L 300 52 6Z1h re
11 SP S SM 135
MO Pacific 1100 70 691 69
110 K Texas 7700 41 467 67
Preferred 74
National Biscuit 114
National Lead 000 81 87 87f
Natl Rys af Max
let preferred 55l
N y Central 7100 132 131 1312
N Y O W 200 4G 46 46
Norfolk W 1100 95 9544 9 46
North American 71
Northern Pac 7300 16 1U 144
Pacific Mall 700 H 43 43
Pennsylvania 19600 1to 4 139 140
Peoples Gas 300 113 113 113
Pressed SCar 300 51 4 51 5114
Pullman P Car 192
Railway S S 100 49 49 4 4918
Reading 49500 1521 1 160 161 ½
Republic Steel 3300 47 47 47l
Preferred 400 100 lOii 105
Rock Island C 7xn 40 39 to
Preferred 800 81 30 4 8OY
5t L San Fran
2nd preferred 400 57 56Yi 51
St Louis S 38
Preferred lCJ 688 6S 6S
S S s Iron 3100 90 90 90
Southern Pacific 9000 129 14 12g 128
South Railway 4700 30 301A 30
Preferred 6914
Tenn Copper 300 3t 3444 352
Texas Pacific 31
T rt Louis W 532
Preferred 69
Union Pacific 42400 2014 199 200
Preferred 1500 103 102 102
U S Realty to 82 I
U S Rubber 400 50 492 49 I
U S Steel 96300 90 89 891
Preferred 400 126 126 126
rtah Copper 2WO 52 5214 52
Va C Chemical 400 49 48 48
Wabash 200 19 19 192
Preferred 700 511A 5014 rM4
W Maryland 200 3t1A 3444 33 i
W Electric 400 81 84 84111
w Union 200 m 76 i62
WY Lake Erie 812
Wis Central 200 501fa SOVl 5O
Total sales far the day 517100 shares
Metal Markets
New York Nov nStandard copper
was dull today with the New York metal
exchange quoting spat and November at
12C0u1275 December 126512S0 January
12701290 February 12S01300 March
12201350 The London market closed
steady at 5S 15s far spot and tOO for fU
tures Sales there Included 600 tans of
spot and ISOO tans af futures Local
dealers quote lake copper at 13001325
electrolytic at 12S721300 casting at
Tin was quiet spat and November
quated at 30353050 December 30251P
3060 January 2O30060 February 3060
< 3Oi0 The London market was easy
with spot quoted at t138 lOs and futures
at Elto 15s
Lead was steady with spat quoted at
4371244O New York and 4222t27 East
St Louis London was lower at t13
Spelter closed easy at 62540 New
York and at 620625 East St Louis The
London market was unchanged at of23 6s
The English Iron market was un
changed at SOs 102d for Cleveland war
rants Locally the market was un
changed with No1 foundry northern
quoted at 19001950 NO 2 at 18501900
No1 southern and No1 southern soft at
Treasury Statement
Washington Nov liThe condition af
the treasury at the beginning of buslenss
today was as follows
Trust funds
Gold coin S791ii869
Silver dollars 488300000
Silver dollars of 1890 4017000
Silver certificates outstanding 488360000
General fund
Standard silver dollars In gen
eral fund 1490308
Current liabilities 110933634
Working balance In treasury af
flees 28i25183
In banks to credit or treasurer
af United States 36393502
SubsIdIary silver coin 17002832
Minor cain 1352371
Total balance In general fund 86487383
Money Sliver Etc
New York Nov 11Mone an call
strong 35 per cent ruling rate 5
per cent closing bid 3 per cent offered
at n per cent Time loans strong for
sixty das 5 per cent for ninety days
5 per cent for six months 4ij5 per cent
PrIme mercafltlle paper 5G 7fl per cent
Sterling exchange stead with actual
business In bankers bills at 48348325 for
sixtyday bills and at 48720 for demand
Commercial bills 4821l4821i
Bar silver 50
lI1xlcan dallars 43
Government bonds steady railroad
bonds Irregular
New York Grain
New York Nov 11FlaurRecelpts
33260 barrels exports 7200 barrels dull
but fIrm
WheatReceipts 64400 bushels ex
ports 61860 bushels Spot strong No 2
red 127 asked domestic elevator NO 2
red 126 nominal t o b afloat No 1
northern Duluth 125 laminal f a b
afloat No2 hard winter 117 nominal
f a b afloat OptlansWheat was
strong and higher an small offerings
goad buying an bullish private reports on
the Argentine crop and an estimate af
large worlds requirements Cash markets
were fIrm with a better milling de
I mand The close was at a net advance
of 17 fl17f1 Exports at sales amounted to
six boatloads ar Manitoba December
closed at 111 May at 11l1
ChIcago Nov 11Fresh ontlrmatlon
af damage to the Argentine wheat crap
by locusts created considerable excit
ment In the wheat pit here today and re
sulted In sharp advances At the close
prices were up 11 cents compared with
yesterdays final figures Coarse grains
and provisions also closed strong
The new claims of Injury to the Argen
tine crap were contained in a cablegram
to a local concern and estimated that 20
per cent of the crop had been seriously
damaged Demand for the December de
livery was especIally urgent and the price
of that option advanced tram 103 to 106
wIthin the first halt hour The top for
December was reached at 105 The close
was strong with prices about cent be
low the best marks of the day
Wet weather throughout the com belt
the bulge In wheat light receIpts and an
Improved demand for the cash grain im
parted conslderabJe strength to the earn
market Shorts were eager bidders all
day The market closed strong With
prices to cent above tile previ
ous close
An excellent shipping demand and the
strength of other grains Inspired fairly
active buying of oats resulting In mod
erate strength all day PrIces closed
to cent higher
Provisions closed 755 cents higher
rh leading lutures ranged as lollows
I OOEn u h I Tow Close
Dec 10H8 10544 103 106
May 10314 104 103 10n
July 96o6 971 96 9744
OOfn I 11th I Low I Cloe
Dee 5S6S 59 8 168 591
May 6OsG 6060 6044 6044
July160 6014 00 6034
I pnn lP h ow t Clase
Dec 3S39 39y429 Wi lG39 29
May 4lYU 41 m l 4lU
July 39 39 39 3934
lI I > S PURKPer bbl
Open I High I Iow I Close
Jan 3077 2125 2075 2115
May 1987 12125 199734 12115
AliUler lW lbs
I Open I High r ow I Close
Nov 1275 1200 1272 1280
Jan 1175 1185 1175 1185
May 1125 1140 1125 1140
SHORT R1Bjper 100 lbs
I Open High i Law I Close
Jan 11037rI1057 2 1037 105734
May 1030 1041h 11030 104244
l ash quotations were as follows
RyeNO 2 i374
BarleyFeed ar mixing 636534 fall to
choice malting 561iJ63
Flax edNa 1 southwestern 166 No
1 northwestern 176
Timothy Seed3i5
Mess ParkPer bbl 2372400
LardPer 100 lbs 1300
Short RibsSides loose 10SP41L25
Short ClearSides boxed 11001125
Gratn Statistics i
Total clearances nt wheat and flour
were equal to 423000 bushels primary
receipts were 1025000 bushels compared
with 859000 bushels the corresponding day
a year agO Estimated receipts for to
morrow Wheat 3OIcars earn 190 cars
oats 135 cars hogs 19000 head
Butter Cheese and Eggs
New York Nov nButter steady un
CheeseFirm unchanged
EggsEasy refrigerator special marks
fancy 25 firsts 2324 seconds 2122
western extra firsts 3335 firsts 2932
seconds 25Wi127
ChicagO Nov 11ButterSteady re
ceipts 3820 creamerIes 26ij3O dairies
EggsSteady at mark cases included
202544 firsts 27 prIme firsts 28
CheeseFirm dairies 1616 twins
1516 young Americas 1616 long
horns 1516
Coffee and Sugar
i New York Nov 11Caffee futures
i closed steady not unchanged to 5 paints
lower Sales 12750 bags Including No
vember at 63 March 655 May 665
JUly 670675 September 675 Spat
QuIet NO 7 Rio 887 nominal No4
Santos S mild quiet Cordova 911
SugarRay fIrm fair refinIng 395
centrIfugal 95test 495 molasses sugar
30 refIned Is steady No G 470 NQ
7 470 NO 8 465 NO 9 4ro No 10 455
N 11 450 NO 12 445 NO 13 440 NO 14
440 confectioners A 550 mould A 560
cut loaf 605 crushed 595 powdered 53 > 1
granulated 525 cubes 550
Evaporated Fruits
New York Nay HEvaporated apples
unchanged November 82 fancy new
crap spot llfjll2 choice 1908 94410
prime 80 common to faIr 6WiJS
Prunes strong Calltarnlas up to 4O50s
72 Oregons 61J9
Apricots quiet and firm choice 11
H extra choice 111l fancy 12
Peaches firm choice 56 y extra
choice 516 fancy 62G4
RaisIns very fIrm loose Muscatel 4
52 choice fancy seeded 1h1J6 seedless
35 Lando layers 12012S
Wool Market
St LouIs Nov llWoolUn changed
medium grades and combing and cloth
lng 2330 light fine 237 heavy fine
1422 tub washed 26j28
Flax Market
Minneapolis Nov 11Flax closed at
Kansas City Nov 11CattleRecelpts
7500 market steady Native steers 500
jS50 native caws and helters 200675
stackers and feeders 3O500 bulls 275
67390 calves 375100 western steers 390
575 western caws 2i5450
HagsReceIpts 9000 market steady
Bulk of sales 760785 heavy 780790
packers and butchers 770780 light 740
775 pigs 650715
SheepReceipts 6000 market strong
Muttons 400525 lambs 6OOG750 range
wethers and yearlings 4605S5 range
ewes 32525
i I Omaha Nov flCattleReceIpts 8800
I I market steady to strong Native steers
45G800 caws and heifers 300500
western steer 250626 cows and heif
ers 2SOt50 canners 225325 stockers
and feeders 275625 caIve 35Oil700
I bulls stags etc 27534O
HagsReceipts 3400 market strong to
5 cents higher Heavy 7i72785 mixed
7i5G777 light 7657772 pigs 650725
bulk of sales 7TO1S0
SheepReceipts 7800 strong Yearlings
495550 wethers 440550 ewes 4O0
465 lambs 6ISV5O
ChicagO Nov llCattleReceipts esti
mated at 7000 market weak Beeves
390i910 Texas steers 2801S5 western
steers 42S750 stockers and feeders 310
t520 1 cows and heifers 210lj575 calves
HagsReceIpts estimated at 18000 mar
ket steady Light 7SSiiS00 mixed 76Oa
8122 heavy 760S15 rough 700i7F
good to choice heavy 775qJS15 pigs 675
760 bulk af sales 78i805
SheepReceipts estimated at 17000
market strong Natives 275515 west
ern 300615 yearlIngs 5ooa625 lambs
native 4i5Wl75 western 47574
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159 Ecuth Main Stroot Salt Lake City Utah
Via D R G R R Nov 1617 Good
Returning Dee 15
Far the great C S Land and Irri
gation ExpositIon and National Live
Stock Exposition DIverse routes
Stopovers For further particulars call
at City TIcket Office 301 MaIn street
Excursion East
Fer Natlanal Irrigation Congress
Chicago 5500 and return Date ot sale
Nov 16 and 17 tenday going limit
return limit Dee 15 1909 Diverse
autes via the CHICAGO NORTH
WESTERN RY CO For particulars
lddress C A Walker G A 38 West
Second South street
322 Boston Building Salt Lake City Utah
Capital Stock 300000
First Offering of Stock for Subscription
The company is formed for the purpose of raising mules for the mar
kets of the world in a field particularly adapted for the purpose Two
thousand acres of Cache Valley land has been secured The ranch is
situated seven miles from Logan Utah on the main line of the O S L
R R and an abundance of water is supplied by the Logan river The
ranch will be stocked with 400 brood mares and Kentucky jacks With the
first sales of stock steel and concrete barns to take care of 900 head of
stock will be erected
The first allotment of 100000 shares is nov offered to the public at the par value of 100 per
share payable 50 cents down on each share the remainder within one year at the option of the di
The physical condition of the companys property warrants us in saying that this stock is
nov worth par and the prospective value makes it an investment not a speculation
Tile ranch is all under cultivation 800 acres in timothy hay and 500 acres in wilt grass
Cache lTalley bas always loomed large in the stock market of this section and it is the pur
pose of the company to take advantage of natures bountiful provisions
For prospectus and all illfolluation call on or address
The Cache Valley Mule Ranch Cow
w P FUNK 322 Boston Building
s RICHARD j Temporary Directors
C F HUFFMAN Salt Lake City Utah
King Edwards Money I
We recently collected money for all af
the following clients One af them as you
will notice Is over In London Read the
lIst You will know same af them
R L Palk Co Doaly Block City
Union Dental Ca 212 Sa Main City
Pacific Monthly Magazine Portland Ore
Dr T 1Illliron car 7th E and 7th So
City E
Mrs R D Irvine 212 E 5th So City
Richard Hemsley Deseret High Rd Tot
tenham N London England
A T Webb 3SO So 4th E City
Mrs O Tames 2QiiO Sa 13th E Sugar
C H Nichols Vest Jordan Utah
Anderson Mere Co 1645 Sa 11th East 7
Eureka Utah P
Dr T F Lay
R M Bell Telephone Co City
M 1 Cole Clear Lake Wash Dr Fred Stauffer 161 E So T City
Chas T MurphY Welllngtan Hotel City Continental Life Ins Inv Ca Atlas
F A Timby Preferred Accident Ins Block City
Boston Bldg City
Iawpnsteln Ierc Co Helper Utah Turn in your claims and we will collect
J A HEad Preston IdahO some for you
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Rooms 7778828393949596979899100 Com merclal Bleck
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EXPERT SPECIALISTS Office JtourllWeek days 9 a m
249 MAIN Opposite KelthOBrlens to 5 p m evenings 7 to 8 p m
Street Salt Lake City Sundays 10 a m to 12 noon
Assessment No3
ny Principal place af business Salt Lake
City Utah
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
Ing af the board af directors of the Utah
Ideal MIning company held at Salt Lake
City Utah an the 3d day of November
1009 an assessment af 1i af a cent per
share was levied upon the capital stuck
af the corporation Issued and outstanding
payable immediately to VIII Roes the
secretary at the office of the company
125 Eat First South street In Salt Lake
City Utah
Any stock upon which this assessment
may remain unpaid an the 18t day af
February 1J10 will be declared delinquent
and advertised far sale at pUblic aUction
and unless payment Is made before will
ie sold on the 20th day af February 1910
at 10 oclock a m of said day to pay the
delinquent assessment together with the
cast of advertising and expenses af sale
WILL REES Secretary
125 East First South street Salt Lake
City Utah I
Assessment No3
company PrincIpal place of business
Salt Lake CitY Utah
Notice Is hereuy givn that at a meet
Ing af the board of directors af the
Seven Troughs Monarch Mines corn
pany held an the 19th day of October
1909 an assessment of anequarter i
cent per share was levied an the out
standing capital stack of the corpora
tion payable at once to H M Cham
berlain secretary at Walker Brothers
Any stock on which the assessment
shall remain unpaid an the 22d day af
November 1909 will be delinquent and
advertised far sale at pUblic auction
and unless payment Is made before so
many share of each parcel ot such
stack as may be necessary wlll be saId
on the 11th day of December 1909 to
pay the delinquent assessment togeth
er with the cast ot advertising and ex
pense af sale
Location of oCnce Walker Brothers
Bankers Salt Lake City Utah
Consult county clerk or the respective
Iltnerl far further information
bate dIvision In and for Salt Lake county
stato of Utah In the matter of the es
tate of Ellen Mary Black deceased No
tice The petition af John Black praying for
the Issuance to himself of letters of ad
ministration In the estate af Ellen Marl
Black deceased has been set far hearIng
an FrIday the 19th day af November A
D 1909 at 2 aclock p m at the county
Court house In the court ream af said
court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake coun
ty Utah
Witness the clerk af said court with
the seal thereof affIxed this 4th day af
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
E A Walton Attorney for Petitioner
bate divisIon In and for Salt Lake coun
ty state of Utah In the matter of the
estate at Joseph Candle deceasedNo
tlce The petition ef Utah Savings Trust
company admlnlatfltar of the estate of
Joseph Cendle deceased praying far an
order af sale af real property of said de
c dent and that all persais interested
appear before the said court to show
cause why an order should not be granted
I to sell so much as shall be necessary of
the following described real estate of said
deceased towIt One brIck house an the
corner af FIrst West and Seventh South
streets and described as follows Corn
menclnl at the northeast comer af lat R
black 13 plat A Salt Lake City survey
and running then e outh 42 rods thence
west 5 rods thence north 41f rods thence
east 5 rods to the place af begInning has
been set for hearing on Friday the 19th
day of November A D 1909 at 2 aclock
p m at the county court house In the
court room at saLt court cp Salt Lake
City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk at saId court with
the seal thereof affixed this lith day of
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
A n Barnes anj Gea C Buckle At
torneys far Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty state of Utah Dpart11ent No1 In
the matter af the estate af Otto Hanson
The petition af Caroline E Hanson 1
praying far the admission to probate af 1
a certalr document purporting to be the
last will and testament of Otto Hanson
deceased and far the granting ef letters
testamentary to Caroline E Hanson has
been set far hearing an Friday the 19th
day af November A D 1909 at 2 aclack
p m at the county court house In the
court room af saId court In Salt Lake
City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk Of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 6th day af
November A D1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
C 11 Ne1l1l2n Attorney far Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
I ty state of Utah In the mattr of the
estate af OttO Jah1son deceasedNatke
The petition af Louisa Johnson praying
tar the Issuance to herself af letters ot
administration In the estate of Otto John
son deceased has been set for hearing
on Friday the 19th day or November A
D 1909 at 2 aclack pm at the county
court hause In the court roam of said
court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake coun
ty utak
WitnLIh thE IIt or said court wIth
the seal thereof affixed this 6th day of
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
C M Neilsen Attorney for Petitioner
division In and for Salt Lake county
state af Utah
In the matter af the estate of Margaret
leathaln deceasedNotice
The petition or William Leatham ad
ministrator of the estate of Margaret
Leatham deceased far confirma
tion of the sale af the following de
scribed real estate of said decedent to
Lot 2 block 15 oZ Leeds Twnsite and
Field Survey situated In Washington
county state af Utah far the sum af
700 and upon the folIawlnt terms to
wit Cash upon confirmation as appears
from the return of sale filed In this
court has been set for hearing 011 Friday
the 26th day of November A D 100 at
2 oclock p m at the county court house
In the court roam of said court In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this Sth day af
November A D 1900
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Daniel Harrington Attorney for Pet i
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
t state af Utah In the matter af the
estate of Yosuke Naruml deceased No
The petition for anproal and settlemrr
of final account af the special admlnl
tratar af the estate or Yosuke Naruml d
ceased has been set for hearIng an FrIda
the 19th day of November A D 19OJ at 1
aclack p m at the county court hau3
in the court roam of said court In Sai
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk af said court witt
the seal thereof affixed this 30th day f
October A D 1009
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Richards RIchards Ferry C E
Marks Attorneys for Said Estatn
Notice of Assignees Sale
1t the office of the assignee ream c7
Newhouse building Salt Lake CIt
Utah until noon af November 22 1909 for
the following assets of the estate of the
Fruitland Water company the sale of
which Is deemed of Immediate impor
Schedule ATwo horses sprIng
wagon and double harness all of which
may be seen at Wasatch Livery company
Heber Utah
Schedule BWater rights running to
said company NOs 421 485 and 2681 See
records In the state engineers office
Notes af survey an Fruitland Water
campanys Irrigation ditch said notes be
Ing on tile In the assIgnees office
Schedule CExcavaUon work an line
ef Fruitland Water cempanys ditch In
Wasateh county Utah
A separate bid may ho made for each
schedule makIng three bIds In all ar
one bid may be made for all of the as
sets herein mentioned
Each bid must bE accompanied by A
certified check for 13 af the amount of
the bid the successful bidder to remit
the remainIng 23 of his bid within fIo
days after receivIng written notice frm1
the ssslgnee that his bId has been ar
cepted under penalty af forfeiture of thl
13 advance payment made
The assignee reserves the right to re
ject any ar all bids
Notice of Special Stockholders Meet
there will be a specIal meeting af the
stockholders af the Ajax Mining cam
pany duly had and held at the office
af the said company room 306 Dooy
black Salt Lake City Utah an the
26th day of November 1909 at tIe
hour of 300 oclock p m an said day
Said meeting wlll be had and held
far the purpose of considering and
PbCi1g upon the advisability af sell
Ing and conveying all of the property
of said company both real and per
sonal to the Gold Chain Mining earn
pany a corporation of Utah upon the
transfer and delivery to the Ajax Min
Ing company of as many shares af the
capital stack of said Gold Chain Mining
company as there are outstanding
shares or the capital stock of said Ajax
MinIng company and In case It shall
be deemed advisable to make such sale
and conveyance upon the said terlls
and conditions then to authorize the
board of directors af said Ajax Mining
company to execute and deliver a ded
of conveyance conveying aU of the
property bath real and personal of
said Ajax Mining company to said Gold
Chain MIning company And In case
said sale and conveyance of the prop
erty or said Max MIning company shall
not be authorized and directed at SUCl
stockholders meeting then at Such
meeting to consider the advisability f
solllng and conveying the propert
bath real and personal af said Ajax
Mining company to Bald Gold Chain
Mining company far a cash considers
Uan to be fixed and determined at
such stockholders meeting And to
consider and pass upon such other and
further business as shall lawfully come
before said meeting
Said stockholders meeting is caned
pursuant to a resolution of the boar
af directors ot laid Ajax MinIng com
pany J M BURT

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