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Salt Lake TheatreGeorge
M Cohan In The Yankee
Prince Thursday Friday
and Saturday nights and
Saturday matinee
The TabernacleJohn Phil
ip Sousa and his great band
with three soloists Tuesday
afternoon 3 oclock and
Tuesday night 815
Orpheum Theatre Vaud
yille all the week beginning
tonight with matinees daily
except Sunday
Colonial Theatre Rex
Beachs great play The
Spoilers all the week be
ginning tonight with mati
nees Wednesday and Satur
Bungalow Theatre Pall
tages vaudeville all the week
with matinees dally except
Thursday but including Sun
day Change of bill Thursday
New Shubert TheatreMlss
Texas Guinan In The Gay
Musician Wednesday Thurs
day Friday and Saturday
nights and Saturday matinee
Grand Theatre Walter
McCullough Miss Blanche
Douglas and the stock com
pany In Henry Mlllers play
The Great Divide begin
ning tonight and running the
week with matinees Wednes
day and Saturday
I Real Theatre News
New York Nov 13The Inspiring
splendor of the New theatre and the
I rare beauty of the dedicatory produc
tion Antony and Cleopatra have al
ready been wIdely celebrated Yet
these large facts must not be lost sight
of In glancing at the smaller defects
observable at the Invitation dress re
hearsal and again at the brilliant open
ing night Brilliant the occasion was
so fabulously so that the spectators
outshone the spectacle The handsome
attire of the people disgorged from the
double lines of carriages and motor cars
that drove Into the covered entrance
suggested opera night The differ
ence was that as they took their places
in the boxes and strolled oft Intermls
lOlS in the corridors they mooed In a
settIng far handsomer than any to be
found In this country or Indeed In any
country And the audience brought
opera customs with themarriving and
departing with small respect to the per
formance on the stage the men visiting
from box to box In the Intermissions
and sitting out whole acts In the
smoking room and the Women chatting
more bridge than Shakespeare white
seated radiant In their boxes or vaft
ing wrapped in furlined evening
cloaks In the crush about the carriage
< all
Is It flippant ot me to dwell on trivial
details in the face of a rich and schol
arly ShakespearIan production of an
exceptional company led by Julia Mar
lowe and E H Sothern of the digni
fied inauguration ot a great enterprise
Well If It seems so I lay the fault 1t
the door of the New theatre Itself The
two opening nights revealed one se
rious failureyet one that may wreck
th entire undertaking The auditorium
simply Is so vast that only a small
percentage of the sea of spectators
could either see or hear the drama ade
quately As for the former there Is No
fault of Interfering posts nor could
betttr lines have been devised for Ii
lear view of the stage from the fur
thest point m the house The theatre
would make a splendid opera house or
hippodrome But it a spectacular
Shakespearian tragedy was lost in It
what will be the fate 01 a modern do
mestic drama It would be hardly
more extravagant to say that because
tandJda is literature Harvard should
rroduce It In the Stadium
Defect In New Theatre
H Granville Barker who has done so
much fr the modern drama in London
was the first cholc of the millionaire
directorate to maI1ilge the New the
atre lIe came to this country study j
the blue prints and sailed away The
gorgeous premiere vIndicated him T
all but a comparatively few of the audi
tors in the front rows the actors might
as well have been a troupe ot pgmle
All value of facial expression was lost
and only students of the stage an ap
preciate how Infinite a part It plays In
consequential acting Furthermore of
the whole admirable company only two
players secured any real effect from
pose and gesture And that Miss Mar
lowe and Jessie Busley did so was sim
ply becluse realizing the auditorium
they played to they employed the
sweeping heroic methods of a Shu
mannHcink as Ortrud or a Ternlna as
Brunhilde As for Mr Sothernat best
too short ot stature and too smlll ot
methodthere were times one felt he
might be quite forgotten and mislaid
and trampled under foot like Gulliver
by the giant
Efforts are bring made to Improve the
unfortunate acoustics ot the th atre
but at best it will always bl difficult
to find actors who enunciate clearly
enough to be understood by the more
remote majority Rowland Buckstone
bellowed but to no avail and to people
familiar with Sotherns admirable Ham
let the Inadequacy of his elocution
when so severely tested was startling
The four women spoke more clearly
than most or the men Auong them
A E Anson and Jacob Wendel jr
were notable showing the value of
clear correct speech That oIr Ansons
performance stood admirably forth
from the many Is not necessarily sur
prising but Mr Wendell Is now ap
pearing for the first time on the pro
fessional stage He was an amateUl
actor In that fashionable New York
company from which Mrs Brown Pot
ter Elsie de Wolfe and the late Clara
Bloodgood were graduated
Merlin of New Production
I have spoken of the faults exposed
on the first night oi Antony and Cleo
patra rather than tljrated the merits
Gt the production Th scenery was
r t
massive imaginative and beautiful yet
I always kept In proper subordination to
the drama The costuming was beauti
ful In colorIng and generally effective
In design The groupings were often
eloquent with meaning and always ad
mirable for clearcut slmpiUcity The
castcontalnlng many 50called stars
In roles ot the brIefestwas probably as
good as could be gathered for Shakes
pearian tragedy There remain Miss
Marlowe and Mr Sothern to be consid
ered Presumably they are to blame
for the Insufferable slowness of the per
formance Somewhere In the text An
tony says he feels full of lead and
certainly Sothern acted as though he
might be The role is not a good one
but an actor of heroic method might
make It effective Sothern seemed al
most as utterly swamped beneath It
as he was by the theatre though In the
scenes with Eros he offered a commend
able substitute for fire and authority
Miss Marlowe did far better In a part
far better Her rich poetic beauty her
grace and variety of gesture her glo
rious voice all exercised their cus
tomary spell Yet she has not the
personality for Cleopatra Her passion
was a Juliets her langour an Olivias
and her tempest perilously like the pet
ty fury of the Shrew But withal Miss
arlowe has never failed to invest a
role with qualities of unquestionable
greatness and she did not fall then
Most AmerIcans Including some of
the brainy desire to lose headaches at
the theatre by a cessation 01 thought
not to get them by problematical think
Ing and that Is good for Frank Dan
Iels Also for other stage foolers I
name the dumptdoodlo comedian be
cause he comes out now In a new ex
travaganza Isnt it queer that so many
starred comedians in song and dance
plays cant sing or dance Yet they
contrive to amuse and thats enough
Born drollery Is their endowment Dan
iels Is funny at sight with his big head
on a pumpkin body and short sUcks for
legs He is devoid of mimetic ability
No matter for that He Is the pivot of I
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At the Colonial theatre all this week beginning tonight
centrifugal fun in The Belle of Brit
On the first night or that show I al
mostnot quitelet Daniels fool me
with an old trick played with new au
dacity He and a bright soubrette El
sie Ryan started a dialogue pertinent
to the plays plot H at once digressed
Into jests and anecdotes with the man
I ner of gagging and guying that Is to
say Impromptu talking and Elsie pre
tended to be upset by his Interpolation
of unrehearsed lines and omission of
cues She did some giggles behind her
hands tried In vain to repress her mer
I riment and finally tied from the scene
In contusion It was done cleverly But
there came Into my memory from thir
ty years ago the common practice of
Birch Bernard and Backus the middle
and end men of the now forgotten Sin
Francisco minstrels They would be
have as though tickled half to death by
jokes among themselves and the gulli
ble audiences laughed without knowing
why Recently in the already bygone
WeberFields shows LillIan Russell
and De Wolf Hopper worked that same
game to the delight of the rounders
who fancied that they were on the In
side of the jocosity
Belle of Brittany
The Belle of Brittany Is one more
or those musical farces that are made
In Lonon by a collaborating half dozen
humorIsts rhymesters melodists and
stagecraffjlrs In a nicer neater politer
manner than that of the corresponding
American product It hasnt a petti
coat that doesnt reach down when un
flopped to the wearers ankles Its
I if Nac x
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New leading man at the Grand theatre who comes to Salt Lake well ree
halt hundred girls In Brittany costumes
look lIke demure Quarkeresses The
only Indecorous outbreak is an Apache
waltznot an Indian dance but the
now well known gyrating hug of Paris
depravity For that exploit a girl
doffs her modest peasant frock dons a
black4ecollette gown that threatens to
fall away altogether from the contrast I
Ing white of her body If that were
New Yorks first Apache dance the
spectators would go wild and as it Is
they applaud it more than any other
thing in the whole show
That would be a pity but for the
quieter general enjoyment ot the many
acted songs London beats New York
at that sort of thing As a play The
Belle at Brittany is of no consequence
at all but at every feasible point the
action passes Into a tuneful and illus
trative ballad The girls are barking
dogs with hands pqwing butting goats
with heads colliding racing horses with
feet prancing and warbling birds with
fluttering arms for wings and with the
charm of femininity to help out these
pleasantries are very agreeable All this
Is done In the theatre once Augustin
Dalys and In such superiority to his
ventures in musical farce that I dont
doubt the reality of our progress in
Frank Daniels has been permitted to
do as he pleases with the role of a bank
rupt Paris marquis who to replenish
his fortune undertakes to marry his
son to the heiress belle of Brittany He
is merely and altogether the American
jester that he was when Charley Hoyt
took him from negro minstrelsy to be
the villager who In The Rag Baby
revered his right hand because it had
been clasped by John L Sullivan the
champion slugger He makes his songs
count for levity by giving a travesty
of his Inablllt to sing them And his
betweenacts speech of meaningless
long words is a feature with his mute
appeals to a friend In the wing to pro
tect him against an enemy aloft In the
flies Ot course he Goesnt gee with
the English play or those English
players In the company but that
doesnt seem to matter Hs own oddity
wins out
Is the stage to be uplifted from the
very bottom or dropped lower Is what
we now call burlesque and used to
know as female minstrelsy to be flung
upward with a ParIsian kick or
stamped downward The sort of show
formerly classed as burlesque and run
ning along In rhymes and puns devel
oped Into musical farce with the old
element 01 travesty displaced by vaude
ville Interpolations and spectacular ex
travaganza Meanwhile female min
strelsy eliminated Its first part In which
the only men were the jokers at the
semicircles ends while a stately woman
was the interlocutor at the middle and
the rest of the row was young women
with skirts so short as to hardly cover
the seats without hiding the leg ot
either chairs or persons In place of
the discarded minstrelsy the programs
give a musical farce In rough and
usually tough Imitation of those In the
atres of the firstclass There you have
the evolution ot the present burlesque
show as given this season by eightyone
touring companies
Deviltry In Burlesque
How about the new Parisian prom
Ise 01 deviltry In burlesque It comes
of Zlegfeldlan drafts from the stage re
views In ParIs first for his Anna Held
shows later extending to others and
consisting mainly of girls frisky at one
or another 01 the wicked resorts sup
ported by tourists in the French cap
Ital It was possible for me to see
within a single week performances en
titled Gay Parasites Girls 01 the
Moulin Rouge Queens of the Jardin
de Paris Girls of the Boulevardes
Gay GrIsettes Coy Cocottes
French Folllettes and Parisian Wid
ows In some cases those names be
longed to the companies and inthers
to the plays My hard job covered the
afternoons and evenings of four days
and took me to the ends 01 Bronx and
Queens boroughs for I went only to
burlesques branded French as I was
finding out whether the labels meant
In the first of these eight shows a
scene In a notorious Paris restaurant
had one truth to Its credltalthough
not by artistic design for some singing
and dancing cocottes as chic as the
genuine were rollicking with American
visitors but they were not tourists but
the usual Yankee yap German gawk
Irish Idiot and Jewish jay of our bur
lesque There was a variant dude
though for after his effeminacy had
been used In the wornout ways that
tickle the multitude but sicken me he
suddenly developed the courage and
muscle to do up his tormentors The
audience was struck dumb by that de
parture from burlesque standards and
for a while watched It In ominous si
lence but when the strengthened weak
ling from New York knocked out a gi
gantic French cop parquet and gallery
united in loud acclaim
A real Improvement in burlesque is
wrought by a transferthrough pur
chase not thertof scenes that have
served their purpose in musical farces
This secondhand material Is much bet
ter than the stuff made originally In
the cleverness 01 the presentation Ap
parently the show girls of burlesque
are much more apt than the chump
comedians who accompany them and
need nothing else than expert direction
to be comparable with the sirens who
are petted In Broadway
For example the Parisian Widows
start out with a stageful of young om
en In black gloves and black stockings
as long as the limbs they encase Those
lengths of Jet arms and legs presum
ably stand for the widowhood men
tioned in the bills while the figures as
a whole are reminiscent of the times
when female minstrels werenlcknamed
chalrwarmers but were Inert enough to
engender frost rather than heat They
go through the spell of first disclosure
wIth all the Inanimate stolidity of
Amazons In the marches ot The Black
Crook I am discouraged and I drowse
Further along In Fun In a Department
Store though I am wakened by some
thing familiar It is a scene from The
Girl Behind the Counter one of the
expensive and prosperous musical farces
01 the season before last In Broadway
Some Real Acting
Do my eyes and ears deceive me Is
It a delusion Here are three 01 the Im
pudently supine creatures of the coarse
opening stunts doing real acting as the
shoppers who have trouble with an am
ateur salesman at the soda fountain
Did you see It when Lew FIelds was
that blunderer and Connie Edlss a
celebrity from London was the woman
who being dosed with whisky in the
carbonic fizz had an hysterical jag and
went off screaming Well here are the
pair Of modish shoppers who match by
colored ribbons the syrups they want
and do it with the air of the original
couple of Tenderloin favorites and I
braced myself for a slump when the
Connie Edlss 01 the Incident strikes Into
action But the fun doesnt go to
pieces The bill says It Is a Mae Frank
who holds It up remarkably like Connie
Soma one was sent by the sellers ot the
material to teach her and the two others
howe to use It and the superior ductlllt
of woman does the rest for the Lew
FIelds substitute at the soda fountain
Is dull and heavy as lead
Managers of burlesque evidently be
lieve that their public demands inde
cency In this department store a wo
man Is stood on a stool to be measured
for a cornet by two men whose jokes are
vile and to a rustic In quest of chlny
figgers is shown by pUlling aside the
curtain of an alcove a succession of
women posed In imitation of naked
statuary but with no illusion at art
In all the eight shows however I find
no more foulness than 11 single one
mIght have contained tn or fifteen
years ago While the promise ot things
from Paris Is not kept with neat French
deviltries no more is It realized In a
French access or nastiness In short if
a clergyman were to make his first visit
now to a burlesque show he would be
shocked by Its coarse sensuality and
an art critic would be paralyzed by the
crudity yet all the same I compare
Its average with the former muck and
get an Impression of tolerable merit
and no atrocious Immorality
No theatrical event announced for
Salt Lake In recent seasons has aroused
more genuine interest than that of the
coming to the Salt Lake theatre next
Thursday Friday and Saturday of
Americas favorite author actor com
poser playwright George M Cohan
who will appear In this city for the
first time in seven years and will pre
sent his sensational musical comedy
success The Yanke Prince surround
ed not only by his royal family but
with the hundred other players of the
original cast who were of such mate
rial assistance to George 11 Cohan dur
inll the past two years that The Yan
kee Prince has been shown
Especially effective Is the work of
Tom Lewis to whose lot has fallen the
orIginating of another of those unique
stage roles that only Cohan knows how
to create As Steve Dalley a trainer
ot prizefighters oho Is on a vIsit to
England with a letter of Introduction
to King Edward VII Lewis portrays
one of the funniest stage roles that hat
been seen In a decade
No play from Mr Cohans pen would
be completp without music and In The
Yankee Prince there Is said to be a
riot oc It in fact the musical numbers
and ensembles follow each other In
such kaleidoscopic fashion Interspersed
with flashes of witty lines and bright
repartee that the average auditor Is
lost In amazement in contemplating the
fact that the entire performance In
lines lyrics and dialogue all emanated
from young Mr Cohans gifted pen
Local theatre oers have been waiting
the coming of this attraction with
pleasurable anticIpation for months
and now that the engagement Is at
band and we are assured that the only
original simonpure dyedInthewuol
George M Cohan himself Is to head the
big original cast which has been 10
small factor In Its success In New York
Chicago Philadelphia and elsewhere
playgoers are correspondingly jubilant
Among the Important principals In
The Yankee Prince cast are his
father mother and sister Jerry T
Helen F and Lila Rhodes Tom Lewis
Paul Pratt Sam J Ran Frank Hol
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George M Cohan and his royal family at the Salt Lake theatre the latter
half of the week
Tins Robert Emmett Lennon J Jlcquel
Lance William Leyle Lola Hoffman
and Mildred Elaine The chorus is com
posed of over three score attractive
girls who can really sing and dance
while the orchestra which will Interpret
the score numbers twentysix pieces
Seats for Cohan will be placed on sale
What Is described as one of the most
pleasing bills ot the season is scheduled
for the Orpheum beginning tonight
All forms of dramatic entertainment are
represented on It and every act It Is
promised Is at the top of Its class
Edna Aug who Is being featured as
the principal offering has been seen
and much admired at the Salt Lake
Orpheum She comes in an act termed
Types the name Indicating the series
of roles she assumes during the twenty
minutes she occupies the stage Miss
Aug long since made a merited reputa
tion as a comedienne which she Is In
creasing by her later work In Types
she Impersonates a number of charac
ters including several well known ac
tresses who are shown In their dressing
rooms as well as before the footlights
Society girls of New York Chicago and
San Francisco also are depicted Miss
Augs delineations are not all humor
ous Some have a seriousness though
the general effect Is either amusing or
The Big City Quartet wh sang their
way Into the hearts of musicloving
Salt Lakers a year ago will be on the
bill also Its members are Fred G Ro
ver first tenor Charles Bates second
tenor James Emerson baritone and
Gis Reed basso With new selections
this quartet are expected to duplicate
the delightful entertainment they gave
last year and to prove as popular
Henry Clive assisted by Miss Mal
Sturgis Walker has an act that can
only be described as burlesque magic
He gives a travesty on second sight and
thought transmission that has proven
exceedingly funny wherever Mr Clive
has appeared
A Baby Grand is the name of a
lively oneact comedy in which Walter
Lewis Is featured In the cast are also
Florence Burnsmore and M H Harri
man The plot of the playlet deals with
the troubles of a couple of young lovers
who ultimately find all their woes ended
through the medium of A Baby
The Carmen Troupe billed In A
daring wIre athletic performance live
up to their promise judging by the re
ports of their act In clUes where It has
been seen In the troupe are two men
two women and a boy who singly and
In groups perform feats that border on
the marvelous
Ferrell Brothers are comedy cyclists
who do unusual things In an unusual
way Their double riding act with
which they conclude their turn Is said
to be sensational In the extreme
Les Myosotls are premiere or solo
dancers brought from Munich by Mr
Beck for the Orpheum circuit on which
they are making their first appearance
in this country The young women have
beauty and grace besides being highly
trained in the dances of the royal opera
Special music by the orchestra and
new kinodrome pictures complete the
Xu expression in the English lan
guage so well describes the condition of
affairs that existed at Cape Nome In
the summer of 1900 when the gang of
eastern swindlers attempted to rob the
honest miners of their hardearned dis
coveries on the rich pay streak It was
fortunate for the history of the north
land that Rex Beach was on the
ground at Nome He saw the entire
series of events from beginning or the
great conspiracy to the final arrest and
trilll of the arch conspirators
Beach preserved for all times by this
wonderful fascinating story 01 The
Spoilers the record 01 these event
Everybody In the great west has read
The Spoilers and nearly every one
who has red this great book twin want
to see the play and be delighted with
the fact that The Spoilers will soon
pay this city a visit
The action at the play opens on deck
of a steamship just as It Is In the tolls
01 the eastern combination organized
to loot the gold fields Next Is seen the
law office where the plot further un
folds and lacNamara the arch con
spirator finds that Glenlster Is de
termined to tight The third act Is the
great dance hall scene a typical rePJO
ductlon of a resort that was famous In
the old days of Nome Here take
place the tight between Glenlster and
MacNamara The last act shows the
Midas mine In midwinter where Glen
Ister finally ins and lIIacNaman It
taken away by the United States
troops to face trIal and Imprisonment
The press throughout the west pro
nounces The Spoilers as being one
of the best plays to Invade the west
this season
The engagement In this city Will be
for one week commencing tonight at
the Colonial
The third week of Pantagoo vaude
ville at the Bungalow has started off
with capacity audiences and the Jl1BD
agement true to their word have given
the Salt Lake theatregoers a very good
vaudevllle show at prices below what
they have ever had to pay heretofore
That the standard Is to be kept up Is
evident by the list of acts that are ar
pearlng this weak which Includes such
well known people as Milton and Dolly
Nobles and the three Kuhns Milton s
and Dolly Nobles are known to the old
er people of this city as appearIng In
the famous stock company of years ago
and also as the author ot the plays
The Phoenix and From Sire to Son
To him must also be given credit fr
the expression The villain still pur
sues hero which has been used contin
ually since by melodramas For their
engagement In this city which closes
Wo n esday night they will offer Mr
No es oneact comedy success Why
Walker Reformed
The three white Kuhns are three well
known treat brothers who have long
beEn identified with refined vaudeville
and have made famous such songs as
Hiawatha and lately they have made
a big hit wIth led Snyders latest com
position Next to your mother who
do you love best One of the best
teams of equillbrlsts seen here In some
time Is that of Cordeca and Maud who
perform some remarkable stunts on a
double wire
Buford Bennett and Buford the Na
ples trio Jack Oliver and the PaJ1tage
scope conclude this good bill which
runs until next Wednesday evenIng
with a matinee dally excepting Mon
day at 230 There wlll be a matinee
Commencing with next Wednesday
night the New Shubert theatre for
merly the Lyris will open Its season
with the presentation of Julian Ed
wards brilliant comic opera success
The Gay Musician rendered by John
P Slocums New York company Th
Gay Musician comes here for the firs
time as It is now en route to the Pa
cific coast where it will play the prin
cipal cities only The comic opera Is
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John Philip Sousa at the tabernacle Tuesday afternoon and night
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