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Whats All What the TIme in Sports LOGAN AGGIES FAIL TO BEAT MONTANA Th SportingAuthorily of Salt Lake j I
Faculty Considering the Adop
tion of Freshman Rule in
At the meeting of the faculty of the
Unlverslt of Utah Monday afternoon
steps were taken for the modification of
the present eligibility rulea for the pur
nose of Introducing the oneyear rule
Into the 1tah athletic code This will
mean that hereafter no freshman will
be permltte1 to take part In college ac
tivities against another college team
Tile proposed Introduction of the one
ear rule was proposed for several rea
sons One of the most important Is that
It wi1l put Ptah athletics on a par with
olorado and other western school ath
letls and will enable Utah to secure con
tests with these schools This year con
tests with Colorado schools other than
the Golden Miners could hot be secured
on aount of the Colorado schools adopt
ng the oneyear rule and pledging them
selves not to participate In 8thletl con
tests with schools which did not have the
oneear rule
The selond reason for the proposed
adoption Is I that during the freshman year
men who are allowed to play football do
a low grade of work This Is accounted
for from the fart that the jump from
high school to the university Is broad and
the freshmen are not given euoush tsne
for their studies
Other reasons for introducing the rule
ere to reduce the pOSBlblllty of the aUt
lelc tramp Under the present ruling 11
man who has an appetite for football can
reglt at the university and by swear
Ing that hI did not play on another college
team the previous year Is permitted to
pIa As soon as the football season Is
upr t1 tramp leaves and as a re
s 1It hten are ontinualh turned out of
the unlverslt who han no other connec
tion Uh the university except football
R h JP laJdolk of the University
of I tai eleven last night Tote to oah
1 II Yost of the University of I1clll
aan asking the possibility of a stop In
8ut Lake by he Michigan eleven on Its
h to the Pacific coast It Is known
U t alumni or the Ann Arbor school In
Ius Angeles Ire planning a wtotern trip
ItbOJ t Nw Years time for the Michigan
f E f tlte Illan having in view a game
tll thE best eleven on the coast
11 hp tlam going west Coach Mad
dl k wrote as to the term for a game
II r tah on Christmas lay lth any
k 1 f weather any reasonable expense
V lId bt ovpNd and a great gntherln
er Ibdll enthusiasts would be on hand
Th 111hlgaU alumni In Salt Lake will
nJ 11dmg the visit of the Maize and
L le l
II a nt of a number of the uni I
Ers t otball men being up before th
la lilt for had work practice at the
1lIl ersl y waR MuspendEd Monday after
tJon AS soon all the men get into ac
t 0 again work will begin for the final
gam tf the season with the Plah Ag
gws on Thanksgiving day IoeH the
star fll1haek who was in5ured in Sahlr
la s gamp with the Montana Aggles was
1I1 I tu attend his cIasss Monday The
ir I tb the knee while painful II not
St QII and Ioell will be able to get
Itv dlf Thanksgiving dar game
I tIlnet a Not 15Valter T
I L frsp jr died today as a result of
iljII nfffred I ill a football game
Ni 6 I I
ltiW K i
5ruuPO mTANr5
Sale I 1
h on ill full blast Men
4 if there is anything miss
ing ill your winter outfit
youd better got it now
as we have aU our goods I
marked down 35c to 50c
011 the dollar
28 East First South
Just a few doors east of
Uncle Sam
Responsible Cut Ttate
Loan Money on Anything ot Value
East First Sour
t Cur qt Corn
Ogden Racing Assn
Meeting extended four dasNov
1Ii 16 17 IS
Special Race Trains over llnmberKcr
Leave Salt Lake 1245 p m and
return G p m No stops lJetween
Salt Lake and Ogden Tickets
fl90 Round Trip
W lI MURRAY iIanager
As One Woman Said
You can look aU over thQ city but
you always find just what you want 1t
MEHESrS 156 MaIn
is ofitimes the road to fortune5c a
line Why pay more
Great Sousa Matinee today at 3
School pupils 25 cents
Great Sousa MatInee today at 3
School pupils 25 cent
are read In the homes ot Salt Lake Ci I t9
than any othEr paper
Our department for
the youngsters
Showing a complete line of togs for boys from
212 to 16 years of age
Suits in every style from the little Russian
blouses to the three piece suits for the older
boys Overcoats reefers and reefer coats in
every style and fabricIDsters and craven
ettes in new shades and patterns
Mothers all know the way things are priced
at Siegelslower
A special showing of Teddy Bear pajamas
the latest idea in boys sleeping garments
The store with the overcoat stock
Special to The HeraldRepublican I
Logan Nov 15Upon a gridiron soft I
and slippery from the recent thaw the I
Agricultural college football team of
Utah and Montana battled today to a 0
to 0 tie The men found the greatest dif
ficulty In keeping their feet the condi
tion of the field making the use of the
forward pass on which the Utah team
relied Impossible Fumbles were fre
quent on both sides I
The outcome came as a distinct dlsap
polntment to the large crowd of Logan
rooters and while they would not admit I
It the visitors appeared well satisfied to
get off with a tie
Although the result was a tie the Utah
Aggles outplayed their opponents Once
In the first half and twice In the second
Utah had the ball wIthin thE Montana
fiveyard line only to meet a desperate
defense which stood off the attack On
the other hand the visItors were never
nearer thall Utahs twentyyard line
Once on Ctahs 2yard line Chambers
attempted a field goal for Montana but
the ball went wide and at no other time
did the local goal appear to be In danger
tn the kicking duel between Batt of
Utah and Chambers of Montana Batt got
the better of the argument although
Montana had to resort to a kick marc
In the last match on the Montana line
many thought Batls plunge on the third
down wIthin the flveard line had been
successful The player claimed that hE
had gone over the line and called down
but had been thrown back after the bali
was dead When the pile lifted however
the visitors had staved off a touchdown
by lose than a foot
Teetzel Says Slump
Coach Teetzel attributed the lose play
to the reversal of form of his men
They did not play nearly as strong
as against the Soldier hI said
Coach Mcintosh of Montana said that
many of the penalties Inflicted on his
team had been unjust Much wrangling
marked the game
Most of the Montana gains were made
on oldfashioned rushes through thc Lo
gan line They vere not consistent how
ever and the line always held before
striking distance of the goal was reached
On the forward pass and by skirting
the Montana ends were mot of Logans i
gains made In advancing the ball Eg
bert and Jones did the best work In
the second half forward passes from Eg
bert to Jones netted two 2Orard gains
Egberts quararback runs were also
Poole played a brllIant game for Mon
tana until an Injury to his leg In the
second half caused him to retire
Owing to the slipper ground many Lo
gan forward passe failed the local
eleven being forced 0 kick on account of
the penalty and In several cases their
opponents recovered the ball
At crucial times the Montana line
showed great strength the defense of
their goal being particularly strong i
Despite the cold a large crowd at
tended the game aJJ the rooting through
out the play was lively
The Lineup
rtah A C Montana A C
EPoole Grinnell
Brosard 1 T Cooley
RobinsonL GHodgkiss
MeCoombeC alehley
MartineauB G Hanson
81 on R 1 Sntith
PaddockH E Taylor
Egbert Q Ghamoors
HancockL H Tremppr
Froerer R Ir R Smith
Batt F B Brown
Referee Burh Nebraska umpire
Parker logan field judge Harry Stoney
Logan head linesman F J Marshall
Logan Ihh es 3 and
New York Nov IiJefCries Is in a
fighting frame of mind just now At
the conclusIon of his afternoons work
In Coopers gymnasium every dar he
takes occuslon to remark to his friends
that he Is in good enough condition at
the present time to enter the ring
against Johnson or anyone else Un
less some unforeseen thing shot1ld han
pen Ill be as fit as 1 ever was in my
life vln 1 meet Johnson the retired
rhanplOn declares Jim has been put
ting In on an average of two hours dally
In the gymnasium ever since he got
back to this country and it Is rtll
worl too that he is doing
Sam Berger has been trying to per
suade Jim to go on the road at the
head of an athletic combination in
which he would agree to meet some If i
the bet heavyweights In the second
division In hmitt round bout Br I
gers plan is to offer a certain sum uf
money to any man who would stay a
certain number of rounds with Jeff
While the big fellow hits not as yet con
senled to such program it Is known
I that he has the matter under onsldera
There are so few places in this coun
try where contests of this kind could
be held that Jeff believes the venture
would not pay Berger however takes
f the opposite view and believes that
such men as Al Kaufman JIm Barn
Tony Ross and Jack OBrien could be
Induced to give Jeff the desired try
outs Jeff does not hesitate to say that
he feels certain of his ability to stop
any one of the men named In six round5
At any rate he Is willing 10 pay Hber
ally If hp fails Rut observed Jeff
i whore would 1 be allowed to met
those men
Special to The IIpraldRppublican
Logan Nov 1The basketball man
agers here are now busy with the task of I
preparing for the seasons work and the
Indications are that while there will be
two teams here there wlll not be the In
terest In the game that there has been in
former years This is largely due to the
fact that the B Y C which was the
holder or the state championship for two
years and which has always been In the
very front rank or basketball In the past
seven or eight years Is practically out
of the game as far as the state league Is
At thc beginning of the year the B Y C
conferred with L D S C relative to the
formation of a high school league to In
clude the principal high schools of the
state but this plan was found to he
Impracticable as nearly all the hiigi
schools ot the state had joined one or
another of the leagues in the state and
did not care to make any other arrange
ments for this season This left nothing
for the two Institutions named to do but
Quit the game or get In the college league
and the B Y C has decided to adopt
the latter course
J H Kemp an old bask tball coach
who dill much of the work developing the
r hampionshlp teams of the college has
beEn given charge of the work of getting
a team In shape and Is now busy trying
out his men None of the old men are
back at school and It Is therefore up to
him to bring out an entirely new team
Be has some promising material and
some more Is promised him before the
season begins Of course this condition
has been brought about by the eliminat
Ing of all college work from the curricu
hum of the institution causing the college
men to seek other colleges
At the A C several of the old B Y C
players will be used this year and thz
Indications are that Coach leetzel will
have a very good team Hancock the
star center of the Tebter Stake academy
team for two years Is now an Aggie and
will play on the team Sam Christensen
an old B Y C man Is now practlclrr
and there are several of the old Aggie
team trying out so that the Aggie should
figure In the championship fight this
There will likely be a county league
formed In Cache for the first time this
season Two teams the lewiston and
Franklin fives are now playing and ollh
ers are preparing to get Into the came
The Lewiston and Frankll teams plajef1
a game yesterday and Lewiston won n
Kansas City Mo Nov 15After an hour and fourteen minutes hard
in which both men apppared to be doing their utmost Frailk Goteh of Humboldt wrestling
Iowa tonight remains the champion wrestler 0 the world having defeated Dr
Benjamin F Roller of
Seattle In straight falls The first
was gained
minutes and 20 seconds the champion halt 16
Using a Nelson and crotch hold
The second he won with the punishing toe hold In 27 minutes and 33 seconds
In the second fall after 15 minutes or fast work Roller
gOt Gotch In
n tryIng
position and for a time It appeared almost certain
that the Iowans shoulders
would touch the mat
Wiiile in Salt Lake on hIs way cast Dr
Roller said that If he was In top form I
and found Gotch a trifle ocr he had a
good chance to throw the champion The
great match he put up last night seems
to show the truth of his statementonly I
he did not find Gotch a trifle off At that I
the Seattle physician Is one of the best
mat artists of the world
Whether or not his great showing
against Gotch will cause him to change
his plans against taking up the boxing
game and stick to the mat remains to be
seen Critics admit that had Gotch and
Roller started in as boxers the heavy
weight title might not have the dusky
color It now shows
The next game to be played by the
Collegiate Institute eleven wlll come off
Saturday on Cummings field with Park
City HIgh schQoI TIE Collegiate eleven
was billed for All HalIows team yester
day on Cummings field but the game
was postponed until some future date
These two aggregations will however
meet before the present season closes
Scrimmage work will play an im
portant part in this weeks daily work
out as the college boys understand
that they arc going up against a strong
crowd of football artists
First race selling 3earolds and up
four and a half furlongs
300 Miss Bmr l 2G5 Egotist lOS
268 True Sit 109 303 tonsle M 100
2S Probe 112 287 Vatlere 103
Second race selling JyeatoIds and up
six furlongs
295 Jerusha 109 305 Orlflamb 112
299 Billy Taylor 112 302 Arlln 112
ZsS Diamond NI09 262 Lalelew 1OJ
Third race selling 3earolds and up
six furlongs
01 Dr ShiermanE6 204 Albion H 111
290 Valencla 111 3d5 A Hyman lOG
306 Elmdalp 11I 303 Sylvia U 111
Fourth race selling 3yearold and up
one mile
1l3 Dorian P Liberto 95
GiOl Maud McG 109 2S St Kllda 103
291 Dorothy A 109
Fifth race selling 3earolds and up
four and a half Cmlongs
302 Black D1F0 O6 Sam MeG 109
303 Wlldwood BI05 292 Lukeramu8 109
102 Marwood 112 m Oslan 109
2i3 lbervale 109
Apprentice allowance
Ogden Track Still Heavy but Per
formances for Host Part
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden Nov 15Notwlthstandlng the
cold weather a fall crowd for Monday
attended the races tOday at the fair
grounds The track was In drying out
condition but remained far from being
good although form suffered very little
by reason of track conditions
Sam Barber outclassed his field In the
opener and won without trouble after In
dulging Antam with the lead for half a
mile Yolo ran away a mile while warm
Ing up but managed to show behind An
tarn iI i
The second race was declared off owing I
to scratches and a fivefurlong event sub I I
stituted which was won by Fore In a
terrific drive with Anna May Immediate
ly after the start Gresham stumbled and
unseated Jockey Croy The rider was
not hurt
Dorothy Ann one of the most consistent
mudders at the meeting landed an easy
victory In the third proving pounds the
bet of an ordinary lot Vine berry went
to the front at the start and led for
threequarters when he was caught by
Dorothy Liberto was second and Lady
Alicia showed Vlneberrv could not stand
the pace and finished outside the money
St Joe easily outclassed his field or
sprinters and won the forth race gallop
Ing after running the heart out of Chit
terlllJgs In the first threeelghths Chit
terlngs stuck for the place and Dorian
Price showed
The track was made to order for Eel
In the final and the speed daughter of
old Kenllworth forgot to quit until after
she had passed under the wire Sam
McGibbon ran over iIay Bride In the
stretch and placed easily ahead of her
The special train on the Bamberger line
will leave Salt Lake at 11 a m instead of
1245 p m a8 previously announced the
return ticket being good on any trlln for
two das
Golf Crack Enters New Field I
> Jn v i1VtMd j
< y t
t of
7Y a
h V <
q e e
1Ii < r
i < j t
idt 1
s + f
itif t I I
i I
L 2 7 5
4 1
s Y >
4 1 < < I
x S < ii i
iI I
I 4 I
I e 1
I 1I 1I I I I
t I j I I r 4 I
r I II
tIe w3 S I
4 t 4 4 is I
< < S I
ii a a
t > 2 r
ms a
k >
wt <
ft <
> tsk l 4t JIll 0 I ieF f 1 f P
n announcement that will be received
with regret by the followers of golf In I
Salt Lake Is that of the resignation of
lv Y Hoare as golf instructor at the
Country club Mr JIelre resigns to ac
cept the position of mauag of the auto
supply house to be opened the first of
the year by the RooJl1dgeGllmer com
During the fall years that Mr Hoar
had chare of the links at the Country
club he not only made a wide and popu
lar acquaintance but his efforts were
largely responsible for the great advance
In the play of old Country dub players
and for the fast rise of new players
While Mr Hoare Is a golfer of national
reputation having finished sixth fourth
and third In the three national professional
slonal championships In which he played
he Is not new to the business which he
enters having for years been in charge
of sporting goods supplies
Mr Hoare has many friends who wish
him success In the automobile supply
business R new enterprise which they
say has long bn needed in Salt Lake
No arrangements for his successor at
the Country dub have yet been made
Ogden Noi 15 lOO9Thirteenth dU eathlr clear Track heavy
303 FIRST RACEFour and onehair furlongs Selling Three years and up
iuiJ Value to first 75
Jm horse Wt S 6 Str Fin Jockey Op Cl
297 Sam Barber 5 fld 4 31 4 IH is Otis 5 5 2
298 Antara G 101 1 2j 1 21 Z1 Smith Ni
i8 Yolo 3 IOC 3 52 43 32 3ii Gorey 4 4
73 M lo1le G 110 Ii 6 51 6 4 I Bledsoe 10 10
903 Wildwood Bill 3107 6 344 31 4 I Ianders 3 2
m Dr Sherman a 100 2 41 C 51 6 Johnson 4 3 z
At post 1 minute Off at 3P Time 101
Start good Van easily Sec < Jnd and third same
Barber place 7 to 10 show out Antara place 4 to 5 show 2 to L Yolo
show 7 to 10
Winner ch g by BannockburnLaura Agnes Owner and trainer R War
Sam Barber easily followed Antnra came away when ready and breezed home
In the betttlr goIng on outside rail Antara did her best Yolo ran a fall race
flI SECOND HACEFie furlongs Handicap Three years and up Value
IliI 7l to fIrst 75
Ino Horse Wt S4 j Str Fin Jockey Op CI
t8 Fore 3 106 1 Ink 11 14 In Manders 1 65
266 Anna May 5 105 2 2 2 2 Wllso1 85 1
t16 Gresham 4 los 3 Corey 6i
At post 1 minute Off at 3H Time It7 I
S For place 1 to 3 shoW out Anna May place 1 to 3 shtlw out Greeltam
show out
lnne1 ch f by CaesarlanInfluent Owners IrwIn Brm Trainer A Rick
Fore caught her stride quickest chose the best going lufd gamely stood or
Anna Mays bid all through the stretch just lasting Anna would have won In
another jump was carried wide at stretch turn which may have affected her
chances Gresham crossed his legs after the start and fell
1304 THIRD RACEOne mile Selling Three years and up Value to first
uI + 75
flu Horse Wt S 4 1h 3 Str Fin Jockey Op CL
ll Dorothy Ann 4 100 2 21 Ins 1 12 12 Aguujo 4
2S5 Liberto a JS 5 13 32 25k 2 223 Gargan 6 10
295 Lady Alicia Ii 103 4 I 5 5 13 42 33 SmIth 52 02
285 Wlneberry 3 106 3 14 22 33 34 II Murphy 65 tji
311 Albion H 4 100 1 344 41 ½ Ii Ii 5 McCarthy 85 52
At post 1 minute Off at 3bI Time 26 13 54 123 45 I B 15
Start good Von easily Second and thIrd same
Dorothy Ann place 3 to 2 show 7 to 10 Liberto place 4 show 6 to 5 Alicia
show 1 to 3
ScratchedAlice Collins Rather Royal Banton George Guton
Winner br m by The ElcctorKlnnadalt Owner and trainer C P Dye
Dorothy Ann always a contender wont to the Oont when ready and held
field safe Liberto mn a good race Alicia closed fast Ylneberry In deep go
Ing ran a bad race after showing all the early speed
FOURTH RCESlx furlongs Selling Three years and up Value to
305 first iS
lad Horse Wt S Str Fin Jockey Op CI
300 St Joe a 111 5 24 1 12 I24 lal1rlrs 32 2
300 Chitterlings 3 188 1 Iy 2 21 21 Iunro 4ii 1
00 Dorian Prince il11 3 51 544 32 3112 Paule 5 11
300 Orltlamb 4 Ill 7 7 7 61 43k J Wilson Ii 3 i
291 Arthur Hyman 4105 2 3 41 43 51 Blsenzapf 4 6
301 Sylvia U G 111 G G 3 512 61 Aguao I
272 Elmdlle Ii 114 4 41 62 i 7 Otis 6 3
At post 1 minute Off at 4l Time IZ 15
Start good for all but Orlflanb Won easily Second and third same
St Joe place 3 to 5 show 1 to 3 Chitterlings lllace2 to li show out Prince
show 3 to 2
Inrn ch g by St PlncreasJennle Harding Owners Irwin Bro Train
er A Rick
St Joe easily caught Chitterlings went to the front and never was In dan
ger thereafter Chitterlings best of others Prince wants longer route Orlflamb
ran a great race
FIFTH RACEFIve furlongs Selling AIl ages Value to first 75
Ind jiU Horse Wt S 4 Str Fin Jockey Op CI
276 Eel 2 11 2 14 HI 13 12 Smith 3
274 Sam IcGlbbon 6IH 4 63 4134 3n 22 Otis S 5
78 May Bride 2 10 3 21 24 23 12 McCarthy 1 1
2S6 Dr Howell a 119 j 51 5 4ak 41 Pharrl 5 1
28 Iabel Fountain 110 5 3nk 3f 5 57 Gargan 4 I 6
2i6 Faurusa a 16 1 41 63 65 61 Murphy 3 3
3Ol M Benumonter 3115 6 j 7 7 7 Elseizapf 6 10
At post H minute Off at 4il Time 108
Start good Won handll Second and third easily
Eel place 6 to 5 show 3 to 5 lcGlbbon place 3 show 1 Bride show 1 to 4
ScratchedIarwood Probe
Winner b f by KenllworthCora Goetz Owners J T Strete Co Train
er J T Strpte
Eel had all her speed reveled In the going and lasted handily lcGlbbon
closed very fast May Bride alwas outrun quit at end
From indications just now the Gran
ite High school football team wlll jour
ney to Butte where they will meet the
Montana champions in a game of foot
baIl Negotiations which have been
pending for some time past have now
shaped themselves to such an extent
that a game between the two aggrega
Hons is looked upon as It certainty
Coach Moss has received the proposi
tion from the Butte High school and
wl1 give his decision today
Havana Nov IThe Havana baseball
team defeated the Detroit Americans to
day Ii to 4
New York Nov 15More new offers
for the JeffriesJohnson fight have been
reeehed The Detroit club of Cripple
Creek Cob In a letter wrItten by C B
Jones declares that It will offer 100000
for the fight to be held in Cripple Creek
on Juy 4 The letter states that Ross
Williams a wealthy mining man there
will give a bonus of 2000 to the fighters
If the offer Is accepted within thirty das
Some weight Is attached to the bid of
tle Nampa Athletic club of Idaho which
offers 100000 ati a purse and fOOOO to
each pugilist 8S a present If Governor
James II Brady of Idaho permits the bat
tie Sam Berger manager for Jeffries Is
inclined to believe that Governor Bradjs
consent can be had but It Is understood
that In Idaho there Is lin entirely different i
opinion among reformers who say they I
will fight to the last to prevent a prize
fight of any kind
Hugh D Mcintosh Is very sincere In
his offer of 5000 for the fight to be
held In England where he Is understood
to have secured an option on the Olym
pia an immense arena In London But
bouts of more than twenty rounds are
not permitted In England Johnson lis
aid hp will not fight In Australia 8JJC I
Jpffries will not fight In England so It
looks gloomy for McIntosh I
An Indication of the popularity of the
1 rpsUmg game in Salt Lake was seen
last night when more than fifty follow
ore of the mat responded to the call of
O W Bane secretary of the Y M L I
wrestling club Th meeting was held
at the Y M C A as a prellmlnar gath
ering before the hard work of the year
begins It was incidentally In the nature
of a reception to Instructor Mike Yokel
who returned to his post late last week
Plans for the year were ttscussed and
tilE outline as mapped out Is one of much
promise for lot of wresOing in Salt lAke
and also for a second trip to meet the
men of the Portland Seattle and Spokane
athletic clubs
A mfetlng VIII be held Nov 29 at which
the officers for the year wit be elected
Council Bluffs la Nov 13TrIal of
the first of the cases In connection with
the alleged swindling operaJlons of J t
Maybra and his associates was begun
here today It Is that or T b Ballew
a Princeton Mo banker against J R
Becky Dobbins who was under Indict
meat for grand larceny
I BaIlew declare he lost 10000 In a fake
horse race In this city In October 1001
Chicago Nov lGe0re Sutton left
here last night for New ork where he
Is to take part In the tournament for the
national ISbalk line title November 22
to9 Mr Sutton will stop off at Pltts
burg Buffalo and Utica on his way to
play exhibition matches III Is at pres
ent the ISl champion and In an exhi
bition game yesterday averaged 71 37
running roo In seven innings Beside Sut
ton there will be SI08son Demarest Cut
ler Cline and Ca8slgnole in the tourna
With the chances good for his match
with Pete Sullivan at Ogden Bird Leg
Collins is beginning to attract fight fans
in numbers to his training quarters at the
Burns club Those who have seen him
work are free to admit that he certainly
Is a tough and clever boy The decision
as to whQ will go on with Sullivan is
expected within a short rime
Despite Age and Bullets He Carries
Goes on a SixtyDay
With four bullets In his body and th
ouflds Inflicted recently and only part
ly healed John Walsh the noted pedes
trln of Lake I1l1e Wis departed front
Salt Lake yesterday afternoon on a long
I wall to Boston He expects to make the
trill In eo days and will make a return
trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific with
Edward Payson Weal n the aged pe
destJtian who Is contemplating making
another try at his record for the long
Hrile and hearty and with springy
step none would believe that Walsh IS
51 yedrs of age were it not for his
grat hairs that are quite noticeable
VaVsh started acruea tile country with
Weston on the latters list 1 trip but wu
taken sick after he had covered 2OJlJ
mlles Be IIIYS he ain stay with Wes
ton for a journey of any length
Whlsh wIll take in many large towns
on his trip He will pass through Oma
ha Clinton la Indianapolis ChIcago
Cl leland Buffalo Albany New York
Hartford and Nee Haven and will go
from there to Boston
Hp departed from Salt Lake at 330
oclock yesterday afternoon after he had
secured the signatures of prominent men
of the city In a little book he carried
nJsh was hot four times about two
week ago by a sheep herder In Wyo
mmg lie was passing through a flock of
sheep and the herder thinking he was a
thief oppped fire Walsh says the wounds
do not bother him but he had them
dressed at the Holy Cross hospital just
before departing from the city yester
New York Nov HiEverett U
Brown of Chicago was elected president
or the Amateur Athletic union at th
annual meeting today succeeding James
E Sullivan who had held the offi t
for three years Mr Sullivan was
chQsen sacretaljtreasurer He dte
dined reelection to the presidency
Among the many routine matters
pJsed upon was the admission ot the
mtbern California Athletic aseocia
tIci to membership and the adoption
of a new role designed to protect young
atoletes from overstrain By this regu
lation competitors less than 16 year
old are barred fwm competing in races
exceeding fie miles
Total ncelpu for the year were
s0o Cro88country and gymnaflti
championships alone showed a deficit
Cincinnati Noy liiNlmbU8 easily won
the feature race at Latonia today from
a fair field Sir Ormond 1ft the first
rHe was the only other winning favorite
Jockey IcCee rode three winners
First lllce six furlongs puree WI1
SIt Ormonde 3 to i won Colonel Ash
meade 12 to 1 second Long Hand 4 to I
third Time 114
Second race six furlongs purse 300
Sister Phyllis 8 to 1 won Chalice 10 t
t second Plume t to i third Time
114 3i
Third race mile and a sixteenth sell
IngOsorlne i ro 2 won Iudblana 1G
to 1 second Lad of Langdon 16 to 5
third Time l4 i
Fourth race mile seUIngICkldy Lee
1 to 1 won My ai to Z second
IIatrhle Coon 3 to 1 third Time 141
Fifth race seven furlongsNlmbu I
to 10 won Bonnie Bard G to 1 second
Pocatollgo i to 1 third Time 123 35 L
Sixth race mile and a sixteenthMauiie
Algol j to 1 won Huerfano 2ii to 1 Sf
owl Sir Rollins 12 to t third Time
Jllm Jeffrie while In a reminiscent
mood tlu other day tohl how he
started to tale up the fighting game
for a JIving In answer to the query
how he er started the former cham
pIon expounded in the following style
Vell Im n peaceful sort of person
replied the c1ltmpion but I could al
ways fight a hit and when they ofCelej
me a few dollars to box Dan Lang In
San Francisco some thirteen years ag
I just fell for It I was no pumpkins
ns they ay those days but 1 beat
Long so easily that I thought there
might be something in It and I decided
to investigate Delaney took me ctova
to 8haws Springs where Corbett was
training for Fitz I found Coroett
dead easy and acquired the ide that
1 might seine day or another becfile
the champion myself I won the ham
pfonshlp eventually as I dare say you
Iml1w and Jeff grinned
I think my first fight with Sharkey
wns about the roughest passage I ever
bad Sharkey was the roughest tough
that ever drew breath and when we
clashed he started In to play his little
games with me Well I pont want to
brag but when Tom tried to rough
me I just tort him off like a rat
The hardest puncher I ever ran up
against wa Bob Fitzsimmons My
goodness How that man could puneh
I caught one wallop In our second
match that made me think of home and
mother If Fits had only been a little
bigger he would have achieved even
greater fame than lie has already done
But at that I dont think he would ever
havE beaten me for to tell you the
troth it was practically Impossible t
really hurt me when 1 was in my
And mention pf the word prima
brings me back t the present time
People who dont lmow me talk about
me for all the world as thought I were
dead and burled Why Im only 3t
and I have never dissiplated Then
why In the name of everything that IS
extraordinary shouldnt I be as good
a man as ever I was When I started
In to train for RuhIln IntI901 I weighed
280 pounds and I was very tttle more
when I started to get ready for John
On I weigh 230 pounds now and r
will take but very little work to see
me in the pink or condition
The Idea that Im afraid or John
eon as some people would have Ue
public believe Is too funny for words
Why as you well know 1 offered to
meet Fitz Sharke and Corbett one
down tother come on In San Fran
elect just before I retired in 11Mt6 and
they jibbed at it
U1 think you will see a good fight

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