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Tile InterMountain ncpullIlca
Est Feb 12 1906
Tile SnIt Lake Herald
Est June 6 1870
Only Republican Dally Newspaper In
Sa1t Lake City Utah
TerDUI ot Subscription I
< < el1ts one year SSOO
SUNDAYOne year 200
SEMI WEEKLY < In advance One
rear L50 six months 75 cents
Subscribers wishing address of paper
chanced must give former as well as
lresent address
All papers are continued until exrllCI
order Is received to discontinue Al ar
rearages must be paid In every case
Over In the new country to the east
they held an election Tuesday just as
in several other parts of the state They
elected the whole Republican ticket at
Vernal not because the opposition can
dIlates were bad men but because the
IJeople preferred the nominees who
Won And they also pronounced em
phatically against prohibition In Ver
11a1 Here is what the Express of that
City says
The Republican ticket was elected
I frlJm top to bottom Many people who
I fin m favor of statewide and national
1rohlbltlon voted against It for Vernal
believing that It was beginning at the
11iI end of the SI1ake They considered
it a matter for the state legislature to
deal ith And again many who voted
agamt prohibition Tuesday are people
ho never patronIze the saloon and
1 er use liquor In any form They
11 dl it purely in the light of a bus i
Jics proposition and considered that so
1 ng 19 the last sessIon of he state leg
1lture decided It too much of an ex
T rlll1eut for the state it was certainly
tOI muCh of an experiment for the little
tJ n ot VernaJ
ow dont get the notion that be
kait of that decisIon at the polls the
r nple of Vernal are drunkards the
rfkers of homes and the friends of all
3V1tSlicss They are nothing of the
knd rhere are not better people in
jJ l ty of Utah Which is the same
8 saying there are no better in the
v rll1 For the people of Utah are in
the forefront of the race when it comes
t nI urlng the worth of manhood
Tiey are not for drunkenness or for
I kssness l of any ort But they know
that liquor will be sold and drank In
their town And they very much pre
Ier t1 have It done openly under strict
and proper regulation than In the hid
< 1Fn caverns of perjured protection
Furthermore they know they will
need the revenue that can be derived
from the granting of permission to
sclL And they by no means propose
to have an the evil effects and none of
the revenue that can be secured
Ycrnal has spoken rather plainly and
se believe rather sensibly Like all the
rest of the state they are going to have
the saloon businessin some form
th them There is no good way to
ESlape that fate They would rather
control it than have it control them
And that would be a good decision for
every town and city in the state to
It is worth while living to old age
just tl see the names Dolly and Mil
tn Nobles on the playbill i
They have been before the theatre
going public for a lifetime No one wIll
ask either of themparticularly the
lady to what age they have attained
But the record show that they have
rescnted the hero and the heroine and
have baffled the villain for time where
of the memory of the ordinary critic
runnth not to the contrary
And here they are againto para
r rte the words of the clown They
are said to be younglooking as ever
to have defied time and all that Which
1 gnod news for their old friends and
rot bad news for the new
fOlTl8 one says they are playing at
the Bungalow They should be rich as
rofSUf for they have made merry
nire hearts than any two actors from I
the rising to the setting of the sun And
it n t1 their credit that they have not
t lided to close their comforting
I lone oC the current magazine se
rats a miner comes down from the
mountains with a certified check for i
thirty thousand dollars He drops Into I
ono of tho1 bucket shops that from time
tl time flourish in the little western
cities He loses ten thousand dollars
ot a time for three times and then set
tcs with the broker with the saturnine
cmment Easy come easy go He
had been twenty years accumulating
his fortune He was twenty days get
ting rid of It
Judging from the Logan Republican
there are producers of sugar beets In
the county of Cache who have been
dabbling In qu stlonable stocks to the
amount of more than a hundred thou
sand dollars a year for the past four
years And the balance Is against
them They are losers
That is just about as foolish a thing
as the hardhanded sons of toil can
engage In No man works harder than
does the farmer The man who raises
sugr beets Is especially burdened and
vexed His tasks call for all the pa
tience strength and good management
that It Is possible for any man to gin
It requires the combined effort of every
member of his family And the weari
ness at wife the torture of children In
hard laborthese things are by no
means unknown In the beet farms
For men who make their money that
Way to invest in stocks of a speculative
nature is simply flying In the face of
Providence They have no more chance
to get rich or to break even than they
have to fly
Their best friends wlll advise them
to disregard the stories ot the man In
the next townshIp who made killing
1n stocks the other day Turn a deaf
ear fJ the canvasser for that sort at
suckers Get the dogs and train them
to know a seller of stocks at sight and
leave the dog to attend to his own busi
ness when he trees one of the false fra
Hal a million dollars out of Cache
county in the past four years Is a tre
mendous loss And nothing but loss Is
There Is a better use for the money
that costs so much of labor and of sac
After all the Japs must be lllm the
rest of the human race The world has
been told that they are different That
kissing Is unknown In the kingdom of
cherry blossoms And arguing on that
basis people have been warranted In
believing that Japs were unique
And yet here Is a story of Prince Ito
recently killed in Korea He was one
of the first of his countrymen to under
stand that Japan ought to come out of
Its shell and catch step with the west
ern nations He went to England and
came home with doctrines which he be
lieved should be adoptedand which
later were adopted He preached what
he believed and a mob started out to
destroy him Ito escaped and hid un
der a house and a young woman of
that house took care of him She fed
him and watched for hIs enemies and
afterward he married her
Now that proves the Japanese are
like the rest of the human race That
sort at story Is preciselY what one
might have expected from the United
States or sturdy England or Imagina
tive Italy It Is human all over The
heroine saves the heros life and they
marry and are happy ever after Noth
ing can more conclusively prove the
universality of the reign of the god of
And after that we shouldnt be at all
3urprls to learn that kIssIng Is un
derstood In Japan quite as completely
as In other parts of the globe
Down beyond Nephl they have struck
water at four hundred feet in drilling
their state experiment well And It
rises to less than a hundred feet of the
surface of the ground The Nephl peo
ple most Interested want the driller to
go down another two hundred feet
where they believe he will strike a flow
ing well
If he does there Is no desert In Utah
That is the significant thing about
the well at Nephl
There Is probably not an acre of dry
land In the state on which water can
not be found by digging deep enough
If they can by going to lower strata
get a stream that comes from moun
tain sources and will rise to the level
of the farmsthere will be no day of
desolation in all this fair state Every
acre wlll be doubled in value Not a
rod of the sand and sage will be left for
future generations Every possible
tract will be taken up cultivated sup
plied with a welland rated at worth
In thousands of dollars
There Is not In all the mountain re
gion so important a work as this of the
state in digging experimental wells In
the various sections Success has been
achieved in several cases This work
at Nephl will prove nothing to the harm
of the section or of the dryfarm Inter
est anywhere And It may prove the
salvation of the whole rural portion of
Ut h
Nobody in Salt Lake wants a wInter
carnival of crime
There have been a good many rob
LerIes here and there about town Some
of them are of the flagrant sort that
amaze the observer with their success
It seems beyond belief that the robbers
can war against society and escape It
is beyond belief that lawless men can
walk Into a drug store In the flush of
the evening rob the cash register and
make good their escape without some
telltale evidence which will lead to cer
tain arrest and conviction
It seems totally beyond belief that
street cars can be robbed the crew
stripped of their money and that of the
company It seems totally impossible
that men can be stopped night after
night on the street their pockets rifled
in the best style of Dick Turpin and
his menand never a chance at cap
This is the twentieth century with
all the accessories of cfvlllzatIon Crime
should hide Its diminished head But
It dont The despoiled citizens bear
sorrowful testimony to that
Now Is there anything the citizens
can do Granted the police are doing
all In their power is there any aid the
people generally the householder the
workingman the merchant the clerk
the passer on streets at night Is there
any word he can bring to the police au
No one wants a winter carnival of
crime It there be Information that the
people can bring to the officers let it
be brought promptly freely and hon
estly Salt Lake should not be under
the dominion of the lawless Help the
police If you can
It Is now stated on what may be re
garded as reliable authority that the
day or cheap print paper has passed
No matter what may be the tariff on
paper It will never again be as low in
price as It has been In the past So say
the papermakers
And the rascals are probably telling
the truth Also there seems to be rea
son for their statement TIme was
when all the woods were crowded with
material out at which paper could be
made Time was when t1iere was wheat
straw enough In the country to make all
the paper the country needed
Now if there were nothing more than
straw there would be no papers ex
cepting at a fabulous price
Time was when paper could be made
of rags Now the rags are Worth more
as paper material than they are as
clothes and no man need be shabby In
the neighborhood of 3 paper mill
They turned to the dissolving of wood
into paper pulp and men believed they
had material enough to last forever
But they know now that they have
exhausted the supply They can cult
vatl paper material but they will never
sell It M low as they have in the past
You people who are getting The Her
aldRepubl1can for seventyfive cents
a month are very fortunate The wise
ones will subscribe at that price for a
term of years For the makers of paper
are going to raise their price from time
to time until even a management will
Ing to give half the apple and all the
core wlll be compelled to raise the price
whether or not they like
The day of cheap paper has passed
Right after the vote on the tariff blll
and the adjournment of congress many
of the eastern papers printed articles
under the above heading the purpose
at which was to prove to the people that
the necessaries of lIfeespecially wool
en clothinghad advanced In price as
a result of the Republican tariff
Well there has been plenty of time
for Salt Lake peoplefor people all
over Utahto find out what Is the truth
of the matter And we ask them to fair
ly state If the same grade of clothing
costs them more this fall than It did
Merchants present a little better
quality of goods and a little fairer I
styles perhaps now than they did a i
year ago That Is because there Is ad
vancement In the clothing busIness as
In everything else But the clothes do
not cost any more than they did a year
Look at the overcoats In the windows
and recall what you paid for a similar
garment In the fall of nineteeneight
The goods are as cheap now as they
were then
Turn back the files of the newspapers
Go Into November a year ago Note the
classes of goods advertised then by the
merchants of Salt Lake and compare
them with the prices of similar art
cleseven from the same whoIesalf
house And you will note that there
has been no advance
Indeed In many lines there Is a dis
tinct reduction
And when you are told that the new
tariff lays an additional burden on your
purse have the courage to announce
that you still register from Sedalla
and ask to be shown
And what Is true of clothIng Is true
of everything else affected by the tar
Iff The rate has been raiseda verY
little And you cant find It In the gar
ments you buy
Be fair about It and give credit where
credit is due
The best friends of Samuel Gompers
seem agreed that he ought to obey the
law or take his medicine He defied
the courts The courts say he must go
to prison Samuel would look lots bet
ter obeying than he does In the role ot
the Injured Innocent who didnt know
the decisIon was oaded
And here Is a curious story about
Kansas ministers raiding a booze
joint In the Sunflower state And all
the world knows that Kansas adopted
the prohibition amendment to Its con
stitution more than thirty years ago
Let Utah learn something from the ex
perience of others
The man at the market says that now
Is the time for buying potatoes And
the man with the market may be wise
in his generation The prIce Is not like
ly to be lower than now It may be a
good deal higher The reason Is that
good old one whIch concerns supply
and demand
And by the middle of next year you
will note that Tammany has the whole
of New York safely stowed away in
Its capacious maw Watch for it
They say that hope deterred maketh
the heart sick But did you ever walt
for a First South street car
sq 1 I
I know1that somewhere in your loving
There is a sheltered nook reserved for
A little kingdom where I reign supreme
However small my tiny realm may be
I know that in the musIc of your soul
There chimes with mine a chord so
sweet and low
The echoes flood our heartsbut dear
est one
Twould be 80 sweet to hear you tell
me so
Perhaps you feel that I should be con
To know that I am loved but in my
I long to hear the happy story told
For tender words are Loves divinest
For If we parch with thirst what If the
Shall flood their banks In wild tem
pestuous flow
It not one drop shall reach our fevered
Ah darling If you love metell me sol
Our lips will soon be closed by angel
For after an there Is not far to go
And life will end In silence hard and
So darling If you love metell me so
Blakeman Issertell
It matters not how dark the night
Or If the hour be midnight late
To me the pathway will be brIght
It waiting you but opo the gate
n matters not how cold It be
It can not chill me nor benumb
I through the frost your face will see
IC you stand looking when I come
What matters It If blinding hall
Shall fall amid the tempests war
Its violence can naught avail
It yoQ be waiting at the door
What though sharp stones may fill the
Or torrid sands my feet may burn
If I can feel with each new day
You wait and long for my return
Though mountain high the waves may
That us divide and keep apart
I wm be strong of heart and soul
If you close not from me your heart
The lIghtnlns flash the sky may blaze
And rive the heavens vaulted dome
All undismayed Ill stand aid gaze
It you give me a welcome home
Thomas F Porter
There wlll be enough business
deals In process at consumma
tion to keep this town from get
ting dull so long as we print
business opportunity ads
Learn to judge and weigh a
business opportunity by read
Ing and answering the ads
Inthe Cause of i
Author ot The Queens Advocate
A Courier of Fortune etc
Copyright 1908 by Arthur W
But the leader was a persistent fellow
in his way
How many are In the house he
asked Burski
The latter shrugged his shoulders
There were plenty just now enough to
treat me pretty roughly and Im no
There are no police In the house ex
cept that man and one other He
knows that I declared
The leader turned to the crowd and
tried to reason with them but It was
useless Not a man would leave the
house Some began to murmur and
growl at him for his interference and
the yells and cries against me redoubled
In violence
Then for a while things went till
wrong with me One of the fellows In
the hallway picked up a mat and with
a raucot1J laugh an dan oath flung It at
me It hit me full in the face and a
burst of laughter and wild cheering
hailed the shot
Before I knew anything more another
man rushed up the stairs and caught
me by the legs Down I went back
wards my weapon flew out of my hand
and in an Instant I was hauled down
the stairs feet first into the seething
mass of Infuriated men grabbed here
thrust there beaten kicked and hustled
all ways at once to the accompani
ment of such screeching oathing and
yelling as I hope I many never hear
again at least under similar condi
Matters would have been much worse
with me Indeed but for one stroke of
luck One of the crowd a grimy fat
Iesmelling creature In his eagerness
to get a kick at my head fell asprawl
over me as I lay against the wall I
grabbed him tight and hung on to him
using his fat carcaSe as a shield until
his piercing screams for help let his
friends see what was happening
The attack ceased while they dragged
him free I managed to 3cramble to my
feet at the same time and with my
back to the wall I used my fists right
and left upon the front rank of hot
straining sweating staring faced In a
desperate effort to win a way back to
the stairs
Against such numbers I could gain
no more than a moments respite how
eel But it proved enough
A revolver shot rang JUt from the
stairway and drew all eyes that way
It was olna
Running from the room above she had
seen my pistol on the stairs and her
quick wits had suggested to her the
means of stopping the tumult She had
discharged it over the heads of the I
crowd and had thus gained a hearing
Her lovely face flushed and her EYES
alight with Indignati she used the
moment of astonishment to dash right
Into the midst of the crowd and reach
my side
Shame men shame she cried
Would you tmr your friends to pieces
I am one of the prisoners and thin js
the other
The fickleness or a mob is a proverb
Her plucky act succeeded wlere aU ar
guments and Inducements oUld have
failed The crowd swung over to her
side and cheered her lustily
Burski was quick to apprciate the
probable results to him and I saw him
begin to edge his way to the door to
Stop that man I cried Jointing ilt
In an instant his path was blocked
and I hoped that he Was going to have
a taste of the treatment of which ht
had secured such a fun meal for nie
He would have had it surely enough
but for an interruption from outside
The luck had turned right in our fa
vor Three or four men shouldeNd
their way into the house and In their
midst J saw my friend Ladislas He
was known to many of the crowd who
made way for him with a loud cheer
In a few words I made the situation
clear to him and added that Bremen
hof was In the room above and that if
the crowd got wind of It In their pre
ent temper they would tear him to
He succeeded ultimately in inducing
the people tb leave the house and put
ting Bursltl In charge of three men La
dislas Volna and I went up to Bremen
He was In a condition of desperate
terror and as ve entered started up
and stared at us wideeyed trembling
and abject
You are in no danger Colonel Bre
menhot said Ladlslas They shall
take my life before I will see YOu
Not quite so fast as that Ladislas
I I declared Colonel Bremenhof knew
what his man Burskl Intended In set
ting the crowd on me and I have a
reckoning to settle
The hunted expression in his eyes
which had been calmed somewhat by
my friends words returned as he
asked What do you mean
You shall know that In a moment
First understand that the mob are still
outsidetheir blood Is up They have
just been cheated of one victim myself
handed over to them in your stead by
the cunning of your man and with
your connivance I have but to open
the door and speak your name to them
and what they did to me will be a
trifle to what theyll do to yoU
Anstruther protested Ladlslas
This is my matter man Leave it to
me please If youd been down under
that mobs feet youd feel as I do Now
you and Bremenhof cowered again
as I turned to him Listen to me
Even when I was in danger of my life
I kept secret the fact that you were
here In the house and saved Sour life
Out of no regard for you believe me
for I swear that If ou refuse to do ex
actly what I tell you now I will drag
you down with my own hands and pitch
you Into the midst of the rabble
Whatdo you want
But little more than you promised
me last night Madame Drakonas re
lease at once and the delivery of the
evidence you hold against her an of
ficial statement that there Is no charge
of any kind against her daughter here
and a definite wrUen admission of the
part you have taken throughout this
Youll play no more tricks on me
Yes I agree Ill do it the instant I
get to the department
Thank you I know how you keep
such pledges You will write the order
I for Madame Dralmnas release here at
once and will send It by Burski your
trusted servant with orders to conduct
her to a place well settle
But at such a time difficulties may
be raised and
Yes or no quick As for the diffi
culties youll remain In our hands until I
you have found how to get over them
Burskl was clever enough to get me
Into a mess a few minutes since Now
you can use his cleverness to get you
out of one
Yes Let me see him
One word You are earning your
life understand that Attempt any
treachery and I left the sentence un
Ill do it he agreed Anything
Yolna fetched some writing materials
and while Bremenhof wrote the order 1
conferred with LadisIas and settled the
detallc of thp plan
To Be Continued Tomorrow
a a
Wi1 p ants Suitsand 0 vercoats for Boys and
V Children Today and Saturday
Our recent sale left us with a great many broken Iiesother special
lines have been added and the entire lot placed on bargain tables on
the second floor This means another great sacrifice sale will be in
J evidence today and Saturday m
0VERHaIf Pric
COATS today and Saturday a flce
I BOYS and Saturday AND YOUTHS LONG PANTS to day Half PrIce i
today and Saturday can c
Other broken lines too numerous to mention will be
I thrown on these tables and sold at sacrifice prices to I
day and Saturday It will pay you to investigate
mi1 r r 1 OUR DRUG STORE 15 AT =
112114 SOUTH MAIN ST fl
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Prices 50c to S150 Mat 25c to 100
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school pupils 25c
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Judge William G Ewing
member of the official BOARD OF
Salt Lake Theatre
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14 at 8 oclock
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Church The public 18 cordially In
vited to attend
The Musical Hit
The lime The Place
and The Girl
Prices 25c SOc 75c 100
Matinees Wed and Sat AU seats
reserved 25c and SOc
Consult county clerk or respective sign
er for further information
bate division in and for Salt Lake coun
t Utah In the matter of the estate
oC Caroline ll Fenstermaker decea2ed
The petition of Charles H Fenstermak
er administrator of the estate ot Caroline
M Fenstermaker deceased praying for
the settlement of final account of said
Charles II Fenste maker administrator
and for the distribution of the residue of
said estate to the persons entitled also
discharge of administrator and his bonds
men has been set for hearing on Friday
the 1iJth day of November A D 100J
at 2 ocloclc p m at the country court
he use In the court room of said court
In Salt Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof aUxed this 6th day at
November A D 1009
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Brigham Clegg Attorney for Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty Utah In the matter of the estate
of Amos Fenstermaker deceasedNotlce
The petition ot Charles H Fenstermak
er administrator of the estate of Amos
Frnstermakcr deceased praying for the
settlement ot final account ot said Charles
H Fenstermaker administrator and for
the distribution oC the residue ot said es
tate o the persons entitled also for dis
charge ot administrator and his bonds
men has been set for hearing on Friday
the 19th day of November A D 1900 at
2 oclocc p m at the county court house
in the court room of said court In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affIxed this 5th day ot
November A D 1009
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Brigham Clegg Attorney for Petitioner
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty Utah In the matter ot the estate
of Emma J Ingbersen sometimes spelled
Ingbresen deceasedNotlce
The petltlen of Salt Lake Security
Trust company administrator of the
estate of Emma J Ingbersen sometimes
sJelled lngbresen deceased praying for
the settlement of final account of said
Salt Lake Security Trust company ad
ministrator and that the real estate be
distributed to Frank Mills and Caroline
E Mills his wife as grantees of the es
tate has been set for hearing on Friday
the 19th day of November A D 1900 at
2 oclock p m at the county court house
In the court room of said court In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
itness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 6th day of
November A D 1009
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Edward McGurrin Attorney for Peti
bate division In and for Salt Lake coun
ty state ot Utah In the matter of the
estate ot V J McCann deceased otlce
The petition of J A Headlund praying
for the Issuance to himself of letter of
administration In the estate of V J Mc
Cann deceased has been set for hearing
on Friday the 19th day of November A
D 1009 at 2 ocloc p m at the county
court house In the court room of said
court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake coun
ty Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 6th day of
November A DI90J
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Goodwin Van Pelt Attorneys for
division In and for Salt Lake county
state of Utah
In the matter ot the estate and guar
dlanshln oC Samuel A Merritt tnccmpe
rhe petition for approval and settlement
ot the account of the guardian of the
person afld the estate of Samuel A Mer
ritt Incompetent also fixing guardians
compensation and attorneys fees approv
Ing allowance of 200 per month mainte
nance and continullce of the same has
been set for hearing on Friday the It1th
day ot November A D 1900 at 2 oclock I
p m at the county court house In the
court room of said court in Salt Lake
City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 2d day of
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Dickson Ellis Ellis Schulder Attor
neys for Petitioner
bate divIsIon in and for Salt Lake count
state of Utah In the matter of the es
tate and guardianship of George Pappa
vasllls minor Notice
The petition of George Pappavasllls
praying for the Issuance to Andrew Pap
pavasllls of letters of guardianship on the
person and estate of George Pappaasllls
minor has been set for hearing on Fri
day the 19th day of November A D
1909 at 2 oclock p m at the county
court house In the court room ct said
court In Salt Lake City Salt Lake county
Witness the clerk of said court with
the sEal thereof affixed this let day of
November A D 1909
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
William H Ieary Attorney for Peti
Charlotte Thompson Minor
The undersigned will soil at private sale
an undivided one sixth 16 Interest In
and to the following described real prop
erty situate In Salt Lake City county o
Salt Lake and state of Utah described as
follows to wit Part at lot four 4 block
finysix 56 plat A Salt Lake City sur
yey bounded and more particularly de
scribed as follows Beginning at the
southwest corner of said lot four 0 In
said block flftslx 56 and running
thence north along the east line of Stale
street formerly First East street one
hundred and eightyeight 188 feet then e
east parallel with the line of Third South
street one hundred and fllxtyflve 1IrI
feet thence south parallel with the Ill1e
at State street one hundred and eIghts
eight 168 feet thence west along the
north line of Third South street one hun
dred and sixtyfivE 165 feet to the place
or beginning containing approximatf
11394 square rods on or after the 19th
day of November A D lro1 and wrlttPfj
bids will be received at the office of De
HoppauJth room 400 Boyd Park build
ing 182 Main street In said Salt Lake
City terms ot sale at least onefifth O
cash and the balance upon credit In 111
stalments as follows Onefifth 15
thereof In one year from confirmation of
sale and fourfifths 45 thereof in five
5 years deferred payments evidenced hy
notes ot the purchaser secured by mort
gage with Interest at titeritt of five per
cent per annum Interest payable semi
Dated November 6 A D 1908
Guardian or Charlotte Thompson MInor
Dey Hoppaugh Attorneys for Guard
division In and for Salt Lake county
state ot Utah Department No1
In the matter oC the estate of Emma I
Weston DeceasedNotice
The petition of William H Weston
praying for the admIssion to probate ot
a certain document purporting to be the
last will and testament of Emma J w s
ton deceased and for tte granting of
letters testamentary to William H ves
ton has been set for hearing tn Friday
the 26th day of November A D Igrrf at
2 Qc1ock p m at the county court hou
in the court room of said court In Salt
Lake City Salt Lake county Utah
Witness the clerk of said court with
the seal thereof affixed this 6th day of
November A D 1009
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy clerk
Walter V Little Attorney for Peti
Notice of Application for State Des
ert Land Selection No 6
Notice Is hereby given that F H
Lott J P Smith George C Jones and
Vllliam H Smart have made applica
tion to reclaim certain desert lands
pursuant to the act of congress ap
proved August 18 1894 and arts
amendatory thereto known as the
Carey Land Act and pursuant to the
laws of the state of Utah relative
thereto and rules and regulations of
the department of the Interior and of
the state board of land commissioners
The said lands for which application
has been made and which it Is sougit
to have the state cause to be segre
gated from the public domain are sl
uate In Vasatoh and Ulntah counties
Utah and more particularly described
as follows to wit
Unsurveyed NEI NW1 NWl NEI
SW 1 NE1 Nl SEt SEI SEI Sec 9
township 8 south range 16 east f1
SI Beetlon 15 Si Si section 16 Si Si
section 17 SII 51 section 18 Wi SW
Ell 1Wl NEt SEi section 19 all of
sections 20 21 22 23 N NWI section
27 N Nil section 28 Ni NEi N1 NWt
section 29 Ni NEI section 30 township
8 Iuth range 17 east SII S section
SII 811 section Z 511 SWI section 4 8El
SEI section 5 all of sections 8 9 10
11 14 15 16 NW1 NEi SEI section
17 NW1 NE1 SE1 Ell SWI section 21
all of sections 22 23 26 NWi NEi
SEt Ell SW NWI SWI section 27
XEi NEi NW section 28 N NEt sec
tion 31 NWi NEi Nil BEl section 35
township 9 south range 17 east Salt
Lake base meridian
Unsurveyed NEI NWi SWi IIOWI
SE section U township 8 south range
17 east SE1 81 SV1 section I all or
sections 12 13 U 25 36 townshIp 9
south range 17 east SWl SEi SWI
SI NVi section 3 SII NI 811 section 4
SWi NEi SI NWi SI section 6 E
SE SWi SEi SW section 6 all nt
sections 7 8 3 and 10 EI NEi SW
NEi SEI NW1 WI NW SI section 11
SI NEi SEt SWL NWi section 1
all of sections 13 H 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 NV NE NEt SEi Wi El
SWl section 23 rq NWI S1 secti
24 Nb NW section 26 Ni NE1 NW t
section 27 NEi NYl Nfl SW1 IWi
SWi NVl BEl section 28 all of see
tlons 29 30 31 NI NEi NW1 NW
SVl section 32 township 9 sout
range 18 east NE N SEl section
township 10 south range 17 east N
section 6 township 10 south range 18
cast Salt Lake meridian
That the source of water supply re
lied upon by applicants to reclaim said
descrlbedland is Duchesne river Wa
satch county Utah to be diverted at
a point on said river from which the
northwest corner of section 5 town
ship 4 south range 4 west U R 1f
bears N 0 deg 7 min W 641 feet as
shown by application In the state en
gineers office of the state ot Utah
me No 2403
Any and aU persons claiming aJ
versely any part or portion of the
lands described or desiring to object
for any reason to th segregation
thereof or to the state entering Into
a contract with Rnnllcants should file
their written protests with the under
signed within forty days from the fIrst
publication of this notice
State board land commissioners
w H FARNSWORTH Secretary
First publication November 11 1909

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