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u n
Montana Aggies Swept Off
Their Feet by Great
I am greatly pleased with the game
and the result and especially with tbe
fine exhibition of the new game offered
by the Utah eleven The Montana eleven
Is one of good spirit and has a strong
1Ine When 1l came to meeting the open
field attack of mv eleven however she
went up in the air
Ve were outplayed and were beaten
fairly I think however that the score
overestimates the strength of Utah over
Montana With six Inexperienced men
on my team they were simply taken off
their feet by Utahs varied attack In
the second they steadied down and played
good ball I am In close touch with the
Intermountain elevens and do not hesi
tate to say that Utah can beat them all
vUh the possible exception of Denver
university I hope for a return game next
ttah 46 t Montana Aggles O tells the
story of the game at Cummings field yes
tfrday afternoon played before a repre
sentatlve and enthusiastic crowd of foot
ball follow rs As Coach Mcintosh ot tbe
Aggles says the score may Overestimate
1 tahs strength a little but It Is aver
lIttlWith their appearance on the field the
Aggie stock slumped and the warming I
1p practice showed a comparison which
tld fr a Utah victor The first min
tes ot play soon dispelled all doubts as
to the ultimate outcome and the univer
sity students settled down to enjoy the
f ilL
What followed was one of the prettiest
exhibitions of the new game ever seer
on a western field and It was the Utah
elEven that did most ot the performing
Never before had the forward pass been
seEn to better advantage never had a
more varied attack than presented by
t tab been seen and never was there a
cedler bunch of backs to execute th
In LocH and Love Utah has two men
that get about all there Is out ot th
forward pass Loells passing of the ball
was both accurate and speedy and most
or the throws looked like perfect spiral
The game offered by Love was perhaps
tim most brilliant part ot the Individual
rk His advancing of the ball from II
fo ward pass or In open field attack gave
a1 exhibition of speed dodging and head
work never bettered on the field His
dIrection of the team was also good
Other Stars
There were others who added many
loards to Utahs gains Grant Romney
and Loell and in the second half Doe
Ittll all tore through the Montana field
rellng the ends or dashing through a
broken field for spectacular work
During the game the visitors made their i
ards but once on straight football Trem
per circling 1tahs left end for l yards
r the middle of the second halt They
Icmld make no consistent gains and only
by recovering fumbles and kicks did they
gt Into Utah territory Twice when a
de uble forward pass was fumbled by Utah
t 1e visitors had the ball within striking
distance Through the line however they
could mak nothing and the ends were
equally Impervious to attack Here drop
k1cks were attempted but both failed
On defense the AggIe line showed to
aJantage especially when Utah had to
r > sort to oldfashioned football within
the Aggles 25yard line Three times the
1 i tah backs took three cracks at the Ag
gles line within five yards of a touch
down and three times the Aggles held
In kicking the honors between the two
teams were about even Loel1 and Jami
son the Indian breaking even with Doo
little however getting away the best
Sj11rals of the game
Jamison showed Indian craft by using
hIs head guard as a tee on which to
rest the ball at the kickoff
On a split buck Montana mane gains
at times but otherwise found the Utah
aelson at center
I II a stone wall
laed a strong game on defense
The Agjles presented a well rounded
team with all hard tacklers and hard
players throughout None ot the visiting
eleven however could meet the speed of
the Utah backs
DooUttles two place kicks were easily
fatures of the play and were executed
1n effective style
The game was well worth the seeing
from the stands and was Interesting at
n 1 times if thE excitement of a hard
struggle was lacking
In the second half Montana steadied
aid offered a stronger defense although
tIe recovery ot kicks and the failure of
more Intricate plsses by Utah saved lots
C f ground for Montana
The Game In Detail
Captain Olsen of Utah won the toss
ard chose the south goal On the kIck
of Jamison for Montana tried a short
kkk and Montana recovered the ball
l tahs 40ald line On the first down
Brown tried a forward to Pool and Joell
the ball Romney made 10
rc < <
yards oft left tackle Love 15 yards pft
Tight end Grant 10 yards off left tackle
Grant 3 yards oft isft end Love 2 yards
Oft left end A long forward pass Loel1
t Love with a 3fiyard run by Love gave
1tnh the first tauchdown after 2 mln
titer ot play Loell kicked goal Score 60
10111 kicked to Tremper Taylor made
3 yards oft left tackle Smith 3 yards of f
right tackle Jamison 5lcked to Grant
who advanced the ball 23 yards through
a broken field 1tah fumbled on Ion
tanas loyard line and Montana reeo
creel Jamison kicked and Pool reeov
red Montana lost 10 yards on two
Love Loell
dwns Jamison kicked to
Jlted to Jamison Brown 3 yards off
Ift tackle Tremper 4 I yards oft right
tackle Jamison kicked to Grant Utah
JJe1allzPd on third down and Montana re
covered the ball Jamison kicked to Rom
who advanced the ball 45 yards on
rey n great run thrcllgb a broken field On
the next down Loel1 went over for the
second touchdown after 9 minutes of play
10011 kicked goal Score 120
A forward pass from LJel1 to Love
placed the ball on Iontanas 5yard line
01 the next down Grant wEnt over for
the third touchdown after 111h minutes
of play Loe1l missed goal Score IjO
Loell to
A long forward pass from
Love and followed by a r5yard run gave
ttah the fourth touchdown after 13Y
minutes of play LocH kicked goal Sore
230 J
Montana kicked to Romne A for
ward pass from Loel1 to Love netted
t tah 35 yards End run by love netted
1 tab another 2 yards Romney 10 yards
oft left tackle Utah fumbleR Montana
recovers on their own syard line In an
attempt to kick out ot danger the ball
struck the cross arm ot the goal post
Walker recovered and carried ball over
for fifth touchdown after 16 minutes oT
play Grant missed goal Score28O
Jamison kIcked to Loel1 who advancsl
the ball 65 yards through a broken field
tn attempt at 11 forward pass from Loell
to Grant missed Walker advanced the
ball to Iontauas yard lIn Utah held
for dons on Iontans yard line
Jamison kicked to Romney who tumbled
and Pool recoered Jamison kicked to
Love Long forward pass from Loell to
Shores netted Utah 3S yards Short pass
from Love to LocH gave Utah the sixth
touchdown at the game Loell kicked
goal Score3
Second Half
Loch kicked to Smith Smith returned
kick to Love who advanded the ball 20
yards Utah fumbled Montana recov
eNd Pool i yards off right end Mon
J 4
tana fumbled Utah recovered Loell
kicked to Jamison Jamison kicked to
Love Brown kicked to Romne who ad
vanced the ball 45 yards In breaking the
interference for this play Loell sustained
a badly Injured knee and was replacM
by Doollttle at fullback Olsen went tr
right end and Jensen took Olsens pOSI
tion at Ltahs line On the first play
Doolittle kicked a beautiful drop from
lonta11as 35yard J line ScoreJjo
Brown kicked to Doollttle A long for
ward pass from DooUttle to Love netted
Utah 45 yards On the next down Rom
ney was sent over for the seventh touch
down Doollttle kicked goal Scoref3
During the remainder of the halt hl
pigskin was kept continually In the air
With only 15 seconds to play Love called
for a place kick and as Doolittle sent the
pigskin whirling squarely between the
goal posts the whistle blew for time
Score1tah 46 Montana O
The Lineup A
Utah Montana
Shores DoolittlE
and Olsen L E Pool
Home L T Sherlff
D Olsen L GHodgkiss
Nielsen Korns CWaichll
Christensen R G W Smith Hansen
V Olsen Jensen R T Vhlte
Romney R E Taylor
Grant R H B R Smith
Loell Ij H 13Tremper
Doolittle P B Brown
Love Q B Jamison Jones
Referee Lieutenant Santchl umpire
Burch Michigan head linesman D A
Callahan field judge Tom Varley tim
ers Hedges Hoffman time of halves 30
minutes touchdowns for Utah Romne
1 Love 2 Loell 2 Grant 1 Walker 1
drop kicks for Utah Doolittle I place
kicks for Utah Doolittle 1
I The Second Score Against Montana I II
t i > v > r V < > TT
+ A <
7 s
r dio t 0
t >
t 5 V
5 1
4 7e
S S sitS
S S 5
5 5
5 f
f 5 5 S r
S s frc45 ev51
Aggies fighting hard but Loells prnnge is successful
I 5 i
Great Crowd Sees a Brilliant
Game on New Maven
New Haven Conn Nov 13A wonder
ful game was the YalePrinceton contest
this afternoon which Yale won 17 to O
The blocked kick contributed eight points
against Princeton today
All the players put up wonderful ex
hibitions Coys rushing and punting
were splendid but the kicking of Mc
Cormick was just as good Phllblns re
markable running found a counterpart
In Sparks dashes against the Yale ends
lurphR great work on the back field
was offset by WaIlers splendid firmness
In the Princeton line
For the New jerse men It was the
final game ot the season and for the blue
team the first of the big games of the
college football year
A great throng of vIsitors poured Into
the city eager for the struggle
From the spectators point ot view the
weather was all that could be desired
IJUt the coaches and players would have
preferred a cooler atmosphere
Cooney kicked off for Yale Welch get
ting the ball at his 23yard line and run
ning it back 12 yards cCornlck made
5 yards around Yales end
McCormick kicked to Philbin at Yales
JOard line and be ran It back to his
53yard line Phllbln then took the ball
In another run to Princetons 45yard line
Coy was shoved through the line for 8
yards when he was thrown Daly went
through Selgllng for 7 yards Philbin
with another dodge and run got 8 yards
Coy was given the ball and carried It to
Princetons 26yard line
Coy tailed at a drop kick from the 35
yard line
The ball was brought to Princetons 25
yard line where McCormick dropped
back but It was a fake
McCormick Kicks
McCormick kicked to Philbin at Yales
35ard line He dodged back ten yards
The ball went to Coy at his 25ard line
and by an end run he took It out ot
bounds at Yales 52yard line Coy punt
ed to Bergen to Princetons 3oard line
where the Yale ends owned him almost
In his tracks
Reed attEilllpted a run around Yales
left end but failed and McCormick
kicked to his own 5Onrd line Coy made
an onside kick to Prlncetons I5ard line
Yale was penalized 5 yards for offside
play on the next lineup
McCormick punted to Philbin at his
own 50yard line and he ran 2S yards but
I the ball was brought to Prlncetons 48
yard line
Coy then went halt the breadth ot the
field without gaining He then punted
to Bergen at Princetons 25yard line
McCormick returned the ball to Phllbln
at Yales I5ard line The latte bowllng
over the Princeton men got the ball to
the midfield line Coy punted to Bergen
at Princetons 2Oyard line the latter be
Ing thrown instantly McCormick punted
to Coy at midfield where Hart threw
him Coy was driven through Bamman for 7
ards and a moment later went through
the whole Princeton team to the 35ard
lIne Daly was shot over outside of left
tackle for 5 yards more
Daly made It 8 more through the other
side of the Princeton line Then Coy
dashed through center to the 12yard line
Daly added 1 yards more
On the next play Coy was forced out of
bounds at the 6yard line Princeton held
Yales gain on the next savage attack to
t yards The Tigers were fighting bit
Tigers Hold
Princeton was given the ball on downs
at the 3rard line and McCormick
dropped back to punt The kick was
blocked and the ball went bounding be
hind the goal posts lcCrohan tell on
the ball and so made a safety giving
Yale i points
McCormick tried an end run but It
brought little gain and he punted 1o
Phllbln at Yales 5Oard line This
player once again made a wonderful run
through a broken field to Princetons 33
yard line Coy tried an onside kick
which Ballin got on his 22yard line
McCormick punted to Phllbln at Prince
tons Qyard line He made 9 yards on
the run back and Coy punted and the
ban struck the goal post bar which was
equivalent to a touchback McCormick
dropped back for a kick which was
blocked and the ball went behind the
goal line by half a toot where Lilley fell
Hobbs kicked an
on It for a touchdown
easy goal
Yale 8 Princeton O
On the next lineup Corey displaced Howe
as tales quarterback
Prlnceton began to speed up her plays
Dab was replaced by Murphy at right
half Princeton was unable to gain
against Yale and punted to Coy The lat
ter worked the ball to Prlncetons 12yard
line It was called from the side lines
that Yale had a safety to her credit
Reid received the ball to make a pass
but he was thrown for a loss of five
ards Time was taken as Reid seemed
to be hurt but he resumed and presently
by a run around Kilpatrick put the ball
on Yales t5yard line where the halt
First ha1fY 8 Princeton o
Second Half
The second halt began with Savage
laylngat right end forYale in u place
of Needle who naa replacea Vaughan
just before the end of the first half
Princeton kicked off and after Yale hall
failed to gain on the lineup at the yard
line Coy punted to his own 53yard line
Princeton hit the line hard but Yale
gained five yards when Princeton was
penalized for being offsIde
McCormick punted to Murphy at Yales
toyard lIne and he made a run of 20
yards Sparks took Reids place at right
half Coy was driven 12 yards on a play
against WaIler Murphy with Yl1e men
tugging him put the ball on the 7ard I I
line In front ot the goal posts Coy car
ried It to the 2ard line
Philbin was driven over for what looked
like a toqchdown but It was a penalty
Yale losing fifteen yards for offside play
Coy attempted a field goal but the refe
ree brought the ball In to the 15yard line
H had been a failure McCormick on a I
take kick carried the ball to Princetons I
28yard line He kicked to Coy after
rushing had failed and Coy kicked the
ball over the Tigers goal line Hart was
Murphy made an onside kick to Prince
tons 25yard line with Yale getting the
ball Coy made two yards by hitting
the center and three yards more In tjie
same place
Coy Kicks
Coy dropped back to the 25yard line
and kicked a field goal making the score
Yale 11 Princeton O Wailer kicked off
to Murphy at the loyard line but Ber
gen was Interfered with and Princeton
took the ball at Yales 52ard line Yales
line gave way for two yards on a charge
and McCormick made a forward pass to
IcCrohan at Yales Syard line
There was a conference on the execu
tion t this play but It was found that
Princeton had worked It legally with tne
tackle Cunningham made a try for goal
from the 45ard line Murphy caught
the ball and was throin on Yales 4ard
line Coy punted from behind his goal
to his Ioyard line Bergen caught the
ball but was Interfered with
A Princeton fumble which did not lose
her the ball put the ball out ot play
Cunningham stood on the 35yard lIne and
attempted to forward pass the ball but It
went out of bounds behind the g0l11 line
Sparks made five yards around Savage
A forward pass failed but Princeton re
tained the ball on her 25yard lIne Me
Cormick punted to Murphy at Yales 52
yard lIne Murphy by an end run
around Welch with splendid Interference
put the ball on Princetons 4yard lIne
lcGregor replaced IcCrohan
Princeton was a stone wall on her 5yard
lIne taking the ball on downs McCor
mick punted to Philbin on Princetons
40ard line Another grand run by that
player put the ball on the ISyard line
Coy was pushed through for two yards
The Yale backs were driven through to
Prlncetons 2foot line Coy tool the ball
over for II touchdown He punted out and
Corey got In In front of the goal bars
Hobbs kicked goal
ScoreYale 11 Princeton 0
Paul took LlI1eys place as Yales right
tackle Chrstle took Bergens place as
Prlncetons quarterback Wailer kicked
off tQ Murphy at Yales 15ard line He
gained ten yards on the run and then
Coy punted but Chrystle was thrown by
Paul at Prlncetons 3Oard line
Yale Princeton
Kilpatrick L
Hobbs SpencerL T Slegling
Andrus BrownL GWaller Woehr
Cooney C Bamman
Goebel R G McCormick
Lilley PaulR TlcCrohan and
Vaughan Naedol
Savage and Coy R E Welch King
Howe Corey and
Johnson Q Bergln and
Philbin Francis L H BReed Sparks
Daly MurphyH H B Cunningham
Coy SavageF B Hart
ScoreYale 17 Princeton O Touch
downsLllley Coy Goals from touch
downsHobbs 2 Field goalCo Safe
tAgalnst Princeton 1
Whirlwind Eleven of University of Utah
< firt fflt 1r r 5 iiST J tJ + E t jJj w tA
< r o
iv t + t 0 1 < > t
l > + t < bi
m f > Y < < A fit j S
I > t < Y S rZ
1 < Ifi < i
1 i S 5 f J er4
ji r C
i + <
S 1 4 4 5 5
S 5
3k 5 r
5 I
1f C t 5
5 I r
S >
4 5 t
Before Montana game yesterdayStudent cheering stand in the background
Front row from left to right Walker V Olsen captain Christensen Nielsen D Olsen Home Shores
Back row Coach Joe Iaddock Romne Love LoeH Grant
+ Joe Burns manager for Bird +
+ leg Collins the local lightweight +
+ means business In his offer to +
+ fight Pete Sullivan at 133 pounds +
+ at 3 oclock or at catch weights +
+ Burns yesterday pasted 250 with +
+ The IIeraldRepubl1ean as a for 4
+ felt and guarantee ot good faith 4
+ Burns also says that any reason 4
+ able side bet demanded will be +
+ forthcoming It Is hoped tQ stage
4 the fight before the wool growers 4
+ convention at Ogden next January +
Philadelphia Nov 13For the first
time since 1901 the University of Pennsyl
vania football team was defeated today
the victor being the sturdy eleven of the
University of Michigan The final score
was Michigan 12 PennsylvanIa 6 It
was Michigans fifth attempt to win a
game from her worthy eastern opponent
and the victory was well deserved
Michigan was u surprise to the support
I ers of Pennsylvania and other eastern
followers of the game who came here
to see the east clash with the west The
Pennsylvania players without detracting
from the visitors put up a poor exhibi
tion Michigans superior weight told on their I
opponents light line Pennsylvania made I
ten changes In the line while Michigan
was compelled to send In only one sub
stitute j
lIchlgan scored the first touchdown
within two minutes after the game
started Braddock for Pennsylvania In
running back the kickoff fumbled and a
fleet Michigan end fell on the ball thirty
yards from Pennsvanlas goal A line
play gained ten yards and then Aller
dyce shot a forward pass to lIagldsohn
who was across the line before a Penn
Sylvania mn could lay hands on him
The second touchdown for Michigan
was earned oy hard playing In which
the heavy Michigan men gave a great
exhibition of how to carry the ball
From this point It looked like IlchJ
gans JarJp but lat < < r Pennsylvania
showed some ot her oldtime form Re
ceiving the ball on l1chlgans fortyard
line the Pennsylvanians bean to pound
the Michigan line putting the ball on the
Michigan 5yard line
Hutchinson was here given the ball
and with a might push from his fellows
he was forced straight through Michl
gans center for Pennslvanlas only
Pennsylvania won the toss and took
tle west goal Alerdlce kicked oft
for the Wolverines
Braddock In running the ball back
fumbled and It was lIchlgans ball
on pennsyhanlas thlrtard line A
line play and a forward pass put the
ball on Pennsylvanlas lveyard line
After two minutes play lIagldsohn was
pushed over for a touchdown AlIer
dice kicked goal
lllchlgan 6 Pennsylvania O
alagldsohn on a fake formation
went around Pennsylvanlas right end
for the second touchdown and AlIer
dice kicked a difficult goal
Michigan 12 Pennsylvania O
Allerdlce punted to midfield For
the next fifteen minutes the playing
was In Ilchlgans territory with Penn
sylvania In possession of the ball most
ot the time S
PennsylvanIa got the ball on 11ichl
gans fortyard line and then began
a series of plays through Mlchlgans
line Downs were made with eliffi
culty but finally Hutchinson was given
the ball on l1chlgans lveard line
and plunged straight through the cen
ter for PennsYhanlas first touchdown
Braddock kicked an easy goal
S Michigan 12 Pennsylvania 6
After Pennsylvanlas touchdown the
teams Indulged In a punting duel the
feature ot which was a kick by Hutch
Inson which rolled sevEnty yards to
within fifteen feet of lIlchlga goal
Michigan played almost perfect foot
ball during the halt her taCkl1ng be
Ing sure and the catching ot punts
being as good as anything seen on
Franklin field this season Pennsyl
vania on the other hand played
Second Half
In the second half Hutchinson kicked
off for Pennsylvania AIlerdlce punted
to midfield Summers who replaced
young took the ball twice through the
line for a first down Hutchinson and
Hellman followed with good gains
Pennsylvania appeared to have re
gained her oldtime form and soon
had the ball on lIchlgans eighteen
yard line Here Pennsylvania lost the
ball on a forward pass and Allerdlce
kicked to midfield and Pennsylvania
immediately returned the punt to
Ilchlgans twentyard line
From this point Michigans heavy
men began to batter Pennslanlas
light line and on short line plunges
and end runs with Iagldsohn the
principal runner the western team
worked the ball to PennsIanlas
fortyard line where It was lost on
an attempted forward pass Hutchin
son punted to Mlchlgans twentylve
yard line and the punt was returned to
The ball frequently changed hands
within the two thlrtyflveard lines
principally on kicks both lines hold
Ing well The monotony was broken
by a long kick by Scott who relieved
Hutchinson the ball rolling back ot
1Uchlgans line for a touchdown idler
dice punted to midfield
Pennsylvania punted to Ilchlgans
thlrtard line and Michigan carried
the ball back to midfield Ten yards
more were gained and Pennsylvania
got the ban on an attempted forward
pass on her own thlrtyfiveyard line
PennsYlvania began to play desper
ate Several line plunges gained a
short distance and then the Pennsyl
vania captain attempted a forward
pass which went over the heads ot
the Pennsylvania men As the ball
was being put Into play the timekeeper
signaled the end of the game Final
score MIchigan 12 Pennsylvania 6
Pennsylvania Michigan
Braddock Conklin
Cornwall L E Ranne
Fretz Burns L T Case
Deitrick L GBenbrook
Cozens Pillller C Smith
Lamberton Pike R GEdmunds
Perrier R T ells
Large Kaufman
llller R E I111er
Illler Thayer Q BWasmund
Young Sommers L H BMagldsohn
Hellman Irwin R II BAllerdyce
Hutchinson I
Scott F B Clarke
Score Uchlgan 12 Pennsylvania 6
Touchdownsl1chlgan 2 Hutchinson 1
Goals from touchdownsAllerdyce 2
Braddock L RefereeLalgford Trinity
UmpireBeacham Cornell Field judge
Hinckley Yale Head linesmanFultz
Brown Time ot halves3 minutes
Denver Nov 13The Hasklll IndIans
of Lawrence Kan defeated Denver
university this afternoon by a score of I
8 to 5 The Indians pounded through
the heavy line of their opponents for I
consistent gains throughout the game
and outclassed the Denver team In
handling punts and forward passes
Six inches of snow yesterday made
the gridiron treacherous although
many wagonloads of sawdust had been
sprinkled over the field The Indians
averaged considerably less than their
opponents who had gone through the
season without a defeat and were con
fident of winning
j I Maroons Pull Off Forward
i Pass for Great Gain
I Many Penalties
Ithaca N Y Nov 13Cornell and
Chicago tied again in todas football
game by the same score as last year 6
to 6 Neither side was sure at critical
points and heavy penalties lost Cornell
two chances ot scoring while twice with
a touchdown In sight her right guard
OConnor was Instructed to try goals
from the field Twice also Chicago held
I pluckily for downs in dangerous terri
I tory S
In the first half Chicago took the ball
on Cornells d3ard line and pulled oft
the feature pass of the game
I Page at Quarttr hurled the ball to
Sauer at left end who ran to Cornells
I 19yard line before he was downed Bji
a series ot end runs and craBBbucks the
ban was carried to Cornells 1ard line
Crowley went around the left end for a
touchdown Page kicked the goal
Cornell returned with a vengeance In
the second half and evened the score
Robb carried the ball over between the
posts OConnor kicked goal the ball
hitting the cross bar and bounding OVlr
The game ended with the ball on Chi
cagos 5Oard line In her possession
Final Cornell 6 Chicago 6
Cornell Chicago
E Sauer
T Hoffman
G orrend
Sc Badenock
OConnorR G Smith
WeekesH T Kelly
Crosby R E Erhorn
Ewen Q B Page
11 Ienaul
S HoffmanR II Crawley
Simson P B Worthwlne
Defeat by Aggies Big Disappointment
Plan Active Year on Gridiron
and Diamond
The football season for the Fort Doug
las eleven ended with the Agricultural
college game at Logan Nov 6 While tit
first a longer schedule was planned the
defeats received at the hands ot the uni
versity and the Aggles the latter shut
ting off hope for a return game with the
university took most of the enthusiasm
out ot the men Another reason for call
Ing the season short was the lack ot
funds to longer continue the training ta
ble and take care of the other expenses
of the team
Although defeated In the two gam s
played the soldiers are deserving ot murh
credit for the earnest work put In In
preparation for the contests The rotten
weather conditions for the university
game robbed the local football pUblic ot
one ot the best games of the year as
well as being a disappointment to both
I The soldiers played a plucky and hard
game ot ball and the three officers that
helped whip matprlal Inexperienced for
the most part Into shape deserve credit
For the next season plans are already
under way with a more elaborate ached
ule containing some preliminary games
Lieutenant Ellis athletic director Is ar
ranging a schedule on Intercompany b
ketball games for the winter but as yet
It appears that no regular post five will
enter outside competition
In baseball however It Is a dlffereht
story An active season of outside games
Is planned with another trip through
Utah and Idaho for next summer The
1909 schedule showed 3 large percentage
of victories and an aggregation of strong
players It Is hoped to arrange dates
with all school and college nines for 1910
Columbia Mo Nov 13Ilssouri
gained another lap In the race for Mis
sourl valley championship honors by
defeating the Drake university football
team here this afternoon22 to 6
Captain Tobins Toe Saves
Hanover Eleven From
Cambridge Mass Now 13HarvardlI
smashing offense outweighed Dart
mouths superior punting In a oJean well
played game today which gave the Crim
son a victory by a COre of 1 to 3 Har
vard 11ee drove over Dartmouths foal
A Dartmouth blank seemed Inevitable
but the wearers ot the green carried oft
one of their numerous successful onside
kicks In the last three minutes of the
game and standing on Harvards 4yard
line Captain Tobin made a beautiful goal
from placement
Helped by a Dartmouth fumble on the
Greens 3Oyard line early In the second
half Harvard In nine rushes crossed
Dartmouths goal Frothingham making
the first touchdown P ylthlngton boos
ed an etjsy goal
An erehange at punts and a successful
Dartmouth onside kick gave the Green
the ball on Harvards llyard line the
nearest Dartmouth got to the Crimson
goal Three plunges failed to gain 01
II forward pass the ball landed In Froth
Ingham arms and he covered iii yards
before he was overhauled
Igglcsworth Who had displaced
OFlahert at quarterback hurled a well
directed pAM Into Houstons arms and
that player dashed behind the Dartmouth
Harvard Dartmouth
Brown Houston R Daly Lewis
UcKay Forester 1 T Sherwin Elcock
L WithlngtonL 0 TobuL
P lthlngtonCNeedham Dingle
Fisher BlodgettR GFarnum Johnson
Fish BushH TLang Jackson
1 S ElJnkart Dodge
OFlaherty GalIatt
YlgglesworthQ B Brady
Corbett Frothingham
SpragueL H IngeraoU
Leslie P SmlthR H Ran Dudley
Minot Long Marks
lorriloonF B Smil1
SCoIEHarvard 12 Dartmouth 3
Touchdowns Frothingham Houston
Goals from touchdownsPo 1Ylthlngton
2 Goal from placementTobin Referee
T B Pendleton Bowdoin UmpireDr
Carl Williams Pennsylvania Head lines
man and tlmekeeperCharles Young
Cornell Field judgeE K Hall Dart
mouth Time of halves35 minutes
Hard Work in Practice Has Made
the Eleven One to Be Feared
by University
Logan Nov nThe great Improve
ment shown by the Utah Agricultural col
lege In the game with the Soldiers lat
Saturday has been a big boost to foot
ball at the college The largest squal
of the season was out In uniform last
week and the men have been given hal A
scrimmage work despite the bad weath
The men have developed a true football
bail spirIt and are going through theIr
plays with a dash and vIm hitherto un
known at the college
The return of Captain Paddock wll
greatly strengthen the team which Is con
tlnuall being drilled on a defense fr
the strong forward passes of the tn
verslty of Utah
If the Aggles make a creditable show
Ing against Montana next week and
come out of the game with all of their
men In good condition they ought ti
play the rnlverlty to a standstill on
Thanksgiving day
People who have watched the team dl
vlliop this year say the improvement
shown has beef marvelous and they pr
diet that the Thanksgiving game will be
the greatest game ever played between
the two Utah schools
New Orleans Nov ISTulane and
Texas universities fought a Ii to 11 tie to
day on Tulane field In steady rain
S S m i ei v
> 5 I Ji
v C I
> + b
i J
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111ent for rough or fair weathermay be
worn with ordinary lapel collar or military
stylesplendid range shadesall right up
tothelninuteprices 10 to 30
Overcoats in every length and weight from
the neat little meczum weight topcoat for
mild weather to the long heavy ulster for
the most furious days of winter
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S a
5 L

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