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L M Financial and Commercial l J
Rumor of Consolidation of In
terests Renewed in Wall
New York Nov lCopper stocks fur
nished the object of a speculative diver
Zion today In the dullness which held the
g ° nlral list The return from abroad of
a number of capitalists credited with de
clellng voice In negotiations believed to
have been under way for consolidating
copper interests was made the occasion
for the demonstration In that group
Guarded admissions were Interpreted by
the speculative element as confirmation
of reports on the subject which have
ln In circulation but no authoritative
nnnounCements were made This move
ment acted as a tonic on the stock mar
k t Confidence was kept up by asser
tons that supplies of credits sufficient to
guard stock market values would be
rthcomlng from other sources than the
clearing house banks
Statements were made that foreign lend
ers were offering funds In New York and
that the great private bankers were ap
Ilng resources to the protection of the
call money market There was a large
flow of gold Into the Bank ot England
lLrgely from the Bank of France
count was taken of additional drain
already In sight on New York bank re
Prospects are that further gold will go
ut to South America besides engage
ml nts already made do not figure In to
das bank statement
Trade reports were encouraging and
turns of October gross earnings of rail
roads were sufficient to Indicate a high
watr market for that month
The tact that no call loans are made
at the stock exchange on Saturday left
the market without an accurate index on
the tone but a strong demand for time
Hans was rEported Loans for sixty days
wre made at 54 per cent and that rate
will be asked for ninety days
The appearance of the bank statement
confirmed the confidence ot those who
had expected the surplus to be conserved
the enormous loan contraction reported
operating In fact to add substantially to
the margin of the surplus
Bonds were heavy Total sales par
value onooo
United States bonds were unchanged
en call for the week
Stock Quotations
Sales High Low Close
AIIhal pfd 200 5t Ii1 5354
Aural Copper 11500 91 8914 9OJ4I
Amn Agrlcul O0 4554 484 48
Amn Beet Sugar 47
Amn Can pfd OO S1fI 454 54
lrnn e F 300 74k 711 74
Aim Cot Oil 900 73 73 73
A H L pm 100 4i14 474 H
1 1O Ice Secur 100 54 1 H1Ai 24
ALia Linseed 000 II 1510 15
Iran Loomo 40 62 G1 6219
Amn S R 11200 99y4 95 00
Preferred 111Yz
Itn Sugar R 30 129 129 1S15
Amn T T UOO HI HHi 14136
Amn Tobac pfd OO 108 1W l 100
Amp Woolen 34
Are Mtn Co 18600 il 454 51
th son 4600 1t111 11954 lO14
Preferred 1d 14411 10414 1Ot1j6
U Coast Line KJO 131 137 130
B d O 100 115 1154 116
Preferred 93
Beth Steel IIIEI 3114 114 3454
Brook Rap T 1000 7tt8 16 754
an Pacific H 690 1It 11 1S4
vent Leather 114O 4i 46 4i14
Preferred 108
of N J 300
lhcs Ohio 110J 5716 8714 87 l
ld it Alton 67
l s W ctfal JO i 20
X W 400 106 lSi 185
e M St P 000 IM11t 156 188
C C C St L 5750 i
Colo F I 900 40 48 48s
t h So 3QJ 7574 55 55
st preferred SO
J preferred 100 73 80 79
m Gas 180 144 141 1444
Ccrn Products 1U JI4 22 22 74
I Hud 183
1 > R G 2100 48 1 4i 18
Preferred 200 814 SI S4
I1tst Sur MJO 3i 37 37
Jrj 1000 tf 3i 32
jt preferred 1418 4114 tII4 4654
t preferred 33
Gpn Electric 16
t Nor pfd llKJi 142 8 142 142
Gt Nor ore ctfs 100 1 Skis SI 80
II I ntral 100 134 141 14Ji
Inter Met 231110 X 22 22
Preferred 1OMJO IiiWl at 5tt
Inter Harvest 700 1Ot IDS 102
Inter Mar pfd i 1100 2I 4 91
Inter Paper 600 15i1 3i y 34
lrhr Pump 3100 SI 53 53
low 4 Central 28
K t Southern 400 4e 41 42
Preferred 11III
L UlS Nash 1000 153 152 153
Yf St L 5
M St P Sault
Sh M 136
lt Pacific 110 7 811 68 iOIJ4
JI K T 5200 41 41 4736
Pr fprrro 73
Xt Biscuit 113
1Jt Lead 16161 JE 8754 88
Nat R R of M
1st preferred 55 i
X Y C ntra 1211 1114 111 JIll
N Y o W 409 ItSAI 4114 PA
cr West 9it14
Xnrth Amn ml
Nor Pacific 2906 14i1A IH ItS
Pacific Mall tOO 4t 43 43
Pennsylvania 10700 14114 HO 140
Penplps Gas 190 117 113 113
P C St L 9555
pJfssel S Car lfJOO 5J 53 5334
Pull Pal Car 19
R1 Steel Spring 400 484 491t 4914
Reading 10fOO 1t lIt 11
RCNth Steel 18011 Mil li1fI 47
Preferred 30 I0CJ4 IOC 106
Rndt Island 240 Jot 38 40
Preferred 994
St L San F
d preferred 400 ii 58 51H
St L S W uon IMl 3114 3tlli
Preferred 2180 M it i0
R S S I 100 II 92 91
So Palfic 1If 1Jt14 121Vt 12W
Sn Railway 13mo 3214 31 3314
Preferred 2iOO 71 76 7ft
lpnn Copper 2n 3itI4 2i 3811
Tex Pac 000 J5I4 35 45
T St L W 71 58 UII Iit
Preferred 400 08314 094 6814
t I1lnn Pacific 12180 ell 201 201
Preferred W lfiC Ire 10
t S Realty 3 tq
P S Rubber l4JO 40 49 I 49
r S Steel 3040 00 = 914 00
Preferred 4110 1Mt4 isa 1t1
Ptah Copper 3180 JlYa 58 is1i
Va Car Chem Sot IiO 4rw 49
Wabash iGO 3tI4 10 20
Preferred 6700 S n 5236
West Md cUs 100 ai 111 H U
West Electric 111 sr 35 SIi
West rnlon 100 79 i8 79
W L E 81
Wis Central 50
Total sales for the day 355000 shares
Money Sliver Etc
New York Nov 13Money on call
nominal Time loans strong sixty days
51 per cent ninety das 55 six
months 5
Prime mercantile paper 5 i6
Sterling exchange firm with actual
business In bankers bills at 4S315fN235
for slxtda bill and at 4Si35 for de
Commercial bills 482144S3
Bar silver 5014
Mexican dollars 43
Government bonds steady railroads
Metal Markets
New YorK Nov 13Wlth both the New
York and London metal exchanges closed
prices were practically nominal toddy and
no fresh feature developed
Tin was quoted at 302583050 local deal
ers quote Jake copper at 13001325 elec
trolytic at 12S7WGl300 casting at 12r D
Lead was quiet at 43i44i and spel
ter at 625640
Iron was unchanged
The Bank Statement
New York Nov 13The statement of
clearing house banks for the week shows
that the banks hold 67roOOO more than
the requirements of the 25 per cent re
serve rule This Is an Increase of 1726
45 In the proportionate cash reserve as
compared with last week The statement
Loans 122613100 decrease 20731300
Deposits 1214783000 decrease 6
Circulation 53223300 decrease 75550
Legal tenders 63567800 Increase 37
400 Specie 2US9S200 decrease 44i92oo
Reserve 310166000 decrease 49I1iOO
Reserve required 3Q3697OOO decrease
Surplus 6769000 increase 172475
Ex United States deposits iI87l7 In
crease I737S50
The percentage of actual reserve of the
clearing house banks today was 25St
The statement of banks and trust com
panies of Greater New York not report
Ing to the clearing home shows that
these institutions have aggregate depos
its of 1251897700 total cash on hand
14961000 and loans amounting to 31202
The Financier will say
It had been expected the statement of
the New York associated banks for the
week ending Nov 13 would prove Interest
Ing but nothing quite as striking as the
changes actually made had been antici
Current opinion held that the transfer
of loans from London to New York this
month would be heavy and that the loan
item of New York banks would show
large Increases In consequence Contrary
to expectations however loans of ttv
associated banks have not been expended
and the current statement shows a con
traction In this Item of 39602400 one of
the heaviest decreases on record
The known movements of money fore
shadowed a decrease In the holdings of
specie and legal tender and the contrac
tion of 5353500 In cash holdings was In
harmon with actual bank conditions at
the end of the week
Deposits fen off 46735000 ThIs of
course reduced reserve requirements
nearly 12000 and surplus reserve which
at the end ot the previous week was un
der 5000000 rose 36330250 making the
present surplus 10256575
Just where the loan bUrden of thc banks
has been shifted is uncertain but It Is
evident the outsd Institutions In this
city have not assumed it since the loans
of the trust companies Inst week rose less
than one and a half mlUions while their
cash holdings fell off more than two and
threequarter millions and their net de
posits decreased 6STI200
The rise of can money on Friday to G
per cent cannot be said In the face of a
bank showing like that of Saturday to In
dicate that this tate Is normal
Treasury Statement
Washington Nov 13The condition of
the treasury at the beginning of business
today was as follows
Trust funds
Gold coIn 3531F7SrA
Sliver dollars 1SSQS9OOO
Sliver dollars of 1SOO 4016000
Silver certificates outstanding 4SSOS9QOO
General fund
Standard sliver dollars in gen
eral fund 3 1791HS
Current liabilities 112791170
Working balance In treasury offices
Ices 24826013
In banks to credit of treasurer
of United States 36467367
Subsidiary silver coin 17157420
Minor coin lst5
Total balance In general fund S1839117
Evaporated Fruits
New York Nov lEaporated apples
quiet November delivery 81 i8 spot
new crop 1WU choice 1908 954610
prime Siit9 common to fair 614ijS
PrunesFirm California up to 40oos
3g14 Oregons 69
ApricotsStead choice 11U ex
tra choice 1114i11 fancy 12l12
PeachesFirm choice 5Vt1 b extra
choice 5846 fancy 6Wil
RaisInsFirm seedless 3j6 2 Lan
den layers 12O12d
Coffee and Sugar
New York Nov 13Coffee close
steady net unchanged to 5 points higher
Sales were 22750 bags Including January
at 650 March at 60 May at 670 July
at 675460 l September at 600
Spot quid Xo 4 Santos 8859 mild
quiet Cordova 91l
SugarRRw firm fair refining 3934
100 centrifugal 96test 445a450 mo
lasses sugar 37375 refined steadY No
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which Uncle Jesse Knight placed strong
hopes Bunches of good ore were dis
closed In the upper levels and with the
e of opening permanent resources
sources at depth an expensive power
plant was installed and a long tunnel
was driven For some reason the tunnel
hAS not encountered the ore In paying
quantities although many good mining
men hold to the belief that In lIneral
Flat ground is the making ot a rich
Under existing market conditions It Is
out of the question to pay for continuing
development from the selling of treasury
stock and the policy of the Knight in
terests is to close down worIrlngs where
assessments are required except per
haps n a few cases where the outlook
for developing pay resources Is excep
tionally good
San Francisco Quotations
James A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers No 6 West Second South street
furnish the following received over their
private wire
Sandstorm 03
Columbia Mountain OS
Jumbo Extension 12 13
Booth 11
Blue Bull ro ot
Sliver Pick 07 QJ
Blue Ben Q2 ro
St Ives 09
Lone Star 03 03
Oro 04 QJ
Atlanta 11 12
Great Bend re ro
Florence 242 245
Goldfield Daisy Q6 07
Combination Fraction 47 4S
Iewanos W 05
Portland 01 03
F Mohawk W
Red Hills 03 QI
Yellow Tiger 03 04
Goldfield Con 717 731
Ophir 137 140
Mexican 125 17y
Gould Currie 27 28 I
Consolidated Virginia 85 86
Savage tG I
Hale Norcross 32 35
Yellow Jacket 16
Belcher 99 100
Exchequer 13 44
Union 55 56
Chollnr 21 23
Potosi 33
Montana Tonopah TI 79
Tonopah Extension tS 51
lacNamara 28 29
Midway 19 20
Tonopah Belmont 71
Vest End Con 22
Tim Butler 12 13
Bonnie Clare 14
Mayflower Con c 10
Montgomery Mountain 02 03
Tramp Con Qt 05
Manhattan Con 01
Dexter Ql 1 Q2
Mineral Hill ot
Nevada Hills 73
Round Mountain ro I 63
Rawhide Coalition 21
6 475 No7 470 No8 465 No9 160
Xo 10 455 No 11 450 No 12 445 No 13
4ro No 14 440 confectioners A 52ii
mould A 50 cut loaf 605 crushed 095
powdered 535 granulated 525 cubes 550
Chicago Nov 13Vintry weather In
the northwest was one of the factors
responsible for a sharp beak In wheat
prices here today Oats were affected
by the slump In wheat and closed easy
but corn closed firm
Provisions were again excited and
firm and closed 50 to 50c higher than
the final figures of the previous ses
The wheat market was weak aU day
owing to persistent hammering by
bears and a lot of weekend liquidation
This selling counted heavily against
the market as support was at no time
vigorous News of the day was almost
exclusively In favor of the bears al
thbUgh the demand for cash what at
outside markets was still fairly active
Foreign news was bearish the Liv
erpool market showing declines of i
dd owing to favorable crop reports
from Argentina and Australia
Weather conditions In this country
and canada were such as to InspIrEs
considerable selling a drop in tempera
ture In the northwest being considered
a forerunner of an Increased move
ment ot spring wheat while wet
weather In the western wheat states
put the heat In good condition to
withstand winter December ranged
between 105 and 1063 ihe close wa
almost at the bottom with December
at 10H
The cornmarket was firm The mar
ltet closed firm unchanged to t higher
Trading In oats was of small volume
and the market was Inclined to sag
because of the weakness of wheat
Prices at the close were unchanged to
a shade lower
Provisions were strong During the
day January pork sold between 2155
and 200 The market closed at almost
the top
Thl Plldint futures ranged as follows
I 1I1on 1Ah I Low I Close
Dec 10 > 1 1106 2 105 ss 105
May 105 105 11 s 101
July m 197 9614 961496
j uPfl high tow I Close
Dec 151f tlt4OO 59t < u 1 1 71x59
May 60i1 61 159 I 6OWfim
July i60y4 GOIMJ6 > iI 60 s 622 8
UA1 s
I Open Hrgn I Low I Close
Dec lau7 l 476 3y5 i 385af3 Ys
May 141tNl 11 41 41
July 3WR 13J 19 3954x39
allaa PUHller bbl I
I Open I HIJn I Low I Close
Jan 215 2200 2155 2200
May I 2042 I 052 I 3137 I 2050
LArtUler lW Ibs
I Open I kilgn j Low I Close
Nov 1291h i 1330 1295 1330
Jan I 119 > I 12O 119 1205
May 11m 11152 i 114 1152
hUXT tt1BSYer IW lbs
I Open I High I Low I Close
Jan rl01 I I 1092 10151 1090
May 104ih I 10aiI 1047Uz 1055
Cash quotations were as follows
FlourFirm winter patents 500 t6O
straights 18OJ530 spring straights 400
475 bakers 425610
RyeNo 2 737310
BarlcFeed or mixing 5253 fair to
choice maltinG 57j66
Flax ScedNo 1 southwestern 166 Xo
1 northwestern 176
Timothy Seed340j360
Mess PorkPer bbl 2100
LardPer loo lbs 13341350
Short RibsSides loose 1112ll5O
Short SidesClear boxed 11001L25
Grain Statistics
Total clearartccs of wheat and flour
were equal to 49000 bushels Primary re
ceipts were 996000 bushels compared with
1017000 bushels the corresponding day a
year ago Estimated receipts for Mon
day Wheat 39 cars corn 186 cars oats
147 cars hogs 31000 head
New York Grain
New York Nov 12FlourRecelpts
31096 exports 15997 dull but steady
Minnesota patents 525550 Minne
sota bakers 4504S0 winter patents
535575 winter straights 515530
winter extras 430480 winter low
grades 420470 Kansas straqhts
WheatReceipts 188000 spot easy
No2 red 127 nominal domestic eleva
tor and 1264 nominal spot f o b
afloat No 1 northern Duluth 1152
nominal f o b afloat No2 hard win
ter 118i f o b afloat
OptlonsAtter opening lower on
cables the market rallied on covering
and on small offerings on fears ot a
decrease and the firmness In cash and
was well sustained during the session
and closed unchanged to B decline De
cember closed 115 May 11H July
Kansas City Nov 13CattleRecelpts
9000 Market stead Natives 475fj800
native cows and heifers 225075 stock
ErS and feeders 325490 bulls 2i5
tl0 calves 400700 western steers 400
tt55O western cows 300450
HogsReceipts 4000 Market steady
to strong Bull of sales 775460 >
heavy 7958305 packers and butchers
775305 light 7601t700 pigs 650725
No sheep
Omaha Nov 13CattleRecelpts 300
Market unchanged Native steers 4502
800 cows and heifers 350625 western
steers 375633 cows and heifers 285
450 canners 2i325 stockers and
feeders 300525 calves 350700 bulls
stags etc 275465
HogsReceipts 2600 Market strong to
5c higher Heavy 794795 mixed 790
792ih light 7851T92 pigs 650750
bulk of sales 79O792
SheepReceipts 300 Market steadY
Yearlings 49Q635 lambs ji75ij150
Chicago Nov 13CattleReceipts es
timated at 300 Market steady Beeves
390925 Texas steers 38IoJ4S5 west
ern steers 425750 stockers and feed
ers 310i25 cows and heifers 210 y
575 caves 625nS50 I
HogsReceipts estimated at 8000 Mar
ket strong Light 768ffi mixed 770 I
815 heavy tm820 rough 770785 I
good to choice heavy r858S20 pigs 600
770 bulk of sales 700fS15 I
SheepReceipts estimated at 3000 I
Market steady Native 27813615 west
ern 300t620 yearlings 500G30 lambs
native 475755 western 475fj750
Wool Market
st Louis Nov 13WoolUnchanged
Medium grades combing and clothing
2430 light line 2327 heavy fine
1422 tub washed 2638
i yL
1 ty 4
You May Avoid a
Tumble Look
at These
MARKET south side five
year lease easy rent
Main street low rent good
So quiet location for re
fined people
3 5OOODRUG STORE south side
3ear lease rent xt
Main street near Temple
gross Income 300 rent 5
10OOOHOTEL ro rooms nothing
In west Is better known big
money maker
good equipment first class
ISOOOHOTEL 120 rooms State
street elegant furniture
5year lease
occupies two rooms rents
seven Income 3121 per mo
rent 40
2sroGROCERY stock and fix
tures excellent location de
livery wagons horses etc
3 875ROOIING HOUSE eight
rooms furnace excellent
furniture every room full all
the time
3 SOOOHOT the most fashion
able place in town thor
oughly modern In every par
3 OGROCERY residence neigh
borhood living rooms In
good lease big business a
3 8OOOHOTEL 40 rooms best fur
niture in town small cash
> payment balance easy
The Real Estate People
Newhouse Bldg ground floor
Biliousness i
I have used your valuable Cnscnrets
and I find them perfect Conldnt do
without them I have used them for
some time for indigestion and biliousness
and am now completely cured Recom
mend them to evet one Once tried you
will never be without them in the
fam yEdwardA Marx Albany NY
Pleasant Palatable Potent Taste Good
Do Good Never SlckenWeaken or Gripe
lOc25c Sac Never sold In bulk The gen
nine tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to
cure or your mousy back 929
Read HeraldRepublican Want Ads 1
I It you own some tenantless
property GET SCARED Into
becoming a persevering adver
Limberts and Gu tav Stickleys
I 4J Arts and Crafts
The ideal furniture for ibrary parlor dining
room or denthese two cele rated makes represent
the very finest Arts and Or fts productions in the
I Y world Both Gustav Stickle 1 and Limbert were the
t 1f originators of their particu1 r styles of Craftsman
+ furniture and consequently hey have developed and
fiU 1 brought out the most uniqlH and origin ideas in
this simple elegant and sub tantial furniture
1 rii
4 We are sole rep resentati es for both these houses
in Salt Lake Oityour who e main floor is devoted
to the magnificent display a Bight worth seeing to
everyone with the aesthetic emperament
toe The beauty of the desj sthe strength and
originality of the lines of Instruction are greatly
r ti I augmented by the elegant yt simple leather uphol
a steries and metal trimmings each piece exhibited is
a masterpiece of designss rought by the greatest
r craftsmen in the world
T T We invite you to in spec the magnificent show
ingit will be an interestin f revelation to the home
Our Great are and
i Rug Sale 1 This
f 1j 6 We k
d r 2i The great red ctions advertised
G > l durIng the past wee throughout thIS
i b s magnificent departmnt have all been
1 I continued another si days Reductions
embrace the elegant Whitt produc
tions as well as ou other finest ere
a tions in floor coven 19S
Many lines depl ted from the tre
mendous weeks sell ng have been re
II I l tE ILJi duced still further t effect complete
11 clearance Choose b fore theyre gone
much will be saved on your new win
ters earpetin s
1tD STROUSE Easide tt
Monday Morning at 830 A MeThat
Th 3k I
254256 ii 254256 iii
Slate St 1 T I s < State St
Opposite the Bungalow Opposite the Bungalow
Theatre Theatre
Of the Baron Cos 50000 Stock
Continues With Unabated Fury
ti Outer Garments Millinery Clothing Furnishings uter Garments Furnish
r L Furnishings and Shoes MENS Hats and Shoes CHILDS ngs Hats and Shoes
Now Selling at 20c 25c and 50c on t e Dollar
Butter Cheese and Eggs
New York Nov 13Butter and cheese
firm unchanged
EggsStead unchanged
Chicago Nov 13 Butter Stead
creameries O30 dairies 21823
EggsFirm at mark cases Included
201h flrata 27 prime firsts 28 Receipts
522 > cases
CheeseFirm daisies 161116 twins
516 young Americas 16fJ16 long
horns 151516
Flax Market
176 Minneapolis Nov 13Fax closed at II

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