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Tabernacle Speaker Urges His
Hearers to Keep Sabbath
and Pay Tithes
In a strong sermon replete with Scrip
hrdl quotations In prouf ot He stand
talon AJosUe Orson F Whitney exhort
ed his hearers at the tabernacle yester
day afternoon to yield obedience to the
1IW of tithing as It was given ot God
a and by so doing prepare the way for the
principle ot consecration which must
prevail among the Saints before the com
Ing ot the Messiah Apostle Whitney
also spoke at length on thc commandment
to keep holy the Sabbath day
The entire auditorium of the tabernacle
was flllld by an Interested congregation
T p services were presIded over by Pres
ident John R Winder Invocation was
offered by Elder Joseph S Yells fol
lowed by rendition ot the anthem Ye
Slmpl Souls Who Stray by the choir
Apostle Iutneys opening remarks
acre on the commandment given by God
to keep holy the Sabbath day and were
flIowed later by a discourse on the law
of tlthinS He salll in part
I do not thInk we should drive bar
gains with the Almighty and only obey
lam when we feel sure ot a reward If
we make a sacrifice In a proper spirit
yc will receive a far greater blessing
tan the sacrifice that we have made
Gd never demanded a sacrifice but that
he had in store a great blessing
Sunday Work Unprofitable
l man who Ignores the Sabbath day
w 10 works on the Sabbath and thus
breaks the Jaw of God wilt not be as ca
pable of Working on the Monday as the
man who works but six days and ob
serves the Sabbath day Xo man ever
broke a commandment ot God and ever
made anything by It I never knew ot
a thing done on the Sabbath day but
tat had to bl done over again This
law did not have Its origin In a caprice
or a whim but In a desire to bless JOan
and to make him more capable and strong
to work during the six days allotted for
laborGod doe not need our favors 1Ye
he not the power to bless Almighty
God It Is the greater that blesses the
lisslr and when we keep Gods com
mandments It III In order that we may
be blessed and not him There Is only
one way to progress and that Is to keep
i s commandments among which Is to
keep the Sabbath day holy Ian needs
rest one day In Been This rest Is
really a change In activity On the Sab
bath lM there Is opportunity given for
t a feeding of the spirit
The spirit of God Is the food of the
spirit of man Ian Mormonism says Is
a spirit and a body combined The spirit
and the body constitute the soul The
spirit came down from God it was his
Son to a preexistent life It came down
1HC to get a body that It might become
a dng soul The promise Is given that
If we are faithful In keeping Gods com
nandmentq the spirit and the body
t ough they may be mporaril divorced
l what we call death yet they shall be
reunited and the soul of manthe spirIt
arid the hotly combinedwill go on to
eternal perfection
Some people take good care ot their
tJrses their cattle their sheep their
sw m In fact much better are than
tC take ot themselves We take care
or our bodies only because we are forced
tC But how many are careful In tak
II g are of the spirit that part of the
o i1 of man of which God was the au
Soul Needs Sustenance
Tie Sabbath day was set aside that
nan might rest from his tempo11 labor
aid I come to the Klise ot the Lord to be
fc J by the spirit of God Our spirits need
f d In clue season just the same as do
t bodies and If we negle them they
wmil starve and dwindle and die Fast
Ig humbles the flesh and brings It down
into subjection and the spirit gains Its
ascendancy and the man gains a blessing
Anything good can be prevented by tx
cess Even fasting can be carrIed to ex
I ss EJl spirits might take possession
c the soul under such circumstances
t at is J where too much fasting had been
a1led on
I do not think that + God ever gave a
lIsslll to man that be did not Intend
liS a blessing In tiN early das ot this
tur h In 1m the Lord gave a com
Jlandment to the Saints called the law
of tithInga much misrepresented and
n is Ii misunderstood principle You
would think from comments made In the
latter days that no other burch had ever
Tt qulred tithes of Its members We are
told however that Moses the great law
g vcr ot Israel Instituted the law ot tlth
fi g among the tribes of Israel In the
m Iderness Obedience to this law was
Ql11rld of that ancient people and so
strut l was this requirement that It was
considered robbery of God It men tailed
ti Jhstfe this sacred law
Now this samr last was revealed
again to a prophet of God That prophet
has been put to death his memory has
been reviled that law has been much
maligned and misrepresented but It Is
still the Jaw ot God and it will be the
law of God when traducers are In the
hand of oblivion Efforts are being made
to make people believe that It Is a ty
rannical rule that the money goes to the
priests ot the burch Do you know how
these men are supported Not one dollar
Is devoted to salary for the officers of the
church The church years ago made cer
tain Investments and It is the Interest on
these investments that goes toward pay
ing the men who devote their entire time
to the church There Is not a second
rate bookkeeper In any bank or business
house who does not get a bigger salary
than an apostle or other high church of
ficial It certain men of the church were
to put their efforts In other directions
they could command salaries ranging
from 710000 to 20000 a year A man like
B H Roberts If he were a Methodist
minister or a Catholic priest could draw
1000G a year salary and people would be
glad to PRy It If he dill not do other
work besides the work or the church hI
like many ot the others would not be
able to support his family
Money for Education
Every one knows that it takes consid
erable money to live In this American
city of ours especially when It comes to
paying taxes All high churchmen have
to do other work to make ends meet And
yet we are slandered and reviled as
though we were pirates Ye challenge
comparison with the ministers of other
churches we challenge comparIson ot the
money given them and the little money
given us to support tis Our wives do
their own cooking md their own washing
and still we arc accused of lIving In lux
ury These accusations are nothing but
antlIormon bosh And ranting
I can tell you where the tithing money
goes A quarter of a million dollars an
nually Is gIven to the church school sys
tem to educate children of the Latterday
Saintsto teach them about God as well
as the learning ot the world Part ot it
Is used for building temples stake taber
nacles meeting houses and In the general
promotion of the cause of God
This Jaw was Instituted that th
church might have a revenue to carry on I
Its work and It does not go Into the pock I
ets of the leaders of the church and I I
know what I am talking about There Is
not a stricter or more honest man In the I
whole United States than President Jo
seph F Smith lIe can account for ey I
cry dollar of the peoples money and Is
so exceedingly sensitive that he dos not I
take half what he needs and what he
ought to have The leaders ot the church
observe that law as well as the Saints
It Is a Jaw of discipline to prepare us
for still greater things There Is greater
law coming At the present time It Is
shelved as the piople are not really for
it This law Is the law of consecration
It will require a consecration of our lives
of our property and of everythIng we
possss for the furtherance of the work
ot God In the earth 1nt not until we
have that law can Zion be built up We
are coming to that time
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming to
reign on the earth and the law of con
secration will have to be practlsel1 and
In force to prepare the way before tlll
time of his coming This muchmooted
law of tithing which Is ten times less
than the law of consecration Is only a
schoolmaster to teach us the greater and
higher Jaw which will have to be In
force before the Son of God an come and
Zion will riSE and become the joy ot the
whole earth
Following the sermon the choir sang
Let the Mountains Shout for Joy The
audiences then joined In singing the Dox
o1og and benediction was offered by El
der Jospnh E Taylor
Outoforder Kidneys Are Regulated i
and the Most Severe Backache
Simply Vanishes
t1uallJ sufferer from backache
bladder trouble or 1JJtotorder kidneys
feel relllved after several loses of
Iape s Diuretic
Misery In the back aides or loins
sick headache Inflamed or swollen eye
lids nervousness rheumatism and
darting pains heart palpitation dizzI
ness sleeplessness listless wornout
feehng and other symptoms of In
n th e sluggish kidneys simply vanish
I Uncontrollable urination especially
Iltt night smarting discolored water
and all Bladder misery ends
Feeling miserab a and worried Is
needless because this unusual prepara
tion goes at once to the outoforder
Kidneys and Bladder distributing Its
Icleansintr healing and vftalizing Influ
enep directly upon thc organs and
glands affected and completes the cure
before you realize it The moment you
suspect any Kidney or Urinary de
rangement or feel rheumatic pains
begin taking this harmless medicIne
with the knowledge that there is no
other remedy at any price made any
where else In the world which will
effect so thorough and prompt a cure
as a 50cent treatment of Papes Diu
retic which any druggist can supply
Your physician pharmacist banker
or any mercantile agency will tell you
that Pape Thompson Pape oC Cin
cinnati is n large and responsible med
icine concern thoroughly worthy of
your confidence
Only curative results can come from
taking Papes Diuretic and a few days
treatment will make any one feel fine
Accept only Papes Dluretlc50
cent treatmentfrom any drug store
anywhere In the world I
Delinquent Notice
company Principal pace ot business
2ls South Main street Salt Lake City
It tab
XotlceTlerc are delinquent upon
the following described stock on ac
count ot assessment No t levied on the
1st day ot October 1909 the several
amounts set opposite the names ot the
respective shareholders as follows
Xo No
Name Cert Shares Amt
Fred W Price 1 150000 i5000
Ired W Price 3 OOOO 10000
Fred W Price 4 0000 10000
Fred W Price 11 1000 600
Fred WY Price 12 1000 500
Fred W Price 14 500 2iO
Fred W Price 15 500 250
Fred W Price 72 5000 > > 2500
Fred W Price 73 1000 DOO
Fred W Price 74 500 260
Fred N Price 75 400 200
Fred W Price 149 1100 550
Thomas W Bell 100 680 3i
And In accordance with law and an
order of the board ot directors made
on the 8th day ot November 1909 so
many hares of each parcel ot such
stock as may be necessary will be sold
at the office ot the company 218
South Main street Salt Lake City
Ttah on the Z9th day or November
1909 at the hour of 3 oclock p m to
pay delinquent assessments thereon
together with the cost ot advertIsing
and expenses ot sale
218 South Main street Salt Lake
Clty Utah
First publication November 13 1309
For Constipation
A Medicine That Does Not Cost Any
tblug Lulesx It Gives Satis
factory Relief
If you suffer from constipation in any
form whatever acute or chronic WO will
guarantee to supply you medicine that
we honestly believe will effect permanent
relief It taken with regularity and ac
cording to directions for a reasonable
length ot time Should the medicine fait
to benefit you to your entire satisfaction
we promise that It shall cost you noth
Ing No other remedy can be compared with
Rexall Orderlies for the easy pleasant
and successful treatment of constipation
The active medicinal Ingredients of this
remedy which Is odorless tasteless and
Colorless Is an entirely new discovery
Combined with other valuable Ingredi
ents Jt forms a preparation which Is In
comparable as a perfect bowel regulator
Intestinal invigorator and strengthener
Re3all Orderlies arc eaten like candy
and are notable for their gentle and
agreeable action They do not cause
griping or any disagreeable effect or In
convenience and may be taken at any
time day or night
Ve particularly recommend Rexa1l
Orderlies for children and for dElIcate or
aged persons because they do not con
tain anything injurious Unlike other
preparations they do not create a habit
but instead they overcome the habits ac
quired through the use of ordinary laxa
tives cathartics and harsh physic and
remove the causes of constipation or Ir
regular bowel action that are not of sur
gical variety
We want you to try Rexall Orderlies
at our risk 1Ve know of nothing that
will do you so much good They are
prepared In tablet form In two sizes 6
tablets 25 cents and 12 tablets 10 cents
Remember you can obtain Rexal1 Rem
edies In Salt Lake City only at our stores
The Rexall Stores Smith Drug Co Inc
the Busy Corner Smith Drug Co Xo 2
106 S Main St and Druehl Franken
271 S Main St
115 Special
Womens Felt Juliets
Withm belting leather soles In a va
rlet ot pretty colors neatly
trImmed with fur and pretty orna
ments Look for revolving window
display Yours Shoely
Hirschman Shoe People
118 S Main
Mullett Clothing Company
Our Working lJfens Profit Sharing Department
Will Be Open Tuesday Morllillg
November 16th
Beginuing on that morning we will present to one member of
each family which purchases ten dollars forth or more of goods at
our store a ban boo or certificate of deposit on a local bank for a
credit equalling five per cent of the anlount of the first purchase
made by such family and interest will be paid on saicl bank account a
from November 1
fJf It is our intention to assist the family thereafter in increasing said
1eposit from time to time by causing a certain percentage of the
amount of subsequent purchases at our store by said family to be
credited to such deposit
The goods purchased may be from any or all of our departments
c If yon Taut to start family saYings account we furnish ron an
opportun 1 tT to do so1 and in the future intend to furnish you the r r
further opportunity to increase the same at our expense
Mullett Clothing Company
West Second SOllth St Salt Lake City Utal
No One Expects Itm
Without the use 01 Sexlne Pills a 1
weak or rundown person cannot ex
pect to become thoroughly strong Sex
Ine Pills are the strongest and surest I
tonic in the world The price Is 1 a
box six boxes 5 with full guarantee
Address or call F J Hill Drug Co
The Never Substitutors corner Sec
ond South and Vest Temple streets
Chicago Excursion
VIa Salt Lake Route Very low round
trips rates In effect aU stations in Utah
Nov 16 and 17 Good returning to Dec
16 Los Angeles Limited 2 days from
Juab or Milford to Chicago Electric
lighted steam heated Observation
buffet car Ask any Salt Lake Route
Ogden Race Excursion Via Bamber
ger LIne 100 Round Trip
On sale every race day starting Oct
30 for special train 11 3 m Tickets
good returning any train date of sale
or on the following day Return traIn
leaves Ogden 645 p m
A For Sale ad Is a salesman
not an assistant to the Junk man
t m Fresh Bread
1PPe Everywhere in ese Mountain Mates rhe reason Royal
NOTICE Table Queen Bread
LABEL is always fresh is
to t j a f that every day hen
R RL the driver calls 011
AeaA i
R the grocer he Htakes
I i
hack eyerr loaf the
grocer did not sell the
day before Usually
1 Q
he doesnt
have to
GROOVE take 1 b 1 ac k Y ory
Baked in Muellers Patented Bread Panluany
5c at all Grocers
Royal able Queen i
Every year
sees an increase
in the
consumption of
Scotch Oats
The food that
makes strength
liatsbilihed 184L 2M OUI
The Oldest and Largest
OEOltGEI RUST General Manage
Ukh Idaho Wyoming and NOTa4
ames Sa Pretrea Building kit Lab
Dentists r
Best Work
Set 01 Teeth best red rubber rno
Gold crowns 221 SOO
Bridge Work best ESoo
Gold Fillings 100 up
Silver Fillings 7lie
An work guaranteed 12 years
Painless Extraction Free with Plates
flUffs z moqu t
The Perfect Wash for the Hair
I Cleanses thoroughly dries quickly and
I leaves the hair soft and fluffy
II Schramtn o hn son opD rUs
Where the Cars Stop
lIam and First South Stl
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah October 30 1909
Notice Is hereby given that the Emi
gration Canon Improvement Company
by Its vice president Jacob F Gates
whose postofnce address Is Salt Lake
City Utah has made application In ac
cordance with the requirements of the
Complied Laws ot Utah looi as amend
ed by the Session Laws ot Utah 1009
to appropriate one 1 cubic foot per sec
ond of water from Maple or Bone Can
yon Creek Salt Lake county Utah Said
water will be diverted at a point which
bears north 89 degrees 0 minutes east
1200 feet from the southwest corner ot
the southwest quarter of section 33 town
ship 1 north range 2 east Salt Lake base
and meridian from where It will be con
veyed by means ot a pipe line for a dis
tance ot 1500 feet and there used from
April 1 to September 15 Inclusive of
each year to Irrigate 160 acres ot land
embraced In section 33 township 1 north
range 2 east Salt Lake base and meri
dian As much of said water as may be
necessary will be used during the en
tire year for domestic purposes This
application Is designated In the state en
gineers office as Xo 619
AU protests against the granting ot said
application stating the reasons therefor
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
and flIed In thIs office within thirty 30
days after the completion ot the publi
cation of this noticeCALEB
State Engineer
Date ot first publication November 1
1m Date or completion or publication
December I 1909
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah October 30 1901
Notice Is hereby given that Samu i
cwhoust whose postornce address 1s
Salt LakE City Utah has made application
tlon In accordance with the requirements
ot the Compiled Laws ot Utah 19Oi as
amended by the Session Laws of l tau
1900 to appropriate four hundred eight
thousand 480000 acre feet ot water frll
Fremont river Wayne county Utah 8a 1
water will be stored whenever avalla e
during the period from January 1 to II
cember n InclusIve ot each year 11 1
reservoir embraced In sections 3 to
inclusive 15 to ffi Inclusive 25 to 29
elusive 34 and 15 township S8 soot
range 3 east sections 1 2 3 9 to 13 Ir
elusive township 29 south range 3 east
section 7 township 9 south range 4 ear
Salt Lake base and meridian The water
lOO stored will be released from said m e
enolr during the period from April 15 ti
September w inclusive or each year an t
allowed to flow down the natural channel
of the Fremont river to a point Whl +
lies 19ro feet north of northeast corner Or
section 22 township 29 south range
east Salt Lake base and meridian frM1
where it will be diverted and conveyel I
by means ot a canal for a distance or
m800 feet and there used to Irrigate 200
000 acres of unsurveed land embracEd rr 1
township Z8 south ranges 8 9 10 n 3
and 13 east township 29 south ranges
8 9 10 11 12 and 13 east township o
south ranges 9 10 11 12 13 and 14 ear
township 31 south ranges 12 13 and H
east townshIp D south ranges 12 l
and It east township 33 south ranges
13 and H east and township U sout
ranges 1Z U and 14 east Salt Lake base
and meridian This application Is deslg
nated In the state engineers office as Nn
All protests against tile granting of sail
application stating the reasons therpfor
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
and tiled In this office within thirty CI
days after the completion ot the puLl
cation ot this notice
State Enginoe
Date ot first publication November
1900 Date ot completion of publican
December 1 1001
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah October 30 1109
Notice Is hereby given that Henry I
Lund whose postofflce address Is j
Lake City Utah has made application
accordance with the requirements ot t e
Compiled Laws ot Utah 1Wi as ampnol
cd by the SessIon Laws ot Utah 1909 to
appropriate twentythree m > cubic fed
per second ot water from White Pine al t
Red PIne Creeks Salt lAke count Via
Part of said water will be diverted fr
White Pine Creek at a point whIch bean
south 46 degrees 49 minutes 50 seconds east
50646 feet from the northeast comer f
section 10 township 3 south range 2 eas
Salt Lake base and meridian and efI
veyed by means ot a canal for a dIstal
ot 5200 feet where It will be CmmlnAI
with the water ot Red Pine Creek wh I i
Is diverted at a point bearing south i
degrees 9 mInutes 21 seconds east u1S
feet from the northeast corner of sert
10 township 3 south range 2 east 8 r ll
Lake base and meridian The water rn
both sources will be conveyed by meal
ot a canal for a distance of 8000 fe
and there used from January 1 to De to
ber 31 inclusive of each year to duel +
power tor the purpolit < II electric lg 1t
and propelling machinery In various
les and towns in the state ot Utah Af
haying been so diverted and used t
water will be returned to the nat111 I
hannel of the stream at a point whl
bears south 21 degrees 47 minutes 3 se
onds east IWS24 feet from the north <
corner ot section 10 township 3 8 i
range 2 east Salt Lake base and mgt
dlan This application Is deslenatEJ
the state engineers office as o 2s1 1
All protests against the granting of m 1
application stating the reasons thErpf
must be made by affidavit In duplll1 c
and tiled In this office within thirty I
days after the completion ot the PUl
cation ot this notice
State EnginE
Date ot first publication November
1909 Date ot completion of pub1iaU
December I 1909
Notice to Water Users
Lake City Utah Ootob 30 19f
Notice Is hereby given that the Ben I
Irrigation Company by Its president P
O Warner whose postoffice address s
Coyote Utah has made application f
accordance with the requirements of t
Complied Laws of Utah Il1Oi a8 amen
ed by the Session Laws ot Utah 1909 to
appropriate thIrteen 13 cubic feet re
second of water from Coyote Creek Ga
field county Utah Said water will +
diverted by means of a dam and a dftrl1
at a point which bears south TO 1 de
grees east 2800 feet distant from t e
southeast corner ot the northeast quart
ot section 19 township U south range 1
west Salt Lake base and meridian froT1
where It will be conveyed for a distar e
of U130 feet and there used from Mare i
1 until November 15 Inclusive of ea It
year to Irrigate 960 aces of land el
braced In the unsurve ed sections I a1
20 township 31 south range 1 west ar i
the surveyed sections 23 24 25 fll i
26 township 31 south range 2 west Sa
Lake base and meridian As much v r
said water as may be necessary will to
used during the period from Januan 1
until December 31 Inclusive or each sea
for domestic purposes This application s
designated In the state engineers off e
as Xo 2452
An protests against the granting 01 sa u
application stating the reasons thertf
must be made b1 affidavit In dupli a
and filed in this office within thirty t
days after the completion 01 the pub
cation of this notice
State Engines
Date of first publication November
aoI Date ot completion of publlCa
D cember 1 19011
Delinquent Notice
Ing Milting company Principal ofCl
and place ot business 2Ui South Mr 1
street Salt Lake City Utah
NoticeThere are delinquent upon t n
following described stock on account
assessment Xo 4 of t 01 1 per cent pr
share levied on the lath day of Septel
her 1009 the several amounts set opt v
site the names ot the respectl stare
holders as follows
Cert Name No Shares Aitours
5 I f M SurbAugh 4tII
4i T M Surbaugh 4090 t 5 1
52 I A L Fryer rJJO 1 I
53 Nellie G Fryer 2ItCI r 00
64 C H Stevens 1001 +
55 Frank J Stevens 9Ift 2 y
152 J L Herrick 11361 v 4
7Z rT Stevens 13 4
90 Alma Richardson loco
101 Jesse J Driver SHIi I 4
115 Fannie 11 Johnson 1000 2
12fi T D Johnson 2ro
Iii E B Stoker 4000 12
HO Gee W BrklweU HOG
H6 Wm Webber 1IJ
Hi Rrrn Webber 100 1
And in accordance with the law ar J
an order ot the board of directors mad
en the 15th day or September 1909 S I
many shares ot each parcel of said l stor
as may be necessary wilt be sold ats put
lie auction at the office of the secreta
Xo 216 South Main street Salt Lac
City Utah on the 15th day of NOH
ber 1009 at p m ot said day to ta
delinquent o auessmellts thereon toget
with tle cost of advertising and expersa
of sale C R LONG
Secretary Gold Mountain Champion 11m
ine li11ln Company
Third judicial district In and for t 8
county of Salt Lake and state ot rta
Almeda Henderson plaintiff vs I
ward Clinton Henderson defendant
The State ot Utah to the Said I
1endant You are hereby summ i
to appear within twenty days itte
the service of this summons upon
It served within the county In wI 1
this action Is brought otherwise wit
In thirty days after service antI Je
tend the above entitled action and
case ot your failure so to do judgmf
will be rendered against you accordlnh
to the demand of the complaint wht i
has been filed with the clerk of ad
This action is brought to recover
judgment dissolving the bonds of ma
rlmony heretofore existing betweea
you and the plaintiff
Plaintiffs Atorne
P 0 Address 5012 Boyd Park
building 162 S Main street Salt Lake
City Utah
Read Herald Republican Wants
Noise and Display Only Echoes
of Paeans Sung by the
To the passing throng the Salvation
Army means little more than a group of
blueclad men and women who with a
bass drum tinkling tambourInes a gui
tar and with singIng and speaking gath
er about them a crowd on the street
corner That Is perhaps however one ot
the least phases ot the Arms efforts
The following Incidents all from experi
ences intlte local corps as related by
Mrs EnsIgn T E Pitt show the scope
of the rescue work which the officers
An old bass drum pounded vigorously
by one ot a little group ot uniformed
men and women on a busy street cor
ner attracted the attentIon of the passers
by Some were attracted only to laugh
Or to wonder If to sing and pray was all
that occupied the time ot the participants
of the strange little gathering But a
few were attracted to listen to the sing
ing of a simple hymn and among th
rew who drew near was a young man
The hymn reminded him ot better das
of the environment or a good home the
bright prospects of his earlier youth He
did not join the little band on the cor
ner but a letttr from a fond mother toM
of her grattltude for the labors ot the
faithful few
An overdose would end it an said a
poor man as hI walked to and fro In
thc Salvation Army barracks In his de
spair An honest livelihood was now be
yond his reach for who wants a dope
fiend In theIr employ
Wilt you tn said the captain
A tiny box was reluctant slipped from
his vest pocket and handed over The
battle was on A kindly physician volun
teered his services There was a week
of suffering of sleeplessness and shat
tered nerves before a brighter day
dawned but It dawned at last and the
beautiful sun ot hope shed Its rays across
his path once morE
Will you come home with me said
a tenderhearted woman smiling from a
bonnet trimmed In blue to a girl of ten
der years who had found herself In n
strange city penniless sick with many to
advise and none to help Two weeks later
after gracious care alto was bidding good
bye to her neW found friends aB she was
placed upon an eastbound train happy
In the thought of returning to the par
Ents who were willing to forgive and give
her a welcome home
At Thanksgiving time hundreds of fami
lies will look for food to this same lit
tle band who stand with their red ket
tles on the street corners The singing
and the beating of the old bass drum are
bat the echoes of the work that Is going
on from day to day o

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