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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, November 14, 1909, Section Three, Image 18

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I ajjyArJAur
jjyArJAur WiiirAh f1 A 7 U
Mr Anstruther protested Volna
Leave this to me please 1 said i
1kede my honor you will run no I
risk declared Bremenhof
Volnas lip curled at this mention of
his honor
You wlll not trust him You cannot
You must not
Let me speak to you I said Wo
Cnt outside leaving the door ajar that
I could watch Bremenhof I can trust
myself in this if not him Let your
mother leave the house for some place
when she will be safe until you can
join her You must both remain in
hiding prepared to leave the clty the
instant wc can get you away
But you she interpOBed
Please I shall come to no great
harm We have taken a risk with Brc
menhof today but with the proofs
against your mother in our hands and
with the papers he has signed here to
day my friends can put up a fight on
my account which even if he dares to
face it will get mo out without much
You must not run this risk she
I have put the worst that can hap
pen even If he breaks faith and arrests
me but I have him so frightened I I
dont believe he will dare to attempt I
any trIcks I have a way to keep him 1
scared too Where Is Ladislas I want
him to get a sleigh with a driver who
Can be relied on in an emergency
I dont like it We have no rIght
to ask anythIng of this kind of you
You must do what I ask please
No no I would rather run the risk
of arrest myself
That would do no good now He has
all thIs agulrIt me just the same
You can leave the city Besides If
I agree to do what he
We shall quarrel If you say that
again And I hope we are too good
friends tar that
She placed her hand on my arm and
looked earnestly In my eyes You
dont know how this tries me
It Is for Ladlslas sake I said
She bit her lip and dropped her eyes
OIl would rather anything than this1
she murmured hesitatingly There was
n pause full of embarrassment to me
then rather to my surprise she looked
up with a smile 1 had forgotten I
agree she said
Her sudden change of manner puzzled
She saw my surprise You have con
vinced me that Is all I had forgot
Forgotten what
It is never too late to She
To what
To remember what I can still do
she replied cryptically I wlll tell La
lslas about the sleigh And without
morE > she smIled again and left me
1 returned to Bremenhof
I have sent for a sleigh to take us
t your house You have given me
lur word that I shall be safe
° 1 swear It he cried eagerly
1 am going to trust to It but not
v ithout taking a precaution on my own
a Junt My liberty wlll be In your
11mJs while I am in your house and
uU pad beter know that I would rather
1g > my life than be sent to your cursed
mines In Siberia Get that clearly Into
ur mind
I swear to you
Niver mind about any more swear
Ing You know by this time that I
HI1 n hat I say And I men this I
krJw the risk I have run today and
r thEr than let your men make me a
pr smer I will blow mr brains out Un
11kf you I am not afraid of death
1rk this well then I shall not die
alout I paused and added with all
tf tense fercen0 I could put into my
tn and manner I you give me the i
slightest cause to suspet treachery
even to suspect I mark you that In
stant will be your last In life From
the moment we leave this house to
gether to that when I leave yours with
the papers In my possession I shall be
at your side this barrel against your
ribs and my finger on the trigger Try
t trick me and by the God that made
us dog both 1 swear Ill shoot you like n
He gave a deep sigh the sweat of
fear clustered thick on his gaywhie
forehead and he sank back In his
He was so drunk with fear that he
was past speech He looked up once
or twie as u to speak and his blanched
lips move but the moment his eyes
met mIne he faltered and trembled and
looked down his tongue reusIng to
frame the words
Presently Ladlslas came in
OIL wish to speak to Colonel Bremen
hof he said
Not now Ldlsla I said I would
not have the effect of my threat les
sened by any dIstracting thoughts
OIl wi8h to mae him understand we
have done all we can to prevent
violence In the city
Go away please I have given hIm
aU I want him to understand for th
present Let me know when we are to
Greatly wondering t friend yielded
and left us alone again
With Intentional ostentation I looked
to the loading of nlY revolvers Etc
menhof watched ma furtively and each
time I looked up from the talk he
shrank and drooped his head
At last Ldls e called that the sleIgh
was waiting The driver has his or
ders he whlspere And will bring
you to us afterwards
Come I said to Bremenhot as I
rseYou ere wronging me Mr An
etruther he stammered IS he got up
I can apologize afterwards said I
lriiAs I
As we were leaving the house Volnl
stood waiting for us and would have
Ipoken to me but I would not leave
Brmenhors side
r was wearing a tong cloak and as
Brtmenhof and I crossed the avemvlt
to the sleigh 1 pressed close to him and
let him fei 1 my weapon against his
He started and caught his breath In
tear The strain had told on him Ho
staggered In his walk and his face wore
the gray look of one on the verge of
S long 1 I could keep hIn In that
mood I was safe enouili
We got Into the sleIgh tn silence and
had barely turned out of the street
when a body of toops came In sight
rit1ns In our direction
ThIs will test your sincerity I said
As wen now ns later Remctlber my
At I Ilm from the leader our driver
drw to on sIrl nni nI11 < n
J thrust the barrel of the pistol hard
unmet rpmenhofs BIde The ofcer
tctnlzed hIm and with 0 slut halted
bil men
e We are In a hurt and cannot delay
f I whIspr
Bremfnhot returnd the salute and
Ie I htd for the troops to pM
The otc r orderd his men to make
room for the sleigh and we dashed on
at a hIgh speed
Good I said suppressing a sigh
of relief You have learnt your les
son I see
The mting with the troops proved
to be an Invaluable Incident
There had been a tense moment when
the quetn whether Dremenhof would
attempt treachery still hung In the bal
ance A moment more thrilling than
any I had ever known In my me
With his lame and craven submission
however a change seemed to come in
everything That 1 could compel him
to cross the city In broad daylight when
hundreds of his police and soldiers were
swarming everywhere and so frighten
him as to prevent him raising an alarm
had seemed n anticipation little more
than the merest forlorn hope
But when at the first test he had
yielded bjectedly my confidence was
so strengthened and my domination over
him so confirmed that the thing be
came almost simple and commonplace
We met other bodies of police and
military as we dashed over the now to
the merry peal of our sleigh bels but
not once was there even tM threat of
I trouble
It was rather as though we were I
making a tour ot inspection together
jointly interested In the police and mU
tary preparations for coping with the
excited populace
We passed many evMences of the
popular unrest But Lalslas had p
parenty giVen the driver very shrewd
Instructions as to his route for Iot
once did we drive through a street where
any actual disturbance was In progress
More than once we saw contlctsto
ing on between the troops or police and
the mob But always from a safe die
tnce More than once too we passed
where trouble bad broken out Wrecked
houses and wqrkshops told of the an
ger of the people and grim patches of
bloodstained snow testified that the
troops were not in the city for noth
Here and there we passed strikers
whose limping walk bandaged limbs or
bleeding faces bore evidence of recent
fighting and we drove rapidly past
more than one small group gathered
palefaced and sorrowful about a figure
stretched at length on the snow These
things told their own tale
Twice Dremenhof was recognized and
howls and shouts and biter curses were
hurled at us Once we were followed
stones were thrown and even a couple
ot shots fired after us but the swiftness
of our horses qUickly carried out out of
I could not help speculating what the
crowd would have said and done had
they known the mission on which We
were bent and the grim cause which
had brought us two together upon that
strange ride
We reached his house in safety and
as the driver reined up his panting
horses I braced myself for the tlnal trial
of nerves
Remember my oath I whispered ts
together we mounted the steps side by
side My fear was that as soon as he
found himself once more In the midst
of his men his courage would return
sufficiently for him to at least put up
some show of fight
Had he done so he must have beaten
me Despite my oath and all my fierce
ly spoken threats I had no Intention of
shooting him I was all just bluff on
my part but I hall acted well enough
to prevent his having any suspicion of
this He was convinced that I was in
grim deadly earnest and that his life
hung on a thread and he was pol
troon enough to buy I at any cost
The proceedings in the house were I
very brief
He went straight to the library and
sent the man on guard out of the room
He waR as anxidus to be relieved from
the menacing barrel of my revolver as
I was to get the papers and b off
In siece he opened the safe and after
ahtirriecl search found the papers and
ofered them to me They made a some
what bulky package
Show me I Mid
le opened the package and held each
while I ran my ee over it and then
folded them together in the portfolio
and handed i to me
One thing more A written author
iy from you to me In open terms Just
write The bearer is acting by my au
thority signed and sealed officially
Without hesitation he obeyed and
wrote what 1 wanted
You will accompany me to the
sleigh I Mid as I pocketed the paper
We left the room together arm in
arm just as we hqd entered It passed
the men In the hall and down the steps
to the sleigh
Then I aw trouble
Some distance up the street a patrol of
mounted polce riding toward us at the
walk and hi an Instant I perceived the
danger this spelt for me
So did Bremenbot The sight leeme
to rouse his long dormant courage He
pushed me away from him jumped
back and called In n loud ringing tone
for help
The police came running out from in his
house the patrol pricked up their
horses and as I sprang into the sleigh
the street seemed suddenly ale with
men1y driver know his business how
ver The horses be had wore spirited
and full of blood anti In a moment we
wore rattling along at full speed the
bells ringing and jingling furiously the
driver shouting lusty warnings and the
sleigh jumping and jolting so that 1
had to grip tight to save myself from
being thrown out
The pattol pulled Ul to speak with
Dremenhof and as we lashed round a
corner I law him mpunt one of the
horses and come clatering after us
leadIng the rest in hot pursuit
But we had a good start by that
time and my driver guiding his team
with rare ski and judgment made a
dozm quick turns through short streets
This prevented our pursuers from spur
ring their animals to the gallop kept
them In doubt at the direction we had
taken and thus minimized theIr advan
tge of saddle over harness
To that maneUver Was due ur sue
cel In evadIng Immediate capture
Doubtful ot ultimate success In such
a chase however I proposed to the
driver to pull up and let me got away
on foot
The count Is close here he replied
to my great surprise atd after we had
raced along In this fashion for somq
ten minutes I saw Volna tU1d Ldl81aB
waiting at a corner The driver pulled
up and they jumped In
Serglul was to look for us here
said Ladlsltl In explanation What
has happened
I told him briefly as we continued the
Vo shal get away he said conf
denty Serglul knows his work lt
has not his equal In Warsaw and I
CopyrIght 190 by Arthur W Marchmont
looked at that moment as though his
confidence was well grounded
Volna was very calm but the glances i
she kept casting behind bore witness to
her anxiety
I hope you are right 1 replied to
Ldlslas but you should not have
comeVere weiikely to desert you 11
Anstruther1 asked Volna
You could do no good and the risk
Is too great
We had to know what happened to
you I could not rest
I understood then the meaning of her
former words I was never too late
for her last desperate sacrifice should
our plan go wrong The risk is too
serious I repeated
I was churlish to reproach them for
an act which sprang from a chivalrous
regard for my safety but they had
made a grave mistake They had ren
dered my escape much more difficult
Had I been alone I could have left
the sleigh and made off on foot The
crowd In some of the streets was thick
enough for me to have lost myself
among them and so to have got way
unnoticed But with three of us to
gether the case was different There
was nothing for it but to remain In the
sleigh and trust to the driers ski to
save us
Present the god fortune which had
befriended me changed Turning Into
one of the side streets we found the
roadway partially blocked by some
heavy drays We had to pull up and
moment precious to U8 beyond count
were lost as we waited for room to be
made for us to squeeze through
The street was a long one without a
turning and before we reached the end
oC I Volna who was looking back
gave a cry of dismay
They are In sight she said and we
saw Bremenhof and three or four men
spurrIng after us at fut speed
Ladlslas called to Sergius who lashed
his horses and redoubled his efforts to
make some of the time we had lost
Where are we going I asked
hTo Madame Drkona Three miles
out on the Smolna road
Serglu8 began his tactics of sharp
turn again swinginground corner after
Corner at a reckless speed But beyond
proving his great ski at a daring whip
he lid little good
lremecho ben to gain fast UpOil
U8 nail at length came within pistol
He called to us to surrender and
when we paid no heed his ten fred nt
us Volna winced and shrank at the
shots but we were not hit and held on
I could not lust much longer how
ever and Just when things were look
Ing bad enough from behind a big dray
heavily laden came lumbering toward
us blocking the whole street
Ve may give It up said Ladislas
But Serglus sass u desperate chanie
and took I The heavy vehicle was
making for a narrow side street To
wait until it had turned would have
brought Bremenhof upon W and the
leading horses of the wagon were nc
tURJy turning into the Ride street when
Serglus with wonderful ski and at
the risk of our lives swung round Into
the opening Our horses and sleigh
cannoned against the lenders thC sleigh
gave a dangerous lurch was thrown In
to the one roller all but toppled over
and then righted It was touch and gQ
but the luck was one and on we went
Ye even gained a little by the tale
hap for our pursuers being unable to
check their horses In time were carried
pat the street opening while the heavy
them dray blocked the road and delayed
lUt we aavan1age was toO lugnt 10
hold out hope ot escape
We must leave the sleigh and take
our chance on Coot I said
LdislRd called an order to the driver
and when wo had traversed hal the
length of the street and Bremenhof and
his men hind just pased the dray Sor
glue pulled hIs animals on to their
haunches at the mouth of al alley
waied while we jumped to the round
and then dashed away again nt the
same reckless speed
Ye can get through here to the
street of St Gregory and may find
shelter said Ldlslns leading the way
through the alley in a last desperate I
dash for freedom i
Then again fortune did UR an ill turn
Hal way through the place Volna
caught her foot and fell She was up
again in a moment but limped badly
She had twisted her ankle In the fail
LdlsluR and I put each an arm under
her and In this way made such haste
ns We could
But the delay served to bring our
pursuers close upon us and they came
running at top speed after us making
threc yards to our one
Again capture seemed Inevitable
Then recalling the Incident of earlier In
the day at the house In the Place of St
John I repeated I
I fired my revolver in the air The
polce The polce I shouted res
cue it resuue
I served me In god stead The
noise brought men and women rush
Ing In alarm and curiosity from the
houses on both Ides of the alley while
many other ran in from the street beyond
yond Seeing our plight they cheered
us and swarmed between Bremenhof
party and us blocking and hampering
them so that we reached the end In
The outlet to the alley was a narrow
archway Room was made for us to
pass and we gained the etrect while
our pursues were struggling and fight
us Ing to force their way through after
usnut again the respite seemed only to
mock us
We ran out only to find OUrselves on
the skirts of an ugly tunult A short
distance to our left down the street of
St Gregory a fight waR In progress
between a considerable body of police
and n crowd of strikers and just n
we emerged from Ute alley the police
Were getting the upper hand and the
striker beginning to waver
Some one raised the cry that a large
body ot poUC Wee coming through the
alloy and the crowd afraid of being
caught between two fires gay way and
caine streamIng toward U8 followed by
the police
At this juncture nrtmenhof and t
men succeeded In reaching the street
and joined the other police 11 a vIgor
ous attack upon the crowd
perilous The situation was again critically
In the Street of St Gregory
The luck seemed to be dead against
us Volna could scarcely put her foot
to the ground and although she strug
gled gamely to continue the flight Lad
Islas and I were all but carrying her
The crowd went streaming past us
as we could make only the slowest
progress and as no vehicle of any sort
was In sight capture appeared inevit
Volna perceived this and begged us to
leave her
I will be far better for me to be
arrested alone than for aU three to be
taken and you see i is hopeless nOW I
that the three can escape
I am not going sid Lndlslas
Mr Anstruther you have the proofs
that will free my mother I you escape
and destroy them she wl be safe
Please go
It was a shrewd plea
I took out the papers and held theta
toward Ladlslns You go I can trust
my frienJs to get me out of any mess
No todays business with Dremen
hot Is too serious for that he answered
Besides this Is my affair Go Robert
It is sheer madness for you to remain
You can do no god
I my mother safe Mr Anstruther
I do not care For her sake as well as
your own get those papers away
I glanced round and saw that Brem
cnhoC was fast forcing his way to us
through the scattering crowd
Ve may get a sleigh or a carriage
at the end of the street there I said
and without more ado I picked Volna
up In my arms and ran up the street
with her
The crowd cheered Us lusty Some
one recognized Ldlsla8 rallied the fly
Ing crowd and succeeded In reforming
them again when we had passed
Perceiving this and recognizing that
we mIght In this way escape even at
the last moment Bremenhof hoping to
awe the crowd ordered the police to
draw their volvers At first the pee
pIt fell back but encouraged by the
cries of the man who had constituted
himself the leader they formed again
and answered the order to cJear the
way with yells and shouts of defiance
Losing his head Bremenhof told his
men to tIre A ragged volley of pistol
wounded shots followed and two men tel
or an instant a solemn huh fell
and then rose such a wild fierce yll
of rage and fur from the mob that
the police drew back In surpense
The two parties stood facing one an
other for a breathing space Then some
one threw a heavy stone and struck
one ot the police In the face Two of
his comrades near him fired in return
A volley of stones was hurled by the
crowd and a wild and desperate con
filet was waged over the bodies of the
fallen men
People came running to the scene
from all directions Many of them were
armed with clubs hatchets crowbars
and weapons as could be snatched up
In a hurry Soe carried revolvers and
as we stood awhile unable for the press
of the people to get forward n fierce
handtohand fight WIS waged Hard
blows were given on either side shots
were exchanged and blood flowed freely
ly until the police were beaten back In
their turn and had t6 fly
The mob whooped and yelled and hol
lowed savagely over their victory and
pressed forward hot and elger to
wreak their anger upon the flying men
The triumph was shortlved how
ever Into the street from tile end for
which we were making swung a large
force of troops to the rescue of the po
I drew Volna back Into the doorway oC
a house IS they passed at the double
and the fight broke out agaIn this
strikers time with the advantage all against the
Men fell fast and the crowd scattered
and made for cover In the houses on
either side Of the street
Escape for us was now Implble for
the time for the tight raged close to
the door of the house where W had
In the thIck of the fight at some dis
tance from us I could leo lremenhof
I he had been a coward while we two
had been alone and ho belIeved l1eth
to be close him
to he wag no coward
now He was not hike th some ian
Passion or the company of his men
gave him courage 1e was everywhere
directing his men and exposing himself
fearlessly where the fighting was hot
test and always seeking to press for
ward as though in pursuIt of us
Fresh tactics were net adopted by
the crowd Men who had fled tram the
street appeared at the open windows of
the houses and fired on the police and
troops from this vantage Many shots
I told and to save themselves from this
form of atack the troops began to en
ter the houses In their turn and search
for the armed men
And all this time the press and throng
of Police and strikers made escape for
us Impossible
After a time the traIning of the troops
and police told the crowd In the street
lessened many prisoners were taken
most of them bloodstained with marks
of the conflIct and the noise of the con
filet began to die down
fct 10wn
But not for long
The news that fighting waR In pro
gross had spread far and wide and n
body of strIkers who had been parad
ing the main street near were attract
to the scene
The police In their turn found them
selves caught between two hostile
mobs and the fame of fight which bad
almost flickered down fared up again
tore lurIdly and vigorously than ever
The prisoners were torn from the
grasp o their captors In the moment of
surprise and hurrIed past Us to the
rear of the fighters
The troop were still strong enough
however to make the fight oven and
after th first moment of surprise their
discipline told They formed In lines
facing up and down the street and set
ted down with grim resolve for the
deadly work before them
Then came a loud cry of A bard
cadet A barricade
In a little more than a minute a cou
1lc of heavy wagons were trundled out
from it sIde street and turned ocr
cose to where We three wore waiting
Out from dIe house were fetched a he
terogeneos collection of furniture
bedsteads mattresses couches chests
ot draern shop counters chairs tn
bleB anything and everything that In
to hand was seized and brought out
Rome were even hurled from the win
dow above And behind the impromptu
rampart armed men crouched malt I
with long pet passion and eager to
wreak vengeance upon their enemies
Meanwhile dlsla had viewed the
scene wIth fast mounting distress ant
agitation The deliberateness of these
last preparations for the fight se med
to appal him The sight of this harvest
of violence sprung from the seeds ot his
own revolutionary theorizing wrung his
heart Dreaming of victory by peace
ful means the horror of this bloodshed
and carnage goaded hIm to despair His
suffering was acute
Heedless of his own safety he rushed
htlicr and thither among those whO
were leading the mob dissuading them
from violence and urging them to aban
don their resistance
Half a dozen times when he had
dashed out to press his plea of non
resistance I had had almost to drag
him back Into safety
The lull that came when the barr
cede was forming gave him a fresh op
portunity In vain I tld him that noth
ing could stay the fight now that the
smouldering wrath of years of wrong
had fa led Into the mad fury of the
moment and when the wild passions ot
both sides had been rouse
Volnajolne her voice to mine and
urge him
But In his frenzy of emotional re
morse he paid no heep to us Dnt
you see that all this horror Is the result
of what I in my blindness have been I
doing he cried The thought of it
Is torment and the sight of It hell
Would you have me skulk here to save
my skin when an effort now may stop
further bloodshed
With that he rushed out
He wont first among the strikers and
we saw him advising arguing urging
pleading commanding In turn to no ef
fect Those whom he addressed listened
to him at first with a measure of pa
Hence but afterwards wih shrugs
sullen looks intolerant gestures and
at last with stubborn angry resentment
at his interference or jeers and flouts
according to their humor
And all this time the preparations
were not stayed a second but hurried
forward with feverish haste and venge
f l lust of fight
At length I saw him thrust aside
roughly almost savngely by one burly
fellow who hat been building the bar
ricade and now stood gripping a heavy
Iron crowbar and wiping the seat
from his brow
This act served a8 a cue for the rest
Ldlslaa was passed from hand to hand
and pushed with jibes and oaths from
the center of the barricade to the pave
For an Instant ho tried a last appeal
to the men about him but thc only
reply was a jeering laugh half con
temptuous half angry but wholly In
different to every word he uttered
Just then a loud command from the
oUcer I cnargc or tne troops was
given and the soldiers advanced a few
paces and leveled theIr guns
In a moment Ldlsles had climbed
over the barricade and rushed forward
Into the space between the troops and
the mob He ran forward with uplifted
For the love QC God peace h
cried to the officer his voice clear and
strong above the din No more blood
must be shed
For an Instance a silence fell upon
both Ides and all eyes were fixed upon
The next a single shot was fred from
among the ranks of the troops
Ladisla uplifted hand dropped He
staggered and turned toward the mob
so that an saw by the red mark on his
white broad forehead where the bullet
had struck him and fell huddled up on
the rod
I was the signal for the fight to
break loose A wild deep groan of exe
oration leapt from over throat behind
the barricade followed by shouts 8m1
and cries of defIance His fall at the
hans or the troops had raised him to
the place of a martyr and those wh
had ben quick to jeer him now shrieked
and p lei for vengeance upon his mur
Surely an irony of tatt that he who
had given his life In the cause of peace
shoulll by hIs death have lose the
wjde t passion for blood
A ghastly scene followed As the sol
diers charge the barricade the mob
offered a stubborn and desperate no
slstance Many of them were shot
down but there were others ready to
take their places TIme after time the
troops reached and mounted the barn
cade only to be driven buck Once they
carried It and commenced to charge the
crowd behind but they were outnum
bered many times and the mob bet
them and hurled them back and pur
sued them even across the barricade
Inflicting serious loss
t seized that moment to run out ant
recover the body of my poor friend I
found him and as I was carrying him
out of the pre of the tumult the
troops rallied and the tide of the fight
came surging back past me
The cqances of the struggle brought
lremenhof chose UD He saw me and
with a cry of anger rushed to size I
me I
meSome of the mob haI seen my effort
to get Ldlslu away OM of them had
stiyed to help and he was thus lee
at hand When the attempt wag made to
capture me Thinking that the inten
tion was to prevent my caring Ladle
Ins away he pressed forward and with
a savage oath thrust his revolver right
in Dremonhofs face and fired
This net proved the turning point In
the fight
Fierce shouts of exultation went up
as Dremenhof was recognized The
strikers hale rallied and reformed
and they renewed the attack upon the
troops with irresistible vigor and drove
them back helerskelcr n all direc
The mob had won but at a cost which
had yet to be counted Nor dId they
stay to count I The street resounded
with whoops and yells of victory
Flushed and sweated with theIr exer
tloM the men were like children in
their delight They shook hands one
with another al laughed and sang
and shouted and even danced In sheer
gleeThey had beaten the troop i had sent
them scurrying like frightened bares to
cover they had carried the cause of
the peple to triumph they had spilt
the blood of the oppressor and the
taste ohi made them drunk with the
joy ot the new found power and
Some ono started the Polish n tonal
air The strain was caught up Lml
echoed by th thousand deeptonel
tunCful voices with an impression to be
remembered to ones dying hour
A crowd came round me al I stood
by the two dead blel
kicked and
Drmenhof corpse wa kicke
cursed and spat upon till 1 sickened ut
the sigh
Ldlslas was lifted and born away
with the care and hOnor due to a
martyr to the strains ot the national
air The rvoluton had begun In tr
rble earnestness ad that dnys fight
was its buvUm or blood
As the men bore LadlslaE away I went
back to Volnn to tell her the grim news
and get her away to a place of safety
After the Storm
The death ot Colonel Bremenhof
caused a profound sensation and the
most varied and contradictory reports
were circulated about It
The authorities branded I assssina
ton and threatened the most rigorous
punishment of those whom they
deemed the murderers
The members of the fraternity were
charged with responsibility for It and
were declared to have laid 0 deep and
farreachlnc plot to destroy him as ore
leaders of the
of tho chief executive leaders
The strikers were jubilant over the
event He had allen In a fair fight
they alleged when leadlng the police
and soldiers to nuaCK peacelul cmull
and his death was hailed a triumph I
and encouragement to their cause
In tact almost every conceivable rca
son was givonxcept the truth
There were a few who looked a little
deeper for the cause and among thee
was my old friend General von Ecker
Three days after the outbreak of to
iots I called to bid him goodbye and
I found him deeply Imprc5set and full
of Interested speculation about the mat
ter What beats me Bob is what busi
ness he had to get into the thlok of a
street fight he said He must have
been fqht From what I have herd
his whole conduct that day was more
than eccentric
Wasnt It his duty then I asked
Duty What To go out and fight
the mob What do you suppose the ordinary
dinar police and soldiers are for
He must have had some private mo
tive then
He turned on me like a flash Whtt
do you mean Do you know anything
No nothing ofcialy
Good heavens where have you ben
the last few days since you were
here I told you just now that I returned
to the city this midday to Bee the last
of J poor friend Ldislaa He was
burled about the same time as Bremen
hot Lttdislas funeral was not nearly
so imposing a ceremony but there wag
vastly more genuIne grief
Oh nobody hiked Bremenhof a a
man but that so high an official should
have fallen in such a way But you
where were you on Iondoy
I stayed at the Vladimir on Sunday
night and left Warsaw on Monday
eveningAd alt that day he asked with a
very sharp look
Oh I wa moving about In different
parts of the city
Did you see tat tight In the street
of St Gregory
Yes amongst other things
Do you mean you know what took
Bremenhof there
I nodded He wss after me as a
mate of fact Its a pretty bad tan
gle but If you havent got your ofcial
ears open Ill tel you I told him
enough to make the mater clear
And after that you dare to show
your face In Warsaw Are you mad
There Is i no darIng about I because
theres no risk There was only one
man who knew me In the afaIrthe
police spy Burskl and he has his own
right enough He was playIng spy at a
meethlg of the strikers on Tuesday
night and one of the men who was in
the house at the place of St John recognized
ognize him le was a fellow of re
source and Iron nerve and trld to
brazen It out that he was a fraternity
man But he faile
You mean
They lynched him then and there
The Infernal villains
U I comes to that Brmenhot who
was burled today with full military
honors wusnt much to boat of
I youre going to turn revolution
any youd bettor got out of the city and
be off home Luck hike yours wont
last boy
Im going Ive done nothing ex
cept checkmate a scoundrel GIen the
soma circumstances Id try I again
He hooked at me with a hal whIm
sical smile Vhere Is she Bob
Not so far from Warsaw as I hope
The soon wi be generl
You got her out of the city then
Oh yes without much difficulty
When the crowd got the upper hand In
the street fight I was easy for u > to get
away I drove with her to the place
where Madame Drakona had ben sent
Then I hurried to the Vladimir and put
on the polce uniform which Burskl had
brought me That coupled with the
special authority I got out oC Bremen I
hot and helped by a blunt discourteous
official manner made thIngs easy I
could have taken a trainload of women
out of Warsaw Two were a mere dt
Do you understand the fearful risk
youvc run 7
One docsnt always stop to consider
tat Things have to be done and one
doe them first and thinks afterwards
Besides 1 had a god object
What do you mean he asked very
I smiled It was in the cause of
In the cause of fiddle sticks Whats
Polands freedom to you that you
should risk your life for It 7
He Itarte and his eye brIghte
eh Oh I see The freedom of the girl
Isnt I a good enough cause for
meI suppose you thInk M he said
driy Arc yLu In a fit state now to
take an old diplomats advice
Yes i 1 agree with I ot course
Oh of course Well Its this Oet
out of Warsaw and out of Russia and
stay out
Havent I come to bid you goodbye
Give me credit for something Im go
Ing by the next traIn
I laughed I like the tuned distrcts
of Poland Im going first to a1en
Do you know the neighborhood
Solden What is the name ofl
Is she there
1 nodded At KcrvatJe a few miles
drive from there
nut the police of Sold n know you
both They brought you here
There is nothing against either of UI
now Dremenhofg death has made all
the difference The evidence agatiwt
Madame Drakona has been destroyed
and the charge against her daughti I
was never made officially Thercs no
one now to make I
Arrests arc being made wholesale
boy with or without charges In conle
quencf of his death Vhfrf are t e
brother and sister
I dont know and I darent mk
any Inuiries
Oh thcrEts something you d rent
do then I dont like the thing nol
and thts th truth Look her I 1
going through to Berlin tomorrow stag
here tU the and travel with me I
shall know yore out of mishitt
I should like I buwel the fat Is
you see I shnt be traveUhg alone
eh lo laughed driy As bad as that
Yes I you l i bd I dGnt
Are your papers I order Your pass
ports 1 pp1 it orer pss
I shook my hd 1ly own is but
not the rest
How do you want i worded he
asked with another grin
Oh the usual way whatever that is
I Mid a ltd sheepishly
Robert Austutr and
5 Laugh away Gait you help me
Give I me Even I dont knw 1
a man c8r hlsotheInlw on hl
own passport
I is a bIt awkwar but I dl want
a hitch now
Look her boy Ill stretch a PUII
for you Ill go by way of Crw al
wi pick you up at Slden tmorru
Im traveling special and you shall l
g through In my I and scarclb
waiting to listen to my thanks he hur
tied mf off to the station sending lUj
secretary with me to make lure thdL
no difficulties were raised abut my departure
At Solde I found Voln In a sleigh
waiting for me Hir face lIghted i1
elm welcomed 1M with a glad smile
You wonder t se me but I was SJ
anxious I could not stay at Kervatjt
I have very little new
Do you think It was only the news
What shoe
Youre getting quite pat with that
name now
Peggy hAd to 1r It you see
And Voln
Voll fet like rushIng off to War
saw when that train was so late he
replied earnestly
I like that answer but thee was no
cause for anxiety 10 glad to say Our
trouble are over Tomorrow aternlll
we shan b In Crcw
I had a brother once who used ti
say glance that sh said with a laugh and d
Are you sorry yove host him
She answered by slippIng her haul
into my arm and nestling a little d 1
to me Ve sat for a time In the i r
pathetic slce of mutual happln i
and perfect understanding listening ti
the rhythmic music of the sleigh be1L
a the three horses gilded rapidly 0 t
the snow
Then I told her of my old frifIl
prombe to see Ul safely to Crco h
his saloon
Will there b any one else there 7
I dnt know Seine of his staff
I will b a little trying she said
with a show of dismay
As if yo didnt know Think of thl
ordeal for me
Youve fRee much worse thing
bravely enough Bee y wont ii
alone Youl have yr
Bob he interposed quickly wI
8 lovely blush
Your mother with you Iaynt I
say that
You were not going t say that
What was I going to say
Volna has all Peggys Instincts re
Vei I challenge you to say wlii
you think I meant
Im not In a dghtl m to a
cevt chaJe8
I dare you t say It then
Dont be 8 coward Bob
Cn B
Ill say I then Youll have your
Its quite true I you keep yo r
promise of two day AgO And Path
Ambrose doe his duty tomorrow T
shall be
Theres the way to Crc Do
recognize I 1 she cried quickly tE v
reached the forked ds of wiia I
Father Ambrose had t d us
Thats the way 3 brother and sit r
went but this 08 trw 8 miri
and his
How lucky We were net to haw tl
snow that time wemt we7 she br h
In again
That wasnt the real luck In my eyt
My luck was when I Jot my sister aid
found In her place my
She held up her hand laughing a
blushing vividly H you do Ill
Ten Ill wait until Father Ambr
has sid I
I SMnt mInd then Oh Bob w t
It be lovely and she laughed a
squeezed my arm and pressed her h t
against my shouder
All of which no doubt sounds p
much lIke foolishness I goes to ski
that we were very young of cour
very really In love and vary hil
after our strenuous time As happy
deed as any two young people eu j
wish to be who wee to b made I
and wife within a few hour In th
hour a del of happiness Is just
much toUshn
In one thing Voln was wrong
was no ordeal that awaited her 01
journey with the general to Crcov
At her first glance he ten before h
and by the time we rcher Crcov
was almot a much In love with her
I wa
Du the journey he showed s I
tact to o He devoted most of his ti
to Volnas mother and having told F
he lied learnt that Katnk and p
had left Warsaw and gone to Yien
he kept her talking mOt of the time
one corner of the saloon while Vol
alone In another
and I were Ilone anothe
When we parted at Cracw he to
Volnas two hands and pressed the
and smiled as he Mkl tenderly a1
very ernet I can understand B h
now that Ive ee you You were j
mae to be love as I know hf lost
you I dear
And to me drawing Ie d I t
you yesterday your luck woulnt la
boy I take that back I pray Urn
may and that you may always
worth of I Goodbye The End boy
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